The Pelvic Clinic

I had been on my bed, pyjama pants off, lying on my tummy with a pillow under my middle, lights low and reading one of those long email letters from an AOL friend. I remember getting wet and quivering from head to toe as my excitement mounted . . . then I must have fallen asleep . . .

My dreams are often vivid, and tonight was no exception: I seemed to be on a cot in a curious sort of room; it had a large wash basin and some glass-fronted cabinets full of medical equipment. Several varieties of enema tubes were hanging over pegs behind the glass, which made the place look like a French health clinic.

Two friendly-looking men came in with white lab coats on, and one said : “Hello, Brenda! I’m Dr. Lavoisier, but please call me Paul. This is my assistant, Mr. Priestly. He likes to be called Jim.

“Now, you have been referred to this clinic for recto-spansion treatment. You want to increase the retention volume of your rectum so (not to put too fine a point on it!) you need to crap less frequently?”.

I nodded, with a rather nervous smile, not knowing quite what was going on and wondering how on earth I’d got into this fix?!

“Let’s start by examining you,” Paul said.

Jim pulled off the sheet that was covering me, and I let out a gasp! He had left me totally nude and completely exposed. I hadn’t even realized I was naked and certainly never expected to be exposed like this!!

“We don’t worry about clothes here, or lack of them,” Paul said, “The Pelvic Clinic is a medical establishment. Now, I want you to turn over on your stomach… Yes, that’s good.

“Jim is going to crank up the platform you’re on, Brenda, so it starts to fold in the middle and you’ll bend with it . . .

“Yes, your body is starting to slope down a bit, and your legs will hang almost straight down on the other side of the fold in the platform.

“Just crank it slowly, Jim, so there are no sudden moves!”

“The nurse has already given you a complete colonic irrigation, I see. Your chart here says you took two full liters in the last flush out, so you must be squeaky clean. Good! Let’s take a look. I’m going to slide my finger in first,” and Paul sat himself on a stool that put his eyes on a level with Brenda’s delicate coral lips.

Paul slipped rubber gloves on and Jim squeezed a liberal quantity of lubricant jelly on the right forefinger. Brenda felt it icy cold as Paul spread this around her nether opening. Jim put more jelly on the forefinger, and Paul gently began to press it against her lips. He pressed up, down, left and right, then down again. It was this last pressure, firmly downwards, that did the trick, and his finger started to slide into her bottom.

Guided by long experience, Paul pulled his finger out a little, then pushed it gently in again a bit further, out and in again, several times, a bit further each time, until his finger was at last in as far as it would go, his knuckles not quite pressing against Brenda’s bottom.

She let out a low “Mmmmm,” and Paul knew she was very comfortable with what he’d done so far!

“Yes, I see what we are talking about! Your rectum is indeed a narrow passage! It’s tight on my finger, and my finger-tip reaches to the top end of it,” and Paul slid his finger slowly out again, leaving Brenda well lubricated inside.

“It is no wonder, Brenda, that you have had to go frequently to the bathroom.”

“Let me have the shufti-scope, Jim, but warm it first, please.”

Jim warmed the glass rod of the optical periscope in water, put a liberal coating of jelly on the rod and passed it to Paul.

Settling himself comfortably on the stool, where he could look directly at Brenda’s smallest opening, Paul slid the 3/4 inch rounded glass rod slowly into Brenda’s bottom as he looked into the eyepiece. He moved it in and out for several minutes, stretching her rectum first this way then that, making careful observations.

“Looks good,” he said, “The walls of your rectum are smooth and strong. Now, I’ve slid my finger into your bottom, and then the glass rod of the optical instrument. There is just one more thing to slide in for us to have all the information we need.

“Like my finger, it will be covered with a rubber sheath. We need to do this next step so you can understand the questions we have, to decide about the kind of rectum-stretching treatment you should receive.

“Jim, here, is very gentle and expert, and I’d like him to do this part of the examination, by sliding his rigid penis slowly into your bottom, while I observe. OK?”

Brenda’s look said: Well! Bugger me!! But they do seem to know what they’re doing. And it’s all been pleasant so far . . .

“Well, don’t stop now; there’s no point in half measures!” said Brenda, “But do be very gentle. And you must promise to stop at once, Jim, if I say so?”

“Yes, of course, Brenda, I’ll stop immediately. But I hope I’m so gentle that you will very much like what I’m going to do. “It’s your enjoyment that we are going to be testing with this part of the examination, and I’ll be doing my best to make you like it as much as possible.”

“I’ll crank the platform so it’s flat and horizontal again,” said Paul. “You get ready, Jim.”

Brenda saw Jim go and check the door was securely locked, switched a table lamp on and close the window shades. Then he started a CD playing quietly with Strauss waltz’s and opened a bottle of wine. He poured three glasses and passed them round.

“It’s medically necessary for you to feel completely relaxed for this part of the diagnosis.”

“It is a robust Alsace wine from Europe,” said Paul.

“Good health, Brenda!” they both said.

All three took a sip, while Brenda started smiling in anticipation, a bit less nervous now . . .

By this time Paul had the platform flat, about ten inches above the floor, and she saw Jim kick off his topsiders and slip out of his white lab coat. He just stepped out of his trouser legs which were cut off and clipped onto the lab coat: he had no trousers above knee level, just jockey briefs!

Even in the warm low light of the one table lamp, Jim caught her amused look and said, “It saves time: this is a pelvic clinic!”.

“While Jim is putting on the sheath, I want to show you the mechanics of what we will be doing,” said Paul, sitting beside her on the floor.

He showed Brenda an outline sketch of herself, lying horizontal, from side view. “You see where your buns are in the sketch, and this is where your anus and rectum are in relation to them,” and Paul drew them in on the diagram.

“Jim will keep his body pressing gently down on you as he slides towards your head. This way, his penis enters in line with your rectum, as smooth as can be,” and Paul sketched in where Jim’s penis will be.

“Now, this is very important: when Jim’s penis is as far as he can get it into your rectum, your anus is here and a good length of Jim’s penis is outside, between the cheeks of your bottom. You can keep even more of his penis outside your rectum, if you want, by tightening the muscles of your bottom. That not only keeps more of his penis out of your rectum, but it gives Jim terrific sensation from the pressure of your cheeks squeezing against his erection. So you can see one way for you to do this whole thing is to relax your cheeks while Jim is finding his way in; then, when you feel his penis begins to slide into your anus, tighten your buns.”

“This gives him a great sensation and minimizes his actual penetration of your rectum. You see, Brenda, our aim is to help you have satisfying sexual intercourse, socially, outside of the Pelvic Institute!”

“Another point of technique: once Jim’s penis is comfortably in your rectum, you can make it move in and out without Jim doing anything; you just tighten and relax your buns; and his penis moves in and out even more if you bend your hips slightly at the same time. “Am I making sense to you, Brenda?”, and when she nodded he said: “OK Jim, Brenda needs you to massage her bottom, so she can start to relax and enjoy what you are going to do.

“Here, drink up Brenda, and let me refill your glass. Then just put your head down on your folded arms and let the pleasant sensations relax you.”

Paul sat himself on the floor in the shadows of the one table lamp, positioned so he could see what Jim was doing and Brenda’s expression as she responded.

Also, Paul and Jim could signal to each other in their usual teamwork mode: what Jim was doing, and what Paul wanted him to do next.

“Remember Brenda,” said Dr. Paul Lavoisier, “This is the Pelvic Clinic, and you are in the hands of caring, medically trained professionals. Mr. Jim Priestly has great experience with the tests he is about to do, and you can be completely relaxed as he starts by massaging your nates.

“Why don’t you have some more wine while you’re lying down there on your tummy: Jim will make sure not to jog you when you take a drink, and I’ll keep your glass filled.”

Paul continued in this vein during the whole procedure; the soft music and his soothing voice from the shadows of the one table lamp helped Brenda to let herself go and enjoy what was happening to her.

The test they were just starting to do was to help them all decide how much her 3/4 inch diameter rectum needed to be stretched: she had come to the Clinic because the small volume of her rectum necessitated frequent visits to the can.

Paul hadn’t told her, but he thought the effect of her small rectum on her love life might be even more important to her . . .

From where Paul sat he could watch Brenda’s expression to check her reactions to what Jim was doing, and Paul could signal instructions to Jim.

As Jim began to massage Brenda’s bottom with baby oil, her face showed an expectant smile with lips that were becoming tumescent. From time to time, one of Jim’s fingers moved to her coral lips and kneaded gently there. Soon this kneading and pressing became more insistent. Then Jim put lubricant jelly on his finger and slowly worked it up into Brenda’s bottom.

He had no glove on for this very delicate manipulation of Brenda’s sphincter muscles, of course, to relax them and allow him greater access.

Jim slowly worked his forefinger into Brenda, speaking all the time in a low voice to keep her thoughts elsewhere and help her to forget her tight sphincter and let it relax:

“It’s a wonderful day outside; the birds are enjoying the sun after all the rain we’ve been having; they don’t need birdfood from people any longer, now the winter is completely past,” and the tip of his forefinger reached inside to the top of Brenda’s rectum, then he withdrew it slowly,

“There’s always a man on the bench by the Peter Pan statue in the park who has pigeons eating out of his hand . . .” and Jim began to work his first two fingers, slowly into Brenda.

“If you go and sit next to him, he will show you how to make them act so tame. He is ‘cooing’ to them all the time, you’ll notice . . and on and on, with a nonstop ‘cooing’ and soothing monologue. After a several minutes of careful and gentle manipulation, Jim had stretched Brenda’s anus and rectum enough to slide in his first two fingers.

With his other hand he signaled to Paul by holding up two fingers.

Jim continued to massage Brenda with these two fingers for about five minutes, then Paul signaled him to pass on to the next step.

“I’m going to move your legs apart a bit and slide into you now, real gentle, Brenda . . .” Jim said, and he separated her feet about a foot then stepped out of his briefs.

His rampant penis already had a sheath on it, and he lubricated this well before moving to kneeling with his knees each side of her legs.

Jim gently laid himself down full-length on top of Brenda. He took the weight of his upper body on his left elbow, leaving his right hand to position his rampant penis and guide the tip so it rested on Brenda’s rosebud lips.

Her sphincter and rectum had already been stretched by Jim’s fingers, and he knew he would cause Brenda no pain by sliding his erect penis in, which was about the same size as his two fingers.

Jim took his hand away and lowered his hips down, flattening Brenda’s bottom.

“All set, Brenda? Ready for me to slide up into your bottom?”

“Yeees, Jim! Ready, willing and able!” with just a slight slur!

“Going in, nice and easy, easy, easy, . . .” he said, and Jim began to slide his body over Brenda’s and move up towards her head.

Before he had gone far, he said to her: “Right, that’s sliding in real easy. Can you put your ankles together now, Brenda? Then you can start to use the muscles in your bottom the way Paul was talking about.”

Jim lifted his weight off Brenda for a moment while he said this, until he felt her legs move together and her buns start to contract and squeeze onto his rock-hard truncheon. Jim knew this would stop him from going so far in, too, but he began sliding again towards Brenda’s head very slowly and cautiously.

“Let me know when you have enough of me inside you, won’t you?” and he moved gently, in a bit and out a bit, then in a bit more and out again until Brenda suddenly said: “THAT’S IT!!”.

Jim pulled out of her just a fraction and lay still for a full minute.

Then he pulled out about an inch and slid back in to the same place.

“That’s wonderful,” cooed Brenda, “It gives a gorgeous feeling that goes right through you!”.

“Oooooooh! Ooooooooooooooooh!”, gasped Jim, “I’ve come!! I just couldn’t stop it! I’ve never had anyone make me come so quickly before. . . and I had sex before I left home this morning! You’re absolutely wonderful, Brenda!”

In fact, Jim was a bit ashamed: he knew he should have given Brenda a lot more excitement, not just the ninety nine seconds that he had taken to shoot his load!

“Best go and get cleaned up,” said Paul, and Jim pulled slowly out of Brenda’s bottom and went through into the wash room.