The Video Clerk

In the many years that I’ve been collecting films, it is rare that I find other than a low-life working behind the counter, or, at best a fairly personable fellow or piggish female. But, not so at this video store in Charleston, WV of all places! I travel around the country, and, the best way to have a good porno collection is to look at every possible source. Anyhow, I went into this store - which had a fairly sizable collection - and found a film that I had been looking for over two years (I had seen it as a rental and neglected to copy it or buy it). Here it was. I took it up to the counter and the lady that appeared about knocked my socks off!

Her name was Donna and I guess she was about 35 years old. She had long brown hair and was about 5’7” tall. But what I noticed about her the most was how nicely she filled out her sweater and jeans when she stood on the stepladder directly in front of me and leaned forward to reach for the film. I’m not much of a tit man, but I couldn’t help but notice how firm and round her tits were under her sweater. And, as she stood up on her toes to reach for the film, her already nice butt was even more accentuated in her jeans. I could feel my dick throb in my pants.

As she put it in the box that I had brought to the counter she said, “This is the guy who sucks himself.” Well, that really got my attention. Since my hormones were raging anyhow, I decided to make my favorite part of the film known and said, “I like the part where the doctor has to take the girl’s temperature in her butt.”

I didn’t really expect a reply when Donna looked me straight in the eye and said, “Oh, really. What about it did you like?” She caught me so off guard that I just blurted out the absolute truth, “I like scenes of temperatures being taken in the butt.” , Donna opened the door to the side of the sales window and asked me to step inside. “You know, it’s not too often that you find people who are ready to admit to something like that.”

As it turned out, she was into the same thing and invited me to her home that evening to take her temperature. She was very clear, however, that we were not going to have sex; I was just going to take her temperature. She said that she would probably masturbate while the thermometer was registering.

We went to her house and she inserted the cassette into her VCR. Almost instantly the television came on and that very familiar scene was soon showing. I watched it intensely, and I noticed that she was also caught up in the scene. When it was over, she turned off the TV and said, “Well, now we can do it!” as she popped up off of the couch and pulled me by the hand into her bedroom. She went to the closet and handed me a white lab coat. “Here’s your doctor’s coat,” she said, and then she went into the bathroom.

I put on the doctor’s coat and she came out of the bathroom with some things that she put on the table next to the bed - a thermometer case a tube of KY and some Kleenex. She also laid a towel across the bed. Then, without any notice of me she undressed down to her very plain white bra and bikini panties. She sat down on the edge of the bed. In the film exactly as we had just seen it, I took the thermometer out of its case (it had a stubby tip), read it and shook it down and said, “We’ll just have to see what your temperature is,” as she opened her mouth and I placed it under her tongue. I stood back, admiring this bra and panty-clad woman sitting in front of me with the thermometer in her mouth.

My dick was rock hard just knowing what was going to happen in just a few short minutes. [I can also imagine what was going through her mind and I bet that her panties were dampening!!!] After 4 minutes I said “It seems to be fairly low. Well, there’s only one correct way to take your temperature anyhow.”

Acting her part and speaking her lines perfectly Donna shied away from me and said, “Oh, no - you’ve got to be kidding…” However, at the same time, she was rolling over on her stomach. I put the thermometer back on the table and then reached for the top of her panties. She raised her hips slightly as I pulled them down to her knees. She was looking over at me as I put on the latex examining gloves and lubricated the index finger of my right hand, leaving a glob of KY on the tip.

I approached her buttocks and used my left hand to spread her cheeks. This was the first really good view that I had gotten…there wasn’t too much hair around her pussy and none around her anus as I spread her cheeks as wide as I could and placed my finger against the tip of her anus. The feeling of the cool lubricant caused her to tense her buttocks and constrict her asshole, but after a few seconds of massaging I stuck a finger up to the first knuckle. Then, very slowly, I eased my finger the full length into her rectum. I felt her squeeze on my finger and it seemed to me that she had begun pushing against the bed in a slow gyrating motion. I twisted my finger and pushed it in even deeper.

After a few moments I was able to insert two. It was very obvious that she was rubbing her clit against the bed as the thermometer registered. I had to reach down and adjust my very hard dick in my pants to the extent that I opened my fly and released it. I think Donna saw this out of the corner of her eye because I saw a slight smile come across her face as she raised her hips. With her left hand, she was stroking her asscheeks, pushing the thermometer in and out, and would occasionally let a finger slide between what were now very wet pussy lips - her finger would dip inside her pussy, too. Her left hand was inside of her pussy while her right hand stimulated her clit. She was gyrating on the bed and I could see the thermometer move as her muscles contracted. She made some powerful downward thrusts on the bed as she climaxed…then, she lay still. I was a bit uncertain and was left with a tremendous hard-on. I jerked off steadily and, as Donna’s orgasmic contractions subsided, I moved forward and ran my hand up the inside of her leg where it came to rest on her left asscheek.

“Shall we check that temperature, now?” I asked as I let my fingers roam between her cheeks to the thermometer.

“Oh, yes, Doctor. Please do,” was her reply. She was looking directly at my dick as I leaned forward for the Kleenex. I wiped off the thermometer and took the reading. “Much better,” was my response.

“I’ll be going now,” I concluded. Much to my surprise, she reached her hand out and grabbed my thigh.

“Perhaps I should take your temperature,” she said as she sat up on the bed. “Get out of those clothes,” she instructed. Donna stood up and removed her bra as I was took off the doctor’s coat and my shirt. As I suspected, her tits were very round and very firm. They were larger than I like tits to be, but they were firm so they didn’t have any sag at all - this, then, is acceptable. By the time I had taken all of this in, I was naked and she was wearing the doctor’s coat buttoned up just enough to reveal her tits and with two buttons opened on the bottom to reveal the tops of her thighs. Without her having to say a thing, I lay down on the bed on my stomach and spread my legs.

But, I had guessed wrong. She pulled me on my side and said, “I want to observe your penis as the thermometer registers.” I was now rolled over onto my back and she brought my feet flat to raise my knees so that my rigid dick pointed skyward. Donna had put on the latex examining gloves and was lubricating a finger. She positioned herself between my legs. She used one hand to further spread my legs and expose my asshole, placing her fingertip against it.

WOW! Now I knew the sensation that she felt except that she didn’t wait; no, she put her fingertip against my anus and applied steady pressure until her finger was fully inserted and touching my prostate. My dick jumped and she noticed. “There we go,” she said as she bumped her finger against my prostate a few more times. She twisted her finger as she removed it from my asshole. As she passed by I noticed how good she looked in the doctor’s coat, naked underneath, with her long brown hair hanging down.

She picked up the thermometer and lubricated it, then took up a seat between my legs. Leaning into me she said, “Spread your legs wide and rest your feet on my shoulders.” I raised my legs and rested my feet on her shoulders; I was very exposed now. I felt the thermometer against my asshole. She used the tip of it to tease my asshole before inserting it. She twisted the thermometer as she inserted it and when it was fully inserted, she moved it up and down while my sensory muscle contractions caused the thermometer to pop from my asshole and she had to reinsert it several times.

“Okay, now you can get off,” Donna said as she got out from underneath. The thermometer remained in place when I was in this position. Up to now, my hands had been at my side, but Donna took my right hand and placed it on my dick. I started stroking steadily as Donna sat next to me and moved the thermometer in and out of my ass. Naturally, I became increasingly aroused and used my left hand to rub my stomach and nipples, I was stroking very fast and I’m sure Donna could see the oozing.

I kept stroking as I felt the pressure in my balls building. Donna pushed the thermometer in a little deeper and I started to squirt but she was quick with placing a Kleenex on the top of my dick to catch the sperm. When I was finished cumming, Donna put her shoulders under my knees and I assumed the “feet raised” position of before. She slowly removed the thermometer and then took a Kleenex to wipe it. Back from under my knees, Donna stood up as I lay spent on the bed. She read the thermometer: “Very indicative of the post-orgasmic male,” she said with a bit of a chuckle. “Let’s get dressed and have some coffee…”

Donna disappeared into the bathroom as I stood up and got my clothes back on. When she came out she was wearing a long wool robe which, in and of in its own way, was appropriate. We went into the kitchen and had a nice chat over coffee, and continued to talk about our mutual interest….

Will I ever return to Charleston? I used to hope not ! Now things are different.