Through The Window

Every night thereafter, I kept checking that room, but there was no activity during my rounds. I would take up a position in the corner of the property so I could adequately be hidden and see the house. I had discovered that the bathroom was on the west side of the house and the bedroom was on the north side - and bedroom and bathroom activity were frequently associated with each other, right? So, one night several months later, I saw the light go on in the bedroom and I ran down to take my position at the window.

Marian had just walked into the room, dressed in a short terrycloth robe. She walked over to the closet, stood up on her toes, and reached for a box on the shelf.

As she raised her arms, the terrycloth robe also raised itself above the cheeks of her ass, and I could see her white panties. Her thighs and ass were firm - partly because of her stance and mainly because of her naturally firm body. Grabbing the small box, she walked out of the bedroom and turned off the light. As I was making my way back into the bushes, I noticed that the light came on in the bathroom.

“I’ll bet Marian is in there now!” I thought. But, the window was probably 5 or 6 feet from the ground. Just as I realized that my “show” was not going to start, I saw a milk crate over by the fence. Perfect! I grabbed it and positioned it under the bathroom window. Climbing up on the milk crate put my eyes right at the windows ledge looking through the venetian blinds…

Marian had shed her terrycloth robe, but she stood in front of the sink in just her panties. She was washing her face with a washcloth and I noticed that there was a red bulb-looking syringe sitting on the sink with a rather large and curved nozzle protruding from it (what I learned later was a douche syringe and nozzle).

She finished washing her face and put the washcloth on the sink. Then, she filled the sink with water, reached for the syringe, and placing the nozzle into the water, squeezed the bulb to fill the syringe. She placed the syringe back on the sink and then lowered her panties to the floor! I could see from the profile view that I had that she had continued to keep her pussy hair trimmed.

Marian grabbed the syringe and walked toward the toilet, which also right next to the window. Yes, she had developed nice tits and her pussy hair was shaved completely around her pussy lips, leaving only a small growth above. She stood above the toilet, positioning her legs on either side. [This was called a douche.] Marian took the syringe and placed the nozzle between her legs. With her free hand, she reached down and spread her pussy lips apart and I could see her sliding the nozzle inside. She sort of squatted a little bit to accommodate the nozzle, but soon it was all the way inside of her pussy.

She began to squeeze the nozzle and I could see water trickling out of her pussy. I also noticed that her free hand still had her pussy lips spread apart and it was also rubbing up and down. The water stopped trickling from her pussy, but Marian still had the nozzle inside. She lowered her ass to the edge of the toilet which permitted her to lean against he back of the toilet and to place her feet up on the side of the bathtub.

From my position at the window, I am now looking right down at Marian’s pussy, seeing her hand spreading the pussy lips apart, and seeing her move the nozzle in and out of her pussy. As she fucked herself with the nozzle, she was also gyrating on it and rubbing her hand on her stomach and up to her breasts. Her activity became more frenzied and she spread her legs wide (for me).

She was really moving that nozzle in and out of her pussy and her other hand concentrated on rubbing the top of her pussy (which I learned later was her clit). I knew she had climaxed when she pushed the nozzle all the way inside of her pussy, and also pushed down on it while her hand remained firmly planted on her clit. Then she relaxed and slowly pulled the syringe from her pussy. I could see that it was very shiny, probably not from the water, but from her natural lubrication.

Marian stood up and wiped the nozzle with some tissue, then wiped between her legs. As she was reaching for her robe, the bathroom door opened and her sister (the one who had shaved her) walked in. She was also dressed in just a short terrycloth robe.

Marian made no effort to cover herself as she and her sister carried on some sort of discussion. Then, Marian handed the syringe to her sister and stepped back. Her sister filled the sink with water and began to fill the syringe with water from the sink. Placing the filled syringe on the edge of the sink, she opened the medicine cabinet and removed a jar of Vaseline. She lowered the cover to the toilet and sat down.

Looking through the blinds, I could see her thighs and the panties that she wore. But, what was going to happen now? Marian’s sister began lubricating the tip of the nozzle with Vaseline. The next thing that I saw was Marian kneeling on the bathroom floor. This position placed her ass raised up in front of her sister, and facing directly toward the window! Marian lowered her shoulders to the floor and separated her knees, which provided me with an excellent view of her shaved pussy (her pussy lips somewhat separated from her previous activity) and just a glimpse of her asshole between her asscheeks.

Marian’s sister took some Vaseline on her middle finger, spread Marian’s asscheeks with her free hand, and began applying the Vaseline around her asshole. Then, I could see that she was slowly working the tip of her finger inside of Marian’s asshole. Marian responded by raising her ass higher, which separated her legs more, and pushing her ass back towards her sister’s finger. Soon, her sister’s finger was all the way inside Marian’s asshole.

Marian kept her ass raised high as her sister moved her finger in and out of her asshole several times. Her sister then slowly removed her finger from Marian’s asshole, allowing me a more perfect view than ever of her spread asscheeks and thoroughly lubricated asshole. Marian’s sister reached for the syringe and then she used her other hand to spread Marian’s asscheeks. What I saw was Marian’s glistening lubricated asshole and her separated pussy lips. Marian’s sister placed the nozzle against Marian’s asshole and slowly inserted it. Marian again knelt down further, raising her ass higher in the air, to allow the nozzle to slip all the way inside. Her sister began to squeeze the nozzle and I could see that some of the water leaked out of her asshole and ran down her thigh.

Marian’s sister continued to squeeze the syringe until it was empty. She kept the nozzle inside of Marian’s asshole while she reached for some toilet paper. She wiped the water from Marian’s thigh, then slowly removed the nozzle. I saw the tip slipping from her asshole just before her sister placed the toilet paper between her asscheeks. She had Marian continue kneeling on the floor, holding the toilet paper between her asscheeks. [What I learned later is that Marian had just been given an enema with a bulb syringe.]

Meanwhile, she was wiping off the nozzle and putting the syringe back into the box. Marian wiped between her asscheeks a little bit, then stood up and faced her sister, the toilet paper wedged between her closed buttocks. I could see that Marian’s belly was somewhat distended, as her sister rubbed her hand across it. There must have been some comment about Marian’s shaved pussy, because the two girls were laughing as her sister’s hand ran down into what little bush remained above Marian’s pussy lips.

Marian then lifted the toilet seat cover and sat down. I could see her strain to release the water.

With the syringe put away, I thought that Marian’s sister would leave the bathroom to allow Marian to “finish up” in privacy. But, apparently this wasn’t going to happen. Marian’s sister removed her robe and hung it on the doorknob. Standing in only her panties, she stepped toward the sink and reached into the medicine cabinet, retrieving a razor and a can of shaving cream. She pulled down her panties and placed them on the back of the toilet. Since I was looking at her profile, I could only see her tits and ass (which looked good), and a faint outline of some hair around her pussy. She was holding a washcloth under the faucet of the sink, getting it wet. The she placed it firmly over her pussy and held it there with her hand.

Meanwhile, Marian had finished expelling the enema, and she was standing to wipe between her asscheeks with toilet paper. After several wipes with the toilet paper, she took a washcloth, ran it under the water that was still turned on from her sister’s use, and washed between her asscheeks. That completed, she turned with her back facing the window and walked toward the closet in the bathroom. Indeed, she had a nice firm ass! It was lightly red from sitting on the toilet. She opened the closet door, and put the washcloth in a clothes hamper.

Marian’s sister had taken a seat on the toilet, leaning her shoulders against the back, and placing her feet on the tub. She kept the washcloth between her legs, her hand still holding it firmly in place. As Marian approached her, she handed the washcloth to her.

Wow! What a great shot I suddenly had of her sister’s pussy. Although I had seen it before, this was the first time that I had seen it “up close”… and, with her legs in this position, I could see the growth of hair on top of her pussy (trimmed close) and her pussy lips which were somewhat separated. There was a slight growth of hair around her pussy lips. Marian had filled the sink with water and she was wetting the washcloth one more time. As I observed this, I noticed that her nipples were sticking out. She must have been chilled, because she put her robe on, but she did not tie it. She took the washcloth and placed it between her sister’s legs. This time, SHE held it in place herself. She separated her sister’s legs and moved the washcloth over her pussy, and in between the crack of her ass. Her sister then held the washcloth in place while Marian went to the sink for the razor and shaving cream.

Kneeling between her sister’s legs, Marian removed the washcloth. She squirted some shaving cream on her hand, and then began applying it around her sister’s pussy lips and in between the crack of her ass. She did not apply any to the hair on top of her sister’s pussy; apparently that was kept trimmed with scissors…

Marian’s sister spread her legs further apart, as Marian shaved the hair growth away. She would shave a few strokes and then clean the razor in the sink. Her other hand, not using the razor, would apply tension to the skin so that Marian could shave close to the pussy lips.

The pussy area clean, Marian proceeded to shave down toward her sister’s asshole. She took her free hand and spread her sister’s buttocks apart, working the razor between them. When she had done the best that she could do (which, apparently wasn’t good enough), her sister stood up. She turned around to face the toilet, bent over, and spread her legs. She reached around behind her and spread her buttocks. When I tilted my head to the side, I could look right between her cheeks to her asshole. It was almost visible beyond the shaving cream. Marian worked the razor between her sister’s asscheeks until there was no more shaving cream, or hair growth, remaining.

While her sister continued (to expose herself to me) to hold her buttocks apart, Marian cleaned the razor and wetted the washcloth. She placed it between her sister’s legs, than worked it along her pussy and wedged it in between her sister’s asscheeks. All of a sudden, she smacked her sister on the left buttock. Although it was firm, it jiggled a little bit when smacked. Her sister, with the washcloth still in place, stood up and walked toward the door. She removed the washcloth and threw it in the sink. Putting her robe on, she left the bathroom. Marian rinsed off the washcloth and put it in the hamper. She then left the bathroom.

I was hoping that she would return to her bedroom…but, I guess, I had enough of a show for this night.