Thermometer Punishment

Missy knew she had been a bad girl. The 22-year-old college junior stood there in the corner of her bedroom right where her mom had placed her. A quarter was placed between her nose and the wall, knowing full well that if that quarter would drop, her punishment would even be worse. Her mom even handcuffed her hands behind her back to make sure she couldn’t pick up the quarter if it were to fall. Her father was an inner- city narcotics officer and it seemed a pair of handcuffs was always around to aid in her punishment sessions.

Missy was dressed in typical college attire. A long, oversized sweatshirt hung down to her knees and bore the emblem of the small town university she attended. A black pair of stretch pants, white socks, and a pair of running shoes completed her attire. She excelled in track and field, and her tall slim figure was a testament to that. For now, she just stood there, handcuffed, hoping she wouldn’t sneeze allowing the quarter to fall, contemplating the punishment instructions she would have to carry out when her mom returned.

The day started out as any other. Her mom and dad had already left for work when Missy got up to get ready for school. It was a cool fall day and the sun was shining brightly. The last nice day before colder snowy weather she thought. A great day to blow off her 10 a.m. class, but leave the house by 2 p.m. for her 3 o’clock class, before her parents arrived home. Since her parents were paying for her school, graduating was of utmost importance, and she knew they would not tolerate such irresponsibility. She knew the consequences, but would be out of the house before they arrived home.

It was almost 1:30 when Missy’s mom walked in the house and saw Missy laying on the couch watching TV.

“Missy! What are you doing home? Shouldn’t you be in school?”

Startled, Missy exclaimed, “Shouldn’t you be at work?”

“That’s beside the point,” her mother shouted, “You had better have a good excuse for being home, young lady!” Missy, desperate for an excuse, and with little time to think had told her mom she was feeling warm and thought she had a fever. Her mom then went into the bathroom and got the thermometer, shook it down, and placed it under Missy’s tongue.

“You hold that thermometer under your tongue while I run out and get the mail. For your sake, you better have a fever!” Missy’s mom returned about 3 minutes later and removed the glass rod from her mouth and read the temperature at 110 degrees. She looked down at the table and saw the cup of coffee and quickly put two and two together. Missy knew she was in trouble.

“O.K. young lady! You skipped school and tried to pull one over on your mother with the coffee and the thermometer. Your punishment will involve getting an accurate body temperature and you feeling uncomfortable and humiliated to the point that you will never pull another stunt like this again!” She then marched Missy up to her room, handcuffed her, placed her in the corner, and recited a long list of instructions Missy would have to carry out upon her mom’s return in a half-hour.

Missy could hear her mom walking up the steps. She knew it was punishment time. Her mom walked over and placed her hand underneath Missy’s nose and she let the quarter drop. Her mom then removed the handcuffs. Missy began rubbing her wrists, awaiting her mom’s command to begin carrying out her long list of detailed instructions. “Missy! Begin step 1!” her mom ordered. Missy obediently walked over to the dresser drawer and removed a rectal thermometer, two glycerin suppositories, and a jar of Vicks. She removed the thermometer from the case and shook it down, opened the jar of Vicks, and stuck the thermometer half way in. She then placed the jar containing the thermometer and the two suppositories on the nightstand next to the bed, along with a box of tissues. She then laid face down on the bed.

“Very good Missy. You may now begin step 2,” her mom replied. This was the part Missy hated the most. She slowly pulled up her long sweatshirt to just above her waist. She then slipped her fingers into the waistband of her stretch pants and slid them down to her knees, exposing her white cotton Jockey style panties with yellow stripes. Finally, she slid her panties down, bunching them up to just above her stretch pants exposing her bare butt, tan lines and all, to her mother. Missy buried her head in the pillow awaiting her mom to begin step 3.

Missy’s mom walked over and sat on the bed next to Missy’s bare butt. Her mom dipped her finger in the Vicks, removing a generous amount on her fingertip. Missy could then feel her cheeks being spread apart and the Vicks being spread around and in her tight butt. She clenched her cheeks tight as she began to feel the burning sensation, her mom working her finger in and out of Missy’s anus, making sure it was well lubricated. Next came the thermometer. Missy again felt her butt cheeks being separated as her mom took the thermometer and rubbed the silver bulb in circles around the entrance of the terrified girl’s butt, teasing her with the thermometer before inserting deep up her ass. Only the tip of the thermometer could be seen between Missy’s cheeks. Her mom then began to rotate the thermometer with her fingertips causing the lubricating Vicks to burn even more. Missy’s mom then let the girl lay there on her stomach, pants and underwear pulled down, with a thermometer deep up her butt to contemplate her skipping school.

She returned 15 minutes later and slowly removed the thermometer. “No fever!” she said. “Just as I suspected. Since you lied to me about being sick, we will continue with the final steps of your punishment.”

Her mom then went over to the nightstand and unwrapped the 2 glycerin suppositories. She positioned herself on the bed and again spread Missy’s cheeks. She inserted the suppository halfway up the entrance of Missy’s butt and used the thermometer to push it in as deep as the thermometer is long. Missy winced as she felt the clear bullet traveling deep up her already burning hole. Missy then had to repeat the process herself for the second suppository as her mom watched.

“Alright Missy, you know what the final stage of your punishment entails.” With that, Missy slowly sat up on the side of the bed and began untying her shoes. She took off her shoes and then removed each of her socks. Her pants and panties were next, still bunched up around her knees. She then stood up, pulled off her sweatshirt and removed her sports bra. Completely naked, the blonde hair blue eyed girl submissively walked to the corner of her bedroom and pushed her nose up against the wall, feet together, with her arms outstretched together behind her back ready to accept the handcuffs. Her mom then handcuffed Missy’s wrists and once again placed a quarter between the punished girl’s nose and the wall.

“I want you to remain in the corner and hold up that quarter with your nose for the next hour and think about what you did. Hopefully, the uncomfortable feeling caused by the suppositories will be a constant reminder never to skip school again!”

Her mom then left Missy to be by herself. She squirmed as she stood in the corner, as her stomach was already beginning to cramp, however she did everything she could to make sure she didn’t drop the quarter. Under no circumstances did she want to have to endure the punishment her mom would administer if that quarter hit the floor…