The Surprise

Jon parked out front so the “children” wouldn’t hear him. He walked to the back of the house and slid the key home. She had sent it to him via the U.S. Mail, one more sign of her devotion to him. Her trust in him was complete and he knew that. As he unlocked the door, Leo, the beautiful five year old German Shepherd, came running to defend his territory. He quickly quieted when he saw who was at the door, eager for the attention from “daddy.” Jon scratched behind Leo’s ears and rubbed his head.

As he moved into the house it was all as he remembered. He saw her sleeping through the open bedroom door. She looked so angelic. Hell, to Jon she was an angel. They had met by chance but he had fallen and fallen hard. As he had told her many times before, not a day went by that she wasn’t in his thoughts.

He turned toward the kitchen counter to unload the box carrying the coffee maker. He set it up and started the pot of coffee. He looked again to see her lost in her dream land. She must have had a rough night he thought to himself. It was killing him not to go to her, touch her, kiss her. But he had other plans. He told himself it would all be worth the wait.

As the coffee finished brewing, he prepared all of what he would need. It was a warm afternoon and as always she slept without clothes. She was a large woman but Jon admired every curve. Her size only made her softer and more sensual. He drank her in with his eyes knowing he would soon be lying next to her, feeling her warmth, her love. He had never been loved as completely as he was by her and he knew it. She loved him so completely it frightened him to wonder what she would do if ever they must be parted. He shook his head as if to clear the thought, then smiled. God he loved her.

With everything prepared he moved toward the bedroom. First he would awaken her with coffee, make slow passionate love to her then dinner before going to the five diamond hotel to spend the night wrapped in her arms.

It was nearly four in the afternoon but as he slid in bed beside her she didn’t stir. She worked as a nurse and he knew last night she had worked the graveyard shift. It took a lot out of her but he knew how to bring her back.

He thought the coffee would start things off right. She was sleeping on her stomach. Her round bottom facing skyward. He opened a tube of lubricant and began lubricating a very small infant nozzle, perhaps six to eight inches long but very thin. When finished he slowly inserted it into her anus. Still she didn’t stir.

Quietly her released the clamp and let the coffee solution very slowly seep into her bowels. After a few minutes of the solution filling her he began to softly caress her back and bottom with his open hand. He body responded but her expression never changed. She was probably still lost deep in dreamland, and all that was happening was becoming integrated into the dream he figured. He opened the clamp a bit wider and began to work the nozzle in and out of her. Her hips began to respond as she slowly awaked.

“Hello my love,” he said.

Her sleepy eyes opened and she smiled up at him. “Hi honey, you’re home,” she replied.

He returned her smile and kissed her forehead. “I thought I would give you some coffee to help you wake up,” he mused. Suddenly she felt the growing pressure in her abdomen. “Oh God baby…what are you…” She didn’t even finish the sentence, but instead rolled over to make herself more comfortable and accessible to his hands. He kissed her deeply and moved atop her body, lowering himself onto her as his mouth moved hungrily over her neck and breasts. Passion brewing deep insider her (along with the coffee) their bodies began to move together, touching, grinding, kissing. He moved down and began to lap at her inner thighs. She shivered in anticipation. She didn’t have to wait long to be rewarded with his tongue deep insider her. Moving quickly up and down her slit, lingering on her clit.

She was near exploding quickly. He sensed her mounting need and backed off. “Not yet honey. I want to feel your warmth,” he said. With that he mounted her and their bodies locked together as if they were a finely made piece of machinery. He opened the clamp all the way and the coffee began to rush deep inside her. The wave of fluid quickened her pace and it was hard to tell who was making love to whom. As the last of the two quarts drained into her he closed the clamp and withdrew the nozzle. She feared loosing the solution but was too involved in their love making to give it too much thought. He pulled her arms above her head and held her down. She loved that. The feeling of helplessness, of control and possession. She was his and she knew it. Hell she wanted it that way. But this “taking” of her made it all the more real. God she loved him.

He began pounding in earnest and she felt her orgasm rising. The angelic face disappeared as she moaned and grunted for him to pound her harder. He complied. For her and for himself. He too was on the edge.

He was closer than he had thought as he felt her powerful muscles latch on to him as she reached her goal. “JJJJJJJJoooooooonnnnnnnnn, YYYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!” she screamed, as she fell over the edge into her orgasm. Her body shook and she struggled to hold on to her coffee as her body was rocked with wave after wave of pleasure.

He could hold back no longer. He released her arms as he slammed into her one last time, exploding deep within her. Even as the last twitches left his body he was lying down beside her, wrapping her in the love he felt for her.

She snuggled close and buried her face into his chest. “I love you” he whispered. He then scooped her up and carried her to the bathroom and gingerly placed her on her throne. He kissed her forehead as he knelt beside her and she ridded herself of the coffee.

“I love you too baby,” was all she could reply. This was going to be the beginning of a wonderful weekend together.