The Office Girl

He had noticed her frequently in the office when he first started working for the company. She was tall, a natural blonde, with long legs and a nice and round firm ass - perhaps she’s about 28 years old. She was one of those girls that looked especially good in jeans. She would always treat him nicely but he soon figured out that it was all an act and that she’d cut your nuts out if given half a chance. As time passed, he noticed that she was a bit of a prima donna and maybe even a bit stuck up. She was definitely the “leader of the pack” with all of the other younger females in the office. And she smoked, the dumb broad. He hated ladies who smoked. One day, things changed and he got a clearer perspective on her. Turns out that she’s one of these women’s libbers or feminists or just plain over sensitive about women in the workplace. She didn’t know it, but as the months would then pass, he was putting his plan into motion.

The day came when she left her keys on her desk and he was able to get a copy of her house key. Several weeks later, he had located her house and familiarized himself with the neighborhood. All the while, he was keeping his ears open for little pieces of information that would solidify his plan. About 6 weeks passed until he heard that final piece of information - her husband was going to be out of town for the week and nobody was going to be staying with her. He overheard her say, “What’s there to be scared of - what could possibly happen?” Little did she know…

The day came and he let himself into the house. Nice place, he thought. He looked around and found the bedroom. Looking at the bed he pictured her fucking her husband, telling him how to do it, the cunt! He looked in the bureau drawers - nice panties and bras all neatly folded. He looked in the closet - all nicely arranged with her clothes. The bathroom was off the bedroom - a big bathroom. He looked in the closet, there. Nothing out of the ordinary - didn’t matter anyhow, he had what he needed. It was getting to be time for her to be coming home. After sliding his bag under the bed, he took up a position in the closet. It wasn’t too long before she came home.

He heard the door open and she said, “Thanks anyway, I think I’m just going to take a shower and get to bed early tonight.” He wondered who she was talking to, but was also glad to have just another piece of information, too. Then she walked into the bedroom. He could see her clearly through the slats in the closet door. He had already put on his latex exam gloves before he even entered the house, now it was time for his ski mask and he had to remember not to say anything. He even went to K-Mart and bought a cheap wardrobe to drop into the Goodwill box after this was all over! This bitch was sharp and he’d be sunk if he even let a little trace of who he was slip out.

She took off her jewelry and laid it on the bureau. He had to be ready for her to open the closet door. But it didn’t happen. She slipped her shoes off and placed them next to the bed. He wished that he would have waited until “dress down” Friday so he could see her taking off her jeans, but this was good enough. She reached behind her and he watched as she pulled down the zipper on the back of her dress. He saw the back of her bra and then she slipped the dress from her shoulders and before he knew it, she had stepped out of it. She stood with her back to him, folding the dress, and laying it across the bed. As he had imagined, she was tall and lean, not to mention all tanned up from her recent trip to Florida (not with her husband, mind you, but with several of the other cunts in the office). She was wearing a light pink bra and panty set and she looked good. Her long legs were perfectly formed and they went up to form her perfect ass. The panties (his favorite part) were just plain bikini panties, but he liked that. He scanned her body up to her shoulders as she turned toward the closet.

Get ready! But he still had time to notice her breasts filling the bra - not monstrous breasts, but a firm “handful”. The question that he had wondered about was also answered - She had worn a bikini on the beach because her body was all tanned. He prepared to grab her when the closet doors were opened. But then she changed her mind and turned away toward the bathroom. She went into the bathroom and shut the door. He heard the water running and could only imagine her slipping off her bra and panties - he had to adjust his hardening cock in his pants. He heard the shower come on and thought of her standing under the spray as the water as it ran over her breasts and down her body over her asscheeks. Did she touch herself? Was she missing her husband’s cock? No - not to get too carried away with these thoughts and screw up, he thought. He stepped out of the closet and closed the bedroom door - Oh! The phone on the nightstand - shit! He quickly went and unplugged it just as he heard the water stop running…back into the closet (that was almost a screw up).

He heard her moving about in the bathroom and then the door opened. She came walking out with the towel wrapped around her. Apparently she hadn’t washed her hair because it wasn’t wet. She went to the bureau and pulled out a long T-shirt from the drawer. Then she dropped the towel to the floor! Whoa! Yes, indeed. This bitch was tight - a tall and lean package, for sure. As he thought, her tits were nice and round and just protruded enough from her body to be a comfortable handful - nice nipples which were perfectly centered on these round titties. And she had a firm belly, too. All the way down to her crotch and, true, she was a natural blonde. There was a small patch of golden brown/blonde hair at her crotch. It was trimmed closely and he was sure that it had grown out since the week or so that she had been back from Florida. And then there was her ass - supported by her firm thighs, there was no sag, no droop, and it appeared firm as she walked over to the bed to set the T-shirt down, then back to the bureau. A nice stride, and her tits and ass were accentuated by the untanned skin which was hidden by her bikini.

He watcher her stand in front of the mirror and comb her shoulder-length hair. He enjoyed watching her ass get tighter and her tits rise and fall as she combed her hair. She stood in front of the mirror and ran her hand over her belly and into the little tuft of pussy hair. He heard her “hmmmm” as she turned sideways to look at it. Time for a trim maybe? Then she went over to the bed and put on her T-shirt - although it covered her body, it came to just below her asscheeks and had an appeal all its own - but pay attention, he thought. It is going to happen. She picked up her dress and walked to the closet.

When she opened it, he pushed her hard enough so that she fell to the floor. He’s not violent and he didn’t want to hit her or injure her, but he needn’t to take this aggressive move to get things under control. It all happened so quickly for her that she didn’t even have time to scream. He came out of the closet and jumped on her, turning her over on her stomach and resting his weight on her so she couldn’t move. He had her left arm in a half-nelson as he reached under the bed for his bag. He got it and, reaching inside, found his handcuffs (the plastic zip-lock kind). He brought her other hand behind her back and … ZIP! her hands were secured. She was trying to roll and kick, but his weight held her to the floor.

She started issuing orders to him: “What do you think you’re doing? Stop!” and she kicked her feet and squirmed some more. He pushed her head to the floor to muffle her protests. HE found the red rubber ball in his bag and grabbed her hear to lift up her head. As she was ready to scream, he thrust the ball firmly into her mouth and that took care of that problem. He released the pressure of his weight on her and stood up. She rolled over and the T-shirt rose up to her hips, exposing her pussy - yes, a very nice little bush! And she screwed herself up, the dumb cunt - she turned over and is now showing him her bush! Should he blindfold her? As much as he wanted to see her eyes and her terror, he felt that every piece of information that she gathered would be dangerous to him. He reached into his bag for the blindfold. She moved her head from side to side trying to fight him - but to no use. He slid the blindfold over her eyes and now, all she could do was moan and squirm - and she quickly realized that none of this made any difference!

He grabbed her arm and pulled her toward him as he stood up, and she realized that she was also to stand up. He faced her towards the bed and pushed her forward until she figured out that he wanted her face down on it. She looked good in handcuffs as he raised her T-shirt up her legs and over her ass. He pulled it up and tucked it under her bound hands. She squirmed and moaned and he spanked her ass a couple of times until she figured out that this was unacceptable behavior. He reached into the bag for a clean pair of exam gloves, and put them on, the he got out the KY jelly and the thermometer. He put the KY on the middle finger of his right hand and spread her asscheeks with his left hand. She tensed up until he spanked her again and when she loosened up he put his finger between her cheeks. When he had played doctor, or in sex play, he slowly inserted his finger, but not with this bitch. He quickly slid his finger all the way inside. It was tight, but the reflex loosened up and he couldn’t help to wonder whether she’d ever been ass-fucked. He finger-fucked her asshole as she continued to squirm around and moan. Then he slid his finger from her ass and took the thermometer. He placed it at the entrance to her asshole and he could tell that she wondered what this was. But that didn’t matter - this bitch was going to have her temperature taken.

He slid the thermometer in her ass and then enjoyed the view - the head office bitch now before him, handcuffed, her T-shirt pushed up over her ass and a thermometer in her asshole! He rubbed his hand along the inside of her thighs and spread them apart. She quickly closed them together and he spanked her thighs and the bitch resigned to having her legs spread. He ran his fingers up her thighs and he leaned over to take a look - a very nice pussy with perfectly formed lips which were slightly separated in involuntary response to him stroking her thighs. And, there was very little hair there. He ran his hand up her thigh and let his finger wander between her pussy lips. She squirmed around when he touched her pussy and as his finger slid in to the first knuckle she tried to squeeze her muscles closed. This did no good and, in fact, it caused the thermometer to shoot out of her asshole. This made him mad and he smacked her ass hard several times. Her whimpers let him know that she was crying and that maybe he had even hurt her. Good, now back to task.

The thermometer had been in her asshole long enough, so he took a Kleenex and wiped it, then read it: 100o exactly. Normal rectal temperature is one degree higher, so hers was elevated another 4/10. He got her off the bed and lead her into the bathroom, taking his bag with him. He lightly spanked her ass on the way to the bathroom, admiring how firm it was and how she jumped at the surprise of the spanking. He had her kneel down over the toilet and he reached into his bag. She had no idea what was going on as he made preparations. She heard the water running, she heard the sound of him putting on a fresh pair of exam gloves. But then she felt her asscheeks being separated again and something hard pressing against her asshole - it wasn’t his finger. She tensed up and was again spanked. This loosened her up and she felt the hard object sliding into her asshole. He held the douche nozzle in her ass as he let his other hand stroke up her leg and his fingers rested on her pussy.

She began to tense but then remembered the spanking she got the last time she did. He was pleased. He moved the douche nozzle in and out of her ass as he slid two fingers between her pussy lip sand then into her pussy…all the way in, then in and out. She was getting wet and he could begin to feel her involuntary responses to the stimulation take over. He pushed the nozzle deep into her ass and then undid the clamp. COLD WATER! She tensed as the cold water hit her bowels, and he felt her squeeze on his fingers. He had hung the bag high on the towel bar, so the water was going to run into her quickly. He slid his fingers from her pussy and watched the finale.

The fast rushing cold water cramped her over the toilet and he no longer had to worry about the need to hold her down. She whimpered and cried as she was filled. The bag emptied quickly and he removed the nozzle - but he couldn’t have any “accidents”. He had a butt plug at the ready so as the nozzle was removed, the butt plug was quickly inserted (when she sat on the toilet, she’d soon figure out that if she exerted enough pressure she’d shit it out). Another good site of her bent over the toilet with a butt plug in her asshole.

He put his stuff away, then stood her up, turned her around and sat her on the toilet. She leaned over from the cramping and not yet having figured out what to do. He took nylon cord and tied her feet around the base of the toilet - this would keep her in place. He took his now very hard cock from his pants and stroked it. Could cum be detected and lead him to this? Don’t be careless.

He stepped forward and rubbed it against her tittie, noticing the wetness that it left. He got a washcloth at the ready and jerked his cock across her tittie. She tried to squirm away from him but realized that he had secured her very well. It didn’t take long before he was squirting on her tittie. He took the washcloth and placed it below his cock to prevent any of it from going elsewhere, even though he would liked to have sprayed her with his cum! When he was finished, he wiped the head of his cock and then ran the washcloth under cold water and wiped it across her tittie - he noticed how the nipple stood up. He put the washcloth in his bag (have to be careful disposing of that!)

Then he tied her upper arms around her body, leaving her lower arms free - he then released the handcuffs. All knots were tied behind her, he left her lower arms free so that … he went into her bedroom and got a cigarette and her lighter. He came back into the bathroom and she was squirming on the toilet - with cramping or to try and free herself? He stuck the cigarette in her mouth and lit it. She took a drag. He gathered his stuff and left. She was not at work the next day.