The Welcome Wagon

The grounds of the hospital were carefully manicured, almost as if they had undergone some mysterious treatment at the callused hands of the Chicano gardeners who tended the broad expanses of green.

Inside the children’s ward, Dr. Rodney Thomas, Ph.D., MD, sat at his large, walnut desk reviewing the schedule of the day, and deciding which of his patients would receive the benefit of his attention.

His primary function, aside from the medical aspect of his presence, was the personal interest he took in the psychological aspect of the reaction his charges had to certain treatments they were made to endure in the name of “medicine” and “treatments”. There were actually few ‘children’ in that most of the patients in this division were in the age bracket of thirteen to eighteen.

After all it was a county sponsored facility, and the administration took great pains to maintain the regulations and distribution of patients according to public health protocol.

The doctor smiled to himself, seeing that his day would be considerably enlivened by his rounds on the girl’s ward. He had, with some perverse pleasure, seen to it that a 12-year-old girl was scheduled for x-ray. In fact, a barium enema x-ray examination of the intestinal tract. It was his duty, he decided, to be present, and assist the nurses and orderlies in the preparation and treatment of the girl, as well as have the opportunity to satisfy a personal quirk, by engaging in conversation with the patient throughout the ordeal she was about to be put through.

The good doctor knew from experience in this hospital ward that he should be at the girl’s bedside at least an hour before the x- ray was scheduled, in order to derive maximum benefit from the opportunity.

He scanned the charts. “Hmmm.”, he mused. “Rachel Friedman, age 12, height 5 feet 8, weight, 140 lbs., hair, blond, eyes, green.”. He remembered how frightened she looked, the first day she was admitted; she was unusually pretty, and very slim. He knew in his mind how she would look in the short, white hospital gown that would barely come to the tops of her slender thighs. He wondered if she would have any pubic hair as yet. Probably a bit, but if it was profuse he’d have it shaved so she’d be naked as a baby. He liked a clean working area.

Continuing his perusal of the chart he noted that her mother was divorced, but that the admission forms were signed by a Jack Collins, her uncle. Rachel’s mother’s maiden name was Collins. So there seemed to be some male influence or father figure in her young life. He mused that a young girl should always have a “daddy” even if it was an uncle or a mother’s boyfriend. Rod imagined scene of family discipline with Rachel standing submissively before her uncle (as her mother described her misdeeds) glancing furtively at the folded, wide leather strap in Uncle Jack’s hands. “Daddy’s Hands” … no, but probably just as effective on a 12-year-old girl’s quivering, bare bottom!

His nurses were almost hand picked. a benefit of being in charge of the wing. And he saw to it that they never lacked practice in the administration of his most commonly prescribed treatment.

Rod never thought about how his unusual, highly sexual, reaction to the sight of a young girl being given an enema had come about, in fact, all he did was to enjoy it. Occasionally he found it difficult to conceal the tremendous erection he would get during such a scene, but he found the white physician’s smock he wore more than adequately protected his secret.

He reached above his desk for a reference work which had become a favorite, written by R. A. Miller, MD7

“The Retrograde Barium Enema…a manual for the Radiological Clinic” published in 1966. “The patient is prepared for the barium examination,” he read, “by being given several soapsuds enemas (1.5 quart) until the return is clear.

“When ready the patient reports to the x-ray department where she may be given a one mg. atropine and 1/4 grain morphine sulfate or Demerol. In the x-ray room the barium solution is prepared and suspended in an enema container three feet above the table. The patient is brought in and placed in the knee-chest position. Her gown is lifted and the nurse, or often the x-ray technician, wearing a sheer finger cot, applies a liberal amount of KY jelly to her anus, slowly dilating the rectum by working his finger in and out of the tight sphincter until her musculature begins to relax. An inflatable inflatable nozzle catheter #141 (32 Fr.) is lubricated with K-Y Jelly, and carefully inserted into her rectum, to just past the sphincter, and inflated, the air having been previously cleared from the tube. A slight inflation of the inflatable nozzle Bulb will hold the device in place as the patient is positioned.

“The patient is then turned over, to lie on her back, with her knees drawn up, and her legs spread widely apart. Position the inflatable nozzle for easy connection.

“A Miller cuff is then placed in position and inflated, forming a secure seal preventing her from expelling the solution. She is then placed in a prone position with legs extended, or with knees slightly up and the inflatable nozzle tube is connected to the tube from the enema container. Her gown is further loosened so as not to constrict the abdomen.

“The barium is allowed to flow, under fluoroscopic control, until the entire large bowel is filled. This takes two to 2-1/4 quarts. At this time the lower right quadrant of the abdomen is markedly distended. The patient must be encouraged to relax, and possibly restrained, if necessary.

“X-rays are then taken with the patient in the prone position, or any other position deemed necessary to the doctor. This may take five minutes, and if the doctor waits until the x-rays are developed it may take five to ten minutes more. Should the x-ray require examination of the small intestine, she will be turned on her back again, the enema container filled with two more quarts of saline solution, and allowed to flow freely, forcing the thick barium into the small intestine. This procedure may be quite painful to the patient, and she may cry out in protest and discomfort. Restrain her, if necessary, but complete the procedure.

“When the x-rays are taken, she is helped to the bathroom, the catheter is deflated, removed, and she is allowed to expel the solution. She will be quite exhausted and should be allowed to rest an hour before being returned to her room. Her rectum should be examined, and a soothing lotion applied if deemed necessary.”

Dr. Thomas smiled as he closed the book and returned it to the shelf. Rachel was scheduled for x-ray at 12 a.m. He thought that he’d better be at her bedside by nine to “supervise” the several soapsuds (or saltwater-until-clear) enemas that the hapless teenage girl was going to be given to her before her ordeal in x-ray. He felt a pleasurable twitch in his crotch at the thought of what the morning was going to bring. He had “supervised” the sweet humiliation of many young girls, and noted that more that 60% of the young patients exhibited varying degrees of sexual response during the enema procedure. He would watch closely for the tell-tale wetting of the vagina, with the attendant swelling and opening of the labia, and make her talk about her childhood enema experiences in great detail should this become evident.

Time for rounds to begin.

Rachel lay quietly on the hospital bed in the semi-private room she shared with Barbara, who was a year older than herself. It was the first time she was in a hospital, and felt really naked and helpless under the clean white sheets, wearing the short hospital gown, and nothing else except a pair of cotton ankle socks. Her slim legs moved under the covers as she wondered what was going to happen to her.

Barbara and Rachel talked to each other almost all day, as they both shared the same degree of apprehension; Barbara, however, having been admitted a week before Rachel, who only arrived yesterday.

Rachel had not yet experienced the “Welcome Wagon” as Barbara had, so she was not mentally imagining her next encounter, as Barbara had been doing since her last session with the orderly on the floor. Finally Barbara could not hold back.

“I can’t understand, Rachel,” Barbara ventured, “why the nurse hasn’t been around with the `Welcome Wagon’ for you yet. I got it about an hour after I checked in.”

Rachel turned towards the pretty patient in the next bed.

“What do you mean, Barbara? what’s a `Welcome Wagon?’ “

“I didn’t know, either, but the nurse who got me into the gown and into bed said that the duty nurse would be around with it right away. Gosh, was I surprised.”

The mystery deepening, Rachel persisted, “But what do you mean?”

“I mean. that they told me it was the rules that as soon as a girl is checked in, she has to have a… an… enema. before anything else, especially if the doctor is going to do a, you know, examination, down there. Did you ever have one. I mean, an enema, Rachel?”

Rachel blushed a deep shade, suddenly hoping her embarrassment wasn’t visible to the older girl. She blurted out, without thinking, “But that’s for being really disobedient. I mean, that’s what I get ‘em for.” Rachel hesitated, realizing that maybe her receiving that particular form of humiliating punishment may not be typical of the punishments other young girls received.

“You mean you get enemas as punishment?!? I just get a good whipping with my Daddy’s belt! I can’t imagine being punished like that. I thought you only got an enema when you were sick, or especially in the hospital. Gosh!”

Rachel didn’t know what to say, but recovered her composure enough to refresh the question, “You never told me what the `Welcome Wagon’ was.”

“Oh, jeez, that’s the cart that they use to wheel in all the stuff they need to give you an enema, you know, the red rubber bag, the Vaseline, or like they use here, that slippery jelly in the tube.

“It makes you feel real funny when you see all that stuff, especially if it’s an orderly. you know. a guy that’s going to give it to you.” Barbara, suddenly a very coy 12 year old, lowered her voice, and in a husky, confidential whisper told her room…mate, “I thought I was just going to come when that cute orderly pulled down the covers and… you know what I mean! Just wait till he takes your temperature… “

Rachel certainly did know what Barbara meant. Ever since she was six, her mother had used both the enema and the strap as a means of disciplining her little girl. But when her mother’s brother…Rachel’s uncle…was visiting when she was nine she had been very naughty, and quite insulting to her uncle. Her mother decided that her uncle should participate in her punishment, and invited Uncle Jack to help not only in the preparation, but in the actual execution of Rachel’s humiliating punishment.

She could never forget standing in the large, second floor bathroom, watching her mother take the old red rubber enema bag from under the sink and fill it with two quarts of hot soapsuds, as she told her brother how she had begun using enemas as a punishment after reading about such methods in a book about correctional methods in girl’s reform schools. Mom had always used either the ruler or the strap on her daughter, but she felt that “a good dose of soapsuds” was something her pretty young daughter dreaded even more than a spanking.

And she was right. It was the presence of her uncle, that time when she was nine, and many times since, that her uncle “assisted” her mom when punishment was called for.

Never would she forget the command, as she stood in her pajama tops and panties before her mom and Uncle Jack, “Come on, now, Rachel,” her mother said as she hung the bulging red bag on the hook beside the toilet, “I’m not going to spank you for embarrassing uncle Jack with your behavior, but he’s going to see how embarrassing it is going to be for you to get your punishment enema in front of him.”

“Oh, Mom,” Rachel remembered begging, “Please not in front of Uncle Jack, please.”

“Rachel, it will do you no good to argue, and if you put up a fuss I’ll just have to give you a second dose of soapsuds. so just slip those panties down and get over my lap.”

Her memory was vivid. Protests would do nothing. Her nine year old mind would never forget the look of fascination in her uncle’s eyes as she obeyed the order. She hooked her little fingers in the elastic waist band of her tight, white cotton panties and, blushing with humiliation, pushed them down to just below her crotch.

“All the way, Rachel, take them all the way off! You know you can’t spread your legs far enough apart if I let you keep your panties down around your knees.”

Crimson with shame, Rachel lowered the tiny garment down her slim legs. She stepped out of the panties, picked them up, and hung them neatly over the back of the chair her mother was seated in. She couldn’t take her eyes off her Uncle Jack, who, she realized, was staring intensely at the pink slit of her pre-pubescent vagina.

“What are you waiting for, Rachel? Bend over my lap, just like you always do!”

“Oh, Please, no! Mom don’t make me, please!” “Rachel, if you don’t get over my lap this minute I promise that you will be strapped within an inch of your life right after Uncle Jack watches you get a double enema!”

That did it: Rachel bit her lower lip and assumed the position. Once there, her mother her mother gripped her about her slim waist, pinioning the helpless child. Rachel’s long hair fell forward over her face towards the floor.

“Jack,” her mother matter-of-factly asked,” hand me the tube, but be sure the clamp is closed. You don’t want soapsuds all over you, when they are going right in here.”

Rachel, helplessly across her mother’s lap knew that her uncle, standing behind her, could see not only the target, but the as yet hairless lips of her vagina, too, as her mother pushed her slim legs wide apart and separated the tender, smooth, nether cheeks. Jack watched intently. Rachel could feel her Uncle’s eyes. She knew what Jack was watching: her mother dipping a finger into the jar of Vaseline, and spreading the greasy lubricant generously onto the enema nozzle. Jack was intrigued with the way Rachel’s mother moved the greased pipe up and down the girl’s anal crease, gradually working its slippery length into the little girl’s rosebud-like opening. Rachel remembered tensing her body as the slippery nozzle invaded her tender bottom.

“Sit here, Jack,” her mother said, indicating a chair in front of the girl, “This will take about ten minutes. “

Uncle Jack pulled up the chair, seating himself near Rachel’s bowed head. It was when her uncle took her chin in his hands and lifted her head up so that he could see her face that the first stirrings of till now inexperienced sensations flooded her mind. Jack gently moved the hair away from her tightly closed eyes.

The same instant she heard the “click” of the hose clamp and the soapsuds started to flood her slim body. Confusing, incredible sensations raced in conflict as she opened her tear- filled eyes to look into her uncle’s face.

Yet her mother was not known for leniency, and the entire two steaming quarts filled Rachel’s youthful bowels, causing her to cry out in pain and humiliation at having to undergo this procedure in front of her uncle. It hurt so much that she couldn’t help moving her slim legs continually, in the swelling stimulation of the enema. She felt Uncle Jack lower her head and move around behind her, and she knew he was staring at the little pink gash of her sex as she writhed helplessly under the cramping pressure of the enema she was being made to endure.

And for the last six years the punishments had continued, and sometimes in the last two years administered by Uncle Jack himself when her mom couldn’t be there to discipline the girl personally. Of course her mother approved. Oh, how she approved!

Rachel’s mind snapped back to the present as she realized that Barbara was still speaking to her.

“Gosh, that must be awful. I mean to get enemas for a punishment. But I guess it would work pretty good,” the loquacious 12-year-old continued, “’cause I remember about six months ago when I was sick, my Dad and my Mom both gave me one, and it was just awful. Bending over like that, I mean, but since my Dad always gives me the strap on the bare, I was kind used to the position.”

Rachel listened apprehensively, thinking about the “Welcome Wagon” that Barbara had explained. Barbara pushed back her long hair and informed her room-mate ominously, “I’m surprised they haven’t brought the `Welcome Wagon’ around for you, yet. But you’ll see it soon, for sure.” Rachel shuddered, her naked legs feeling the cool sheet and imagining it being pulled down for…

Dr. Rod picked up the phone on his desk, silencing its ring, and responded to the ward nurse’s question, “No, Emma, I think that because Rachel is in a semi-private room you should not give her the x-ray prep in there. Take her to the hydrotherapy room and call me when you get there. I’d like to speak to her before the examination.”

Emma, the duty nurse, hesitated for only a second, but then acknowledged the `order’, “As you say, doctor. I see the girl is scheduled for a barium. Will that be high? I mean, shall I allow time for a high colonic enema in addition to the usual cleansing enemas?”

“I’ll check the chart, nurse, and let you know when I get down to hydrotherapy. Just in case, make sure you have a 30 inch colon tube ready. I don’t think that Rachel has ever had a high colonic, so we may need the restraints, too.”

“Of course, Doctor,” Nurse Emma knowingly responded, “I’ll see to it at once, and call you as soon as the girl is in hydrotherapy.”

Moving through his rounds that morning, Rod checked up on two new additions to his patient roster. A very beautiful seventeen-year-old oriental girl, Lin Su, was admitted by her parents because of her dietary habits, which resulted in her being quite thin, but with a constant digestive problem. He wanted to see her prepared for the Murphy Drip procedure which, he knew, would be terribly humiliating for a seventeen-year-old girl.

Also a very unusual case referred by a colleague who specialized in sexual psychology: This was a seventeen year old girl, Cynthia, quite pretty, who masturbated so frequently that she had developed an extremely irritated vulva and was hospitalized so that it could be treated, without her continually irritating the tissues. Rod noted, not without some interest, that the nurses had already placed her wrists in the soft leather cuffs and had secured them to the rails on either side of the hospital bed. She wouldn’t be touching herself for the time being. Her legs, really her ankles, had been strapped, spread apart, to the bed rails, and as she was naked beneath the short hospital gown, he could imagine the embarrassment this exposure would be causing the girl. He loved to see them blush during his probing examinations.

He wondered when they were scheduled for the “Welcome Wagon”, and made a mental note to drop in at the appropriate times. The examination and treatment of this lovely child would be most interesting and stimulating.

Back in his office, he took care of a few administrative duties when the phone rang. Emma was announcing her arrival in hydrotherapy, and said that the orderly was bringing Rachel down in about 10 minutes.

“I’ll be right down, Emma,” Dr. Thomas said.

The hydrotherapy room was in the basement of the hospital, fairly close to the x-ray department. Rod stepped off the elevator and moved down the quiet corridor to the door of the hydrotherapy treatment room and entered. Emma was already there, arranging the equipment she would need to prepare the young patient for barium fluoroscopy.

The room contained several large, white, bathtubs along one wall, separated by about eight feet. Cubicle curtains, which could be drawn for privacy, hung from the ceiling around each of the tubs. No one else was in the room, and all the curtains were withdrawn. One or two toilets were visible, and the special “filtration toilet” which was used to recover small swallowed contraband stood out from the wall.

On the far wall, a row of hooks were mounted on the wall near several equipment cabinets. On each hook hung a large, red rubber bag, complete with its long, red hose. The glistening black enema nozzles and long, fat douche nozzles, along with the serpent-like colonic catheters were displayed in the glass fronted cases. Several tubes of K-Y jelly, speculums, rectal dilators, bulb syringes, and inflatable nozzle tubes were visible.

Rod noted that Emma had already installed the canvas support across the tub nearest the cabinets. Vertical steel rods were mounted on each side of the tub at about the center. A leather ankle cuff dangled from the top of each rod.

Wrist cuffs, also of soft, but strong, leather were to each side of the tub at the far end.

Emma was preparing the four quart enema bag as Rachel was wheeled into the room by a male orderly. She could have walked, of course, but hospital procedure demanded that a wheel chair be employed. She was wearing a light blue hospital bathrobe and slippers. Dr. Thomas noted with amusement that she wore white ankle socks, adding to her “innocent little school-girl” appearance.

“Hello, Rachel,” Rod volunteered cheerfully. “I’m going to personally supervise your x-ray procedures this morning, and try to get you through this as easily as possible.”

Rachel’s eyes widened in fear and anxiety as she saw the preparations that were being made. As we, the readers are already aware of her experiences with enemas as a child, we can understand the feelings she experienced at the sight of the huge red enema bags, with their extra long red rubber tubes, displayed on the wall, and especially the four quart bag in the hands of Nurse Emma. It was twice the size of the bag her mother (and Uncle Jack) was so fond of using to discipline the girl.

“What… what are you going to. to do?” she stammered. “I thought. that I was just. I mean I was told I was going to get x-rayed.?”

“You are, Rachel,” Dr. Rod was using his best bedside manner', "but it's a special kind of x-ray called abarium enema’ x-ray.”

“Barium… ENEMA…?” the young girl was almost on the verge of fainting.

“Yes, Rachel,” Rod continued, holding her hand, which was almost icy cold, “In order for the x-ray to show what we need to see, we have to put some barium solution inside of you. the X- ray can’t see through the barium, so it shows up on the film.” “But. but, I didn’t know.”

“It’s all right, Rachel, I’m going to stay right here with you. Nurse Emma and I are going to make it as easy as we can for you.”

The girl’s worst fears were realized as Rod continued his explanation, “But before we can do the x-ray, you have to some regular enemas so that we know you’re all cleaned out inside.” He turned to the orderly. “Thank you very much, Jack, we’ll call you if we need anything.

“Very well, doctor,” the orderly said. Dr. Rod suspected that Jack would have liked to stay and help, too. “Rachel,” Rod said after the orderly had left the room, “I want you to take off the robe and climb up on the canvas stretcher you see across that tub.”

She had seen the “filtration toilet” and could not have helped but notice the ankle cuffs attached to floor shackles in front of the curious bowl. “Are. Are you going to make me… go… on THAT?” she pointed to the device.

She saw the rope attached to the pulley on the ceiling with the handcuffs attached. Obviously she imagined herself, half-naked, in bondage, legs shackled wide apart in front of the steel toilet, bent over with her wrists being pulled up behind her in the shiny steel handcuffs, the huge enema bag full and ready for her.

“No, Rachel,” Rod assured her, “that’s for girls or boys who have swallowed something we have to recover, and won’t cooperate with the nurses or orderlies and have to be completely restrained. You know, like juvenile delinquents from Foster homes, or in from Juvenile Hall. Criminal types, not like you.”

Somewhat reassured, the girl began to comply with the orders given her. Rachel reluctantly got up and slipped the robe off. She was wearing only the short hospital gown that came only to the tops of her thighs, her slim, coltish legs naked except for the little white ankle socks. She was obviously aware that as soon as she lay back on the canvas she would be completely exposed and at the mercy of the doctor and nurse, and the incredible enema equipment, the likes of which she had never seen. She flashed on the mental image of her mother and uncle Jack in the place of nurse Emma and Doctor Thomas. They were preparing the granddaddy of all punishments for her. It was like being in a modern torture chamber to the girl. The leather restraints, the instruments of punishment.

“Let me help you on the stretcher, Rachel,” Rod volunteered, and assisted the girl between the steel uprights on the tub. She lay back, her legs tight together, until Rod said, “Rachel, Nurse Emma is going to start you off with a little two quart soapsuds enema to clear things out, and then we’ll have to give you a high colonic.”

He turned to his assistant, “Nurse.”

“Now hold still, Rachel,” Nurse Emma admonished, “while I get you ready for your enema. And doctor, you will see it was not necessary to shave this child. Still being a late developer she hasn’t even a trace of pubic hair to interfere with your examinations and treatments.”

“Thank you, nurse, and yes, I see what you mean,” Doctor Rod said, gently moving the girl’s legs slightly apart. Nurse Emma knew how much the good doctor was enjoying his job, and discreetly turned aside as Doctor Rod’s long, slim fingers brushed the thin girlish slit of Rachel’s vaginal cleft.

He stepped back. “Emma, you take Rachel’s left ankle and I’ll take the right!”

Rachel shut her eyes as the nurse and doctor drew her slim, coltish legs up, and spreading them wide, attached the leather cuffs to her ankles, separating her thighs and exposing her naked bottom to treatment.

“Oh, please, doctor,” Rachel pleaded, “do you have to do it this way? I mean, I’m so… so… embarrassed.”

Doctor Rod became sympathetic, “I’m afraid so, Rachel, but first I want to take your temperature.” He held his hand out, and without being told, Nurse Emma placed a well lubricated glass rectal thermometer in it. He held it up and noted that it had been shaken down to well below the 98.6 degree mark.

“Nurse Emma is just going to put a little lubricating jelly down there to make it easy to put it in.” He paused, then added, “One would think you never were given an enema before, but I know better. Your mom said that you got your first enema when you were only six. is that right?”

“Y…yes.” Rachel blushed, “but I didn’t think she told you.”

Wearing a sheer latex glove, the nurse squeezed a small blob of K-Y jelly onto her upraised finger, and carefully prodded the young girl’s tight rosebud until the sphincter loosened, then inserted her finger to the first knuckle, gently working it in and out (just like uncle Jack did the last time he gave her a punishment enema, thought Rachel).

“She told me quite a lot, Rachel, in fact she said she had to give you a nice high enema just a month or so ago. That’s right isn’t it?” He didn’t expect her to answer, but was noting with interest how she was squirming in her restraints as Emma continued with the anal prep.

The nurse withdrew the finger, removed the glove and discarded it.

Rod moved to between the girl’s well parted legs and slowly inserted the thin glass tube, until only about 1/2 inch protruded from the twitching rosebud. He held it throughout, moving it almost imperceptibly, but knowing the helpless girl could feel it’s invasive activity. Tied, strapped down, knowing that the enema was only moments away. She felt herself becoming wet. The feelings down there were just too much to bear. She whimpered half in relief and half in excitement as she felt the thermometer being slowly withdrawn. Through almost closed eyes she saw Dr. Rod wipe it and read the results.

“Quite normal, Nurse. Let’s proceed.

Rachel’s eyes were still closed, or she could have seen Dr. Rod admiring her naked legs, and even more naked vaginal orifice, the lips now slightly parted, moist.

She did, however, open her eyes at the sound of the nurse running the hot water into a two quart stainless steel mixing pitcher, into which an ounce of green soap was placed. The nurse stirred the mixture until suds could be seen at the top, and then taking the gigantic red rubber bag, poured the solution in, only half filling it. Emma hung the bag on a portable IV stand and pushed it over to the tub, the long red, tube in one hand.

“I’ll get the nozzle, nurse,” Dr. Thomas volunteered, and extracted a thick, bulbous, black device from the nearby glass cabinet.

Rachel couldn’t help but notice the fat, bulb-like shape at the ‘business end’ and asked, timidly, “Why are you going to use that… is it going to. hurt?” The nurse was screwing the nozzle onto the tube.

“No, Rachel,” Rod said, “But it may feel a little unusual. the thick part, here.” He said, pointing to the tube Nurse Emma was coating with K-Y jelly, “is designed to keep the enema well inside until you are given permission to go the bathroom where I will extract it.”

Rachel’s hands gripped the steel uprights, not being restrained at the moment, and bit her lower lip as the nurse slowly worked the thick tube into her bottom.

A small, but heartfelt, “OOhhhhhhh,” escaped from the girl as the nurse snapped open the clamp and the hot solution rushed in to do it’s work.

“Ohhhh. OOoooo, Not so fast! It’s too much!” Rachel pleaded as the second quart started in.

“Now, there, there.” Dr. Rod consoled her, noting her lower abdomen begin to swell. “You must save your strength for the colonic we’re going to give you!”

Soon the bag was empty, but the griping had begun. Rachel’s knuckles whitened as she held tight to the rods that were holding her legs in their leathery grip.

“Only a minute more, child,” Nurse Emma said as she closed the valve and disconnected the nozzle, which remained, impaling the girl and the fluid within.

The long tube, once again coiled and placed on the hook with the bag, had done it’s first duty, but would soon be placed in service again.

They unfastened the girl’s trembling legs and the nurse helped her to the toilet, where the nozzle was gratefully withdrawn and the girl could relieve the almost unbearable pressure which had built up.

Upon their return, Rachel was far less modest, and allowed herself to be placed once again on the canvas rack, her legs again lifted and spread for the cuffs to secure.

“Now, Rachel, “ Rod explained, “I’ve ordered a high colonic enema to take care of anything that’s left inside, but you don’t have to worry about getting up until it’s finished, as there’s an outlet tube being attached now, and the nurse will control the outflow to the drain in the tub, as well as the flow going in.”

He held up the 25 inch French catheter. “But this will have to go in all the way before the enema is administered.”

“Oh, no, doctor, it’s too long. I can’t. please, no.” Rachel tried to straighten up, her hands reaching to cover her nakedness.

“Nurse,” Rod commanded, “Take her other wrist. I’m afraid we are going to be better off putting her in restraints right away!”

Rachel could not really resist, as her ankles were already secured. The doctor and nurse easily strapped her wrists into place above her head, and the nurse pulled a long body strap over the girl just below her barely swelling young breasts, and buckled it tight.

Emma had refilled the huge enema bag with a full four quarts of hot saline solution and connected the Y-adapter and outflow tube to the colonic and feed tubes.

“Begin the colonic!” Rachel heard with horror as the nurse advanced on her helpless body, the long tube glistening with K-Y jelly.

Dr. Rod assisted, now feeling an unstoppable erection starting in his groin, by holding the girl’s legs well apart, his spread fingers on her thighs, his thumbs almost touching the youthful vaginal lips. The nurse began to work the long colonic tube into Rachel’s protesting anus, occasionally releasing the flow to ease the tube’s inexorable passage.

“Oh, stop. please, no, no more.” Rachel shrieked, her strapped and helpless body squirming, trying to get off the long tube that was impaling her deeper and deeper.

Rod, holding the girl as he was, finally noticed the tell-tale moisture and swelling of the vaginal lips that so often appeared as a girl was being given an enema or high colonic. He glanced at his young patient, and noted that her eyes were tightly closed. But it was unmistakable, she was experiencing not only pain, but sexual pleasure. The incredible stimulation she was receiving from the long colonic tube being inserted was undeniable.

At last the entire 24 inches had been inserted and the four quart solution began to invade the young bowels. Rachel writhed and moaned as the heated liquid did its griping, cramping, duty.

Every couple of minutes Emma clamped the tube off and opened the outflow valve, allowing the writhing girl a moment’s relief, but then, under Rod’s watchful eye, resumed the colonic.

Finally, after about twenty minutes Rod declared, “That’s enough, nurse, she’s taken almost four quarts and the outflow is clear. Withdraw the colonic and replace it with the inflatable nozzle. We’ll take her into x-ray.

Rachel was almost sobbing as the long tube snaked out of her bottom. But her relief was short lived and she cried out, “Oh, please, no more.” as she saw Dr. Rod approach with his favorite device, the inflatable inflatable nozzle!

“It’s OK., Rachel, there’s nothing to worry about,” said our good doctor, “this is the last time, and we’ll have our X- rays, but you’ll feel much better as soon as it’s over. Now just relax as I insert this instrument, and we’ll go into x-ray and finish your examination.”

“Oh, no, Doctor. I just can’t take any more. please. can’t I take it tomorrow. please.”

“I’m sorry, Rachel, but if we did that, we’d just have to start all over. you wouldn’t want that, would you?” The girl, still in the dorsal lithotomy position (that is, with her legs strapped up and her wrists in the cuffs above her head) sensed her totally helpless position. Yet, the idea, couched in her subconscious, of a repeat performance, was not at all unappealing, forced her to consciously submit to reason.

“Please, please, no. But, if you have to, Doctor. I’ll try to be good and do as you say. “

“I do have to, Rachel, and I’m certainly going to let your mother know just how bravely you took your enemas!”

Dr. Thomas knew when he had won. He wondered if he should pursue his young patient’s past history, as he usually did, but common sense told him to merely enjoy the girl’s helpless position and interview her tomorrow when she would be more susceptible to his psycho-sexual suggestions. It even occurred to him that his bedside manner could include a tender, intimate examination and soothing stroking of that portion of the beautiful young girl’s anatomy that suffered such abuse in the hydrotherapy room and was about to suffer in the x-ray rooms.

Rod turned to Emma. “I think that Rachel is ready for the inflatable nozzle. Please put some K-Y on the tube, Nurse.”

Rachel watched, her heart pounding, as Nurse Emma once again squeezed a substantial quantity of lubricating jelly on the flexible inflatable nozzle. The inflatable nozzle, for those readers who have never seen one, is an orange colored latex device resembling a French catheter, but with an accordion pleated section about an inch and one-half long just behind the insertion end. The tube is about 13 inches long, dividing into two sections, one of which terminates in a black bulb. The other leg of the tube is intended for connection to the enema bag containing barium, or other solution.

As the hollow tube is surrounded by the inflation folds, the overall effect is to clamp down on the hollow tube, thereby holding the liquid infusion inside the patient’s body during the x-ray procedure.

“Give me that inflatable nozzle, nurse,” Rod commanded. He had stationed himself at the side of the tub, and looking down at his shackled patient once again felt the pleasurable glow that accompanies the beginnings of a gigantic erection. Nurse Emma handed him the lubricated device. He said, “Hold her legs well apart so that I can make the insertion easily.”‘

The woman in white grasped Rachel’s legs with both hands, spreading them to the limit allowed by the leather cuffs which secured her slim ankles.

Rod placed his left hand squarely on Rachel’s already wet vulva, as if to make his aim more secure. He swelled at the feel of the young girl’s most intimate area. guiding the tube, shiny with jelly, to the now tenderized opening. Dr. Rod mentally noted how even an eleven-year-old girl could become so sexually aroused during this sort of procedure.

Rachel, helplessly restrained in the leather wrist and ankle cuffs, whimpered plaintively at the probing, insistent touch of the slippery latex, as Rod slowly inserted the inflatable nozzle nozzle into her bottom.

“No, no, please, no more, doctor. I can’t. Please.”

Rod’s rod swelled even more at hearing her protest, but continued until the inflatable nozzle was deeply inserted.

“I’m going to inflate the inflatable nozzle a little, Rachel, so that you will know how it will feel in x-ray, after we put the barium in.”

With that announcement, he began to squeeze the black bulb in his hand, which caused the folded, inflatable portion of the tube to gradually expand inside Rachel’s well lubricated bottom. “I can feel it. Ohhhh. Oohhhhhh, I, I can feel it swelling up inside me. Ohhooooooo, Please, Doctor, Stop!!!” Rachel begged.

“That’s just what we want it to do, Rachel,” he said. “Now I’m going to take a little air out, and leave it inside of you while you are moved to x-ray, where you will get the barium enema examination.”

“Shall I call the orderly, doctor?” Nurse Emma asked.

“Yes, nurse, “Rod replied, “We’ll need a gurney for Rachel to lie on, as the inflatable nozzle will remain in place until after her barium enema.”

A quick phone call summoned the young male orderly who appeared as if by magic with a rolling cart. Upon entering the room he tried to look coolly professional, but Rod knew how he felt at the sight of a beautiful young girl strapped on the treatment tub, naked from the waist down, her legs elevated and spread, the inflatable nozzle, glistening from K-Y jelly, inserted deeply between her lovely buttocks. Rod suspected the orderly’s organ would soon be as firm as was his own. Rachel saw the young orderly’s eyes fixed on her girlish, open sex.

Nevertheless, Emma and the orderly undid the restraints, and gently helped the now totally embarrassed and humiliated girl onto the white sheeted gurney, and covered her with another sheet. In a moment they were on their way to x-ray.

The x-ray room was tiled in white, as was the hydrotherapy room she had just left. In the center of the room stood the massive machine which was to photograph, via its flesh-penetrating rays, the inner-most workings of the young girl on the gurney.

Opposite the door, the lead-shielded observation room, with its lead-glass window, looked out to the steel and porcelain table with the suspended Roentgen-tube x-ray projector above it.

The orderly, Nurse Emma, and our good (if kinky) doctor carefully lifted Rachel onto the cool steel table, the inflatable nozzle tube still firmly implanted in her bottom. The sheet that covered her was removed, and the orderly took his good-natured time in folding it up, as he was observing Rachel’s now bared legs and thighs. and the virtually hairless vaginal slit which topped them.

Soon a set of stirrups were installed on the outer edges of the table, and Rachel’s heels installed, spreading the slim legs well apart, and displaying her rosy rectum from which the half inflated inflatable nozzle depended.

“She is a such pretty child, don’t you think, Doctor?” Nurse Emma queried.

Rod nodded in affirmation, and noted, again, that the little girl’s vagina was wet with the dew of sexual excitation (quite understandable under the circumstances). It was all he could do to restrain himself from consoling his anxious, excited patient by stroking the sex-swollen lips of her throbbing vulva with his soothing fingers. Yet restrain himself he did, for he knew that following this procedure, he would visit Rachel in her room and there practice the soothing, relief she so needed, and wanted (although she herself did not realize it) at this moment.

Nurse Emma produced, as if by magic, a fully loaded four-quart red rubber enema bag filled with thick, hot, barium solution. Quickly the unusually fat tubing was fixed to the inflatable nozzle inlet, and, following the terrible “CLICK” of the metal hose clamp, Rachel felt the heavy liquid invade her innards, moving inexorably upwards, cramping, griping, until she could not hold back any longer. (A large inside diameter delivery tube is required due to the thickness of the barium solution.)

“Ohhh, Please!!! Stop!!! It huuurrrts! It hurrrrtttss!”

Still the barium flowed. Rod felt almost sorry, seeing the child’s discomfort, her long eyelashes wet with tears, but nature allowed it to continue.

“I can’t stand it any more. Take it out. Please. Please! Stop! AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

The teen-ager writhed and twisted on the steel table, but the nurse continued the painful infusion until three full quarts of barium had forced their way into the girl’s helpless body.

Finally it was all in her, and the nurse closed the screw on the bulb and started to pump up the inflatable nozzle even more, to seal the hot liquid inside Rachel’s slim body until after the x-rays were taken.

Doctor Rod, although secretly enjoying her helpless discomfort, realized that in fact she could endure little more, and ordered the x-ray taken. The Orderly helped the nurse hold her down in position while the x-ray tech, behind the lead wall, exposed the film.

So great was Rachel’s discomfort that she cared nothing of the fact that she was completely naked from the waist down, and the twisting of her pretty legs in protest of the churning that was taking place within her openly and blatantly was revealing her most intimate, private parts to the fascinated orderly and doctor. Open, pink and wet, like a little flower that is just starting to bloom, the young dew glistening, the girl’s virginal vaginal lips betrayed her helpless reactions, her hips thrusting almost as if she were in the throes of an orgiastic seance.

The heavy, thick barium had to remain in place until the film was developed. A mere four minutes, but to Rachel, four minutes of pure punishment, as her slender body turned and writhed with the painful enema cramps she knew all too well from the discipline she suffered at home, at the hands of her mother, and, for the last two years, her Uncle Jack.

Four minutes. An eternity. The inflatable nozzle inflated to an almost unbearable size, holding back the barium, she had to scream… “AAhhhhhhh. No more. No more! Please! Please! Take it out! AAAAAhhhhhhh! No! No! Ohhhhhh! I can’t stand it!”

A nod to Doctor Rod from the x-ray technician as he emerged from the darkroom put an end to Rachel’s ordeal, at least for now.

“Nurse! Orderly!” he commanded, “Take her to the bathroom and be…” he touched Rachel’s perspiring forehead. “… Gentle.”

Back in her room, Rachel could scarcely believe what she had been through. Barbara, her 12 year old room mate could hardly wait to question her new found friend about her ordeal, suspecting the reason for Rachel not having had the “Welcome Wagon” was that she had suffered her hospital initiation elsewhere.

But the poor girl was so exhausted that she almost immediately fell asleep, her dreams containing scenes that only the reader can imagine.