The Piano Lesson

Jill approached the door to Anna Hoffs house with butterflies in her stomach. She knew that she had no explanation for why she had not shown up for last weeks lesson. As Jill rang the bell under the little brass plaque, she could hear the soft strains of classical music and the footsteps of her teacher.

Anna Hoff opened the door to see Jill standing there holding her book of manuscripts, and staring down at her feet. “Come in’ said Anna. As the girl walked past, Anna looked at Jill’s round little bottom stretching out a pair of very tight white shorts. As Jill bent over to set her music on the table by the piano Anna saw the shorts ride up to reveal a hint of what appeared to be powder pink nylon panties. Anna almost lost her balance and felt faint realizing that she was finally going to get to feel those panties and ass cheeks after today’s lesson. This was the moment she had been waiting for all these months. Anna hadn’t seen a bottom like Jill’s since she had had to leave her lover Christine so many years ago in Germany. Christine was the most anally erotic woman Anna had ever known. Christine would gladly submit to Anna’s enemas and suppositories when the two were enrolled in nursing school. Now if things worked out right, she would have her way with Jill.

Jill didn’t want to look Anna directly in the eye because she could since the older woman was about to say something about last week. But instead Anna suggested they begin the lesson. As Jill sat down on the piano bench, Anna caught a glimpse again of the pink panties creeping out of the shorts.

Jill was on her best behavior and complimented her teacher after Anna played a difficult passage. Anna said, “It’s not as good as I used to play when I was your age.” Since Jill was just sixteen she wondered how old Anna was. “Ms. Hoff how old are you now?” asked Jill. I’m going to be seventy three in June” replied Anna. Jill said “I can’t believe that, I thought you were much younger, how do you keep looking so young?”

This was the opportunity Anna had been waiting for. “I eat only vegetables and drink plenty of water” said Anna. “And I take an enema at least once a month.”

Jill felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment at the thought of an enema. Jill hadn’t had an enema since she was thirteen and her mother had taken her to the doctor. It was horrible. The nurse who had given it to her was nice and tried to comfort her, but it hurt worse than anything she could remember. Her mother had held her hand and told Jill everything would be O.K. during the procedure and even stayed with Jill while the cramps were torturing her while she let the soapy enema water out in the toilet. Jill missed her mom something awful. She wanted to live with her after the divorce, but the court said she would have to live with her Dad.

Finally seizing the opportunity Anna said “I think the enema is what helps the most. It cleans out all the toxins in your body and seems to give you a flawless complexion.” “And if given by the right person, it needn’t be uncomfortable at all” said the older woman. However Anna knew that that wasn’t the effect she had planned for Jill. She wanted to see Jill face down on Anna’s bed crying and pleading while Anna gave her the full three and a half quarts of soapy water with the old white Davol bag and thick colon tube Anna felt faint picturing in her mind the red colon tube being snaked up Jills delicious little behind. The thought of giving Jill a high volume enema was almost more than she could bear. She knew that the spanking that would come at the end of today’s lesson would provide the means to the end she sought.

When the lesson was over Anna said to Jill,” As you know I’m not pleased and neither is your Father about you not calling to tell me you were not coming to your lesson last week. young lady. You have wasted my time and your Father’s money. I spoke with him on the phone this afternoon about your punishment. We both agree that you are to be spanked. Your father doesn’t want to do it because of your age, and in that your Mother lives in another city the job has fallen into my hands.”

Jill was mortified. How could her Father have agreed to this? He must have thought that this should be done by Mom but she was miles away. She loved Anna and thought matronly thoughts about her but she didn’t want to submit to the humiliation of being spanked by her teacher. “Can’t you do something else to me besides a spanking” Jill said. “I was not prepared for this either” Anna lied. “Well let’s get this over with” said the old teacher. “Come into my bedroom”.

Jill’s knees began to shake as Anna took her sternly by the arm and led her down the hall. Jill was led into a large bedroom with a huge four poster bed in the center. It was the most beautiful bedroom Jill had ever seen. There were paintings on every wall she didn’t see mirrors. Over the windows were blue satin curtains that matched the satin bedspread. Anna took one of the big pillows with a satin pillowcase and put it at the end of the bed The old woman then took the girl’s arm and led her to the foot of the bed. As she turned Jill around she stood back and looked at the girls ass imprisoned in the tight white shorts. Jill’s panties must really have fit her tight because you could see the elastic line cutting into those beautiful ass cheeks. You could really see the little line the crotch piece made right over the object of Anna’s desire : Jill’s virgin little ass hole. Anna really had no interest in young girl’s vagina’s, rather that tight little aperture called “The anus. It had always been that way for her. She liked nothing better than to spank, insert thermometers, fingers, suppositories and her favorite The High Volume enema. And at this time in her life, her mission since she had met her was to introduce Jill to the pleasure of having three and a half quarts of soapy water filling her ass by a huge nozzle. And then reaching an orgasm while expelling it on the toilet while Anna looked on. After that Anna would bend Jill over her lap and finger-fuck Jill’s ass till she came again and again

Anna had a stern tone in her voice as she said, “All right Jill unbutton your shorts and pull them down and bend over the pillow.” “Oh please Ms. Hoff do I have to ?.” “Yes Anna said “ I’m going to do this like it was done in the old country.”

Jill felt her face flush and wondered how her Dad would have agreed to this. She hated Him for it. Jill unbuttoned the shorts with trembling fingers. She then pulled them down and they fell to the floor. She was standing there in just her panties and felt more naked than she ever had in her life. Jill felt her lip begin to quiver as Ms. Hoff said, “Turn around and bend over the pillow, please” Jill did as she was told and felt the coolness of the satin fabric on her legs and belly.

Anna .Stared at something that was better than she could have ever hoped for. Jills ass was in a word Perfect It was sooooooooo round. The skin was flawless. Not one blemish. Jill’s ass and legs were a creamy white with no sign of a tan line. The little pink panties looked two sizes too small and were now pulled up into the deep crack. Anna could even see the wrinkles spreading out from Jill’s anus on either side of the panties. She couldn’t tell but it looked like Jill had little or no pubic hair. What there was looked like soft down. Anna couldn’t stop staring. She sat down on a chair that was next to the fireplace and said, “Stay in that position while I fetch my hairbrush.”

Jill was terrified at what was about to happen to her. A hairbrush, why couldn’t her teacher use her hand? Jill felt absolutely mortified being bent over with her butt sticking up in the air like this. To add to her humiliation was the fact that her panties were pulled up in her butt and there were the globes of her vulnerable ass with not even the nylon of the panties to protect her. She wondered how many swats would she get? This was terrible I mean after all, this was her kindly old piano teacher that was going to administer the swats. And worst of all, her Dad had approved of this.

Anna rummaged around in the bathroom closet to find the brush. It wasn’t going to be the one she used on her hair. Far from it . This brush was huge, and looked like it was designed for girl’s bottoms and not their heads. At last she found it under a towel right next to her old white bulb type enema syringe. “Too bad I won’t get to use this today But all in good time” Anna thought..

When the old woman returned to her bedroom there were the perfect globes still in position for what was to come But by now the girls panties had been pulled out of the crack in a vain attempt to cover those cheeks. This would never do. Anna sat the brush on her dresser and went up to the girl. “Your father has suggested that I give you a swat for every dollar spent on the lesson. that was wasted because of your lack of responsibility. Jill knew then that she would receive ten swats.

Just then Jill heard the rustling of skirts behind her and then felt her panties being pulled down and her T-shirt being pushed up her back and pushed under her tiny bra. “You will keep your arms straight out in front of you and if you reach back to protect yourself I’ll start the count all over again” said Anna. “Do you understand?” But it was too late Jill had already started to cry. This was really going to hurt thought Jill. I’ve never had a spanking like this. And it’s not even being given to me by my own Mom or Dad.

Anna felt her eyes glaze over as she surveyed every inch of These perfect globes and the little brown prize that was contained between them. There was the faint odor of baby powder on the little nylon panties. The old woman glanced at the puckered virgin anus when she pulled the pink panties down. It was the lightest shade of brown with not one hair near it.. It looked as if the vulva was hairless too.

The two globes looked perfect except for the two lines where the too tight panties had cut into the flesh. It was kind of a shame to inflict marks on all this perfection, but they would heal in time for the main attraction in a couple of weeks : The Enema.

The old woman knew that she had to inflict enough pain to raise Jill’s sexual arousal, and let the girl know who was in control, but not go over the line. When finally she got Jill talked into the enema, it would be the only way she could get the girl to trust her to take the full three and a half quarts of hot water laced with Ivory soap and lemon juice.

The mineral oil with tincture of turpentine would bring about the most severe cramps when added to the soapsuds solution but that was a ways down the road for the teenager.

Anna had won over the other girls by first giving them a quart or two with plain water and hung the bag low. After gaining their trust she increased the volume. She never used The big old German four liter amber bag at first because the sight of it filled to the brim was not for the squeamish or faint of heart

She also started the girls out with the colon tube so she could see just how much of it they could take up their rectum before it would stop. Each was different. One girl took the whole thing until all that was visible was the end of the syringe tubing at her anus. She had been a special study though.

Then came the final assault: Anna’s inflatable nozzle nozzle. She always inflated it way beyond all reason. This inflicted the most discomfort. Anna showed no mercy when inflating it. She had her victim begging for mercy before she ever turned on the flow of the hot soapsuds

She would watch while the girls would beg her for mercy writhing around face down on the bed. Anna had a sixth sense about how long they would be able to hold the enema before the onset of orgasm. Then she would help them to the toilet and make them beg to have her remove the inflatable nozzle. Once removed, Anna would stay and comfort them while they expelled into the toilet with the waves of cramping mixed along with the waves of orgasm.

Sometimes she would reach between the poor girls legs and massage their clit while they came. But enough of those memories, She had a spanking to give.

Jill felt the cloth of her teachers skirt brush against her leg and then before she knew it and without a word the first blow struck. Jill thought she would pass out. Her butt felt like it was on fire. It was ten times worse than any pain she had ever felt.

Before she could cry out the second one struck. She buried Her face in the smooth satin of the bedspread and screamed. By the third blow she knew she was going to pass out. When the fourth came She heard the old woman grunt before she delivered the blow. Jill literally jumped off the floor with the force of the swat. Anna never said a word. By the time the fifth blow struck Jill was mumbling uncontrollably: “Mommie, Mommie, please please.”

Anna knew then that soon the pain in Jill’s butt would turn to a strange kind of pleasure. Her butt would soon be numb to the sting of the hairbrush and a new sensation that young girls don’t usually know about would come into fruition. That is if Anna didn’t come first.

As she reared back to deliver the fifth blow she looked right at the little rosebud that was surrounded by the crimson cheeks and spotted something she hoped would come soon : Wetness.

“Whack”. The sound was deafening in the room. Jill was now moaning and praying it would stop. Once she felt herself start to reach back to thwart off the blows but remembered what the old woman had told her would happen if she did. “Whack” came the seventh blow and Jill screamed and then lost consciousness. When She came to, She felt a different sensation. Her sore bottom was being stroked by Her old teacher. She felt the hand rubbing some kind of lotion into her ass cheeks. Her butt felt on fire and at the same time she felt something warm begin to spread out from her belly to the tips of her fingers. Anna said, “I want you fully present so you’ll remember this spanking. We’ll take a little rest and I’ll rub this lotion in to prevent any bruises”

Jill wanted to beg for the spanking not to start again but she knew it would be like trying to get out of practicing scales on her piano at home. Then she felt her ass cheeks being pulled wide apart and felt this woman staring where not even her mother had looked since Jill was a baby.

Jill’s face was now as red as her ass from embarrassment. Then she felt the hand with the soothing lotion rub the oily substance up and down the crack of her ass. Suddenly a finger seemed to stop right on top of her most private place and seemed to push in a little bit then pause. Just as Jill began to protest, the finger was removed and Jill heard: “O.K. lets finish this up, I have another student a five-thirty”.

Anna was really sorry for what she had done. “It was stupid” she thought. She wanted to give Jill some Motherly affection and give her the message that this was for Jill’s own good. That she loved her in a maternal way and that “It hurts me more than it does you etc..” But she had gotten carried away with herself when she touched the girls anus. “But my God I’m only human” she thought.

When Anna spread the cheeks wide apart and looked at that glorious young sphincter, she was probably out of line. But when Anna touched it with her finger she stepped over the line. Maybe Jill wouldn’t take it as an overt sexual gesture. I mean Anna didn’t touch her little pussy. or breasts That would signal a lesbian gesture that could escalate into a lot of trouble for an old woman who lived alone.

How could Jill know that the object of Anna’s sexual fantasy was Jill’s little butt and all it contained. She hoped she didn’t blow it and have Jill run to her Dad with stories of a sexual gesture by her piano teacher. .

But then the authorities wouldn’t be too pleased with Jill’s Father either for going along with having his daughter’s ass beat by someone other than her parents.

What had stopped Anna from running the whole length of her finger up Jill’s rectum. she couldn’t say. But it had saved her ruining the chance to finally give Jill an enema.

After all, what she really wanted to see was Jill face down on Anna’s big bed with the enema bag hanging from the hook in the ceiling. She wanted to hear the moans as the inflatable nozzle nozzle was inflated and to watch the teenage belly swell with the soapy solution. And finally to take her to the toilet and help Jill through the incredible cramping as she expelled the soapy water into the toilet.

Then after she had won the trust of the girl, to take her over her knees and finger fuck that incredible butt until they both came

This time Jill took hold of the bedspread and held on for dear life. She could still feel the sensation of Ms. Hoff’s finger on her little butthole and wondered what it would have felt like to have a finger up there. She had had a thermometer up there, and once in the hospital a nurse had put a suppository in there was the enema the kindly old nurse had given her with Jill’s Mom holding Jill’s hand. But that was a long time ago. Then the blow struck her butt. “Ker Wack” and the pain this time was immeasurable. Jill moaned “Mommie, Mommie , Mommie, Daddy I’ll be good, please Dear God make it stop.”

But God or no one else could make it stop because the old woman was out of control. Touching the little anus, and the sounds of the screams for “Mommie” were driving Anna over the brink of sanity. And to make things worse, each time the hairbrush struck at just one of the ass cheeks, it would pull the buttock aside to reveal the precious rosebud. This perfect little opening now had the lotion mixed with sweat dripping down on it. Anna tried to control herself and not imagine it to be KY jelly in preparation for the wicked inflatable nozzle.

Anna had to stop. She needed to get to of the room before she had an orgasm in front of the girl.

She said, “Alright young lady I’m going to have a little leniency with you. “I think you’ve learned your lesson regarding other peoples time and money. I’ll not give you all the required swats prescribed by your Father.” “Get dressed and I’ll see you back in the music room.” said Anna.

Jill couldn’t believe her ears. The pain in her ass cheeks by now was off the scale. She knew she wouldn’t be able to sit down on a cushion let alone a piano bench for a month.. Thank God the hairbrush on her butt stopped when it did.

As she adjusted her T-shirt and bent over to pull up her panties she caught a glimpse of her bright red butt in one of the mirrors. It was at the moment she was adjusting the panties that she felt the urge to masturbate.

As she pulled the panties out of the wet crack of her butt she remembered the strange sensation of Ms. Hoff’s finger there. She knew in her heart of hearts it was wrong, but she wished the finger would have entered her at the time .

She heard Ms. Hoff softly playing the piano in the music room. Jill felt this sensation rise up in her that she couldn’t control. Knowing she wouldn’t be found out by Ms. Hoff, she peeled down the panties and stepped up to the full length mirror by the door and watched herself as she ran her finger up and down the ass crack and massaged her vulva.

Soon she got into a rhythm that was sure to take her to a place she’d never been. She moaned softly so that she couldn’t be heard in the music room. All at once what had been hinted at by Ms. Hoff now became a reality as she plunged her middle finger up her by now willing rectum. Her pace was quickening as she felt the climax near.

What was this all of a sudden about this sensation in her asshole and having this older woman awaken it? First, all the talk about the enema, then bending over the bed while the old woman looked a her virgin butt. Then the slight touch of the finger there during the massage, and how the spanking was bringing out some kind of animal feeling deep in her gut.

As she came, she buried her face in the satin window curtain by the mirror. Her middle finger that was pumping in and out like a piston was joined by another. As she came she bent over and saw all of the lotion mixed with her own juices run out of her asshole and down her leg. in the reflection in the mirror

She moaned “Oh Ms. Hoff, Ms. Hoff, you can spank me again or do anything to me you want. Jill heard this sucking sound as the fingers came out of her by now sore little anus and the waves of orgasm swelled and came in delicious spasms.

She thought to herself “This can’t be the last time I feel like this. I must do something to get Ms. Hoff to do this to me again.”

“ She was glad her teacher was still playing the piano when she gathered her composure and pulled the panties and shorts on.

She was wrong. The Piano music was a tape Ms. Hoff had put on the stereo in the living room.

The wise old teacher witnessed the whole thing through the two way mirror that she had installed in the bedroom last year.