Three Enema Stories

My First Enema

This is a true story about the first enema I remember. It happened when I was seven years old living in Spain where the U.S. Navy had stationed my father. The Navy supplied us with a housing supplement and the dollar was worth a lot more than the Spanish peseta, so we were able to afford a full time live-in maid who was also a de-facto nanny and baby sitter.

The maid’s name was Juanita. She was in her early twenties, medium height, and slightly plump. Not fat, but just round enough to be soft and sexy. She had fairly large tits, a nice round soft ass, and nice legs. Her hair was jet black and she had dark eyes.

One day after we had come home from a pastry shop where I had stuffed myself with a pastry called churros I began to have a very bad stomach ache. I didn’t tell my parents who were planning to go out for the evening. After they left I felt so bad that I had to tell Juanita. This being the late fifties and Juanita being old-fashioned, she knew just what the cure for my problem should be.

Juanita took me into the one of the bathrooms and had me take down my pants and sit on the toilet. She told me to try to go to the bathroom. I strained as hard as I could but nothing would come out. The straining made me feel even worse and I threw up into the toilet. Juanita cleaned me up and told me that she had something that would make me feel better. She had a “special” treatment.

She opened a cabinet under the sink and took out a large, red rubber, hot water bottle. I recognized it from the few times that I had needed it to keep warm when I was ill. Then she took out something I had not seen before. It was a red rubber hose with a shiny silver clamp on it. She then attached a large nozzle to it. The nozzle was shiny and black, long, curved slightly, and tapered until it bulged back out into large bulbous tip which had several holes along the sides. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was an old-fashioned douche nozzle from the early fifties.

She plugged the sink and began to fill it with water. While the water was running she held a bar of some kind of harsh white Spanish soap in the water stream. I could smell the harsh soap smell as the sink filled with soapy water. When it was full she proceeded to immerse the bar of soap in the water and rub it briskly making the water even more soapy. She did this for almost five minutes until the water was sudsy. Then she put the bag into the water and allowed it to fill as much as possible. When she pulled it out, it was about two thirds full. I remember the shiny red surface as the soapy water and suds ran down the outside of the bag.

She then attached the hose to the bag and turned it upside down. She hung the bag from a pipe running to the toilet tank on the wall above the toilet (the toilet tanks were hung from the wall some four to five feet above the toilet seat and had the pipes exposed). She released the clamp on the hose for a few seconds and let some water spray from the nozzle. I though about how it looked like a small fountain.

Juanita then undressed me completely. She closed the toilet cover, sat on it and put a large folded bath towel across her lap. She called me over to her and told me to lie across her lap, face down. I was quite nervous now, because I had no idea what she was planning, but I did it anyway. She lubricated the enema nozzle by rubbing it across the wet soft surface of the bar of soap. She also rubbed her finger over the soap so that it was coated.

Juanita then spread my ass cheeks with one hand and rubbed soap all over my asshole. It burned like hell and I yelled. She continued to rub and then she stuck her finger into my hole about an inch or so and rotated it. I was so surprised that I jumped forward and nearly fell off her lap. But, I had a strange warm feeling rush through me while her finger was in my hole. In fact, her probing finger actually felt good.

When she finished, and had pulled her finger out, she began to rub the large nozzle tip across my burning hole. After a few seconds, she began to insert it into me. I instinctively clenched my asshole as the nozzle began to enter. It did no good, she managed to force the tip into me. It felt hard and slippery as it stretched my hole. I felt it sliding up into my rectum all the way until it hit the top. I suddenly had the biggest urge to shit, but there was nothing there to come out.

Juanita waited until I relaxed and then she released the clamp. The hot soapy water rushed out high up in my rectum. It really stung and I lost control and sprayed it out all over Juanita and the bathroom. Juanita stopped the flow. She told me to try and hold the water in. Then she released the clamp again and immediately squeezed my ass cheeks together with her free hand. The burning enema water began to fill my bowels. I asked her to please stop it. She did so for about a minute or two and then started the flow again. I could feel the water rushing deep inside me as I began to fill up.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t hold any more. I felt like I was going to burst. I began to get cramps and I felt nauseous. I started to cry and Juanita stopped the flow. I don’t know how much water I took because I could not see the bag, but Juanita seemed satisfied that it was enough. She made me lay there and hold the water for several minutes while she continued to squeeze my cheeks. My bowels were churning and I was sure that I was going to throw up, when she finally stood me up and had me squat over the toilet seat. She released my butt cheeks and pulled out the nozzle. The soapy water exploded from me as I sat down on the seat. It sprayed uncontrollably only stopping when a turd worked it’s way out. There was a lot of cramping as the water, turds, and gas worked their way out of my bowels. After several minutes, I was done.

Juanita then took me to the bathtub and gave me a warm bath. Then she sent me to bed to rest. Even though the enema was painful at the time, I had enjoyed it in a strange way, and was secretly hoping that I would get more of Juanita’s “special” treatments in the future, but those are stories to be told in the future. Needless to say, I have become a lifelong enema lover. “Thank you, Juanita.”

I Get Another Enema From Juanita

After my first enema from Juanita, I couldn’t stop thinking about enemas. I tried to give myself an enema a couple of weeks later, but it was a disaster. A few weeks later when I was alone with Juanita again, I pretended to have stomach cramps. After about an hour or so Juanita took me into the bathroom so I could relieve myself. She waited a few minutes while I strained on the toilet and complained how much my stomach hurt.

I guess I was pretty convincing, because she finally brought out the hot-water bottle/enema bag. Although secretly, I like to imagine that she knew I was faking it and gave me the enema anyway, because she enjoyed doing it.

She filled the washbowl with water just like last time, but did not put as much soap in this time. I can only assume that she realized that the last solution was too harsh. Since I felt fine and knew what to expect, I was able to relax and concentrate on everything that was going on.

I watched the sink fill with the cloudy, frothy soap solution. I inhaled deeply, smelling the harsh soap smell. I examined the large black douche nozzle on the end of the hose. At the time it seemed huge. It felt that way too, when it was deep inside my rectum. Juanita dipped the bag in the sink and filled it about two-thirds to three fourths full just like last time. Again it glistened with the soapy enema coating its surface.

Juanita looked around inside the medicine cabinet until she found a jar of cold cream. She used that to lubricate the nozzle. It really made the hard black surface shine, it was almost mirror-like. I can still remember the smell of the cold cream to this day. In fact the smell of cold cream always brings back instant memories of my enemas from Juanita.

Juanita hung the bag from the pipe above the toilet. She released the clamp and let some water run from the nozzle. Then she undressed me. This time instead of sitting on the closed toilet, she left the toilet seat open and she sat on the edge of the bathtub facing inward. She raised her dress almost to her panties and put a towel across her lap. I guess she didn’t want a repeat of the mess I made of her dress the last time. I don’t know if she saw me staring at her ample, soft, white, thighs or not, but she quickly covered them with the towel.

I was as turned on as a seven year old boy can get. I could hardly wait to lay across her lap, especially knowing that her bare thighs were just underneath that towel. When she had me lie across her lap, I deliberately moved around so that part of her legs were exposed and I was able to get a little skin to skin contact. Her lap was very fleshy and soft.

She took some cold cream on her finger, and spread my butt cheeks with her other hand. Her hand was very warm and soft. She began to rub the cold cream on my butt hole. It felt very cold and greasy. I squeezed my butt closed as tightly as I could so that she had to force her finger inside. She inserted it a small distance and rotated it around and moved it back and forth. I felt like I had to shit right then and couldn’t hold my hole tight anymore. Nature took over and I began to push outward just like I was shitting. Juanita immediately removed her finger and inserted the end of the hard cold nozzle.

She quickly pushed it deep inside me as far as it would go. I concentrated on the feeling of it as it filled my rectum from top to bottom. She squeezed my cheeks together with one hand. I heard her snap the metal clip open and almost immediately the warm soapy enema began to rush into my rectum.

This time, I was able to hold it in by clenching down on the nozzle. The warm water quickly filled my rectum so that I felt like I was filled with the biggest turd of my life. Just when I thought that the solution would explode from my rear, it flowed around the bend at the end of my rectum and began to flow deep into my bowels. This time it stung but did not burn like the last enema.

I felt the warm solution gurgling deep inside me as it began to fill my bowels. After a few minutes, I thought that I was going to explode from the pressure. It really began to hurt. But, I was determined to take all the water she had put in the bag. There was so much pressure that I had difficulty breathing due to the upward force from my bloated bowels. Finally, when I began to feel sick to my stomach, I had to ask her to stop the flow.

She made me lie there as the soapy enema churned around deep inside me. By now, I had squirmed around so much that there was almost no towel between me and her. I guess that I had a partial hard-on, because I remember my little penis was wedged down between her thighs. I don’t know if she noticed that or not, but I hope so. I would like to think that she knew how much her treatment had turned me on.

After several minutes with the enema working around inside my bowels and my penis wedged between her soft warm thighs, she carefully helped me stand up and squat over the toilet. I had to go so badly that the enema nozzle almost exploded from my butt as I began to expel the enema solution.

There seemed to be a lot more cramping this time as the water worked its way down through my bowels. After the initial burst of water, the water came out in spurts several seconds to a minute between each. The flow stopped, but I could still feel water churning around deep inside me. It caused some very nasty cramps as it worked its way around and down to my rectum. After a few more minutes of cramps, spurting water, and shitting, I was done.

This time, I was even weaker and more worn out than the first time. I was barely able to stand long enough to get into the tub for my bath. Afterwards, I needed Juanita to help me walk to the bed.

During the next year after this enema, I was able to get Juanita to give me eight more enemas by faking stomach aches. I actually tried for more, but most of the time she didn’t give me an enema. Now that I think about it, years later, she must have known that I was turned on by this enema, because she acted strangely toward me for several weeks afterward. In fact, I’m surprised that she ever gave me another.

We kept that old hot water bottle for several years. I was able to rescue the douche nozzle before it was thrown away almost ten years later. I still have it and use it regularly. It feels and works so much better than those lousy little white douche nozzles they sell nowadays.

Next time, I’ll tell you about my experiences playing doctor, enema doctor that is, with the girl who lived next door.

I Play Enema Doctor with Nina

After the wonderful enemas I had gotten from our maid Juanita, I decided to try to get the neighbor girl, Nina to give me one. I was about eight, and I think Nina was a couple of years younger. All I remember about her was that she was slim, with a hard little girl body and she had dirty blond hair.

Nina and I had played doctor on a couple of occasions before. However, I had just gotten a doctors kit for Christmas. It had a toy hypodermic syringe that could be filled with liquid and a long plastic tip which acted like the needle. The needle tip was hollow so that liquid could be sprayed from it. It was quite large, and I am guessing that it held about an ounce and a half or so of liquid.

Our parents were next door at Nina’s apartment playing cards one evening, and Nina was with me. Juanita was not at home, so we were alone. When I showed my medical bag to Nina, we decided to play doctor. I would be the doctor first, and then Nina.

I checked her ears, nose, throat, and eyes. Then I told her that she had to raise her dress up to expose her chest so that I could check her heart with the stethoscope. It was only a short step to having her take her panties down so that I could check her lower body regions. I rubbed her little pussy, and ran my finger along the inside edge of the crack. Nina gasped when I did this.

Then I got to the object of my desire. I had her bend over forward on the edge of the bed so that I could check her butt hole. I ran my finger along the crack of her ass and stroked her little pink butt hole. She seemed to be panting while I did this. I took out the thermometer and told her that I had to check her temperature. I went into the adjoining bathroom and put some cold cream on the toy thermometer. When I cam back, I told Nina that I had to put it into her butt to get an accurate temperature. She objected at first, but finally gave in when I told her that it had to be done.

I rubbed the tip across her hole and began to insert it. Nina jumped forward and clenched her butt hole and cheeks together. I had to separate her cheeks with my hand and force the tip of the thermometer into her tight little hole. She complained that it hurt, but I just pushed it in as far as it would go. I left it in for at least three or four minutes. When I pulled it out, it had shit on it. And Nina immediately jumped up and ran to the bathroom to take a shit.

When she came back I went in and filled the syringe with warm water and lubricated the plastic needle tip with cold cream. I came back and told Nina that she was very sick and needed some shots. Probably several would be needed to help her get better. She had to take them in the butt of course, so she leaned back over the bed.

I warned her that the needle was going into her butt in the same place as the thermometer. She complained again, but I convinced her to take all the shots I was about to give her. I told her that she had to hold all the medicine in until I told her to let it go, otherwise it wouldn’t work and she would be very sick.

This time she didn’t react quite so violently when I put the tip against her butt hole. But she was clenched down, even harder than before. The needle was so slim and well lubricated, that I had no trouble slipping it in. I pushed it all the way in, probably about two to three inches. I told Nina to get ready for the medicine. As soon as I began to inject the warm water, Nina started to really complain. I injected all of it into her little butt anyway.

Nina said that she had to go to the bathroom really bad. I told her that she had to hold the medicine. I said that she needed more shots. She said that she didn’t want anymore. I told her that the doctor knows best and went and refilled the syringe. When I came back, Nina began to cry. I told her to act like a big girl and take all her shots.

I forced the needle tip into her again and injected the water, some of it dripped from her puckered asshole. I gave Nina about five or six injections this way, while she cried all the way through the whole procedure. She said that she could not possibly hold any more medicine and that she really had to go to the bathroom badly. I stopped and let her go.

When Nina came back, she said that it was her turn to be the doctor, since this was 1959, I think she probably was going to be a nurse. After an exam, she said that I needed to get some shots, too. If she only knew how much I looked forward to that. I told her that I was really sick and needed bigger shots than she got. I told her that we had a special shot for really sick people like me. I went to the bathroom and got out an old style bulb enema syringe with the thin, black, hard rubber, nozzle. I’m guessing that it held eight to ten ounces. I filled it with warm water, lubricated it, and returned to the bedroom.

I gave it to Nina and explained how to insert it all the way in my butt hole and squeeze it gently until all the liquid had gone inside me. She seemed surprised at the size of the thing. I leaned over the edge of the bed and spread my legs. Nina tentatively rubbed the tip on my butt hole. I got a big rush from the feeling. I remember goose bumps forming all over me. Finally Nina pushed the nozzle into me. What a feeling! She began squeezing the bulb and I felt the warm water shoot out the tip and up into my rectum. This was different from the feeling of the douche nozzle deep inside my rectum.

I had some difficulty taking the water without leaking. When it was all in, Nina pulled the nozzle out rather abruptly and I squirted some water on her. Lucky she was still naked. I remained there squeezing my butt as tightly as I could. I told Nina how to refill the bulb and sent her to the bathroom. She returned with it full and ready to go.

She was enjoying this revenge, and said that she thought that I should take just as many shots as she had. The second bulb-full was very difficult to take. I could feel my insides begin to churn and I started squirming around on the bed. Nina quickly refilled the bulb and returned. When I complained, she reminded me that I had to take the medicine to get better. I took four bulbs and when Nina was about to give me the fifth, I said that I couldn’t take anymore and that it hurt I was beginning to feel sick to my stomach from the water.

Nina insisted that I take at least one more bulb. I somehow managed to take it, but I was in real distress. As she pulled the nozzle out, I began to spew enema water. I ran to the bathroom, water shooting from my butt all the way. Lucky the floors didn’t have carpet, what a mess there was. A trail of brown enema water and several large chunks of shit.

Nina helped me clean it. We must have used almost an entire roll of toilet paper. We took turns washing off in the bathtub afterwards. Nina refused to play doctor with me after that. A few months later, her father was transferred off the ship, Nina moved and I have never heard from her again.

It was quite an experience. Too bad Nina didn’t enjoy it. I would have liked to have started her off on a life of taking erotic enemas. Well that’s my story of my one and only time playing enema doctor as a child. Of course it’s a different story now that I am all grown up and have willing partners. I’ll tell some of the erotic, and true experiences (none of these ridiculous claims of taking two gallons of water and garbage like that) I have had in future posts.