The Physicals

By Amy and Larry

It had been a long, tough, frustrating job, but I had wrapped it up ahead of schedule and under budget, with a tidy little bonus in my pocket to show for it. It was time for a quiet little evening of getting pleasantly sloshed and listening to some bar music, and I was breaking in a new place. An acquaintance had suggested that I might find Harry’s Place to my liking, and so far her suggestion was pretty well on target. It was small, dark, with three guys splitting duties on bass, guitar, piano, drums and sax, and a generally appreciative crowd. The secondary smoke worriers would have collapsed within seconds of walking in the place, but I thought it had atmosphere. The bartender had earned himself an early tip by asking the right question when I sat at the end of the bar and ordered a martini. Or rather by not asking the wrong question. His winning line was “Olive or twist?” which was ok. If he had hit me with the ugly “Vodka or gin?” I would have changed my order to a Wild Turkey and water. A martini is a drink; a vodka martini is a different drink. A bartender that doesn’t understand that simple little basic can’t be trusted to make either.

I had actually been one of the early arrivals, hitting the seat before eight thirty, but the place started filling up pretty quickly. Besides the groups at the tiny tables, there was a couple sitting at the opposite end of the bar from me, and a guy sitting between us with a couple of stools between him and me. As the martinis started to gain momentum the guy and I struck up an off-and-on conversation. Turned out he was a doctor. I thought when he confessed to it, that I was glad that he wasn’t my doctor. The idea of a guy I’m trusting with my bod sitting in a gin mill getting plastered wasn’t appealing. Then I happened to think that my doctor could well be doing the same thing in a bar somewhere else while we talked and I’d never know about it. That thought somehow struck me as funny, and put me in an even better mood. My new buddy’s mood, though, kept getting worse as the night went on. As his words became more slurred they also became more frequent. Turned out his problem was the usual one : sex. “I just can’t get my wife to fuck the way I want her to,” he confided tactfully.

“But Doc,” I said, “in your job you see naked women all the time. Doesn’t that turn you on and make it better?”

He shook his head violently back and forth in denial. Seems his wife was a lovely girl who thought sex was a wonderful thing as long as conditions were just right, which would sometimes happen as much as twice a year. He said that in fact he did have a lot of beautiful patients. Beautiful, sensuous patients. Beautiful, sensuous, wonderful patients who turned him on no end. Who turned him on no end, then sent him home to his wife who turned him on even more, but wouldn’t give any up. Which was why he was sitting here packing in the JD Black.

“And you know,” he went on, “I contribute to the community, and I get screwed there, too. I mean I don’t get screwed there, too. Well, you know what I mean. Like tomorrow. You know what I’m going to be doing tomorrow? I, John R. Martin, MD, am going to be giving physical exams to a group of high school students. And you know what that group is? A bunch of cheerleaders. That’s right. You got it. The junior varsity cheerleaders over in some no-name high school over in Westchester have to have physicals before they can show their twats to their horny fans. And I, John R. Martin, MD, have been selected to perform that onerous task. And after a full day of lusting over teenage ass, I’m going to go home and my lovely wife is going to shoot me down cold.”

I sat there trying to count how many martinis I had had, and figure whether there was some magic number of martinis that would put the kind of ideas in my head that I was getting. Finally, I said the hell with it. “Doc, we just might be able to do a little business.”

He looked confused, but interested. Then he said warily, “What kind of business is it that you think we might be able to do?” He looked proud of himself for getting that sentence out without stumbling.

“If you had the opportunity to pick a woman to spend a little time with, say a day or two, what would be your dearest dream?” I felt a little proud myself to get that one out, to tell the truth.

“I like blondes. Angie’s a blond. Angie’s my wife, you know. She’s blond. And sophisticated, you know. I mean I like sophisticated, not that Angie’s sophisticated. Well, she is a little I guess, but I think mainly she’s just stuck up. And hard-bodied. I mean I like hard-bodied, not that Angie’s hard-bodied, but she is. God is she. She works out and plays tennis and shit, and she has a build. Wish I could use it a little. Anyway, what do you have in mind?” I think that it was starting to dawn on him what I had in mind.

“Well, Doc, I’ve got some friends who might be able to take care of you tonight, and tomorrow for that matter. If you had to, could you convince your wife you might not be able to make it home for a couple of days?” I was watching his eyes, and I was pretty sure I had him.

“Hell, yes, I can. She wouldn’t give a shit, anyway.” I could see the wheels turning, and they were starting to hum nicely.

“Tell you what. Let me call a couple of friends, and if I can find somebody to take care of you, I’ll do the physicals for you tomorrow.”

He broke into a broad grin. “Yeah, I bet you would. Really think you could pull it off?”

“Yeah, I think I can.” Really, I thought I could. I’d done similar things before, and anyway, it was worth a shot. “You game?”

“Hell, yes! Why not? Make your damn calls. Let’s go for it.”

I called the bartender over and asked if I could use the phone. He reached beneath the bar and pulled out a phone and plunked it down. “Local only, ok?”

It was local. I dialed a number from memory. I didn’t know what the Doc thought of that, if anything, but I had a memory for numbers I could use for party tricks. A familiar voice answered. “Hey, Holly. Jerry Cohen. You gonna be free for tonight and tomorrow?”

“This for you or for a friend, Jer?”

“For a friend this time, Holly. Nice guy. On me.”

“I’d like to, Jer. Really I would, but I’m kinda tied up tonight. Maybe tomorrow?”

“Nah, Holly. Gotta be tonight. Don’t worry about it. I’ll catch ya later, ok?”

“Sure, Jer. Great talkin’ to ya. Really. Don’t be a stranger, ok?”

“Hey! You know me! I’ll be around.” I made a kissing sound in the mouthpiece, pressed the button, waited for another dial tone and pushed numbers again. The phone rang several times this time before I heard another familiar voice.

“Hello, Terri. This is Nick Conti. How have you been?” I saw some wrinkles start to appear in the brow of Dr. John R. Martin.

“Nicky!!! God, where have you been?”

“You know me, Terri. Listen, I got a favor to ask. A friend of mine is looking for a date for tonight and tomorrow. Think you could help him out?”

“ ‘Speak for yourself, John’…Yeah, sure, hon. You know you can always count on me if I’m free. You gonna bring him by or want me to pick him up.”

I glanced over at the Doc, made a quick assessment of his driving ability and put my hand over the phone. “You’re not planning on going anywhere special tonight, are you? Why don’t we have Terri pick you up and she can bring you back to get your car whenever you’re ready.”

He looked at me curiously and said, “What did you say your name was?” I reached in my pocket and flipped him my card, the one that said Edward A. Miller, Attorney. As he tried to focus on it, I turned back to the phone and told Terri where we were.

She said that we should meet her out front since she would never be able to find a parking place, and I agreed. She asked if half an hour was ok, and I said it was. If it was anybody but Terri I would have said that there was no way she would make it in half an hour, but this was Terri.

The Doc looked up at me, then back at the card. “You’re a lawyer?” I could see the wheels turning in a different direction.

“Yeah, but not that kind of lawyer,” I answered, and winked.

He giggled conspiratorially and pitched the card back to me. “Honor among thieves,” he said profoundly. I had no idea what he meant, and I doubt if he did either, but as long as he was happy I was happy. He slid over to the stool next to me and pulled out a note pad. “Here’s what you have to do tomorrow.” As he talked, he made notes, and his handwriting was legible enough that I began to doubt that he was a real doctor. But maybe it was just because he was drunk. He went into great detail about the procedures for the exams, and I had to admit that it looked like he really wanted me to do a good job. I was beginning to respect the guy a little more, but then I decided that I was just drunk, too. I glanced at my watch and motioned toward the door. He tore off the pages from his notebook, folded them over, and stuffed them in my shirt pocket.

“One thing, John,” I said. “This is on me, but feel free to tip if you think you want to. Terri won’t mind either way.” He nodded carefully.

We stood up and walked to the door silently. As we stepped outside, a powder blue Bimmer pulled up and double-parked right in front of the door. The driver popped open the door and came around the front of the car to greet us. As she cleared the front fender, John mumbled under his breath, “Holy Shit!” I grinned. That was a typical reaction to Terri. She stepped sharply up to us, said “Hi, Nicky,” and pulled my head down and let her lips brush my cheek.

“Hi, Terri. This is John Martin. John, Terri Anderson.” Terri extended her hand, and John nearly collapsed as he shakily took it in his.

“Nice to meet you, John. Have you been waiting long?”

John earned himself a couple of major points in my eyes when he replied, “All my life, Terri.” Not bad for a drunk. Didn’t think he had it in him. I glanced over at him, and he looked stone- cold sober. Shock will do that sometimes. Wouldn’t last long though.

Terri laughed musically and asked if John needed to get anything from his car. He said that as a matter of fact he did, if she didn’t mind waiting. He walked just a couple of parking spots away and opened the door on a Pontiac. I didn’t think doctors drove Pontiacs. You live, you learn. He fumbled around in the back seat and came back carrying a black bag and a white lab coat. I saw him drop something in his pocket, and figured that it was either recreational or resuscitative. What the hell, he was a doctor. When he came back he handed me the coat and bag and said, “You’ll need these. I’ll get them back from you in a day or two. Just act like you know what you are doing.”

Terri watched the exchange with a strange look in her eye, then shrugged her shoulders, shook her head, and whispered, “Nicky, Nicky, Nicky….” Then she put her arm through John’s, said “Let’s party…,” walked him to her car, stuffed him in the passenger’s seat, got in herself, and drove smoothly away. I walked off to hail a cab, whistling a happy tune.

The next morning, I got up early to make the drive to Westchester by 7:30AM, the time the day’s activities were to commence. I pulled up in front of the school, parked my Caddy in a visitor’s slot and walked through the front door, carrying the doc’s black bag and wearing a white lab coat (not the doc’s, though). I told the receptionist that I would like to see the principal and that I would be taking Dr. Martin’s place today, and was more than mildly surprised when she said brightly, “Oh, yes. Dr. Martin called earlier to explain that you would be filling in for him, Dr. Miller.” Dr. Martin was a surprising guy. I wouldn’t have thought that he would be in any shape to make early phone calls. Unfortunately I didn’t have any cards with the Edward Miller name that had an “M.D.” on them, so I would just have to do without. The receptionist ushered me into the principal’s office and told me that he would be with me very shortly. And he was.

The principal was a youngish ruddy guy with thinning red hair who looked more like a used car salesman than an academic, but then appearances could be deceiving as I well knew. He made some small talk about how much they appreciated Dr. Martin, and how much they appreciated my being willing to come in on such short notice to fill in. “Can’t even get my teachers to do that,” he added, and I nodded understandingly. I told him that I had always been involved in sports in high school myself and knew how much it meant to the guys, and that I wouldn’t want anybody to miss out on the fun of playing varsity football, just because a doctor couldn’t make a schedule.

“Yeah, well. Doc Martin got the last of the football team last week. ‘Fraid you’re gonna have to do the JV cheerleaders this week.” He gave me a wink and a nudge, and I gave him a cold stare. I wondered if maybe he wasn’t a used car salesman after all. When he got my reaction, he was all business. He picked up a folder from his desk and handed it to me, saying that it had all of the necessary forms, including the applications the girls had filled out, then he escorted me down to an office off the gym where the examinations would take place. He left me there, saying that the girls would be there at eight o’clock, and walked off. I thought that he was more than a little envious.

I opened the folder and started going over the list of girls who would be getting examined. There were twelve of them in all. As I started to read the details my erection started to build. Not a good thing, but unavoidable. I’d just have to keep it in check once the girls arrived. For the time being I was just going to enjoy the hard-on. Most of the girls were right around a hundred pounds and from about five even to five three. Their dental records showed that several of them had braces, which for some reason sent a little shiver down my spine. They ranged from fourteen to seventeen, and from Freshman to Junior. The thought of browsing at will among their naked bodies was getting to me already. I went over the list, which seemed to be in just the order the girls had signed up, and had to make a conscious effort not to drool:

Amy Gallagher, 16; Ruth Bagby, 17; Sheri Adams, 15; Shelly White, 14; Janice Yarber, 15; Ally Costa, 14; Jenny Tinsley, 16; Susan Kane, 16; Vicki Williams, 16; Michelle Rowe, 17; Shawna Thomas, 15; Elle Michaels, 14.

As I glanced through their files, they seemed a nice enough group. All very wholesome. All very delicious, too. Delicious and wholesome, too. Sounded like breakfast cereal. Made me hungry.

I quickly glanced over the notes the Doc had made for me to confirm that I knew the agenda. I did. The girls’ coach would put them through some standard stretching and warm- up drills, then the tests would begin. I would check pulse and heartbeat after ten minutes of strenuous aerobics, then again after a one-mile run. (Timing would be a factor there, I would have to stagger the girls’ start times for the aerobics, then hope that they didn’t cluster up too much during the run.) Once the preliminaries were out of the way, we would get down to the good stuff. I would give each girl a very much hands-on physical examination. By the time I had gone over the notes, I could see the girls gathering in the gym through the large observation window in the office. I moved back to the inner office where I would actually do the physicals and checked over the equipment. It was shabby but serviceable. I went back to the outer office where I could see and be seen and pretended to look through their files again. A couple of minutes before eight a fifty-ish woman in a sweat suit appeared in the gym and began talking to the girls. I guessed that she was their coach. I guessed wrong.

I walked out of the office and up to the woman in sweats, stuck out my hand and said, “Miss Collins?” I figured that doctors didn’t have to bother with petty etiquette rules.

There was a chorus of giggles from the girls that the woman ignored as she shook my hand and replied, “No, I’m Laura Jackson, the basketball coach. Miss Collins should be here shortly. I just stopped by to chat with the girls; I keep trying to steal them for my team.” There were more giggles. About this time a door at the far end of the gym opened and another woman in sweats walked in. If this one was Miss Collins, I might take up cheerleading myself.

She glided up to me, thrust out her right hand and said, “I’m Sue Collins. You must be Dr. Miller.”

I took her hand, and used all the self-control I could muster to give it a businesslike shake. “Yes,” I said, “Very nice to meet you.” I had never been more sincere in my life. She was a peaches-and-cream redhead with emerald green eyes and a tidy body whose perfection couldn’t be masked by the sweat suit. I started to wonder if there shouldn’t be a rule that the coaches had to pass physicals, too. There was a sly twinkle in her eye that made me think that she knew the effect she was having on me, and I had the feeling that the lady could probably handle herself rather well.

Sue told me that she would take about thirty minutes to let the girls warm up (I was thinking of her as “Sue” already) and that she hoped I didn’t mind waiting. “They should have told you to be here at eight-thirty, and you wouldn’t have had to wait,” she said in a tone that told me she had very little use for people who would make such a mistake.

“That’s all right,” I said. “Really it is. There’s not much I’d be doing between eight and eight- thirty anyway, you know.”

“Nevertheless. At any rate, you’re here now, and you’ll have to wait. I have to make sure they don’t pull anything. Despite what you might think about cheerleaders, these girls are really athletes, and good ones at that. I think I have them all in pretty good shape, but don’t try and do anybody any favors by letting them slip through without meeting standards. I don’t want them getting hurt.”

“I’ll show no mercy,” I assured her.

She had taken on a rather serious look during her previous speech, and she nodded seriously in acknowledgment of my promise. Then, as though someone had flipped a switch, she broke into a bright smile, said “Thanks!”, turned to the girls and started whipping them into shape. She was half drill-sergeant, half animal trainer, and all business. And she knew her business, too.

The girls were in a variety of outfits: some in cutoffs, some in spandex, some in a mixture, and a couple were even in their uniforms. Sue may have been trying to get the girls warmed up, but she was succeeding in warming me up pretty well, too. The young bodies bounced and vibrated and stretched and sweated and I tried to keep my admiration concealed as I continued to shuffle through the papers. Sue called her charges by name as she led them through their paces, and I started trying to match the names on my list to the faces on the girls. There was an absolutely stunning blonde wearing tight black shorts and a black bikini top who turned out to be the Amy Gallagher at the top of the list. She was sixteen according to the chart, but I could have dressed her up and passed her for twenty-four at any club in town. She appeared to be the natural leader of the group as well, though technically the seventeen year old Ruth Bagby was the head cheerleader. One of the younger girls, Ally Costa, was wearing an all Spandex outfit that made her look like she had violet skin; I made a mental note that she would be the first one in the back room. As the warm-ups continued, I put the rest of the girls in order, saving the delicious Amy Gallagher for last.

As it turned out, the first was the best…or at least the most fun. The other girls followed in order; the sound of bare feet on tile was burned into my mind by the end of the day. I managed to get a healthy massage in on all the breasts, and at least slide a finger through all the pussies, but most of the girls seemed disconcerted if not reluctant, and only three let me go as far as Ally had. Of the three, only Janice Yarber had let me bring her to an orgasm. Elle Michaels I think really, really wanted to, but was so nervous she never got there. The last member of the group was Amy Gallagher. She seemed totally delighted with the whole thing, and was the only one who admitted to being a non-virgin. More importantly, while I was fingering her and talking about orgasms she said that she was really enjoying everything, but it usually took a little longer to get her to finish. While that would normally have rendered me impotent for days from embarrassment she was so matter-of-fact about the whole thing that I took it in stride. At the end of the day I felt that I had my money’s worth, but I wasn’t finished. The Doc hadn’t called, and I had all my calls to that number forwarded to a cell phone tucked in the black bag so I hadn’t missed him. I decided to push my luck just a bit more.

The exams had (for some reason) dragged on a little longer than expected, so by the time I had finished with Amy not only was Sue Collins back in the gym, but so were the parents, waiting to get the word on their daughters’ qualifications. Shortly after Amy had exited the outer office and stepped into the gym I picked up a clipboard and walked out in front of the bleachers and the assembled multitudes. As I did, I noticed Amy in close conversation with her coach. At first I felt a surge of panic, but it was apparent that the conversation was full of good humor so I relaxed and gave my speech. First I congratulated all the parents and coaches (Laura Jackson was sitting there as well) for keeping their girls so fit, then I announced that all had passed their exams. Then I asked for Amy Gallagher, Janice Yarber, Ally Costa, and Elle Michaels to see me with their parents before they left. The other girls and their parents wandered out of the gym, while the selected few remained in their seats. As did Sue Collins.

When the select group and I were left alone, I delivered my speech. I had been doing research on the relationship of physical conditioning to aerobic measurements and the four girls I had named had exceptional characteristics that I very much would like to include in my paper. I would therefore like to have the girls do some additional tests for me if it was agreeable with all concerned. The tests would take at least two to three hours uninterrupted. I realized that family considerations would come first, but if it was agreeable with everyone if the parents could get the girls to the outside door of the gym at eight o’clock, I would guarantee to get them home before midnight myself; the parents would not have to pick them up.

This appeared to precipitate considerable discussion, but then my favorite cheerleader coach spoke up with a proposal of her own. She suggested that when the tests were finished, the girls could spend the night with her; she lived nearby, so the girls could be safely off the streets well before midnight. I thought it rather a strange suggestion, but it turned out that slumber parties at Sue’s house were a common event, so that was immediately accepted as the plan. Once that had been decided, I tried to get to her to thank her for her help, but she had disappeared. I went by the office, explained the situation to the nice ladies there, and got the necessary keys and authorizations to use the building after eight. Amazing.

I was going to have several hours to kill before eight, so I went back to the exam room and began writing up my reports. There wasn’t really much to do; I could probably have finished all of them in ten minutes if I had been pressed for time but I wasn’t, so I didn’t. As I went through the girls’ records, I replayed the sessions in my mind, merging memory and fantasy. I saved the records of the four elect for last, and as I was going over them, I thought about what I might be able to pull off when they came back. At that pace, I killed more than two hours. I expected to see people coming by the office wondering what I was doing, but not a soul appeared the entire afternoon.

A little before six o’clock I decided to leave and find a place to grab something to eat. It would have been convenient if Sue Collins had been around somewhere to ask for suggestions, but she wasn’t so I decided to just drive around the area and see what I could find. What I eventually found was an Italian restaurant with a strong West Coast influence. West Coast Italian didn’t seem to be a big attraction around here judging by the sparse crowd, but the food turned out to be edible anyway. I took my time, but skipped the wine, even though I allowed myself a single martini before dinner. I managed to time it just about right, and left myself with time to arrive back at the school around quarter till eight.

I parked the car in the same slot I had left earlier, but this time it was the only car in the lot although I could see I couple of cars in another lot at the side of the building. Being a skeptic, I had checked the keys I had been given before I left so when I tried the main door and found it locked it was a comforting feeling. At least somebody around here believed in locking things. I unlocked the door, entered, and locked it behind me. I strolled through the empty, near-dark halls to the gym and used another key there to get in. I had left the light on in the office, and it was still on. I played with light switches to get a bank of lights turned on near the outside door, but left the others turned off. When I walked over and opened the outside door, all four girls were already waiting, together with Sue Collins. No parents were visible. For a moment I was afraid that Sue would want to stay for the “exams”, but as soon as I opened the door she gave me a brief nod of acknowledgement, told Amy to call her when they were ready to be picked up, turned, and left. The girls bounced through the door into the gym.

Just as I was ready to start my little speech, Amy spoke up and said, “I don’t really like this big gym when there’s no one here. It’s kind of creepy. Why don’t we use the girls’ locker room instead? There’s plenty of room in there but it’s not like this.” The other girls chattered agreement.

The thought struck me that while I’ve been in many places in my life, I’d never been in a high school girls’ locker room. I ruefully said that it would be fine with me to use whatever room they wanted, but I didn’t have a key for the locker room. Amy flashed a brilliant smile. “That’s ok. I do.” She twirled a key on a piece of chain around her finger. “Come on, let’s go.”

Perhaps I should have been suspicious. Certainly I should have been suspicious. I wasn’t. Shows what happens when you think with your hormones. “Lead the way, Amy. You seem to know what you’re doing.” I followed her through a door and down a dark hallway with the rest of the girls in trail. There was no light at all in the hall once the door had closed, but Amy turned on a small flashlight and walked rapidly along. The hallway made a turn to the left, then ended in a cross corridor. Amy flashed her light once quickly to the left, said “That’s the boys’ locker room down there”, and then turned to the right. This hallway made a turn to the left, then a little further on we stopped in front of a door on the right which Amy quickly unlocked with her key. She walked in and flipped a light switch and the rest of us followed her into the room.

The room was very well equipped, particularly in comparison to the rather shabby office I had used for the exams. There were lockers, of course, and a shower room off to the left, but there was also what appeared to be an AV room, an exercise floor, and what appeared to be a training room complete with a whirlpool. It was nevertheless a locker room. It smelled different than the locker rooms I was used to, but it was a locker room. I could feel myself begin to stiffen. Amy led the way on to the exercise floor and said, “OK. Are we all ready to get started?” There was a trio of voices saying “Yeah!” Then she turned directly to me and said, “Did you have fun today?” They all watched me expectantly.

I was suddenly at a loss for words. While I was trying to think of something to say, she continued, “We certainly did, didn’t we?” The others nodded agreement. “And that’s why we’re here, isn’t it?” This was clearly directed at me.

I started to replay my spiel about the paper I was doing, but Amy interrupted, “Knock off the bullshit. We don’t have time for that tonight.” I stopped and stared. “Let’s get this all out in the open, OK? Remember last summer in Aurora Hills? I was there for a couple of weeks staying with my aunt and you were there driving a UPS truck. And you weren’t a UPS driver, either. Because I wanted to find out who you were so I asked my uncle, because he’s the local UPS manager there.”

There was nothing I wanted to say. Actually, that’s not exactly true: there were several things I would have loved to say, but none of them were nice. I knew that damned UPS thing was going to be a problem, but I never thought it would come back to haunt me like this. “You must have seen my brother. He works for UPS.” I wanted to take the words back as soon as I heard them. I began to wonder how I had ever survived this long.

“Then it certainly wasn’t your brother, because whoever was driving that truck didn’t work for UPS. And besides, it was you. I recognize that little scar by your left eye.” I said nothing.

“Now then, let’s get started, OK? Today was fun, but there were a couple of things that were kind of left unfinished, you know?” She started unbuttoning her blouse, and the other girls followed her lead. “It’s only fair that you finish what you started.” She kicked off her shoes, dropped her jeans and slipped out of them. “And besides, we’ve got some other things we’ve thought of that we want to do, too.” She shrugged out of her blouse, reached behind her and unhooked her bra. “And we kind of thought that you would help us out, just to be nice.” She dropped the bra, and hooked her thumbs in her bikini briefs. “And besides,” she pulled the briefs down and stepped out of them, “we wouldn’t want you to get in any kind of trouble, you know.” All four girls were standing naked in front of me. “So we thought that you would probably do it, just for us.”

My mind had shut down completely. The synapses were just not firing. Then a hazy thought or two fought its way to the surface. I was being blackmailed. Me. Blackmailed. Totally humiliating. Infuriating. But it definitely had an upside. I still stood dumbly listening to Amy, but conscious at some very primitive level of the raw power being mustered up against me. After waiting for a few seconds for a response, Amy suggested gently, “Don’t you think you should get … Comfortable? We can help if you like.” With that she walked up to me, reached up and slowly began to loosen my tie. Janice came up and helped me out of my jacket, while Ally and Elle began taking off my shoes and socks. Amy began very slowly unbuttoning my shirt as Ally and Elle opened my belt and pants and began to slide them down. I obediently lifted each foot in turn so they could get my pants off. Janice eased me out of my undershirt, and the two fourteen-year olds couldn’t repress their giggles as they pulled down my briefs and took them off.

Amy had backed away a step or two and stood surveying her new territory. “There! Now isn’t that better?” Still speechless, I nodded slowly. “Good! Now then…. Let’s start with unfinished business. I think Elle has the top priority. You didn’t give her an orgasm today, and she really wanted one, and now she really needs one, so the first thing you need to do is give her a nice orgasm. I think you should start again at the beginning, but since we’re all friends now you can you use your mouth, too. Actually, I think that should apply to all of us. I move that Doc UPS here should make full use of his mouth as well as his hands in carrying out his duties this evening.” Ally seconded, and the motion carried unanimously among the eligible voters. I would have voted for it myself if I had had a vote. “Elle,” Amy asked, “where do you want to start, on the floor, or on a table?” Elle said that she preferred the floor since we would have a lot more room. That wasn’t a bad choice, since the floor was covered with exercise pads and the girls immediately began spreading sheets from the tables over the pads.

Elle lay down on the sheets, and motioned that she was ready. Amy looked at me and said, “You’re on, stud. Do it good.” I figured that good wasn’t good enough. I was by damn going to give a magnificent performance. I sat down next to Elle, then lay beside her, slipping my arm under her neck and turning her to me. I kissed her on the forehead and began running my fingers through her hair, tracing the curves of her ear. She began to purr contentedly. I gradually let my hand fall lower and follow her shoulder down to the curve of her elbow; as I did so, my arm moved across her breasts, coming to rest on her very erect nipples. I nuzzled her ear, then let my lips trace the curve of her throat down to the hollow. I slid down slightly, and moved my hand to cover one of her breasts while my lips worked their way down to cover the nipple of the other.

Elle was breathing very harshly, panting irregularly, and beginning to produce an almost inaudible moan. With my hand I began to tease one nipple, and with my mouth I covered the other. I sucked it in, and pressed it out with my tongue, then began to suck it in and circle it with my tongue while working with my lips. Her moans were no longer inaudible. I released her breast and let my hand caress its way down along her waist, past her hip, and all the way down until my fingers rested behind her knee. Then I started slowly kissing my way down from her breasts across her belly to the inside of her thigh. I let my cheek rest against her mound, now soaking wet, as I licked her thigh with long, slow strokes. Her moans were now sharp, resonant, gasps. I could hear the murmur of conversation from the other girls, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I didn’t really care at that point, anyway. My licks along her thigh grew longer, approaching closer and closer to the source of all that wetness.

She was beginning to move her hips more and more strongly, to the point that I could no longer restrain her. I decided it was time. I moved up to cover her mound with my mouth, now letting my tongue make long slow passes up through her slit, stopping just short of her clit. Then I began to press my tongue into her, and at the same time press her clit with my upper lip. I had a trick or two that I still hadn’t used when she began to shudder and quake in the onset of a full-blown orgasm. Another followed within seconds. She clamped her legs around my neck, pulling me tightly into her, then had another mighty orgasm, which seemed to be more powerful than the first two. After that, she seemed to relax, so I slid up to where I could put my arm around her shoulders, then held her close to me while she came back down. After a minute or two, she looked up at me, smiled, and said, “Thanks.”

Amy smiled, too, and said to me, “I like to see a man who takes pride in his work. But we have another couple of items of unfinished business. This morning you gave Ally a very nice orgasm, but you also got her mind all filled with penises and fucking and you left her a virgin. I’m afraid you’re going to have to fuck her tonight.” My eyes were already glazed over, but I tried desperately to give them a questioning look. “That does raise a problem, you understand. I have a condom you can wear, of course, but it doesn’t seem fair to Ally to have her first fuck with a condom. Here’s the deal. If you are absolutely certain, and I mean absolutely certain, that you have no diseases that she could catch, you fuck her with no condom. Otherwise, she just has to suffer. If you fuck her without a condom, and she catches anything at all, I will personally guarantee that you will spend a very long time in a place where you will be raped nightly by very large, very ugly, very AIDS-ridden men. Do I make myself clear?” I nodded affirmatively. “Do you need a condom?” I shook my head. I was pretty sure. “OK, then. Go fuck her however she wants to be fucked.”

I looked over at Ally. She showed me her ironworks, then said coquettishly, “First do me like you did Elle, OK?” Sounded fair to me.

Just like I did Elle, I did Ally… Right up until after the first orgasm. Then I moved over her, let my cock slide up through her slit, then into her just an inch or so. She had tensed up as I started to penetrate her, so I stopped without even the head completely inside her. I began caressing her and kissing her until she relaxed a bit, then slid in a bit more. Once the head was completely in, I was able to slide in until I could feel her hymen without any problem. Ally was moving her hips rhythmically and making sounds that were almost singing. I was moving out and in, out and in, each time stretching her hymen just a bit more. Then, once we were moving in perfect sync, I pressed past it. She gave a very short gasp, then looked up at me and said “That’s it? We’ve done it?” In response, I began to drive deeper and deeper. Now she really started to enjoy it. And so did I. I held off as long as I could, but on her next orgasm I lost it. I felt stream after stream pour deep into her. She held me tightly, so tightly I was having difficulty breathing. When both of our orgasms had subsided, she told me conspiratorially “I could really feel that coming into me. That was really, really neat.” Actually, I thought so, too.

We lay still for a couple of minutes, then Amy’s voice came ringing in, “You guys finished? We’ve got a lot to do, and we’re behind schedule.” Ally stretched, cat-like, and then turned over and held me very close to her.

“OK, Ally. Give it up. You’ll get another shot.” This time Amy was insistent, demanding. Ally languidly rolled over and released me.

Amy rapped on a desk top with a pencil and said, “New business. We’ve agreed that as long as we have this opportunity, it would be criminal to let it go unutilized. Doc UPS, there are a few experiments we need to carry out on the male anatomy, and your male anatomy has been the one selected.” She looked at me, and still in shock, I nodded.

“Very good”, she went on. “First we’ll loosen you up a little. Relax all those tired, tense muscles. Please lie face down on the mat.” I complied. I had my face turned to the side toward the girls, but all I could see from my position was legs and feet. I told myself that all things considered the view wasn’t bad.

Amy’s voice moved around toward my feet together with a complete set of legs which were no doubt attached. “Now we’ll do this one at a time, but I want you to watch carefully while I demonstrate.” She stepped on to my legs, planting one of her feet firmly on each. “I want you to kind of shuffle your feet as you move along. Don’t slide them, just kind of jiggle his muscles.” She showed what she wanted. She walked up the back of my thighs, doing her magic shuffle along the way, until she stood firmly on my buttocks. Then she started shifting her weight back and forth from foot to foot, which was doing interesting things to my erection. “We want to get him nice and relaxed now because we’ve got a lot that we’re going to use him for, and we don’t want to lose him before we’re finished. How are you doing, Doc?”

I mumbled that I was doing just fine, and she said, “Good,” and began walking up my back. When she reached my shoulders she moved her feet in circles a couple of times, then jumped down with one foot brushing the hair on the back of my neck, and the other directly in front of my eyes. She pivoted and walked back over with the others. “Janice, you’re up.” Janice hopped up on my legs and began to do her little variation. She shuffled along as Amy had directed, but also dug in with her toes at each step, wiggling and giving light little pinches. As the routine progressed, I thought to myself that it wasn’t exactly working as advertised. Yeah, there were muscle groups that were relaxing quite nicely, but my hardon sure as hell wasn’t relaxing. When Elle took her turn, she did turns and spins that I thought might lever me right off the mat. Then Ally decided she was going to do some dance steps, singing her own beat. The others joined in the singing, and Ally prolonged her routine for a good five minutes. A couple of minutes into it, I felt moisture on my back. At first I thought it was sweat, then I realized that Ally was inadvertently giving me back what I had just given her. It was all I could do to keep from losing it right then. I gritted my teeth and tried not to think about where I was and what was happening, desperately trying to hold on. Ally finally finished her routine to general applause, then took her dismount. I remembered what she had said about being a gymnast before.

“Everybody all ready to go now?”, Amy asked. There was a chorus of positive responses, then she said, “How about you, Doc? You OK?”

I nodded, with my cheek still pressed against the floor, and answered that I was. “Ally, we’re going to need your assistance to start this off. Just lie back down exactly where you were while he was fucking you. That’s right. Right there.” She turned her attention to me. “Now then, lie down on your stomach between her legs positioned so that you can eat her comfortably.” I complied. My cock was, despite all, getting hard again, and it folded up conveniently beneath me.

“Now then, ladies,” Amy began, “we’re going to explore the male anatomy. You will find that men enjoy this, though they deny it. Just as Doc UPS explored our pussies, each of us will get the opportunity to explore him. Doc, you may begin eating Ally now.” I needed no further invitation; I began lapping madly. “Janice, I believe Doc gave you an orgasm today, so you really should return the favor. Elle, if you would hand me that Vaseline, please.” I started to get worried. “Now then, you’ll each need to get lubed up, just as I’m doing now.” She had a hand on my ass, idly stroking me, then I felt Vaseline being smeared, and she suddenly thrust a finger into my ass. “Doc, would you lift your hips please? Pull your knees up to support you. That’s a good boy.”

I was now on my knees and elbows with my face buried in Ally’s snatch, and my hard-on probing thin air. “Now watch how his cock moves as I move my finger.” I wasn’t able to watch, but I could damn sure feel it. “OK, Janice, now milk him. Just wrap your fingers around it and pump him. Keep it up until he spurts.” I felt soft fingers circle my cock and begin to move. Amy’s finger in my ass was twitching in sync with Janice’s strokes. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much of this. “That’s good, Janice. Just like that. Doc, you just keep eating Ally, don’t pay any attention to us.” That was a good theory, but she no sooner had the words out of her mouth than I could feel myself spurting, and spurting heavily. “Very good, Janice! Nice job!” Amy circled her finger a couple of times and made my cock jump again. “Wasn’t that nicely done, Doc? Tell Janice thank you.”

My mouth was busy working Ally’s snatch, but I lifted my head enough to thank Janice, then went back to work.

“Ok, girls, it’s time to switch,” Ally said. “Janice, you lube up and finger his ass hole just the way I showed you. Ally, you come back here and watch what Janice is doing while you milk him. Elle, you take Ally’s place and let him eat you.” Everybody moved, except me.

I would have bet serious money that after screwing Ally and being beat off by Janice that I wouldn’t have had enough left to produce again. I would have been wrong. Both Ally and finally Elle were able to get a serious shot out of me. There was a sizeable pool of cum on the mat beneath me by the time they had all finished, perhaps a tablespoon or even more. Amy stirred it with her finger, then licked the residue and smacked her lips. The other girls again followed her example. Amy looked up and took pity on me for being left out; she dipped her finger in again and asked me, “Want a lick?” I had the feeling that I had better accept, so I did.

When I did, she bent over, took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked and licked it briefly. She looked up and smiled and said, “Hey! I can still taste Ally! Anybody else want a taste?” Of course, they all did, with Ally first in line. When they had all satisfied their curiosity, Amy looked up at the clock and said that we still had time for me to fuck some more if anybody was interested. Everybody was interested, including Ally. Amy decreed that everyone would just have to take turns, with Ally last since she had already been fucked once tonight. She furthermore decreed that since time was running out, there wouldn’t be any foreplay. I would just lie down on my back, and as long as somebody could get my dick hard they could ride it. Surprisingly, that worked out rather well. I don’t think anybody managed another orgasm (I know I didn’t), but everybody had fun (I know I did.)

When Ally finally climbed off of me, Amy clapped her hands sharply and said, “OK, everybody, let’s hit the showers!” I suddenly realized that Amy had been strictly the leader, and had not participated, other than to demonstrate for the others. The other three girls trotted off toward the shower room, and Amy nudged me with her toe, “Come on, Doc. You, too.” I looked up and she extended her hand to help me up, then walked beside me into the showers. The water was already flowing when we walked in, and so was the chatter. The day’s activities seemed to be the sole topic of conversation. Janice looked over when we walked in and said “Hi, Doc!” and pitched me a bar of soap.

I was beginning to feel almost normal, if you can believe that. After all doesn’t everybody shower with four cheerleaders? Amy had started soaping up, and since I seemed to be left out of the conversation turned to me and asked, “Ever been in a girls’ shower room before, Doc?”

I answered truthfully, “Nope. Never.”

“So your first time, and you manage to find one that’s occupied, huh? Some people are just lucky, I guess. Here. Get my back.” She handed me her soap. As I soaped that expanse of smooth flesh, I found to my surprise that I was reaching a full erection again. When Amy turned back around, she glanced down, grinned, and said, “Hey, look at this! Guess we should have started at seven o’clock.” There was another chorus of giggles. “Guess you’ll have to take care of that one yourself, Doc. We’re going to have to wrap this up for now.” With that, they turned off the showers and streamed out to towel off and get dressed.

By that time, we were actually running a little late, and Amy called Sue for a pickup. As soon as she was off the phone, she called me off into a corner. She took the lapels of my coat in her hands, pulled me down, and kissed me on the lips. Then she said, “You know, we didn’t quite finish all the unfinished business. I still haven’t had my orgasm.”

I suddenly realized she was right. “But you had plenty of chances tonight, why didn’t you…” She cut me off.

“The responsibilities of leadership”, she said. “I had to take care of everyone else first. Besides”, she grinned, “I have a few different things in mind. The doctor bit won’t cut it again, you know.” I nodded. “You’ll have to show a little creativity if you want to fuck me.” I nodded. “I do plan to take tennis lessons soon, so if you happened to be a tennis pro that might help.” I nodded, but I knew that wouldn’t work. “Anyway, I’m sure you’ll think of something. When you do, let me know and I’ll handle my side of it.”

“How can I let you know?”

“Send me email whenever you think of something.”

“Sure. That will work. Address?”

“That’s your email address?” It didn’t seem likely.

“No. Not really. That’s Miss Collins. But she’ll make sure it gets to me.”

I wanted to ask a question, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to ask. I looked puzzled.

Amy grinned. “There’s one more thing you need to know. If you have any idea of fucking Miss Collins, you’ll have to get unanimous good reviews from us first before she’ll even talk to you. And you won’t get a review from me until I can give an honest one. Got that?”

I couldn’t have been more motionless if I’d been carved of stone.

“From what I saw tonight, I think you would do okay, but most of that was kid stuff. I couldn’t vouch for you on just that, you understand.” I nodded. “Miss Collins is kind of picky, but I know what she likes. You do good by me, and I’ll do good by you. Understand?” I nodded again.

The other girls had already gone outside, and a horn began to honk. Amy took me by the hand and led me to the door. Everyone else was already in the car. Amy stopped me directly under the outside light for the door where we would be clearly visible, pulled my head down, and gave me a long, lingering kiss, then got into the car and waved as it pulled away.