The Travel Physical

By Anonymous

Dr. Martin was sitting at his desk. He looked up and smiled. “Hello, Julie. Sweden eh? That will be exciting. Where exactly?”

Julie, having closed the door behind her, said “Gothenburg.”

It was exciting. A two-week exchange and she had never been to Sweden before. Indeed, she had never been anywhere on the Continent except a day- trip to Boulogne two years ago. So it was very exciting. But first…there was Dr. Martin.

Dr. Martin, 50ish, and rather fat with horn-rimmed spectacles, liked making girls take their clothes off if he had half an excuse. He had done it at Easter when she went camping with the Guides. Told her mother it would be a good idea if Julie had a checkup before she went, to make sure she was in perfect health. Mrs. Henry had of course agreed and Julie had spent a very unpleasant half hour in Dr. Martin’s examination room. Standing up, then lying on his exam table. She could well imagine a similar sweat-inducing experience was in store for her now. Fingers plucked anxiously at her skirt.

He was getting up. Taking off his glasses and polishing them, then putting them back on. He could get a better look at his victim no doubt. Julie was in her Guider’s uniform; similar to that of the Girl Scouts. Dark navy blue skirt and blue and white checked shirt, a plain blue tie and her navy cap. Tights, black shoes. She shivered. He would made her take everything off, like last time.

Dr. Martin leaning back against his desk made some preliminary small talk. He asked Julie if her periods were regular and if she’d had any gynecological problems - the sort of questions that would make any sixteen year old girl blush. He asked if she had become sexually active - other than masturbation of course. Julie, standing nervously in front of him wasn’t really listening. Then he said, “Anyway your mother thinks you should have a little checkup first. And I agreed it was a good idea.” A little trimmer went through her.

“Yes…right. Slip your knickers off, would you please, Julie?”

Yes. That was what happened last time. Her knickers first; then everything off. What if she said : Look, I’m sure I don’t need a checkup; you did it at Easter and that was only two months ago. But no, you couldn’t say that. Dr. Martin was a doctor. So he was allowed to make you take your knickers off. And do all those…those things.

Hot faced, Julie slid her hands up under her skirt. The white knickers fumbled down and slid awkwardly off over her shoes. He took them from her. Placed them on his desk and examined the cotton panel; a small amount of clear moisture glistened in the light. Then his hand up, under Julie’s skirt, up the backs of the slender thighs. And further. The thighs might be slender but the bare buttocks were full, firmly rounded. Julie’s breath hissed out.

Dr. Martin was talking, about Sweden, about the need for a teenage girl to be very careful over there. A girl on her own of the Continent could be at some risk. All the time Dr. Martin was squeezing, groping. Her firm bare buttocks. You didn’t have to worry about the Continent, not after you’ve been on Dr. Martin’s exam table for a checkup.

“Julie, I want you to bend over the side of the table.” She knew what was coming next. She hated this part of the checkup. It made her feel like a little girl again. Dr. Martin walked over to a cabinet and picked up a small kit. He walked back over next to where Julie was bent over. He opened the kit and pulled out a rubber glove, lubricating jelly, a cotton swab, and a rectal thermometer. Julie stared at the equipment and blushed.

“O.K. Julie, I’m going to check your bottom then take your temperature. Try to relax the muscles in your bottom.” Dr. Martin turned on a light next to the exam table and directed it to Julie’s bottom. With his left hand he spread her buttocks. He took a few moments to examine her rectal area; obviously pink and healthy. He lubricated the index finger of his right hand and slowly inserted in into Julie’s anus. She arched her back in apparent discomfort. He used his finger tip to palpate the surfaces of her rectum. After what seemed like hours he removed it. He dabbed a little more lubricating jelly on his finger and applied it to Julie’s anus again. The thermometer followed close behind. A few minutes later he removed it and wrote the results down in a folder lying nearby.

He had Julie stand up. He was turning her now to face him. His hand back under her skirt. “You know what I’m talking about, Julie?” Yes…she gasped out as his hand took hold of her. Her pussy. Cupping it in his creepy hand. Fingers in between her legs where she had unavoidably become somewhat wet. The fingers stroked her there. “A pretty girl has to be very much on her guard, Julie. It’s time you had a complete female examination.”

Julie gave a little whimper.

The hand at last came out of her skirt. Dr. Martin’s voice business- like. “Good. Let’s have a proper look at you now, shall we? Take the rest of your clothes of please.” He handed her a thin cotton gown that covered little. It was still better than nothing.

Yes, like before what had happened so far, awful though it was, was only for starters. Julie’s eyes flickered over to the exam table, to the extended stirrups. Oh God! Her knees felt a bit like rubber, her whole body was pulsating. She couldn’t help it. And now…

“Come on, Julie, please.”

She began unfastening her skirt. Everything finally off except her socks and then having to climb up on Dr. Martin’s exam table. “Julie, slide your bottom down here to the edge of the table. Now place your feet in the stirrups.” To lie on her back on the course white sheet. Knees up, legs open. Like last time. Dr. Martin was making “mmm…mmmmmm…” sounds to himself as he got to work.

Dr. Martin began examining Julie’s vulva. He noted that her pubic hair was a light golden color, longer than average, forming ringlets. Her labia minora were very well formed, symmetrical, and uniformly pink. Altogether very pretty. As he spread her labia he noted that she still had an intact hymen. Her hymen formed a small crescent at the opening to her vagina. He pushed down on it gently looking for any indication of pain from his young patient. He decided that a Pederson adolescent speculum (with long narrow blades) would be most appropriate. Julie felt his fingers sliding along each side, then around her vaginal opening. She sprang partially upright when his index finger finally entered her. He moved his finger around touching every fold and contour. As he withdrew his finger a thin silvery thread of secretion followed, then broke away.

Desperately Julie tried to think of something else, something cold and nasty and unpleasant. An ice-cold shower. So that she wouldn’t start…But she was already hot and aroused, from what he had already done. Last time Dr. Martin had wanted to know if she had played with herself a lot. She had indignantly denied it but Dr. Martin had said he didn’t believe her. Because she was very responsive. Last time she had….

Julie desperately thought of the ice shower, but she knew it wasn’t working. Not with Dr. Martin seemingly doing his very best to get her going. She tried to keep her hips still but she couldn’t. As she could not stop the increasingly urgent whimpers, groans, and squeaky squeals.

Afterward, after he had finished and had given Julie another little lecture about playing with herself, which she again hotly denied, Dr. Martin said, “My dear Julie, I think it’s time you learned what sex is really all about. Better an expert like myself teach you than some clumsy teenager.”

With that, he reached into a drawer and pulled out an instrument she hadn’t seen before. This one was long and tapered and seemed to be making a buzzing sound. And…and…it…looked…like…a…