Three Thermometer Stories

By Anonymous

Cold Pool

I decided to go swimming at the community recreation center yesterday, mainly just to relax after a long day. I went into the men’s locker room and changed into my bathing suit. The showers felt good as I wet myself down prior to going out on the pool deck.

I went out and got into the water. I was a little disappointed that the water seemed cooler than normal and being an outdoor pool, it was breezy that day. I swam laps for about an hour before crawling into a corner to begin relaxing. I was all settled when I noticed a young lady, maybe 12 or 13, enter the pool area. She was wearing a bright green one-piece bathing suit. It was a size or two too tight and I could clearly see the shape of her cute butt. She was about 4 foot 6 inches with long wavy dark hair. She seemed to be pretty shy, as she avoided interacting with the others in the pool.

I glanced her way a few times over 20 minutes. The last time I looked over at her, a man who appeared to be her father was stooped over the edge of the pool talking to her. She was shivering as she talked to him and soon he was going back to his chair to retrieve her towel and meet her at the stairs as she got out. He put the large over-sized towel around his daughter and began to vigorously rub her back, trying to warm her up.

The man and his daughter walked past me on their way out of the pool area. As they were passing, I overheard the father mentioning something about taking a temperature. “Hmmm” I thought, sounds interesting.

After about 5 minutes, the wind was picking up and I was starting to get cold now. Time to get out. I hopped out of the water and quickly walked to the locker room. A quick warm shower and I was ready to get dressed. I finished in the locker room and headed out into the parking lot to my van. Without much thought, I unlocked the driver’s door and jumped in. As I was fumbling to get the key into the ignition, I looked down into the car ahead of me. To my awe and amazement, I saw the girl with the green bathing suit in the back seat of the car ahead of me, being placed over her father’s lap. It was enough to catch my attention, and I watched as the events unfolded in front of my own eyes.

She wiggled her buttocks around some to get comfortable, only a mere 4 feet from my eyes. The father reached into a first-aid box, which was setting next to him on the seat, and pulled out a thermometer case. He unscrewed the top and pulled out the glass instrument, the silver tip shining in the bright sunlight. It was a stubby bulb. He reached down with his left hand and gracefully managed to pull her bathing suit away on one side of her buttocks. With the material out of the way, he went back with his hand to pry her buttocks apart, and into clear view, her anal opening came. It was glistening and wet. No sooner did he have his target, the thermometer tip was positioned and lowered deep into her rectum. She seemed surprised by the feeling as I watched her buttocks tighten firmly around the invading stem.

60 seconds passed, and he pulled the thermometer out as quickly as it had gone in. He patted his daughter’s buttocks once or twice and replaced the bathing suit over the once exposed buttock. She was quick to slide off his lap. I felt awkward at that moment and reached over to slam my door shut, deliberately and loudly, hopefully to imply to them that I have just got in! They both got out and went up to the front seat, not even noticing me behind them, and drove off.

The Gymnast

I was asked by Janet, who is a good friend of mine, if I wanted to come and visit her at the gymnastics camp that she coaches for. I hadn’t seen her in awhile, so I arranged to meet her the next Saturday.

I arrived at about noon and went into the front entrance of the building. I walked down the hall past a large gymnasium filled with girls doing gymnastic routines. I noticed the sign at the end of the hall that pointed to the left for classrooms and offices. I walked through a set of double doors into another hallway. Off of this hallway were what appeared to be administrative offices, followed by small classrooms, one of which was filled with about 20 girls. The girls were in the 6-10 age group and were all dressed in different color leotards. Last but not least, I came to another office which had the name JANET WALKER on the door. I walked through the doorway and saw her sitting at her desk, she immediately got up and came over to hug me.

Janet and I spent the next hour or so on a tour of the facility. I was impressed, this building had everything! It was equipped with a pool, gymnasium, classrooms, and even full sleeping quarters. We ended up back at her office again. We chatted about how things were going for each of us, and exchanged memories of earlier get togethers.

As we were relaxing in her office, a girl about 9 years old wearing a blue leotard came in. Janet greeted her “Hi Julie… What can I do for you?” The little girl answered “It’s Kristen… She’s upstairs in her bed not feeling very good”

My friend told Julie “Ok, go up and stay with her, I’ll be right up”

Janet got up from the desk and walked over to a large cabinet, opened the door and took out what looked like a large tackle box, except that it had a red cross on the front. She motioned for me to follow her as she headed out the door. I got up and quickly caught up to her in the hallway.

She ascended the stairway just down the hall from her door and went up to the sleeping quarters. We entered the large room to find a girl about 7 years old laying on her stomach on her bed. She was wearing an olive green body suit which fit her tightly - it was hard to ignore that the fabric was wedged into the crack of her buttocks.

Janet walked over to her bed and sat down on the edge, then started to rub the girl’s back. “What’s wrong Kristen?” she asked. Kristen moaned and said “My stomach hurts!” My friend reached her hand up and felt Kristen’s forehead, then turned to me and said “She’s definitely warm!”

Janet reached down to the ground and unsnapped the box, opening the cover all the way. She reached into the front section and pulled out a thermometer case, then into the bad section and pulled out a jar of Vaseline. I could easily guess what was going to happen next. Janet spoke reassuringly… “Kristen… I’m going to take your temperature sweety… Let’s get your body suit off.”

Janet placed her fingers under the fabric at Kristen’s shoulders, then gently peeled back the clothing, first revealing Kristen’s bare back, and ending up with her laying only in her white bikini underwear. Kristen didn’t seem to object to the presence of a small audience (two other girls had joined us to see what was wrong). Janet grabbed ahold of Kristen’s underwear and pulled them down and off. Kristen was now completely naked laying on her bed. I couldn’t help but notice how muscular Kristen’s buttocks and legs were.

Janet flipped the top off the Vaseline jar and took the thermometer out of the case. Janet studied the thermometer for a moment, then shook it down with several snaps of her wrist. Janet dipped just the bulb of the thermometer into the Vaseline, then set the jar aside on the bed.

The 3 girls standing beside Kristen’s bed seemed to take an interest in this procedure as they all moved closer to watch.

Janet gently moved Kristen’s legs apart, loosening up her buttocks a little. Kristen wiggled her body and got comfortable. Janet rested her hand on Kristen’s buttocks and spread them good. Kristen’s anal opening was very relaxed and the pressure on her buttocks caused her hole to open up to Janet.

Janet spoke slowly and calmly saying “Ok Kristen, I’m going to insert the thermometer into you now, just relax…” as the bulb made contact with her skin. Kristen’s body spasmed as Janet guided the thermometer deep into Kristen’s rectum.

When Janet finished putting the thermometer in, she took her hand off Kristen’s buttocks and rubbed her back, up and down, then over her buttocks. Kristen tightened her buttocks when Janet’s hand brushed across them.

We patiently waited 4 minutes, and Janet separated Kristen’s buttocks to remove the thermometer. She took it out slowly, then held it up to read the scale. “101.4” she said.

Janet sat Kristen up and gave her some Tylenol “Here Kristen, this should help you sleep…” I handed Kristen a small glass of water, which she sipped on for a minute. We got up and Janet tucked her into bed.

The Itch

I went camping last week with a group of friends and their families. There were about 20 of us in all. We had 4 large campsites on the water, each with a tent or two set up on it. The week was going well and we were all having a good time, then on Thursday night everyone went down by the water to sit by the campfire… Except me and my friend’s 18 year old daughter Rachel. She was sitting by herself in her family’s tent. I was reading a book in my tent about 10 feet away. The tents were set up in the woods, which were about 125 feet up a hill, away from the water.

About 15 minutes after everyone had departed, Rachel “knocked” on my tent. I unzipped the doorway, poked my head out, and seeing it was Rachel, said “Hello Rachel, How are you?”

Rachel looked at me nervously and asked “Can I come in?”

I said “Sure” and moved the canvas out of the way. She crawled in and sat on the blanket next to my sleeping bag.

“The noises out there are giving me the creeps… Can I stay with you for awhile?” she said

I cheerfully told her “No problem, I was just reading this book… but I’d rather talk with you than read it.”

We exchanged some small-talk for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I started to notice she was rocking her body back and forth and “grinding” her buttocks into the ground. I asked “Is everything OK?”

Rachel looked up at me with an embarrassed look on her face, almost surprised I had noticed her movements. Then she said “Well, this is embarrassing… I have this itch!! and it’s starting to get REALLY uncomfortable!!”

I said to Rachel “Well, I have a cure for it… IF you’re up to it!!”

“What?!?” she asked.

I said “This may be more embarrassing… Do you remember what it’s like to have your temperature taken in your butt?”

She calmly replied “No… Not really… What does that have to do with my itch?”

I told her “It’s a little trick I’ll show you, if you want me to.”

She said “I’ll do almost anything to get rid of this itch” with a hint of reluctancy.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a small white box with a red cross on the cover (my mini first-aid kit), opened it up, and quickly located my rectal thermometer and a vial of Vaseline.

She saw me retrieving and checking the thermometer, her eyes fixated on the silvery bulb, and stated “You’re not going to stick that up my ass are you?!”

I replied “You want your itch to go away… Don’t you?”

She thought about it for a second or two and then said “Yes…… Ooookkk”

I began to instruct her on what was to happen. I told her “It would be best if you took off your pants and underwear. Why don’t you hop into my sleeping bag here in case someone comes back from the fire early.” Rachel crawled underneath the covers of my sleeping bag, and I soon saw the arm motions indicative of clothes stripping…

Having completed that task, and soon to relieve the work of my imagination, I told her to lie on her stomach, as I pulled back the top two feet of the bag. Her perky white buttocks just finished bouncing as she flopped back to the ground on her stomach.

I told her “Just relax… This won’t hurt at all!!” As I squeezed a small blob of Vaseline onto my fingers and allowed my left hand to dip into her crack. Having gently spread her soft buttocks to where I could clearly see her anal opening, I smeared some of the Vaseline onto her. She tightened right up as I crossed her hole several times.

I told her “Ok, I’m going to go slow at first, then I’ll speed up as you get used to the rhythm.” Having said that, I poked the bulb down into the center of her tightly puckered asshole. Her buttocks clenched the thermometer solidly, then relaxed again.

I started to pass the bulb of the thermometer back and forth through her sphincter muscle, then gradually increased the speed, in and out, in and out. I could hear her moaning softly into my pillow. I could see her vagina was starting to get engorged and expand.

I was getting pretty excited myself when I noticed her breathing was getting shallow and rapid. I pretended to feel her forehead… “Hmmm, you feel warm… I’m just going to leave the thermometer in for a minute and get a quick reading while it’s in there…”

I took my hands off her buttocks and let them close around the stem as I sat back a foot or two to admire the sight. A cute female body in my sleeping bag getting her rectal temperature taken… Never thought THAT was going to happen this week!!

One minute passed and I whipped the thermometer out to read it. I told her that “It says one-hundred-point-five… You’re getting excited with this, aren’t you?”

She said “Yah!! It feels good… Put it back in!!”

I did as she asked, gently pumping the bulb in and out of her. I must have entered her asshole a hundred times, each withdrawal causing a small, wet “popping” noise to come from her asshole.

She said “The itching is gone now… all it feels like is if you pushed something warm into my rectum… It feels REALLY good!!”

Just then we both heard voices laughing in the distance and quickly straightened up things. She jumped out of the sleeping bag and pulled her clothes back on as I packed away the thermometer into my kit and put it into my camp bag. She thanked me energetically and told me she’d call me if she had that problem again.

When I got home on Saturday night, I started to unpack all my camping gear. I opened up the mini first-aid kit and took the thermometer out of the case. I noticed it was a little dirty and greasy. Without thinking, I held it up to my nose… I could still smell her sweet odor on the thermometer and I instantly flashed back to Thursday night…. I told myself “I’ll have to keep this one aside as a souvenir!!”