The Shower

By [email protected]

I wait for you to get in the shower, then I quietly slip in the bathroom and into the shower. You look so sexy with the water flowing over you. I move closer behind you and slide my hands over your hips. It startles you and you jump, then turn around to see me. You put your arms around me and I gently take your face in my hands and guide your mouth to mine, when our lips meet there is a long hot passionate kiss.

MMMMMMMmmmmm…. I take you hot wet tongue in my mouth, I suck it like a small cock. My hard nipples pressed against you chest feels so stimulating. I take the soap from the dish and rub it on the rough loofa. I rub it across your neck and down your arms, then I move to your chest rubbing hard across your nipples. The rough surface of the loofa makes your tiny nipple stand hard and straight. I work my way on down your chest. I set down the loofa and soap up my hands real well. I gently cup you balls and message them as I wash them. I slide my body down until I’m kneeling before you.

As I wash and massage your inflated balls I wrap my hot lips around your now enlarged cock. I lightly make little circles around the head then I run my tongue down the length and back. You’ve got a grip on my head, pulling it closer to you and faster. I move my soapy hand to your ass and run it up between your cheeks and back down. I slowly stand for another kiss my hands then wonder all over you, I slowly turn you around and put my arms around you. I slide my slick body up and down your back as I do this I run my hands over the front of you, until I run my tongue down your back, now I’m at the small of your back.

I take a cheek in each hand and part them as my tongue continues to descend. You feel it move further down so you spread your leg and bend further down. I press my tongue against your muscle and then on past it. You feel the sensations of my tongue as I fuck you with it, you beg me not to stop. You reach around and hold your cheeks while I take your cock in my hands. I stroke your cock while I take your ass, you’re breathing hard so I take your balls in my hand.

I feel you on the brink of cumming so I take one hand and slide first one than 2 fingers in your ass, as soon as I know it’s almost due I turn you around and slip my lips back over your cock. As I do this I take the hose from the shower massage and slide it through your tight little muscle and the warm water starts to fill your bowels. With the pressure against your prostate I feel you shaking and your knees tremble, then you explode, I suck and lap at your cock making sure not to spill a drop.

MMMMMMMmmm, you taste so good! It’s hard for you to hold your water with your cock pulsating so quickly. I tell you this is only a preview of what’s in store for you. I get out of the shower and dry off while you expel your water. You come out to find a candlelight dinner, chilled wine and a fantastic dessert waiting for you.