The Understudy

Part I

My goal was simple. I wanted my best friend Carol to get a chance to act in the term play. She was the lead’s understudy and hadn’t had the chance all year to get on stage. The lead, Jessica hadn’t missed a performance yet and the show was closing in a week. I was determined to get Carol a break, any way possible.

Since I was living in the same campus house as Jessica it was easy to gain her confidence while I set her up. It was all so easy. I had arranged for her to be invited by one of my friends to an after-hours party at one of the sorority houses. Causally letting her know I was invited to the same party I innocently accompanied her to the party. Once there I stayed in the background and watched my cleverly devised plan go to work.

From the moment Jessica walked into the party she was a dead duck. My cohorts in this crime quickly surrounded her pressing a can of spiked beer into her hand. Their orders were simple. I wanted them to keep feeding beer into Jessica until suds were coming out of her nose. I kept silent count as one by one Jessica downed each beer. Since each can of beer had been spiked with a shot of 180 proof vodka, it didn’t take very long for Jessica to get blitzed. But since I wanted to be sure she’d be in no condition to act tomorrow night, I just let them keep pumping it into her.

By the time we left the party, she could hardly walk and I was literally dragging her back to the dorm. By the time we got back to the house Jessica was so limp all I could do was heave her into her room’s window. She hit the floor with such a heavy thud I stuck my head in and whispered “Are you okay?” From the darkness erupted a loud belch followed by soft giggling. Yup, she was okay. Suddenly the light came on in the hallway and I ducked my head just a second before the room light flicked on.

“What’s going on here?!” shouted in a voice I immediately recognized. It was Ann Glazier, our house mother or as we all called her Glacier. I quickly ducked into a bush as I heard her footsteps stride across the room. “Not you again! I’ve warned you about late night partying and breaking curfew! It looks like I’m going to have to do something drastic this time.”

I heard a scuffle as Glacier dragged off Jessica to who knows where. When all was quiet I snuck back to my room. As I climbed in through my window my room light snapped on. Glacier was standing in the doorway glaring at me. Shit! I thought.

“So! Another party animal dragging her sorry butt in, eh? Are you drunk too?”

“No…I went to the party, yes…but I didn’t drink anything but soda.”, I stammered, which was the truth. Glacier grabbed me by the arm and scrutinized me up and down. Finally deciding I was telling the truth she dragged me off too.

We ended up in going to Glacier’s apartment in the basement of the building and into her bathroom. The bathroom was just a large tiled open area. Jessica was there, slumped in a chair, only now becoming aware of what was going on.

“Well, it looks like I’m going to have to sober you up!” Glacier said, speaking to Jessica, “And you’re going to help me! Unless you want to get into any more trouble.” she directed at me.

“Get her undressed!” Glacier commanded. I was too scared to disobey. As I undid Jessica’s clothing, Glacier set up what looked to be a padded massage table. After laying a thick white towel down on the table, Glacier helped me finish stripping Jessica to her underwear. Together we hefted Jessica onto the table. Next I was commanded to go to kitchen and start a big pot of black coffee while she finished setting ‘things’ up.

I found the kitchen tidy and well stocked. As I loaded up the coffee maker I wondered how the hell this was all going to end up? I hadn’t counted on this at all. I figured if something did go wrong and Jessica was caught by Glacier, she’d be put on suspension or grounded from the play. Instead it looked like Glacier was going to spend the rest of the night sobering Jessica up. This definitely wasn’t going my way. Also I never planned on getting caught myself. From down here though, it was obvious why Glacier could hear all the midnight comings and goings of errant students. Jessica’s window was almost directly above Glacier’s living room window. No wonder I got caught, too.

As I watched the coffee begin to percolate down, I began to fret over my unraveling plans. Despite the obvious success my carefully orchestrated plan to saturate Jessica with alcohol, enough coffee might indeed sober Jessica up enough to spoil my plans. I couldn’t prevent Glacier from getting this coffee down Jessica’s throat but I sure could take the edge off the coffee. Peeking around the corner, I shouted the coffee would be ready in a few minutes. Glacier told me to wait and bring it in when it was ready. Perfect! Quietly I slipped out and back to my room. Inside my closet I retrieved several flasks of ethyl alcohol. I had set these aside as a backup measure in case my primary plan failed. If necessary I had planned to feed Jessica a few doped up nightcaps just in case.

I slipped on a heavy latex garter belt under my skirt and slipped the flasks under the band on both inner thighs. I hurried back downstairs. I reached the Glacier’s kitchen just in time to catch the last drops of coffee coming down into the pot. A moment later Glacier turned the corner, startling me.

“Didn’t you hear me call? Is that coffee ready yet?”

“Sorry” I replied.

“Well come along and bring the pot.”

I followed, returning to the room. There I saw Jessica, lying face down on the table, stripped completely naked, her pink butt sticking in the air.

“Put the coffee there on the small table.” I obeyed.

“Watch closely because I’m going to show you what I do to bad young girls who stay out too late and drink too much.”

On the small table was a cloth covered tray. From underneath the cloth Glacier produced a huge, clear plastic enema bag. I gasped in shock. Glacier calming poured the hot coffee into the bag, filling it to almost halfway. She hung the bag on a hook on the wall that I hadn’t noticed before. The black coffee contrasted against the stark white walls. Next she produced a long rubbery thing, all tubes and squeeze bulbs. She held it up for me to see.

“This my dear is an inflatable enema nozzle. I can stick it up your ass and blow it up like this. Giving one of the bulbs a few squeezes, she watched my eyes grow big as the fluted bulb as it swelled to the size of a tennis ball.

“Once in, nothing comes out. Absolutely nothing.” I watched as she greased the thing with K- Y jelly and began to press it into Jessica’s asshole. Jessica squirmed a bit, but otherwise didn’t make a sound. Once inside, Glacier pumped both bulbs until the nozzle was lodged tightly in place. As Glacier connected up the enema bag’s hose to the nozzle she began to talk in almost a running commentary.

“You know why I have to sober to up, don’t you? Jessica? I can’t have any of my girls stumbling around drunk, can I? And nice hot, black coffee is the best thing to do just that, don’t you agree? But rather than just having you drink it, I’m going to give it to you this way. A nice big coffee enema. Something you’ll remember the next time you think about staying out late and partying.

Glacier put her hand against the bag. “Ooooo. This feels a might bit hot for your tender little ass. But I can fix that.” Glacier left briefly and returned carrying an ice bucket. She dumped the load of ice into the bag, nearly doubling the volume in the bag.

“There now, that’s sure to set things right.” Next she motioned me over to Jessica’s side. “I want to watch closely as I let the coffee in. See this smooth white belly here?” Motioning towards Jessica’s abdomen. “Soon it will be filling out…turning all round and full as the coffee runs in. It will grow big…then BIGGER until all that (pointing to the hanging bag) is inside here. Remember what you see here tonight! the next time you go out drinking. Remember, if I catch you again, this will happen to you.”

Jessica let out a long, low moan as Glacier opened the clamp. Those first ounces of coffee must have been still near boiling, burning Jess’s asshole badly. But as the ice melted the coffee solution grew colder and colder. As the long minutes passed, I watched as Jess’s flat white belly swelled with the jet black coffee. Glacier put my hand on Jess’s bloated abdomen. “I want you to rub here. Slowly, like this. Make sure she takes it all.” I followed her instructions while Glacier disappeared into the next room. As I rubbed, I felt Jess’s belly grow fuller and fuller with each passing minute. And at the same time I could felt the skin around her belly grow colder and colder as the iced coffee chilled her from within. I watched with morbid curiosity as the level of dark liquid fell inside the clear enema bag.

Part II

I guess the combination of caffeine and cold was beginning to work. Slowly, Jessica began to stir out of her stupor. As first soft moans escaped from her mouth. Underneath my hand I began to feel her abdominal muscles flexing and her cramps started. I could feel her muscles twisting and spasming inside her. Her body was evidently resisting the flood of enema liquid filling her. Her body movements increased until both her ass muscles were flexing and her pelvis began to grind. It was then I noticed her hand cupping left right breast. I realized that Jessica was starting to get off on this enema. She seemed oblivious to me, lost in her masturbatory trance until I heard her whisper my name.

“Kate.” she said in a hushed exhale. “Oh, Kate. Hold me please. I can’t make it without you.” Hesitantly, I leaned over and put my arms around her. She gripped my arm and let out low animal-like groans between her staccato panting. With each groan I felt her body doing something. Jess seemed to be tensing, no more like freezing at each groan. Then I saw it. With each groan, the level of coffee in the bag dropped. Jess was forcing herself to accept the enema, by mentally blocking her body’s resistance to it. With each groan, Jess was forcibly relaxing herself and letting the enema flow in unresisted into her.

I watched in silence as her ass slowly gulped down the enema. With each gulp her belly grew fuller and tighter. I don’t know if it was the fullness of her belly or the caffeine in the coffee but I could see Jessica’s need for orgasm increasing in intensity.

Ironically, as her need to cum increased it was offset by the painful fullness of her bloated belly. It appeared that the caffeine, cramps and fullness was sexually stimulating her more and more. But at the same time, the fullness inside her painfully prevented her from grinding her hips or otherwise masturbating to climax. It became a vicious circle of frustration. By the time the bag had emptied, Jess’s was so painfully bloated she could barely move and yet in her eyes I could see her crying out for release. Not release of the enema but the release of orgasm. Her belly protruded in a hard curve from her ribcage to her pubic bone. Lost underneath that full arcing belly was her aching clitoris. We both heard Glacier as she came down the hall. Now dressed in starched whites, she came in to inspect the progress of her young enemate in training. Her prodded and pinched Jess’s belly. Finally nodding an affirmation, she asked Jess how she felt now. Jess responded that her stomach was full and that she had had enough of the coffee enema.

“Oh!? No, no, my dear. This enema was only to bring you around. Now that you’re awake and alert we can begin the punishment.” Glacier ordered me to her bedroom. On her bed she had laid out some ‘special’ clothes for me to wear while I ‘assisted’ her. She ordered me to change then fetch more coffee.

I returned to the room dressed in the skimpy white nurse’s uniform, carrying the second pot of coffee. This pot, though not boiling was still very, very hot. Glacier ordered me to refill the hanging enema bag. I did as I was told. I saw Jess’s eyes follow my every move. As I stepped back, Glacier began speaking again.

“Now that you’ve been holding that first bag awhile, your insides are nicely chilled down. In contrast, this bag although very hot will feel like liquid fire going into your bowels. She waved me over to place my hands back on Jesse’s stomach. It felt very round and hard now. I couldn’t imagine there being anymore room inside for this next bagful of enema. Nevertheless, Glacier started the flow. Jessie gasped as the hot coffee hit her. Her hips bucked trying to pull away for the scalding flow.

“I bet that burns quite a bit! Assistant! Keep massaging her belly.” For time to time, Jess let out small, low moans. I could feel Jess’s belly growing more and more rigid. Slowly, very slowly Jess’s belly started to warm up. I could felt her skin returning to back to normal. I think her cramps began to ease a bit. I could tell Glacier was dragging out this part of the enema in order to make Jess suffer more. Ironically, the longer she waited the less Jess would suffer. I had taken the opportunity to empty my flasks of alcohol into the coffee pot before bringing it in. I really had no choice. The short white outfit I had on left to room to hide anything. It was so short could see my bush peeking through at the bottom. And I know Jess had noticed too, because I could see Jess’s eyes riveted to my pussy since I came in. As Jessie began to marinate from within, her muscles started to relax making it easy for the remaining enema to flow in. Under the insistence of my constant rubbing of her belly the rest of the enema soon was inside.

By now, Jess looked pretty well done in. Her midsection looked about as thick around as a tree trunk. From moment to moment I kept expecting Glacier to call it a night and let us go. Instead, Glacier shocked us both by bringing out a huge stainless steel pitcher, which she generously filled to the brim. She set it down right in front of Jesse’s face. Jesse’s drunken eyes jumped to alertness.

“Yes, you’re right. This is for you. And yes, I do know how full you already are…and by the time you finish this, if you can you will probably be in agony. But that’s not my problem. This is YOUR punishment session and I intend for you to be punished.” Glacier emptied the pitcher into Jesse’s bag without another word and set the clamp to a slow trickle.

“And now for my able assistant.” She reached into the cabinet and produced a duplicate of the equipment plugged into Jessie ass. I took a quick backstep, but Glacier nailed me into a tight arm lock and pushed me up against the table. As she bent me over, my uniform’s short skirt conveniently bared my ass to her. In a thrice she had a double inflatable nozzle greased and up my ass.

“You didn’t think I’d forget about you did you? Don’t you dare resist or I’ll have you expelled from school too. But then again, you’ll be doing a lot of your own expelling in a little while.”

Again she filled the pitcher, and filled my bag. Without a warning she opened my clamp full on. I screamed as the flood hit me. “Now both of you can watch each other get full. And I expect both of you finish your bags completely.” I opened my mouth to protest but Glacier cut me off. “And you WILL take it all. Because neither one of you gets to let it out until both bags are EMPTY! The faster both of you finish the sooner both of you get relief.”

I could already feel my belly expanding. The skin tight uniform Glacier gave me was already drawing tighter across my belly. Both of us watched helplessly as the water flowed in. Glacier’s plan was devious. If I finished first I have to hold it all until the slow trickle emptied into Jessie. And if Jessie finished first, she’d had to wait until I eventually stretched enough to take the whole bag. We both hoped each other had the capacity to take it all.

As we stared in silence, I watched as Jesse’s belly grew slowly, ever so slowly, more spherical. It was very slow and subtle, but you could see the changes. My distension, on the other hand, was very pronounced, thanks in part to my uniform. As we watched, we saw the cloth straining against my filling belly. The puckering material only served to exaggerate my bloating midsection. Soon the cloth was gathering around the buttons in front. And although Jessie obviously was the more extraordinary sight, both Jessie and I seemed transfixed on my own growing stomach. We held our breaths as the uniform drew even tighter around me, wondering if the irresistible force of my expanding belly would be enough to pop the buttons open. I found myself unconsciously groaning as I swelled even more. The tight uniform acted like a corset across my belly, forcing the water to go in the only direction it could, higher and deeper up inside me. My breath grew short as the pressure built up around my diaphragm.

Part III

“See how your friend suffers from your digression, Jessica?”, Glacier taunted as she roughly rubbed my swollen belly. Her fingers flicked at the straining buttons of my uniform. She slipped a hand under the tight cloth and crudely prodded my stomach causing me to let out an ‘Oooff’. “Look how tautly her stomach distends! Soon every single inch of her intestines will be saturated with water.” Then her stomach will start back-filling. When that’s full who knows? It might even start coming out of her mouth!” Considering what I was feeling, Glacier might not have been exaggerating. With more than half the bag in me I felt nauseatingly full. I could see the white skin of my heavy abdomen puffing out through the parted openings of material between buttons. Over on the table Jessica just laid there, silently expanding.

Amazingly, she seemed to be keeping pace me as her bag was also over half gone. Resembling some massively pregnant woman as she lay there on her side. Her huge belly drooping over and growing wider across the table. Despite the massive load of liquid inside her, she somehow managed to remain looking politely feminine. All the exaggerated curves of her body flowed smoothly in large arcs about her frame. A picture of ultimate feminine ripeness and contentment. Swollen with a serene feast seductively fed to her through that tiny clear tube. I, on the other hand was the example of the ultimate violation. Being raped from without into my most deepest inner core. The water relentlessly coursing through me, digging into my most secret places. My standing form, bulging and swelling, barely able to contain my voluminous invader. Yet forced to, by this artificial constraint of spandex around my body. Helpless to do anything, but take it and bear it. Where Jessica was partaking of a sumptuous feast I was locked in an orgy, being force-fed all there was. Unable to reject even the smallest morsel. My belly was grotesquely swollen, dwarfing my petite limbs. As if some madman had loosed a garden hose up my backside just to see how much I could take.

Comparing the levels in our two bags, Glacier exclaimed “Looks like your friend here doesn’t quite have what it takes to take it all.”, pointing to my still partially filled bag. “I guess I’ll just have to give her a little help.” With that remark Glacier hiked up my bag onto another hook above my head. The change in height sent a surge of pressure into my sluggish flow. I felt my upper belly swell with the new influx of water, the surface of my skin rubbing past the tight spandex. By now the thrust of my belly generously extended past by bustline. No longer just visible through my cleavage, I could now judge the ‘full’ extent of my protruding gut. Looking down I was reminded of those huge bellies you see on otherwise slim men. Big fat guts, spare tires with too small shirts pulled tightly across them. Buttons threatening to burst open and the white obese flesh bulging out through the splits in the material. That was me. Bloated to my limits. My God! I think I can see my belly button sticking out of one of the openings between buttons.

I began to feel a nauseating fullness as the water began filling my stomach. Like a swelling blister on an over-inflated inner tube, my inflating stomach formed a distinctly growing bulge atop my already taut midsection I clamped my mouth shut as I felt the water rising inside. I tensed my throat to keep it from coming up. I felt my stomach stretching as it swelled with the last of the bag. Glacier raised the bag further, until every last drop of water left the tubing and was inside of me. Then she snapped the clamp shut allowing none to escape.

My eyes turned to Jessica. Very little remained in her bag, but the downward progress of the water had stopped. I could see the level in the bag pulsing in a slow rhythm. My abdomen ached knowing that I had to wait until Jessica finished hers before either of us would get to chance to expel these enemas. As both Glacier and I stared at Jessica, I knew that Jessica was feeling the pressure, no pun intended, to finish. The silence was broken by Glacier. “Well, drink up my little darling. We’re all waiting for you!” I could see Jessica’s eyes scrunch close in tearful effort to swallow up those last few gulps of enema. By sheer force of will, Jessica pushed out her belly and in one long breath, inhaled the last of the water into her colon. Glacier was quick to step up and seal off the bag from Jessica. As she exhaled, Jessica let her belly relax again and finished her breath in a groan.

“Very Good! Very Good Indeed!” Glacier said in a most complementary tone. “You’ve both done very well. Now I guess you’re both anxious to let out all that water.” Glacier began by removing the enema bags from their hooks and laying them on the table. Next she stepped out of the room, returning with two long objects in her hands. From their shapes I mistook them for dildos. I dreaded the thought of more possible torture, but I was wrong. As Glacier tore open the individual paper wrappers I realized that they looked more like giant tampons, as big as bananas. Glacier did me first. With tampon in hand she pushed me over the table. Unable to truly bend at the waist I ended up leaning, spread-eagle, my head against the table and both arms supporting my drooping belly as it hung down between my legs. I whined as I felt the water inside me shift forward as I tilted over. Glacier quickly deflated the balloon inside me and with a quick snap pulled it from my quivering asshole. A split second later she had that enormous tampon against hole. There, she waited, knowing it was taking all my strength to keep my hole clamped shut to keep from ‘losing it’. After a long minute, I felt my rectum swelling as the water began rushing back to fill void the inflatable nozzle balloon had left.

Within moments my ass was ready to burst and I felt myself slipping. Finally, exhausted, I felt asshole letting go. I let out a loud groan, part in anguish and part in warning for the imminent deluge. At the very moment my asshole relaxed, Glacier pushed that fat, huge tampon up my ass. In one, long torturous shoving motion I felt my asshole stretching to the point of tearing as it swallowed the tight wad of cotton. I held my breath and forcibly relaxed myself as I let my ass deep-throat this long, white member. I felt my rectum swell and distort as it accommodated the thick tampon. Sharp bursting pains stabbed at my gut as it tried to absorb the sudden increase volume as the tampon displaced the water in my rectum. Glacier pressed the full length of the tampon into me and then with strong fingers pushed it even further in, getting the end well past the muscular ring of my anus. She held it there, fingers up inside me, until she felt my asshole close back around it and then pulled her fingers out slowly.

She repeated the process on Jessica. I watched intently, as inch by inch the tampon disappeared up Jess’s ass, stupefied at how incredible long it looked and wondering where it was all going? Unbelieving, until I remembered that I had just had the same thing shoved up my ass.

“These” she said, “will help you hold your water until you get upstairs. Oh, you didn’t think I was going to let you dirty up my bathroom by letting you take your dumps here, did you? My, my no.” Glacier said with a dark grimace. “You’ll just have to use the facilities upstairs. Come now, let’s get Jessica on her feet.” Together we pulled Jessica upright on the table, while Jessica slowly rolled her belly into her lap. Imperceptibly, it rocked to and fro as the liquid inside sloshed back and forth. Glacier threw a white robe around Jessica and pulled her to her feet. Standing on very wobbly legs, it took both of us to get Jessica moving towards the door. Jessica, herself was pre- occupied as she kept her arms wrapped around her middle, trying to keep it from sloshing around too much.

Glacier then grabbed me and popped open the buttons my uniform. When we reached the bottom of the stairs that led up and out of Glacier’s basement apartment she bade us farewell. As we slowly climbed the stairs, we heard Glacier telling us our clothes were up in Jessica’s room and to please close the door as we left. With each step Jessica let out a small groan and her legs seemed to grow weaker as we approached the top of the stairs. Once there I leaned Jessica up against the wall as I peered out into the hallway. This late at night the hallway was empty. Jessica’s door was directly across the hall. Returning to Jessica, we both decided to try and make a run for it. I was first. I stepped quickly across the hall and into Jess’s room. Checking that the coast was clear I waved Jessica over. I watched as Jessica waddled across the hall and into the room, all the while my heart pounding in my ears.

Just as I shut the door, Jessica fell back, heavily against it. “Are you all right?” I asked. Jess nodded yes, as she pulled open her robe to reveal her huge, bulbous belly. As she cradled it in her arms, my eyes widened as I saw it visibly swelling even more. Between panting breaths, Jessica croaked “All the walking is making water is to move down.” Together we lumbered in the direction of Jessica’s bathroom. I set her down gently on a chair once we were inside. As she sat, rubbing her belly, the silence of the bathroom was broken by burps and gurgles resonating from her still inflating gut. We left the lights off, the bathroom lit only by the street light filtering in through the open window. I sat down on the edge of the bathtub, not knowing what to say. Glacier’s punishment had pushed us both into a level of intimacy we weren’t prepared for. Now that we were alone I felt an awkwardness growing between us.

Part IV

We both sat there in the dark, the silence only broken by Jessica’s rumbling belly and her occasional groan. My eyes, now accustomed to the dark, watched as Jessica rubbed her belly tenderly, oblivious to my own full stomach. During those long quiet minutes Jessica’s belly continued to grow and change shape, becoming more and more spherical as the water collected in her lower abdomen. Jessica was the first to speak.

“Quite a show isn’t it?” I blushed at having been caught staring. “You’d be more comfortable out of that uniform.” “Oh? Oh, yes. I guess I would.” I stood up, silhouetted in the soft streetlight and began to undo my buttons. I managed to open the first button on the low cut outfit, but to my dismay I found the elasticity material was stretched so tight that I was unable to open any of the others. “Come here.” whispered Jessica with outstretched arms. I moved closer. Unable to sit up any more than she already was, I moved closer still, until my own belly was looking at her straight in the eye. “When I say so, I want you to suck in as hard as you can. But be ready! As I open the buttons, your water is going to start moving down, like mine is. And you’re going to start feeling your stomach swelling.” She moved my hands to opposing sides of my abdomen. At her signal I inhaled, sucking my belly in as far as it would go. Once in, I used my hands to hold it in. Jessica opened the second button with a resounding pop. I felt the pop reverberating through my taut, fluid filled midsection. Holding my breath and sucking in even harder, Jessica continued popping each button, down to my crotch. With the last button, I exhaled and let go. My belly just went PLOOP. I groaned in relief. Jessica caressed my protruding belly with her hands.

In the darkness of the room I could feel the nervousness we felt giving way to same sexual tension we both felt before when I was caressing Jessica’s stomach. Jessica moved her hands in small circles on either side of me. I closed my eyes relishing the sensation. Then, just as I relaxed and welcomed my full condition I felt a deep, sharp pain inside, like someone dragging their fist through my intestines. Then sounding like a miniature waterfall, we both heard water gurgling down inside me. As I sucked in air through mouth in pain, I felt my belly blowing up like a balloon. I groaned as I let my breath out and grabbed my belly with both hands, as if trying to hold back the flood of water rushing down inside me. I staggered back a step as mine own belly swelled before my eyes.

“You’d better sit down. It gets worse before it gets better.” As I looked for a place to sit down, Jess waved over to the vacant toilet. “Go ahead. I’ve a little while yet.” she said. Gingerly I waddled over to the toilet and lowered myself onto the seat. I had to use both hands to center my belly in my lap. Leaning back against the toilet tank, I stared at my still swelling stomach.

“I can’t believe how big it’s getting!” I remarked. “Well, I recommend you get comfortable because it going to get even bigger.” I wiggled a bit in the seat, slumping back and spreading my legs, making room for the belly. As if on cue, a second loud gurgle emerged from my belly followed by the sound of a second wave of water draining down. “I sound like a water cooler.” “Tell me about it!” replied Jessica, as her belly gurgled in sympathy to mine. I laid back further, legs spread, my pussy showing. After a few more loud gurgles I decided to try and let some water out. At first I just tried relaxing my asshole, expecting a flood of water. When nothing emerged I tried a gentle push. Still nothing. Then I tried a hard push, grunting slightly. I looked up to see Jessica watching me with a slightly amused expression on her face.

“This the first time Glacier’s given you an enema?”

“Of course! Isn’t it yours?”

“Hell, no. I can’t count the times Glacier’s caught me sneaking in at night and flushed me out. You didn’t think I was born with a gut big enough to hold this much water did you?” Jessica asked, bluntly prodding herself in her bloated side. “I, uh…guess not. I just thought….uh….never mind.” Jessica chortled quietly to herself.

“It’s okay. I forgot what it was like my first time with Glacier.”

“Does she do ‘this’ (pointing at my own stomach) to you often?”

“Let’s just say she keeps me in practice.” “How do you…? manage to take so much?”

“As I said, practice that and the fact I pretty wasted right now. Alcohol relaxes the muscles inside and helps you take more. Glacier knows this, that’s why she likes to catch me drunk. When she does, she drags me downstairs to that little torture chamber of hers, hooks up the hoses and starts pouring the water in.” “Hoses?”

“Yeah, a couple of times she hooked me up to two bags at the same time, once she even used three. Then she opens all the clamps at once. Feels like you’re sitting on a garden hose.”


“That’s not all. Sometimes, she dopes up the enema to keep me going.” I blushed at the mention of the tampered enema. Catching my blush, Jessica continued. “No, really. Glacier likes to play these sadistic games. Look at tonight, she knew I was blitzed, so first thing she loads me up with a bagful of coffee and waits until she knows I’m sober. Then she gives me a second bag, only this time as soon as she starts the bag I knew something was mixed in. I could feel my buzz coming back. Then it hits me. My guess is she spiked the bag with vodka. A lot of vodka. Anyway, by the time most of the bag was in me, I was bombed. Alcohol in an enema just goes right to your head and almost instantly gets you drunk. So by the time she was hooking you up I was really out of it. From then on all I could do was lie and take it.”

“How do you feel now?”

“Drunk…still drunk and r-e- a-l-l-y, r-e-a-l-l-y full. If it wasn’t for all this coffee I’d be flat on my face on the floor…that is if I could lie on my stomach.” We both laughed. “Oh, and uh…one other thing.”

“What’s that?” “Horny…incredibly horny. Big enemas do that to me.” I blushed again. “I don’t know what it is. The pressure, the fullness, the hose…I just don’t know. All I know is they make me hot. Guess I’m part S&M freak. And it wasn’t any easier with you there. This was the first time Glacier had anyone else in the room. Just knowing you were watching me taking my enema drove me wild. Guess I’m part exhibitionist, too. And THEN…watching you get yours….GAWD! Seeing your tight little waist swell with water…pushing on that snug nurse’s uniform. I confess I was counting the moments, hoping one of those buttons would pop. Oops, better chalk up voyeur, too! God! Do you look sexy now!”

Part V

“I know probably the last thing you want to see is an enema bag, but I really need a favor from you.” “What’s that?” “After all this coffee inside, I really need a good rinsing out. Do you think you could manage giving me another enema?” “I ah…I suppose if you tell me what to do.” “Okay. Don’t worry I’ll set things up for you.”

Jessica then opened the cabinet under the sink and brought out a box containing a very complete assortment of enema gear. As she set up she looked me square in the eye and asked if I’d like another one too. I hesitated and blushed at the same time. She told me she’d make one that was very soft and easy to take. Again I hesitated in answering. Jessica whispered that she wanted to share this experience. I agreed.

“An enema actually can be quite a pleasant experience if you take your time.” Jessica brought out the familiar clear enema bag. She let me insert my own inflatable nozzle and wear it for a few minutes until my ass got used to the feeling. I watched as she filled the bag to the brim with warm water. Next she started setting up her own bag. You could imagine my surprise when she instead pulled out two huge 4 quart bags. As she filled them, she began to tell me what a wonderful thing an erotic enema was. After she hooked the bags together and enema’d herself. We both laid down on thick towels on the floor. The night was still very warm and we held each other close.

After a long moment, Jessica opened both our clamps part way, for a slow flow. Then we kissed, deep and long. Our caresses were long and caring. Together we felt our bodies pressed together, our bellies touching…and the slow filling sensation of water. Caught in our own mounting passion we were swept away as our stomachs filled. Time seemed to stand still as we both wallowed in the pleasure of fullness. Naturally my bag ran dry first though Jessica had already taken more than me from her twin bags. Instinct seemed to take over.

Carefully I rolled myself over until we were in a ‘69’ position. Then I began to suck her pussy. Jessica sweetly reciprocated. Together we were locked in a emotional bliss. With my head jammed in her crotch I could hear the soft sounds of the continuing flow of water into Jess. After what seemed like hours I finally had to rise and expelled my water. Returning to her, I found a strap-on dildo in her box of goodies. After putting it on, I rolled Jessica and her big, fat belly over on to her back. Jess let out a loud groan as her belly flattened to a dome over her pelvis. Her pussy was still wet from my tonguing. I plunged the dildo in, full depth and fucked her hard. With each thrust I put my full weight on top of her. As I pressed down, I watched the water squirt back up the clear plastic tube that was stuck up her ass. Long and slow is how I fucked her until she came. Still now satisfied I left her to go to the kitchen. Inside the refrigerator I found what I was looking for. A nice frosty six-pack of beer in the tall cans. The first thing I did when I came back into the bathroom was stick my hard rubber dick back into her. I let her watch as I broke off a can and popped it open.

Maneuvering myself so I could still stroke her, I poured the beer ever so slowly into the waiting enema bag. The clear amber fluid racing down the tube. I told her, “I’m going to stroke you until you drink up all this beer, then I’ll let you come again. So for the next few hours, I poked and prodded my sweet young thing, until every last drop of that ice cold beer was inside her. If my math is right, that amounted to 11 quarts of liquid gurgling inside her. But she said not a word. She was right, alcohol did make the enema easier. But I lied, she didn’t come again. But I did. For every bop I gave her, I felt her belly growing wider and wider with each ounce of beer until at last she was beyond caring what happened to her.

When I was done, I let her expelled all the nasty stuff inside. Her waters ran clear and cool. A testament to her internal cleanliness. I tucked her into bed with a promise of more fun in the morning. As I cleaned up I heard a noise at the door. You can imagine my surprise when I found Lizzie and Rebecca in the outside hall, both in white robes, complete with bulging stomachs. Obviously Glacier was still very busy tonight. Both stumbled in. From their gait I knew both were fully loaded both beer and enema-wise. They knew their way to Jesse’s bathroom. I followed them in. Lizzie questioned blearily “Where was Jessie?” I told them the truth, passed out on the bed. “Who’ll help us, then?” I will, I answered. Becky blurted out, “Glacier gave us both beer enemas! A six-pack each!”

“I think I’m going to pass out!” complained Lizzie.

“Not if I can help it.” I said. (That would spoil my fun.) I had them both lean over the bathtub. I inspected their asses carefully and found the same thick white cotton wading Jessie and I had had stuffed in our butts. “Well those things are in there for a while. Plan B, I’d better try a dilute that beer before you told really do pass out.” I took my time re-filling the same two four quart enema bags Jessica had just used. Lubing the hoses well, I fed a good eighteen inches up each one of their butts. Then I opened the clamps. “I want you to that it all! The warm water will help loosen the cotton up.” I stood back and watched as both these girls took their ‘medicine’. From the way their legs wobbled and their butts wiggled I knew the water was doing its work. Because I set the both clamps for a slow flow it took quite a while for the bags to empty into each gal. During that time their little systems were absorbing more and more of the alcohol from the beer. They both remained bent over the tub while they took their enemas, their slowly inflating bellies hanging beneath them. Lizzie finished her bag first, followed by Becky. I had them straighten up while I gave inspection. Both clutched at their bulging bellies with clenched hands, trying to support the weight of all that water. Both girls had expanded well, their round tummies swollen like twin beach balls. Each of them squirmed as I slowly extracted the tubes. Fingering the cotton, I found it softening but not yet ready to be shit out. I asked if they wanted me to try a manual extraction. Hopping from foot to foot they both said yes.

After instructing Lizzie into the tub I fingered Lizzie’s asshole, looking for room to slipped my index finger in. After some comforting strokes, she relaxed enough for my first finger. I followed with my middle finger, then my thumb. Flexing my fingers into a claw I snagged the end of the giant tampon and began to pull. Lizzie’s tight ass resisting the stretching force and reflexively clamped down. I maintained my grip, waiting for her ass to tire and relax again. At just the right moment I pulled that long, brown stained wad out of her. A half a second later, a flood of beer-tainted water came spilling out. I repeated the procedure with Becky. Once both were relieved their energies turned to instant passion. All three of us spilled onto the floor in a mad menage of lesbian lust. After the first initial round, I found myself strapping on the ol’ dildo again meanwhile Lizzie hooked up a inflatable nozzle to one of the bags and in turn Rebecca to the inflatable nozzle. As I fucked Becky, Lizzie poured single glasses of water into the bag every sixty seconds. Becky had out for over eight quarts. Lizzie made it to nine. Near dawn we all collapsed onto the bed with Jessie and slept until late afternoon.

Part VI

awoke staring at the ceiling. Tugging at my arms, I discovered them tied spread eagle to the bed posts. Likewise with legs On one side stood Jessie, on the other Liz and Becky. I asked “What the hell is going on?” “Well, since Glacier initiated you and you did so well last night, we decided to make you a member of our little club. My eyes followed as Jessie walked to the foot of the bed. It was then that I noticed the two red hoses trailing from between my legs. Directly at the bottom of the bed stood was a small stand. As I watched Liz and Becky lifted the big bottle of water I realized the stand was a water cooler. After inverting it, the bottle gurgled loudly as the water filled the cooler. “Remember your remark last night, about you sounding like a water cooler?” Jess patted the top of the bottle and Liz connected one of the hoses to the spigot. Becky took the end of the other hose and dropped it into an empty bottle resting on the floor. “We thought you might be a little thirsty this morning. So we thought of this.” Jess opened the spigot. As first I felt the long puff of air from the hose, followed by the steady stream of water. As the water swirled with the air, a constant rumbling emanated from my belly. Being on my back it was long before I was groaning from the pressure of my swollen intestines pushing down on my insides.

Liz and Becky sat down on either side of my and began to massage my aching belly. Jess continued to let the water flow until my belly was taut with pressure and protruding proudly upwards. At that point almost a gallon was inside me. At Jess’s nod Becky opened a small clamp on the second hose. By craning my neck I could see a small trickle of water coming out the end of the hose. Jess let the water flow for a few minutes longer, ignoring my pleas to stop until I was just on the verge of bursting. It wasn’t until Liz, Becky and Jess (all six hands on distended belly) had all felt me up and down (poking and prodding my belly) reached the consensus that I really had reached my limit that Jess turned down the spigot and reduced the flow. Then she recited the particulars of my situation. The incoming flow of water was matched precisely with the amount allowed to escape plus a little bit more. The extra bit getting in would constitute an ‘expanding’ or ‘stretching force’. The positive pressure it generated was meant to stretch my insides larger. Inside the water was free to circulate via the double hosed butt plug wedged in my ass. It would do no good to try to push it out, since it was guaranteed ‘immovable’, by what I didn’t know. At the current rate of flow the rest of the water in the cooler would last for several hours, giving me a long slow lavage. At that time, the girls would return to continue my initiation. Then they left me alone, to ponder my future.

The water level in the cooler seemed frozen as I watched the clock on the nightstand tick by the minutes. My hands were bound securely and any motion I made while struggling caused my engorged belly to rock back and forth, causing cramps and shooting pains up my sides. I just lay there, counting the minutes.