This Fantasy of Mine

By [email protected]

I would love to be picked up for the evening by my enema master….

We would go to a lovely motel with a huge four poster bed (all the better to hank the bag from). The lighting would be soft


My enema master has obviously been to the room prior, since the candles are already lit when we enter the room. I see a lovely silk robe laying across the huge bed. I am handed the robe and shown to the bathroom with instructions to strip and return to the bed. I come out with the silk robe on and my nipples have become erect from the feel of the wonderful silk.

My enema master is standing there in a black leather thong……

He was standing there with something in his hand. I see that it is a set of nipple clips…he invites me over to the bed so that he can attach them properly. He begins by slowly opening my robe to expose my breasts (36B) and slowly flicks his thumbs over my erect nipples, before he leans down to take one in his mouth…I let out a soft moan. He then goes over to the other and sucks on it. Now that they are at their peak, gently (as gently as possible) he puts the first clip on my right nipple. I let out a little yelp of surprise. He then starts to suck on the clipped nipple to help soothe it…..and clips my left nipple.

He then asks me to lay on my left side…he slowly begins to caress my ass cheeks, ever so slightly running his finger against my pucker hole to tease it. I hear him open his doctor bag as he brings out a big tube of KY jelly. I start to squirm on the bed in anticipation.

He squeezes a huge glob of jelly out to make sure that I’m lubricated nicely. He massages it around the outside of my pucker to get me to relax, then he slowly enters and roams around, first one finger then two. I can feel my pussy juices starting just from this stimulation. He slaps my bottom, since I’m being a bad girl too soon.

I look up to see the 2 two quart bags hanging down. (note: I’ve only been able to take 2 quarts a couple of times). He pulls the tube from one of them and slowly rubs it up and down my crack. My hole starts to twitch. He finally get to the opening, slaps my cheek and shoves the hose in. (what an intense feeling). Before I can say anything he lets the clamp go and the water starts running in.

My master is holding the hose in, since I always have trouble keeping it in. While he holds the hose in he is slow rubbing my cheeks and occasionally will reach to pinch my clipped nipples. He then reaches down to rub my tummy since I’m starting to get a cramp.

He shuts the clamp off, since I now have managed to take the first bag. He leaves the hose in for a little longer as he rubs my tummy….He leans down to fumble in his doctor’s bag for something else, I’m not sure what, since he pick is up quickly so I can’t see what it is.

He starts to slowly pull the hose out, but I can feel something else entering my hole. The hose is out but it has been replaced by

something else. He slaps my cheeks again and says “ You will need to hold that for 20 minuntes. I have put in a butt plug to insure that you do. Now roll over and get on your hands and knees, so that the water can flow further.”

He has to help me, the experience has kind of weakened me and my mind is in such a state. I do happen to notice that he is in a state also. His rod is practically tearing the leather thong apart, but it is pulling the thong part tighter into his crack.

I’m finally up on my knees and I can feel the water move. My master rubs my tummy some more, since now it is really getting rather uncomfortable. “Just a few more minutes and you can use the bathroom.” As he rubs my tummy he manages to graze my clit also.

“Okay, are you ready? I’ll help you up.” He helps me up and helps me to the bathroom with the butt plug still in. He pulls back the shower curtain and there is a medical riser that usually goes over the toiliet. (it is open there is no pan underneath) I hadn’t noticed when I changed.

“Sit here I need to see your flow, beside I can reach up and pull the butt plug out. Are you ready?” ‘Yes” I wimper. He reaches to pull the plug out. He pulled it out fast, so that he could get out of the way. God it came shooting out. “Good girl, just sit here for a while, there will be more to come.” He reaches to tweak my nipples again. He starts to suck on them also.

“I feel it coming again” He stands back quickly, so he doesn’t get any on him. Sweat beads break out on my brow.

He leaves the room to get ready the next treatment. I do manage to let go a couple more time and clean up.

“Come here” He’s sitting on the bed and pats his lap. His rod is still so stiff. “ I need to see that you cleaned yourself up well.” I lean over his lap and can feel his stiff pole poking at me. He’s rubbing my cheeks with some lotion and occasionally managed to slip down my crack. When he does that I wiggle a little and keep running into his rod.