The Willowy Wonderland

I was not an adult but a 16 year old boy should be considered one in today’s world. I was 16 in 1966 and boy was I naive….

We had a neighbor lady named Jean. She had a husband by the name of Everett that was a nasty foul mouthed hick from the sticks. Growing up all of the kids in the neighborhood hated the guy. My mother and Jean were pretty good friends and Jean would tell mom how nasty Everett was and how he was always treating her like dirt.

In the summer of 66 he was killed driving a truck loaded with blasting powder, I don’t know whether it exploded or not but the kids in the neighborhood were talking that it had. ??????

Jean didn’t drive so my mom would take her places, shopping, paying bills, etc. I had just got my DL and was always willing to drive anybody anywhere. Jean was asking mom to drive her places a lot and since she had other things to do, mom would ask me.

After about two weeks of driving Jean around we got pretty well acquainted. She was 41 at the time and seemed as though she was a lot older. Not now!!!!!!!!!

One evening after taking her to the drug store and bank she ask me if I wanted some ice tea. I said I did and went into the house with her. She made a lot of small talk about a lot of things I don’t remember but she did ask me if I would give her my opinion on something. I said of course. She left the den and went into another part of the house and returned a few minutes later wearing a baby blue short nightie with ruffled panties. They were the bloomer type panties. I was a little shocked to say the least and even with the ice tea right there, had the driest mouth in the world. I could have spit cotton. She ask me if I thought she was pretty and I could say nothing other than un huh!

I started getting hard and was scared to death I would find myself in real trouble soon. But she just walked around a little and ask me how she looked and I said real nice, real pretty, really beautiful. Once the words started out of my mouth they wouldn’t stop.

She paraded around in front of me for about 10 minutes. She then told me thanks for helping her with her errands and said I probably should head home. I did. Right to the bathroom and got a hold of myself.

Almost a week went by before my mom called me into the living room where Jean and her had been talking. I almost died. I just knew Jean had told mom something of the other day and the nightie. But Jean just needed to go to her sisters to pick up some papers. I was to drive her. Once in the car she said she was glad I had not said anything to my mom about the other day and that she had something special for me when we returned to her house. (I know this is drawn out, but you need the whole picture)

When we returned, I parked the car in our driveway and headed to Jean’s for my special something.

When I walked in, she told me she would show me something when she came back, and for me to sit down on the couch in the den.

When she returned, I about flipped. She had on those crotchless panties from Frederick’s of Hollywood and a bra that had the nipples cut out. Boing!!!! She paraded around in front of me asking me if I thought she was sexy and pretty and all that and I responded yes yes yes.

She stayed in the den and talked to me for about 3 years ( really 15 minutes) then ask if I would help her with something in the bathroom. She could have ask me to drink boiling lead and I would have.

We went into the bathroom and she began to run bath water in the tub. Remember those tubs that were on legs. That is what she had and it was really deep. She ask if I would give her a bath and of course I said yes. She ask me to unhook the bra and I had some kind of trouble doing it. Got it and then she ask me to pull her panties off and I had no trouble with those. She stepped into the tub and handed me the sponge she had in the soap dish along with the sweetest smelling soap.

I soaped the sponge when she said to start on her back. I started scrubbing and she had to tell me to lighten my movements. I soaped her back good and then she wanted me to do her front and I don’t need to tell you, I had an erection that was like granite. I washed her breast very slowly and she closed her eyes and sighed real big. She instructed me to move down and wash everywhere including her “Willowy Wonderland” that was her words, I swear. I washed and washed and washed and was hurting so bad. She finally said that we had taken care of the outside and now we would take care of the inside. I had no idea what she meant. I learned quickly. She stepped out of the tub without drying and reached into a cabinet and took out one of those blue ice bag looking things. It had a hose attached to it with a black end. I know now what is was and would love to have that one.

She filled the bag with warm water and told me to hold it up while she sat on the toilet. While sitting on the toilet she noticed how hard I was and told me I should take off my clothing so I would get wet. She had the most loving look in her eyes while I was stripping. When I started to take off my shorts, she motioned for me to come closer. I did and she reached out and pulled them down for me. I felt really funny, since this was the first time any female had ever seen me with an erection.

She instructed me to take the bag off the counter and hold it up. She then spread her vaginal opening and said I was to put the black nozzle in about 2-3 inches. As I did, she snapped this metal clip and water started pouring out of her. I watched in awe. What a day I was having. Here this 41 year old lady was not only naked in front of me, but I was washing her inside and out. This memory still thrills me to think about it today, 33 years later. After the bag was empty she stood and allowed me to towel her dry and she said to really dry the “Willowy Wonderland”. I was then taken into the bedroom where she taught me how to please a woman with the tongue and I sure didn’t mind since she was so clean. I didn’t know it then but she orgasmed about three or four times. I was a little sore-lipped after but still had a roaring erection. She was happy to help me with my problem by masturbating me. I wanted to have intercourse with her but she didn’t allow that this time.

She told me to dress and run home and we would have many many more days like today.

Two days later would be the best day of my life yet.

She called my mom and ask if I would help her do some spring house cleaning and needed someone to stand on a ladder to get into the corners of the ceilings and under her sinks and stuff and mom said if I wanted to she would send me over.

If I wanted to …..

When I arrived I was expecting the crotchless panties and bra but she had on nurses uniform. I had no idea she was or had ever been a nurse and really still don’t. But that is what she had on. She told me it was my turn to get clean, inside and out.

She went into the bathroom and ran some bath water and told me to get undressed. I always did what I was told. I had not even got to my underwear when the old erection was there. She helped me into the tub and began to soap a wash rag and washed my back and neck and ears and chest and then I thought she would wash what was most interesting but she went right to my legs and feet. She took the longest getting to what I thought was important. She then worked her way up and told me to stand up while she washed my hiney. She must have spent 10 minutes washing my rosebud and neither region. Then she did wash the little guy up front, but only for a few seconds. RATS She had me step out of the tub and she dried me off. She said we would now clean out the inside and I wondered how????

She got out the same bag and hose and nozzle. She filled it with warm water and told me to bend over the tub. She then took out some Vaseline and worked on my rosebud for quite awhile. I can’t begin to describe how that felt. She worked a finger inside and I thought I was going to shoot all over the tubs edge but didn’t. She took the nozzle and inserted it and began the water before I knew what was happening. She told me to squeeze my butt together and I did. She told me to hold the water that was going in and I did for awhile and then the urge hit and I told her I had to go. She stopped the flow and let me sit on the toilet.

Expelling never felt so good. After all was gone, she had me get back into the tub and she washed me some more and ask if I thought I needed a little more of my insides cleaned. I told her I would do anything she wanted. That day she gave me three more enemas. After the last she watched me expel and I was not embarrassed in the least. I can’t explain that. She said that she wanted to help me with the erection and I thought she would masturbate me again. She did, but this time with her breasts.

She even enjoyed the cum and licked part of it off her chest. This is not the end but only the beginning of a three year relationship that only ended when I went into the army and later she moved to Mich. I have tried to find her but have been unsuccessful. I have tried everything on the net but had no luck.

I will write about other events that happened and send them along another time.

Hope you all enjoyed this story. It is not a fantasy.

Part 2

If only Jean were around today. I don’t care that she would be seventy something. She had such an impact on me and the rest of my life to this point. The women that I have known, dated and made love to have been the beneficiary of what Jean taught me to do with and to her, did with me, to me and me to her.

Sitting here at this moment remembering the joy and wonderment of the experiences with her have left me with great memories but a little sad that I have been unable to go into the places I have gone without her. My current companion is fabulous, but there is something about that “First Love” or “First Time” that we can never seem to top.

Late night on a Friday in early spring the phone rang at our house and at that time most houses were equipped with one telephone somewhere in the middle of the house. The ringer would wake the dead and it did that night. I don’t remember the exact time but it was after midnight and I heard my dad answer. I couldn’t hear the conversation but in a few minutes I heard my dad talking to my mom and then I heard the front door open and close. I went back to sleep. A little later I was being shaken by my dad and told to wake up and get my clothes on. Dad told me that Jean had seen someone outside her window and was really frightened. Dad said he had checked it out and found nothing but that Jean said she didn’t want to be by herself and really wanted someone to stay with her the rest of the night. The minute I heard this the dressing picked up pace and l had my clothes on in a flash. When I was getting a drink of water I heard mom tell dad it would be fine, since I had helped Jean out so many times in the past.

Dad walked with me over to Jean’s and they talked for a minute or two and then dad told me to stay alert for any sounds and to be a gentleman. I was to sleep on the couch in the den and to come home before breakfast the next morning and Jean told him that she would be sleeping late on Saturday. She would be glad to fix me breakfast and dad said ok.

l didn’t have an erection yet but the excitement was about to start one. Dad said goodnight and the look in Jean’s eyes was so evil and loving at the same time. There was a sparkle that l had not seen before. There was also an excitement that l had never felt before.

Jean was in a old frumpy well-worn bath robe and looked a little scruffy, but in less than 3 seconds that changed as she slipped out of the old robe. The crotchless panties and a new bra that was just strings. Her breast were just wrapped in silky ribbons. They drooped a little but the nipples were standing out straight and up a little.

She walked over to me and pulled my head into those pillows of delight. That did it, erection!!!!!!!!!!!

She felt that on her leg and reached down and rubbed a little and then stepped back and looked me in the eye and said, “We are going to have the most wonderful time tonight.” My knees weakened at her words and my mouth was feeling like cotton. She walked me into the bathroom and begin to run the bath with Calgon Bath Oil. Why do we remember some things so vividly? I remember the label and the bottle and color of the liquid as though it were in front of me right now.

She told me to undress her and that was easy with the panties and bra she had on. She told me to undress as she stepped into the tub.

This was a regular part of our sexual experiences. She was a clean freak and I am the same way today because of my parental guidance and Jean’s guidance.

I was a little better with the sponge now and was not quite so rough with it but every once in awhile she would have to remind me to be gentle. She reminded that my dad had told me to be a gentle man.

After I had washed her all over, she handed me some shampoo and ask me to wash her hair. I had not done this to anyone before and l learned another way of making love to a woman. After I had rinsed her hair real good with the hand sprayer that attached to the tub spout, she ask me to get into the tub and she would bath with me. That old tub was really deep and both of us fit fine. She washed me and l would wash her some more. It was a little like to young kids in the tub together waiting on mom to come in and playing a little before getting down to business. I didn’t realize l was about to feel one of the greatest thrills of my life. She had me turn around and stand up. She told me to bend over and she wanted to wash by backside real good.

I did and she did. She used the sponge and then rinsed and then I got a real shock as I felt her breath right there on my asshole. Then I felt her finger, no it was her tongue. YIPPEE YO KI YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She wiggled it all around and the feeling was so intense. She started fucking me with her tongue and kept it up for a few seconds and then I couldn’t hold it back, I came. She never touched my penis but I had just cum. At first she didn’t realize it, but l started humping and she noticed the little white worms in the bath water floating on the top of the Calgon Oil. Then she spoke and said that was ok but that we had only start and that we would have all night to do some of the things she had wanted to do before but had never had enough time.

She had me turn around and she licked the last of the cum dripping out of the end of my penis. She tried to put my penis in her mouth and I jumped, it was just too sensitive. I had a hard orgasm. Harder than any I could remember.

I stepped out of the tub first and helped her out. She had me dry her first and then I dried myself while she drained the tub and got out the blue bag. She also got out a pink bulb type syringe with a white hard plastic nozzle. I have tried to find one of these and have never seen one since. She told me that she wanted to give me an enema and have me hold it while I gave her a douche. She prepared the blue bag with warm water and took out a bar of ivory soap and ran the warm water over the soap as it went into the bag. I wasn’t sure about this since my mom would use ivory to wash my mouth out when l would say bad words. I knew how it tasted and wondered what the effects would be on my backside. But l could ask, when l was with Jean I was just so comfortable that I didn’t need to worry or ask if everything was alright.

She finished filling the blue bag and had me bend over the tub as usual. This time she didn’t spend a lot of time with the Vaseline. She put a blob on the douche nozzle and put it in all the way to the hose. She hooked the bag on the towel rack and then started the water. She would let a little water in and then shut if off for about 4-5 seconds and start it again. When l had taken about half the bag, she snapped the clamp shut and stepped over to the sink and filled the pink bulb with warm water. I was still bending over the tub and was feeling the effects of the soap and water. I needed to go relieve myself but again, it was just hard for me to complain or say anything because everything was always so good at the conclusion of what we were doing. She walked over and started the rest of the water flowing into me. She was telling me to take deep breaths and to hold the water as long as I could and she would show me something new. She reached under me and felt my penis and it was only semi erect.

Then she started rubbing my bottom with her breast. They felt so soft against my butt, and the semi became fully. I was really feeling full though and I finally had to say so. She stopped the flow of the water, but the bag was just about a cup from being completely empty. She removed the nozzle real slowly and had me stand up. She told me I needed to hold it as long as possible and to squeeze my butt together as hard as I could. I had nearly two quarts of water and soap inside and I was a little bloated and I needed to go, but she said hold on. She handed me the douche bulb and she stepped into the tub. She told me to step into the tub and give her the douche in the tub this time instead of on the toilet. She ask me to bend down and lick her “willowy wonderland” and I tried, but with all that water inside of me I couldn’t. She then reached into her vagina with a finger then two and brought them out glistening with something and rubbed on the outside of her “willowy wonderland”. She then ask me to put the nozzle inside her and squeeze the bulb. I did and she closed her eyes and bent her knees a little and let out a little OOOHHHH. I had almost forgot the water and soap l was holding, but then the urge hit hard and I told her l had to go.

She said ok and told me to just squat and let go right there in the tub. As l have always said I did as I was told. I exploded in the tub. I really felt funny, l had gone in the woods a few times out camping and at my grandparents had used the outside john, but never in the bathtub. I had started and couldn’t stop and it was a little messy, but Jean just stood there with the douche bulb nozzle moving in and out of her willowy wonderland. When I had stopped going she took the nozzle out of herself and stepped out of tub. She turned on the water and started using the sprayer to wash me and the tub. The water was a little cold to begin with and I jumped but soon it warmed up and I took the soap out of the dish and washed up. Jean decided that I should have another bath, so after rinsing out the tub, she ran some more water with only me in the tub this time. She was like a mother hen hovering over her brood. She washed and washed and washed. I said she was a clean freak.

When she finished I stepped out and she dried me this time. Then that something special happened. She was on her knees drying my legs and feet when she looked up at my penis and just reached up with her tongue and licked it. It was only semi-erect but bounced quickly to attention with the attention it was receiving. Then she took the whole thing in her mouth. That was a first for me. I remember seeing the ceiling for the first time as my head bent backwards and my eyes rolled up. I cannot with words then or now describe the feeling in my balls, my stomach, by butt, my chest, my shoulders, arms and even my toes. I was even feeling the few hairs l had on my chest. She was making every nerve in my body to feel things they had never felt. Then as quick as she started, she stopped. She stood and walked over to the linen closet and pulled out a chrome looking bullet. She told me that she had contacted a man in a machine shop and had him make this special nozzle for her to receive an enema. It had a hole all the way through and a little notch on the base with threads on it. It was about 7” long and 1 1/2 “ in diameter. She told me it was stainless steel and handed it to me. It was really heavy. Those of today who think they have new ideas, need to realize that people have been coming up with ideas for things to insert into their bodies for pleasure since time began.

She filled up the bag again and took out a little screw looking thing and put it in the end of the hose and then twisted in onto the silver looking nozzle.

She told me she was going to get on her hands and knees in the tub and wanted me to give her the whole bag without stopping the flow. She hung the bag on the towel rack and handed the nozzle to me. She told me to Vaseline the silver nozzle and to put a lot on her “rosebud”. There is a list on the net that the owner’s nickname is rosebud, but that word to is not new.

By the way, Jean’s nickname for my penis was “winkie”. No, I don’t why. She got into the tub on her hands and knees. What a sight as she reached back and spread her cheeks. She had me use my finger in her rosebud and told me to go in and out a lot. Then she said to use two fingers and really go in and out hard. I was thinking about getting my fingers dirty. Funny how the mind works. I had a woman that had thrilled me to no end with all kinds of kinky stuff and had just had my penis in her mouth and I was thinking about getting my fingers dirty ???

I worked my fingers in and out and did not see anything on my fingers and the thought left. Jean began to hump my fingers a little and said to put the nozzle in but do it slow. I started the nozzle in a little at a time and it was incredible at how her hole was stretching to take that nozzle. I had put it in about 4 inches when she said to start the water. I unsnapped the clamp and the water started and I heard a little moan come from her. She told me to go ahead and put the whole nozzle inside of her and I moved it in slowly until all was in except the part I was holding. It didn’t take long and the water was emptying into her and the bag was flat. I ask her if she wanted me to take the nozzle out and she whispered, not yet. She just stayed in the same position for 5 minutes or so. Then she told me to slowly ease the nozzle out and I did. That all familiar moan arose from her lips one more time. She told me to turn the water on and let it warm up. I did and then she said to use the sprayer and point it right on her rose bud.

I did and when the water hit her opening she started expelling. I am not into scatology or anything but I was getting hard again watching her expel and the water from the sprayer hitting her ass at the same time. She had reached underneath of herself and started playing with her clit and she was really moaning loudly like she had in the past just before she orgasmed. When she was completely empty, l rinsed off her legs and the rest of the tub. When she was able to get up, I wasn’t sure if she had gotten off or not, but she was red as a beet. Flushed is a better term. She wanted to bathe again. I said “clean freak”. It was getting close to 3:00AM but l didn’t care of even think of sleep.

Before going to sleep at 6:45AM, she had given me another enema and used the silver nozzle, she had me give her two more enemas. She had peed in the bathtub standing up while I watched. I think she had me tongue and lick her clit for almost an hour. You know the little piece of skin under the tongue that is like a tendon or something. I had a blister on that from it rubbing my bottom teeth while I had my tongue shoved inside of her and all over her willowy wonderland.

That was also the first time she let me have intercourse with her and it was marvelous. She was on top and she would go all the way down on my penis and then rub back and forth. I lasted quite awhile for me, but I had already cum twice when she finally let me into her. To this day, I have not ever let anyone do this to me, but she did and I loved it. After I had fucked her and cum in her, she sat on my face and I licked my own cum out of her. I did this many more times after that, but only with her and have not done it since. Maybe some of you amateur Psyco’s can help me understand this. She fixed me breakfast before we went to sleep. All I had was a banana. I had to eat it out of her.

YEP, l ate it out of her. I don’t think l could get anybody to understand how I felt about this woman. I would have eat her shit if she would have ask me. I never did, she never ask and today the thought is a nauseating to me, but the feelings l had for her were incredible and at that time would have done anything.

She later had her friend that made the silver nozzle, made some other things for our games and I will tell you about them later.

Jean oh Jean where are you today ?