The Nurse Will See You Now

I thoroughly enjoy my life as a Dominant woman. Since I have had training as a nurse, this makes me very capable in understanding the various safety issues, as well as assessing the current condition of my slave whether we are playing or are in strict training. I also have a skill called “empathetic touch” meaning that I can find painful areas in the human body simply by running my hands lightly over the flesh. I am also especially skilled at assessing a slave’s attitude, emotions and thought processes. These skills bring a special sense of really knowing my slave. My nursing skills help me to know each slave even more thoroughly by conducting a variety of complete physical exams. Today I will be sharing the details, generally discussing a typical all around exam. Something I would do with each and every one of my slaves. In the future, I would be happy to go into details concerning the other types of exams I do, and will touch lightly upon them here.

I have maintained active certification in current CPR technique since becoming active as a slave trainer and believe it is an essential credential to any good Dominant. Working with people in any aspect, and especially the intimate manner between Mistress and slave, requires good common sense, safe practices, and a healthy respect for their well being, both physical as well as mental. The slave may not always care for the procedure I will put him through, but he trusts Me and knows I have his best interests at heart. I firmly believe that if a slave trusts the Mistress, he will submit to all She requires, whether or not it is his particular “turn on”. If he does not trust Her, he should not submit to Her and should seek someone he can trust.

I usually require that My slaves undergo physical exams from Me in a variety of circumstances. When a slave has been out of My presence for an extended period of time, either through job, leave of absence or temporary banishment; I will want him to report to Me for a complete general physical exam before conducting any other training or duties. In fact, I usually conduct at least a brief, once over exam whenever one of My slaves reports to Me for training or duty. The new slave in My domain is subjected to a complete physical exam before his naming and collaring ceremony. Also, since I have various training programs, when a slave is entering a new phase of training I conduct an exam. Then there are also the “on the spot” brief surprise exams meant to keep a slave on his toes at all times. Physical exams can also be a part of a training session stressing many of the psychological and “mind trip” techniques I enjoy employing. Finally, sometimes a particular slave will request receiving a complete physical exam, usually wanting help with the diet or whatever.

Before I am ready to have My slave report to My chair to begin the physical exam, I will spend some time planning exactly what I intend to do and the equipment needed to carry it out. If My slavegirl is assisting, I will direct her to lay out what I need. Then there are the times that I enjoy getting My tools assembled Myself. It helps Me get into the serious mind space I require of Myself to conduct a proper exam. Typically, for a general physical; I will need a penlight, several crops or canes, My stethoscope, enema equipment, first aid kit, towels, My paperwork on the specific slave, My electronic thermometer, blood pressure cuff, exam gloves, latex sheet, rope, lotion, a saucer, vibrator or dildo, and assorted other items to suit the particular situation.

The surroundings I will conduct each exam in must be prepared as well. My slaves keep My living and training space clean, through supervised and unsupervised household chores that I randomly inspect for thoroughness and carried out to My desired specifications. There may be a shorter way to do a chore, but the point of obedience is to do it My way. Whether I am conducting phone training or busying Myself with My writing, I am able to keep an eye on what My slave is doing around the house. Where I conduct an exam depends on the type of exam it is. A complete general physical exam begins on the floor at the side of My favorite chair. Then progresses to the training area, the bathroom and finishes where it began, at My feet. I like the starkness of the bathroom to add to the serious proceedings that are about to take place.

In the event of a brief exam, for the reasons I have already mentioned, it is usually carried out in the area of training or duty the slave is in. When reporting for duty, it is at My chair. Panty checks for My sissy maids and panty maids are also carried out on the spot. It involves the slave lifting their pleated skirt or uniform and holding it high while I examine their panties inside and out. However, I require panties on all My slaves, so panty checks are a normal part of life in My domain. The purpose of the panty check is to determine if there has been any unauthorized naughtiness. In addition, the maid trainee must be wearing the proper type and color of panties specified for the activity at hand. These things are all taught in My extensive programs.

One aspect of preparation that is the duty of the submissive undergoing the physical exam is pre-body readiness. This includes such niceties as good hygiene, dental care, using the correct toiletries, perfumes and lotions that I have selected for him; and most importantly, I require that a certain amount of body hair is removed. This varies from slave to slave, some have job reasons others have mate reasons that little hair can be removed. Those who have no such restrictions are required to be hairless from the neck down, and any extra facial hair. A quick look tells Me if My slave needs any of My “special” brand of encouragement, or even assistance in this regard. I prefer to have My slave report to Me already body shaved, but if I feel additional hair must be removed I will do it Myself.

In the beginning, the slave will disrobe and either remain naked or don the traditional split up the back johnny. This depends upon My whims and how much I really want to embarrass the slave. Most times I like them to be totally nude or dressed to suit the situation. For example, if I am doing a general physical exam they are nude or in the required panties I always insist upon. If I am doing a school nurse exam, I am usually in uniform and my slave is nude or in a hospital johnny split up the back. I have several of these, as well as a yellow, long sleeved lab coat I sometimes wear. Sometimes My slave will also be dressed as a naughty school girl or baby for this type of exam. One brief exam I do is called Panty Checks, this is a part of My panty program as well as sissy maid and nursery.

When I am giving a general physical exam, I am usually dressed comfortably to suit My tastes. I like to wear long flowing, sexy lingerie. Not to please the slave, but because I like being feminine, it makes Me feel good. I often think of the rose as being the perfect symbol for the female Dominant, beautiful, but with thorns of pain. So femininity goes hand in hand with dominance in My domain. Although I do not require body worship during a physical exam, I like to dress seductively. I enjoy feeling sensuous. I also have a fondness for masks and gloves during a training session.

When giving a general physical exam, I may wear a white cotton surgery mask across My mouth and nose, with My standard black “bandito” mask across My eyes. This is when I am in strict Nurse mode and I’ll usually wear complete uniform, apron, rubber gloves and Nurse’s cap. I enjoy the symbolism of the mask, creating within the slave the sense he is serving Woman, rather than one specific woman. I have a variety of masks, from simple to bizarre, and personas that I take on with each. My personas are not simple acting or role play, I slip into the persona and it becomes who I am for that space of time. I also have a large collection of gloves in a rainbow of colors, from latex and leather to velvet and lace.

As I prepare Myself for the physical exam of My slave, I will wear make up, My favorite perfume, brush My long dark hair and clasp it back in a pretty hair ornament. I like lace catsuits and will usually wear one with black leather heels. I have also been known to give a general physical exam in My silk caftan and black velvet slippers. When the exam is for diet or school nurse I may be in the traditional uniform complete with cap. If it is a physical that is part of a slave’s correction and atonement, I may be wearing a leather skirt with black lace blouse. As the Ivory Queen, for soapsuds discipline, I usually wear a latex apron and latex gloves over my clothing. So My clothing varies as does My slave’s, and the situation.

I like to prolong the suspense, so I sometimes will smoke a cigarette, smiling enigmatically at My slave. I am not a full time smoker, but enjoy one now and then to intimidate a slave. They do so enjoy to tremble in delight of what is in store for them. Of course this is not a fear for their lives, I prefer a slave to serve from love, not fear. But this is the anxious fear a submissive feels when he is waiting and contemplating what fate will befall him in the hands of the Mistress. It is exciting and produces a definite scent in the air that never fails to make Me laugh. It is the true essence of power exchange between a dedicated Dominant woman and a sincere submissive male.

Then comes some form of suitable bondage. Usually it involves simple handcuffs; sometimes in front, then in back, then behind the head. This last is a lovely position to have a slave in; standing, legs spread out, hands tucked behind his head. I call this “inspection” and it is taught in addition to My basic 12 slave positions. He is so vulnerable and I usually have a riding crop handy in case he shows any signs of moving about. Although I have many implements of correction, the riding crop is the one I find most appropriate for physical exam sessions. Sometimes I will use a long school cane. Pity the slave who earns such extreme penalties!

When a slave is in any form of bondage, even simple handcuffs, it is always a good idea to periodically assess the area of bondage to make sure circulation isn’t being cut off. The slave should be questioned regarding any numbness, tingling or cramping in the bound body area. I examine the skin for blueness in general, or blanched whiteness in the area of the bondage item. This applies not only to metal handcuffs, but especially rope and leather items. Bondage mitts and sleeves, straight jacket devices or mummification gear should all be removed from time to time to check on the condition of the slave’s circulation. Really, this can never be stressed enough, even if it is just plain common sense. It is also vital that the slave not be left in inescapable bondage for any length of time without periodic monitoring.

Once My slave is fully prepared, I am ready to begin the exam. First come the vital signs - assessed and recorded while he is laying prone on an examination sheet made of latex. Hands fastened in front for this. Temperature is rectal of course. Blood pressure, pulse, and respiration are next. Should the slave ask what the readings are, he is told that they are none of his business and that curiosity can get a slave in a lot of trouble and mean punishment. Flashing the eyes with a penlight is especially fun. This is to determine the level of alertness. Woe to the slave who is not found to be alert for his Mistress. I like to keep this portion of the exam crisp and professional, keeping My slave unaware.

A new slave in My domain is questioned extensively during this portion of the exam. I ask health related questions, as well as getting an idea what their personal health habits are. Things I dwell on are eating habits, likes and dislikes in foods, their concerns regarding their diet and health, what type of exercise they do and how often. I also question them concerning the use of cigarettes, alcohol and/or drugs. Usage of any of these in My presence is strictly prohibited and cause for permanent dismissal. I have also been known to dismiss slaves who arrive for duty smelling of cigarettes or having had one too many drinks. I hang up on slaves who call Me when intoxicated. I find this sort of behavior highly offensive and disrespectful. I may also question them on their feelings about permanent marks of ownership; brands, tattoos and piercing. Such things are rewards in My domain.

After I am completely positive My slave is alert I devote My attention to the extremities. For this I like to spread-eagle the slave, untying and retying as it seems appropriate. There is much pulling, pushing, pinching and a lot of fun for Me. I especially enjoy working on the toes. Then a more extensive taking of pulses at various parts of the body, both lying down and erect. I like to tease the slave at this point, for normally his pulse quickens. At this time, I will also test their libido, assessing what causes an erection and what does not. Usually they have already taken My written test on “Sexual Servitude” and My “Fetish Scale” survey, so this provides good background and activities by which I can test his ability to erect, remain erect and lose erection by My command. Each question has a number of choices for the slave to select.

Typical questions on the “Sexual Servitude” test include:

  1. Body worship of the Domina’s body includes:

  2. The submissives use the following for body worship:

  3. Sensual massage does does not include sexual service to the Domina.

  4. Which of the followings acts are body worship with the Domina

  5. When does it stop being body worship and become sex:

  6. Is a submissive a sexual object: yes no

  7. A Lesbian Domina may desire body worship from a male submissive. Why?

  8. A Handmaiden is the female consort of the Domina, does the male submissive perform body worship on the Handmaiden:

  9. When does the submissive perform body worship for the Domina:

  10. Body worship of the Domina is:

  11. How does the submissive know the Domina has orgasmed:

  12. The submissive is is not allowed to orgasm during body worship.

  13. When being a “human dildo” the submissive should:

  14. The following items are used for sensual massage:

  15. When during massage, the Domina’s nipples harden the submissive should:

  16. When during massage, the Domina’s vagina becomes wet the submissive should:

  17. When during massage, the Domina spreads Her legs the submissive should:

  18. A dildo should should not be lubricated before inserting it into the Domina.

  19. Which of the following are considered Domina Sport:

  20. When massaging the Domina’s buttocks the submissive should:

  21. When massaging the Domina’s vagina the submissive should:

  22. The purpose of sexual servitude is to:

  23. When the Domina is dressed in sexy lingerie, She wants to:

  24. As a submissive you feel:

  25. If the Domina required, you feel you could perform:

As you can see, the questions are quite explicit, and whether or not this particular slave will ever get to experience the level of intimacy they imply, the test never fails to produce the type of intense reaction I am looking for during an exam. Detailed questions about the slave’s masturbation practices is part of the libido portion of the exam. I may have them describe to Me in detail how, when and where they masturbate. Sometimes I have them show Me, but they are not allowed to masturbate to completion. That comes later during the potency portion of the exam. I especially enjoy having them bring themselves to the brink of orgasm again and again as I question them and observe. I also like to ask them a series of “what if” questions that never fails to paint vivid pictures in their minds of wild, explicit activities. Some slaves blush as the words tumble out attempting to respond.

During this question segment I will have the slave stand erect with hands behind the head and legs spread as noted earlier. In this posture, I have the slave talk and listen to his breathing as I torment him in endless little ways. I work especially in the areas of the cock and balls. Heaven help the slave who even twitches as I play My little games. It can mean the riding crop where he is most sensitive. In that sensitive area, I poke, prod, pinch, and at some point I usually apply pressure to the balls. I will knead, massage and squeeze the balls in My gloved hand all the while watching their expression, listen to their breathing and their fumbling answers to My endless questions.

I have a particular fetish Myself for long drawn out periods of cock and ball torment, but that is not the purpose during the physical exam. I do so enjoy having willing, eager volunteers for sessions of prolonged C&BT. However, this is an activity apart from the complete physical exam. I do conduct brief exams, as mentioned earlier, during all aspects of My domination activities to assure Myself that My slave is doing fine and is in good working order. But then, this is only common sense and caring for the condition of My property. I allow “safe wording” in the event of an emergency, but only then. I believe the slave must put himself totally in My hands to experience the state of absolute surrender he seeks.

I will often snap on a latex exam glove and have My slave bend over and take a deep breath as I give him an anal internal exam with My gloved fingers. I like to spend some time prodding in this manner. Gloving My other hand, I may grasp his cock and assess reactions to the anal internal. I also enjoy applying lotion and testing My slave’s reaction to repeated gloved cock massage, and he must not cum unless I say so! If a slave fails and does orgasm at this point, he is soundly corrected in a manner not of his preference, and the exam is continued. After I am completely satisfied that the slave can control himself during repeated anal probing and firm cock massage, it is time to continue the exam.

Every physical exam includes a dietary portion in which I ask questions concerning the slave’s dietary habits. I may or may not require a special slave feeding. If so, he is given the proper food in a dish on the floor and must eat nude and on all fours within the allotted time. I then handcuff his hands behind his back and continue to question him intensively about his diet and eating habits. Nose pressed to the floor at My feet. Most slaves are over indulgent and have sluggish systems. It seems willpower also is a missing factor to the true submissive psyche. Of course the remedy is a good, warm, cleansing enema. The beginner gets a small enema, but those with experience will receive at least two quarts. The slave is instructed in breathing as the enema commences.

During a diet exam, a more extensive recounting of eating habits and stepping on the scales is included. The slave who fails the diet exam is usually subjected to punishment and a complete enema ordeal. I have a variety of methods employed to carry out an enema ordeal. A slave with a valid health reason will be excused from participating in any form of enema activities. I do not carry out enema activities with every one of My slaves, only those that the situation requires it. However, I do conduct punishment enemas in the case of eating too much junk food or drunken behavior in a slave I do not want to dismiss. These punishment enemas are very real and tend to discourage any repeat of the offense in the future.

A typical enema ordeal consists of a series of nine enemas, in three groups of three. The first group consists of an eight ounce mineral oil and warm water enema administered as My slave leans over the side of the tub, head down, breathing deeply. Then My slave must retain the enema a good ten minutes, often needing My coaching. After release, a second eight ounce enema is administered in the same fashion, this one containing water and My peppermint Castille soap. The temperature is a little hotter and the enema must be retained a little longer. The third eight ounce enema contains simply water, as hot as the slave can tolerate it and must be retained for a half hour. After a releasing, the slave experiences a thirty minute rest period kneeling in the bathroom corner. The second and third series is administered exactly as the first, the difference being in size. The second enema series is twenty four ounces, while the third is sixty four, a full half gallon.

After the enema and while still in the bathroom, I sometimes administer My golden fluid. This is done in various ways. Most often in one of three ways: a shower over the slave’s body, in a drinking cup, or down a funnel with tip in the slave’s mouth so he is inundated and must swallow it rapidly. I also have a wooden, deep toilet I use extensively for toilet training and bathroom discipline. I enjoy seeing My golden wine pool in the nooks and crannies of their helpless body under My feet in the bathtub. I like to dry Myself with their hair, often pulling them into Me by their ears for this purpose. I may require a thorough cleaning with their tongue, as well. When required to drink My nectar from a goblet, the slave will kneel before Me head down as I sit in My favorite chair.

After a brief clean up, I assess the slave’s skin condition. Sensitivities are noted. Disciplinary implements are employed to discover reddening factors and his reactions to various types of instruments. I may spend some time with My slave bent over as I apply a series of strokes from bare hand, gloved hand, leather paddle, wooden paddle, belt, soft whip, hard whip, crops, cane and rod. The purpose is to assess his limits. Many times the slave has no idea what his limits really are. It is essential in setting limits for discreet slaves who must remain unmarked. I like to also use lotion, feathers or fur glove to change the sensation from one of sharpness to soft sensuality.

I may also spend some time with a number of nipple devices to determine the sensitivity of My slave’s nipples. Some males have very sensitive nipples and can barely stand a flick of My long fingernail, while others can endure the cruelest of metal clamps. I do not expect My slaves to stand stoic as I determine their sensitivities. In fact, I loathe it. I want to see responses, whether it is the slumping of their body, the sharp intake of breath or the hiss that escapes through clenched teeth. I like to feel that I am working with a living being who can feel pain, not a marathon masochist.

Then some time is spent reviewing slave posture. The slave is taught to kneel properly, stand, walk, sit, and all the positions for discipline together with how to submit to the Mistress. The body is examined at each step for correctness of form. A correct presentation of each position is awarded one “memory” stroke from the crop or cane, a misplaced position or sloppy presentation will earn 5 to 10 correction strokes each. If he is in My sissy maid school program, I will also include some feminization posture training and may apply a corset. I have very strict rules about how My “ladies” conduct themselves. Advanced slaves are also tested in positions reserved for their status and specialized duties in My domain.

The slave’s psychosexual makeup is next assessed. This is accomplished through further intimate questioning and observing reactions throughout. This helps the slave to better know why he is a slave. At this time I will test the slave for potency, requiring him to orgasm a number of times until he is no longer able to cum for Me. Of course, I will assist him in a number of ways to achieve as many orgasms as possible in the allotted time. Sometimes this includes “milking” My slave and directing his cum into the toilet. This also tells Me if the slave is a likely candidate for My Orgasmic Control training. I require that he orgasm at least once into a small saucer and examine the results himself while I verbally chastise him. Usually, I allow slave orgasms rarely, and always at My feet.

I have strict rules governing slave orgasms and these are taught early on. Basically, I allow no slave an orgasm without explicit permission from Me. When I am allowing arousal during an activity, they must ask permission to cum. Failing to get that permission, they must not orgasm or they will suffer the dire consequences. Acceptable position is kneeling or laying face up at My feet, although I have enjoyed watching an occasional slave rub himself off, with no hands, face down on the floor. However, during a complete physical exam, orgasms are restricted, and may only be granted during the potency portion of the exam. This is carried out in a sterile, matter of fact, clinical atmosphere.

Concluding the exam, the slave is given an herbal drink. I have studied medicinal usage of herbs, but claim no expertise. I usually purchase what I require from a health food store where the needed preparations are already mixed and readily available. These herbal elixirs are individualized for each slave. Some contain calming herbs, others potency herbs, diuretics or cathartics. Much care should be used in this regard, it is necessary to know My slave well and any potential health hazards or pre-existing conditions. Some examples of herbal concoctions include rosehips, valerian, chamomile, mint or licorice root tea. These teas are very healthful, but not very pleasing to the palate.

My goal is to thoroughly know each and every one of My slaves. Therefore, I also administer written exams to assess their learning and emotional responses to My governance. I find these examinations are extremely helpful in finding out the potential of the novice slave. They also are valuable in assessing the changing conditions and attitudes of more experienced slaves. Through the conducting of physical exams I am able to learn about My slave’s responses to a wide variety of physical, visual and emotional stimulus. I also discover their tolerances for various disciplinary activities, as well as their eating habits and orgasmic patterns. I am better able to plan future activities when I am fully aware of any health problems a particular slave may have.

I believe each slave gains as well from the experience of a complete general exam. They learn about My thoroughness, and, perhaps, My compassion. They also are able to experience that helpless state of sweet submission as I manipulate their bodies in My exploration process. They sometimes learn things about themselves that they didn’t already realize. This is especially true during the questioning periods throughout the exam, as well as their responses to the activities I put them through. Most of all, they are able to clearly see their role in My life as My slave.

Yes, physical exams are a vital tool in the arsenal of any Dominant. And they are fun too!