The Old Retired Country Doctor

Because I was poor, young and single, I had taken a position as a domestic for a retired country doctor, an older commanding sort. He requires a rigorous schedule, and on my second day I am tired and have slept through the alarm.

The doctor enters my room, wakes me and asks if I am not feeling well. Rather shocked at having slept through the alarm I apologize and jump out of bed. He leaves and I go to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Then I hear my bedroom door open and he calls me into the bedroom. A covered tray is on the night stand next to the bed where he is sitting and he calls me to stand next to him.

“You don’t look well and I think I should examine you, please lay across my lap,” he orders. Hesitantly, I lay across his lap, not wanting to disobey him and wondering what he has in mind. Without a word he lifts my nightgown and as I gasp he lowers my panties. “Relax dear, I’m just going to take your temperature and the only way to do it right is to take it rectally.”

He reaches over me and sits back. “I’ll try to make this as pleasant as possible for you but you must relax.” Then he spreads my bottom with one hand, exposing my anus and with the other hand he gently inserts a thermometer which feels larger then normal. “This thermometer may feel a little larger than you’re accustomed to but I prefer to use a veterinary thermometer because the readings are more accurate. This will only take a few minutes.” I feel him gently twist and turn, pull and push the thermometer as he asks me questions.

“Now dear, I have to ask you a few questions. Don’t be embarrassed, I am a doctor, and it is important to me that you feel well and are happy while you are in my employment. When is the last time you had your temperature taken this way?”

I tell him that I can’t remember ever having it done, and he says, “This will be the way we do it from now on. Do you understand?”


“When was the last time you had a bowel movement?” I’m so embarrassed that I hesitate.

“Please answer me dear, it is very important.” I answer that it has been two or three days.

“Well, that usually happens with a change of environment but we can fix that so that you won’t ever suffer again.”

He removes the thermometer and says, “Oh, I can see that there is a blemish on the thermometer. I will have to examine you to see what the problem is.”

I hear him putting on some gloves and he says, “Try to relax dear, I’m going to have to examine your bottom. I won’t hurt you. When I tell you, take a deep breath and then exhale.”

He once again spreads by bottom and I feel him touch my anus and begin to message around my anus. “Now dear, take a deep breath and exhale.” As I exhale he begins to slowly insert his finger in my anus. “Don’t be embarrassed dear, this is important, and a standard medical procedure.

Slowly, he slides his finger completely into my rectum. “My finger is all the way in your bottom, does it hurt?”

“No, Sir, it doesn’t hurt at all. It just feels strange.”

“That’s normal. You’re doing well. Now just relax and I will begin the examination.” I feel him twisting and turning his finger in my rectum and slowly sliding it in and out of my ass. It seems to take forever but it feels good. I’m trying not to wiggle during the procedure.

Finally, he removes his finger. “Okay my dear, you seem to be blocked inside. We have a lot of work to do today to correct your problem. I have some warm oil that I’m going to inject into your bottom to help loosen the blockage.”

He reaches for the small syringe and spreads my bottom again. “I’m going to insert this syringe into your rectum and inject some oil. You may feel a little pressure, but you must hold the oil in.”

It feels good as he inserts the syringe and injects the oil. Then he gently removes the syringe and re-inserts his finger all the way into my very slippery rectum. “I have to make sure the oil is spread evenly inside you.” He again twists and turns his finger in me, and it feels very nice with the oil inside.

“Okay dear, you have to keep that oil inside you for a while. Lay on the bed on your tummy and I’ll be back in a little while.”

Laying on the bed I am overwhelmed by what has just happened and embarrassed at how much I liked it. I can hear the doctor walk down the hall, and then noises in another part of the house. After about 30 minutes I hear him walking down the hall toward my room. He places another covered tray on the table and pats me on my bottom. “Stand up dear. I need you to lay across my lap again so we can begin to remove the oil from inside you.” When I stand I see a large syringe with a thicker tip, and a large bowl of milky looking water.” Come on dear, lay across my lap so we can begin.”

I lay across his lap and he says, “This is a very soapy solution that will help break up the oil and the blockage inside you. I’ve decided to use a larger syringe and tip to help you loosen your anus and relax a bit more.”

He spreads my bottom again and I feel the large tip, not much bigger than his finger, pressing against my anus. With a little pressure, he inserts it as far as possible and says, “Now I’m going to inject you with the soap solution. If you feel pressure, tighten your anus around the nozzle.”

The sensation is strangely erotic, as I feel only slight pressure and warmth in my rectum, then the sensation of the nozzle being removed. “Very good dear, now for another.” He refills the syringe, re-inserts the nozzle, and empties another bulb full in my bottom. “You’re doing fine dear. We have quite a bit more to go though.”

After the 4th bulb, I am feeling pressure and light cramping, and I begin to moan from time to time. “Two more and we will be finished. I have to inject a quart and a half.” I am relieved when the last bulb is finished. The cramping is more frequent, and my rectum is beginning to burn slightly from the strength of the soap solution.

“Now you will have to hold this enema in for 10 minutes. I’m going to insert my finger in your rectum. When you feel as though you want to expel, squeeze your little anus around my finger.”

The ten minutes seems like an eternity. Finally the doctor removes his finger and helps me to stand. “Now, go into the bathroom and empty yourself. Don’t get up from the toilet until I tell you. You’ve been a good girl.”

It takes 20 minutes for me to empty myself. What a relief! The soap burns my anus a little, but I can’t stop thinking of how good it felt to have the doctor’s finger in me, and the sensation of that big nozzle sliding in and out.

“Come with me dear, we’ll continue in my examining room.”

We walk down the hall toward his old office and when I enter, the room is full of his equipment. Syringes, nozzles, enema bags and some large objects I’ve never seen before, in a cabinet next to a big sink.

“How are you feeling now after your first enema?”

First? Does that mean he’s not finished? “I feel much better, thank you for helping me. I don’t think I need any more.”

“Oh my dear, we’re only beginning. Now we have to begin the process of getting all that soap out of your bottom. Bend over the table and rest your head and arms on the middle. I need to examine you again.” I hear him snap on a glove and feel the now familiar sensation as he spreads my bottom and slides his finger deep inside me. He twists and turns and slides it in and out of my bottom and I unconsciously moan; it feels so good!

“It’s okay dear, you don’t have to be embarrassed. Most women actually enjoy the sensation of having something inserted in their bottoms. We’ll have to explore that later. Now, on your hands and knees on the table please. This time I’m going to give you a two quart enema to begin rinsing the soap from your insides.”

As I climb on the table, I glimpse the large enema bag hanging from a stand, with a very strange looking nozzle attached.

The doctor sees me fixated on the nozzle and says, “That is a inflatable nozzle nozzle. Let me show you how it works. This part is inserted in your rectum. Then I use these two bulbs to increase the size of the nozzle so that it fits tightly on the inside and outside of your anus. It allows you to hold the enema much longer, so that when you expel you will be much cleaner inside.”

“First we need to relax your anus and rectum a little so we can get the nozzle in easier.” He spreads my bottom and gently eases his finger in my ass, taking a long time to massage my rectum. I find myself tilting my hips slightly each time he re-enters me. “That’s very good, you’re beginning to relax nicely. Now I’m going to stretch you a little more by using two fingers. It will feel very tight at first but you will relax very shortly and enjoy them just as much as you have been enjoying one. Bear down a little as though you want to move your bowels.”

It’s tight but I love the feeling of having his finger in me. I want more! “Very good dear, you’re doing real well. I intend to teach you much more about your bottom as we continue your treatments. It is amazing how well a woman’s rectum can accommodate different size objects. Now, I think you’re ready for the nozzle.”

His fingers exit my bottom, much to my disappointment, and after a moment of rustling, I feel the tip of the nozzle at my anus. It slips in much easier then I had expected. “Now I’m going to expand the balloon inside your rectum.” Suddenly I feel as though my entire rectum is filled to capacity, and I moan slightly. Then I feel the balloon on the outside of my anus expanding.

The doctor tugs at the nozzle. “Good, it’s very secure and now we don’t have to worry about accidents. Now it’s time to fill you up again.”

I feel the enema rushing inside me, and just when I’m about to complain, the flow stops. “I’ve hung the bag much higher to increase the pressure. We’ll give you this enema in rapid intervals to force the flow deeper in your bottom.” Then the flow starts again. “This is a salt water enema to get the soap out that we put in you with your first enema. It’s a two quart enema which is average. Most girls your size can take three quarts, but, in time, I intend to work you up to four quarts, because that cleans you out much better.”

“Please doctor, stop for a moment. I’m getting cramps, and I feel as though I’m going to burst!”

The flow stops. “You still have half your enema left to take, but I’ll slow things down a little. You have to take the whole bag, then hold it until I release the balloons. That’s usually about 15 minutes.”

“I think I’m going to burst! I don’t know if I can hold it that long, I feel so full already.”

“You’ll be able to hold it as long as this big nozzle is in your behind. I chose it specifically to keep the enema inside you.”

While he finished giving me my enema he patted my bottom and the tops of my legs. “Okay, you’ve taken the whole bag. Now you have to hold it until I let you get up. You should know that I have some very strict rules, and if you break the rules in my house, you will be punished. Sometimes, enemas like this can be used as a form of punishment. A retention nozzle is inserted, and you are given a very large enema, much larger then this one, and it is usually accompanied by a good spanking while you hold it.”

I feel his hand slip between my legs and his fingers begin to probe my vagina and clit. “This is not a punishment and I see that you are enjoying taking it as much as I am giving it to you.” There’s no way to avoid the excitement I’ve been feeling so I just listen.

“Your time is up. Lets get you off the table and into the bathroom to expel.”

I’m so full, and it’s hard to get off the table. The doctor follows me to the bathroom, hangs the empty enema bag on a hook, and has me position myself above the toilet. Then he reaches between my legs, releases the valves, and quickly removes the nozzle from my behind. Almost instantly, a flood of water is released, and I begin to feel immediate relief. “Stay there and relax. Don’t force the enema out, let it flow naturally. When you’re finished expelling, come back into the examining room.”

Thirty minutes later, I emerged from the bathroom, feeling very empty. The first thing I saw was a very large filled enema bag hanging from the stand. Connected to the end of the hose, was another length of hose, almost as long, and twice as thick.

“Are you empty dear? Good, back up on the table in the same position so I can lubricate your bottom again.” I didn’t want another enema but I did as the doctor instructed. I was looking forward to feeling his fingers in my ass again. Maybe he would indulge me a little longer this time.

“This time I’m going to give you a high enema. I’ll be using this colon tube, and it will be completely inserted in you. This will allow the water to go much deeper into you bottom and you won’t feel the pressure like with the others. Now, hold still while I begin the insertion.”

I felt the long hose begin to snake its way in my behind, then he stopped, released some water, and began the insertion again. It must have taken five minutes to complete the job, but it wasn’t too uncomfortable, and I really didn’t feel the pressure the way I had before. The entire time, the doctor continued the injection, while he was forcing that long tube in me. Sometimes I would moan or complain, and he would stop for a moment.

“Excellent dear, you have the entire tube in you, and half the enema has already been injected. Just another quart and a half to go.” He kept his hand on my bottom and sometimes he would massage my anus with the tip of his finger. “I think you’re really beginning to enjoy this cleansing session. I’m glad. Each morning after breakfast I will expect you to return to your room for a daily cleansing. If I feel it necessary, you will receive more than one. Daily enemas are very important for young women. Are you beginning to feel full? Just another pint to go.”

“Very good, now you have three full quarts of enema inside you. Now I’m going to slowly remove the colon tube.” The feeling of that tube sliding out of my ass was almost too good to stand, and I had to fight to keep myself from moaning in pleasure. I thought that after it was removed, I would be going straight to the bathroom again, but I had a new surprise in store for me.

“Don’t move dear, we’re not done yet. I have to plug you to keep you from loosing your enema too soon. I’m going to insert a butt plug in your bottom to keep the water in. It’s rather large and it will hurt a little when the largest part is inserted but you’ve done very well so I expect you to be a good girl and hold still.”

“Now, are you ready?” I felt something like a finger pressing against my anus but the harder it pressed the bigger it felt. I moved forward when it felt too big and the doctor stopped and slapped me hard on both cheeks. “I told you to hold still and I expect you to obey me!” Then he began again. I gritted my teeth, as the intruder continued to grow in size, and then I screamed, as the largest part was forced inside my anus. “Good, the plug is all the way in. Now you stay there and hold your enema.”

My anus was throbbing, and I wanted that big thing out of my ass, but I knew that I had to stay there. I was dreading the moment when it would be removed.

The enema was becoming very uncomfortable, and it seemed like an eternity waiting for 15 minutes to pass. Finally, the doctor helped me up from the table, escorted me back to the bathroom, and painfully removed the plug.

Forty minutes later, I emerged from the bathroom feeling very tired and hoping that there were no more enemas in store for me. “Hop up on the table on your back and put your feet in the stirrups. I want to examine you now.”

My genitals were examined very closely and the doctor seemed to take an eternity performing the internal exam with not one but three fingers in my vagina. “Now, I’m going to examine your rectum.” His slippery finger was inserted in my ass and the ritual of twisting and turning began again. Then a second finger stretched me wider. “Now for the anal speculum.” The cold metal felt good sliding in my ass. “I’m going to open the speculum now.” I felt my anus being spread very wide.

“Well, everything seems fine. I’m going to remove the speculum now. Stay there. I’m going to insert a suppository that will soothe your rectum. You’ve had quite an ordeal today.” I felt something press against my anus, and then the familiar finger pressed completely inside my rectum. When he was sure the suppository was inserted deeply enough, he removed his finger.

“You’ve done very well today. Your bottom is nice and clean now. You may go to your room and rest. I’m sure you’re tired from your ordeal. Go get into bed, but don’t put on a nightgown. I will want to examine your rectum again later.”

He helped me up, kissed me on the cheek, then I walked to my room. I lay on the bed, thinking about what had happened to me. I was terribly embarrassed that I enjoyed most of the enemas, and I was looking forward to my next rectal exam.

My hand slipped between my legs and I began to fantasize about my enemas and how nice it felt having the doctor doing all those things to my bottom. Then, I fell asleep.