by Jane Marwood

Timothy looked at his mother as she sat down in the easy chair by the fireplace of their picturesque family cottage. His face showed concern as she winced with the pain she felt throughout her slender and petite body.

His mother, although beginning to suffer the first symptoms of a bout of influenza, had, as always, carefully applied makeup to her delicate and refined features.

Jenny Althorpe had been blessed with a beauty and grace that was near perfection. Her face was exquisitely featured; the high cheekbones and beautiful shaped lips now revealed perfect teeth as she smiled at her son’s concerned expression. She was the product of several generations of fine breeding.

Jenny was dressed in a crisp white cotton blouse and navy skirt that complimented her slender and trim figure. Although she was now thirty-four years old, her face and body would have had even the most discerning admirer guessing at twenty-five.

Timothy had inherited the perfect features of his mother and equally the strong physique of his father who had died at the wheel of his car while making his usual journey to his office in London soon after Timothy’s birth.

Timothy was now fourteen years old and was to Jenny’s mind the most perfect son a mother could ask for. He was kind obedient and although perhaps a little shy, had a keen and responsible attitude to his schoolwork and household duties.

Jenny sighed as she looked at her son and picked up the papers that were laid on the small occasional table that was conveniently placed by the arm of her chair.

“It says here that you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when you visit the medical centre today Timothy… and with all the will in the world I don’t think I am going to be well enough to take you on the bus. I don’t suppose that missing the school annual medical for one year is going to hurt, do you Timothy?”

Timothy looked at his mother, managing to hide his delight at the news. He had no desire at all to visit the school doctor and to be examined in front of his mother. He remembered the previous year when, right in front of his mother, the retiring grey haired doctor had pushed his hand down the front of the Timothy’s trousers and grasped his testicles, instructing him to cough. He had not been able to look his mother in the face for several days such was his embarrassment.

Another reason, even more embarrassing was that for the last year Timothy had been getting erections. He had never been able to bring himself to mention them to his mother and although his friends at school often talked about “having a wank” as they put it, he had never dared to make himself ejaculate. He often found that as he rubbed against the bed sheets at night that he was near to making something happen, such was the intensity of feeling that he had stopped himself well before the moment of ‘no-return’, scared and unsure of what the consequences would be. A manifestation of his reluctance to masturbate was that his testicles had swollen to such an extent that they were becoming painful. He had examined himself several times as he sat on the edge of his bed and noted the skin of his scrotum was stretched tightly around his balls and that they had become painful to the touch.

Jenny looked at her son and then seemed to make a decision. “Alright Timothy I’ll make some phone calls… and as school is closed for the medical examinations, you might as well go out and get some fresh air. In fact you might pop across to Mrs Grant and tell her that I am not well and ask her if the blouse I made Susan was alright.”

Timothy managed not to blush as his mother mentioned going over to Mrs. Grant. He was rather in awe of both Susan and her mother. Like him, Susan had no father and as such, he had often been asked by Susan’s mother to do odd jobs that sometimes required lifting or climbing a ladder “Men’s work” as she often called it. He always became embarrassed in front of the pretty mother and daughter as Mrs. Grant would occasionally run her hand through his hair and announce to her daughter “look what a good looking boy Timothy is… don’t you think he will make someone a wonderful husband someday?” Timothy would blush profusely and look down at his feet as Susan would laugh, or sometimes try to catch his eye. Susan was just sixteen years old, over one year older than Timothy and as such, seemed far more world-wise and mature than himself. She was extremely pretty and was popular with boys far older than him… at school he would see her talking confidently with sixth formers, boys that the school social hierarchy dictated did not deign to talk with lowly fourth formers.

Timothy returned home at five o-clock. He had performed several chores for Mrs. Grant, carefully avoiding looked at her beautiful and shapely legs as she stood watching him hang a picture, dressed, as she often did in the summer, in revealing cotton shorts. Upon entering his home, he opened the door to the living room and greeted his mother, who was looking even paler than when he had left. She sighed as she looked up at him from her chair.

“Ah Timothy I am afraid I am getting worse so Aunt Claire is bringing your cousin Hazel over to look after you and… I am afraid; I am going to have to leave you to your own devices as your Aunt insists that I go back with her until I am well. I know you haven’t seen Hazel since you were small, but she is nineteen now and a very responsible young lady. She is already in her final year, training as a ‘young persons nurse’ I think they call it now. She is at the top establishment for private nurses to the rich and famous…” Jenny managed a weak smile.” So I am sure she will look after you well while I am gone.”

Timothy had mixed feelings at the news. True he had not seen Hazel for years and really could not remember what she looked like… on the other hand he was rather embarrassed at having to be looked after by a nineteen year old girl. The second announcement from his mother came as even more of a shock! “I rang Vicki Grant while you were over there. She said you were being very helpful again… and I do appreciate that very much. I know that she misses having a husband as much as I do and I know I couldn’t manage without you being so helpful. So you can give your self a pat on the back.” Jenny managed another weak smile to convey her warmth of feeling to her son even though she was beginning to feel the real effects of what was turning out to be a really serious case of influenza.

His mother continued “I had a word with Mrs. Grant this afternoon and because she used to be a nurse I asked if she thought that they would mind you missing your annual medical. She offered to ring the centre at Bourne and they kindly offered to let you go tomorrow, even though it is the erm… girls day for their medicals. I also told her that Hazel was coming to look after you and she has offered to look in from time to time. It will be a lot better for you going tomorrow as Hazel is driving over in her own car…and she can take you over to Bourne in the car… would you believe a girl of eighteen already has her own car!” Jenny Althorpe had never learned to drive and after her husbands death had never had an inclination to own a car.

Timothy was unable to conceal his embarrassment at the news that he would, after all, be having his annual medical… and worse still he would be having it on the girls medical day. He blushed profusely at the thought of the girls from his school recognising that he would be the only boy there having a medical. He had always been shy of girls and at school kept himself very much to his self. Would they think it strange… or perhaps that there was something different about him that he should be at the medical centre with the girls rather than the boys?

Jenny noted her son’s blushing face and thought that perhaps he might think that he had to line up with the girls. Last year the medicals had been carried out in the school hall. Hasty screens had been erected and the boys lined up on one side and the girls on the other. She quickly hastened to reassure him. “You will probably have to go to a different section of the medical centre so I wouldn’t worry that you are the only boy there. After all it is used ‘day in and day out by’ all the local residents of the area.” Timothy listened to the news and, never having visited the centre before, was reassured by his mother’s words.

It was almost two hours later that Aunt Claire arrived. She had not changed much from what Timothy could remember, having the same refined and delicate features as his own mother but perhaps showing a little more affection than he remembered. She held the boy’s face in her hands and planted a quite sloppy kiss upon his lips before letting him go, only to pat his head and tell him what a good looking boy he was. Timothy blushed profusely and trembled involuntarily as his aunt stroked his cheek and held him by the shoulders while she examined him from head to toe. “My Timothy you are SUCH a good looking young man” She exclaimed, causing him to blush once more before hanging his head and looking at his feet in pure embarrassment and humiliation.

It was moments later that Hazel drove her car into the driveway of the pretty thatched cottage. She parked carefully, allowing her mother plenty of room to manoeuvre her car out of the drive without difficulty. Timothy managed a sly glance at her without being observed as she slipped off her coat to reveal a navy blue shirt and matching short skirt. Timothy was dumbstruck… the girl was absolutely beautiful. Her straight shiny hair was jet-black and cut severely to just below her jaw line, accenting her beautiful clean-cut features. She was definitely a product of her mother, having inherited all the delicacy and refinement of her mother’s features, but with perhaps a slightly more determined chin and jaw line. A feature that did not correspond to her mother were the full firm breasts that pressed against the sheer fabric of her blue cotton shirt as she reached upwards to hang her coat on the hooks behind the door and the tall lithe body. Her long tanned legs were bare and showed a great deal of her perfectly shaped thighs as she fastened her coat to the hook.

Timothy felt himself blushing even before Hazel turned towards him and spoke softly to him. “Why you must be Timothy, mother told me you were a good looking boy… but my aren’t you just a beautifully handsome young man.”

The compliment, rather than elevate Timothy’s sense of maturity, made him feel even more childlike in her presence. He blushed, feeling the blood rushing to his cheeks as his eyes met hers for the brief instance of time before he once again looked down at his feet in abject embarrassment.

Hazel was well aware of the boy’s embarrassment, but chose to ignore it in the hope that he would come around and lose some of his inhibitions. She was well aware of the effect her looks and demeanour could have on some men, and so had developed a talent, if she felt inclined towards them, of putting people at their ease.

The conversations between Claire and her sister Jenny did not last long. Looking closely at her sister, Claire announced that Jenny was really poorly and needed her care and attention as soon as possible. Jenny gently kissed Timothy and with a wry smile let her sister help her out of the door and to her car. It was all Jenny could do, to look back at her son, as Claire solicitously herded her into the car and placed a blanket over her knees. Timothy watched almost in dread as his mother was driven off, knowing that soon he would have to come face to face with his cousin Hazel, who’s beauty had already caused him profound embarrassment.

Much to Timothy’s relief Hazel had busied herself in the kitchen and prepared a summer salad for his tea. She had laid out the cold meats, tomatoes, potatoes, beetroot and lettuce on several plates, which she had placed on a tray.

“You may eat your tea in front of the television and I will give you until half past nine before I put you to bed… how does that sound? Timothy blushed at the first sound of authority, realising that Hazel was indeed in charge. What did she mean put him to bed? He had always taken himself to bed, sometimes kissing his mother goodnight downstairs and other times sleepily turning his head to her as he laid in bed when she came in to his room before retiring herself.

Timothy was still blushing as he finished his tea and changed channels to one of his favourite space adventure programmes. He was aware that Hazel was looking at him from her own chair, but soon became absorbed in the latest instalment of Space Rangers.

As the boy sat absorbed in his television programme, Hazel examined him from head to foot. Noting his long legs and muscled thighs through the thin chinos he was wearing. She could clearly see the outline of his chest and slim waist accented by the thin tee-shirt which fitted tightly to his body. Hazel knew then that the boy was quite exceptionally good looking and wondered what it would be like to smooth her hands over his flawless skin. Well she would certainly have the opportunity if the forms she had laid on her lap were anything to go by.

She read the paragraph over: 1 Children (under the age of sixteen years old) MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The parent and guardian will be expected to stay with the child during examination and remain throughout the day. Lunch will be provided for parents on an ad hoc basis in the staff canteen.

2 Nursing staff will expect parents to help prepare children for tests and examinations and will be expected to bring any medication that the child needs with them.

3 Adolescents (over 16 but under 21 years old) may bring their own dressing gowns.

4 We would be grateful if any parents with nursing experience would make themselves known to one of the staff nurses.

Hazel smiled to herself, we shall see, she thought, as you looked the boy over once more. Perhaps she would tease him a little before letting him go to bed.

“Timothy it’s half past nine and I see that your programme has finished. Would you like me to bath you… or can you manage yourself?”

The effect was startling… Timothy blushed immediately his cheeks bright red as he opened his mouth to protest. He had to draw in a deep breath before he could manage to utter his protestation. “Oh no Hazel, I always bath myself and take myself to bed.” To Hazel’s delight he was trembling visibly and bright red as he stumbled off the deep settee and walked towards the stairs. “Well when you are all ready for bed you can come down in your pyjamas and I will make sure you are nice and clean for bed.” Although she was filled with glee at the boy’s discomfort, she did not let her feelings show. I want you to be thorough in your bath, remember the doctor is going to see you tomorrow.” Hazel knew that this would elicit further embarrassed responses from the young boy.

Hazel watched as Timothy climbed the stairs. She noted his slim hips and firm buttocks, marvelling at the perfection of his figure. She had always liked having control over boys. Not for her the acquiescent breathless infatuation that some girls seemed to readily display to the opposite sex. Hazel had decided a long time ago that any relationship she would eventually enter into would be on her own terms. Her physical beauty and forthright manner had always helped her get her own way and as she had grown older she had observed the effect she had on men as well as younger boys.

Timothy felt absolutely humiliated as he entered the bathroom; his face was on fire as, for the first time, he carefully locked the door. He could not help blushing profusely as he thought of her words. What did she mean, make sure he was nice and clean? He ran the bath and took off his clothes aware that his penis was fully erect, and the pain in his testicles was getting worse.

He spent ten minutes scrubbing himself diligently, almost embarrassedly washing his penis behind the foreskin. It was almost twenty minutes later that he emerged from his bedroom dressed in his pyjamas. Although he had tried to dismiss Hazel from his mind he found that his face was still red and that his penis was still erect and pushing against the material of his pyjama bottoms.

Reluctantly he began to descend the stairs hoping against hope that Hazel would not notice the bulge of his erection against the thin striped material of his pyjama bottoms. Shyly he looked at her as he entered the living room. She was sat reading and on hearing him, looked up and smiled.

“Come over here Timothy, where I can see you.” She stood up from her chair and waited for the boy to come to her. Timothy was completely mesmerised by her as he shuffled forward, his mind in a haze of embarrassment. She held him by the shoulders and then placed her hands on either side of his face turning his head from one side to the other as she looked in his ears.

“Well you seemed to have cleaned your ears well! How about the rest of you… are you clean all over?” Timothy blushed profusely, alarmed that she intended to examine him further. “Oh yes… er…er Hazel, I scrubbed all over…. Please.. er I am clean everywhere!” Timothy was shaking from head to foot as Hazel held him by the shoulders once more and placed him at arms length. She could see his erection quite clearly, but chose not to embarrass the boy further by mentioning it at that moment. Instead she stroked his cheek tenderly causing him to blush and spoke softly but firmly.

“Well I will take your word this time… but I am quite used to smacking the bare bottoms of naughty boys that are lax in their cleanliness. She observed the immediate colouring of his face to an almost purple blush as she spoke those words.

She was deliberately reducing his stature from that of a fourteen-year-old young man to that of a naughty and disobedient young child. She had realised by his look of anguish and humiliation that he was normally very shy and that perhaps he would be easier to handle than she had first thought. She immediately changed the tone of her voice “All right sweetie, off you go to bed and I will see you in the morning.” She leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the forehead.

Timothy’s mind was in turmoil as he stumbled up the stairs to bed. The embarrassment of her mentioning smacking bare bottoms along with the tender kiss on his forehead had played havoc with his delicate emotions. As he got into bed he realised that his penis was so stiff that it was painful, he felt faint as he laid his blushing face against the crisp white pillow.

After a feverish and restless night Timothy awoke to the sun streaming through his bedroom window. He realised that Hazel must have already been into his bedroom and drawn the curtains. He lay there wondering what the day would bring when Hazel entered the room. She was dressed in a silk shirt and navy pleated skirt that came down to just above her knees. She was bare legged and Timothy could not help looking at her long well toned and tanned limbs. She wore perfectly applied makeup and looked even more beautiful than he had remembered her from the previous evening.

Without knowing why he blushed immediately upon seeing her and began to tremble as she placed the cup of tea she was carrying on to his bedside table. “Good morning young man, here is a nice cup of tea, drink it and then come into the bathroom. I have already run a bath for you and I want to make sure that every inch of your body is clean before your examination.

Hazel could clearly see the telltale bulge of his morning erection pushing the bedcovers upwards as he lay looking at her. He quickly turned on his side as he saw her glance at the tented bed covers. He was blushing and trembling as he looked away from her, clumsily raising the teacup to his lips to hide his embarrassment.

Although Hazel had deliberately embarrassed the boy by intimating that she would be either bathing him or at least inspecting his body, she had no intention in doing so. She knew that sooner or later she would have a genuine excuse to see him naked and that when that moment came, she wanted to be able to take her time and examine him at her leisure. She waited for Timothy outside the bathroom door and spoke kindly to him.

“Right young man, I am going to trust you to take your bath and make sure that you are thoroughly clean from head to toe. When you are finished I want you to dress in your school uniform and come down stairs for some breakfast. We only have an hour before we need to set off.”

Timothy’s sigh of relief was audible as he stood before Hazel covering the front of his pyjamas with his hands to hide his erection. Hazel again ignored the boy’s obvious erection and turned away and walked down the staircase.


Parking at the Medical Centre was quite easy, as many of the parents had taken advantage of the school bus to accompany their daughters to the centre. A kindly looking nurse greeted them in the reception hall and began talking with Hazel. She looked over at Timothy and told him to sit on one of the waiting room chairs while she filled in the appropriate forms. Timothy looked across at them once or twice as they chatted while completing a sheaf of white forms. With the end of the form filling they were ushered into a cubicle, which was curtained off from the main corridor.

The medical centre was much smaller than either Timothy or Hazel had imagined it to be. Apart from four consulting rooms and a reception hall with canteen and kitchens leading off from it, there were just two bathrooms and a large hall for multiple examinations.

The nurse spoke to Hazel, again ignoring the boy completely. “Right Hazel if you would get Timothy here undressed and then take him through to the bathroom opposite. Nurse Davis will be there to give him his enema and shave him! You can put all of his clothes in this locker.” She indicated one of four wooden lockers built into the back wall of the cubicle above a slatted bench that ran the length of the room.

“Take the key with you. Oh if you want coffee, there is a canteen just off reception.” Hazel felt a thrill run through her at the young nurse’s words.

“Do you want him to leave his underclothes on?” Although Hazel already knew the answer she wanted the boy to hear it for himself.

“No they tend to get lost if they are left in the examination rooms so we find it best to leave all of their clothes in the locker.”

Without another word the Nurse pulled the curtain across the opening of the cubicle and left Hazel and - a profusely blushing and trembling Timothy, alone.

Hazel savoured the moment as she turned towards Timothy. He was trembling visibly and as she touched his shoulder he almost flinched, such was his abject state of nerves. “Right Timothy you hand me your blazer and shoes, those seem to the biggest items and I will put them away for you.” She kept her tone neutral as she watched him blushing and trembling as he stood in front of her.” Each stage of his undressing was an absolute delight to Hazel. She stood admiring his chest and narrow waist as he got down to just his trousers.

Turning to the lockers she tucked his socks into his shoes, wondering if he would start unbuttoning his trousers without being prompted. Hearing no movement from him she turned back towards him, she could see his eyes had began to water slightly as he held his hands to the clasp of his trousers, making no further movement. A thin sheen of perspiration had formed on his body as he stood trembling, his eyes down cast and his bottom-lip quivering.

“Come along Timothy,” she savoured the next phrase “drop your trousers!” Timothy undid the buttons with trembling fingers. Not daring to look at Hazel as he eased the material down his thighs, acutely aware of his erection which tented the thin cotton material of his underpants.

Handing his trousers to Hazel he suddenly covered his erection with both hands, pushing his bottom backwards and almost crossing his legs. Hazel pretended not to notice as she carefully folded his trousers and laid them on top of the neat pile of clothing she had taken from the boy.

She could here the sounds of females talking in subdued tones from other cubicles along the corridor, when suddenly she heard a loud slap and an admonishing raised voice “Now get those panties off straight away you naughty girl.” She glanced at Timothy who had also heard. He looked at Hazel in anguish, tears welling up in his eyes as he stood cowering before her. Hazel could not miss the opportunity as she looked at Timothy.

“Now you wouldn’t want me to smack your bare little bottom for being difficult, would you Timothy?” Hazel looked at him and placed her hand under his chin raising his head so that he could do nothing but meet her steady gaze.. “Would you Timothy?” With trembling voice Timothy shook his head… er no miss.” Hazel’s heart jumped a beat at the use of the word miss, instead of her Christian name.

She knew that the nature of the relationship had changed at last. Her authoritarian manner and the constant humiliation of him had finally reduced his self-esteem enough for him acknowledge, perhaps unconsciously, her complete superiority over him.

Her constant referral to him as more of a child than an adult had helped his unconscious thoughts accept, however reluctantly, a subtle but important shift in their relationship.

“Place your hands on your head young man… and stand up straight.” Hazel waited for the boy to obey. She knew that she might have to wait for him to compose himself, but instinctively she knew that he would eventually comply.

She tapped her foot and folded her arms as if impatient. She felt a thrill run through her body and a tingling between her legs as she watched the boy stand straight and reluctantly uncover himself and place his hands upon the top of his head. “You can stand straighter than that… arch that spine… shoulders back… you don’t want me to think of you as a slouch…do you?”

Trembling and flushing a bright red, Timothy stood straight, staring in horror as Hazel went down on one knee in front of him and placed her delicate hands on either side of his waist. He shivered uncontrollably as she slid the smooth palms of her hands down inside the waist of his underpants. She watched his face for a moment as she slowly pulled them down until his erect penis halted them. Looking at his groin she lifted the waistband over his penis, watching it spring upwards as it was freed from the confines of the material.

She was astonished at how large it was for such a young boy. Her face was only inches away from the smooth beautifully contoured bell shaped head of his penis. She noted that the boy had been very neatly circumcised, as she slid the garment down his thighs and to his feet.

“Lift your feet so that I can take them off, there’s a good boy.” Hazel’s voice was soothing, her tone almost husky as she slid the garment from his feet and stood upright.

She placed the garment in the locker and then before Timothy could cover himself she spoke sternly to him. “Stay exactly as you are… and tell me young man…” She paused for effect “Why you have an erection?”

Timothy did not believe he could have been more embarrassed his mind was in a whirl, the cheeks of his face were on fire, and he was trembling from head to foot. “I……d’’’ddddonnt k’know muh mmm miss. I…”

He failed to finish the sentence, feeling near to fainting as Hazel looked at him, her face seemingly serious and stern. “Well young man, I will just have to take you out into the corridor as you are… I sincerely hope that we don’t meet anyone.” Holding his chin in her hand she looked into his eyes. “Now put your hands down by your sides and follow me.” Before he could protest or compose himself she had taken hold of the curtain to the cubicle and opened it wide, stepping into the corridor immediately.

Almost fainting with embarrassment the trembling boy followed her. He could not help clasping his hands to his groin as he stumbled after her, pressing his hands tightly to his penis so that it was tight against his body. He walked with his knees pressed together as he followed her to the door opposite and stood cowering while she opened it.

If Timothy thought that his humiliation could get no worse, then he was in for a shock! It was Hazel’s quick thinking in catching hold of his arm that stopped him from fleeing down the corridor.

In the room were two nurses, one of about twenty years old and the other a student of not much more than sixteen years of age. There were several mothers who were standing with their daughters. It was a large tiled room with several baths, two of which had the curtains drawn around them. In the centre of the room was an examination table complete with stirrups, which were set at such an angle that, even to the casual observer it would be obvious, that, one’s legs would have to be spread high and wide to fit in them.

All the girls were wearing dressing gowns of various styles. To Timothy’s absolute horror one of the girls was Susan. She was wearing a fluffy towelling dressing-gown and looked completely composed, her hair freshly brushed and shining with health, her pretty face even had a touch of makeup. Behind Susan was Mrs Grant, who upon seeing Timothy immediately came over to him. “Ah there you are Timothy, I knew you were here somewhere.” She turned to Hazel, seemingly ignoring the boy’s nakedness and abject embarrassment.

“You must be Hazel, Timmy’s mother said you would be bringing him, I hope you didn’t have any trouble finding the place then?”

Hazel smiled at Mrs. Grant and held out her hand. “Pleased to meet you, Vicki isn’t it? Yes I found the place with no trouble at all.”

They shook hands and Vicki immediately turned her attention back to Timothy. She had always wanted to see the boy naked and now was her chance. Even though he was cowering crouched against the cold white tiles of the wall, trying to hide his naked body from the interested stares of the mothers and the curiosity of their daughters, she could confirm that he was, as she had always thought, a perfectly physically proportioned boy.

She spoke to Hazel again. “The rest of the girls have had their enemas, there is only Timothy left to do. So I am sure Nurse Davis will prepare Timothy next and then she will probably help you bath him.” She turned to Timothy as she spoke again. “I am sure Timmy doesn’t want to stand naked in front of all us ladies and the girls for any longer than he has to.”

Susan looked at Timothy, also admiring his perfectly formed body. She had always liked him and looked forward to him coming over to her house. Even though he was nearly two years younger than her she had always known that he was someone special. She looked over his naked body and although his hands were clasped over his groin she could clearly see that his penis was erect. Susan had often visualised what the boy must look like naked, but the reality, despite his crouching position was better than she had ever hoped. She smiled at him and watched him blush an even deeper red as she spoke.

“Hello Timmy, mummy said you were having your medical with us today. Gail and the rest us girls…” She looked over shoulder at a tall blond girl who had never taken her eyes off the boy since he had come through the door. “…are going to join the line for the doctor so you will be on your own in here. Don’t worry we all have to go through it.” She smiled kindly at him and walking forward touched her hand to his blushing cheek. Timothy could never have envisioned, even in his widest dreams that he could feel so humiliated. To be naked, not only in front of Susan and her mother, but in front of Gail the head-girl who was the prettiest girl in the whole school.

Gail was tall and her maturity and aloof demeanour had set her apart from the rest of the school, making her the perfect choice for the prestigious position of head prefect. Excelling at sport as well as academic work she was extremely popular amongst all of the teaching staff as well as the pupils. He had seen sixth formers, boys that would not even think of talking to him, mooning after her like lost sheep. Now the humiliations of humiliations, she was seeing him naked and cowering in front of her.

“Timothy was as near to fainting as he had ever been as Mrs Grant took his arm and propelled him along to the examination couch. Hazel walked with her and took the boy’s other arm as Timothy tried to crouch even lower to the floor; his face was ablaze with utter humiliation and embarrassment as the nurses came towards him. It was like a nightmare as he was made to sit on the end of the examination table and then lay back. He felt his legs being lifted and spread wide open as they placed them in the stirrups lifting his bottom completely off the bed. A pad was placed under the small of his back, which supported him and elevated his bottom even further away from the bed. He resisted as the young student nurse moved to his side and gently took his wrists to pull his hands away from his groin.

Hazel spoke sharply to the trembling boy. “Look at me Timothy.” He opened his eyes which he had tightly shut with embarrassment and looked at Hazel through his widely spread legs. “Naughty boys get their bare bottoms smacked… and you are no exception.” Vicki Grant looked on with admiration as Hazel delivered three sound slaps to the boy’s naked buttocks. You could have heard a pin drop in the room such was the silence that followed. It was such a shock to the boy that it was several seconds before he managed to gasp in astonishment.

Hazel spoke again; “Now my boy, let the nurse position you properly and perhaps we will have no more such nonsense.” Both Vicki and Hazel watched the uncovering of the boy in silence. The nurse took his wrists and raised his arms until they were laid on the bed stretched out above his head. Hazel was now able to examine the boy at her leisure. His penis was completely erect and pointing upwards toward the ceiling. His swollen testicles had stretched the scrotum so tightly that the skin shone under the overhead lights that illuminated the examination table.

Vicki Grant called to her daughter as she was leaving with the rest of the girls and their mothers. “If you go and join the line Susan I will be with you in a few moments.”

Timothy did not hear Susan’s reply such was his utter embarrassment in realising that not only had he been smacked in front of Mrs. Grant and the nurses, but that Susan and the rest of the girls had still been in the room. He laid his head to the side and closed his eyes tightly with pure and utter embarrassment and humiliation.

Both Hazel and Vicki looked down at the boy as Nurse Davis Wheeled across a trolley, filled with a variety of instruments. One of the four corners of the trolley ascended into a stand that had an enema bag held high with tubing descending to the glass top which held the instruments.

Vicki whispered to Hazel as they stood side by side examining the boy. “He has the most perfect looks and physique of any boy I have ever seen.” Hazel nodded, not taking her eyes from the boy’s body. “Wonderful skin too, look at him, his skin is flawless.” They moved back from between the boy’s widely spread legs as Nurse Davis handed the enema nozzle to the young nurse and then greased her un-gloved finger with lubricant. “Now keep still Timothy” She announced “I am just going to slide my finger up into your little bottom and lubricate you a bit before I put the nozzle in. So be a brave boy.” .

“Open your eyes and pay attention to the nurse there’s a good boy.” Mrs Grant’s voice, which was soothing but firm, had the desired effect as she watched the young boy open his eyes. Hazel realised that perhaps there was more to Vicki Grant than met the eye. Vicki put her arm around Hazel’s waist as they both watched the two nurses at work on the boy.

Timothy groaned and writhed as first a finger was slid up into his bottom and then his buttocks spread wide by nurse Davis, while the young student nurse gently inserted the pre-greased nozzle right up into his bottom. Hazel could not help feeling a thrill as Timothy grunted as the lower part of the nozzle was inflated with deft squeezes of the rubber bulb that the young nurse held in her hand.

Nurse Davis let go of the boy’s buttocks and immediately started lathering a shaving brush. Almost nonchalantly she applied the brush to his genitals, gently lifting the swollen testicles as she applied the foam evenly. The younger nurse reached upward and switched on the water from the enema bag and then took a razor from the trolley.

In an almost callous and casual manner she took hold of the young boy’s penis and ignoring his moans of protestation, moved it this way and that as she shaved the entire area around his penis as well as between his legs and buttocks.

Timothy was beside himself with utter humiliation as the nurse deftly pulled the skin of his foreskin tightly up over the head of his penis and shaved the small hairs that could be seen on the base of the shaft.

He opened his eyes in shock as he felt one of the nurses stretch his bottom cheeks wide while the nurse shaved the last vestiges of hair in-between them. He gasped as she moved the enema tube from side to side to facilitate the further exposure of the crease of his bottom.

The young nurse stood back and admired her handiwork. The boy was now completely bereft of pubic hair, his pale smooth skin bared of any covering made his penis seem even larger as it thrust upwards from his groin.

Timothy felt his eyes well up with tears of embarrassment. The light above him became blurred as he felt the first pangs of cramps in his tummy. He groaned audibly as the water began to fill up inside him. The young nurse looked at Hazel and beckoned her over to the side of the examination table.

“Will you gently rub his tummy for him, it will stop some of the cramps and he still has another pint to go.”

Hazel moved to the boy’s side and placed one hand gently on his chest and stroked his cheek with the other. She watched as he opened his eyes, his expression showing his utter dismay as she leaned her head over his and whispered to him.

“Don’t worry Timmy, I think all the younger boys have had to go through this before their medicals. Somehow her words or the closeness of her caused him to blush an even deeper shade of red.

“I am going to rub your tummy a little it will help you.” As Hazel rubbed almost sensually over the boy’s tummy she casually let her forearm brush over the head of his penis. As if it was the most normal thing in the world she took hold of his penis and moved it out of the way while she rubbed his lower stomach.

“There… has that lessened the cramps Timothy?”

He looked at her through his haze of embarrassment, feeling her stretch his erect penis back between his legs as she continued rubbing his stomach. Another hand was placed on his chest and he looked to his right to see Mrs Grant peering over him.

“I have to go into the other room Timothy, but I will pop in and see you before leave the centre.” She looked up at Hazel and smiled.

“I am helping some of the nursing staff as well as looking after Susan, but I will see you later.” Vickie looked down at Hazel’s delicate fingers holding the boy’s penis as if it were the most normal procedure in the world.

She could not help the thrill she felt as she observed the young boy’s perfectly formed body and his utter embarrassment as he was being shaved and stroked, his erect penis being firmly grasped by Hazel’s delicate fingers. She knew that the water filling him up inside would be further stimulating his sexual arousal.

The nightmare of his preparation continued; one embarrassment quickly compounded by another in a series of utterly humiliating procedures. …Hazel and the nurses helping and guiding him to the toilet…the humiliation as a hand reached between his legs and deflated the nozzle… the bending over as a syringe was pushed into his bottom and water expelled up into him… standing naked and ashamed after he had expelled so that the nurse could examine the contents of the toilet bowl.

Timothy could not believe that he could be so humiliated. He trembled and shook as the nurse made him walk to the middle of the room and bend over whilst she wiped his bottom like one would a small child.

He blushed profusely, his cheeks burning with shame as she instructed him gently but firmly.

“Hands on your head and legs wide apart… stand straight like a big boy now.”

When at last he had his legs spread apart and his hands placed on his head to her satisfaction, she pulled up a chair and sat down in front of him. To his horror she moved the chair closer, her knees moving under him between his legs.

His body tensed as he watched in dread, feeling the soft cool fingers of her hand gently encircle his penis. Although his penis was no longer as rigid as it had been, he felt utterly humiliated and powerless as her cool slender fingers tightened around his timid flesh.

Without preamble she lifted his penis upward as she placed her other hand beneath his scrotum and gently lifted his testicles, pulling them forward from between his widely spread legs.

The feeling of her cool hands gently holding his most intimate and private parts, was too much for Timothy to bear. He felt his penis throb between her delicate fingers and then to his horror, begin to erect fully.

Both Hazel and the young nurse had moved to stand in front of him. He looked at them, his whole body beginning to shake with the shame he was feeling. Nurse Davis spoke to Hazel and the nurse, ignoring both the boy’s utter humiliation and his throbbing penis.

“This is most unusual I have only seen it once before.” She pulled his testicles even further forward, ignoring Timothy’s gasp as she held them firmly stretched away from between his legs.

“His testicles are so swollen that they are causing pain. If I were to guess I would say that he has not yet experienced an ejaculation, although as you can see the testes are full.. and he is obviously capable of a good and firm erection.”

She squeezed his penis and let her hand slide down the shaft exposing the glans and ignoring completely the boy’s complete humiliation and groans of dismay. He had never felt so naked. His freshly and smoothly shaven flesh felt sensitive even to the lightest touch. He could even feel the air against his skin as the nurse casually held his genitals out for Hazel to examine.

I will let you bath him if you will Hazel and have a word with the doctor while you are doing that. Tina will help you bathe him…” She nodded at the young nurse, but try to avoid him ejaculating as I would like the doctor to see this.” She hefted his testicles in the palm of her hand as she spoke.

Timothy looked at Hazel, his face filled with shame as he saw her looking at his testicles and penis. He blushed again as she looked him in the eye.

“I hope Timothy that you are going to behave yourself while the nurse and I bathe you and that I am not going to have to smack your bottom again.”

Timothy looked at her his bottom lip trembling and mumbled to her almost incoherently. “err….nnnnooo..miss.”

The bath was prepared and a naked and trembling Timothy was made to stand in the ten inches of water that the young nurse had drawn into the shining inner surface of the tub.

Tina looked at Hazel and spoke to her in a voice that showed her admiration for how she handled the boy.

“Er Miss… erm,,, Hazel, if you would get the boy to hold on to the safety rail up there…. Er you will be able to handle him erm… more easily.”

Hazel smiled to herself as the young nurse pointed to the safety rail that was set into the ceiling above the bath. Two chromium plated adjustable rods extended down from the ceiling to a bar, which was high enough to make Timothy have to stretch to reach it. Hazel was aware of the exact meaning of what the young nurse had said, in that the boy would be completely open to their ministrations.

“Grasp the bar Timothy and open your legs wide, let’s have no nonsense now.“ She slapped him lightly on the buttocks, much to the embarrassment of the boy and perhaps, she thought, to the delight of the young nurse.

Timothy stood and endured the most humiliating bath he had ever had. Not only did they handle him like a prize animal on show, but their comments on various parts of his anatomy, accented his total shame and vulnerability.

“Right keep straight and stop squirming about” Hazel admonished him as she took the first scoop of water and began to lather her hands with soap.

Tina followed suit as they began at his shins and lathered him up to the tops of his thighs. Timothy could not cope with the sensation of their soft and delicate hands gently soothing and caressing his body. His penis had erected fully and was standing straight out and upwards from his body at an angle of forty-five degrees.

Both Hazel and the young nurse deliberately ignored his genitals as they began to soap over his chest. Hazel became aware of the sensitivity of his nipples as she gently scraped her nails over them on the pretence of washing his chest.

The intimacy of them washing under his arms and around his chest had him trembling from head to foot. He knew with an absolute certainty what was yet to come, dreading the moment when they would turn their attention to washing between his widely parted thighs.

It was Hazel that made the first move, making the most of the situation she took hold of his chin and made him look her in the eyes. She could see the distress written all over his face as she spoke to him.

“Right Timothy, I am going to wash your penis and testicles and I do not want any false modesty from you young man. Now turn to face me and get those legs spread wider so that I can get at you properly. Remember… any nonsense and you will be out of this bath and over my knee… and all in front of our young nurse here. So Timothy my boy… are you going to be a good boy… or will you be going over my knees with that bare bottom of your raised in the air…mmm?”

Her words could not have been chosen better for the humiliating effect it had on the him. His face suddenly suffused in an almost purple blush as he looked at her. He could not speak such was his abject dismay… instead he opened his legs as wide as he could and looked down shamefaced and trembling.

The first touch of her hand was like an electric shock as she took a firm hold of his penis and without warning stretched the foreskin back as far as it would go. He jerked his hips in anguish as she raised her other hand and soaped behind the rim of the glans.

He trembled and shook as she washed his penis thoroughly, before reaching right between his legs and carefully drawing his tender scrotum forward, rolling the testes in her hand before applying more soapy lather to his most intimate parts.

Suddenly he felt himself beginning to throb uncontrollably and his body tremble as the acute sensation of an impending ejaculation surged through his young body. Hazel felt it at that very same moment and took her hands away from his body. Hoping that she was not too late and the boy would not ejaculate.

This was something that she did not want… at least not yet. Her surprise turned to a smile as Tina, who had been aware of the danger suddenly dowsed the whole of his genitalia with a jug of freezing cold water. The boy gasped out loud as the shock of the water hit him. “arrgghh… ahhhhh”

Hazel could not help smiling at Tina as the boy shivered from the shock of the cold water. She ignored his protestations and spoke to Tina. “Well that seemed to have done the trick, I think we are nearly finished if you would just bend him over and wash his bottom I think that will do.”

More humiliation followed as Timothy was made to hold on to the side of the bath with his legs spread wide apart, while the young sixteen year old, insinuated her small hand between the cheeks of his bottom and washed him thoroughly. He gasped as a slender finger was pushed against the tight rosebud of his sphincter and to his horror, pushed up inside him. To add to his humiliation her other hand slid around his hips and he felt slender fingers take a firm hold of his penis.

“Just one more little push and I am almost finished.” Her soft voice almost whispered in his ear as she pushed up into his bottom and at the same time jerked his foreskin up and down the shaft of his penis in quick succession until he was fully erect again.


He moaned and groaned as the young girl expertly manipulated him, feeling the head of his penis slap against his tummy as she stretched his foreskin backwards and forwards.

“There now we are all done.” She whispered as she suddenly pulled her finger from inside his bottom and smacked him smartly on the buttocks.

She let go of his penis and stood back.

“Right young man. Let’s have you out of this bath and dried off.”

Hazel wondered as she watched Tina manipulate the boy so expertly, how many young boys she had done that to, at their compulsory medicals.

As Hazel dried the boy she continued to subjugate him with words and actions. “Bend over there’s a good boy and let me dry your little bottom.”

She parted the cheeks of his buttocks with her bare hand and then proceeded to dry between them. As she stood him up and dried his chest she made sure that the towel constantly rubbed the tip of his penis. She made him stand with his legs wide apart while she took hold of his penis and patted it dry.

She repeated the procedure with his testicles, aware that boy was absolutely suffused in a blush from head to toe.

The final humiliation was when she asked Tina to check his bottom and behind his foreskin to see if he was completely dry, accompanied by the remark;

“I usually have to powder little boy’s bottoms after they have been bathed. I don’t suppose you have any do you?”

Timothy absolutely cringed with embarrassment at the remark and the instruction she gave to the young nurse.

Timothy could hardly bring himself to look at her as the nurse stood in front of him in her crisp white apron.

”Legs apart and bend over, there that’s the way.”

She leaned over him and encircled his waist her hand reaching up under him and nonchalantly taking a firm hold of his penis and testicles as her other hand explored between the cheeks of his bottom.

“Right up you get, come along now.”

She hurried the boy to a standing position and slapped the inside of his thighs until they were spread to her satisfaction.

Timothy could have sworn she had a satisfied smirk on her face at his abject humiliation, his body was trembling all over as she reached forward and deftly took a firm grip on his penis.

He trembled as she moved close to him. Her young breasts were almost pressed against his chest as she reached between their bodies and cupped his testicles in an upward motion and at the same time stretched his penis so that it was touching his naval. He could not meet her gaze as she stepped back again and deftly pulled his foreskin back along the shaft and examined behind the glans, she moved the swollen flesh this way and that and then casually patted it in an upward motion before letting him go.

Timothy was near to tears with embarrassment as he was made to walk between Tina and Hazel as they left the tiled bathroom and proceeded towards the larger room at the end of the corridor.

Again he clasped his hands to his groin, battling to keep his erect penis hidden from view. As they walked down the corridor he could see several of the mothers with their daughters who were fully dressed in their school uniforms.

Timothy cast his eyes to the ground and began to crouch lower, it was just as they were passing a pretty girl of sixteen and her mother that Hazel slapped his bottom twice in quick succession.

“I can see that I am going to have to take you over my knee if there is any more nonsense. Now stand up straight and walk properly you naughty child.”

Timothy wished a hole would appear in the floor and swallow him up, such was his dismay as involuntarily he looked up to see the girl snigger at his nakedness. The mother raised her eyebrows to Hazel in sympathy and understanding at having a recalcitrant child to look after, as Hazel took his arm and pulled it away from his groin.

Timothy could not contain his penis and testicles in just one hand so he pressed his penis close to his tummy as he was led towards the door of the common room.

As they entered, he saw that a nurse, as well as Mrs Grant, was clearing screens away. To the side of the room he could see Susan and Gail, now fully dressed, helping to arrange the screens against the wall. Timothy groaned with embarrassment as he saw Susan and Gail. The nurse stopped and turned to Hazel.

”If you have Timothy wait by the door over there, I will see how long it will be before he can see the doctor,. Why don’t you go and get a coffee, you must be parched”

Hazel smiled at Tina and instructed the boy to go and wait by the door. When he hesitated, Hazel immediately took a firm grip on his upper arm. Timothy groaned in horror, as he saw that the door the nurse had indicated was where both Susan and Gail were stacking the screens.

The offer by both Gail and Susan to help with the screens had not been entirely altruistic. Susan knew that Timothy would be the last to go in and that in all likelihood her mother would stay at least to see Hazel, before she left. She smiled at Gail almost conspiratorially.

They both watched as the naked boy was escorted by Hazel to wait by the surgery door.

The door, which was only a few feet from where they were standing, had a screen in front of it, which was shaped in the letter L. He was again crouched low, both hands now protecting his modesty as best he could as he hobbled rather than walked to the closed door and disappeared behind the screen.

He had managed to avoid his eyes meeting the interested gaze of the girls as he walked across the room.

Once behind the screen Hazel spoke sternly to him.

“Right young man I have told you about being slovenly once too often.”

Without warning she took a hold of his waist and turned him around. Before he could protest she had bent him over with her arm encircling his waist. To his horror he realised that she was going to smack his bottom and that Susan and Gail were only a few yards from the other side of the curtained screen.

“Pleeeaaaa…aasssee.” His pleading was cut short by the first of a dozen sound slaps that she delivered not only to his bottom but also to his legs. He involuntarily began dancing about as she slapped him. “Smack smaccckkk… smackkkkkkk.”

“Owwwhhh arggghh… pleeeasee… ouchhhh.” He could not believe this was actually happening to him as she tightened her grip around his waist and continued slapping him. “Smaaaccck… smaaacckkk…. Smaccckkkk. As the twelfth stroke of her hand fell upon his reddened bottom and legs she stopped and stood him upright…

“Right young man… hands on your head…quickly now and stand up straight.” She watched him intently, her beautiful face stern and foreboding as he reluctantly obeyed.

“Now let me tell you, if I find that you have moved one millimetre while I am gone, you will be over my knee, right here in this room!”

Timothy blushed profusely feeling utterly ridiculous as he stood with his hands on his head. His long penis although not erect was still turgid, the plump flesh lying heavily over his swollen testicles.

Timothy stood as he had been instructed to, when the screen in front of him was suddenly wheeled away, to reveal both Susan and Gail looking cool and fresh in their school uniforms.

“Sorry Timothy, Susan said as she slid the screen along the floor. “We have to have all of these away before the next girls arrive.”

Timothy could have died. He dare not move his hands, the results of his disobedience already displayed in red blotches on his bottom and thighs.

He blushed bright red and hung his head in utter shame as the screen was wheeled away. Looking down with his hands pressed firmly to the back of his head, all he could contemplate was his absolute nakedness and utter humiliation.

He could hear the screens being moved and several footsteps in the hall, he sensed that someone was approaching him.

He raised his head to see Mrs Grant standing in front of him. “I am sorry Hazel has had to smack your bottom, my, my… it does look red… and your legs too I see.”

Timothy blushed aware that that was not all that Mrs Grant could see of him.

“Never mind you will be seeing the Doctor in a few minutes… I’ll get Susan and Gail to come across and cheer you up a bit… they can manage the other screens afterwards.”

The last thing Timothy wanted was for Susan and Gail to see him naked again, he felt even more vulnerable with his genitals freshly shaven, not even a whisper of hair to protect his modesty.

He was blushing an even deeper shade of red as Mrs Grant gently patted his burning cheek and walked across to where Gail and Susan were working.

He dare not look as Mrs Grant spoke to them, his body trembling uncontrollably with embarrassment as the two girls walked across to where he was standing.

Susan was the first to speak as she stood close to him and placed her hand on his bare shoulder.

“Poor Timmy… having to have his bottom smacked. I am sorry, I know how shy you are.”

Susan’s voice was soft and soothing and sounded sincere. Timothy blushed an even deeper shade of red as Gail casually walked to his side and smoothed hand gently across the cheeks of his bottom. He flinched in shock at the intimacy of her touch.

His embarrassment was paramount at being made to stand naked and fully on display in front of the two teenage girls.

Gail spoke to him, her hand stroking gently down across his sensitive bottom cheeks.

“Did she hurt you very much? They were very loud slaps.”

Timothy blushed again, his face already so reddened with embarrassment that the effect was minimal. To his horror he felt his penis pulse, knowing full well that he had no control over it.

He began to crouch, pushing his bottom backwards as he felt his penis beginning to become erect once more.

“Pleeeaaase er.. miss”

His plea went unfinished as Gail took her hand from his bottom and stood beside Susan. She placed her hand gently on his chest, her long fingers grazing over the sensitive flesh of his nipple as she spoke to him. I think you ought to stand up straighter. If Hazel catches you like this I think she will be having your bare bottom over her knee.

To his horror Gail’s hand moved softly over his chest and down onto his tummy before she moved her hand away and both girls stood back from him. He stood straight his eyes unable to avoid looking at them as they watched his penis begin to throb, the turgid flesh pulsing visibly.

“Oh Timothy… you’re penis is moving… are you going to get an erection?” Susan asked innocently.

Timothy wished he would faint… anything to escape the foolishness and humiliation he felt. The girls stood and watched as his penis stiffened until it stood out from his body, the flesh full and throbbing visibly.

Susan could see he was becoming more and more distressed at his embarrassment and motioned to Gail.

“We will leave you Timmy, don’t worry it will all be over soon.”

The girls moved away talking quietly to each other, it was Gail that turned her head back to look at the naked boy, his body standing upright with his hands on his head and his penis sticking straight out in front of him. She paused, examining him carefully with her head tilted to one side as if deep in thought.

It was perhaps a quarter of an hour later that Hazel returned to the surgery door. Timothy’s erection had subsided to an almost flaccid state as she looked at him, placing her hand gently on his cheek.”

I am sorry I had to smack you Timmy, but you were a naughty boy. However Vicki has been telling me what an extraordinarily shy young man you are. The doctor will see you now I think, so you can take your hands down.”

Hazel stepped forward and knocked confidently upon the surgery door. It was only a few moments before an extremely pretty young nurse opened the door. “Come in.” She announced, holding the door open wide so that Hazel was able to usher the young boy in.

The surgery was large and divided by a large screen in the centre of the room. In front of Timothy, who was again clasping his hands in front of his groin, was a large desk, upon which was a blotter pad, ‘in’ and ‘out’ trays and a stethoscope.

Towards the middle of the room was a very modern examination couch with brown leather stirrups already in place. There were weighing scales of a very modern design and several shelves with complicated instruments of various shapes. A strong overhead light illuminated the examination table.

There were two nurses, both dressed in smart white tunics. Both of the nurses were young and slender. The shorter of the two had short almost black hair while the other nurse wore her longer blonde hair tied back in a chignon.

It was the doctor who held Timothy’s attention, she was small and petite, her pretty face was neatly made up and the small steel rimmed glasses she wore gave her a studious appearance.

She was wearing a white coat made of very fine cotton. He realised that the doctor could not be much more than twenty-five years old. As she stood up Timothy could see that a white cotton belt accentuated her tiny waist.

She looked at Hazel and smiled, displaying her perfect teeth. ”I understand that you are” She looked down at the form she held in her hand “Timothy’s temporary guardian, while his mother is away?”

Hazel replied confidently. “Yes that’s right! His mother is staying with my own mother while she recovers from a bout of influenza. So I have taken charge of Timothy and am staying at the house to look after him.”

The doctor smiled. She realised that Hazel was a quite confident and able young lady and was quite sure that Hazel meant exactly what she said when she said ‘take charge’.

The doctor turned to one of the nurses. “Let’s get him weighed and measured and then I will examine him. “She turned to Hazel. “There are some forms to sign, which you as guardian at the present time may sign in his mother’s absence.

She opened the palm of her hand to indicate that Hazel should sit on a chair by the desk while one of the nurses took Timothy by the arm and led him to the scales. He began to blush once more as the pretty dark haired nurse placed her soft hands on his waist and positioned him on the scales.

He stood there until she motioned him to step down and stood him against the wall, which had a scale marked in feet and inches upon it.

“Put your hands by your sides and stand up straight with your head touching the wall.” Reluctantly Timothy uncovered himself, blushing as the nurse glanced down at his naked body. He blushed even more as her body pressed firmly against him as she placed a small movable marker on his head.

“Right you can move forward.” She said as she noted the position of the maker.

The next part was particularly humiliating as she made him stand with his legs apart and his hands stretched out to either side. “Now stay like that until I have finished measuring you there’s a good boy.”

His red and blushing face was a testimony to his utter embarrassment as her delicate hands held the tape around his neck and then from his shoulder to his fingertips.

Each time she measured him she called out the result to the other nurse who had come to stand by them with a clipboard. The nurse pressed her body against him as she measured his chest and then his waist, her cool hands playing havoc with his feelings.

Timothy blushed profusely as she knelt down and passed the tape around his buttocks, her face was pressed almost intimately against his tummy as she brought the ends around to the front. He trembled as her hand brushed against his penis as she placed the end of the tape to the measurement. Again the back of her hand brushed against his penis as she placed the tape around his thigh.

Timothy could but stand there, his arms still outstretched and beginning to ache just as the pretty nurse smiled at him and spoke; “You may put hands on top of your head now, they must be aching by now.”

Timothy blushed, as she looked him in the eye. Deliberately and without warning she reached forward and cupped his testicles before placing the end of the tape with her other hand between his legs.

The humiliating experience of her looking him straight in the eye while holding his genitals, was too much for Timothy and he blushed mightily.

“My you are a shy one;” she said. “I would not have thought a young man like you could blush so much.”

He proved her wrong as involuntarily he blushed once more at seeing Hazel turn her head, from the desk where she was filling out his forms, and look at him.

She spoke, her tone matter of fact, as she watched the young nurse nonchalantly lift his testicles once more and proceed to measure the length of his leg from the groin. “Now Timothy I hope you are behaving yourself, I would not want to have to smack your bottom again.”

Her words causing the boy to blush an even deeper shade of red, waves of humiliation washing over him as he stood naked before the young nurse, his legs spread wide apart and his hands on top of his head.

The nurse looked at him as she finished taking his measurements and stood upright, her face now only inches away from his. Her tone conveyed a feeling of sympathy as she gently laid her soft hand on his cheek.

“Poor baby, it’s all a bit much for you isn’t it.”

Timothy blushed again this time at the intimate contact of her hand and the closeness of her face to his.

His humiliation continued as the nurse sat him on a cold metal chair while she took his blood pressure and a small quantity of blood. She bade him stand up and passed him a large jar with a tube like end. He blushed as he saw it, knowing that he would be required to give a urine sample.

His embarrassment was almost palpable as she made him stand by the sink in full view of everyone.

“Now see if you can fill the bottle for me.”

Timothy looked at her incredulously; surely he would be able to do it in private! The nurse smiled at him and said.

“I am sorry Timothy you will have to do it in front of me, I am going to test it straight away.” She took the jar from his hands and knelt in front of his. To his dismay she took hold of his penis, which was still plump but hanging down between his legs, and placed the end and most of the shaft into the jar.

“Now take hold of the jar, there’s a good boy.”

Without another word she turned to the sink and turned on the cold tap. She placed a sponge underneath the running water and quickly, turning towards him, placed it against his tummy. The shock of the cold water and the running of the tap quickly had the desired effect and Timothy began to urinate helplessly as the young nurse watched him. She moved behind him and pressing her body close to his, she passed her hands around his waist took hold of his penis and the jar and squeezed the last few drops from the end of his penis.

The nurse took the jar away and then made him stand in the middle of the room with his hands on his head. She left him there, her face displaying an expression of professional sympathy as she left him in his humiliating position.

It was about ten minutes before the doctor got up from her desk and placed the stethoscope around her neck.

He could feel himself blush as she took his face in her hands and bent his head forward. Her gentle fingers began to run through his hair as she examined his scalp. She then looked in his ears before tracing her hands around his jaw line. He could see from over her shoulder that Hazel and both the young nurses had joined the doctor and were standing to her side as she placed the cold stethoscope against his chest.

“Breathe in deeply and hold your breath until I tell you to expel.”

Her voice was soft, almost intimate as she moved the cold metal over his chest.

“Right put your hands by your sides and expel your breath.” She let the stethoscope drop and waited until his hands were by his sides.

She raised her arms and placed them on each shoulder before moving them over his shoulders and down his arms.

Her touch was soft and gentle and her cool hands made goose bumps appear upon his flesh.

“Now hold your arms out.”

Timothy obeyed as she placed her hands on either side of his chest and slowly moved them down his body until they were holding each side of his narrow waist.

She went down on one knee and continued feeling either side of his body as her hands brushed down over his hips and thighs to his ankles.

“You may put your hands down by your sides now.” She stood up and to Timothy’s embarrassment took hold of his penis with both hands and gently pushed the foreskin back until the glans was fully exposed.

She examined it carefully before letting it drop back between his legs. Timothy groaned as he felt his penis throb at her touch. She made no comment as she lifted his testicles and spoke to him once more.

“Now turn you head to the side and cough for me.” Timothy obeyed, his cough weak and feeble, such was embarrassment at standing in front of the four young women while his testicles were being held so intimately. “And again, a nice big cough please Timothy.”

He blushed, but managed a much stronger cough. The doctor turned to one of the nurses and asked her to bring a chair. The taller blonde nurse immediately fetched a chair, which she placed in front of Timothy.

The doctor sat on the chair and placed her hand upon the inside of the boy’s thigh. “Now open your legs as wide as you can there’s a good boy.” She turned her head to Hazel as the boy obeyed her, spreading his legs as wide as he could.

“Nurse Davis has told me about her cause for concern Hazel, and his testicles are indeed very enlarged and swollen.”

She turned back to Timothy and looked up at him from her chair.

“Look at me Timothy and listen.” Shamefaced the boy looked at the young doctor, his face blushing as her eyes fixed upon his.

“I am going to ask you some questions and I want truthful answers. Do you understand me?” Timothy blushed, but managed to answer.

“er… Yes doctor.” His voice was croaky and hoarse.

“Do you know what masturbation is?”

Her question embarrassed the boy but reluctantly he managed to answer her. “erm… Yes I think so .. er miss… er doctor.” Have you ever masturbated? Played with this until you have ejaculated? I want a truthful answer now.”

Timothy blushed profusely as the doctor, almost casually took hold of his penis and laid it in the palm of her hand. The doctor could see the colour suddenly rush to his face as he looked at his penis laid in her hand and then replied.

“Honestly er.. miss.. erm truthfully I haven’t.”

He stuttered and stammered as she continued to hold his penis. After a few moments she let go of his penis and cupped his scrotum in one hand and gently felt around the testes with the other.

“Are you having pain from your testicles?” She looked up at him as she spoke. His eyes were immediately drawn to hers as he made his admission.

“Yes… miss… er doctor, sometimes they hurt.”

“Does the pain wake you up at night?”

“erm… Sometimes miss.” The boy replied truthfully.

She stood up and left him and spoke to both of the nurses.

“I want him on the table… er no not that one.” She gestured towards the examination table.

“Behind the screen I think. I want good access and plenty of support he may be there for a while.”

Timothy could hear the conversation but had no idea what was about to happen to him.

Timothy stood as he had been left while the nurses disappeared behind the screen. He could here the soft hiss of pneumatics and hear the nurses busy with some kind of apparatus, but beyond that he had no idea what they were doing.

He was aware that a very bright light had been turned on, reflecting its beams against the ceiling above the top of the screen that divided the room. Hazel and the doctor were in deep conversation by her desk as the boy stood naked and embarrassed but otherwise waiting patiently.

It was probably ten minutes that the two nurses came for him. He could understand that something was about to happen as he was led forward, with each nurse at either side of him, holding his arms firmly. They walked him through past the side of the screen and into the second half of the modern doctor’s office.

He trembled as he saw the fully automatic gynaecological bed starkly illuminated against the white tiled floor and walls of that section of the room. There were futuristic looking gas cylinders and trolleys with callipers and instruments neatly placed on their surfaces.

He was propelled towards the bed and quickly turned around so that his bottom was pressed against the end of it between the technical looking stirrups. Pads and supports seemed to be everywhere, their brown leather supported by highly polished chromium plated arms that seemed to have adjustments everywhere.

His confinement to the examination bed was carried out quickly and efficiently as if he might flee with fright. He was made to sit his bottom on the bed and quickly laid back while to nurses deftly hoisted his legs into the stirrups. Straps were attached and pads placed under him and around him that he apprehensively looked at the two nurses and stammered:

“er.. what are.. y… you going to do.. er nurse.”

The nurse answered soothing her hands over the trembling boy’s brow.

“Don’t worry, doctor will be through in a moment.”

He was given no more information as they continued adjusting the bed. His legs were held high but thankfully not too far apart.

The support pads were under his thighs, knees and ankles… as well as soft supports under his lumbar region and around his hips. Suddenly he heard the hiss of pneumatics and felt the stirrups moving, pulling his legs further upwards and widely apart until he felt his bottom cheeks opening. One of the nurses busied herself adjusting something cold against his buttocks and again he heard the hiss of air as the cheeks of his bottom were stretched apart, exposing the sensitive opening of his sphincter.

The last adjustment was the placing of a pad under his head, which the nurse inflated with air. Timothy did not think that he could have been placed in a more humiliating position. His legs were stretched far wider and higher than that of the preparation room where he had been given an enema and had his genitalia shaved.

He blushed as he saw Hazel walk into the room and stand looking at him from in- between his widely spread legs, just as the nurses were attaching loose restraints to his wrists which had been placed on the bed above his head.

His apprehension grew even stronger as one of the nurses placed an oxygen mask next to his head. Although it had been placed there as a precautionary measure, Timothy looked at it ominously.

The doctor walked through and asked one of the nurses to reduce the size of the screen, which divided the room so that she could see the door. The nurse walked in- between Timothy’s prone position and the dividing screen and drew it back. Timothy could now see into the first part of the room and realised to his dismay that the screen only covered the middle part of him. His legs and head were clearly visible to anyone that entered the surgery.

The pretty young doctor spoke to Hazel, ignoring the boy’s worried expression.

”I have asked Vicki Grant to come as soon as she is free. Vicki used to be a nurse here at the centre and as she lives near to where you are staying I thought she would be the ideal choice to help you with what we discussed.” Timothy blushed immediately as he heard that Mrs Grant would be coming in to the surgery, hoping against hope that whatever they were going to do to him would be finished and she would not see him in such a humiliating and revealing position.

The doctor continued talking with Hazel: “Of course ideally, you will need three of you, so I am going to ask the one of the nurses from the centre to come along and help you.

“Now what I am going to do is extract as much semen as I can and…” The surgery door opened cutting the young doctor off in mid-sentence. Timothy watched in horror as not only Mrs Grant walked in, but she was immediately followed by Susan and Gail.

They all immediately looked at Timothy as they entered the room, seeing him blush a beetroot red as he saw them. Mrs. Grant spoke to Susan;

“If you and Gail take a seat here I will go through. I don’t know why you both don’t go and get a drink from the canteen after all your hard work.

Timothy watched the girls sit down realising immediately that they could see his head and the position of his legs quite clearly from their position.

The screens hid his mid section from their view, but Gail could see how embarrassingly open and accessible his position was. She was surprised at the thrill she felt run through her as she wickedly imagined having him in that position for her own pleasure to examine as she saw fit.

Mrs Grant walked through and smiled at Hazel and the doctor and nurses.

“Sorry I couldn’t come sooner.”

She looked down at Timothy her eyes taking in every inch of him as she walked over to Hazel who was standing next to the doctor at the foot of the bed. The two nurses immediately took up their positions at each side of his hips. One of them nonchalantly laid her hand against his tummy just above the juncture of his penis, which was now lying flaccid between his legs.

“As I was saying;” The doctor continued where she left off. “I am going to take as much semen from him as I can in the time permitting and then I think we will have to keep a close watch on his output during the coming weeks.

The doctor looked over Timothy’s body and addressed Hazel, Mrs Grant and the two nurses.

“As you can see he is physically extremely well proportioned in fact I don’t think I have seen a boy quite up to this standard of perfection… and I don’t use the word perfection lightly. Because of his quite sheltered upbringing I think that it would be morally wrong to encourage him in masturbatory habits. I am sure that if he is well supervised and drained at regular intervals it will be the most satisfactory solution.”

Hazel looked at Timothy as the doctor continued. She could see his face was one deep red blush and wondered why she felt so much excitement at his subjugation.

“Now I am going to suggest that you take semen from him between say between… five and seven times a day. I will give you a box of test-tubes and if you would mark them with time and date, we will be able to judge what amount needs to be extracted per day, to keep his testicles at a normal size for physical comfort.”

She turned to one of the nurses; “Will you make sure we have some to hand.”

“I will use two methods today so that you can alternate between them or at times use other methods to obtain as much as you can at each session. The school holidays start on Friday and as today is Tuesday I will issue a sick note so that you may keep him at home for the rest of the week.”

She turned to Hazel and smiled as she finished her sentence.

“If you check him regularly during the day, it should indicate whether he is ready to have some more taken from him. You will be able to tell either by the size of his testicles… or by his penis becoming erect.”

Timothy could not believe his ears. He was trembling from head to foot, his embarrassment increasingly fuelled by each sentence. He felt like a prize animal on display as the doctor discussed what was to be done to him in such a ‘matter of fact’ manner.

Involuntarily he turned his head to the side to avoid the steady gaze of the Hazel and Mrs. Grant as he turned his head he suddenly became aware of Susan and Gail who were leaning forward in their seats. It became obvious to the distraught boy that they had heard every word the Doctor had said.

Timothy’s penis was completely flaccid as the doctor moved further forward between the boy’s legs. The nurse handed her an opened tube of lubricant and waited with her hand outstretched while the doctor greased several of her fingers before handing it back. The fluency of the procedure seemed well practiced and made Hazel wonder how may young boys and been subjected to this kind of humiliation before Timothy.

Without a word the doctor inserted her hand between the boy’s buttocks, the smooth plastic pads that stretched his bottom wide, allowed her full and unhindered access to his sphincter.

She looked at Timothy as she pressed her forefinger against the tight rosebud at the entrance to his anus.

“Just relax there’s a good boy, I am just going to slide my finger up inside you.”

Timothy turned his head to the side in embarrassment only to see that Gail and Susan had left their chairs and had moved to the other side of the room. They were looking towards the far side of the screen and Timothy knew that they could now see everything that the doctor was doing to him.

He groaned as he felt her finger push past the constricting muscle of his sphincter and suddenly felt an acute sensation as she located his prostate.

“Arggghhh… ooohhh.”

Timothy groaned as he felt her finger, which seemed to be deep inside of him, stimulate the prostate gland. He could feel an answering throb in the tip of his penis, as to his horror; he felt the nurse casually lift the flaccid member and deftly pull the foreskin down the shaft revealing the glans and the sensitive flesh beneath.

“Argghhh.. oohhhh”

He writhed in an embarrassment of sexual sensation, his hips bucking as he tried to escape the acute sensation he felt deep inside his bottom. His attempt to escape the exquisite torture was thwarted by the confines of the gynaecological table.

The doctor turned to Hazel and Mrs Grant…

”As I thought, even the prostate is enlarged I would imagine that the boy has been in discomfort for some time.”

The nurse caused his next groan of misery, embarrassment and acute sensation as she rubbed the palm of her hand over the very tip of his penis.

“Arrggghhhh…. Arggghhhhhh…arggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh.”

The sensation was so acute that he felt he would die unless she stopped immediately. The nurse gave a smile of satisfaction to Hazel and Vicki as the penis became fully erect and hard within her hands.

“There’s a good boy now that didn’t take long did it sweetheart.”

The dark haired nurse coo-ed at him as she began to sensually manipulate the foreskin up over the sensitive glans and then back down again. Her practiced milking motion soon had the boy gasping for breath and every sinew of his body as tight as piano wire.


Timothy was beside himself, engulfed in a myriad of the most acute sensations he had ever felt in his young life. Hazel moved, almost instinctively, from the doctor’s side and came to stand beside the boy. She lowered her head, her breath soft and sweet and her voice gentle and loving as she spoke to him.

“There my sweet boy let it all come out for doctor, you’ll feel much better soon.”

She placed her hand softly on his chest and ran her fingers articulately over his sensitive nipples. She could feel a thrill run through her body as he suddenly arched his back and groaned his voice almost a wail of anguish and sensation.

“Argggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… argh argh argh.”

His body shook as Hazel quickly took each nipple in her hand and squeezed hard, turning her head to look at his penis which the nurse was steadily milking in her long fingers.

Hazel noted that the other nurse was now holding his testicles and stroking his tummy. She also noticed with amusement, that it was Vicki who held the test tube over the end of his penis just at the vital moment, catching a mighty stream of thick semen as it erupted from his thrusting member. The nurse did not miss a stroke in her milking of him as Hazel watched avidly, noting the doctor almost jabbing her finger up between his captive buttocks as he ejaculated in a wail of anguish.


His wail seemed to go on forever. Hazel turned back to look at the boy captive on the bed below her. His head was thrown back and his mouth was wide open gasping for air, as jet after jet of thick white globules seemed to burst from the tip of his penis. His head lashed from side to side as still the nurse manipulated his penis and doctor stimulated his prostate.

They held him in the throes of ecstasy, manipulating his flesh so expertly and for so long that the boy began to shiver as if his body was in spasm,

On and on it went until the last spurts of semen were drained from him. His back arched one final time before he fell back on the bed exhausted. His chest heaved for breath as the nurse milked the last few globules in an upward motion from the very base of his penis, watching as the very last drop escaped into the glass test tube. She gently let go of his penis and placed the oxygen mask over his face.

Simultaneously the doctor slowly and gently slid her finger from his bottom and patted his penis gently.

“There’s a good boy Timothy, you have done very well. We are going to let you rest for a while now.”

Timothy sucked at the rich air. His mind and body were in turmoil. He had never imagined that he could have experienced such feelings. He could feel his heart beating within his chest. He could, he imagined, feel every inch of his skin, and still impossibly feel their hands roaming over his body.

Paramount to all these feelings was the utter humiliation he felt. He knew that his face was a red as a beetroot. Not just with the physical overwhelming experience of his first ejaculatory orgasm but with the already deeply carved humiliation, that he had suffered at the hands of his cousin and the doctor and nurses.

These feelings had been made even more acute by the presence of Susan and her mother and of course the head girl, Gail.

They had not only heard him have his bottom smacked in public, but had also witnessed his nakedness and humiliation, being made to stand with his hands clasped to his head, unable to stop his penis from erecting in front of them. Now they had witnessed his utter shame as he had been made to reluctantly ejaculate. He shivered again at the thought of the utter humiliation of recent events, his young body shaking visibly.

Had he known or been able to foresee the events that would follow, he might well have died of shame and humiliation. Or even had he been able to hear the conversation centred around the doctor’s desk his unease would have been multiplied tenfold.

Both Hazel and Vicki were seated at the doctor’s desk. Susan and Gail had gone back to their seats rather hurriedly as the proceedings with Timothy had finished. Although they were sat some way a way from the desk they could hear the conversation quite clearly.

Lucy Ashcroft was without doubt one of the brightest young doctor’s that visited the clinic. But there was much more to Lucy’s persona than reached the eye. She had realised for the first time, that her leanings towards an authoritarian management of young boys had until now been hidden and recessed in the back of her mind.

She knew that she had experienced great sexual pleasure from the morning events and was already planning to repeat the episode. Not for her the pimply, greasy skinned adolescents that she had to deal with from time to time. For her it was the huge significance that she had actually experienced the pleasure of toying with the emotions and physically exploring the body of the most perfect young male individual she had ever seen.

Her thoughts turned to her college friend who was now operating her own private IVF clinic in London. A quiet and hugely successful establishment that relied upon, apart from the necessary skills, what she now held in her hand; a test-tube full of the reluctant emission of a perfect donor.

Lucy looked at Hazel and Vicki Grant and held up the test-tube.

“I have never seen such an amount ever… and from one emission. He must obviously have been in physical discomfort as well as the emotional one of not daring to masturbate. I think we have an obligation to the boy to make sure that he is well managed over the next few weeks.”

She looked thoughtful for a moment before continuing.

“I don’t know how you both feel but I think it would be wrong of us to set him on a course of masturbatory habits at his age. Apart from the clandestine and furtive approach young boys seem to have to this activity, it can be physically damaging to the penis. The penis can become bent and malformed with vigorous and constant masturbation. Therefore I propose that we keep it on a supervisory and clinical basis as we have already discussed. There is one other thing - and that is that I would rather like a colleague of mine in London to see him at some time, a second opinion is always welcome.”

Lucy smiled at Hazel and Vicki as she stood up from behind her desk and placed the test-tube in a holder.

“Would you like me to have a word with his mother and tell her what I am proposing? I think it would be best if she was kept informed right from the start.”

Hazel spoke, her voice confident and steady. Although she was only nineteen years old, her confidence and manner were of a much more mature woman.

“I will ring my mother tonight and tell her of the events so far. We have a relationship as such, that I can easily talk to her about such things, I am sure that she will be able to talk to his mother, my aunt, and explain what the poor boy has been going through.”

Hazel thought to herself, that what he had gone through would be nothing to what she was going to do to him. She had thrilled at the boy’s humiliation and her total dominance of him, where at a whim she could play with his body as she wished.

Susan and Gail had been sitting quietly listening to the conversation. Susan had known for some time that Timothy’s popularity with her and her mother had not been just for his practical usefulness with the various jobs he had done for them. She remembered when he had once been emptying a pail of water, that he had wet his shirt and shorts so much so that they were wringing wet.

Her mother had instantly rushed to the boy and started pulling his shirt from his body with which she succeeded, however when she had tried to pull his trousers down, he had resisted and quickly elected to return home in the sodden garments. Susan thought then that her mother had been rather keen to divest the boy of his clothes, however well intentioned her motives.

What had surprised Susan more today was that her mother had seen nothing untoward in Susan seeing the boy in all his nakedness – and that in fact she had encouraged Susan and Gail to go and talk to him while he was being made to stand naked with his hands on his head, obviously knowing that his penis and testicles would be completely on display for the girls to see.

Susan spoke;

“Mummy, will Timothy be alright now, I just heard him moaning, he seemed to be very distressed while you were with him in there.”

Vicki Grant smiled at her daughter and before answering her question, looked at the young doctor.

“Will it be alright for Susan to see Timmy for a moment? Susan seems a little concerned about him… and of course she is a going to have to baby-sit him while his mother is away if Hazel needs a night off, which I am sure she will.”

The doctor smiled at Vicki, understanding immediately the implications of what she was asking.

Hazel almost chuckled at Vicki.

“That sounds a nice idea… I mean the night off; are you proposing to show me the bright lights of this agricultural county?”

Vicki laughed; “Well I thought I might take you out for a meal while you are here and perhaps the theatre afterwards… there is a good rep company here.”

The doctor answered Vicki’s question;

“But of course Vicki, How remiss of me. I think it would be very sweet of you girls if you were to go in there and keep him company. I am going to extract some more semen from him and then measure his testicles. He has been in quite some discomfort I imagine, but I am sure that he is going to be much better in a few days.”

Susan looked at Gail, the mischievousness in her eyes made the head girl smile as Susan took her hand.

“Come on Gail, let’s go and cheer him up.”

Susan led Gail through the gap in the screens. Both Susan and Gail stood and stared at the sight that greeted them. The boy’s body was raised up as if in supplication, his bottom supported upwards off the bed and spread open by slim clear plastic pads. His legs were fastened high in the air and his hands were loosely restrained above his head on the padded surface of the examination couch.

He looked at the two girls as they entered and groaned. Both nurses were stood at the side of the bed as the girls entered the screened-off area. The dark haired nurse smiled at the young girls and spoke.

“He seems to have recovered alright from his little ordeal.”

She looked at his penis that was now hanging down between his legs and saw a globule of clear liquid, which had emerged from the tip of the urethra.

The nurse took a gauze pad from the instrument trolley and moved between his legs, gently lifting his penis she wiped the moist teardrop of liquid from the opening. Susan watched Timothy turn his away from the girls in shame. He blushed, his cheeks colouring immediately into a bright red hue. Susan moved to his side and took his burning face in her hands;

“Don’t worry Timmy, the doctor says you will be feeling a lot better in a few days. Mummy and Hazel are going to milk you every day to make sure that you don’t get… erm, big balls again.”

Gail nearly laughed out loud as Susan described his condition so innocently. Her amused expression was not lost on Timothy as Gail bent right over him, her firm breasts pressing against his chest as she looked into his eyes.

“Are you feeling better now Timothy?”

He could hardly bring himself to answer as he looked into the beautiful faces of the two girls. He was aware that their soft hands were placed casually on his chest as they looked at him with expressions of concern. He could barely stammer an answer, as Gail casually placed her other hand on his lower tummy and moved it downwards over his freshly shaven pubic area

“Er… erm… y’yessss… err misss… “

Timothy did not know what to say… his embarrassment increasing with every moment as the girls looked at him their hands gently stroking over his body. Gail looked at the nurse and spoke sweetly.

“Have his testicles reduced in size much? The test-tube the doctor had looked really full.”

The nurse almost nonchalantly moved around to stand in-between the boys widely spread legs.

“Come and have a look, you can see that the scrotum is no longer stretched and that they seem to be hanging normally. They are very large for a boy of his age, but you can see even though he is not erect that his penis is well developed too. Some boy’s do develop early, but even so his penis is unusually large.”

To Timothy’s horror he felt the nurse lift his testicles and take hold of his penis. He could not help but look down at himself as the nurse spoke once more.

“Take them in the palm of your hand, you can feel the weight of them, but you will notice if your roll them between your fingers that they are now able to move freely in the scrotal sac.”

The nurse casually held his penis upwards so that Gail had completely free access to his testicles. He groaned in anguish as Gail gently lifted his testicles and moved the soft balls around in her hand. He could not believe that such a thing was happening as Susan spoke.

“Let me have a feel, they look awfully large.”

She too moved to stand between the boy’s legs. Timothy’s mind was in turmoil, his embarrassment like a wave washing over him as he felt the nurse let go of his tingling penis and her soft hand stoke over the sensitive skin between his legs, feeling his testicles being gently lowered as Gail let them hang freely between his legs.

He was in anguish as his humiliation continued. Gail spoke sweetly to her friend.

“I will hold his penis for you so that you can lift his testicles. They feel very soft and delicate.”

Timothy sighed in utter embarrassment as Susan took his sensitive scrotum in her cool fingers, her touch was soft and sensuous as she moved the soft orbs to and fro within their sac. Worse still he felt his penis throb as Gail delicately took it between her finger and thumb.

Not content with holding the tumescent flesh, he felt her slide his foreskin back down the shaft. The cool air of the examination room was apparent against the unprotected flesh, accenting fully his rude exposure.

He groaned inwardly as he felt his penis becoming erect, it began to pulse and stiffen as her delicate fingers nonchalantly encouraged and stimulated the sensitive skin. He tried to pull back as her thumb casually rubbed over the sensitive rim of the glans. Both Gail and Susan looked at each other as they let go of him, almost giggling as they left him with his penis completely erect and standing straight up between his legs. The nurse smiled as she saw the effect the girl’s hands had had upon the young boy.

“Well girls, he obviously doesn’t seem to need a lot of encouragement does he? You might as well help us turn him over for the doctor, He seems to be rested enough.”

The nurses experienced hands soon had the boy released from the confines of the apparatus and laid flat on the bed with his legs hanging over the end.

“Right young man” the blonde haired nurse said brightly to Timothy: “Let’s have you over on your tummy, I want you up on your hands and knees.”

The nurse was perfectly aware that the boy would not be able to turn over with his penis so stiff and erect. So, as he groaned in embarrassment at their positioning of him, the nurse casually took hold of his penis and at the same time gestured to the other nurse and Susan and Gail to help him up onto his knees.

Their hands were everywhere, under his tummy, between his legs as they positioned him on the examination bed. His final humiliation was when he was forced to rest his head on his hands and lay with his elbows flat on the bed to each side of his head.

His knees had been spread wide with his bottom high in the air and his testicles hanging freely between his legs. His penis was jutting forward under his tummy with the tip almost touching his stomach well above his naval.

Both Susan and Gail were absolutely delighted with his new position. Susan instinctively ran her hand over his buttocks, marvelling at how vulnerably the boy was positioned.

Gail looked at Susan, her beautiful lips set in a wide smile that showed her perfect white and glistening teeth. She could not have explained her excitement at having a young boy so completely exposed and humiliated before her. Of course there was the curiosity of being able to examine a young boy so intimately; but her enjoyment and excitement at his humiliation was a revelation to her. Gail was also aware that her feelings were very much echoed by her friend Susan – and as she quickly glanced across at her friend, she could see a similar sexual excitement written clearly in her eyes.

Rather than dismiss her feelings or try to hide them, Gail was confident enough to explore them and felt no embarrassment at perhaps exposing her newly acquired desires. She spoke to Susan, her words really intended for the young boy so vulnerably and rudely exposed before her.

“It is a good job that young Timothy here is being well behaved, he is in a most suitable position to have his little bottom smacked.”

Delivered with the sentence was a light tap upon his upturned bottom, her delicate fingers immediately stroking over the quivering cheeks of his buttocks over where she had smacked him.

Gail looked at his face to see the effect her words had had upon him, the deep blush to his cheeks immediately rewarded her. His bottom lip had begun to quiver and his eyes had a look of anguish as he turned his head to look over his shoulder at the young and beautiful head girl.

It was the nurse who put a stop to his embarrassment, at least for the time being, by addressing both Susan and Gail. Her voice was soft and gentle although she was smiling at the obvious pleasure that the girls were experiencing as they examined the boy.

“Poor Timothy is quite embarrassed by all your attention and… I think it is perhaps time for the doctor to see him again. If you would like to go through and tell her that he is ready.”

She raised her eyebrows in a questioning look to which both Gail and Susan, rather disappointedly, obeyed.

“Bye Timothy.” Susan said as she turned and walked with Gail through the gap in the screens to the first part of the room.

Timothy was in turmoil; his body was shaking with pure anguish and deep-rooted embarrassment. It had been several years since any one had seen his body completely naked, apart from the communal showers after sports lessons while at school. He had jealously guarded his privacy and had avoided situations even where he would have had to take his shirt off in front of a female, unless it was at the swimming pool or the beach.

He looked up at the nurses as they stood beside him, their starched uniforms touching his body as they leaned over him to adjust his position. He blushed as one of the nurses smiled at him before touching the inside of his thigh and indicating that he should position his knees even more widely.

He was acutely aware that his penis was erect and that it was in plain view for all to see between his widely spread thighs. He watched as one of them took a tube of lubricant from the trolley and unscrewed the cap. Subconsciously he contracted the muscles of his sphincter, shuddering involuntarily at the thought of her gentle fingers invading his bottom.

Suddenly he was aware that the nurses were standing more to attention and looking over his body towards the other part of the room. He could not help groan as his eyes followed theirs to the procession of people that were walking towards him. He was acutely aware of his humiliating and vulnerable position as he knelt helplessly upon the examination table.

“Well Timothy, lets see what we can manage this time shall we. Now be a good boy and try and relax your bottom a bit more this time.”

Timothy groaned not just at the embarrassing and intimate nature of what the doctor had just said but also at the fact that both Susan and Gail had followed the doctor and Susan’s mother into the screened area. He tried to turn his head away as both Susan and Gail looked him in the eye, but was halted by the doctor’s next words.

“I want you to listen to what I say and follow my instructions, do you understand me Timothy?”

He blushed immediately at the authoritative tone of the young female doctor as she laid a hand gently on his bottom cheeks.

“Now relax your bottom please, there’s a good boy.”

Her words were followed by a couple of gentle pats on his bottom as in horror he watched, not the doctor, but Mrs Grant take the lubricant from the nurse and gently place her soft hand upon his bottom.

“Now Timmy, be a good boy and relax, I promise I won’t hurt you.”

Vicki Grant’s voice was soft and soothing as she gently pressed her hand between his widely spread buttocks and applied a cool gel to his upturned bottom. Her fingers delicately sliding over his delicate flesh until her fingertips rested against the tightly closed rosebud of his sphincter. He shuddered as deftly she inserted the tip of her finger, watching the young boy’s flesh almost quake with sensation as she deliberately slid her finger all the way up into his bottom.

Susan looked at Gail, both girls visibly excited as they watched the boy being rudely impaled by a slender finger. “There’s a good boy.” Vicki said as she rotated her finger until she was able to easily rub over the boy’s sensitive prostate gland.

“Oooooooooooohhh… arggggggghhh.”

Timothy could do nothing but groan, his face showing the anguish and humiliation he was feeling.

“Now be a good boy for the doctor. You wouldn’t want to make a fuss in front of Susan and Gail now would you?”

Timothy looked over his shoulder in abject dismay at Mrs Grant, feeling her finger move sensuously over his prostate gland. He watched almost mesmerised with fear and trepidation as the doctor moved to his side and sat on a stool before reaching underneath him. Her fingers gently wrapped around his erect penis enveloping him in a firm grasp, as one of the nurses lifted up a test tube from the trolley and took a stool so that she could sit at the other side of him.

He was acutely aware of the magnitude of his humiliation as he watched both Gail and Susan position themselves behind the second nurse. He was almost beside himself with embarrassment, as the girls looked at him, acutely aware that the nurse had moved closer and was gently stroking his burning cheek as if he was a baby.

Suddenly and involuntarily, his body jerked as he felt the doctor deftly squeeze his penis and quickly draw the foreskin back until it was stretched tight, exposing him fully to the interested gaze of both Gail and Susan.

“Arrgggghhhh…ooohhhhhhhhh.” He groaned as he felt the doctor let the palm of her other hand rub over the sensitive opening of his penis. As if on queue, a second finger was suddenly slipped up into his bottom; his widely parted buttocks and the slipperiness of the lubricant affording him no resistance Mrs Grant’s rude invasion of his bottom.


His groans of anguish went unheeded as simultaneously Vicki and the young doctor stimulated the boy to fever pitch. Their hands seemed to stimulate every nerve in his body as together, the doctor began deftly milking his penis and Vicki probed and stroked her fingers gently over the soft pliant flesh of his prostate. He watched the nurse lean forward and gently take hold of his scrotum, her cool fingers cupping the sensitive swollen orbs of his testicles. He began to writhe his hips in a reluctant and humiliating gyration as Vicki, in absolute synchronisation with the doctor and nurses as they relentlessly stimulated the boy.

“Pllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssse…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggg gggggggggghhhhhhhhh.”

The young boy’s wail of anguish signalled his approaching climax. His body shivered and shook as plethora of delicate female fingers stimulated him to an anguished and humiliating climax. He raised his head and wailed aware of the utter humiliation of being forced to ejaculate as the nurse nonchalantly held the test-tube to the tip of his thrusting penis.


He seemed to have lost any semblance of control over his body; such was the intensity of his ejaculation. Spurt after spurt of semen entered the jar as the doctor slid her slender fingers up and down the shaft of his penis in a practised milking motion. Cleverly they prolonged his climax, almost casually using their expertise to stimulate the boy to greater heights of anguish and ecstasy. Easily they toyed with his emotions, watching him in an almost detached manner as he spurted his semen into the waiting test-tube.

Without warning Vicki raised her hand and smacked him smartly three times across the left cheek of his bottom. Timothy’s eyes opened wide in shock as he reared up, only to feel the quickening strokes of the doctor’s hand over the timid flesh of his penis. He gasped in horrible embarrassment at the humiliation of having his bottom smacked, his shame complete and overwhelming.

The shock of the smack and the smarting of his flesh allied to the quickening strokes of the doctor’s hand upon his penis acted like an electric shock. His entire body suddenly becoming rigid and taut, his muscles tensing and straining, as if he were in a spasm.

The doctor smiled up at Vicki, almost amused at her unusual stimulus, as she was rewarded with yet another mighty spurt of semen into the proffered glass test-tube. The second nurse stroked her hand over the young boy’s back, gently but firmly pushing his shoulders back down onto the examination couch.

“There… poor baby… there now, it will all be over soon.” Her words were soft and gentle as she stoked her hand over his naked body before bending her head down to his and kissing him softly on the cheek.

Both Gail and Susan moved forward to stand on either side of the nurse and began to gently stroke their hands over his back and shoulders. Their excitement was almost palpable as they felt his body shiver uncontrollably while the doctor milked the last drop of semen from his penis.


Timothy sat beside Hazel as they drove the few miles back to the house. He had not said a word but instead had listened to Hazel’s admonishment in abject embarrassment and humility.

“Of course I can understand that you are embarrassed… any boy would be, but to be so tardy and slow to obey is quite beyond me.”

Hazel had thought about what she was going to say well in advance and had chosen her words carefully.

“Now you would think when so many people are involved in your welfare that you would be a little more co-operative. Susan’s mother I am sure has enough work and responsibility without her having to take on more. She has offered to help and what do you do… but be downright disobedient.”

Hazel was referring to the end of the examination when Vicki had suggested that she take Timothy back to the lockers to dress. Much to his embarrassment she had led him through the door only to be confronted by a room full of fourth form girls and their parents who had just arrived for their medical examinations. In horror the boy had let go of Vicki’s hand and had rushed back into the surgery. Both Vicki and Hazel had forcibly held his arms and marched him stark naked through the crowded room.

He had struggled and pleaded in vein as the girls, who were still fully dressed in their school uniforms, had giggled and even pointed at the naked and blushing youth.

“Now what am I going to do with you Timothy?”

He could not help looking at Hazel as she concentrated on the road ahead. Her exquisite face showed no emotion and yet the mere nearness of such a beautiful girl unnerved him.

“You had better make a decision… either I am going to deal with you or I am going to have to tell your mother and let her deal with you… and I am reluctant to trouble her in her present state of ill health. Well young man what is it to be?”

Hazel knew the importance of the boy’s decision, but was reasonably confident of what the outcome would be. She smiled to herself and felt a thrill run through her body as she thought of what the boy would have said had he known of what she had in mind for him.

“Oh Hazel… er miss… I mean… er please don’t tell my mother. I promise to be good I really do.”

“Well what about your behaviour so far, do you not think that that needs remedying you will have to learn to modify your behaviour somehow.”

“I am sorry… I promise I will be obedient… but please don’t tell my mother, I couldn’t bear for her to know.”

“Alright Timothy, I promise not to tell your mother, if you promise me that you will accept my authority in her absence.” Hazel was careful to make no mention of anything specific, or indeed the actual word ‘punishment’.

“I promise miss… I will be good.” Timothy managed to stammer as Hazel glanced at him quickly.

“In that case we will say no more about it, now cheer up and I will make you a nice late lunch or early tea… whichever you prefer to call it.”

Hazel had deliberately lightened her tone and proceeded to put the boy more at ease. She had won a small battle in getting the boy to agree to her authority and unbeknown to him her punishment of him. She patted him on the knee and smiled at him as she drove steadily down the country road.

“Now you can be the navigator and tell me in plenty of time when I should turn right or left.” She watched the boy relax as they continued the journey, Making sure that he had no inkling as to what was to follow.

The journey went without further incident, Timothy relaxing and feeling far more at ease as they finally pulled into the driveway of the house.

Timothy had eaten his tea and was watching daytime television as Hazel finally finished her hour-long phone call to her mother.

She had decided to use the bedside phone in the guestroom so that her conversation would be well out of earshot of the boy. During the conversation she had leisurely painted her long fingernails bright red. She held out her hand to admire them as she walked to her wardrobe. Feeling relaxed and yet excited at the prospect of what was to come she changed into a white shirt, which was tightly waisted, accenting her full firm breasts.

She wore no brassiere, rather choosing to let her nipples rub sensuously against the fine cotton fabric. Her skirt was a fine cotton navy pleat, the hem of which came to mid-thigh, showing off her beautifully firm and tanned legs. She completed her ensemble with a wide patent leather belt, which she knew would draw even more attention to her slender waist and full breasts.

She now carefully applied new make-up to her face before examining herself in the mirror. Bereft of false modesty she knew the effect her exquisite appearance would have on the young boy. She stepped into a pair of Gucci high-heeled shoes and fastened the slender straps around her ankles. One last look in the mirror confirmed the effect she had been hoping for.

From her shiny black hair to the glint of the patent leather shoes, she was dressed to perfection. She stooped down and unhooked a leather belt from one of her suitcases and placed the broad safety-strap upon her bed. She twirled once more in front of the mirror, revelling in the sight that greeted her. Standing still she held her face in a stern expression before turning and walking slowly and deliberately through to the sitting room.

“Right Timothy, I have just talked to my… your auntie and she says that your mother is doing fine and feeling a lot better for a little care and attention. Now turn off that television and we will have a little chat.”

Timothy had been lounging upon the settee and had turned his head almost lazily towards the sound of Hazel’s voice. He was wearing his school uniform, but had changed his shoes to a pair of comfortable tennis shoes. The thought of getting undressed again had been quickly dismissed from his mind.

As he saw her, he sat bolt upright, his face immediately colouring to the shade of a beetroot, her beauty and cool demeanour immediately denuding him of any semblance of self-confidence. He jumped up as if he had been stung and quickly switched off the television set. He felt strangely faint as he sat down, this time in an upright position with his hands placed primly upon the knees of his school trousers. Hazel moved to stand before him, her legs astride as she looked at his blushing face.

“Right Timothy my boy, I have reluctantly done as you requested and withheld the knowledge of your behaviour from your mother. However you must be dealt with and I intend, as your temporary guardian, to take you firmly in hand.”

She watched his face turn from a deep crimson to an almost livid purple as each word deepened his utter embarrassment and total humiliation. She gave him one more cool appraising look before moving through the room and taking a hard backed chair from beside the table where he would normally have been doing his homework at this time of day. She placed the chair in the middle of the room and sat upon it, her skirt falling around her legs to reveal even more bared thigh. She sat with her knees together, totally aware of her own beauty and the electrifying effect she was having upon the young boy’s emotions.

“Right, Timothy, come and stand in front of me. Stand up straight with your hands by your sides.” She waited, coolly watching as the young boy struggled to his feet and shuffled shamefaced and embarrassed to stand in front of her.

“Stand to attention and look at me while I am speaking to you. This is a serious matter and I want your full attention.”

Timothy was quaking in his shoes as he managed to meet her gaze, standing straight with his arms by his sides he felt himself begin to shiver. Hazel could not have been more pleased with the effect she was having upon the young boy as she delivered her coup de grace.

“I am afraid that it has been left to me to instil in you some proper discipline and good behaviour. To make sure that I have your co-operation and compliance in the future I am going to punish you.”

She felt a thrill run through her body as the young boy almost wilted under the word punishment. I am going to punish you, as all young boys need to be punished. I don’t want to do it… but it is my duty to correct your behaviour before it gets out of hand. Now I hope you are going to take your punishment with good grace and without fuss. If you disobey me in any way whatsoever, I shall increase your punishment… do you understand me?”

Timothy was almost mesmerised by the combination of her beauty and her authority. He could not believe that he could feel so humiliated and embarrassed… to be punished by a young girl of such beauty… it was unthinkable…and yet here he was standing trembling and ashamed in front of her! He shook visibly as she spoke to him again. Timothy looked at her in absolute horror as she waited for his answer. This beautiful girl that he had met only yesterday, the girl he would have loved to have had been able to impress with his maturity and helpfulness, was now to punish him!

‘Surely she did not mean to punish him physically…his whole body shuddered at the thought!’

He managed to stammer a reply… almost incoherently through his haze of embarrassment. “Y’y… yes miss.”

“Now take off your Jacket and trousers, you had better take off your shoes and socks first. Place your clothes over the chair by the table and then come back here and stand in front of me again… oh and Timothy…” She paused, savouring the moment. “Bring me one of your tennis shoes.”

‘So she was to punish him physically’

Before he could protest she held up her hand.

“If you protest or plead with me, I will call your mother and tell her of your behaviour and that I am about to punish you. If you resist physically I will call Mrs. Grant and Susan and ask them to help me restrain you… and I don’t think you would like the embarrassment of being spanked on your bare bottom in front of them… do you? Now off you go and do as you have been instructed. You may keep your shirt and underpants on”

Timothy, blushing and trembling with abject embarrassment moved over to the table; his trembling fingers just managing to undo his shoelaces. He shivered with humiliation, aware of Hazel’s stern glare as he divested himself of his clothes until he was standing in just his shirt and underpants. He felt utterly ridiculous as he bent down to pick up one of his tennis shoes. ‘The ignominy of having to carry ones own implement of punishment!’

His shirt, which had long flaps at the front and back, thankfully hid his underpants from view. He returned to stand in front of her, his eyes downcast and his bottom lip quivering with embarrassment. Slowly he raised his eyes to look at her, feeling utterly foolish and small as she raised her beautifully manicured hand and took the tennis shoe from his trembling fingers. Placing it on the floor by the side of her chair, she reached forward and placed her hands on each of his hips and pulled him forward until he was standing with his knees touching hers.

Without a word, she reached under his shirt, her soft hands making him shiver as she touched his bare flesh. She slipped her fingers into the top of his underpants and deftly drew them down until the elasticised waistband was tight around his knees. Hazel knew that he would find this even more embarrassing than her having taken them off completely. He could not help watching, almost mesmerised as she pulled her skirt up until her thighs were completely bare.

“As you will have gathered, I am going to spank your bare bottom, I hope that it will be a lesson well learned. This will be the first part of your punishment only, the second will be more of a taste of what is to come if you disobey me further.”

Timothy shuddered with embarrassment and trepidation as she looked into his blushing face. She took hold of his hips once more and positioned him to her side, his feet shuffling to follow her bidding. Quickly, with an almost practised motion she lifted up the front flap of his shirt and suddenly tipped his body over her knee. She heard him gasp, as in an instance; he was positioned with his head hanging down and his hands touching the floor, the right cheek of his blushing face now touching the smooth skin of her shapely calf.

He gasped once more as she opened her knees slightly, allowing his penis and testicles to hang between the firm silky flesh of her thighs. She felt a thrill run through her body as deliberately, she squeezed her knees together, holding his genitals firmly between her legs.

The baring of his bottom was done in a silent and almost ritualistic manner. He was aware of every nuance of the humiliating action, as slowly and deliberately she raised his shirt flap. Her soft fingers gently uncovered the naked cheeks of his bottom, eliciting an involuntary gasp of embarrassment from her victim as she folded the flap over so that it lay on the small of his back.

The placing of the cool palm of her hand over the very centre of his quivering bottom completed his total humiliation. The softness of her thighs was already adding another element to the unthinkable humiliation that Timothy was being subjected to.

To his horror he felt a throb and an unwelcome swelling in his penis. It was to his utter chagrin that he realised that his penis was beginning to erect. He blushed unable to control himself or his actions; he spoke even though he had been warned not to. He just could not help pleading, if only to break the spell of the silent baring of his body and to cover up the now incessant throbbing he felt in his groin.

“Please er.. miss… please n’no”

Hazel knew the trauma the boy must be feeling and prolonged his degradation by smoothing her hand gently over his bottom cheeks, the objects of her intended chastisement. She thrilled as she felt his penis stiffen and throb uncontrollably between her thighs. She had known that it would not be long before the softness of her skin against his freshly shaven flesh and the intimacy of his position would stimulate him to a delicious erection between her legs.

“Now take your punishment like a brave boy.”

Her words were spoken softly as she picked up the tennis shoe and with an apparent cool detachment raised the soft rubber sole to shoulder height. She grasped his waist and held him tightly as she delivered the first stroke.


As the rubber shoe bit into the soft left cheek of his bottom his body stiffened in an immediate response and a loud gasp was emitted forcibly from the back of his throat. He had no time to think or deal with the unexpected severity of the painful smack against his flesh as a second stroke landed on top of the already marked flesh.



He cried out loudly, his body wriggling and shivering as Hazel took aim once more, deliberately hitting the same part of his left buttock with the third stroke. She watched as the white smooth bottom cheeks shivered and shook with the pain she was inflicting upon her helpless charge.

“Slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppp.” “Argggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Arrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhh.”

He screamed in pain, trying to raise his head and plead with his beautiful tormentor as she watched him, her face not betraying the thrill she felt as she delivered the next stroke equally hard and on the very same place.

“Sllllaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppppp.” “Arrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

His wail of pain and anguish did not stop, but was a continuous cry as she delivered the fifth and sixth stroke, again to the very same spot upon his left buttock.

“Slaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppp.” “Slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppp.”

The boy was beside himself… unable to control the jerking and trembling of his body, his buttocks twitching from side to side while Hazel deliberately and methodically delivered another six strokes of the rubber tennis shoe, this time to the right cheek of his bottom, each stroke landing on the same place as the previous one. The boy was wailing incessantly, his face covered in tears as she put the tennis shoe down and placed her hand gently across both bottom cheeks.

He shuddered and wailed, trying to voice a plea of mercy but it was minutes before his voice became coherent enough for her to hear his pleading.

“Pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssee miss… n’no m’more”

He sobbed and groaned as he regained some of his senses, his bottom cheeks on fire from the pain of the biting rubber shoe. Hazel watched and waited until he had regained some composure. She slipped her hand between his buttocks, her hand feeling his erect penis and heavy testicles, before she held her hand flat against his tummy and almost lifted him to his feet as she herself stood upright.

He sobbed uncontrollably as she nonchalantly unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it from his shoulders, before stooping and drawing his underpants down to his ankles and taking them off. She noted that, even after such a painful punishment, that his penis had remained not just stiff, but fully erect.

He looked into her face, his body shaking with his sobs as she coolly looked at him, her beautiful face bearing not even a hint of a flush, in fact betraying none of the effort she had afforded in his chastisement. He tried to clasp his hands to his genitals to hide his shameful erection. Hazel was aware of what he was trying to do and slapped his hands before he could fully cover himself.

“Hands at your sides and stand up straight.”

She placed her delicate fingers under his chin and lifted his head so that his eyes met hers.

“You have three strokes to come young man. These are to show you what your pain will be like should you ever dare to disobey me again.”

She watched his face crumple as he started to cry once more, the tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Turn around and spread your legs as wide as they will go, come along now we have a busy evening ahead of us.”

Timothy shook and sobbed as he turned around and placed his feet as wide apart as he could, acutely aware of the humiliating view that Hazel would have of his young body.

He gasped with shame as she spoke once more. “Bend over and grasp your ankles… each time you move from that position I will add one more stroke. Now Do It!”

The sharpness of her last three words jolted him into action. She watched delighted with the sight that greeted her as he bent over, his buttocks spreading and his testicles and penis coming into full view as he grasped his ankles.

“Stay there and don’t you dare move.” Her voice was firm as she turned and quickly walked to the guest room, admiring herself in the mirror as she reached onto the bed for the luggage strap and doubled it, letting the long loop dangle as she walked back into the sitting room.

Timothy could not believe the humiliation he felt, bent over in the most demeaning position imaginable… like an errant schoolboy, stark naked and ashamed… awaiting the salutary punishment of a beautiful headmistress.

Hazel walked around the trembling youth, admiring his perfect form at her leisure, his body bared before her in subjugation, every part of him open and available for her to examine and touch as she wished.

She moved behind him, resisting the impulse to reach between his widely spread legs and grasp his testicles firmly… perhaps the ultimate gesture of her supremacy over him. Instead she stood back and spoke to him firmly but not unkindly.

“These three strokes are to demonstrate what will happen next time you displease me. Move from that position and you will be a very sorry boy.”

Leisurely and with a delicious tingling between her thighs, Hazel raised the strap and quickly brought it down over the centre of his quivering and acquiescent buttocks.


The staccato sound of the strap biting into his flesh was accompanied by a howl of pain from his trembling lips. His body shook as he fought to hold his ankles rather than to give in to the overwhelming desire to stand and clasp his hands to his burning bottom.

“Two more to go. Hold on and take your punishment now.” The warning tone of her voice was accompanied by the long, almost slow motion, swishing sound of the strap descending. The leather bit into his buttocks, its imprint of searing pain, this time delineating another red stripe of inflamed flesh lower down on the crease between buttock and thigh.

“Slaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppp.” The sound of the strap was an instant staccato prolonged as the strap bit into the flesh of his bottom. This was immediately and satisfyingly followed by an abject wail of pain and despair, the muscles in his throat tightening, delineating every vein and sinew as he cried out. “Arrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

The wail of pain and anguish escaped from his lips and lifted in volume as he fought to hold onto his ankles, his distress causing his whole body to shiver and shake as the fiery torment of acute concentrated pain coursed through his body.

Hazel knew that he would not be able to retain control after the next stroke, but she also knew that her purpose had been fulfilled. He was hers… his obedience at taking his punishment… his timid emotion so apparent at her delicate touch or severe look were evidence enough. She raised the strap and brought it down between the scarlet stripes of her first two strokes.


She thrilled at the effect of the stroke as he straightened up. It was if a red-hot poker and been pushed up into his bottom. He behaved, as she had unconsciously thought he would, his hands clasping his buttocks and his back arching towards her. His body became rigid for a moment of pure anguish before he raised his head and opened his mouth. The frozen moment in time gave way to a serious of jerks and gyrations as the pain infused into every nerve of his body, the silence was broken by a strangulated cry which increased in volume to a crescendo as he suddenly wailed in utter despair.

“Arrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhh… arrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

His mouth, now wide open, continued to emit the most plaintive of wails as he hopped around vainly trying to rid himself of the biting pain.

He continued to cry out as every vestige of self-respect washed away in a wave of utter torment.

He seemed unaware that his penis was bouncing wildly from side to side as he fought to control the searing stripe of biting torture that now seemed to have spread from his buttocks to his whole body. Hazel watched, her delight well hidden as gradually he brought himself under control. She moved across to him and took hold of his wrists and pulled his hands from his bottom. She could feel his body trembling as she held his arms out behind him and propelled him to face the corner of the room.

“You are to stand here and you are not to move or touch your bottom. Now put your hands on your head.”

She lifted his arms and placed his hands on his head. She stroked her hands down his back and over his buttocks, feeling the boy flinch as her fingers traced the welts left by the belt.

“Stand with your legs apart… come along, I want your utmost obedience.”

She slipped a hand between the cheeks of his bottom and moved it downwards, tapping the inside of his thighs until he had parted his legs sufficiently for her purpose. Hazel stood back and admired the sight before her. The perfect naked form of a young boy, quivering and blushing in shame and humiliation, his buttocks clenched in pain… pain that she had inflicted at her whim and pleasure. “You must stand like that until I tell you otherwise, you may use the time to reflect on your punishment and a suitable apology which you may give me when I return.”

Timothy stood shaking, his bottom was on fire and yet he could feel his penis throbbing mightily as Hazel once more stroked her fingers gently over his bottom before turning away and leaving the room.

He felt utterly shamed as he stood shivering, legs apart and his hands pressed tightly to his head thinking about the events of the day. He blushed as he relived each humiliating and embarrassing moment. He could not help the tears that rolled down his cheeks, or the trembling of his lips as he thought about every detail of his ordeal, unable to shut out the plethora of images that were being replayed over and over in his mind.

It was half an hour later when Hazel approached the boy. She noted that the redness of his buttocks had receded to a mere blush, although the three marks that she had made with the strap were still clearly visible. She stood behind him and without speaking took his wrist, making him lower his hands from his head. Still holding his wrist she led him away from the corner and upstairs to the bathroom. She noted that his face was already blushing as she stood him by the bath, which she had previously filled with water.

“Get into the bath and remain standing. I want you facing me with your hands on your head and your legs apart. I have not put the strap away and I will use it on your bare little bottom if I think you are not paying attention to my instructions. Now do as I tell you.”

Hazel watched as the boy timidly took hold of the side of the bath and stepped into it. Blushing profusely he turned to face her, his face bore an expression of utter dismay as Hazel dipped her hands in the water and began to rub the soap in her hands.

“Now lets have no fussing.” She said as she began to soap his legs, her gentle fingers and soft palms caressing his skin as she worked her way up to his thighs. She ignored his genitals and instead soaped his chest before moving her hands down to his tummy.

She felt him quiver and flinch as her hands moved lower, soaping the delicate and sensitive flesh just above his penis. For Timothy the sensation was acute as her fingers moved almost sensuously over the smoothly shaven flesh above his penis. He trembled, a shudder running through his whole body as suddenly her fingers encircled his penis and pulled his foreskin back revealing the sensitive flesh beneath. He could not help jerking his hips backwards as she soaped behind the foreskin. He could feel his penis becoming even stiffer as she applied more soapsuds to his sensitive member. “Keep still, I am going to make sure you are thoroughly clean before I take you over to Mrs. Grant’s.”

He could not help looking at her face as she pushed his foreskin back as far it would stretch and held it there while she applied even more soapsuds to the head of his penis. He jerked involuntarily as she deftly handled him as if he were some prized animal. Seemingly she seemed to ignore the embarrassment and intimacy of the situation. His penis was throbbing with sensation, the flesh totally hard and engorged as she moved it this way and that, apparently oblivious of his acute humiliation and throbbing erection. She moved one hand from his penis and reached between his legs, her hand sliding upwards between his buttocks. He could not help jerking his body and gasping as a slender finger was suddenly pressed against the tightened muscle of his sphincter.

Without preamble she teased the orifice, probing gently but insistently until her fingertip was able to slip upwards into him.

“Argghhh.” He gasped as she nonchalantly slipped her finger further upward into his anus, the soap acting as a lubricant, denying the tightening muscle of his sphincter any resistance.

“Now keep still, I shall not hesitate to take you over my knee if you are going to be naughty again.”

He looked into her face, his own cheeks burning with pure embarrassment as she coolly appraised him. To be standing in front of her, legs outstretched, with her hands firmly holding his penis and penetrating his bottom was almost too much embarrassment for Timothy to bear. He felt his cheeks blush again, burning with shame, as she looked him in the eye.

“Now young man, you will have to get used to doing as you are told while I am looking after you. I am going to insist that you are properly bathed before you have your therapy; I have never known a boy make so much fuss at taking a bath. Now just stand still while I soap inside your little bottom and then I will dry you off.”

Timothy endured the rest of the humiliating bath in silence. Her beauty completely overawed him as she made him look into her face while instructing him. She handled him like one would a small child, ignoring his obvious erection, as if it were merely to be expected. Her fingers were everywhere as she dried him, prising open the cheeks of his buttocks and then making him bend forward so that she could visually examine him, before having him stand up straight before her with his hands stretched high above his head as she dried under his arms.

The final ignominy was almost too much for Timothy to bear as she took him through to the bedroom and instructed him to lie on the bed.

“Now I want you to lay on your back with your legs open like this.” She moved his legs until his knees were wide apart.

“That’s the way, stretch them wider so you can put the soles of your feet together.”

Her gentle touch helped him position himself to her satisfaction. Timothy tried to turn his head away in shame as he lay looking down at himself with his knees widely spread and the soles of his feet pressed together. His shame knew no bounds as he looked at his erect penis standing upwards from between his widely parted thighs. He could not help looking at the beautiful girl as she bent over him as if he were a baby.

He watched her every move as she took a plastic container of talcum powder and sprinkled it over his genitals. He shivered as she casually rubbed it around his penis and over his testicles. Finally, to his horror, she lifted his legs, bending his body backwards, and sprinkled more powder over his bottom, before rubbing it in, her hand moving almost sensuously over the cheeks of his buttocks.

Timothy was wide eyed with surprise and embarrassment as she continued to treat him as if her were a baby.

“Now you stay there, while I find something loose to dress you in before I take you over to Mrs. Grant. She leaned forward, her beautiful face touching his as she kissed him gently on the cheek. Timothy could not believe the rapture he felt as her soft lips touched his face, he was totally under her spell as she straightened up and stood back examining his naked body.

It was around ten minutes later that Hazel re-entered the bedroom. She was delighted to see that not only had Timothy stayed in the position she had left him in with his legs spread well apart and his hands down by his sides. Timothy, rather than trying to cover himself, turned his head away in embarrassment and blushed a deep beetroot red. She laid the tee-shirt and gym shorts, she had found in his chest of drawers, neatly down on the chair beside the bed.

She spoke softly and lovingly to him as she laid a hand softly on his forehead and gently turned his head back towards her. He blushed again as his eyes met hers; she could clearly see a look of love and supplication as she laid her other hand on his tummy. She could feel his naked body tremble as she stroked her hand delicately over his tummy, her slender fingers brushing over his smoothly shaven pubis.

She lowered her head and whispered to him.

“Your punishment period is over now so stand up a moment and let me sit down,”

She helped him to sit upright and then to stand by the bed. Sitting down with her pretty knees pressed together, she took the boy by the waist. Her delicate fingers played havoc with his emotions as she guided him so that he was sitting on her knees. His bared flesh was soft against her firm thighs, as she positioned him sideways across her shapely legs, his knees spread well apart.

She pulled his head to her firm pliant breasts before deliberately and slowly stroking her hand down over his chest tracing her fingers lower and lower over his tummy, before delicately taking the soft flesh of his penis between her finger and thumb. She heard him gasp as she tightened the hand that was around his waist and at the same time moved her fingers around his penis so that his foreskin was pulled back, revealing the intimate flesh beneath. She moved her head and kissed him tenderly on the cheek before whispering softly to him.

“Poor… poor Timothy! Did I hurt you very much when I had to smack your bare bottom? You were a naughty boy… and naughty boys have to have their little bottoms chastised when they have been silly and disobedient.”

Her soft voice and gentle touch were too much for Timothy. He felt tears well up in his eyes… and to his horror, his penis began to throb, pulsing strongly between her finger and thumb. Hazel continued to stroke the turgid flesh of his penis, her slender finger and thumb delicately and sensuously arousing the captive flesh. So subtle and effective was her touch that she felt the boy shudder as his penis began to throb uncontrollably.

Timothy could not help himself from looking down at the slender fingers holding his most intimate part. Her red painted nails contrasted starkly against the virgin white flesh of his penis. He could feel the firm mounds of her breasts beneath the silkiness of her blouse as his cheek pressed against her. He sighed, his mouth open in rapture as she aroused him.

Hazel knew that the boy would ejaculate soon if she did not stop.


Mrs Grant smiled at her daughter and her friend Gail as they diligently busied themselves putting the final touches to the room. The spare room, it’s white walls newly painted, had stood empty and unneeded for several years, until she had had it painted just a few weeks ago. Vicki looked at the examination couch, admiring the fit of the new white covers that the girls had sewn. The chromium plated metal of the old stirrups that had been retrieved from the cellar storage, now gleamed from diligent polishing and sported new covers to the padded rests for thighs, feet and ankles. Shelves around the walls had been filled with test tubes from the clinic as well as fleet enema bags.

A pile of new towels had been placed next to bottles of lotion and lubricants. Vicki laughed at Gail as she held the rectal speculum in front of her and chased Susan around the room, snapping the jaws of the shiny instrument as if it were going to bite her friend.

“O.K. girls, I think that will do. I never thought we could have transformed this room in so short a time. Perhaps your efforts were not entirely altruistic, it is not every sixteen year old girl, that has had the opportunity to examine a naked boy so intimately… would the thought of helping the nurse and myself have anything to do with your enthusiasm?”

Susan looked at her mother, her face serious for a moment. “He is such a good looking boy, his body is… well, er… perfect really. I just love touching him and seeing him blush so modestly. But it is well… erm… an opportunity to learn about boys and…” She thought for a moment.

“Being in charge seems sort of natural to me… and I know Gail feels the same way. I just, I don’t know why… like being in charge of a boy.”

She finished her sentence lamely, but was immediately put at her ease by her mother.

“Most girls would be the subjugated ones… er in a relationship. I am glad you feel like you do… I think Timothy is, how shall I put it, naturally submissive… not a wimp.” She smiled at the use of the word.

“I think he could be moulded to be… er. well… in the future… a wonderful and attentive husband to the right sort of female. One that is stronger willed and yet loving towards him.”

Vicki smiled. “I probably haven’t explained that very well.” Vicki’s look of surprise was written all over her face as Gail spoke.

“I have to ask you this even though you may think badly of me. I felt really excited when Timmy was being spanked by Hazel… in fact I wished that he was me that was spanking him… Is that really wrong?”

Vicki looked at Gail and smiled.

“No Gail you are perhaps one of those people that enjoy the experience of spanking someone. It is not to do them particular harm but has more sexual connotations. I assure you that it is widely practised amongst men and women.”

Vicki smiled at Gail as she continued. “You are perhaps more strong willed than most and are naturally more dominant, but I know that you are kind and gentle too. So you have nothing to worry about.” Gail looked at Susan’s mother and laughed.

“I will probably marry Timothy when he is old enough! I will make sure that he is always sexually active and will punish him when he is naughty… even when he is older… oh and I will let my girlfriends do the same.” She smiled at Susan. “He needs someone to look after him… and I think I will be the one. Not that I am going to let him know just yet!”

Susan opened her mouth in wide surprise and then laughed uncontrollably. “Gail… you dark horse. I believe you… I really believe that you will.”

She continued laughing, her pretty face in wreathes of smiles as she thought about what her friend had said. Vicki was more reflective, she already knew that Gail never said anything lightly, she also knew that such a determined girl would, if she did not change her mind, carry it through.

Susan looked at Gail and said seriously.

“I always thought that I would marry Timothy, so if you are intent on doing it… you will have to share him.”

Gail and Vicki laughed, but they both knew that she meant what she said. Vicki suddenly looked reflective and spoke softly and seriously. “In that case I think Timothy is a very lucky boy.”


Hazel let go of Timothy’s penis and kissed him once more on the cheek.

“Now stand up and I will dress you. I know you are going to behave yourself and do what I say without hesitation, aren’t you Timothy? So up you get and stand with your arms above your head so I can slip this shirt over your head.”

Timothy felt his face blush a deep beetroot red as he caught her eye. Her beautiful face only added to his embarrassment as she stood up and took the tee-shirt and slipped it over his raised arms and down over his head. The shirt slid down over his chest and tummy but was held up at the front by his penis, which was standing out stiffly. Hazel smiled as she took a firm hold of the turgid flesh and slipped the shirt over it. The soft material covered his slim body right down to mid thigh and apart from the telltale bulge of his erection it would not be possible for the casual observer to tell whether he was wearing shorts or not.

Hazel stood back and looked at him.

“I think we will leave your shorts off Timothy, you are well covered and when your penis subsides you will be quite adequately dressed to walk across to Vickie’s house…. I mean Mrs Grants.”

Timothy blushed and stammered as he looked up at Hazel. “er please Miss Hazel… er..erm can’t I wear my shorts?”

Hazel looked at him, her face becoming stern.

“Now Timothy, remember what you have just been through…”

She leaned forward and raised the hem of his shirt, sliding it up over the cheeks of his bottom. Timothy could not help but squirm with embarrassment and humiliation as she bared his flesh. Quickly she slapped him three times… smack… smack… smack. The palm of her hand leaving his flesh freshly reddened over the three stripes already marking his flesh. He gasped and squirmed as she held him firmly by the waist. His shirt had ridden up revealing his penis, which was still erect. Hazel took a firm hold of the engorged flesh and squeezed it, holding him firmly as she turned him towards her.

“You forget your lessons quickly, you naughty boy. I shall not tolerate any more disobedience, do you hear me?”

He looked up at her beautiful face, his lips trembling and his face blushing profusely as he stammered his apology.

“I am so sorry miss. Please… I will not disobey you again… er..I… promise.” He felt absolutely humiliated, so much so that his body shivered as he stood before her. Her firm hold on his penis and her stern look accentuating his extreme embarrassment and feeling of foolishness as he stood before her.

Hazel could not help the sudden thrill of excitement that ran through her body as she looked at the perfectly formed body of the young boy held captive in front of her. His complete subjugation to her will had thrilled her more than she ever thought possible. She looked at him intently, noting that even though his face was blushing profusely, his penis was still hard and throbbing between her fingers. She let go of him and pulled his shirt down over his throbbing member.

“Now come along downstairs and we will walk over to Mrs Grants.”

Without looking at him further she turned and left the room.

Timothy endured the humiliating walk over to his neighbour’s house. He was trembling not just from the freshness of the cooler evening air, but also from his embarrassment at being naked apart from the thin tee shirt. Although the shirt covered him to his thighs, the thin material only seemed to accent his nakedness. Hazel held his hand and almost propelled him along the narrow path, his tennis shoes, which were the only other items of clothing that he had been allowed, slapped against the paving slabs as they hurried to Mrs Grant’s cottage.

Hazel was well aware the embarrassment the boy must be feeling, rather than put him at his ease, she flipped up the back of his tee shirt as they stood facing the front door of the cottage. She lightly tapped his bared flesh with the palm of her hand. “Right you know what will happen should you disobey me, don’t you Timothy my boy? He could not help himself from looking round to see if anyone was watching, acutely aware of the cool evening air upon his buttocks. In consequence he received a sharp slap upon his naked bottom.

“Stand still and look at me young man, I will have no more of this.”

He blushed profusely as he looked up at her, his lips trembling from the shame he felt. Hazel looked him straight in the eye, her beautiful features stern and foreboding as she spoke.

“If you dare to defy me, I will strip you bare and put you across my knee in front of everyone and let them watch me smack you until you are crying like a baby. Do you understand me?

Timothy looked at her, his face turning an even brighter red. Through trembling lips he spoke, his voice soft and tremulous. “Yes Miss Hazel, I w’won’t disobey you any more. Hazel held his gaze for a moment, enjoying the boy’s acute embarrassment. At last she reached behind him and pulled his shirt down to cover his naked bottom.

“Right young man… I will take your word, but you know your fate should you relapse into childish behaviour.”

She stood straight and knocked on the door, smiling as she saw Vickie approach on the other side of the glass pane.

“Come along in, I have some coffee on the stove and the girls have made me open a bottle of wine to welcome you, so perhaps you would prefer that.” Mrs Grant smiled at Hazel as she ushered her in and then turned her attention to Timothy, who was looking down at his feet in utter humiliation.

“Come along in young man, the girls are in the sitting room, why don’t you go and join them, while I introduce Hazel to the nurse. Just put your shoes here by the door.”

Timothy blushed as Mrs Grant mentioned the girls, rather than just Susan. He knew that it must be Gail that was with her… and the thought of being almost naked in front of both of them sent shivers down his spine.

Rather than wait for Timothy to reply, Mrs Grant ushered the boy to the sitting room door and bade him enter. She then turned to Hazel leading her down the small corridor to the kitchen.

“Penny is the daughter of one of my friends at the clinic. She is only seventeen, so she has only been nursing for a year… mind you she showed no hesitation when I told her what was to be done.”

Both Vickie and Hazel laughed as they entered the kitchen. Penny was standing by the stove as they entered. Hazel immediately noticed how pretty and petite the girl was. Her uniform was a crisp white tunic, which did little to conceal the jut of her firm breasts or the narrowness of her waist. Her legs were bare below the short tunic. As she moved towards them, Hazel could see that her legs were slender and perfectly shaped; the smooth flesh betraying an athletic and healthy glow aided by a light suntan.

“This is Penny.”

Vickie put her hand around Hazel’s waist and moved her forward as she spoke. “Hello Hazel”

Penny smiled, displaying perfect teeth behind her pretty lips as she moved forward and took Hazel’s hand in a firm grip. Hazel smiled back at the pretty young girl and spoke softly.

“Hello Penny I am pleased to meet you.”

The girls smiled at each other as Vickie handed them a glass of wine each.

“I think we will leave Timothy for a while so that I can show you how busy the girls and I have been this afternoon, so if you would both like to follow me.”

Vickie was laughing as she led the girls along the corridor into the new examination room. Both Hazel and Penny were pleasantly surprised at how professional and imposing the room was. Hazel began to explore the mechanics of the stirrups while Penny looked around the glass shelves noting the abundance of instruments as well as the jars and bottles.

Hazel looked at Vickie, the obvious surprise at the professionalism of the room showing on her face.

“I had no idea that you were so well equipped, in fact I thought you had retired from nursing practice.”

Vickie laughed.

“No I still run the district nursing group, but we fetched this up from the cellar this afternoon… and although the shelves and the lighting were fixed back into place after I had had it decorated, the girls and I have managed to get all the rest ready after we got back from the clinic. I didn’t really expect to have it finished so quickly, or that it would look as professional as it does.”

Vickie laid her hand on one of the stirrups.

“I cleaned the leather up and polished the chrome, while Susan and Gail made the new covers from linen sheets. I think that it looks really well, even though I say it myself.”

The girls laughed as Vickie held up her glass.

“Here’s to our new examination room.” They toasted their glasses before Vickie led them back into the kitchen.

Hazel had observed the young nurse as they had looked at the new examination room. On the surface she appeared to be a conscientious and capable girl, but Hazel had a feeling that there was more to her. She decided to try and elicit a little more information.

“Are you on a rota for home visits; forgive me for asking but I wondered how these things work.”

Penny looked at Hazel, immediately realising the line of questioning.

“No we don’t have a rota as such, but Dr. Ashcroft asked me if I would assist her with Timothy… she thought I would be erm… more suitable.”

Hazel smiled. “Did she indeed. Do you have an experience of handling young boys?” Penny smiled, her expression near to laughter as she looked at Hazel.

“No I have had only a little experience but I think she felt that perhaps I had the right attitude.” Hazel smiled back at the girl. She knew that from what she had seen of the pretty Dr. Lucy Ashcroft, that she would certainly have been selective in her choice of nurse, for such a delicate therapy. Penny looked at Hazel and decided to be a little more forthcoming.

“I would like to know what has happened to him so far… and as you have charge of him, perhaps you would give me a rundown.”

The girls talked together, Hazel gave Penny a complete history of the day’s events and also her opinions about attitude towards Timothy. Penny listened avidly, she was intrigued by the boy’s punishment and what both Hazel and Vickie thought was the best way to handle him for the future.

Hazel explained every detail of her own handling of her young charge, explaining the rather embarrassing positions she had made the boy adopt, as well as her verbal and psychological management of him. It was Vickie who told her of Gail’s long term plans for the boy. Penny smiled at Vickie as she spoke. “I think Gail must be a very determined young woman already even if she is rather young. Do you think she will change her mind on the subject?”

Penny was surprised at the confidence of Vickie’s reply. “I would bet that Gail will do exactly what she has said. I have never known a girl more in touch with her own feelings, or as determined. Of course she has the added advantage of being the only daughter of a very rich family. Their wealth must run into millions and yet she has her feet planted firmly on the ground.”

Timothy could not help blushing as he entered the sitting room. He felt horribly aware of his nakedness beneath the thin tee shirt. The girls were sitting on a large comfy looking settee while they watched the television set, both girls were wearing the crisp white shirts and short navy pleated skirts of their school uniforms. Their skirts had ridden up as they sat on the sofa revealing their long legs, which were bared almost to the brief white panties they were wearing.

As Timothy entered the room, Susan got up and walked towards him and took him gently by the arm.

“Poor Timothy, you do seem to be in a state… don’t be nervous, I am sure Mummy and the nurse will be gentle with you. My my… your face is bright red… and you are shivering all over. Come with me and stand by the fire until you get warm.”

Timothy blushed even more as Susan led him by his arm and made him stand next to the open log fire. He could not help gasping as Susan ran her hand over his shoulders and down his back. He gasped as her hand proceeded even lower, her gentle fingers teasing over the soft material that covered his bottom.

“Why Timothy!” She exclaimed. “Haven’t you got any underclothes or shorts on… no wonder you are cold.” Susan noted the boy’s exquisite look of anguish as she lifted the hem of his tee shirt and looked at his bared his bottom.

He gasped; “Please er miss… er please don’t. Hazel wouldn’t let me wear anything under my shirt. Please er.. miss er… Susan.” Ignoring his pleas Susan lifted the hem even further up his back as her eye caught sight of the three red stripes, which delineated the cheeks of his bottom.

“What on earth are these?” She exclaimed as she bent over to examine him closer. “Come and look Gail, I think Hazel must have given him more than just a smack bottom. Timothy gasped as Susan turned his body towards the light of the standard lamp, which stood next to the fireplace. She bent him forward pulling his shirt further up his back so that she could examine him more closely. He was acutely aware that his penis and testicles were now on show as he saw Gail get up from the settee and move towards him.

His face was on fire as the two girls bent him over even further so that he his head was bent towards his knees. He shivered as he felt Gail gently stroke her hand over the quivering flesh of his bottom.

“Keep still and let me have a look and see what Hazel has been doing to you. Oh dear.. it looks as though he has been given at least three strokes of the strap. Is that what she smacked you with Timothy… the strap?”

Timothy was blushing so much that his cheeks were burning. His body was shivering uncontrollably as he felt their hands exploring the cheeks of his bottom. He gasped as Susan’s soft fingertips deftly parted the cheeks, exposing him intimately to their interested gaze.

“Please er.. miss… no more pleeease!”

He managed to stammer as he felt the utter humiliation of being bent over and his bare bottom being stretched and examined so intimately.

“I asked you a question!” said Gail as she smacked her hand smartly across the cheeks of his bottom. “Did Hazel beat you with a strap?” Timothy gasped at the sharp slap and shuddered with anguish, his voice almost a croak as he tried to answer. “Y’yes miss… er… it was the strap.

To Timothy’s surprise Gail’s voice became soft and concerned as she bade him stand upright and pulled him towards her. She laid his head gently on her shoulder and put her arms around him.

“Oh you poor baby, fancy having to have your poor bottom beaten with a strap. Never mind my sweet boy, Susan and I will make it better for you… won’t we Susan.”

Gail looked at Susan who was standing behind the boy. She lifted the back of his tee shirt up once more, pulling the hem upwards until it was almost up to the back of his neck.

She knew that his penis would be exposed and vulnerable to the intimate contact of Gail’s body as she held Timothy close. Gently she stroked her fingers over the soft flesh of his bottom, her fingers trailing gently and intimately between the cheeks. Gail heard his quickly drawn in breath at the further intimate exploration of his bottom. She slid her own hand down his back until she was able to caress his naked buttocks.

“There poor baby, let’s get you over to the sofa and Susan will fetch some cream so that I can rub some in for you. Now don’t be shy just come and lie across my knees.

For Timothy it was all too much, he could not resist the tear that rolled down his cheek or the burgeoning throb of his penis as Gail nonchalantly took a firm hold of both his penis and his scrotum and casually placed the soft flesh between her thighs. Both she and Susan helped lay the boy face down over Gail’s knees.

“Right I’ll leave him in your capable hands, while I go and ask mother for some cream for his bottom.” She smiled at Gail and winked before turning on her heels and leaving the room.

Vickie and Hazel were not the least surprised when Susan told them what she and Hazel were doing to the boy, instead they burst into good-natured laughter. Vickie could not contain her merriment as she reached into the cupboard for some body lotion. Hazel was still laughing as she addressed Susan.

“You were not long finding the marks on his bottom. I am afraid that I just had to punish him for his disobedience at the medical centre. Was his bottom still red, or was it just the marks of the strap?”

Susan looked at Hazel, her admiration growing for the confident young woman.

“No Hazel it was just the three marks of the straps. Did he cry when you punished him… er. was his bottom bare when you gave him the strap?”

Hazel laughed at the girl’s very obvious interest in how she had punished the boy. She did not disappoint Susan with her answer, as she already guessed from her actions at the medical centre that her interest in the boy was far from platonic.

“I spanked his bare bottom over my knee, using his tennis shoe as his implement of punishment. After I had given him a sound spanking, I had him bend over and grasp his ankles with his legs spread widely apart, so that he could not clench his buttocks. I gave him three strokes with the strap. I am afraid he couldn’t contain himself after the third stroke and danced about all over the sitting room, trying to relieve himself of the pain. I think that the strap hurt him far more than he ever though possible. I am sure that, should he ever forget himself, a timely reminder of the sting of the strap will soon bring him back into line.”

Susan’s look of admiration was not lost on Hazel as she finished relating the details of Timothy’s punishment. She placed her hand on Susan’s cheek and bent her head so that she could whisper in her ear.

“You may find that some day soon, either you or Gail may have cause to punish him. Just remember that if you have a good cause to smack his bare bottom, that it must be tempered with love and kindness. In that way you will not only gain his respect, but also his love and supplication. Do you understand what I am saying?”

Susan looked intently at Hazel her face serious, but with a wistful, almost spiritual expression. She spoke softly, her words slow and measured.

“Yes Hazel, thank you… yes I know exactly what you mean and I know that Gail does too!”

Vickie looked at her daughter and then back at Hazel, her expression was thoughtful as she spoke to them.

“Gail has said that she is going to marry Timothy when he is older and that she will smack his bottom when he is naughty. I know she may only be in her teens, but I believe she will. I have never known Gail say anything that she did not mean, or ever break a promise.”

Susan looked at Hazel and smiled at her.

“Oh she will marry him, I know it… but she won’t be the only one smacking his bottom, if he is naughty… I will be doing it as well.”

Hazel chuckled, knowing full well that was what Susan had said, would probably happen, just as she had said.

“Well I think you had better go and see what, your very grown up friend, Gail is doing to my young charge.”

Hazel laughed as Susan took the cream and disappeared down the corridor to the sitting room.

Timothy could not believe what was happening to him. Just twenty-four hours ago, he had been living quietly with his mother. He had been the man of the household and had, for his diligence in looking after things, received a certain amount of autonomy and freedom.

Now he was laid face down and virtually naked over the head girl’s knees, his shirt pulled up to his shoulders revealing his bare bottom and his penis and testicles, which were trapped between the soft flesh of the girls thighs. He shivered once more as she gently stroked her hand over his bared buttocks.

Gail looked up as Susan reappeared and handed her the cream with a look of glee on her face. She kneeled in front of Gail and the naked boy, before settling back on her haunches.

“Sorry I took so long, Hazel was just explaining why she had to smack naughty Timothy here.”

Susan placed her cool hand deliberately over the soft flesh of the boy’s naked bottom to accent her words. Timothy blushed an even deeper shade of crimson, as Susan’s other hand stroked over his shoulders and then through his hair. She turned his head so that she could look at his blushing face.

“Now young man; Gail and I are going to put some cream on your naughty bottom, so be a good boy and try not to move and make us spill it.”

Timothy could only look at her in anguish and embarrassment as he felt cool liquid being poured onto the small of his back and seconds later Gail’s delicate fingers, as they chased the running liquid down into the deep crease of his buttocks.

“Now relax your bottom so that I can part the cheeks, I need proper access if I am to do the job properly.”

Timothy could only manage to grunt rather than give a coherent reply, but just managed through his haze of embarrassment to relax the cheeks of his bottom. He felt a shiver run through him as Gail pressed her fingers firmly into the pliant flesh of his bottom. He found it hard not to tense the muscles of his buttocks as her hands explored his upturned cheeks, the fingertips of one hand pressing firmly against his sphincter, while she almost lovingly caressed the plump hillocks of his bottom. She continued, slowly and deliberately stroking over the bared flesh of the young boy.

She smiled at Susan, her expression, one of triumph and satisfaction, making her friend grin with utter delight.

Gail eased her fingers between his buttocks and teased his sphincter once more before boldly sliding her hand down between his legs and cupping his testicles in the palm of her hand. Susan watched as the boy gasped and raised his head as if he was about to protest at this new intrusion to his modesty. Before he could speak however, Gail patted his bottom and at the same time squeezed her thighs together trapping his penis even more firmly.

“Now Timothy don’t jiffle about, just lie nice and still until I am finished.”

Gail was delighted to feel his penis suddenly throb between her legs. She knew that it would not be long before the turgid member was fully erect. She glanced over at Susan and raised her hand with her fingers positioned in the shape of an ‘O’. Susan managed to stifle a giggle as Gail continued stroking the boy’s naked bottom.

“Does that feel better Timothy? Answer me now!” Gail spoke gently and yet Timothy could here the firmness in her voice. “Er… yes miss… er Gail. Thank you.”

Timothy was beside himself with embarrassment, acutely aware of his erect penis and the pressure of her thighs against his most intimate and private part.

Gail made sure that his penis was fully erect before she delivered her coup de grace.

“Right Timothy, lets have you up. Will you give me a hand Susan?”

She lightly slapped his bottom and put her hands at either side of his waist.

“Right up onto your knees…. That’s the way. Timothy shakily got to his knees, his embarrassment was almost palpable as the girls delightedly helped him up. He quickly clasped his hands to his penis, covering himself as best he could. His penis was so stiff that he had difficulty in pressing it against his body as the girls manoeuvred him to a standing position. He fumbled with the front of his shirt, tugging at the material with one hand, while trying vainly to conceal his erection with the other.

He could not bring himself to look at either of the two girls. He knew that were looking down at his groin as he finally managed to get the material of his shirt safely over his penis. He immediately clasped both hands over his shirt, at the same time pulling his penis tightly against his body. His modesty did not last long as he felt Gail lift the back of his shirt and once more bare his body to the prying eyes of the two girls.

“Come around her and look Susan, his bottom is a lot less red than it was and his skin is really nice and smooth after all the cream I put on!” Timothy shivered as both girls leisurely examined his naked buttocks, their hands stroking over his flesh as if he were a prize animal. Their inspection continued in silence as Timothy stood timidly with his hands clasped to his groin. He shivered involuntarily as Susan knelt down, her soft delicate hand holding his thigh to steady herself as she peered at his naked bottom.

“My… that does look better Gail, it must have been very painful being beaten like that.”

She looked around from behind Timothy and addressed him directly.

“Look at me Timothy, did she hurt you when she beat you with the strap? Did she make you take your trousers down and then spank your bare bottom? It must have been a traumatic and humbling experience for you… did she make you shed real tears?”

Timothy blushed, the colour suffused not only his trembling cheeks but also spread across his chest too! He was beside himself with embarrassment as he struggled to turn his head and answer her.

“Er.. yes miss.” He stammered. “She beat me with the strap er… miss… er um like I am now miss.. with er.. no covering.”

His embarrassment deepened as he felt Susan lazily trace her delicate fingers over the welts on his bottom.

“You mean that she spanked your bare bottom… and did you cry?”

“Yes miss… it really hurt and er I… I cried.”

Susan could see that Timothy was not far off from crying once more. She could see his bottom lip trembling quite visibly and that his eyes were already glistening with tears. Susan waited for Timothy to turn his head back to the front before she looked at Gail and made a face as if she was about to cry, while pointing at the boy. Gail immediately took the hint and reluctantly stopped stroking his bottom. Susan also took her hands away and straightened up, letting the boy’s shirt fall back down over the cheeks of his bottom.

“Come and sit down Timothy, and we’ll watch the television until the nurse needs you.”

Penny smoothed her hands down the crisp white nurse’s uniform she was wearing. She had deliberately left the last two buttons of her tunic undone allowing her tanned thighs to slip easily through the fine cotton. She tightened her waistband, further accenting the jut of her young breasts and the narrowness of her waist as she approached the bathroom. Her shiny black hair, cut severely to her jaw line, moved smoothly as if in two wings, accenting her pretty features and contrasting with the deep red of her lipstick.

She had thought long and hard about the situation she found herself in as she busied herself in the large old-fashioned bathroom of the cottage. She had laid out the two large fleet enema bags and several jars and tubes of creams and lubricants on one of the two old tables, which were situated against the white tiled wall near the doorway. She had moved the second table, a larger sturdy oak Longman, by dragging it across the tiled floor to the centre of the room.

On top of this she had laid several fluffy bath towels, which now covered the top, making a soft padded surface.

She knew she had handled herself well, while talking to both Vickie Grant and Hazel. Her only surprise had been at her own attitude. She had felt rather excited rather than shocked, and now, as she examined her thoughts, she realised that perhaps her own feelings and predilections were very much closer to that of Hazel and Vickie. Although she was young, Penny had already experienced the power that her uniform and position had brought her.

Of course she had gone through the menial tasks that all nurses go through. The drudgery of emptying bedpans, making beds, running errands at the beck and call of senior sisters and matrons, had been carried out willingly and with a smile and her attitude had certainly brought its own rewards. Her very first position had been at the local schools, assisting the retiring doctor at the annual medicals.

Rather than blush in confusion, as some young girls might have, she had adopted a firm and brusque attitude as she had looked upon the line of naked young boys lined up ready to be examined. She had enjoyed their embarrassment as they had been made to stand in front of her desk while she filled in their medical forms. She had been intrigued by the variety of male bodies and the embarrassed way that they had held their hands in front of their genitals.

As the day progressed, she had enjoyed making them blush even more, by looking directly at their genitals as she filled in the forms.

Now, as she surveyed the bathroom, she knew that she was to experience something that she had always wanted; she would, with full authority from her superiors, intimately handle a young boy and eventually force him to ejaculate! His body would be hers, to explore and manipulate, as she wanted; no protest or defiance would spare him from her ministrations.

Leaving the bathroom and heading towards the sitting room, she wondered whether he would be as good looking as Vickie and Hazel had described him to her. As she entered the room and walked towards him, her heart thrilled at the sight of his young body as he stood humbly by the fireplace. He is perfect in every detail, Penny thought as she moved towards him.

She could see that he was trembling with embarrassment as she moved to take his hand in hers. His face was bright red, the blush suffusing both his cheeks and neck as he looked towards her. Penny was surprised at the firmness of her own voice as she spoke to the young boy.

“Well Peter, lets have you into the bathroom so that I can take care of you.”

Penny was rewarded by a deepening of the bright red flush to his cheeks and the humiliation she saw in his eyes before he quickly dropped his head and meekly allowed her to escort him to the bathroom. Penny felt the trembling in his body as she held his wrist. Gail spoke to him as he left the room.

“Now you be a good boy Peter and do as the nurse says.” Penny could not have wished for a more docile subject as she led him into the bathroom and firmly shut the door behind them. She turned towards him and put both of the palms of her hands gently against either side of his cheeks. She could feel that his cheeks were burning with embarrassment as she raised his head so that he could not avoid looking at her.

“Now young man… I am going to give you an enema so that you are nice and clean inside. Let’s have this shirt off… so just raise your arms above your head there’s a good boy.”

He was trembling with embarrassment as he looked into her face. His embarrassment was multiplied tenfold by her prettiness and the fact that she was only a couple of years older than himself. His natural modesty added further to his humiliation, as he stood before her, knowing that he was about to be stripped naked.

Timothy looked horrified as Penny briskly took hold of his wrists and raised his arms.

“Now just stand still.” She took the hem of his tee shirt and without preamble deftly lifted it up over his hips and upwards, baring his chest as she pulled it over his head.

“Right slip your arms out and put it on the chair behind you, then come and bend over this table.” Timothy was relieved as he noticed that Penny had not looked down at his penis and testicles, but had turned away from him and busied herself with the equipment that she had placed on the second table.

Timothy quickly put his tee shirt over the back of the chair and moved towards the table, clasping his hands over his genitals. Penny turned towards him, smiling as she saw his cowering stance and the clutching of his hands between his legs as he shuffled rather than walked towards the table.

“Right young man… over you go!” She pulled his hands away from his body and carefully positioned him so that his head was laid flat against the towels with his face turned towards her and his hands stretched out along the length of the table.

“Oh dear Timothy, my you must have been very naughty to have had to be punished like that. I can see three distinct marks… what on earth did you do to deserve it?

Timothy wished that he could disappear through a hole in the floor; such was his utter dismay as the young nurse waited for his reply.

He shuddered as he felt her soft hands gently touch his bottom, her fingertips fluttering lightly over his sensitive flesh.

“Well aren’t you going to answer me? I shall certainly not have any hesitation in smacking a naughty boy on his bare bottom if he doesn’t do what he is told.” Timothy blushed profusely as she lifted a hand from his bottom and smacked him lightly across the tender cheeks of his buttocks.

“Er erm… I was embarrassed about erm… er… getting undressed at the…erm medical centre.” Penny smiled to herself as she examined the perfect body she saw before her. “Well we will have no more nonsense like that this time will we little man. I have had a lot of experience in disciplining young boys. So you had better be warned… hadn’t you?

Timothy blushed an even brighter red as the nurse spoke to him; her terminology belittling him as if he were a child rather than a teenager.

Penny knew exactly what she was doing, although she had never really analysed her reasons… other than the obvious sexual attraction of his naked body, she knew that having such a beautiful young boy at her mercy gave her immense enjoyment. Perhaps she might have wondered what in her makeup caused her to feel such sexual excitement, not just at subjugation, but also at his obvious embarrassment and humiliation.

She felt him begin to tremble as she bent down behind him and placed her hands gently on the inside of his thighs. “Right Timothy, spread your legs as widely as you can.”

She carefully pressed her hands between his legs, widening his stance until his hips were pressed firmly against the table surface. Penny smiled to herself as she revealed his penis and testicles, hanging down, free from encumbrance, between his widely parted thighs. She could see that his penis, although not stiff, was engorged and that his testicles were full and swollen within their scrotal sac.

Timothy was beside himself with embarrassment and indignation at the position he had made to adopt. He could not control the shiver of pure undiluted anguish as he felt her soft hands softly stroke the flesh on the inside of each of his thighs, her hands moving upwards before taking a firm grip of his penis and testicles.


He let out a short gasp as he felt her gentle fingers encased his most intimate parts. He drew in his breath in a sharp hiss, as she deftly pulled his foreskin back and lifted his testicles in the palm of her hand.

“My Timothy these are swollen, I bet you will be pleased when I empty them for you… are they causing you any pain?

Timothy shivered, unable to control the squirming of his hips as she held him captive. His voice was hoarse and cracked as he tried to answer her. “ er.. erm… er… no er, nurse”

Penny smiled to herself, at the same time feeling a thrill run through her young body as she played his most intimate parts. She became bolder as he shivered helplessly at her touch. She could already feel his penis beginning to erect as she began to gently move his foreskin backwards and forwards over the sensitive corona of the head of his engorged member.


He gasped as she suddenly pulled the foreskin back, stretching the skin tightly. His humiliation sending a deep blush to his cheeks as she blatantly exposed him. He tried to squirm his hips to evade her fingers but instead felt her tighten her grip.

Suddenly without warning she let go of him and before he knew what was happening he felt a firm slap upon the bared cheeks of his bottom. “Now young man, we will have no nonsense while I prepare you properly. I want to be able to extract your semen as effectively as I can and that; I am afraid for you, that it will require some very intimate handling.”

Penny stood up straight behind him and slapped him once more across the cheeks of his bottom; it was not a hard slap, but it made the young boy gasp.

“There now… you don’t want me to tell Hazel that you were uncooperative… do you? Fancy having to be strapped across the bare bottom by such a pretty girl like Hazel, I would have thought it must have been terribly embarrassing for you!”

She saw that her words had brought further blushes to Timothy’s cheeks. She looked down at his naked body, enjoying the view of his widely spread legs and his parted bottom cheeks, revealing the neat rosebud of his sphincter. She decided that she would change tack… firmness and kindness, she reminded herself.

She moved to the side of the table and leaned over his body, making sure that her firm breasts were pressed against his back. She leaned forward until her lips were against his cheek and whispered softly to him.

“My poor baby I know you are embarrassed but I will be as gentle with you as I can. It is all for your own good, so will you promise to be a good boy? In return, I will promise that if you do everything I ask first time, that we can get this over with as quickly as possible.”

Timothy was in turmoil, her soft voice and the gentle touch played havoc with his senses. He could feel her firm breasts against his skin as she smoothed her hands down across his bottom. He was horrified as he felt his penis stiffen and press forward against the edge of the table as her fingers slipped between the crease of his bottom. She whispered to him once more.

“Now Timothy, I am just going to lubricate you bottom, so just stay in this position while I get some cream. I won’t hurt you, but I want you to relax your little bottom so that I can lubricate inside you.”

Penny knew that her words would cause him further distress and as she looked into his face she could see the deepening blush already covering his cheeks. She patted his bottom and stood upright, leaving him laid over the table while she went to the array of jars.

She could hear his ragged breathing and thought she heard a faint moan from him as she took a pair of rubber gloves. Although she did not look directly at him she knew that he was watching her; she almost sensuously pulled the gloves over her delicate fingers, snapping the rubber against her wrists as she pulled them tight.

Next she picked up a tube of lubricant and smeared a generous amount of the glistening liquid onto her fingers. She moved to his side, making sure that her hands were in full view as she deliberately smeared most of the lubricant over her extended middle finger. She smiled as she saw him shiver with trepidation.

“Now Timothy, just relax that little bottom of yours while I insert my finger up into you.”

Moving behind him she saw his buttocks quake as she placed her left hand delicately on the quivering flesh. Without a word she parted his cheeks and pressed her lubricated fingers against the sensitive opening of his sphincter. She thrilled as he shivered uncontrollably, the cheeks of his bottom actually shaking as she teased the virgin orifice.

“Now just relax, there that’s the way.” She felt his whole body shiver as the tightly constricted muscles relaxed enough for a finger to slide up into him. Rather than just probe slowly, she let her finger slide up until he was penetrated right up to her knuckle.

She moved closer pressing her pubis against his hip and once again letting her young breasts cushion his back. Without warning she slid her finger further upwards, her knuckle sliding easily passed the stricture of his sphincter.

Timothy gasped as her body pressed him down onto the surface of the table allowing her finger to exert even greater pressure.

“Arggghhh.. ooohhhh,” he moaned as her finger slid all the way up into his bottom.

“There just you relax now while I lubricate your little bottom.”

Such was Penny’s excitement that she felt the need to press her pubis harder against his hip. She could feel the heat between her legs as she probed the pliant channel of his anus, quickly locating the prostate gland with the very tip of her finger, she proceeded to massage the sensitive organ.

“Ooooohhh… er miss …er n’nurse,” he cried out as she invaded both his bottom and his senses.

“Arrggghhh… er ooohh please miss.”

He was trembling all over as her finger roamed freely, mercilessly arousing his naïve sexual feelings to fever pitch. She positioned her body so that she could reach underneath him with her free hand. She quickly located his penis, which to her delight had erected fully. The flesh was ridged, harder than she thought any penis could be. Her fingers encircled the engorged flesh, squeezing and exploring his throbbing member.

“There now try and relax.”

Her words were merely sops to his emotional state. She knew full well that if she did not release him soon he would ejaculate. Gently she eased her finger from his bottom and released his penis, patting his bottom cheeks as she stood up straight.

“Now stay like that while I fetch the enemas for you. Penny patted his bottom, the action further demeaning him as she walked towards the table where she had placed the enema bags. She took both of them and moved to stand behind the naked young boy.

She placed one of the bags on the table next to his hips and then broke open the seal on the other one. Without a word she parted his buttocks and introduced the tube into his sphincter. She watched with delight as the narrow tubing slipped easily into the opening.

Deftly she pushed the tube all the way up into him and squeezed the bag, watching with delight as the young boy threw back his head as the cool water gushed into him.

“Argggghhhh… arggggggggghh.”

Once again he gasped in shock as she completely emptied the rest of the contents with a sharp squeeze, propelling the liquid into a fierce torrent which rushed deep inside him.

Arrggghhh… pleeeaseee er nurse”

Timothy was beside himself with anguish

She pulled the tube out immediately and let the bag fall to the floor as she reached for the second one.

“Now just relax sweetie, this won’t take a moment.”

She quickly pushed the tube of the second bag up into the moistened opening of his bottom and pushed it home firmly as she spoke softly to him.

“Now just relax and grip the table.”

She thrilled as she saw Timothy try to turn his head around to look at her. She could see that the fear and trepidation he was feeling was clearly written on his face; she spoke gently to him.

“Just relax now.”

Penny already knew that that was the last thing the boy would be able to do, but she saw by his deep blush that her words had had the required effect. She watched as his hands tentatively grasped the edge of the table.

Rather than squeeze the second bag with her fingers, she suddenly pushed it with the flat of her hand between the cheeks of his bottom; her deft movement simply emptying the entire contents into him all in one go.


A thrill ran through her body as the boy arched his back and tried to rear up from the table, only to feel her cool hand firmly press his body back down into position.

“There now, relax… while I take the tube out of your bottom.”

Her voice was soft and calming as she held him in position; ignoring his anguish at the shock of the water penetrating deep inside him.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhh… Ooooohhhh Mmmmissss.” Timothy was beside himself, not merely with the intrusion of the water up into his bottom, but the total humiliation. Such was his embarrassment that his agony was tuned to a fine pitch his nerves stretched taut, the feeling of dread so exquisite as to be painful in it’s intensity. To be under the control of a pretty young girl… to have to display his body to her… to have her nonchalantly handle him so intimately; it was all too much for him.

Penny waited for him to calm himself before she spoke. She held her hand flat against the small of his back, admiring the quivering pliant flesh of the cheeks of his bottom.

“There now Timothy, that wasn’t so bad was it!” She spoke brightly, her question rhetorical… she continued.

“Now just stay bent over, but put your legs together and try and squeeze your bottom to hold the water in. I am going to let you stay like that for five minutes.”

She watched him closely; he seemed relieved as he placed his feet side by side, perhaps thinking that this would hide his erect penis from her. In fact, it raised his hips so that from the side she could see that his penis was pointing forward, with the tip touching the edge of the table.

She smiled as she pulled the second table closer to the first. She was aware that he was watching her movements as she took a bowl and filled it with water before placing it on the surface. She opened a new packet of soap and placed it beside the bowl before fetching several washcloths from the side of the bath. After she had prepared everything to her satisfaction she turned towards timothy and placed her hand gently on his shoulder.

“Now young man, I want you to walk with your bottom clenched to the toilet bowl and sit on it. Do you think you can do that without spilling any of the water inside you.?”

Timothy blushed, his cheeks becoming bright red as she looked into his face. His lips were trembling as he answered her.

“Er… yes er.. nurse I will try.”

His voice was cracked and parched as he tried to talk. She placed her hands gently around his waist and helped him to stand upright. She could see him blushing an even brighter red, as she walked with him, holding his naked body next to hers. The cause of his acute embarrassment was plain for her to see as his penis, which was standing straight out from his body and as rigid as a tent pole, bobbed up and down in front of him.

She managed to sit him on the toilet without any of the liquid seeping from his bottom.

“There, my you are such a good boy, now let it all go and keep there until I tell you to move.”

She watched him blush as he looked up from his sitting position.

Timothy suddenly realised that his penis was standing straight up and pointing directly at the young nurse. He desperately clasped his hands together in front of himself as if his life depended on it.

He blushed again as he saw the pretty young nurse smile at him; there was a hint of amusement on her lips as she saw his desperation. His dismay and anguish were so acute that he had to look down. He felt utterly foolish, sitting on the toilet in front of her. He could not have described how utterly wretched he felt, at having such a pretty young girl in total control of him; to see him naked and to do such intimate things to his body.

Penny looked down at him, noting the expression of guilt on his face as he hastily hid his erect penis. For her the thrill in reality of having the boy naked in front of her was far better than she had ever thought possible. She knew that her prettiness and youth often made patients feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, especially when she had to see them naked. But having this young boy at her mercy was more intensely pleasurable than anything she had ever felt before. All of a sudden she heard his bowels loosen and evacuate the water he had been holding. It gushed out down into the toilet pan. Timothy shivered involuntarily and hung his head in shame as Penny spoke to him.

“There that’s the way, now stay there as I am sure that here will be some more.” She watched him blush, his ears turning a bright purple colour; such was his shame.

Penny busied herself filling a jug of hot water from the bath tap and rearranging her paraphernalia on the table. She was aware of the various bowel movements her young charge was making as he sat shamefaced upon the toilet. She smiled to herself as she observed that his hands were still clasped to his groin and that his knees were pressed tightly together.

Eventually she moved to stand in front of him. She took some toilet tissue from the dispenser, which was attached to the wall above his head and placed her hand gently on his shoulder. Timothy looked up, a faint blush already appearing on his cheeks as she looked down at his nakedness.

“Right young man stand up and bend over and grasp your ankles.”

Her words deliberately humiliating him as she leaned forward and placed her hand under his arm. Awkwardly the boy stood up, instinctively tightened the grip of his hands, which were covering his genitals. Penny delighted in turning him around and bending him over.

“Hands away and grasp your ankles… legs apart… that’s the way.”

Her hands followed her commands positioning the boy until he was bent over with his legs spread wide apart and his hands grasping each ankle.

He was already shivering with shame and embarrassment as she leaned her body over his; her hand encircling his waist and reaching up under his tummy. She was facing towards his bottom; the tissue held ready as she reached between his legs.

Timothy felt absolutely foolish as he looked between his widely splayed legs. He could not believe this was happening to him, to be treated like a child… even a baby. He felt the toilet tissue wipe upwards into the lower part of the crease of his bottom; feeling his buttocks part as she pressed the tissue firmly between the soft flesh to wipe him. He gasped as she drew the soft paper firmly over his sphincter several times until she was satisfied that he was clean.

Timothy was blushing furiously as she stood him upright. He immediately clasped his hands back to his groin as she let him go and turned to discard the toilet tissue into the pan. To his horror she examined the contents of the bowl before she flushed the cistern.

“Well that seems to have done the job.” She said brightly as she moved to the sink and began to wash her hands. She turned her head to look at him over her shoulder.

“I don’t think it will be necessary to bathe you in the bath Timothy… do you?” Timothy could only blush and stammer as he watched her dry her hands and then move to stand in front of him once more. “Er n’no er miss.” He blushed as he looked into her face. Her prettiness mesmerised him and at the same time made him feel gauche and inadequate. He stared at her awestruck as she placed her delicate fingers under his chin and held his head so that he could not avoid her gaze.

“In that case I will just give you a quick table-bath… so if you will just hop up onto the table like a good boy.” Her pretty smile showed her perfect white teeth as she watched a combined expression of horror and abject dismay appear upon his innocent young face.

Penny suddenly felt sorry for him and instinctively took his head in her hands and gently kissed him on the cheek. He blushed immediately, his embarrassment causing his face to turn bright red. She watched him turn and walk to the table; she could see his body shivering with humiliation as he stood against it. He had pressed his hips tightly against the side of the table, hoping to hide his penis from her view she thought, as he looked nervously over his shoulder.

“Up you get… now sit down on it and then lie back.”

She watched fascinated as he clumsily climbed on to the table, trying as best he could to keep his genitals covered before he eventually succeeded in sitting upright with his legs extended before him. His nervousness showed upon his face as he looked at her; his hands were still clasped to his groin as he leaned back, preventing him from lying perfectly flat.

“I am afraid you will have to put those hands behind your head, I want complete access to your bottom… and to your genitalia.” Penny was surprised that the boy’s face could blush any deeper red than he already was, but her well chosen words were rewarded with an immediate blush of deep red that ran through his cheeks and down across his chest.

She observed with utter delight, the tentative uncovering of his genitals. His penis, although not fully erect, was engorged and plump, his testicles rather than hanging down, rested like two ripe plums between his thighs.

“Penny looked closely at his face as she gave him her next instruction. “Now I want you to place the soles of your feet together, do you think you can do that for me.” She knew from Hazel that he had been placed in a similar position earlier and that he had found it most humiliating.

The boy looked blank for a split-second and then his expression suddenly turned to dismay as he realised what he must do to get the soles of his feet facing each other.

“B’but er… erm nurse.” His protestation was suddenly cut short.

“Come along now, lay with your knees outwards and draw them up until all of the soles of your feet are touching each other.”

Penny, rather than position him herself wanted to see his embarrassment at having to display himself so blatantly.

She watched avidly as he laid his knees to each side of the table, baring his genitals and bottom almost lewdly. She thrilled with delight as he put the soles of his feet together, drawing his knees up even further until the soles and heels of his feet were placed together like a mirrored image.

His thighs were now widely splayed apart; Penny was aware that there was not even the remotest modicum of modesty in the position she had made him adopt. His hairless penis and testicles were now rudely on display.

“Now stretch your arms out to the top of the table above your head, I don’t want them in the way.”

She waited until Timothy, already humiliated by his position, stretched his arms out until they were resting on the table above his head. Now he was completely open to her, his naked body stretched and parted for her to do with as she wished. She saw that his bottom lip had begun to tremble and that his nervousness and apprehension had caused him to gasp for breath. She clinically observed his heaving chest and the small shivers than occasionally ran through his body as he looked at her, his eyes almost pleading for respite from his utter embarrassment.

She moved to the side of the table and looked down at him. This was her first opportunity to inspect him openly and at her leisure. She slowly looked him over, examining every inch of his body before she finally placed her hands upon him. Such was the young boy’s trepidation that he almost jumped off the table at her first touch.

Penny had placed one of her hands quite casually on his chest and the other on his thigh just above his knee.

“Now keep still and let me have a good look at you. She let the fingers of her left hand gently caress his inner thigh, noting his nervousness and utter dismay at his humiliating position,

“Now Timothy I am going to examine your penis and your testicles… I have to do it, so try and not be embarrassed.”

She bent over him, her face only inches away from his as she spoke softly to him. “You know that this is for your own good, so just try and be a good boy while I have a good look at you.”

Penny was well aware that her words, rather than comfort him, would cause him further embarrassment.

For Timothy this was a nightmare of humiliation that he thought would never end. Her perfume invaded his nostrils with a heady aroma as she leaned forward; her voice, which was soft and tender, seemed to heighten his sense of subjugation… and her words reduced his stature to that of a child.

It was an almost ritualistic gesture, as she took a delicate hold of the tip of his penis between thumb and forefinger, lifting it gently away from his body. Timothy blushed with embarrassment as he felt an involuntary throb from his penis as she carefully skinned the foreskin back, revealing the smooth corona and the sensitive flesh beneath. He gasped as she pulled the skin back further until it was stretched taught. His ordeal was not over; he groaned as he felt her cool slender fingers gently cup and lift his testicles, her practiced fingers gently rolling the soft orbs within their scrotal sac.

Timothy suddenly opened his mouth in horror as he felt his penis begin to throb involuntarily between her fingers. He gasped as she slid his foreskin up over the shaft and then back down, this time stretching the skin to it’s limit.

“Arrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh….Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh” Timothy could not help vocalising his torment. He looked up at the pretty young nurse, feeling his face turn bright red as he caught her eye. He knew that his penis was fully erect and could not help looking guilty as she looked into his face.

“It seems Timothy that you are unable to control yourself for very long. How often does you penis get hard like this?” She smoothed her hand back up the shaft of his penis and lifted his testicles delicately as she spoke.

Timothy was unable to form a coherent answer as he gasped at the further manipulation of his penis.

“Argghh er miss…. er.. I ddd’don’t know er miss.”

Penny seemed oblivious of the state of the young boy’s acute embarrassment, although in fact she was aware of every nuance of it. “Well I think we will have to keep an eye on you over the next few days, we don’t want any little accidents, do we?” Timothy blushed furiously at the suggestion, but such was his humiliation that he could barely mumble a weak…

“er..no miss.”

“Well I will just get you washed and then we will see if we can get a nice big sample from you.”

She let her hand slide out from under his testicles, leaving the swollen sac of his scrotum to rest between his legs. She drew his foreskin down the shaft of his penis, exposing him fully to her interested gaze. The stiff flesh stood upright as if made of wood; the foreskin drawn back displaying the smooth rim of the glans.

“Lie still and don’t fidget, there’s a good boy.” She turned to the bowl she had placed on the table and added hot water from the jug. Taking soap she lathered her hands and turned back towards him.

Without preamble she took a firm hold of his penis and applied lather around his pubic area. She ignored his gasps as she quickly lathered soap over his genitalia, her delicate fingers moving beneath his scrotum and in-between the cheeks of his bottom. Without warning she slipped her arm underneath his knees and quickly lifted his legs until they were bent up over his chest.

Timothy gasped as he felt her soapy fingertip press against his sphincter and quickly penetrate his anus. She held him, as one would a baby while changing a nappy, holding his legs high in the air and raising his bottom up off the tabletop.

He could not believe what was happening to him as her finger slid all the way up into his bottom. She reamed her finger quickly in and out several times, the soapy knuckle sliding easily back and forth through his sphincter.

“There young man, I think that will do.” She spoke as if there was nothing unusual in bathing an adolescent in this way.

She slipped her finger from his bottom and took a fresh washcloth, which she soaked with warm water. She nonchalantly wiped around his genitals and up between his legs before pressing the cloth firmly between his buttocks and wiping his bottom as if he was an infant.

Timothy was absolutely mortified at the nonchalant way she had handled him. His cheeks were bright crimson and blushing furiously. Such was his utter humiliation that he felt near to tears.

Penny let go of the boy and taking a towel from the table she walked to the side of the room. She took one of the chairs and placed it in an open space. Sitting down on the chair she spoke directly to him, as he lay shamefaced and naked upon the table.

“Right young man, come and stand in front of me… quickly now.” Timothy struggled upright and slid his legs from the table, he immediately covered his genitals with his hands. His penis was so stiff that he had trouble holding it against his body.

“Now I want no nonsense with you holding your genitals… do you hear me? Hazel has already told me that she will punish you if you are disobedient, so take your hands away and come and stand in front of me NOW!”

Timothy blushed furiously, letting his hands fall away from his groin he moved slowly towards the pretty young nurse, his blushes igniting his cheeks into a fiery red mask. He stood in front of her, his penis jutting from his groin at a right angle, his legs and torso trembling with embarrassment.

“Now step forward and open your legs… come along stand with your legs well apart.”

Timothy could barely contain his abject humiliation as she placed her hands on his hips and manoeuvred him until his legs were splayed well apart on either side of her knees. His penis was only inches from her breasts as she took the towel and began to dry in-between his legs.

She casually took a firm hold of his penis and pulled the foreskin back, ostensibly drying behind the foreskin. He could not help a deep shiver running through his whole body as the material grazed against his sensitive flesh. He closed his eyes in an acute dilemma of abject dismay as she handled his penis and testicles as nonchalantly as one would to a small child.

“Right I think that will do… now look at me Timothy I want your full attention.” Reluctantly Timothy opened his eyes and met her steady gaze, involuntarily shivering as he looked into her pretty face.

“It is not a healthy practice for a little boy to touch his penis… you seem to be holding it at every opportunity. It is an undesirable trait and one, which must be stopped! I am sure Hazel will be willing to chastise you should you be naughty enough to continue holding yourself as you have been doing.”

Timothy blushed, he was shocked at the pretty young nurse’s words. He tried to explain.

“b’but miss… er I was …er em….”

Penny cut him short.

“I want no excuses, some little boys seem utterly incorrigible in their masturbatory habits. I am sure Hazel will concur with my opinion that it is a disgusting and vile practice. Now step backwards and let me stand up.”

Timothy blushed furiously; her unfair assumption that he was holding his penis for reasons other than his modesty hurt him deeply.

Penny read his feelings exactly. She knew from his expression that her words had stung him deeply. She stood up and to the boy’s amazement gently put her arms around him. He shivered as his penis pressed into the starched fabric of her uniform.

“Poor baby, it has all been too much for you hasn’t it? Never mind sweetie, I will take good care of you.”

She bent her head forward, and to his astonishment kissed him fully on the lips. The gentleness of her words and actions made him almost wilt in her arms. She stroked her fingertips over his cheek as she gently drew her lips away from his. She could feel his penis throb, even through the material of her tunic.

“Now my sweet boy, come with me and I will try and make these a little more comfortable for you.” She cupped her hand underneath his scrotum and cradled his testicles, her fingers curling around the swollen sac and squeezing gently. She stroked the fingers of her other hand over his burning cheek.

“Come along Timothy and promise me you will be a good little boy.”

Timothy was beside himself with humiliation and sexual arousal as she placed her hand on the cheeks of his bottom and guided him from the bathroom.


Hazel and Vickie looked amused as Penny ushered the naked boy into the examination room, his penis, so hard and jutting out at such an acute angle, that it appeared to have a life of it’s own. Hazel examined him closely; she could see that he was shivering all over from his embarrassment and that he was almost near to tears. They looked on in admiration as Penny deftly handled the boy. Making him stand in front of them with his legs widely spread.

“As you can see from the strength of his erection, I don’t think there is much need for preliminaries, so I think I will extract the first sample with him standing up.” Penny spoke brightly, showing that she was very much in charge.

“Right Timothy squat down, that’s the way, bend those knees… there that’s just right…my you are being a good boy today.”

Penny stooped down with him, holding his shoulders so that he would not tip forward as he squatted rather like a Sumo wrestler.

“Right hands behind you… with the backs of your hands placed against the small of your back and palms towards me.” She held him by his shoulders, with one hand while she adjusted his hands until they were flat against his back just above the swell of his buttocks.

“Hazel if you will just hold his shoulder to steady him, would you?”

Hazel did as she was asked, standing in front of Timothy and placing her hands gently on his shoulders.. He shivered at the cool touch of her fingers and the embarrassment of being displayed so rudely; his penis was now jutting upwards from between his widely spread legs and his testicles swinging freely without hindrance.

Neither Hazel or Vickie had any idea quite what Penny had in mind until they saw her take a small jar from her pocket and unscrew the cap. She dipped the middle finger of her right hand into the sticky lubricant and placed the jar on the floor by her feet.

“Keep him still if you can Hazel.” She smiled as she watched Hazel take a firmer hold of the boy’s shoulders.

“Take a deep breath Timothy… that’s it all the way in.” Timothy had no idea what was going to happen to him as he sucked in a lungful of air. Without warning Penny slipped her hand between his buttocks and with one fluid movement pushed her middle finger up into his sphincter. His squatting position made, the penetration up into his anus, a smooth and easy process; the sphincter muscles unable to impede his impalement.

“Oooohhh… arrggghh.”

Timothy gasped at the sudden intrusion, his mouth opening wide for air, as Penny gestured to Hazel to help the boy to an upright position. Penny smiled as she felt the muscles of his sphincter close tightly over her knuckle, knowing that her finger would be firmly embedded up inside him.

“Arggggggggggggghhhhhhhh….. Oooooohhhh er…misss.”

He was beside himself as he felt her thrust her finger even further. She pressed her firm body tightly against him, knowing that he would feel her softness against the palms of his hands, which were now tightly trapped between their bodies. Almost casually she reached around his slim waist with her free hand and wrapped her delicate fingers around the shaft of his penis.


He gasped as she pulled his foreskin back and at the same time located the sensitive flesh of his prostate. He threw his head back as she smoothed her finger over the sensitive gland, his body becoming almost rigid with the sensation of it all.

Vickie watched Hazel move to the side of the boy and reach for his testicles; the young girl’s hand casually lifting the scrotum away from his body and squeezing the swollen balls gently between her delicate fingers. She spoke firmly, as she increased the pressure on balls; watching the nurse as she aroused his young body to a fever pitch.

Penny’s skill in handling him belied her limited experience; incessantly her delicate fingers intuitively extracted the maximum sexual sensation from her manipulations to his penis. Sometimes pulling the foreskin back tightly, other times stroking her fingernails over the very tip, teasing the small orifice, to the boy’s utter distraction. Hazel noted his tortured expression, his body shivering and shaking as their hands excited him to an agony of sexual sensation..

Hazel placed her other hand against his tummy and ran her smooth fingers up over his chest until she located one of his nipples. Without warning she captured the nub of flesh between finger and thumb and squeezed hard.

At the same time she encased his testicles at the top of the scrotum and pulled her fingers downwards, tightening the soft orbs in their sac, carefully watching for his reaction. She was not disappointed; he gasped; opening his mouth wide in desperation, as her fingers pinched his nipple and her other hand pulled his scrotum away from his body.

“There, poor baby… it will soon be over.. be a brave boy now.”

Timothy was beside himself with sensation. Embarrassed, humiliated and sexually tormented, her words fuelled his shame and and guilt at his involuntary arousal.

“Arggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh…. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh… please.”

Timothy cried out in a long wail as Penny cleverly manipulated his penis, while at the same time curling her finger upwards inside him and firmly massaging his prostate.

Vickie reached for the test tube, which had been placed on the shelf behind her. She knew that it would only be seconds before the boy reached his orgasm. She positioned the wide opening of the glass container close to the tip of his penis, watching, fascinated by the deft strokes of Penny’s hand.

Hazel casually continued to handle his testicles, gently squeezing and massaging the soft orbs between her fingers.

The telltale signs of his impending ejaculation came when Penny felt the boy’s muscles tense violently, his whole body suddenly stiffened as if he had been electrocuted. His mouth hung wide open as the first spurts of semen erupted from his penis.

Vickie skilfully caught the thick fluid, moving the test tube nearer as the boy continued to ejaculate. Penny’s slender fingers worked incessantly, extracting huge eruptions of semen from his captive penis.

There seemed no respite for him as she worked one hand up and down his shaft; her other hand pressing upwards between his buttocks with the finger probing deep inside him, spurring him on to further ejaculation.

“Arrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhh…. Arggghh… ooooooohhhhh oooooooowwww.”

His wail of utter abandonment filled the small examination room. His chest heaved as his breathing became laboured and desperate . “Arrggghhhh… er…. Pleasee…. er nnnooooo…”

He was beside himself with acute sensation as Penny executed a series of quick milking motions to his penis, while at the same time jabbing her finger hard against his prostate.


Timothy was almost blinded with exquisite sexual sensation, his body held captive and seemingly suspended in time by his prolonged tormented ejaculation. His ears were ringing and a red mist had appeared in front of his eyes, clouding his vision… his nerves stretched so tightly that he felt he would faint.

Emission after emission of thick, milky-white semen, erupted from deep inside him, leaving his body weak from his protracted milking at the hands of the pretty young nurse.

Penny slowed her hand as climax subsided, squeezing the last globules of semen from the tip of his penis and nonchalantly bending his penis downwards to wipe the tip against the rim of the test tube.

Hazel saw that the boy was near to fainting and quickly motioned to Penny who neatly slipped her finger from his bottom and helped Hazel support his shivering body.

Vickie put the stopper on the test tube and helped Hazel and Penny with the distraught young boy.

They laid him face up, on the examination table… their hands gently stroking him as he gasped for breath, his moans diminishing as they quieted him. Hazel gently kissed him on the lips as Penny and Vickie gently stroked their hands over his young body, leaving him dazed and drained upon the table, his breathing gradually becoming better regulated as he rested his head upon the pillow. Vickie picked up a towel from the well-stocked shelves and leaving it half unfolded in a narrow strip, placed it over his hips, covering his penis and testicles.

Timothy closed his eyes, he could hear their footsteps as they walked from the room, but his body had drifted into a lethargic repose. For a while his embarrassment and anguish had left him as he drifted into a light sleep.

It must have been half an hour or so, before he was aware that Vickie was leaning over him, her pretty face only inches from his as he opened his eyes.

“Poor baby, are you awake now?”

Her voice was soft and gentle. “I am going to let Susan and Gail bring you a nice glass of orange juice, so you just lie there and relax.”

Even in his torpid state, Timothy quickly glanced down at himself; reassuringly the towel was still covering his hips. Vickie kissed him gently on the cheek, causing him to blush at the intimacy of the gesture.

He was about to ask if he could get dressed, but Vickie had turned and walked out of the room before he could utter the words. He lay, looking up at the bright lights that illuminated the table his mind mulling over the embarrassments and indignities of the day.

“Oh dear Timothy, you have been through it haven’t you. Just lift your head a little and take a sip of this.”

It was Susan’s voice that had wakened him from his reverie. She was standing to his left side, while Gail had gone around the linen covered examination table and was now looking down at him, her expression soft and tender.. Timothy looked at Susan, his eyes focussing as she leaned forward and placed her hand under the back of his head.

Gently she lifted him, her hand sensuously stroking the hairs at the nape of his neck as she proffered the cool drink to his parched lips. He could not help glance down at his body, reassuring himself that he was properly covered as he sipped the fresh orange juice.

“Thank you, er… Susan.” Timothy replied as he finished the glass. For some reason, perhaps it was his vulnerable position, he felt uneasy at calling her Susan.

During the time he had known both Mrs. Grant and Susan, Timothy had never felt particularly at ease. Mrs Grant had always praised him for his usefulness and willingness around the house; this had bolstered his ego and made him feel more grown up, but her - and her daughters beauty, had still made him feel awkward and somewhat in awe of them both.

Since the embarrassing and humiliating events of the day, Timothy, unconsciously perhaps, had felt a shift in their relationship. Laying on the examination couch as he now was, naked except for the strip of towel that covered his loins, he felt that Susan was in a much more authoritative position.

Whereas Timothy had always been in awe of Gail, as had most of the other boys in his school, his embarrassment in her presence now was so acute as that he could not control the deep blush and tremor that ran through his whole body, each time he looked at her.

She spoke softly to him and gently placing her hand on his cheek, turning his head towards her.

“Well do you feel any better Timothy?

Mrs. Grant says that your condition would have been quite painful for you, had not the doctor diagnosed what was wrong with you and emptied your testicles. Would you like me to have a look and see if they are still swollen?” Gail thought that the look of anguish on the boy’s face was so exquisite that she felt a thrill run through her body, as she held his head so that he could not avoid her gaze.

“Ohhh er noooo… er miss.”

He stammered quickly.

“I am fine er, please… honestly”

Gail felt the heat of his cheek against the palm of her hand as the boy began to tremble visibly, his face becoming mass of red and purple botches.

“Well if you are sure.” She replied coolly. “I wouldn’t want to think that any friend of mine was in pain.” Timothy looked at her incredulously. He could not believe that he could feel so utterly humiliated… and yet there was something in her words… ‘a friend of mine’… that would normally have been music to his ears, had he not been in such a humiliating position.

Gail leaned over and suddenly kissed him on the cheek. She had applied fresh makeup and perfume, her beauty and the heady aroma of the Chanel No. 5 perfume causing the boy to feel even more in awe of her, as she held her face close to his. Such was his embarrassment that he would have not been able to look at her had she not been holding his head between both hands.

“My you are a shy boy aren’t you? I suppose that it must be quite embarrassing having a pretty young nurse like Penny holding your penis and testicles and making you ejaculate,”

Gail watched him closely as she spoke; her words designed to deliberately subjugate the boy. The blood rushed to his cheeks; his face was a picture of pure anguish as she looked into his eyes.

Susan turned her head as the young nurse walked back into the room; she smiled at her, a knowing look upon her pretty face. Timothy turned his head towards her, little knowing that his further humiliation was imminent.

“Right young man,” Penny said brightly as she stood by the bed next to his hips. “I think you should be well rested by now.” It was all Timothy could do not to faint with utter horror as Penny nonchalantly took away the towel that was covering his hips. Before he could protest she had lifted one of his legs and placed it in the stirrup. Moving quickly around to the other side of the examination table she carefully lifted his other leg and placed it in the second stirrup.

“Oooh… er please er.. nurse… not again and er… not with…”

Timothy was absolutely shocked; his protestations unheeded as the young nurse moved to the end of the table and pushed the stirrups up towards his hips. Deftly she positioned the apparatus, bending his knees back and parting his thighs until his legs were splayed wide open and high in the air.

Timothy could not help quickly looking at Gail and Susan who, to his horror, were both looking down at his shaven and bared genitals.

“Now let’s have a look at you.” Penny said brightly as she casually placed her hand between his legs and cupped his testicles in the palm of her hand.

“Er pleeeease… er miss… er not with… I mean… can’t I.. er be more.”

Both Susan and Gail knew exactly what Timothy must have been feeling. After all, it was highly unusual for a boy to be seen naked in front of young girls only a little older than himself.

Penny had ignored his pleading completely, instead taking the soft flesh of his penis in her other hand; she placed it so that it was lying upwards towards his naval; the soft flesh already beginning to stiffen at the touch of her cool fingers. Timothy trembled with anguish, acutely aware of his nakedness. He could not control the feeling of utter anguish as the nurse blatantly exposed him to the gaze of the two young girls.

He turned his head, pressing his face into the pillow, as the nurse casually let her hand slide in between the cheeks of his bottom. He felt her pry the buttocks apart, acutely aware of her breath against the inside of his thigh as she leaned forward to examine his sphincter.

Gail and Susan watched, fascinated by the intimate view of his most personal parts. Susan could see the boy’s distress as he lay with his head turned into the fabric of the pillow. She knew he was utterly embarrassed, but her thrill at having his naked body prostrate before her, far outweighed the pity she felt for him.

Timothy heard, the footsteps of Vickie and Hazel as they returned to the examination room. He pressed his face further into the pillow as they walked to stand beside Penny. It was Hazel that spoke first, her words and actions causing the boy to shudder with anguish.

“Come along Timothy, you can’t bury your head in the pillow like that, it will give you a stiff neck. Stop being such a baby and lay properly.” She accompanied her words with a firm slap to the soft flesh of his rudely exposed bottom cheeks.

“Now come along… behave yourself.”

The girls saw that his eyes were glistening with tears of humiliation as he turned his blushing face towards Hazel.

“There that’s better. I know it must seem a bit traumatic for you, so I have asked the nurse to let your friends stay and hold your hands while she extracts some more semen from you.”

Timothy did not know where to put himself. Having Susan and Gail witness his utter humiliation was the very last thing he wanted. He was quaking with embarrassment as both girls looked at him. His body was covered in goose pimples and his knees were quivering in the stirrups as Penny casually pried open his buttocks once more and pressed a lubricated finger up against his tightly constricted sphincter.

“Take a deep breath for me sweetheart.” She said, her voice soft and gentle but at the same time, brooking no nonsense. Timothy gasped aloud, as her finger pressed against the opening, suddenly sliding upwards in a deft and practiced manoeuvre

“Argggggggghhhhhhhhh. Ooooooooooohhhh.”

It was a combination of humiliation and helplessness that caused him to shudder at his intimate impalement. His body twisting to evade her slender finger as it travelled upwards inside him.

“Ooops there we are, that wasn’t so bad was it sweetie?”

Penny’s tone and words adding further humiliation to her unconcerned impalement of his bottom.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhhh….oooooohhh.” He cried as Susan and Gail simultaneously took his hands and held him tight.

Vickie Grant knew that sooner or later that Gail and possibly her daughter would be getting their hands upon the boy. For that reason she had decided to make her masturbation of the boy a model demonstration of skill.

Rather than just take hold of his penis, which was already beginning to engorge, she gently let her fingernails graze up over the skin of the shaft and on to the semi- exposed head. Skilfully she tapped the burgeoning flesh with her fingers, moving the penis from side to side, letting it roll on his tummy.

Every so often she would punctuate her actions with a gentle squeeze, causing the boy to gasp. She knew that the girls were watching her every move as his penis throbbed upwards, lifting away from his tummy and standing straight up in the air, unaided by her hands.

She began to pat the erected flesh, letting it wobble from side to side, until she saw it begin to throb violently of it’s own volition. She stood back and took a tube of lubricant from the shelf; unscrewing the cap she applied a generous amount of the cool gel to her hands.

Both Susan and Gail watched avidly as Vickie took a firm hold of his penis. She pulled the foreskin back and held the exposed head upwards. The girls watched, in absolute fascination as she flattened her other hand and began to slowly move the palm in a circular motion over the very tip of his penis.

The effect was startling; Timothy began to squirm and move his hips in a violent gyration, desperately trying to escape the acute sensation being applied to the tip of his penis.

Casually she stretched the foreskin back as tightly as it would go, seemingly indifferent to the boy’s anguished attempts to escape. Vickie knew exactly the effect the slow measured circular movement of the palm of her hand would have against the tip of his penis.

Penny increased the pressure of her finger against his prostate, seemingly oblivious to the boy’s protestations.


He cried as he tossed his head from side to side. His movements were to no avail as Vickie held his penis firmly, her grip increasing as his penis throbbed with even greater vigour.

Timothy could not cope with intensity of the sensations that coursed through his body. It seemed as if his whole nervous system was stretched tight like a violin string. The feeling in the tip of his penis was so acute as to be unbearable. It was tantamount to sensual torture, expertly and deftly applied to his most sensitive flesh.

Penny was also watching Vickie at work, admiring the causal way in which she had aroused the young boy. She began to move her finger quickly over his prostate, eliciting further moans from the young boy.

“Arggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. er pleeeeaaase”

He was beside himself with anguish, as Vickie and Penny confidently aroused him to a fine fever pitch.

Both, Susan and Gail found that they had to hold his hands and his arms firmly to keep him from rearing up from the bed, as Vickie continued her manipulation of his penis.

Susan looked to her mother in admiration and awe.

“Does that hurt him, mummy… I mean when you rub your hand over his penis like that?

Vickie looked at the fascination on her young daughters face as she spoke.

“No it doesn’t hurt, but the sensation can be quite intense.”

She turned to look at the boy’s anguished face, his embarrassment clear for all to see.

“There my sweet Timothy, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you I promise. I am just going to make you ejaculate now, so be good and try and relax for me.”

Hazel took a test tube from the shelf and moved to stand by the opposite side of the bed to where Vickie was standing. Nonchalantly she reached forward and cupping her hand around the boy’s testicles, lifted them away from between his legs. Her manicured fingers curled around the swollen testes as she moved the test-tube nearer his penis. She did not have to wait long, as suddenly his body stiffened; the muscles of his legs and stomach knotting into a trancelike state as he wailed uncontrollably.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh. ”

His anguished cry filled the room as Hazel cleverly caught the first mighty spurt of semen in her test tube. It seemed that his anguish and utter abandonment meant nothing to his sexual tormenters,

Casually, almost callously; they stimulated his most sensitive areas to the extreme… ignoring his pleas and his distress.

Gail looked on, completely mesmerised by the almost ‘matter of fact’ way that the boy’s body was being stimulated. She turned her head to look at his face. His mouth was wide open and he was gasping for breath; his eyes stared blindly, in shock at his treatment.

“There… poor baby, it will all be over soon,” she coo-ed softly, bending her head towards his. Whether it was some inherent knowledge buried deep in her psyche or mere impulsiveness she did not know, but her own actions surprised her.

Without warning, she placed her hand over his right nipple, at the same time she pressed her lips to his - and kissed him. Her tongue deliberately thrust deep into his mouth, mirroring the impalement of his bottom as she stifled his anguished moans, Robbing him of breath at the moment of ejaculation seemed to incense the boy even more, as at the same time she squeezed his nipple hard between her finger and thumb.

Hazel watched the young girl’s actions, becoming aware that Gail’s understanding of the boy’s psyche was far more knowledgeable than she had first imagined it could be. She watched as Gail released his lips, hearing the boy groan inwardly at his desperation for air.

Spurt after spurt of semen entered the glass container, his emission so violent that she was hardly able to catch it all. Penny could feel his sphincter squeezing violently against her finger as they forced his ejaculation

It seemed an age before the boy stopped ejaculating. His hips writhed in utter abandonment and his body shivered and trembled with his violent and anguished orgasm. Eventually they slowed their hands to a calm, almost caressing motion, as his body suddenly went limp. Vickie was not surprised to see that he had fainted. Letting go of his penis, she drew Gail aside and placed her head against his chest, hearing the raised and violent heartbeat loud within his chest. She gently stroked her hands over his chest and tummy, watching as Hazel let go of the boy and began to run her hands gently over his thighs and legs to stimulate his circulation.

There was a loud sucking sound as Penny withdrew her finger from deep inside his bottom. She smiled at Vickie and Hazel as she spoke.

“Well I think we have extracted the most semen I have ever seen in one ejaculation. It must have been an acute sensation, I think that that was only the fourth time he has ejaculated in his life.”

Vickie smiled at Penny, her beautiful features showing merriment as she replied.

“Yes, I think you are right, I imagine that some people have lived their whole lives without experiencing something as intense as that, no wonder he couldn’t cope.”

Well he has plenty more to come. From what Lucy…er, I mean Dr. Ashford has told me, he is manufacturing semen quite prolifically for such a young boy. I think, unless she resorts to drugs or some kind of operation, that he will have to be er… milked on a regular basis.”

Penny’s use of the word milked amused Vickie as she carefully lifted one of the boy’s eyelids and carefully examined the pupil before letting it close again.

“Well I think we will let him rest and mark up these test tubes.” Vickie said brightly. “Oh I forgot to say,” Penny said as she casually took his now flaccid penis between finger and thumb and wiped the last remnant of semen from the tip.

“Dr. Ashford said that it would not be necessary to collect samples, er… I mean in the test tubes each time he is er… milked. She said random samples will be fine and that she recommends that his testicles are kept to a comfortable size and that his prostate is massaged as regularly as possible. She will make arrangements to see him as soon as she can.”

Hazel looked enquiringly at Penny. “Does that mean that we will have to do that ourselves… or will a nurse be coming.?” Penny looked thoughtful.

“Well I have promised Dr. Ashford that I will come as often as I can and I think that Tina is on the list to visit… however I think she means for you to check him and er… empty him whenever you think that he needs it. Will that be alright.”

Penny looked questioningly at Vickie and Hazel.

“That will be fine.” Vickie interjected. “It does make it a lot easier that I don’t have to take samples in a container every time… and as we are nearly at the start of the holidays, I am sure that Hazel and I can manage him fine.”

She turned to Gail and Susan. “Let’s leave him to rest, he is alright, just exhausted from his ordeal.

“Remember the sensation of release is new to him, having never ejaculated before. We can all go and have a glass of wine if you would like.”

She turned to Gail,

“It is a bit late, would you like to stay the night? Susan has a twin bedded room, so you will be quite comfortable.”

“Yes, if that is alright. I don’t like driving at night and I have only had the car for six weeks, so I would be grateful to stay. Do you mind if Susan and I stay with Timothy? We can take his legs out of the stirrups when he wakes up.”

Vickie smiled with delight at Gail’s reply; Susan could not have a better friend she thought as she answered her.

“Of course Gail, I will leave you both with him, I am sure he will be pleased to have some company.

The girls gave each other a knowing look as Hazel, penny and Mrs. Grant left the room. It was not long before they were standing either side of the young boy. There hands roamed freely over his body as they examined every inch of him. It was in absolute silence that Gail, looked the boy over. She examined his face closely, her finger trailing down his cheek and around his jaw line. Her hands caressed him gently as she ran them over his chest and down onto his tummy. She walked around the stirrup and stood between his widely spread legs. Gently she eased his buttocks apart and peered at his neat sphincter, her hand trailing between the pliant cheeks of his bottom. Last in line for her inspection was his genitalia. Although his penis was flaccid, it was still engorged and lay flat and plump, hanging down between his legs. Slowly almost reverently she took his testicles in one hand and lifted his penis up with the other, examining every detail.

“These are mine.” She whispered, grinning mischievously at Susan as she toyed with the boy’s genitals. “He is perfect, isn’t he?” Susan looked at Gail and spoke quite seriously. “He has the most perfect body of any boy I have ever seen. Not a blemish on his skin, his proportions are absolutely exquisite.” Gail nodded. “I promise you Susan, that I am going to take very good care of him, when I get my chance. The only thing wrong with him at the moment is that he is not blushing with embarrassment. I think he looks so pretty when he blushes.”

Susan looked across at her friend, her face wrinkling prettily as she spoke. “Well I suppose if you have your way, he will be blushing one long blush for the rest of his life.” Gail looked up, her face suddenly turning to a serious expression. “I shall make sure of it, I promise.”

Sometime later after Penny had left the house, Timothy was gently woken up by Hazel and handed a cup of tea by Mrs. Grant. The girls had already released him from the stirrups and to his relief Mrs Grant covered his genitals with a towel while he drank his tea.

“Right Timothy, up you get, you can go into the sitting room and sit with Susan and Gail, while Mrs. Grant and I tidy this room up a little.”

Timothy blushed as Hazel casually took the towel from him and helped him from the bed. It was a few minutes before she glanced around to see him standing by the door clasping his hands to his genitals. Hazel looked at him crossly. “Are you still here, I thought I told you to go into the sitting room.”

Timothy began to stammer. “But I think my shirt is still in the bathroom.”

“You can get that later. It is getting cooler in here and I don’t want you to catch a cold, so go into the sitting room like a good boy.” Hazel’s voice sounded cross as she turned back to the examination couch and took the other side of the sheet that Vickie was holding. Together they pulled it tightly across the surface of the examination table and tucked it in so that the material was smooth and neat across the surface.

Hazel looked around at Timothy once more, her expression darkening as she saw him standing there cowering.

“I am sorry Vickie,” She said to Mrs grant, “I shall have to deal with this.” She turned once more to the boy and took his arm in a firm grip.

“I warned you Timothy, not to disobey me.” Timothy looked up at her beautiful face, his lips trembling as she scolded him.

“If you don’t go now I shall punish you right in front of everyone… and you wouldn’t like that would you?”

Timothy blushed profusely, his cheeks reddening to a dark hue and tears appearing in his eyes. “Please er Misss… errr… please let mee er have my shirt.”

It was obvious to him that he should not have spoken. Hazel suddenly turned him around and quickly smacked him three times on his bottom.

“Now are you going to obey me?” She asked, her voice slow and measured.

“Oh pleeasse miss err Hazel.” Timothy looked up at her pleadingly.

Whether or not the boy was going to plead again for his shirt, Hazel did not wait to find out. She tightened her grip on his arm and led him from the room.

He was squirming like an eel, his knees pressed tightly together and his hands grasped tightly to his groin as he entered the sitting room. His face was already red and blushing as Hazel tightened her grip on his arm and marched him to stand in the middle of the room. Vickie followed behind; intrigued to see how she would handle him.

Susan and Gail were sitting on the settee as they watched Hazel almost drag the boy into the centre of the room. Gail could clearly see tears in his eyes as Hazel made him stand in front of them.

“My you are a naughty boy. What on earth is the matter with you?” She looked down at him, her hands holding him by the shoulders.

“Now stand up straight, while I get a chair. I promised you that if you disobeyed me one more time that I would smack your bare bottom in front of everyone… and that is exactly what I am going to do.”

She left Timothy cowering in front of the two girls as she fetched a chair from the dining table and placed it facing the settee.

She looked at both Susan and Gail as she spoke. “I am sorry Timothy has behaved so badly, especially when you have all been so kind to him.” Without preamble Hazel sat down on the chair and pulled her skirt up to mid-thigh, before catching hold of the boy around his waist.

Timothy was beside himself with embarrassment. He could not help quickly looking at Gail and Susan to see if they were observing his humiliation. He was mortified as he caught their eyes looking at him

Hazel grasped his hands and with a grip that surprised him as she pulled them away from his genitals. He had never felt so humiliated as she held him close to her and placed him over her knees. Taking both wrists she held them up behind his back, forcing his head further down as she lifted his arms up. Suddenly he stopped squirming as the sheer futility of his situation became apparent to him. Tears flooded his eyes as he began to sob and plead.

Please…. Errr misss…n’not in front of er..”

His sentence was never completed as the first hard smack of Hazel’s hand landed squarely on the cheeks of his bottom.

His embarrassment increased as he felt Hazel relax her knees at the exact time that the first blow landed, suddenly allowing his genitals to drop down between her thighs. She squeezed her thighs together, holding his penis and testicles captive between the soft smooth flesh.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssee miss.”

He sobbed as Hazel smacked his bottom as hard and as rapidly as she could. The flesh of his buttocks bounced and shuddered as she calmly delivered smack after smack upon his bare bottom.

Gail was amazed at the sight before her. She felt a thrill run through her young body as Hazel methodically reddened every inch of the boy’s buttocks. She could see that already his neck muscles were tightly tensed and his reddened face was held in a fierce grimace as his punishment progressed.

Almost instinctively, Gail spoke to him, surprising herself as she uttered the words. “My… Timothy you must have been very disobedient to deserve such a punishment… is it hurting very much?”

As she spoke, she slid off the settee on to her knees and knelt by his head. Gently she took his face in her hands and turned it towards her, watching him flinch and gasp as his bottom was soundly smacked. “Poor Timothy, how embarrassing for you.”

Gail’s words and touch were too much for the boy to bear; his anguish knew no bounds as the deliberate and methodical chastisement of his bottom continued. What was left of Timothy’s self esteem had finally been eroded. For Gail to be talking to him in normal conversational tones, while his bare bottom was raised up in the air and being soundly spanked.

“I’mmm…. argghhh… sorreeeee… argggh… misss.”

The tears were flowing down his cheeks as Gail looked into his eyes. She had never felt such a thrill as she did now, holding his head captive while his bottom was methodically and comprehensively smacked by his pretty cousin.

“Smaaaacccckk…. Smaaaaaaaccccck….

The punishment continued unabated. Hazel did not seem to be showing any kind of fatigue; in fact she looked cool and calm as she delivered smack after smack to his bottom. Vickie looked on at the young boy’s punishment.

‘My God,’ she thought; this young woman certainly does not do anything by halves. “Argggggggghhhhhhhhh… pleeeeeease… er no more please.”

Timothy sobbed, acutely aware of Gail looking into his eyes… a witness to his utter humiliation and subjugation.

Gail could not resist further embarrassing him. “Are you going to be a good boy when this is over Timothy? Hazel is only spanking your bare bottom for your own good you know. Promise me you will be good Timothy.”

Her words further inflamed the boy’s sense of shame and despair, plunging his sensitive emotions into the depths of abject misery.

“Smack… smack… smack… smack…”

Hazel methodically covered his buttocks with stinging slaps. Not one inch of his upturned cheeks was spared from her attentions. He was red from the top of his bottom to the upper part of his thighs. Her hand had even spanked in-between the crease of his bottom, the access being made easier as he had moved his hips and legs in frantic gyrations, vainly hoping to escape the pain of his chastisement.

“Arggggggghhh…. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease m’’missssssssssss.”

Timothy sobbed, his bottom on fire as Hazel calmly administered a comprehensive spanking.

“I promeeeeeeeeeeeees… argggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh….oooooooooooooohhhh pleeease… n’nooooo mooooooreee”

Suddenly the punishment stopped. Calmly Hazel looked down at his face as Gail held his head in her hands.

“Well Timothy, have you learned your lesson, or shall I continue, remember I can easily fetch my strap”

Timothy shuddered and sobbed, his bottom stinging and smarting as if he had been stung by a swarm of bees.

“Pleeeeeeeeaaaase nnnooooooooooo missssssssss.I’mmmmm mmm s’ssorry.”

Timothy shuddered and sobbed, not just with the pain of his spanking but the utter humiliation of it all.

“Well then… if you promise, then it is all over.”

Hazel gently began to stroke her hand delicately over his bottom. Her fingers trailing between his cheeks and down in between his thighs. Her touches were soothing and caressing as she spoke softly to him.

“There then my poor baby, it’s all over now.” She released his wrists and placed his arms at his sides before stroking her hand over his back, her other hand gently caressing him between his legs. She listened to his sobs as she quieted him as one would a young foal.

Gail leaned forward and placed her lips against his cheek, whispering gently.

“My you have had a sound spanking haven’t you… poor Timothy, what are we going to do with you.”

Hazel could feel his penis suddenly respond to her soft caresses. She felt a sudden throb against the inside of her thighs as she squeezed them tightly together, adding further pressure to his penis.

“Right Timothy, I am going to let you up now. You must not touch your bottom yet… and of course you now know better than to touch your penis… don’t you?”

Timothy blushed, but such was the redness of his cheeks that it would have been hard to discern were it not for Hazel and Gail’s close proximity to the boy.

“I… er… ppromise miss.” His body shuddered as he stifled a sob.

“Well come along, let’s have you up off my knees.”

Hazel helped him up, watching closely as his penis came into view. Although it was not erect it was engorged and hanging downwards, thick and plump between his legs. Gail noticed it too; taking both her hands from his face and watching him intently as he stood upright.

Hazel immediately took hold of his hips and placed him front of her so that his legs were touching her knees. Timothy stood upright, his hands by his side, naked and shamefaced as she placed her hand under his chin and looked deep into his eyes.

Both Susan and Gail watched intently as Hazel spoke firmly but kindly to him.

“Well I think you can start by apologising to every one. You may start with Mrs. Grant and then Susan and Gail. Go and stand in front of Mrs Grant… off you go now.

Even Hazel could not have known the extent of the boy’s humiliation as he walked… stiff legged towards Mrs. Grant. He was acutely aware that his penis was throbbing visibly, but dare not cover himself. He sobbed as he approached her; standing some way back from her in deference to his modesty. Even that was not to be allowed as Hazel spoke sternly to him. “Move closer than that… come along, I want no more of your nonsense.” Timothy hung his head in shame and moved closer to Mrs. Grant who was standing waiting to see what he would do.

Even in her wildest dreams, Vickie would not have believed that she would have Timothy standing naked before her, compliant, humiliated and subjugated to such an extent that he would obey her without question.

His lips were trembling as he looked up at her. She could see the embarrassment and humiliation in his eyes as he spoke to her in trembling voice. “I am so sorry mMrs. Grant…. I er…promise to be good. He looked down immediately, acutely aware of his nakedness and the close proximity of his naked body to her. Vickie did not answer him but instead placed her delicate fingers under his chin and lifted his head.

“My you have been in the wars today haven’t you Timothy. Never mind, I am sure you will behave yourself from now on.”

Before the boy could move away she deliberately reached forward with her other hand and cupped his testicles, her cool fingers enveloping his scrotum in a gentle but firm grip. The young boy gasped in shock as she held him, his face showing his abject dismay as she looked into his eyes.

Both Susan and Gail were surprised at the familiar way Susan’s mother handled the boy. They looked on with anticipation as Vickie spoke gently to him. “Now Timothy, you will have to get used to being handled and examined, we all have your best interests at heart and we mean you no harm. I know that young boys get embarrassed by having their genitals examined, but it is quite obvious that you have a problem that must be dealt with.”

Rather than let the boy go she took her hand away from his chin and nonchalantly took hold of his penis. She could feel him shiver as she quickly slid the foreskin back until it was stretched tight.

“Right young man, you don’t seem to be sore, but I do think that your testicles are still quite large and full for someone your age.”

She turned her head towards Hazel, who was delighting in her young charge’s humiliation.

“I think Hazel that perhaps you should check him before he goes to bed… If he seems any worse, you might consider emptying his testicles before he goes to sleep. You don’t need to worry about measuring the amount, I was thinking more for his comfort.”

Timothy felt his penis begin to throb as Mrs. Grant casually lifted his erect flesh and at the same time hefted his testicles, rolling the soft orbs between her fingers as she deftly slipped his foreskin back up over the rim of his penis, before patting it softly. She had never felt a penis so engorged and stiff as it throbbed under her delicate touch.

“Right off you go and apologise to Susan and Gail… and then perhaps you should have an early night.”

Timothy was close to fainting with sensation as Vickie let go of him. He blushed profusely, his whole body colouring up as he turned towards the two young girls. It was as if he was in a trance as he approached them, their amused expressions giving him no respite from his humiliating nightmare. It was Gail he spoke first. Laying her hand gently on his shoulder she drew him forward.

“Poor baby, I know you are sorry for being a naughty little boy, but we forgive you don’t we Susan?” Susan almost broke out in a giggle as she heard Gail’s words.

“Of course we do… but you still have to apologise, doesn’t he Hazel?”

Hazel moved to stand behind Timothy; placing one hand on his waist she smacked him briskly on his bottom. Timothy gasped as he turned his head towards her. Hazel could see the look of embarrassment and hurt on his face as she spoke to him.

“Now Timothy, place your hands upon your head and stand up straight with your legs wide apart. “

Timothy blushed once more, a tear rolling down his burning cheek as he quickly put his hands upon his head and shamefacedly moved his feet until his legs were placed wide apart.

“That’s better… now I see that your penis is erect Timothy. Don’t you think that that is rather rude behaviour for a young boy? I think that you ought to apologise to the girls for your rude behaviour too.”

Timothy was almost near to fainting with embarrassment as he turned his head to face forward and looked at Susan and Gail.

“I am s…soooo sorry …er miss er and miss… I am sorry for er… being… er rude as well… er pleaeeeeeeeease…”

Timothy choked on his words and burst into tears. His humiliation complete as he stood naked and ashamed in front of the girls. He could not believe his position, naked and fully on display, in front of the two prettiest girls in his school.

If he had thought that his embarrassment could not get any worse he was in for a shock as Gail deftly took hold of his penis.

“Don’t cry Timothy… I know you are really a good boy. I suppose it is your medical condition that makes this so stiff.”

She accented her words by squeezing the shaft of his engorged flesh. Skilfully she retracted the foreskin at the same time she cupped his testicles with her other hand.

“Don’t worry, I am sure that everyone will help to make you better. Just turn around for me so I can have a look at your poor bottom.” She nonchalantly helped him turn by pulling on his penis before letting go of him.

Susan stepped forward as Timothy turned around and placed one hand on each of his bottom cheeks.

“You seem very red.” She said, as she spread the cheeks of his bottom. “Just bend over so I can see you properly, you can take your hands down and hold your ankles… just as if I was going to smack your bottom for you.”

Vickie smiled as she watched her daughter manipulate the boy to ever further degrees of embarrassment. She looked on, rather taken aback by the confident way her daughter parted the young boys buttocks, her young hands roaming over his flesh before slipping her fingers between the pliant cheeks of his bottom, making him gasp with the intimate contact. Susan smoothed her fingers between the crevice before sliding her hand between his legs and grasping his testicles. She slid the other hand around his waist and took a firm hold of his erect penis. She ignored the boy’s protestations as she handled him with a deft familiarity.

“I agree with mummy, I think Hazel ought to milk you again when you get home… after all, your penis must hurt with being so stiff and straight.”

Timothy began to shiver, the sexual sensation making him feel near to ejaculating as Susan casually played with his genitals as if it was a completely normal occurrence. Gasping and groaning he endured her intimate examination of his body as he stood bent over with his hands grasping his ankles. He shivered and shook his mind in turmoil at the embarrassment and humiliations of the day.

It was another fifteen minutes before the boy was led, embarrassed and blushing down the garden path towards his home. His penis still stiff and engorged tenting the tee shirt that Hazel had clothed him in. He had followed obediently as Hazel walked in front of him, opening the door of their cottage and beckoning him through.

Now as he lay in bed he contemplated the events of the day, blushing as each embarrassing episode ran through his mind. Hazel had bathed him, making him stand in the bathtub as she had washed his body. Her hands had delved into every crevice, her thoroughness sparing him no modesty. His penis and genitals as well as the sensitive opening of his sphincter had been carefully soaped and washed.

He had been made to lay naked in bed like a young child with the blankets drawn down to his knees. Hazel had told him to just relax and that she would be back later.

Timothy could not help himself as his thoughts turned to the humiliations he had suffered. Over and over he replayed the most embarrassing moments, his face blushing an ever deeper red. It was not long before Hazel returned.

To his surprise she had changed into a white tunic dress, very similar to those worn by cosmeticians and dental nurses. She was carrying a metal bowl in which were jars of moisturising creams and tubes of lubricants. She placed the bowl on the floor by the side of the bed and sat on the edge looking down at him.

He could not help but blush once more as she examined his nakedness.

“Right young man, I am going to milk you of anything you have left in these testicles of yours.”

Casually she leaned forward and lifted his scrotum away from his body. Timothy gasped at the cool and sudden touch of her fingers upon his body and the humiliation of her words. It was only the thought of another chastisement that kept him from clasping his hands to his groin. He shivered as she gently placed her other hand between his thighs and moved his legs apart.

“Now just lie still, and I will attend to you. Just put your hands behind your head, there… that’s the way.”

The next moments were composed of acute embarrassment and bliss, as gently she leaned forward and blew gently on his penis, watching as the flesh slowly became engorged and turgid. He closed his eyes as her gentle fingers caressed him until he was fully erect.

Without warning she leaned forward and kissed him full on the lips, her tongue invaded his mouth sending him into ecstasy as her hand stretched the skin of his foreskin down the shaft until it was stretched tight. Suddenly she pulled away from him, seeing his mouth sag open with acute sensation.

“There my baby… lie still… just part your legs a little more… there… that’s the way.”

He felt her hands leave his body and heard the unscrewing of jar tops and caps before suddenly gasping as he felt a lubricated finger slip between the cheeks of his bottom. His eyes flew wide open as deftly she slid her finger up into his bottom. He gasped.

“Arggggghhhhhhhhh… oooooooooOOOOH… er miss” as Hazel slipped her finger further up into him, finding the soft pliant flesh of his prostate gland.

“Just lie still, there’s a good boy.” She cooed as she slipped her other lubricated hand around the hardened flesh of his penis.

She leaned over him and whispered softly. “Just relax now… it will all be over soon.” Her soft voice and sweet scent played havoc with his feelings, as did the soft hands that probed inside his bottom and over the very tip of his penis.

Skilfully and diligently she milked him, her finger applying a firm pressure and motion to his prostrate as her fingers moved over his penis, pulling his foreskin up and down over the corona of his sensitive flesh.

“Now then, I want a nice big ejaculation from you… so open your legs wider and relax.” Timothy had begun tossing his head from side to side; such was the intensity of her caresses.

Suddenly he felt his penis throb uncontrollably; he squeezed his eyes shut as he felt the impending ejaculation. Hazel felt it too and suddenly jabbed her finger hard against his prostate as she began to milk him faster and faster. His hips reared up as the first spurts of semen sprang from the tip of his penis.

“argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…oooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ”

Timothy thrashed his head from side to side as the intensity of the orgasm took over his body from any coherent movement.

“There my baby… what a good little boy you are… let me just have a little more.”

Hazel’s finger stroked over his prostate before jabbing hard at the sensitive gland, her deliberate firmness in contrast to the softly spoken words, as she watched the young boy writhing in torment from her ministrations.

“There we are,” she said brightly. “Lets just squeeze the last drops from you… then it’s all over. My you have been a good boy!”

Timothy gulped for air as he felt her finger roam inside his bottom and her delicate fingers slide up the shaft of his penis, ejecting the last drops of semen from him. She withdrew her finger gently from his bottom and let go of his penis.

Taking the towel she wiped his tummy and folded it before wiping it between his legs as if he was a baby. She drew up the covers and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

“There… my poor baby; it’s been an exhausting day for you…. Never mind just lie back and go to sleep.”

Before he could collect his senses she had left the room and turned the lights out.

Gail and Susan were lounging, rather than sitting, on the opulent white leather corner-suite that occupied a large area of the Old Rectory’s sitting room. The stone- built Rectory was a huge building, a testament to the affluent days of the clergy. It had been bought by Gail’s great grandfather after he had started the family business of auctioneers and estate agents.

The business had flourished and had soon become one of Europe’s largest and most respected companies. The Goodman family, although certainly one of the country’s richest families, were well liked and well respected within the rural community of Lincolnshire.

Constance Goodman was a woman of quite outstanding beauty and grace. Her eclectic conversational skills and fluency in several languages made her a natural choice as the county’s principal socialite.

Mrs Goodman was a keen and well organised charity worker as well as a local magistrate. There was not a charity ball, Gymkhana or cocktail party held within the county that she did not organise. Her social skills were such, that most of her time was taken up with her good works. She employed two secretaries, as well as a housekeeper, a cook and two maids.

Her household staff enabled her to delegate a considerable amount of the work, as well as always being prepared for entertaining, visiting dignitaries or friends, at a moments notice. She saw very little of her husband, who travelled almost constantly between the various branches of the company throughout Europe and the Middle East. However their marriage was a happy combination of individual interests, punctuated by carefree holidays at home and abroad.

Constance entered the sitting room, smiling at the two girls as she sat upon an ornate Georgian chair, facing her daughter and Susan. She turned her head as Ami, the younger of the two maids, entered with a tray of cocktails. She watched as the pretty young maid bent over to place the tray upon the low coffee table situated in front of her. Constance noted the sexy appearance of the young maid, wondering if perhaps the pleated skirt of her uniform was perhaps a little short for the outward conformity of the household.

She smiled at the girl, who curtsied prettily before turning to leave the room. “Thank you Ami.” She said as the girl walked daintily to the door.

“You are welcome Ma’am.” Ami’s well modulated voice called back as she exited the room.

Constance looked thoughtfully at the two girls as she leaned forward and poured some of the contents of the ornate cocktail pitcher into the three sliver stemmed glasses.

“Well from what you both tell me I think that Timothy must be a very special looking boy… and I am sure that Susan must have the same discerning taste as yourself Gail, that is if you mean to pursue everything that you have told me. I remember meeting Timothy’s mother at a small charity gathering that we had here. I remember thinking that she had a fragile beauty that is quite at odds with the look of a lot of the ladies that we usually meet at these sort of functions. She was well educated and well read, if I remember her correctly. I hope that she is soon able to recover from her illness.”

Constance watched as her daughter picked up two of the drinks, passing one to Susan. She looked closely at her daughter and friend, admiring the beauty of both of the girls as they sipped their drinks.

Deep in thought, she looked out of the open French Windows towards the ornate pool area, watching the strong morning sunlight dance on the clear water of the kidney shaped pool.

Constance had not been shocked at the knowledge of what the two girls had been up to over the last few days, nor at the candid and detailed account of how they felt sexually, at being intimately involved in not only Timothy’s therapy, but his chastisement and subjugation.

What had surprised her, although not to any great extent, was their own calm and clinical assessment of their intimate sexual excitement in having a boy under their control. Constance smiled as she remembered Gail asking whether she thought that her excitement was a sign that she was a dominatrix.

Constance allowed them to drink their drinks without further conversation. She had wondered how long it would be before her daughter would perhaps demonstrate a sexual trait that she herself had kept so well hidden from the outside world. She had not known for certain, but small incidents over the last few years had made

Constance suspect, that perhaps her daughter was inheriting more of herself than just her beauty.

Constance had indulged herself freely, if not openly, in her sexual desires. She thought back to the previous evening, when her daughter had stayed at Susan’s house. She closed her eyes for a moment as she relished the visual image. She had stood looking down at Ami. The maid’s naked body was being held face down, and spread-eagled across the massage table. Her secretaries, Pat and Geraldene, were each holding one of the girl’s legs as Jessica held her arms stretched forward. Constance had already delivered four stokes of the cane across the trembling girl’s naked buttocks. She had cruelly let the pain be absorbed into the gentle writhing of the young girl’s body before she had quickly delivered the last two stinging strokes.

She shivered as she remembered quickly delving her hand between the young maid’s legs, eagerly thrusting her fingers into the softness of the open moist vagina and frigging her to a prolonged and relentless orgasm.

Now, she thought… as she looked across at her daughter, it seems that Gail has found her own playmate.

Breaking the quietness of the moment Constance spoke. “So you are having him here today, while Vickie Grant takes Hazel over to Grantham for some shopping and then dinner… and you say a nurse is coming here to er… relieve him of his semen?”

She smiled at her own loss of words as both Gail and Susan grinned at her. Well I suppose that I will be able to have a good look at this young man… and see whether he is worthy of you both.”

Gail could not help laughing as she spoke her mother. “You will be able to get an absolutely first class view of him, as we will be using the main bathroom and your massage table… so I it will be quite natural for you to walk in at anytime.” Constance laughed, knowing that her daughter knew exactly what she meant.

“I could ask Pat and Geraldene to give you a hand if you would like, I am sure that they would be quite delighted to have a handsome young man at their mercy.” Constance laughed as the thought of her two young secretaries ministering to the naked young boy.

Gail laughed, displaying her perfectly white teeth between her beautifully made up lips. “I am sure they would… and I don’t think that that is such an outlandish idea… after all they are most discreet and very attractive. Any way they will probably see him in the pool as I don’t intend that he will be allowed to keep his swimming trunks on all day.”

Gail looked at her mother seriously for a moment. “I am going to be very careful… I cannot help the excitement I feel having him under control, but I promise to temper it with love and affection, after all I am going to look after him all his life… although he doesn’t know it yet.”

Constance smiled. She was quite confident of her daughter’s standards of humanitarianism and knew that she would have already thought things through. Gail smiled again as she continued.

“There is one thing I am thankful for and that is that I have plenty of money to provide for whatever I need.”

Constance laughed at her lovely daughter. “Well, your own inheritance from your Grandfather is over twelve million and is growing nicely… and then of course it looks like Charlotte is already going to be equally as successful in the business as your father is, so I think your shares will bring in you so much money that you will never have to touch your capital, however much you decide to spend.”

Susan laughed as she spoke, punching Gail lightly on her arm. “You really are a little rich girl aren’t you? But I must say you are the nicest little rich girl I know.” Both girls laughed as they relaxed against the huge cushions of the leather suite. Constance got up from her chair, her lithe and well toned body was graceful in movement,

“Come along you two.. it is nearly half past nine. We need to make sure that you are ready with everything for when the nurse arrives… and of course you will want to look your best for Timothy.”

The day had already been full of embarrassment for Timothy. He had been woken by Hazel with morning tea and left to drink it while she had run a bathtub of water. She had dressed in a smart suit which accented her figure beautifully. Her makeup had been applied perfectly and her hair shone with health as she passed in front of the window upon re-entering the bedroom.

“Now Timothy, hop out of bed, I am going to give you a thorough wash from top to bottom. I want no nonsense from you as I will not be with you today. So I am going to ensure that every inch of you is squeaky clean.”

Timothy blushed as he looked up at his cousin. Her beauty overwhelmed him, making him feel awkward and gauche. He was acutely aware of his morning erection and of his nakedness beneath the covers of his bed.

“Come along… up you get.”

Without waiting, she flipped his bed covers, exposing his naked body to her gaze. Timothy responded almost automatically, his hands shot down to his groin, clasping his genitals as Hazel looked him up and down.

“Come along… I want you in the bathroom now.”

She ignored his blushing face and his abject embarrassment as he lay upon his side with his hands clasped to his groin and his knees pulled up, vainly trying to hide his naked body from her. Without further comment she turned and walked into the bathroom, hearing his movements as he struggled from the bed.

She watched as he entered the bathroom. His hands were clasped to his groin and his knees were pressed closely together as he teetered rather than walked through the door. She looked at his naked body, admiring the perfect physique. Not too muscular and yet firm with a natural tone. Perfectly proportioned, she thought as she moved towards him.

She quickly raised her hand and immediately slapped him hard across the cheeks of his bottom. She watched him blush guiltily as she pulled his hands away from his body and propelled him towards the bath. She saw to her delight that his penis was fully erect, wobbling up and down as she manoeuvred him into the warm water.

“Stand up straight facing me with your hands clasped on top of your head.”

She stood back as she spoke and watched with delight as awkwardly and with a shiver of shame he obeyed her instructions.

She stood for several minutes examining his body in minute detail. She felt a thrill run through her as she realised that she had complete control and authority over him. His naked body was hers to do as she pleased.

His embarrassment and humility seemed to add to her excitement as she leisurely examined every inch of him. His penis throbbed visibly and his body trembling as she prolonged his humiliating examination.

He watched in shame as she took off her suit jacket, revealing the crisp white cotton shirt she wore beneath. He could not help but look at her large firm breasts as they pressed against the sheer cotton. He blushed once more as she reached for the rubber apron that hung behind the bathroom door, pulling it over her head and tying the canvas tape tightly around her trim waist… she looked at him sternly.

He shuddered involuntarily as at last she moved towards the bath and, stretching out her arm, she placed the fingers of her hand between his legs and cupped his testicles. He could not help the gasp of pure anguish that escaped from his lips as she held his testicles. Moving closer she delicately took hold of his penis between her finger and thumb.

“Now Timothy, look at me and tell me, why your penis is erect like this?”

She felt him shiver as he looked into her eyes, his face colouring to a deep crimson. He felt utterly humiliated as he stammered a reply.

“I’m er… sorry er miss. I don’t mean it to… it just er.. happened.. er sometimes miss.. er in the morning it er.. happens.” His voice was tremulous as he tried to explain.

“Well we will have no more nonsense with you. Now get those legs further apart and arch your back, come along… yes that’s the way. Now stay like that while I wash you all over. I shall endeavour to ignore your stiffness.”

She squeezed his penis between finger and thumb to accent her words.

“But I won’t always tolerate such lewd behaviour.”

Timothy shuddered at her words. His penis throbbing uncontrollably as she held him. Her hands felt soft and cool against his skin as she squeezed his scrotum and his penis firmly before finally letting him go.

He was trembling all over as she washed his chest and underneath his arms, her fingers deliberately grazing over the sensitive nubs of his nipples.

She washed him, leisurely enjoying the feel of his body and his utter humiliation. Her hands slid down over his hips as she began to soap his thighs. Occasionally she leaned forward, her cheek brushing against the tip of his erect penis as her hands soaped the inside of his legs. Timothy was in absolute anguish and torment as he steeled himself for the inevitable washing of his genitals. He shuddered at the thought that he might lose control and ejaculate when she finally took hold of his penis to wash it.

Hazel was enjoying the moment. She realised that it was really the first time that she had the boy to herself in a properly conditioned state. Although humiliated and embarrassed, she knew that he had learned, through her punishments and ministrations, that it was futile to protest. She looked at his face which was suffused in red blotches, she smiled to herself as she saw his expression of utter humiliation. She placed her hands on each of his hips and looked him straight in the eye.

“Well Timothy I want you to open your legs wider and bend your knees, do you think you can do that for me?” Her tone was softer and her voice caring as she looked at the stricken boy. Timothy blushed instantly as he looked into her eyes.

Slowly and reluctantly he spread his legs into and even wider posture. Trembling with indignity he allowed his knees to bend outwards, his face flushing to a deep crimson, knowing that his lewd position made him look ridiculous. He sighed with embarrassment as he felt Hazel gently exert pressure on his hips, lowering his body even further. He was acutely aware that his testicles hung freely from his body that he was completely accessible to her.

Hazel let go of him and took a step backwards to look at him. She took her time examining him from head to toe, delighting in his expression of utter embarrassment.

She picked up a container of liquid soap from the side of the bath and began to coat both hands with the soft creamy liquid. She was aware that Timothy’s eyes were transfixed to every movement of her hands. She felt a thrill run through her whole body as she stepped forward and slowly and deliberately brought her hand up between his widely spread legs.

She flattened the palm of her hand and grasped him firmly behind his testicles, her fingertips sliding between the cheeks of his buttocks and his soft swollen testes resting against her wrist. Slowly and deliberately she pushed her fingers between the cheeks of his buttocks, hearing him gasp in protest as she slipped her middle finger up into his bottom. His gasp turned to a groan as she slid her finger further up into him, her knuckle sliding easily past the tightly stretched sphincter.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhhh…. Miss er please noooo er miss.”

He could not help protesting as her finger seemed to fill him completely. He tried to rise up only to feel her other hand grasp his testicles firmly, pulling down on the tender orbs as she curled her finger inside him. The motion of her finger immediately stimulated his prostate, so much so that he could do nothing but groan mightily.


His mouth was wide open with anguish as she stimulated the soft pliant flesh of his prostate. He began to tremble as suddenly her hand let go of his testicles and instead grasped his erect penis in a firm grip. Deftly she slid his foreskin down the shaft exposing him fully.

“Arrrggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh please miss er… please I feeeell er“

His pleading was cut short by a firm jab of her finger up into his bottom.

“Now Timothy, keep still like a good boy, this won’t take a minute. I am merely going to drain you of any build up in semen you may have. Try and keep still and allow my hands full access to your body, you will feel much more comfortable when I have finished.”

Hazel felt another thrill run through her body as she enjoyed the utter delight of pressing her finger hard against his prostate and stretching the skin of his penis back at the same time. She could not have explained why this action gave her so much pleasure; perhaps it was the utter control she was demonstrating over the boy.

“Oooooohhhh oooohhhhh pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase MISSSSSS.”

Timothy could not help but cry out as his penis throbbed mightily in her hand. He seemed to have lost control of his limbs as his body trembled violently.

Hazel’s voice was deliberately soft and gentle as she spoke.

“Poor baby, it will all be over soon, try and be a good little soldier while I just do this.”

Her measured tone belied the firm action of her finger inside of his bottom or the firm pumping action of her fingers around his penis.


His moans only confirmed what she already knew, that he was beyond the point of control. She milked his penis quickly as she curled her finger incessantly in a ‘come here’ motion against his prostate. Suddenly she felt his body stiffen as if he were in a trance. She could see that his eyes were wide open in shock as simultaneously she jabbed upwards with her finger inside his bottom and scraped her fingernails over the tip of his penis and down the shaft.

“Poor baby, it will all be over soon, be a brave boy.”

She cooed, as she expertly brought him to the point of ejaculation. She deftly pushed her finger even deeper inside him as she stimulated him mercilessly. She watched as huge globules of semen erupted from his penis.

“There my baby… let’s just have a little more… oops… yes there we are.”

Her voice was cool and collected; in contrast to the firm manipulations of her fingers around his penis.

“There we are… one more big squirt now..”

Hazel slid a second finger into his bottom and pushed both straightened fingers hard up against his prostrate. Timothy felt his sphincter being stretched wide and then suddenly an incredible pressure deep inside him.


He cried out as his body straightened and he stood up on his tiptoes.

“Arrrggggggggghhh… pleeeeaaaaase… er miss.”

Hazel was in heaven as the boy stiffened totally as if he had been subjected to a violent electric shock. His voice was filled with anguish as she forced a further eruption of semen from his penis.

“There my poor baby… what a clever little boy you are.”

She slowed her hands and gently extricated her fingers from his bottom.

“Let’s just rinse you off and then I will help you out of the bath.”

Hazel could not help squeezing her legs together as yet another thrill ran through her body. She watched the naked boy as he tried to compose himself. She caught his eye, delighting in the immediate deep flushing of his cheeks as he looked down in embarrassment.

She rinsed his body, her hands causing him further embarrassment as she deftly and nonchalantly handled his genitals, causing him to wince and groan as she stripped his foreskin back to rinse behind the glans. He shuddered several times as she quickly slipped a finger up into his bottom and then withdrew it again.

“There Timothy, just look at you, you are all nice and clean. Now take you hands off your head and hop out of the bath.”

Her voice was bright and held no warning of what she was to do next. She watched him struggling stiffly from the bath, noting that his penis although not fully erect was swollen and turgid.

She took a chair and placed it in the middle of the bathroom. Then she took two large bath towels from the airing cupboard and a large plastic bottle of talcum powder from one of the shelves.

“Right Timothy come and stand in front of me and I’ll get you dried off.” Hazel sat down on the chair and smoothed the rubber apron over her lap.

Timothy could only sigh in embarrassment as he stood before her. He blushed as she took hold of his hips and pulled him forward. She parted her knees and drew him closer, before taking the towel and drying his body.

He could not help look down at the beautiful girl as she casually took hold of his penis… and, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, retracted the foreskin with her delicate fingers, before drying the sensitive flesh beneath. Timothy shuddered at her intimate touch… and to his horror felt his penis begin to erect once more.

Hazel smiled to herself as she lifted his testicles with the towel and… without concern for his modesty, held his penis out of the way while she dried the soft and sensitive flesh.

“Right turn around and let me do your back.”

Timothy was a little quicker in obeying her command: anxious to hide his tumescent penis from her gaze. Hazel quickly dried his shoulders and then spoke to him; her voice bright and cheery.

“Right young man, bend over and touch your toes. Come along now.”

Timothy groaned as he complied with her request.

“Now relax your bottom completely I need to get right in between the cheeks.”

Timothy blushed, as he tried to relax his buttocks; his embarrassment seemingly never ending. He felt a sharp slap on his bottom and then her cool hands upon his hip.

“That won’t do at all, come and stand by my side… no not like that… like this. There that’s the way… now over you go.” Timothy was beside himself with anguish as Hazel demonstrated that she wanted him to lay face down over her knee. “Oh pleeeease misss… er.”

“That will do Timothy.”

Her tone brooked no argument as she placed her hand on the small of his back and taking his arm, gently pulled and pushed him until he was laid face down over her knee. His immediate impression was the coolness and slipperiness of the rubber apron against his penis and testicles, as he laid face down looking at the tiled floor.

“There that’s better, you must learn to do things first time. Now I am going to dry you and then I will smack your naughty bottom for your punishment for bad behaviour before I talcum powder you.”

Timothy could not believe his ears. He shivered at his own total humiliation as he felt her pry open the cheeks of his bottom. Suddenly there was a firm slap upon the cheeks of his bottom. He gasped as the hurt suffused through his buttocks.

“Now I should warn you Timothy that I will add to your punishment if you do not obey me. Now RELAX your bottom and allow me proper access.”

All he could do was shiver and blush with embarrassment as he allowed the cheeks of his bottom to go slack. He tried hard not to squirm as he felt her fingers deftly explore the sensitive flesh deep between the crease of his buttocks. He shivered and jerked as her fingers, followed by the tickling of the towel, pried everywhere before she seemed satisfied.

He felt utterly humiliated as she placed her hand on the back of his head and pushed it down until he was looking underneath the chair.

“I think that that is an appropriate position for a naughty boy who is going to have his bare bottom spanked over his guardian’s knee, don’t you Timothy?”

It didn’t seem but a minute before she had clasped her arm around his waist and delivered the first stinging slap to his bottom.

“Smack… smack… smack…”

Hazel’s method of spanking was set at a leisurely pace. She could feel the hardness of his penis through the rubber apron as she proceeded to redden his bottom. She involuntarily squeezed her knees together as she felt yet another thrill course through her body.

Timothy was beside himself as painful smack after painful smack was administered to the tender bare cheeks of his bottom.

“My word… I don’t know what to do with you Timothy… does it not embarrass you… having your cousin take you over her knee and smack your bare bottom mmm…?

Timothy’s embarrassment and utter humiliation were so acute that he could hardly speak. “Oh pleeeease miss” he cried between the sharp slaps that were covering his bottom. “Oh please stop now miss… I promise I will er… obey you …er properly”

Hazel kept up a steady rhythm, her hand stinging as she watched the cheeks of his bottom shudder and quake with the onslaught. She could hear his sobs grow louder as she continued his punishment; at last she stopped. Her hand gently smoothed over his bottom cheeks in a caressing touch.

“Do you promise to be good Timothy… or do I have to fetch my strap to you.”

“Oh no pleeeease… miss… I promise I will do everything you say. His voice was punctuated by sobs as he spoke.

“Now lay still while I apply your talcum powder.”

Timothy didn’t speak such was his shame as he felt her apply talcum powder to the cheeks of his bottom. He could not help but groan as her fingers again slipped between the cheeks of his buttocks; her hand actually stretching them wide apart as she applied talcum powder.

“Right Timothy… do you promise to be good if I let you up off my knees?” Timothy shuddered and sobbed as he answered her. “I promise… er miss… ohhhh… er I promise.”

“Well then I will take your word as a gentleman I have never known so much fuss.”

Hazel thrilled once more as she saw that his penis was violently erect as she helped him up from her knees.

“Right stand in front of me.. legs stretched apart either side of my knees, so that I can powder your penis and your testicles.”

Timothy blushed at her humiliating instructions, acutely aware that his penis was pointed upwards and was as stiff as it had been while he had been so intimately milked in the bath.

Shuffling his feet and blushing furiously, Timothy followed her instructions, he could not hide the expression of utter shame from his tear stained face.

“Now you see, Timothy. You can do things when you apply your mind properly to it.” He blushed once more, groaning inwardly as he watched his pretty cousin casually empty a large amount of talcum powder into her cupped hand.

Casually she took his penis between the finger and thumb of her right hand and gently slid her left hand, which was almost overflowing with talcum powder, between his legs.

He could not help shudder at her intimate touch, gasping as she fondled his testicles before sliding her hand behind the soft orbs of flesh and jiggling the testes as she covered the scrotum with powder.

He was unable to stifle a groan of anguish as she pulled his foreskin back exposing the sensitive flesh beneath. Holding him firmly she took the bottle of talcum from her lap and sprinkled the entire organ with white powder.

Placing the bottle down on her lap she used both hands to rub the powder in the entire length of his erect penis; ignoring his moans and gasps as she manipulated his most intimate flesh as if it was a perfectly natural and everyday task.

She squeezed his penis hard before she let him go.

“Well Timothy, I think you are done. I am afraid you were not as obedient as I thought you would be, but I shall of course thrash that out of you at some later stage. Now run along and put on your gym shorts and tee shirt… er socks and training shoes. Do NOT put on any underwear as I want your testicles to be free of encumbrance.”

Timothy would have protested at what she had told him to wear; but such was his hurry to get away… and the thought of another smacked bottom, that he said nothing; instead walking quickly to his bedroom.

An hour later, Timothy was seated sulkily in the back seat of Mrs. Grant’s car. His ears were burning with shame as he listed to the conversation between Hazel and Mrs. Grant.

“Of course I had to smack him yet again. He insisted upon clenching his buttocks, so that I could not powder his little bottom properly; sometimes I really despair at the actions of young boys. I mean after all, it is not as if he has anything to hide.”

The journey continued with one embarrassing comment after another. He tried to shut out the sounds of the conversation from the front of the car… and instead concentrated upon the views from the rear window. It was not long before they entered through the ornate gates of a long driveway. It seemed impossible to Timothy, that anyone could own so much land that it could take almost ten minutes to travel from the gateway to the house. He was immediately in awe of the imposing building, it’s carved stonework and elegant portico publicising it’s opulence and grandeur.

They pulled up in front of the main entrance, the little Morris Minor looking insignificant against the largeness of the stone steps that invited one to the large double oak doors.

No sooner had they stopped than were greeted by Gail and Susan who happily skipped down the steps and ran towards the car. Both Hazel and Vickie got out to meet the girls. Timothy could not hear their conversation as they all stood together at the foot of the steps. Occasionally one of them would look towards Timothy as he sat slouched in the back of the car. He felt hot and sullen as well as ill at ease after the humiliation of the morning. However he had not forgotten his punishment and as such was attentive enough to make sure that his name was not being called to get out of the car.

It must have been at least fifteen minutes before Hazel opened up the door of the car and spoke to him. “Come along Timothy, time to get out.” There was something in Hazel’s voice that made him obey immediately. He got out of the car and walked with Hazel towards the house.

“Right girls, remember what I have told you. He has promised to be on his best behaviour, but if he should forget himself, or resort to silliness, then you have MY permission to smack his naughty bottom… and if you have to smack him I would like you to make sure you do a thorough job. The correct way is with his trousers down and his bare bottom over your knees. Do you think you could both do that for me, should he be silly enough to misbehave?”

Hazel turned towards Timothy. “Now young man, I want to hear you promise in front of the girls that you will promise to behave yourself. Now… let me hear you say it.”

Timothy was blushing furiously at the demeaning words, his self esteem at its lowest ebb as he looked towards Gail and Susan. His bottom lip was trembling as he lifted his blushing face to address them both.

“I …er …er promise to be good.” His voice trailed off as he stood, shifting his weight from one foot to another.

“Well I hope so…” Hazel looked at Mrs. Grant. “Would you like to check his testicles, before we leave? I think it might be and hour or two before the nurse gets here and I wouldn’t want to leave him in any discomfort.”

Hazel knew that her words would cause him far more discomfort that anything physical as she watched the boy’s cheeks immediately blush to a deep crimson. Before he could protest, Vickie had moved towards him… and to his utter humiliation she slipped her hand around his waist and drew him towards her, slipping her other hand quickly down the front of his shorts.

The suddenness and the shock of such an intimate and embarrassing action left Timothy standing stupefied with his mouth wide open as Mrs. Grant casually explored between his legs before hefting his testicles in the palm of her hand. He trembled in embarrassment as she casually handled the soft orbs, her body pressed close to his as she squeezed and weighed his genitals as if he were a prize animal.

He was acutely aware of her heady perfume and the softness of her breasts as she leaned over him. Her wrist brushed over the tip of his penis, making him gasp as she continued examining his testicles at her leisure. Involuntarily he gave in to his curiosity to see if the girls were observing his embarrassing inspection only to discover, to his horror, that both girls were watching him with avid interest. He looked away quickly, in betrayal of his acute and utter anguish, almost certain that Susan had caught his eye as Mrs. Grant continued to squeeze and fondle his testicles.

She sounded slightly out of breath, as she stood up withdrawing her hand from within his shorts. He could not believe that he had so summarily been subjected to such an undignified and belittling experience.

“Yes… he will be fine. I presume that you had to milk him this morning?” Mrs. Grant turned to Hazel, talking as if the boy was not there.

“Oh yes, I gave him as thorough an evacuation as I could. Of course, I really need more than one pair of hands to do the job properly.”

She turned to the two girls. “You will ask the nurse to milk him thoroughly won’t you? I think at least twice on each occasion, I know the doctor would like him thoroughly drained.”

Timothy could only blush as the girl’s looked first at Hazel and then at Susan’s mother, before turning their attention towards him.

“Of course” Gail replied. “I will ask whoever they send to make sure that he doesn’t have anything left inside his little balls.”

Hazel could not help smiling as she listened to Gail’s reply. She knew that both the young girls could not wait to get their hands on the boy.


Moments later, Timothy was being led through the corridors of the grand house. Gail was leading him by the arm as Susan followed behind. Timothy was trembling with embarrassment feeling utterly gauche and awkward as he was herded through the opulence of the ornately panelled corridors. His face was still suffused in a blush of bright red.

His skin felt goose-pimpled at the embarrassment and indignity of his humiliating examination by Susan’s mother. He could still feel the effect of her cool hands as she had handled his genitals in such an intimate manner. Had he known of the preparations the girls had made for his day at Gail’s house, he might have fled there and then.

Both Gail and Susan had taken great care with their preparation for the day ahead. They had dressed carefully, knowing full well the effect that their good-looks had on Timothy. They both chose summer dresses from Gail’s wardrobe. The quality and French cut of the dresses had impressed Susan so much that Gail had to laugh.

“I can’t help it if mummy always insists on buying me the best… just learn to enjoy the luxury.” They had decided that both of their dresses looked far sexier without a bra. Susan had bent low over the dressing table as Gail was carefully applying her makeup. The glimpse of bare breast through the vee of her neckline made Gail laugh out loud.

“My god, the boy won’t know where to look if you bend over him like that.” They both giggled as Gail opened one of the drawers of her dressing table and handed a pair of sheer French panties to Susan. “Put these on, they are so wonderful, it is like wearing nothing at all.” Gail could not help admiring the perfect form of her friend as she lowered the small white cotton panties she was wearing. Lazily she stroked her hand over Susan’s shaven pubis as the girl daintily stepped out of her own panties and put on the pair Gail had given her. Susan held her dress above her waist as she admired the tiny triangle of lacy material. “God, if you don’t look sexy Susan.” Gail rolled her eyes as Susan twirled in front of the mirror, her buttocks were completely bared, the wisp of material at the rear was completely hidden between the cheeks of her bottom.

Later, impeccably dressed in their summer dresses, they had paraded themselves in front of Gail’s mother. They both wore freshly applied makeup and their hair was brushed to a shine as they twirled around.

“I must say that you both look absolutely stunning. I hope that he doesn’t faint at the sight of two such beautiful girls. That dress looks so good on you Susan, that I am sure Gail will agree with me that you should keep it.” Gail nodded enthusiastically before Susan had chance to protest at their generosity. “Don’t say a word… the dress is yours… now I think we just have time to add a little perfume… remember you might want to arouse all of his senses.” They all laughed, the girls knowing full well that perfume would indeed assail the boys senses even further.


Timothy hardly had time to appreciate the luxury of the furnishing and tapestries that adorned the wide corridors as he was led through the large house. Gail held his arm in a firm grip as she led him like a small child. They turned right and left several times until they reached the large sitting room.

Constance was seated, her beautiful figure poised gracefully with her arms resting on each arm of her chair. Behind Constance, stood Pat and Geraldine, her two secretaries and to the side of the room stood the two maids. Both Ami and Jessica were dressed in short black silk skirts that showed off much of their shapely thighs. They stood primly with their hands clasped in front of them as if waiting to be of service.

To Timothy, Constance Goodman appeared regal and serene as she sat in the large ornate chair. He felt awkward and ill at ease as Gail led him to the centre of the large room. He blushed to a bright red as she made him stand in the centre of lavishly patterned carpet. Her deliberate positioning of him enabled everyone to have a perfect and unobstructed view of his trembling form and at the same time instilled in Timothy a feeling of humiliation. It was a perfect example of a young boy being ‘on the carpet’, an expression well known to many an English schoolboy who has fallen foul of the school rules.

Constance was dressed impeccably in a navy blue suit. Her face was beautifully made up; her hair beautifully styled and brushed away from her face accenting the exquisite bone structure of her face and the firm line of her jaw. Timothy looked down at his own clothes, feeling utterly inadequate in his loose shirt and gym shorts. He shivered as Constance spoke to him, her voice sounding so well modulated and cultured that it further added to his feeling of inadequacy.

“So you must be Timothy. Welcome to my house young man. My daughter tells me that you are a very nice little boy, so I hope you are going to enjoy your day with us.” Timothy could only blush as Constance spoke to him. Her referral to him as a nice little boy made him feel even smaller and more humiliated than he could have ever imagined. It was no accident that Constance had chosen to address him as a little boy, or that she had earlier suggested that Gail should place him in the centre of the room. She could see by his blushing cheeks that this combination was having her desired effect upon the young boy.

She was able to examine him at her leisure as he stood before her with his head bent looking down at the floor. She could immediately see that his face and physique were perfect in every detail. He was she thought, the most delightful looking young boy that she had ever seen. She remembered the fragile and delicate beauty of his mother and understood where much of his good looks and rare physical form had come from.

His shirt was tucked into his shorts, accenting his slim waist. The shorts themselves displayed much of his legs and Constance delighted in the fact that very soon she would be able to examine his body without the hindrance of clothes.

Gail and Susan were standing to the side of the room and Constance looked at their young faces as they in turn watched Timothy. It was difficult for Constance not to smile as she glanced around the room. The two maids were watching the boy in an almost predatory fashion. She looked up over her shoulder, noting that there seemed to be similar interest in the boy by her two young secretaries. In fact, Constance thought that the atmosphere in the room seemed expectant and poised.

She looked across at Ami as the delicate and tuneful sound of the door chimes echoed within the room. She had no need to speak as Ami was already walking towards the double doors that led to the main corridor.

“Tell me Timothy,” she continued, “would you like a drink of something? I have some fizzy drinks, or perhaps a glass of milk. I know little boys need their milk if they are to grow up to be strong and healthy.” Constance watched his cheeks blush with redness as he raised his head. Rather than wait for his reply she looked across at Jessica and spoke softly to her. “Would you be so kind as to fetch our young guest a glass of milk dear?”

Timothy blushed again, this time his cheeks deepening in colour to an almost purple hue. He felt utterly embarrassed and humiliated. Not merely at the belittling and humbling experience of being addressed as a young child, but also of being the centre of interest of so many beautiful young women. Each time he looked up at Constance Goodman he was aware of the interest of her two young secretaries. He looked down at the floor again, acutely aware that his stature in the eyes of Susan and Gail would be further diminished by the condescending words of Gail’s mother.

It was in a haze of humiliation and trepidation that he heard Ami return to the room and announce, “Nurse Bishop has arrived Madam. I have taken her through to the main bathroom and left her to make her preparations as she requested. I will go and give her a hand and then bring her through to introduce her to you.”

Constance looked up as her maid spoke and then smiled at her benevolently. “Thank you Ami, yes do bring her through as soon as she has finished, I would like to talk to her.”

Timothy could not help himself looking across towards the young maid. Her expression told him instantly that she already knew why the nurse was here. He felt his cheeks burning with utter embarrassment as she looked him up and down, her eyes openly lingering on the area below his waist. He shivered involuntarily as he saw the glint of amusement in her eyes and the sardonic look upon her face. He watched her as she turned to leave, her short skirt swaying with the movement of her hips, a movement which deliberately attracted his attention to the beauty of her long legs.

Constance watched the young boy’s display of utter embarrassment. She was delighted that the nurse had arrived early. What could be better than his present position as she asked the nurse about his treatment. She looked to her right as Jessica entered the room carrying a silver tray upon which was placed a tall glass of milk. Constance smiled to herself as she saw that the glass held a brightly coloured plastic straw. She watched as Jessica approached the young boy, enjoying his further embarrassment as Jessica stood next to him and gently stroked his cheek as if he were a small child. Jessica bent her head so that her face was close to his and spoke softly to him.” Here you are Master Timothy, I’ve brought you a straw so you don’t spill it”

Constance could see his indignation and embarrassment as Jessica took hold of his hand and raised his arm to take the glass from the tray. “There you are sweetie; take the glass in both hands now like a good boy and hold on tight so that it doesn’t slip… there, that’s the way.” Jessica put the tray down on one of small coffee tables and watched the boy take the glass.

Constance Goodman was delighted with the performance of her maids. It was a masterly stroke for Jessica to bring him a straw and make him hold the glass with both hands. The boy’s abject humiliation was manifested in the trembling of his hands as he put the straw to his lips and sucked. She could see that he was so embarrassed that he did not know what else to do. His blushing cheeks and trembling lips were a delight to behold as she leaned back in her chair and watched him in his discomfort. He shivered visibly as Jessica causally placed her hand on the nape of his neck and ran her fingers upwards through his hair, tousling it as one would to a very small child. Constance thrilled as the boy blushed again, his face colouring quickly with an abrupt flush of shame.

To her delight Jessica stood over him and watched him drink through the straw, her delicate fingers caressed his neck as he half emptied the milk. He lowered the glass and looked at the pretty young maid. His bottom lip was trembling as he proffered the glass to her. She spoke gently but firmly, her eyes looking into his as he stood holding the glass towards her.

“Now, be a good boy and drink it all up. You want to grow up to be a big strong boy don’t you?” Before he could answer she took the glass from him and stepping behind him and brought her arms around either side of his body, holding the glass next to his face.

Timothy’s arms were effectively pinioned to his sides as she teased his lips with the tip of the straw. She pressed her cheek next to his as she whispered softly to him, her perfume assailing his senses with a delicate aroma as she spoke.

“Now sweetie, drink your milk like a good little boy. There you see I am holding it for you so you need not worry about spilling it.” She brushed her lips against his cheek as she pressed her body closer to his and teased the straw into his mouth.

Timothy was in turmoil as he involuntarily drank from the glass until it was empty. His body trembled and shivered as Jessica deliberately held him close.

“There you are sweetie, you drank it all up like a good boy.” She brushed her face against his cheek before taking the glass away and stepping backwards. She smiled as she observed the fresh flush of red which suffused his cheeks and the tremor which ran through his body.

Constance disguised her delight at the maid’s management of her young guest. Instead she looked into his blushing face, ignoring his shame and embarrassment.

“Well Timothy, what would you like to do today? It is already quite warm outside, so perhaps you would like to play in the pool. It is quite shallow near the steps. I know that little boys enjoy splashing about in water.” She did not wait for a reply but instead raised her arm and indicated Pat and Geraldine. “I haven’t introduced you to my secretaries. This is Miss Patricia Foster and this is Miss Geraldine Drew. They are both excellent swimmers so they will be able to keep an eye on you when you are in the water. You can simply address them as ‘Miss’ if you are unable to remember their names.

Timothy was blushing with shame and quite ready to protest his maturity when he was interrupted by the return of the Ami who ushered the nurse through into the room. “Nurse Bishop Ma’am.” She announced as Penny walked towards Constance Goodman and held up her hand in greeting.

“Please call me Penny Ma’am.” Penny was dressed in a white tunic which finished just above her dainty knees. The thin fine-cotton tunic had buttons at the front which covered the entire length of the garment. Constance noted that several of the buttons were undone at the hem, revealing much of the girl’s thighs as she moved and also that the buttons at her cleavage were also undone. Penny moved forward and stood by Timothy’s side. “Thank you for the facilities Ma’am. I will be able to manage quite well. I will just need some help as we don’t have stirrups for his legs.”

Timothy blushed profusely as Penny casually mentioned his impending treatment. He shivered as Penny continued. “If it is alright with you, I will take him and give him his enema… er and I think he will need shaving again.”

All eyes seemed to descend on Timothy’s shorts as Penny casually announced that he was to be shaved again.” He started to tremble visibly as Constance spoke.

I was hoping er… Penny, that you might explain his treatment to me. What exactly is the matter with Timothy?”

Penny smiled, knowing full well how shameful it would be for Timothy to listen to a detailed explanation of his treatment. “Well ma’am he has a urological problem caused by his sexual development… he has been producing semen at quite a high rate, He has never ejaculated until the doctor extracted his semen the other day. His testicles were so full that his scrotum was stretched to the point were it had become painful. Doctor Ashcroft has decided that until he can be further examined that he should be drained at regular intervals and observed to see if he gets down to a normal level of production.”

“I see, so is his scrotum still swollen and painful?” Constance looked at Timothy as she spoke, watching him quickly drop his eyes and look down at his feet.

Penny smiled at the question, noting that Constance showed no embarrassment. “No ma’am. He is very much better and the amount of semen I have extracted already shows signs of decreasing in volume. Would you like me to show you, it will be easier and more precise that my just telling you.” She moved the boy forward by his arm until he was standing in front of Mrs Goodman.

Timothy began to shiver as the nurse moved in front of him and dropped down on to one knee. She reached for the shoelaces of his white Gym shoes and began to undo them. To Timothy’s utter dismay she held his ankle and made him lift his foot, quickly divesting him of both his shoe and sock.

“er plea..se NO Miss.”

Timothy tried to protest as Penny quickly removed the shoe and sock from his other foot and tucked both his socks into his shoes and placed them to the side. She stood up so that her face was only inches from his and spoke firmly.

“Now Timothy, be a good little boy and let us have no nonsense.” He blushed immediately. His bottom lip trembled and a tears appeared in his eyes as he realised that his body was to be bared in front of everyone..

He was about to plead again when he heard Gail’s voice. “Now Timothy, don’t be awkward. You know jolly well that Hazel has instructed both Susan and I to punish if you are a naughty little boy. Now you wouldn’t want everyone to watch you while I took you over my knee and smacked your bare bottom would you?”

Timothy blushed mightily. His face turning a deep purple as the shaming words were spoken. He watched as Susan and Gail moved to stand next to the Gail’s mother. He shivered as they watched him, their faces showing no signs of sympathy for his embarrassing predicament.

Tears welled up in his eyes as Penny took his arms and lifted them above his head. He trembled as she pulled his shirt up out of the waistband of his shorts and deliberately slipped the palms of her hands under the material, sliding the garment upwards. All eyes were upon him as she bared his torso. She pulled the shirt up over his head and folded it neatly. It was Pat who stepped forward and took the item of clothing, bending as she turned away to also take the shoes and socks. She placed the items on one of the coffee tables. Quickly she returned to her position behind Constance, careful not to miss any of the proceedings as Penny gently cupped her hand under the boy’s chin.

She looked straight into his tearful eyes and smiled benevolently at him. “That’s the way… just do as you are told and you will be fine. You may put your hands down and keep them by your sides.”

Timothy looked at her, his eyes pleading for her to halt the embarrassing stripping of his body in front of everyone. Instead she patted his cheek and then took hold of his wrists and placed his hands at either side of his body. “Just stay like that and hold your head up so that everyone can see you. It is not good for little boys to slouch.” Timothy could never have envisaged the utter humiliation he felt as he looked up. He could see that the maids seemed openly amused at his obvious embarrassment and that both secretaries were watching him intently.

Penny moved around to his rear and bent down on one knee. Deliberately she placed a hand on either side of his waist, making him shiver as her cool hands touched his bared flesh. Slowly, almost ritualistically she slipped her fingers inside the elasticised waistband of his shorts, making sure that everyone was watching as she slipped them downwards. She could feel his body shiver as the shorts cleared his buttocks. Her face was almost touching the smooth mounds of flesh as she heard his gasp of anguish as his penis and testicles were suddenly bared to the view of everyone in the room. She deftly pushed them down over his thighs to his ankles, before standing upright and moving around to his side. She bent down and took his ankle, making him lift each leg in turn to step out of the shorts.

She could see that his penis was swollen although not erect. She quickly glanced upwards, noting the look of terror on his face as he managed another mighty blush. Penny took the shorts and placed them with his other clothes. She was pleased to see that the boy had not tried to cover his penis although she was certain that he was fighting a hard battle to keep his arms by his sides.

His legs were pressed tightly together and he was shivering as they all examined him from head to foot. There was an audible sigh from Geraldine as she admired the boy’s perfect physique. Penny made sure that she did not obstruct anyone’s view as she moved to his side and tapped his buttocks lightly. “Stand with your legs wide apart and place your hands behind your head for me there’s a good little boy.” She placed her hand upon the back of his leg and almost sensuously slid her fingers in- between his thighs, pressing against his flesh until he reluctantly parted his legs. The coolness of her fingers and the embarrassment he felt caused him to shiver as slowly he raised his arms and clasped his fingers together behind his head.

To his utter dismay he felt his penis twitch, the warning throb that he had been dreading so much suddenly pulsed through his penis. Whether it was the cool touch of Penny’s hands, or that his body had been bared in front of such beautiful girls he did not know. He trembled as a further pulse ran through the shaft of his burgeoning penis. He dare not look down, but was acutely aware that his penis was erecting. Penny stood behind him and looked around him, making sure that everyone had a perfect view of his naked body.

Gail and Susan watched as Penny repeated the tapping of her fingers against the inside of his thighs until the boy was standing with his legs spread widely apart. Susan was fascinated by the gradual lengthening and thickening of Timothy’s penis. She watched it as it pulsed, the foreskin retracting backwards from the mushroom shaped head. It twitched and grew until it was pointing outwards and upwards from between his thighs. Both Pat and Geraldine smiled with amusement as the boy’s turgid member extended to a full and throbbing erection.

Suddenly the embarrassment became too much for Timothy. In a fit of acute trauma his hands quickly darted to his groin. He grasped his penis and pulled it against his tummy, his hands flattening as he hid his genitals from view.

Penny did not seem the least bit perturbed by the action. Her voice was cool and measured as she addressed Mrs Goodman and the girls. “Oh dear I am afraid little boys seem to want to play with their penises at any opportunity. It is an unfortunate and dirty habit. I think perhaps Timothy is a little boy who needs taking firmly in hand.”

Timothy could not help shivering with embarrassment as Penny spoke as if he were a small child. He was about to protest that he was merely covering himself out of modesty when Gail and Susan moved to stand at either side of him. Without a word they gently took his wrists and pulled his hands away from his groin. They held his arms outwards at almost at shoulder height. Gail managed to hold his arm in position while she moved to stand behind him. She bent his arm upwards until his fingers were touching the back of his neck and then beckoned for Susan to place his other hand in the same position.

“Now keep your hands clasped together like the Nurse has instructed.”

Timothy gasped as Gail smacked him firmly upon his bare bottom.

“Do you understand me Timothy?”

He gasped, hardly managing to speak with the sudden indignity of being smacked by the young girl. He blushed and hung his head in shame.

I’m sooooo sorry …er … misss”

“You may well hang your head you naughty boy. I should think you are… very sorry indeed. Now we will have no more nonsense while my mother inspects you. You are a very lucky little boy to have so many people take an interest in you. So my young man you will do as you are instructed… do I make myself clear?”

Timothy groaned in anguish, his voice tremulous as he replied. The shame and utter humiliation had drained him of any further resistance as he turned his head to look at Gail. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he spoke.

“I am so sorry miss… er I promise.”

Gail delighted in her authority over the beautiful young boy. Deliberately she looked him over from head to toe, making sure that he was aware of her casual inspection of his naked form. She stood back and admired the red mark her hand had made on the soft flesh of his bottom before she accompanied Susan to stand next to Pat and Geraldine. She spoke to Penny who was standing back several feet behind Timothy.

“Please proceed with whatever you were going to do. I am sure Timothy will behave like a proper young man now.” Penny delighted in Gail’s handling of the young boy as she stepped forward and without preamble slipped her hand between his buttocks, sliding her fingers down between the pliant mounds of flesh and then forward slipping them between his legs until she was able to cup his testicles. She slid her other hand around his waist so that her fingers rested on his tummy. She could feel the young boy shiver at the intimate contact of her fingers.

She addressed Mrs Goodman deferentially. “If you would like to feel his testicles you will notice how large and swollen they are compared to other little boys of Timothy’s age.”

Penny had been careful in her description of the boy, taking her cue from the Mrs Goodman and the girls. She continued, her tone nonchalant as if it was perfectly normal to have a young boy stripped naked and standing with his hands clasped behind his neck and his legs splayed wide apart while his testicles were being held forward for everyone to see.

Timothy shivered as Penny casually rolled his testicles within his scrotal sac. His nakedness was accentuated by the cool breeze that wafted through the double glass doors which were opened to the outside patio and pool area. He looked at Mrs Goodman as she spoke. His cheeks blushing as she stood upright, her graceful body only inches from his own nakedness.

“I have some medical knowledge and I think this would be an excellent opportunity for me to examine him.”

Although Penny was surprised that Constance had not immediately taken hold of the boy’s testicles, she smiled as she realised that Constance intended to examine the young boy far more thoroughly. She let go of his testicles and letting her fingers trail between his legs, stepped backwards and stood to the side.

She watched as Constance placed her hand under the boy’s chin and held his head so that he was forced to look at her. She spoke softly as she looked him in the eye.

“Now Timothy… open your mouth I want to have a look at your teeth. His chin was trembling with emotion as he opened his mouth. Constance moved closer to him and immediately felt the tip of the boy’s erect penis press against her thighs. Deliberately she let the material of her skirt play against the tip of his penis as she examined his opened mouth. She moved his head from side to side as she looked into each side, noting the whiteness and the symmetry of his teeth.

Gently she placed her hands on either side of his head, feeling the bone structure of his cheeks and moving her hands gently around his small ears. Constance was already quite sure that she had never encountered a young boy of such perfect proportions and such good looks. Apart from the obvious sexual pleasure of having a young boy naked and obedient to do with as she willed, Constance also had a purpose to her examination. She was sure that Gail had already had an opportunity to examine the boy closely, but Constance was keen to see if he was really as perfect as he appeared at first glance.

Timothy was in turmoil he could feel his penis throbbing wildly with the constant stimulation from the contact with Mrs Goodman’s body as she moved to and fro. The touch of her hands was soft and gentle upon his face and head, almost a caress as her fingers traced downwards on to his neck. The sexual stimulation to his senses was so great that he felt a fierce throbbing between his legs, a jolt of sensation that seemed to travel upwards from deep inside his bottom to the very tip of his penis..

Constance was well aware of the effect she was having upon the young boy. Fearing that he might suddenly ejaculate, she stepped back abruptly and placed her hands upon his chest. Watching his blushing face carefully for signs of sexual emotion, she allowed herself the luxury of smoothing her hands over his young torso, her fingers played around his nipples causing the sensitive nubs of flesh to stiffen. She continued her exploration of his body, letting her hands gently trail down over his tummy and then ultimately slide around his slim waist.

She looked at his throbbing penis, marvelling at the stiffness and size of the straining flesh. She was aware that he had followed her gaze and she quickly looked into his face, seeing his cheeks flush with redness as she caught his eye.

She smiled at him as one would to a small child and spoke in a gentle voice.

“Now Timothy I want you to keep very still while I examine your penis and your testicles. Do you think you can do that for me?” She delighted at the tremor of embarrassment that ran through his body as she sat down on the edge of her chair and placed her knees daintily together between his legs.

She looked into his eyes, waiting for a reply. She observed a second shiver of embarrassment as he struggled to speak.

“Er… y’yes er… miss.”

No sooner had he spoken than Constance leaned forward and delicately took hold of his penis. She placed her thumb beneath the pulsing shaft and her fingers in a row upon the top of it as if she was holding a clarinet.

“Now keep very still while I retract your foreskin.”

Timothy shivered and shook as Constance gently smoothed the outer skin of his penis backwards towards the base of the shaft. He groaned as the foreskin slid away from the glans, revealing the entire head of his throbbing member. He watched in horror as she placed the forefinger and thumb of her other hand gently against the rim of the glans and stroked the end of the foreskin back even further until it was stretched tight.

The sensation of her cool fingers against penis was almost too much to bear; he could not help but look at what she was doing as she spoke to him, her voice bright and matter of fact.

“Well you are nice and clean behind your foreskin Timothy. Did you manage to wash yourself, or did your niece have to wash you?”

The Question embarrassed him so much that he looked around as if for help, only to see that Gail and Susan were both looking down at his throbbing penis as indeed was everyone else in the room. He expelled his breath in burst of exasperation and abject dismay as his humiliating experience continued.

Constance looked into his eyes, her pretty lips pursed as she waited for the boy to reply. “Well Timothy… were you able to manage to wash your penis yourself?”

He groaned inwardly, his face turning bright red and his fingers clenching together behind his head in anguish. He could feel his penis throb as she held his member delicately between her fingers, her gentle touch keeping him erect and in utter humiliation.

There was a trembling in his voice as he looked at the beautiful face of Mrs Goodman.

“… oh… er…please…. er …it was urm Hazel miss…that washed er… me.”

Constance smiled at him as his bottom lip began to tremble. Her beautiful features held an expression of kindness and care as she spoke gently to him.

“I thought as much, she was obviously very thorough. Little boys should be discouraged from touching their own penises. It is a disgusting habit and one that I am sure your mother would never condone. I am sure that your niece will take you in hand while your mother is away. Gail tells me that she is a very competent young lady.”

As she finished talking she let go of his penis and then casually tapped it with her fingers as if to emphasise the point. She watched the rigid flesh wobble and sway as she tapped it once more. She waited a moment, delighting in his embarrassment before taking a much firmer hold of his member with her right hand, gripping it tightly while she scraped the tip of her perfectly manicured finger nail over the opening of his urethra.

His immediate reaction was to push his bottom backwards and gasp loudly as he tried to escape the acute sensation. Constance held him firmly and repeated the procedure, ignoring the frantic gyration of his hips as she teased the sensitive opening. She paid no attention to the boy’s acute dilemma, instead she addressed Gail and Susan as she held his penis tightly.

“Have you both noticed how beautifully he has been circumcised? The foreskin has been cut so that it still extends over the glans but leaves the skin quite free to travel backwards and forwards. If you ever need to bathe him, you will find it quite easy to retract the skin so that you can wash him thoroughly. Most little boys are not as lucky as Timothy to have someone to wash them properly and make sure that they are absolutely clean.”

Timothy could not help but look at Susan and Gail as he heard Mrs Goodman’s demeaning comments. There was a look of pure horror on his face, almost a plea to the girls that what she was suggesting must never happen.

Casually Constance tightened her grip upon his penis as she placed her left hand beneath his testicles. She delighted in his tormented movements as he tried to stand on tiptoe to escape the acute sensation of her fingers. It was to no avail as her fingers enveloped his scrotum. She squeezed the soft orbs firmly, but not hard enough to cause him pain although the anguish upon his face was there for all to see.

“Well Penny he seems in very good order. His testes are very large aren’t they? I am sure he will feel better after you have made him ejaculate. Would you turn him round for me and bend him over so that I can look between the cheeks of his little bottom?”

Timothy blushed again… an immediate and violent reddening of his cheeks as he heard Mrs Goodman’s words. Like all young boys he had a fearful dread of having his bottom stretched and bared for everyone to see. He shuddered as she squeezed his testicles and stretched his foreskin backwards once more, holding him completely captive while she looked into his blushing face and addressed him.

“No nonsense now young man. Do as Penny instructs you, promise me now!”

She held him firmly by both his penis and testicles as she looked into his face. His lips were trembling visibly and his cheeks were flushed with crimson as he fumbled for words.

“Arrggghh… ooohhh… I er… promise miss.”

His voice was tremulous, his nervousness and sense of utter humiliation was written all over his face. Constance could see at a glance that he was almost in tears as she let go of him and leaned back in her chair while she watched Penny manipulate him into position. The young nurse spared him no modesty as she moved and adjusted him until he was well bent over with his legs wide apart. Penny had deliberately made him spread his legs far wider than necessary and to add to his humiliation she had made him grasp his ankles like a schoolboy waiting for punishment.

She looked satisfied with her final positioning of the young boy, observing that his penis and testicles were hanging down freely from between his legs. His penis, although engorged, was not fully erect.

Constance could see his bright red face, which was partly obscured by his genitals as she leaned forward and studied him intently. The sound of his breathing had become quite laboured, partly because of his bent position, but more, Constance thought, because of his feeling of acute embarrassment.

She had heard the quick intake of breath from the girls behind her as the boy was made to assume his position. Even with this undignified posure, there was no denying the symmetry of his form. Constance had a sudden urge to stick her finger straight up into his bottom, although outwardly she appeared cool and clinical as she leaned forward and placed her hands upon each cheek of his bottom.

Gail watched with delight as her mother lifted her elbows so that the fingers of both hands met exactly over the deep crease of his buttocks.

“Now Timothy… just relax your bottom cheeks while I examine you.”

Her voice was soft and caring as she pressed the tips of the fingers between the crevice of his bottom cheeks. She thrilled at the sudden quaking of his buttocks as she pried open the firm flesh. She could see from between his legs the sudden blush to his upturned face as she stretched him wide.

“argggghhhhh… oooh please…er noooo.”

He could not control his involuntary plea as his buttocks were forced apart. He began to shiver, not just with the physical discomfort he felt, but also with the utter embarrassment of having the very core of his bottom exposed for everyone to see.

Constance was delighted with the small and neat rosebud of his sphincter. She would have liked to impale him on her finger there and then, but had already decided that there would be plenty of opportunity later.

“I see that you are clean here too Timothy. Am I to presume that your cousin washed your bottom for you?”

Timothy was in turmoil, his humiliation complete and utter. His buttocks were stretched widely apart and he could feel the cool air from the open doorway against his sphincter. He knew that everyone in the room was watching his intimate and humiliating inspection. He heard the question through a haze of abject embarrassment and anguish. He hardly recognised the sound of his own voice as he replied.

“er… Hazel washed er… me miss.”

His words were so soft and tremulous that they were almost inaudible as he admitted the embarrassing fact to Mrs. Goodman.

He shuddered involuntarily, feeling a huge shiver running through his body, as her fingertips moved further in-between his buttocks. He moaned suddenly as he felt the first contact to the sensitive opening of his bottom.

“Arggghh… oooOOOH… please noo… no”

His gasp of anguish did nothing to deter Mrs. Goodman from proceeding to tease his sphincter. Deftly her neatly manicured nails traced over the puckered entrance to his anus, causing the flesh to recoil and constrict violently each time she touched it.

“Keep still now, I am not going to hurt you, but I will smack your little bottom if you are going to behave like a baby.”

Her words completely defeated the young boy. He shivered in shame as she continued her probing.

“Now just relax your buttocks and give me proper access. Sometimes I despair at the antics of little boys.”

Constance looked up at Penny who had been enjoying watching her competent examination of Timothy. Constance spoke to her as if the boy were not present… although she still held his buttocks apart and was completely ignoring the squirming and shivering of his naked body.

“I will not examine inside his bottom until after he has had his enema. I am sure that Ami and Jessica will help you prepare him and then perhaps Pat and Geraldine can come through and help you when you are ready to extract his semen. Does that sound alright to you?”

Penny smiled to herself; she thought that Constance would have loved to have penetrated his bottom with her finger. She resolved to make sure that she provided her the right opportunity. Timothy listened in horror as they discussed him. He felt so belittled and humiliated that tears welled up in his eyes. He felt Constance remove her hands from the cheeks of his bottom and then a light tap on both of his buttocks as she bade him stand up.

“Come along Timothy up you get and off you go with the nurse.” Constance watched him struggle to an upright as she beckoned her maids to come forward. Ami and Jessica did not need any further prompting as they quickly moved to each side of the boy and took his hands in theirs. Timothy blushed once more as the pretty maids looked down at his swollen penis. Neither of them bothered to hide their amusement at his embarrassing nakedness.

Penny could not help smirking as Timothy shamefacedly looked down to see that his penis, although not fully erect, was pointing outwards towards the young nurse.

“If you will bring him through, I will get him ready.” Penny announced to the young maids as she turned around and proceeded towards the corridor which led to the large downstairs bathroom.

Gail and Susan watched with delight as Timothy was led out of the room, the young maids walking at either side of the naked boy as they followed the nurse towards the door.


Timothy was in turmoil. Never in his wildest dreams had he contemplated a predicament, so humiliating, so utterly embarrassing that he was in constant angst. Just a few days ago he had viewed himself as being a mature young adult. His role as man of the house had certainly been true as far as the tasks he performed. His mother had always treated him as being a caring and useful son who, after the death of his father and as soon as he had become old enough, had taken care of the many tasks that were required within the household.

He had, like many young boys, always felt embarrassed and awkward when he was in the company of the opposite sex. If the girls were pretty he felt doubly shy, always feeling gauche and ill at ease in their presence. Susan was the only pretty girl that he had ever dared to talk to… and that was because she lived next door to him and that his mother often instructed him to go over and help with some chore or other.

Since the age of ten he had made sure that wherever possible he was never in circumstances where he would be undressed in front of others. He had always locked his bathroom door, at least until the time he was sure that his mother was respecting his privacy.

At school he had relied on the indifference and hurry of the changing rooms to make sure that he was alone when he had to change to and from his sports clothes.

He had balked as he first entered the large ornate bathroom. Right in the middle of the black and white tiled floor of the bathroom, stood a huge cast iron and enamelled bath. Next to the bath was a semi-circular freestanding sink with a large flattened area between the taps where Penny had placed many of the creams and lubricants she carried.

Timothy had not been able to help himself from looking at the large table which stood next to the portable massage bed; its surface was littered with several clear plastic enema bags, each holding a litre of solution. Long tubes which were attached to the corner of each of the bags, they appeared ominous with their large bulbous shaped nozzles. There were several gel suppositories of various sizes as well as several pre-lubricated retention plugs. To Timothy the most frightening object was the huge syringe which had already been filled with a clear liquid.

As he lay naked upon the massage table, his distress was so great that he felt near to fainting. They made him sit upon the table and lie back until his head touched the pillow. The two pretty maids unceremoniously lifted his legs and splayed them outwards so that his knees were pressed towards his chest, raising his bottom up from the table. He felt completely open and exposed. His buttocks were parted and stretched wide and his genitals lay bare between his raised thighs, rudely displayed for anyone who cared to look.

Both Jessica and Ami were able to hold his legs easily with one hand. Jessica began to stroke the inside of his thigh, her fingers trailing lightly over his smooth skin as she looked into his blushing face.

To his distress he felt his penis becoming erect as the nurse casually donned rubber gloves and openly and deliberately made a great show of applying gel onto the fingers of her right hand. She made sure he was watching as she lowered her hand towards his widely parted bottom.

“Deep breaths now sweetie and just try and relax like a good boy. There that’s the way… in out, in out. Nice and deep.”

Penny delighted as the boy struggled to breathe deeply, his trauma interrupting his breathing with a gasp as Penny slipped her hand between his buttocks.

“There that’s the way.” She cooed as she deftly inserted a lubricated finger up between the cheeks of his bottom. The maids watched in fascination as Penny intimately teased the young boy’s sphincter with the tip of her finger. They watched as the muscle seemed to recoil as she moved her forefinger in a circular motion.

“Relax now sweetie… I am just going to open your little bottom up for the nozzle. Don’t clench your bottom so… oops there we are.”

Timothy closed his eyes in embarrassment as he felt the nurse’s fingertip suddenly slip through his sphincter and up into his bottom. The sensation was agonisingly intense as she casually probed his bottom opening, her finger first retracting and then pushing further inside him with an upward movement. When she was satisfied that he was sufficiently lubricated she slid her finger up in such a vigorous motion that her knuckles slapped against the cheeks of his bottom.

“Oooohhh pleeease miss… arggghhh.”

“Just relax sweetie pie, your little bottom is so tight and I don’t want to hurt you with the nozzle.”

Timothy blushed, his cheeks turning bright red and his eyes squeezing shut, as the nurse continued probing deeper and deeper into his bottom. Suddenly he felt soft fingers curl around his testicles and lift them upwards. Involuntarily he opened his eyes to see that it was Ami who had casually taken hold of his scrotum. Her sexy mischievous eyes held an enquiring look as if she was daring him to reveal the sensation her hand was eliciting from his sensitive flesh.

Deliberately she jiggled his testicles, causing his penis to wobble back and forth. Ami knew just how to elicit the maximum of sexual sensation from her touch. Her long slender fingers and beautifully manicured nails caressed and grazed over his plump testicles in such a way that the he felt a throb deep within his penis.

The onslaught of stimulation at the hands of the young nurse and the maids was too much for him to bear and he moaned desperately for them to stop.

“Ooohhh pleeeeeeeeease…. Er mmm… misss.. er nurse.”

He shivered with embarrassment as Ami looked down at him, observing his distress with an almost wicked delight. She curled her fingers behind his testicles, letting her nails scrape gently against the puckered skin.

“Poor baby, having such swollen testicles at your age! It will much better when the nurse empties them for you.”

Ami delighted in the blush that suffused his cheeks as she spoke to him like a young child. Her fingers suddenly squeezing the soft orbs of flesh she was holding.

Timothy’s mind was in an utter confusion of emotions. His flesh felt goose pimpled and sensitive to every touch. He could feel every movement of the nurse’s finger inside his bottom. His hips were trembling as he felt an incredible pressure each time her knuckle slipped in and out of his sphincter. His testicles were being cajoled and fondled so casually and nonchalantly by the pretty young maid, that it was if the sensation she was causing to him was of no consequence.

He turned his face to pillow in shame as he felt his penis throb and pulse as the girls casually stimulated him, seemingly without concern as to his feelings.

Penny saw his penis throb violently and noted that a clear drop of glistening moisture had appeared at the very tip. She knew that if she was not careful that it would not be long before he lost control and ejaculated.

Quickly she pulled her finger from his bottom and reached over to the table for one of the enema bags and a large gel suppository. With a deft and practiced movement she slipped the end of the nozzle into his bottom and released the tie. She pushed upwards as water began to enter into the long tube.

“Arggghhh…. oooooOOOHH.”

Timothy almost yelped as penny slid the lubricated tube up into his colon. Immediately she began to squeeze the bag, observing the boy’s face as the water flooded into his tummy. She continued to squeeze in a long fluid motion that kept the water at a constant pressure.

“Arrggghhh… ooohhhh.. please miss.”

Penny saw him grimace and stopped for a moment. “If you would rub his little tummy Jessica, it will make it easier for him. Jessica smiled knowingly at Penny and promptly laid the palm of her hand flat on his tummy and began to stroke in a circular motion. She made sure that her wrist smoothed over the tip of his penis as she caressed his flesh. Penny could not help give Jessica a conspiring look as the young maid deliberately brushed her wrist against the boy’s penis on each rotation of her hand.

“Ooooohhh er… please er missss.”

Timothy was writhing upon the table by the time the entire contents had been expelled from the bag and into his tummy. Although he was not in pain the acute sensation of the water gushing inside him had stimulated his prostate. The maids continued to caress his flesh, their experienced touches eliciting the maximum amount of sexual stimulation from the young boy’s sensitive body.

Penny held the bag high and squeezed once more, making sure that the entire contents had entered his bottom. She placed the empty bag on the surface of the table and took the gel suppository. With a practiced motion she slid the tube from his bottom and quickly pushed the large gel suppository hard against his sphincter.

“Ooooh missssss.” Timothy hissed as he felt the pressure against the opening to his bottom.

“One big deep breath… you can do that for me Timothy.”

Penny did not wait for Timothy to take a deep breath. Deftly she slipped the large torpedo shaped gel suppository straight up into his bottom, her finger sliding up through his sphincter as she pushed it home.

“Argggggggghhhhhh… Nooooooo…”

“Never mind sweetie it’s all in now.” Her voice was soft and gentle in contrast to the firm thrust of her finger as she forced it well up inside him.

“There sweet baby… that should keep you water tight while I just give you a quick shave.” She could see his face freshly reddening as she left Ami holding his testicles and Jessica slowly smoothing her hand over his bloated tummy.

His shaving was carried out in complete silence. The embarrassment of having his testicles lifted this way and that, while shaving foam was liberally applied over all his pubic area and in-between the cheeks of his bottom, left him dumbstruck.

He sighed and laid his head to the side in utter shame as Penny carefully shaved every inch of his genital area. Her cool soft touch was accompanied by that of the maids as they lifted his testicles and moved his penis to and fro to facilitate the movement of the safety razor.

His shame knew no bounds as eventually they helped him down. The nurse’s hand pressed tightly up between the cheeks of his bottom as he was made to hobble towards the toilet bowl.

His crowning humiliation was when the nurse casually put her hand flat against his bloated tummy as he sat shame-faced upon the toilet seat. Without warning she pressed the palm of her hand firmly into his tummy in a flurry of vigourous thrusts. Timothy did not know what was happening to him until suddenly the suppository burst from anus and the entire contents of his tummy rushed out of him and into the toilet bowl.

His shame was so great that he looked up at the young nurse in complete bewilderment, tears suddenly forming in his eyes as he realised that everyone had observed the emptying of his bowels.

The maids and the nurse looked down on him as he instinctively clasped his hands to his genitals. Ami had an amused expression on her pretty face as she turned towards the bath and bent sexily over the taps as she pushed the plug into the waste.

Timothy could do nothing but sit where he was as Jessica watched over him while Penny went to the table and took the large syringe. The look of pure anguish on Timothy’s face made Jessica smile. She could not help her amusement as the boy watched Penny liberally coat the nozzle of the large syringe with a lubricating gel.

He visibly trembled as the nurse approached with the syringe in her hands. The nozzle looked fat and thick as she held it towards him.

“Pleeeeeaaase nnnooooooooo misss… er pleeease, please not that.”

Timothy could not stop his emotional outburst as the nurse approached him.

“Pleeeaaase er n’nurse not with that… oh no, pleeeease no.”

Penny could not deny her own pleasure as she observed his horror at seeing the syringe. She could not have explained the thrill she felt when she inserted the nozzle into a young boy’s bottom and pressed the plunger… or the thrill as he gasped and arched his back as his insides were flooded. Nevertheless she did not intend to deny herself this special occasion with such a perfectly beautiful boy as Timothy.

“Come along my young man; let’s have no nonsense, shall we?” She turned to Jessica.

“Would you be so kind as to wipe his bottom for me?” Timothy suddenly turned pale as Jessica smiled at him and laid her hand on his shoulder as she reached over and tore off several sheets of toilet tissue from the roll. She took his wrist and gently pulled first one hand and then the other from his genitals and placed them on his thighs.

He was near to fainting as Jessica spoke to him, her beautiful face only inches from his. “Now open you legs wide like a good little boy and let me wipe your little bottom for you.”

Timothy shamefacedly parted his knees a few inches. Penny admonished him immediately.

“Now I have warned you before, I will not tolerate this naughty behaviour from young children. Now get those knees as wide apart as they will go. I can easily take you across my knee and smack that naughty bottom of yours.”

Timothy’s pallor was suddenly replaced by an almighty blush. He opened his legs, aware that his penis was hanging down between his legs, completely on view to the nurse and the two maids.

“That’s better sweet boy, now I can just slip my hands between your legs and wipe your little bottom for you.”

Jessica’s sweet and caring voice did nothing to assuage the acute embarrassment and humiliation that Timothy felt. He looked up to the ceiling in shame as he felt Jessica rest her left hand upon his thigh while she reached between his legs. Deliberately she let her wrist and forearm rub against his penis as she slipped the tissue between the cheeks of his bottom.

To Timothy the shame of having a pretty young girl wipe his bottom for him was all too much. He could feel the tears roll down his cheeks as Jessica wiped thoroughly between his buttocks.

Jessica let the tissue fall into the bowl as she stood up. She crossed over to the sink to wash her hands as Penny moved to stand in front of the boy. She held the nozzle of the syringe between her fingers, sliding them up and down over the bulbous end almost as if it were a penis. The lubricant glistened on her fingers as she looked down and spoke to him.

“Stand up and go over to the bath. I just want to have a look in the toilet bowl to see what you have managed to do.”

Timothy blushed again as he struggled to his feet, his hands once more clasping together over his genitals. He stumbled over to the bath, his hands clasped desperately to his groin as he tried to avoid the interested gaze of the two maids.

Ami had filled the bath to a quarter full and was now standing looking at Timothy with an amused expression on her face. He blushed as she raised her eyebrows and looked down at his hands which were clasped firmly to his groin. He turned away from her in embarrassment, facing the bath as he heard the toilet flush and the voice of the nurse.

“Right young man, its time for you to bend over and grasp your ankles. Legs wide apart if you please.”

He trembled as he heard Penny’s instructions. He did not move, instead he looked over his shoulder at the young nurse, his face a testament to his humiliation.

“Come along…” Penny’s voice was bright and cheerful as she addressed the trembling boy. “I want you bent over, your legs spread apart and your hands clasping your ankles. I am warning you that your unwillingness will not go unrewarded.”

Timothy trembled and shook as he bent over, slowly he shuffled his bare feet until his legs were spread wide and then, unclasping his hands from his genitals, he bent further over until he could grasp his ankles.

Penny savoured the moment as she stood behind him and examined his body. His buttocks quivered as she held the syringe with one hand and placed her fingers gently on his bottom. She was not surprised as a huge shiver ran through his body. She knew that the trepidation he was feeling would be manifested at the first touch of her hand upon his naked body.

“Don’t be nervous now and try and relax… this won’t take a minute. Her greased fingers caressed the nozzle once more as she spoke to Ami and Jessica. Would you both hold his buttocks apart for me? If you stand one at either side that will be ideal to stretch his little bottom open.”

Although she had instructed Ami and Jessica in what to do, her words were also intended for the young boy. She could see his knees shaking as Ami and Jessica casually bent over the boy at either side of his body. Penny smiled as the delicate fingers of the young maids slipped deep into the crevice of his bottom and together they stretched the pliant mounds of flesh wide apart.

“arggghh…oh…oh…oh… miss…er oooohhh.”

Timothy’s protestations were music to her ears as Penny stood admiring the sight of the boy being so rudely exposed. Penny relished every moment as she placed her greased hand between his bottom cheeks. Deliberately she teased his sphincter, watching as the flesh recoiled at her touch. Dexterously she insinuated her finger into the small opening, pushing gently but firmly until her knuckle disappeared inside him.

“OOOOooooohhhhhhhhh… arggggggggggggghhhhhh.”

Timothy wailed as he felt the slender finger of the nurse impale his tender bottom.


He cried out as her finger began to slide in and out of him, the knuckle producing an intense sensation as it passed through the ring of the sphincter.

“Now take a deep breath and relax your bottom for me, my sweet child. I am going to insert the nozzle up into your little bottom.”

Penny was in heaven as she introduced the bulbous end of the syringe to the opening of his bottom. In one fluid motion she slipped her finger from his sphincter and immediately pushed the tip of the syringe against the opening. She watched in fascination as the muscle tried to resist the intrusion of the bulbous tip of the syringe… and then suddenly give way to the pressure she was exerting, allowing the nozzle to slide up easily into his anus.

The effect on the boy was startling… his body tensed and he tried to rear up, only to be held in position by Ami and Jessica.

“OOOOOOOOOoooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh… aaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhh.”

His wail of distress filled the bathroom with the sound of anguish as he was impaled firmly upon the end of the syringe.

Penny’s voice was cool and calm, belying the excitement she felt, as she pushed the nozzle even further up into his quivering bottom.

“Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… pleeeeeeeeeeease nooooooo”

Penny ignored his pleas; instead she spoke to him as if he were a small child.

“There we are try and relax now… just keep well bent over while I rinse inside your little bottom.”

She turned her head towards Ami, but addressed both of the maids.

“You can both let go of him now, I am sure he will be a good little boy and take his medicine like a man.”

Ami gave both Jessica and Penny a knowing look. She had a very good idea what the reaction of the boy would be and understood why Penny had instructed them to let him go.

Timothy waited…his feeling of acute nervousness enveloped his whole body. He felt like a young schoolboy awaiting the first stroke of the cane.

For a moment there was absolute expectant silence in the room.

Suddenly… coolly and clinically, Penny pushed the plunger.

She knew from experience that the boy would not be able to stand up quickly enough to escape the full contents of the syringe. She also knew that however well disciplined the subject was, that they would inevitably stand upright as the water squirted into them.

She made sure that she moved forward with the syringe as she pressed the plunger firmly. Timothy’s reaction was better than she had hoped. He arched his back… and with a cry of despair let go of his ankles and stood upright with every muscle tensed as if he had been electrocuted.

His buttocks clenched together and for a moment, his body froze rigid… every muscle locked in a spasm.

He closed his legs together and to Penny’s absolute delight stood up on his tiptoes with his face raised towards the ceiling as he wailed in distress.


Penny could not help pushing the syringe further into his bottom as he cried out. Her words were cool and calm; almost teasing as she spoke to him like one would to a young child.

“Poor baby, never mind, it’s all over now. Jessica and Ami will help you bend over again while I withdraw the syringe and you can go and sit on a chair for a while before I let you sit your little bottom on the toilet.” She looked at Ami and Jessica who had watched the proceedings with hidden delight.

“Will you bend him over and hold him firmly. I would like his bottom stretched wide again while I extricate the syringe from his little bottom.”

Eventually the maids got his trembling and shaking body into position as Penny patiently held the syringe. She slipped a gel suppository from her pocket and as the maids stretched his buttocks wide, she slowly withdrew the nozzle until the bulbous tip was stretching his sphincter muscle.

“Oooohhhh… oh..oh”

She heard him moan as she let the muscle be dilated by the tip for a few seconds, before quickly withdrawing it and at the same time slipping the suppository straight up into his bottom. She pushed up quickly with her finger, ignoring his distress as her knuckle disappeared inside him.

“There… all done. What a fuss you little boys seem to make about your bottoms.”

Penny’s words brought another blush of shame to his cheeks, his face already red from his bent position.

She left the maids holding him while she replaced the syringe back on the table and took off her rubber gloves. She took a straight backed chair and placed it behind him.

“If you would both like to sit him down on the chair he can stay like that for a few minutes to let his rinse work properly.”

The maids helped a shameful and utterly humiliated Timothy onto the chair. Mischievously Ami looked him in the eye and then looked down at his penis and testicles. His penis was hanging down limply between his legs, he was just about to cover himself when Ami reached down between his legs and took hold of his flaccid member. She looked into his face and spoke gently, noting the glistening of tears in his eyes.

“I think you would do well to put your hands on your knees rather than keep touching your little penis. It is not good for little boys to keep playing with themselves.”

Timothy blushed instantly as the maid held his penis within her long slender fingers. Her bright red nails contrasted sharply with the pale timid flesh of his genitals. She patted him on the cheek before letting go of him.

Penny smiled to herself as she heard Ami admonish Timothy. She busied herself tidying her equipment as she thought about which way would be the best way handle the boy to the satisfaction of everyone. She beckoned Ami and Jessica across to the other side of the room, occasionally glancing across at Timothy as they spoke in low tones well out of the earshot of the young boy.

The girls talked together for about ten minutes, glancing over to Timothy occasionally, as he sat with his naked buttocks upon the wooden chair.

It was ten minutes later before she placed Timothy upon the toilet. She took hold of both his penis and testicles and lifted them up gently as she looked between his legs as he evacuated clear water into the bowl.

“There we are… what a good boy. Your bottom is nice and clean now, so I am going to let Ami and Jessica give you a nice bath while I tell Mrs Goodman that you are ready. Timothy blushed immediately as Ami and Jessica quickly took his arms and led him to the bath.

It was Jessica whom instructed him. “Right hop in young man and then stand up straight with your legs spread apart. I am afraid we will need those hands of yours out of the way.”

They made him step into the bath and stand up with his hands placed upon his head and with his legs spread wide apart. Both of the maids stood back and examined him intently. Jessica leaned forward and taking the soap, dipped her hands in the water. She lathered her hands, watching his horrified expression as she made a deliberate show of applying the lather. Ami followed suit, both girls standing in front of him as he began to tremble with the indignity of his position.

It was Ami that first moved forward. The palm of her hand was placed in an upward position as she reached between his legs and cupped his scrotum. Timothy jerked his hips backwards with the acute sensation of her fingers as the young maid casually took hold of his testicles. Her other hand reached forward and without preamble took a firm grip of his penis. “Now keep still while we wash you thoroughly. Jessica moved around the bath to the other side. Ami heard the boy gasp in shock as her friend deftly parted the boy’s buttocks and slipped her fingers in-between the firm cheeks.

Penny smiled as she watched the competent handling of the young boy by the maids. Penny knew that there was obviously more to the girls than mere servants to fetch and carry. She smiled to herself as she left the room to inform Mrs Goodman that the boy was ready.

“Stand up straight for Mrs Goodman now!” Ami spoke gently as she placed her hand on his shoulder. Timothy was standing in front of the massage table; his face was contorted in distress and seemed near to tears as he watched Mrs. Goodman and the nurse enter the bathroom. They were accompanied by the two young secretaries, Pat and Geraldine, as well as Gail and Susan.

The last thirty minutes had been a constant and relentless sequence of embarrassments for the young boy. He had been made to adopt the most undignified of positions while the young maids had bathed him. They had delighted in handling him so intimately that he had felt close to ejaculating several times. Their hands had spared him no modesty as they had washed every inch of his body. The final humiliating act had been to continually pour cold water over his penis and testicles until his rigid member had finally become flaccid.

He was still trembling and blushing from this indignity as the maids had dried him quickly and made him stand in front of the massage table with his hands on his head, waiting for the return of the nurse.

Mrs Goodman spoke to him; her voice was soft and gentle. “My you do look a nice clean boy! I am going to let the nurse and my secretaries position you on the table so that I can have a little feel inside your bottom and then Penny is going to make you ejaculate.” Mrs Goodman ignored his look of horror as she continued as if it were the most common thing in the world to tell a young boy that he is to be forced to ejaculate in front of so many young women.

“Now just stand still for a moment, Geraldine just needs to measure you.” Geraldine moved forward, holding a small tape measure in her hands. Quickly, she looped it around his waist and noted the measurement. She moved to his side and held the end of the measure against the small of his back and let it rail down over his buttocks. As if it was of no concern to her, she reached between his legs, her hand brushing against his penis and testicles as she caught hold of the tape and pulled it through, this time moving his penis and testicles aside as she stretched the measure up and held it against his navel. Again she noted the measurement to herself as she released the end which was pressed against the small of his back. She placed the tape back in the pocket of her skirt and moved in front of him.

“Keep still please Timothy.” She watched his face contort with embarrassment as he watched her cup her hands together and clasp them around his penis and testicles. She thrilled when she felt him shiver at the touch of her cool fingers enveloping his genitals. She watched his face blush and heard him gasp as she encased her hands around his intimate flesh. “There that’s fine.” She took her hands away and turned to Mrs. Goodman. “I am sure I can make something appropriate, it will only take a few minutes.” She moved away and watched as Mrs Goodman stepped forward, her lithe body only inches away from Timothy as she looked into his blushing face.

She stroked her hand against his cheek as Pat and Geraldine quickly moved to each side of his naked body and took hold of his arms. Without a moments delay they moved him backwards until his bottom was touching the end of the table. “Take your hands from your head and sit up on the table, here let me help you.” Geraldine’s voice sounded low and sensual as both girls quickly got him up and sitting on the end of the table.

“Over we go now.” The alarm and embarrassment on Timothy’s face delighted the young secretaries as they laid him back and placed his arms at each side of his head until they were stretched out and laying flat on the table. Gail and Susan quickly moved to the head of the table and took his hands in theirs, holding him firmly as they looked down into his face observing his acute distress. His lips were trembling and as Gail stroked her hand against his cheek, he flushed a deep shade of red.

Timothy was trembling visibly. His young body was stretched out with part of his bottom and his legs hanging over the end of the table. He could feel the cool air around his freshly shaven genitals. He looked up to see Gail looking down at him. Her beautiful face and perfect body unnerved him, he blushed as she leaned over him.

Try and be good while mummy examines you.” Gail spoke softly as her face moved closer to his. Her lips felt soft and gentle as she kissed him tenderly on the lips. Timothy looked at her, his face betraying his feelings of love and supplication at such a tender gesture. Gail continued to look into his eyes noting how vulnerable the young boy was to even the most simple act of affection.

Susan moved around to the end of the table and took both of his hands placing them flat on the bed with the palms upwards. She leaned over so that her breasts fitted exactly against each upturned hand. She took hold of his arms, holding him completely captive as her breasts pressed deliciously against his hands.

She could see that Constance was busy lubricating the fingers of her right hand. The clear gel made her hand glisten under the strong ceiling lights as Constance greased several of her fingers before screwing the cap back upon the large tube of lubricating gel.

Holding his attention with her tender look and loving expression, Gail made a kissing gesture with her lips, aware that her mother had finished her preparations for the boy’s internal examination. She placed her hand tenderly on his cheek as Pat and Geraldine unceremoniously hoisted his legs into the air, pushing backwards and outwards, until his knees were spread wide at either side of his chest. Gail felt a thrill as he gasped at the indignity of the positioning of his legs, grunting again as suddenly Mrs Goodman deftly slipped her lubricated finger straight up into his bottom.

“There my poor baby, try and relax while mummy examines inside your little bottom.” Gail’s soft and gentle voice was at odds with the vigorous impalement of his bottom. He tried to rear up but was held gently by the girls. The young maids had moved to each side of the bed, their soft hands stroking over the inside of his thighs as he began to tremble with emotion.

“Now try and relax your bottom and I will be as gentle as I can.” It was Mrs Goodman who spoke as she probed more deeply with her finger. Timothy gasped loudly as her finger quickly located his prostate gland. The slender tip of her forefinger gently probed and teased the soft firm flesh as she spoke once more.

“Yes… I think you feel fine up there. One more little push now and it will be all over.” Constance delighted in the squirming of his hips and his gasps of indignation as she firmly pushed deeper and deeper into his bottom. The excitement she felt was overwhelming and for a moment she felt a pang of envy that her daughter would be able to enjoy this experience as and when she wanted.

Gail certainly echoed her mother’s excitement at the boy’s humiliating impalement and his obvious embarrassment and humiliation. For Gail the pleasure was in watching the boy’s face as she inflamed his senses with her soft and gently spoken words of comfort, knowing full well the stimulating effect that her mother’s finger was having upon the young boy’s body.

She delighted in his torment as he tried to turn his head from side to side, his face blushing profusely and his breath rasping through his trembling lips. Gail leaned over him with her lips close to his. “Poor baby… never mind… there, there it will all be over soon. Now try and be a brave boy when the nurse milks you and keep your little bottom relaxed so that she can get her finger right inside of you.

Although Gail’s voice was soothing and comforting, her well chosen words had entirely the opposite effect upon him. Rather than putting him at his ease, she had deliberately caused him to blush profusely, his face flushing to such a bright red that she could feel the heat from his cheeks. His lips trembled with utter embarrassment as she looked into his eyes.

“Poor baby… having to have his little bottom examined, never mind… just relax now.” Gail kissed him gently on his forehead and at the same time laid her hand upon his chest. Callously she pinched his nipple, timing the action to the firm thrust of the finger within his bottom as she watched her mother out of the corner of her eye

Constance could not relinquish the pleasure of one firm last push up into the boy’s rectum before she reluctantly withdrew her finger from his sphincter, the tight ring of muscle protesting as her knuckle passed through it.

She noted that the boy’s penis had begun to twitch and slowly distend, rolling to and fro upon his tummy as he squirmed with distress. Not surprising, she thought, considering the amount of stimulus the boy was receiving from the hands of the girls.

Penny was aware of the reluctance at which Constance had withdrawn her finger from the young boy’s bottom. She was also very much aware that she had witnessed someone who was well used to handling and stimulating the erogenous zones of the human body. The deft entry of Constance’s lubricated finger into the boy’s bottom and her expert probing had quickly elicited a deep and anguished response. His body had shuddered and quivered with emotion as Constance had tailored the movement of her finger to his naive attempts to escape her torment.

Penny made up her mind and looked at Constance, making sure that her face betrayed none of the surprise she felt at the woman’s expert and experienced handling of the young boy’s body.

“I wonder if I might ask you to er… stimulate his prostate while I take care of his penis. Would that be alright?”

Constance was as ever the perfect diplomat as she looked at the nurse and replied nonchalantly. * Yes of course Penny.” Constance immediately took the tube of lubricant as Penny turned to Ami and addressed her loudly so that the boy would also hear her words. “If you would take the place of Geraldine and hold his leg, keeping it well away from the table… yes that’s the way… nice and wide so that his bottom is properly stretched.” She turned to Jessica.

“Jessica, if you would do likewise and take the place of Patricia.”

She watched as the girls changed places, noting that the two maids had stretched his legs even more widely apart than before.

“Right Geraldine, if you would be ready with one of the test tubes. All you have to do is place it near the end of his penis as he ejaculates. I will tell you when.”

Geraldine smiled, the mischief in her eyes signalling her delight at the task ahead. Deliberately she placed one of her hands on the juncture between his pubis and his thigh, feeling his body shiver at the intimate contact of her cool fingers. She turned to the table and took one of the large glass test tubes. Making sure that the boy had a perfect view she held up the test tube and spoke to him, her tone brisk and clinical as she observed his blushing face and trembling lips. “Now we want a nice big ejaculation from you, so try and be a good boy and allow the nurse to extract as much as she can from those plump testicles of yours.”

Constance could not help smiling to herself as she heard her young secretary address the boy, her words obviously intended to increase his embarrassment and humiliation.

Penny beckoned Patricia to stand by the boy’s waist. “If you would lift his testicles for me and keep them out of the way Patricia, I think we are ready to start.”

Penny looked at Timothy, who had to his utter embarrassment heard every word. “Right young man… I am going to make you ejaculate; I want you to try and control yourself and resist the temptation to release your semen for as long as possible. Will you try and do that for me?”

Timothy groaned with utter embarrassment, his face was on fire with the anguish and humiliation he was feeling. To make matters worse, his totally humiliating and shameful milking was to be enacted in front of Susan and Gail. He blushed again, his whole body shivering with emotion as Gail added more fuel to his shame. “Answer the nurse Timothy, will you try and control yourself while the nurse milks you?

Timothy could only shiver and shake as he muttered his reply. “er.. pleeeease… er y’yes er miss… er I mean nurse.”

Gail smiled at him, the soft and gentle smile that one would give to a small child.

Penny watched as without further preamble, Patricia reached forward and cupped the young boy’s testicles in the palm of her hand. She ignored his gasp of anguish as she nodded towards Constance, lifting his testicles upwards so that Constance had ample access to the widely splayed cheeks of his young bottom.

“Take a deep breath now.” Penny commanded as she watched Constance tease the tightly puckered anus of Timothy’s sphincter with the tip of her finger. Suddenly Constance pushed her finger forward, watching the carefully manicured nail slip through the quivering ring of muscle. Slowly, inexorably… her finger slid upwards causing him to groan in anguish as he was fully penetrated.

Penny smiled to herself as she watched the boy’s penis start throbbing, lifting off his tummy by its own volition. Casually she gently flicked the tip of the penis with her fingers, moving her hand from side to side as her nails brushed over the sensitive tip with the merest of pressure .

“Ooooohhhhhh… er pleeeease.. er” Timothy was beside himself with shame and embarrassment as Penny continued toying with his penis until it was standing straight up in the air. The rigid flesh was straining and throbbing with the combined and continual sensations the girls were inflicting on his body.

It was a pure act of self indulgence as Penny reached forward and grasped the shaft of his penis in her right hand. Pulling the foreskin back as far as it would stretch; she flattened the palm of her right hand and placed it over the sensitive opening of the urethra.

She knew full well what the reaction of the boy would be as casually, almost nonchalantly, she rubbed the palm against the opening of the urethra in a circular motion. Instantly the boy’s body tensed as if he had been given a mild electric shock. He gasped loudly, his hips writhing as he tried to escape the acute, almost unbearable sensation. Gail watched Penny out of the corner of her eye, noting that the young nurse was holding his penis firmly and completely ignoring the frantic writhing and squirming of his hips.

Gail looked down into Timothy’s face, noting the look of absolute anguish and terror in his eyes as he thrashed his head from side to side.

“Arggggghhhhhhhhhh… ooooooooOOOOOOOOOOHHHH please er missss er stop oh ohh pleeease stop.”

She could never have explained the thrill she felt as she spoke to him calmly, her tone deliberately soft and gentle, in absolute and utter contrast to the tormented movements of his body.

“Poor baby, it will all be over soon…. there, there my sweetie, be a brave little boy.”

Her words seemed to inflame the boy’s senses even more; he writhed and groaned in abject anguish as Penny forced him to endure the movement of her hand against the tip of his penis. She nodded to Constance, who casually stretched his sphincter upwards as she slipped a second finger up into his bottom. Suddenly Penny took the flattened palm of her hand way from the tip of his penis and pulled the foreskin up and over the head. Quickly and expertly she used both hands to manipulate the flesh in a smooth and expert milking motion.

Timothy looked upwards in anguish as his penis was expertly stimulated to an unbearable and excruciating fever pitch and at the same time, his sphincter stretched wide to accommodate the relentless probing of his prostate gland. He felt that his whole being was being invaded; every part of his body seemed to be at the mercy of the girls’ expert and sensual stroking.

The beautiful face of his head girl looked down at him, her expression serene and aloof, clinically observing his dire humiliation and embarrassment.

Penny was aware that, because of the constant sexual arousal Timothy had been subjected to from the moment he had entered the house, he would not be able to control himself for very long. She could already feel the vigorous throbbing of his penis as she milked him expertly and thoroughly, her hands moving up and down in a constant and dominant cycle of squeezing and stroking.

As if on queue, his hips raised from the table, his body incapable of any control as he trembled and shook with emotion. Penny smiled as she saw Gail look at her with a knowing smile and then bend her head until her lips were close to Timothy’s.

The boy arched his back in utter abandonment, his bottom lifted off the table and his legs tensed. His muscles locked into a solid mass as if he was in cramp. Nonchalantly the maids altered their grip upon his knees, handling his quivering form with ease. They adjusted their position and in doing so pulled his legs even wider apart as they held him captive and at the mercy the nurses busy fingers.

Several things happened simultaneously as the first globules of semen suddenly erupted from the tip of the boy’s penis.

Jessica calmly held the test tube close to the tip of the straining flesh of his penis, competently catching the strings of viscous milky fluid in the glass as they jetted upwards. Constance thrust her fingers firmly up into his bottom, jabbing and prodding the prostate gland mercilessly as she watched his anguished ejaculation. Patricia suddenly squeezed the boy’s testicles, firmly applying pressure to the soft and swollen orbs of his testes. She could feel them move in her hand as semen continued to pump from his penis. She relished the thrill that coursed between her thighs as she casually instinctively smacked his upturned bottom with the palm of her hand.

“Slap… slap…. Slappppp… smackkkk.” Her palm beat rapidly against his unprotected flesh. His bottom cheeks quivered and shook as she calmly slapped his buttocks as if he was a naughty child. Constance showed no surprise, knowing full well the depth of knowledge that her young secretary had in sexually stimulating the human body.

Penny however was suitably impressed with the nonchalant way that the young secretary soundly spanked the young boy’s buttocks with a dozen hard slaps before gently rubbing her hand round and around over his injured flesh.

“Arghhhhhhhh ooooohhhhhhh argggghhhhhh MMmmmmmm.”

Suddenly Timothy’s anguished cry was cut short as Gail fastened her mouth over his, his chest heaving violently as he was immediately denied breath. Susan held his arms firmly, her young breasts thrusting down hard against the palms of his hands as she watched Gail feel for his nipples and then cruelly squeeze both of them between her fingers and thumbs.

The girls held him in this state of agonising suspension for several seconds. His body tensed in a paroxysm of complete and utter torment. His penis pumping semen into the test tube as his body was locked in one massive and absolute spasm.

His flesh shuddered in relief as Gail suddenly released his lips, allowing him to draw air in one mighty intake of breath. She could see from the glazed look in his eyes that he was near to fainting; she looked down towards his genitals, fascinated by the amount of semen that was still squirting from his penis. She spoke to him coolly, her voice eliciting an even more anguished expression from his young face.

“Try and give me a few more big squirts, there’s a good little soldier. Nurse wants you to try your best…. there that’s the way.”

She squeezed his nipples once more before laying her hands flat against his chest and stroked downwards over his tummy. The action seemed to cause the boy even more distress as Gail demonstrated the fact that she had complete access to every part of his body.

Suddenly the tension seemed to drain from his body. His muscles relaxed and his hips fell back on to the massage bed. He gasped, his mouth sagging open as his reluctant and climatic orgasm came to an end.

Penny slowed her hands squeezing upwards towards the head of his penis, patiently milking him until the last bead of milky fluid appeared at the tip.

She patted his bottom as she took her hands away from his softening flesh. She watched as Constance slipped her fingers from the boy’s bottom and Patricia casually squeezed his testes before letting them hang unhindered between his widely spread thighs. Timothy looked upwards at Gail. His embarrassment was complete and total as she looked down at him, the picture of her beautiful face was etched upon his psyche as he trembled with deep emotion.

Her words completed his utter and abiding degradation. “My oh my, little boys do seem to make so much fuss. Don’t you feel ashamed at making all that noise while you were having your little penis milked? I hope you are not going to continue to be a naughty boy when it’s time for the nurse to empty the rest of your semen from those soft little plums of yours, are you?”

Timothy was beside himself with embarrassment and humiliation. He could never in his wildest dreams have contemplated such utter degradation and anguish. He blushed with shame as Gail leaned over him, her words sending shivers through his spine as she casually brushed the back of her hand over his chest.

She felt him shiver with even greater anguish as her fingers trailing lightly against his skin; deliberately she traced a circle over his tummy before brushing the palm of her hand further down his body. She looked into his face, watching the blood rush to his cheeks as casually she smoothed her delicate fingers over his flaccid penis before gently cupping her hand under his testicles.

She delighted in the look of pure anguish on his face as she nested the soft testes in the palm of her hand. “Well these must feel a lot more comfortable now Timothy. The skin is nowhere near as tight.”

She jiggled them, watching his eyes flinch as she gently squeezed his scrotum, lifting the scrotal sac up and out from between his legs. “Yes Timothy… you ought to say ‘thank you’ to the nurse for draining you so thoroughly.” She looked down at him, her smile showing her even white teeth between her beautiful lips.

Timothy had a sudden and incredible urge to try and cover himself. The slight movement of his hands caused him even more embarrassment as he felt Susan press her body down firmly against his upturned palms. The feel of her soft breasts made him blush in confusion as she stifled his movements.

To Constance’s growing admiration for her daughter, it was Gail that took charge and ushered them all out of the large bathroom. The only remaining people were Gail, Susan and the young nurse. Gail had used a soft hand towel, folded into a triangle, to cover the young boy’s naked loins.

She had kissed him softly on the lips and instructed him to close his eyes and rest for a while. A tear had slowly run down his blushing cheek as he had obeyed her instruction. She beckoned the girls to leave the bathroom quietly, as she gently stroked her hand over Timothy’s chest, noting that his body was still shivering with the trauma of his violent ejaculation.

The warmth of the room and the silence that ensued after the girls had left allowed him to drift into a light sleep.

It was twenty five minutes later when Gail gently touched the boy’s cheek, her fingers trailing softly over his young skin. He awoke slowly, his He looked around to see that the young nurse and Susan were also standing by the massage bed, watching him as he awoke.

“There we are Timothy, you’ve had a nice little rest. Now we are just going to get you up on to your hands and knees.” She watched the boy open his eyes and look at her, his expression was one of surprise, quickly turning to alarm as she told him what she was about to do to him.

“The nurse thinks it would be best if both Susan and I have a little feel inside your bottom in case there is an occasion when there is no-one else to help her with your therapies. I promise we will be gentle with you and you need not feel embarrassed as there is only Susan and myself here apart from the nurse of course. Now will you roll over on to your tummy and then get up on you hands and knees.”

Timothy blushed immediately, his cheeks turning to a bright red as he heard her softly spoken words. His embarrassment deepened as Susan nonchalantly placed her hand on his chest and smoothed her fingers down over his tummy to his waist. She looked at him, noting the alarm in his eyes as she lifted the towel which covered his genitals and folded it into a square. She placed the towel on the table behind her and pressed her hand on his waist. “Right over you go… let’s get you up on to your hands and knees.” Timothy began to shiver with humiliation as the girls casually examined his genitals, noticing that his penis was full and plump again after his short nap.

In complete silence they helped him turn over and then to his utter dismay helped to position him so that he was up upon his hands and knees. Gently but firmly they made him spread his legs until his knees on each side of the bed. The final humiliation was when they made him go down on to his elbows.

Penny spoke gently as she admired the boy’s humiliating position.

“There that’s fine; your bottom is nicely positioned for our examination Timothy! I am going to let Susan examine you first, so try and relax while she lubricates your little bottom for you.” Penny delighted in the sight of the boy’s genitals, which hung down between his widely splayed thighs. His penis was already distended, the foreskin slowly retracting back from the bell-shaped head as it swayed to and fro, prompted by the anguished squirming of his hips. “You will have to try and keep still while Susan inserts her finger up into your little bottom… will you do that for me?”

The nurse’s words caused Timothy to grunt with embarrassment as Gail placed her hand upon his cheek and turned his head towards her. She spoke softly to him as one would to a timid child.

“Now try and relax your bottom and keep your head turned towards me, so I can see if there is any discomfort. Gail delighted in the profuse flood of colour that suffused his cheeks as she looked into his eyes. “Now the nurse will want you to take nice deep breaths… in and out… in and out.” She waited while the boy naively followed her instruction and began to breathe deeply.

It was with utter delight and excited anticipation that Susan lubricated her fingers. She had not bothered to don rubber gloves, instead preferring to lubricate her bare fingers. She watched his bottom shudder as she gently placed her left hand upon his buttocks. She could not remember when she had felt so much excitement, as she placed the tip of her forefinger against the puckered star of his sphincter. Gently she began to lubricate the sensitive flesh, her actions eliciting an immediate vocal protest from the trembling boy.

“Oh… miss… please no… er nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.”

Susan probed the opening, ignoring his protestation as she bent to her task. She probed more firmly, fascinated as she watched his sphincter recoil at her impudent investigation of his timid flesh.

“Pleeeeeease nooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOO.”

His voice rose to a fevered pitch as Susan suddenly felt her finger slip through into the tight channel of his anal passage. Curiously, she explored the soft flesh inside his bottom. She felt Penny gently put her hand around her waist as she stood closer to her.

“Now Susan if you curl your finger downwards… yes that is the way… you will feel a dome of soft round flesh… that is his prostate gland. It is located more or less at the other end of the penis. Can you feel it?”

“Argggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Timothy’s anguished cry almost drowned out Susan’s reply.

“Ah… yes… I think this must be it.”

Her prediction was immediately confirmed by the frantic squirming of the boy’s hips. Penny quickly took hold of him around the waist, holding his body in a tight grip which stifled his anguished movements. Although he was now incapable of motion, Susan could see the smooth firm flesh of his bottom quivering as if he was in fever.

She felt her finger encounter the pliant plumpness of the gland. Instinctively she smoothed her slender fingertip over the walnut shaped mound, aware that the boy was beginning to tremble uncontrollably. Each time she moved her finger she could feel him shudder. She wondered what it must feel like to have such an intimate part of one’s body stimulated so profoundly. She closely observed the boy’s reaction as she ran her finger over the mound of his prostate. She experimented by moving her finger in different directions until she was able to tell which part of her gentle probing elicited the most visible response.

“Argggghhhh… pleeease… noooo…. Nooo more… miss pleeeeeease.”

Penny ignored the boy’s anguished plea as she held him firmly, leaning forward over his buttocks she whispered to Susan.

“If you take hold of his penis you will be able to feel it throb… it will tell you when you have hit the right spot. Try a prodding action; you will be able to feel how his penis reacts to it!”

Susan, could hardly contain her excitement as she delicately wrapped her fingers around his penis and prodded the soft mound of flesh deep within his bottom. Immediately she felt him shudder and his penis throb as he moaned in protest at her relentless stimulation of his sexual organs.

“OOOooooooohhhhhhHHHHH…. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… arggh please miss… please nooooooo more miss.”

Gail looked into his eyes, seeing the look of terror on his face as he gasped and shook with utter anguish and humiliation. “There, there Timothy… try and be a good boy and relax your bottom. It is very important that Susan has complete access… now push your bottom up and dip your back so that your buttocks are well open and spread apart. Do you think you can do that for me? I am sure that Susan is being as gentle as she can be!”

Timothy’ could not believe how embarrassed and anguished he felt. His degrading humiliation at the hands of the young girls seemed total and complete. Naively he tried to dip his back, pushing his bottom upwards as he felt her finger take advantage of the action and proceed to roam even deeper inside him.

His breathing became heavier as Susan smoothed her finger over the gland; she could feel it contract violently as a globule of clear fluid escaped from the tip of his penis and slowly descended in a sticky droplet on to the bed below. She knew that even though she was only squeezing his penis, rather than milking it, that Timothy would not be able to hold back another ejaculation for much longer.

She prodded the prostate with a firm thrust of her finger, noting how the shaft of his penis throbbed in response to her stimulation. Timothy tried to rear up as she casually experimented, her finger employing a series of prods and pokes and then moving to a massaging movement over the gland. Susan was enthralled by the absolute control she had over the boy’s emotions. She admired the perfection of his buttocks as they quivered and shook, open and available to her every whim. Surprising even herself she partially withdrew her finger and then with a swift movement introduced her middle fingertip to the opening of his sphincter. Ignoring his loud gasp of indignation she slipped a second finger up into his bottom, feeling the sphincter tighten against her knuckles as she pushed up firmly. It was all Penny could do to hold the boy as he tried to rear up, his anguished protest echoing around the tiled bathroom.

“Arrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… noooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh…. Pleeeeeeeeeeease… oh please, please, please miss… ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh… arrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhh.”

Gail held his head firmly, making him look into her eyes as she spoke softly to him as one would to a wounded animal.

“There, there Timothy… try and be a brave little boy, it will all be over soon.”

Her beautiful face looked calm and serene, an incredible contrast to his own anguished expression as he gasped and shook with deep tormented emotion. Holding his face in her hands she bent her head and kissed him on the cheek. She could not explain her excitement at his tortured expression as she fuelled his abject and utter embarrassment with her gently spoken words.

“Just a little bit longer, try and be brave… I want Susan to be able to complete her examination inside your bottom without any more fuss… so just keep your bottom relaxed and open for her, sweet child.”

Susan delighted in the grunts and groans of the young boy as she curled both fingers against the sensitive gland of his prostate. She found that it was quite easy to tell which of her many movements caused him the most stimulation by the pulsing and throbbing of his penis. She could feel the sphincter seem to recoil and tighten against her fingers each time she prodded the walnut shaped gland. She felt confident that she would be able to stimulate the boy quite easily, controlling his sexual emotion by the dexterous movements of her fingers. She was certain that by employing careful and subtle ministrations to his prostate that she would be able to make him ejaculate exactly when she wanted.

She looked over the boy’s buttocks at her friend Gail, who was holding his head gently in her hands. She smiled to herself as she realised that Gail had not allowed the boy to psychologically detach himself from the proceedings, but rather she had made him look into her eyes and display his emotions openly. Every humiliation to his young body was being casually and clinically observed by the by the very girl that he was in awe of.

Gail could not have explained how or why she knew how to mould the boy’s psyche to a dependency upon her. Perhaps it was part of an instinct that she had within herself that prompted her actions to elicit such a deep and emotional response from him. But she knew that little by little she was binding the boy to her… a psychological authoritarian relationship that would be deeply etched into his character. She had already witnessed his look of love and supplication… and she knew that in time the boy would be inextricably bound to her for as long as she wished.

Penny held the boy firmly as she bent low and looked under his tummy at his penis. She could see the clear viscous fluid that was leaking from the head of his penis as it was being squeezed by Susan’s slender fingers.

Susan too, was aware that she would have to curb her intimate prodding and probing of the boy if he was not to ejaculate prematurely. His body was quivering from head to foot and his breathing had become heavy and irregular, such was the intensity of the sexual stimulation that she had produced within him.

“Just one more little push Timothy and I will have finished… deep breaths now.” Susan’s voice echoed in his ears as he tried to control his emotions. Suddenly he felt his bottom stretched wide as she thrust two fingers firmly up into his bottom and at the same time he felt her firmly squeeze the head of his penis.

Susan was delighted as the combined effect of both ends of his penis being stimulated so flagrantly caused his whole body to shudder in a violent convulsion. The sensation seemed to invade the very core of his being and he groaned in anguish.


Gail looked at him, her face betraying none of the incredible excitement she felt as she looked deep into his eyes. Coolly and clinically she observed his acute distress.

“Well Timothy that wasn’t so bad now was it. I wonder why little boy’s have to make so much fuss when their little penises and bottoms are examined. You should be grateful that Susan is being so thorough in examining you. I can see that someone is going to have to take you firmly in hand.”

Susan looked at Gail, suppressing the sudden giggle she felt as her fingers tightened around his penis and she slipped both fingers from his quivering bottom. She felt the sphincter tighten over her knuckles as she withdrew her hand from between his widely spread buttocks. Reluctantly she loosened her grip upon the hard and throbbing shaft of his penis, observing another shudder of emotion which ran through his body as she let go of him.

Penny held him firmly for a few moments until she was sure that he would not try and rear up. She moved to stand beside Susan and slapped the boy lightly on his upturned bottom cheeks.

“Right young man,” she said brightly as she smoothed her hand over his quivering buttocks. “Gail is going to let you recover for a few moments before she examines you… so just stay in that position and try not to move.”

Gail looked deep into the boy’s face. She made sure that his anguished eyes were fixed firmly on hers as she spoke to him.

“Promise me that you will do as the nurse asks of you.”

She could see the apprehension he felt as he looked at her. What excited her was his obvious acceptance at his subjugation to her. She was sure that he would continue to protest and plead at his treatment, but there was a clear indication that he was accepting her authority. Allied to this was his overriding feeling of awe when he was in her presence. She had been well aware for a long time of the effect that her beauty had on men as well as boys and she knew how to use the superiority this gave her in a subtle and natural way.

As she looked closely at him she was aware that his feeling of anxious apprehension was coupled with a strong desire to please her and that any admonishment would wound him deeply.

She spoke again, her voice clear and matter of fact and in contrast to the absolute thrill she felt as she anticipated his dismay at her words.

“Now Timothy… listen to what I have to say very carefully. I am going to have to examine inside your bottom. It is for your own good and it is necessary, so I want you to promise me that you will relax and that you will allow me proper access.”

Gail delighted in his embarrassment as she continued.

“As you have already had your semen extracted once, I am going to help the nurse make you ejaculate for a second time… that is after I have examined you. The nurse will milk your penis for you while I see to your bottom and then she will probably have to give your testicles a little squeeze or two, just to make sure that we have it all. I am going to ask Miss Foster and Miss drew to come back into the bathroom and hold you while you are being milked, so I want you to promise me that you will do as you are instructed.

One final thing… if you are naughty or disobey me I will punish you like naughty boys should be punished. You are in a very good position to have your bottom smacked and I shall not hesitate to give you a sound and thorough spanking in front of Susan and the nurse as well as Miss Drew and Miss Foster, so I think it is in your best interests that you behave. Will you promise me to behave Timothy?”

As she was speaking Gail had observed his cheeks change colour from bright red to a deep purple. He looked so embarrassed that for a moment, Gail thought he might even faint. She could see that his eyes were already glistening with tears as he looked at her in utter anguish. His voice sounded cracked and dry as he mumbled his response.

“Oh… er please Miss… er .. I, I promise.”

She brushed her hand against his cheek in a tender gesture. “Stay quite still sweetie while I fetch Miss Drew and Miss Foster. You may lower your head now and rest your forehead on the pillow.”

Gail was rewarded by his immediate acquiescence; she stood for a moment looking at his beautiful young body as he knelt with his forehead resting on the firm pillow. His bottom was still thrust upwards and she could see that his penis was still fully erect.

Timothy knelt naked and ashamed. He seemed to be in a cocoon of utter torment and anguish. He could feel that his whole body was open and exposed. The mildest movement of air within the room instantly reminded him of his rude and humiliating posture. He could feel his penis throbbing of its own volition, openly exposed between his widely spread thighs. He felt that every part of his body was open and exposed to whatever the girls wished to do to him.

For Timothy, the most embarrassing and humiliating aspect of his ordeal had been the presence of Gail observing his most intimate arousal and ejaculation. Her beauty had always unnerved him. Even at school he would blush in embarrassment if she so much as glanced in his direction.

He had not recovered from the humiliation of her gentle words and admonishments as he had lain over Hazel’s knee and had his bottom smacked soundly while Gail had closely observed his shame and anguish. He shivered as he pictured her beautiful face looking at him as he had cried and gasped with pain and indignation as Hazel had thrashed him soundly. Now he blanched at the thought that she was to stand behind him and insert her finger into his bottom and that he would be powerless to stop her.

Gail did not immediately leave the room but stood back and looked at the naked boy. She savoured his absolute humiliation as he knelt upon the bed, his knees spread wide apart and his bottom thrust high in the air, open and accessible to anything she might wish to do to him.

To his absolute dismay he felt her hand stroke gently over his back and up over the twin hillocks of his bottom cheeks. Her fingers trailed down between his buttocks before she encased his testicles within her slender fingers. She did not speak, her absolute mastery of him was apparent to both of them. Gail heard him quickly draw in his breath as she squeezed his testicles lightly before taking her hand from him and abruptly slapping both of his bottom cheeks. He gasped in dismay, even though the smacks she had administered were not heavy.

“Good boy, now stay where you are and don’t move, I promise you that you won’t have to wait long before I return to help the nurse milk you.”

No boy could have been more embarrassed and humiliated at that moment than Timothy. His cheeks burned with shame as he knelt upon the table. Gail had demonstrated to him that no part of his body was to be private or sacrosanct and that she would spare him no embarrassment or humiliation.

Although Gail was looking forward to experimenting with the boy’s physical stimulation, she was aware that his long term subjugation to her would be owed to her management of his psyche. She had also become aware that her pleasure in observing his distress and humiliation was overwhelming. She could feel the thrill and excitement each time the boy looked into her eyes begging for his torment to stop.

She remembered reading a book some years before which had thrilled and excited her and had perhaps inspired her actions. She had not been aware of the latent tendency deep within her until she had read and re-read a particular passage.

The book had dealt with the torture of prisoners by the Nazis during the Second World War. Much of the book had not really aroused her interest until she had read about a young female Gestapo officer Helga Klimpt, who had become one of the most successful interrogators of male prisoners during the Nazi occupation of France.

One of the passages had fully described Helga and one of her sessions where she and her team of four female officers had interrogated a young English soldier.

He had been strapped naked and spread-eagled upon the wooden table that she had had made to her own design. His legs had been strapped down and stretched painfully wide with his penis and testicles placed upon a wooden block.

Helga Klimpt, was described as being quite beautiful and very young. She had the high cheek bones and fine features of the true German aristocrat. Her blonde hair was always drawn back into a bun so that all of her beautiful features were clearly visible.

Helga always made-up her face impeccably before her interrogation sessions, carefully applying her lipstick and eye shadow to the best of effect. Invariably she would be wearing a subtle perfume to accent her femininity.

Even her smart Gestapo uniform was tailored to accent her full breasts and slender waist. She would draw up her chair so that she could look down at the prisoner’s head and lean over him, so that her exquisite features completely filled his vision.

Gail had been surprised at her own excitement as she read how Helga had delicately smoothed her hands over the young prisoner’s chest and face. Her words of sympathy were always soft and low, even as the young prisoner gasped and screamed at the pain that Helga’s fellow officers were inflicting upon his body. The girl would lean over him, her lips only inches from his.

“Poor baby… is the pain too much for you? Tell me all about it… there… there poor baby.” She would then whisper an instruction to one of the girl’s. The instructions, however subtle and complicated were always issued in numbers. Each of the numbers signified a different well rehearsed action to be performed by each member of the team of four young female torturers. All of the torture sessions concentrated only upon the prisoners sexual organs.

“Number two… and Heidi… if you would add a little of number four.”

Again she would lean over the anguished prisoner… “Poor baby… are the girls hurting you… does that feel too big inside you… never mind… just tell me what you were doing and I will make the pain go away…”

She would kiss the prisoner on the forehead, her lips soft and gentle against his skin before issuing another instruction. “Number nine please.” Immediately the prisoner would cry out in pain and anguish as his testicles were squeezed or one of the large metal phalluses’s that she used, was thrust further up into his anus.

“There poor baby, let me make them stop… poor baby… so much pain for such a young boy to bear.” She would watch out of the corner of her eye as she tailored the pain to his genitals. Sometimes she would instruct the girls to manipulate his penis until it was erect and then have them slide a long electrode down into the urethra until the tip was inside the prostate gland. She herself would control the dial to the electric current, which she kept on a small table beside her, as she talked softly to the prisoner.

“Poor baby, just a little more pain and then you can tell me all about it.” She would observe him clinically as his hips would rise up from the bench in pure and exquisite pain and anguish.

“There my little one… just a little longer and then I will let tell me all about it… poor baby…does it hurt my baby… never mind I will make it go away soon. There… there” Her hands would stoke over his body as if he were a young child.

During her interrogations she would always have the girls make the prisoner ejaculate. She would have an electrode placed up into his bottom and then instruct her young team to masturbate him until he ejaculated. As his semen spurted upwards the girls would slide a probe into the opening at the tip of his penis and Helga would apply a small electrical current to the two electrodes. The prisoner would scream in a mixture of agony and ecstasy as she skilfully controlled his anguished orgasm. She was so practiced in her craft that she could make a younger prisoner ejaculate four times within an hour. The prisoner’s final orgasm would be so tormented that he would often shiver and shake uncontrollably for over an hour.

Gradually she would wear her prisoners down… her skilful manipulation of pain and her softly spoken words of comfort causing them to be completely disorientated and anguished.

The interrogations would continue for hours on end until the prisoner invariably told her what she wanted to know.

It had been several years since Gail had first read the book and yet she could still remember the intense sexual pleasure she had felt at the vivid description of the Nazi officer’s torture methods. Gail realised that subconsciously, or perhaps consciously, she was employing similar methods upon the beautiful young boy that she was about to examine.

Timothy shivered in dread as a few moments later he heard the footsteps of Gail and the two young secretaries as they entered the bathroom. He could not help the involuntary shiver as he heard Gail’s clear voice instruct the two young girls.

“If you would both stand at either side of him and make sure that his bottom is kept nice and accessible while I examine him. Patricia, let the nurse stand near to me so that she can reach underneath him with both hands…you will need to take the test tube, I will try and warn you when he is about to ejaculate. I am going to lubricate my fingers and give him a little examination before we extract his semen. Timothy has promised to be on his best behaviour, haven’t you Timothy?”

Timothy was trembling with embarrassment as he heard every word of Gail’s instructions. His body was trembling visibly as Susan moved to the top end of the bed and placed her hands gently on either side of his head. She could feel him shiver as she spoke to him, her voice gently echoing the tones of a nurse or mother.

“Poor Timothy, having to have his little penis milked again, never mind we will all take good care of you.”

Although technically Penny was in charge of the proceedings, it seemed to Susan that the authority had somehow shifted towards Gail as her young friend spoke to the nurse.

“Before I insert my fingers into his bottom, I would like you to show me what you were doing when you flattened the palm of your hand and rubbed it over the end of his penis. I noticed that Timothy seemed to be particularly stimulated by that.”

Penny smiled at Gail; she was not surprised at the forthright and unembarrassed way that the young girl had spoken to her. Rather than be put out with her demand, she was impressed with her maturity and indeed the rest of the Goodman household.

She smiled at Gail and indicated the boy’s penis, which although not fully erect hung down, thick and turgid between his legs. Both Penny and Gail could see that the swollen flesh was throbbing, the shaft bobbing forward with each pulse.

“If you would like to take hold of his penis Gail and pull the foreskin back tightly so the head is fully exposed. Then flatten the palm of you hand so it is stiff. This will give you an ideal surface to stimulate the opening of the urethra. You will find that he is very, very sensitive to stimulation at the very tip. The ideal method is to rub the palm of your hand in a circular motion. You will have to hold the shaft tightly or he will try and evade you. I think it would be best if the girls were to hold him tightly before you start.”

Gail smiled at the matter of fact way that Penny had mentioned that Timothy would try and evade her. She was quite sure that however inexperienced she was at the moment, that it would not take her long to explore the boy’s sensitivities. She fully intended to become quite expert in stimulating Timothy. In fact she was determined to be able to handle the boy so skilfully that both his mind and his body would be entirely controlled by her.

“Patricia and Geraldine, would you take hold of Timothy and make sure that he remains still while I examine him.” Gail watched as both Patricia and Geraldine placed their hands around his waist. She could see the boy shiver as their cool hands touched his naked flesh. She anticipated with delight the moment when she would first place her hands upon his nervously quivering body. She intended to prolong his torment as long as possible and also increase his apprehension at what she would do to him. Rather than immediately take hold of his penis, she deliberately placed her hand flat against the sensitive flesh high up on the inside of his thigh.

Her first touch had exactly the effect she desired. He shuddered from head to toe like a startled rabbit, involuntarily trying to escape her touch. Deftly she placed her left hand between his legs and encircled his penis within her slender fingers.

“Arrrgggghhh… oooohhhh.” The boy could not help crying out with anguish, such had been his acute nervous anticipation of the first touch of her hands upon his body. “There my baby… shhhh quiet now, while I examine you.”

Gail had already asked that Susan would not talk to the boy while she examined him. She wanted to make sure that it was her voice, and her voice alone, that would be imprinted on his memory as she manipulated his flesh to an orgasm.

She stretched the foreskin back until it was pulled taught against the base of the penis. She placed her right hand higher up upon the shaft so that she could hold the skin back and at the same time have a grip nearer to the head. She was now able to let go of him with her left hand, and she flattened the palm, stretching her fingers outwards as she mimicked the earlier actions of the young nurse.

She could hear the boy’s quickening of breath and his gasp of anguish as she placed the palm of her hand against the end of his penis. For a moment she held it there and then with utter delight she began to rotate the palm against the sensitive tip of his penis. The effect was electric! He tried to rear up to escape the almost unbearable sensation he felt within the tip of his penis. He gasped and then cried out as, slowly and inexorably, the palm of her hand rubbed against the tip of the urethra.

Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeee… noooooooooooOHHHH.

His voice rang out in pure anguish as Gail nonchalantly increased the pressure of her palm against the most sensitive part of his flesh. Although she was excited at the sheer torment she was so easily able to inflict upon the boy, she had the common sense to observe each bodily reaction as she began to vary the way she applied the stimulation to his captive penis.

The next few moments were a torment of unremitting intensity for Timothy as Gail deftly applied the palm of her hand to the tip of his penis. She could feel the shaft of his member pulse and throb, each movement of the palm of her hand clearly manifesting itself in an answering palpitation from within the swollen flesh of his organ.

She carefully noted each response until she was sure that she knew the movements that would elicit the most sensation from his quaking flesh. To make sure she again applied a firm pressure to the head of his penis and moved her hand more rapidly. Immediately the boy cried out, his voice wailing in a plea for respite.

“Pleeaseeeeee…. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease… noooooo it is toooooooooo… argggghhh sensitive… pleeease missssssssss.”

“Poor baby… never mind it will all be over soon, try and be a brave little boy.” Her soothing words belied the rapid movement of her hands as again she made him cry out in anguish.

Pleeassssssssseeeeee oooooooohhhhhhhhh… noooooooooOOOOOOHHHHH.”

Suddenly she stopped and immediately released his penis. She watched as it throbbed and pulsed of its own volition. Instinctively she cupped her hands around his swollen testicles and squeezed them gently. Her voice was soft and soothing as she spoke gently to him.

“Poor Timothy… never mind… I will be gentle with you… don’t fret so.” Her words did nothing to assuage the boy’s utter anguish as she placed her hand on his bottom. “Now I am just going to apply some lubricant to your sphincter so that I can slip my fingers up into your bottom nice and easily, so do try and keep still.”

Again Gail deliberately chose the right words to completely embarrass the boy to the fullest degree. She looked between his legs to see that his eyes were tightly closed and that his face was completely suffused in a deep blush of red.

She smiled as Penny held the tube of lubricating gel and squeezed a generous amount on to her fingers as she held them out towards her. After she had thoroughly lubricated them she held out her finger and watched as penny squeezed a long line of clear gel on to her forefinger.

Even to Gail the long line of gel looked ominous as she moved closer to the boy’s widely parted buttocks. For effect, rather than of necessity she placed her hand left hand on the flesh inside the cleft of his buttocks. She felt his body jolt in fear as she brought her lubricated hand upwards, her index pointed forward.

“Now hold him very tightly, he might try and rear up when I penetrate his bottom.”

Although ostensibly, she had spoken to the two young secretaries, her words were really intended for Timothy. She could feel him begin to shiver as she stood with her finger only inches away from the opening to his bottom. Without further preamble she pressed her finger against the tightly shut muscle of his sphincter. She saw him try and rear up as the girls held him firmly.

“Now relax Timothy, you have already earned yourself a punishment for your behaviour so far, I do not want to embarrass you by having to smack your bare bottom in front of everyone. So relax your bottom and allow me full and free access.”

Gail knew that there was no possibility that the boy would be able to relax any part of his body, but she also knew that her words and change of tone would be deeply imprinted upon his memory when eventually he involuntarily relived his ordeal.

She gently pressed her fingertip against the sphincter, watching as it seemed to recoil at her touch. Slowly, with deft strokes she lubricated the entire area around the opening to his bottom. Gradually her probing finger became bolder, firmly she pushed against the opening, her fingertip causing the boy to gasp and groan as suddenly the tight rosebud of his bottom hole was penetrated by the tip of her finger.

“Take deep breaths now, I want to hear you breathe… in and out, in and out… that’s the way.” Her voice was firm and resolute as she pressed her finger firmly against his bottom. She listened to him as he began to take deep breaths. Slowly and inexorably she pressed her finger upwards into his bottom, watching intently as it disappeared up inside him. She began to press more firmly as the knuckle approached the tight ring of muscle which guarded the entrance to his bottom. Suddenly it slipped through and she was able to impale him fully.

“OOOooooooohhhHHHHH… argggggghhhhhhhh… “

His cries rang in her ears as eagerly she felt around inside him, almost immediately she encountered the plump mound of flesh that was his prostate gland. She slipped her other hand around from his bottom cheek, feeling beneath him until she located his penis. She could feel it throb beneath her slender fingers as she gripped it firmly. Now that she had his engorged flesh held captive she proceeded to explore inside him. Gradually she traced her finger around the pliant channel of his rectum. She took her time, exploring as deeply as he finger would allow her. She had already made up her mind that she would introduce a second finger into his bottom. She felt sure that she would be able to penetrate him more deeply with two fingers.

She rotated her finger, pressing hard against the sphincter as she turned her hand to accommodate the movement. Gradually she withdrew part of her forefinger as she pressed her middle finger against the opening to his bottom.

“Relax now, and take deeper breaths… come along in and out… in and out.” Timothy was beside himself with embarrassment and humiliation as he heard her instruct him to breathe more deeply. Suddenly he felt an incredible pressure against his bottom and then felt his sphincter being stretched wide as a second finger was thrust up rudely inside him.

“Ooops… there we are, you see… you can relax if you try.” Gail was well aware that his sphincter was stretched wide as she pushed both fingers up inside him. She completely ignored his tormented cries as she began her intimate exploration.

Carefully she moved her hand inside him, this time having far more access than with a single finger. She began to mentally catalogue her prodding and probing, taking careful note of the anguished pulsing of his penis as she moved her fingers over his prostate gland. She jabbed her fingertips against the soft mound, immediately eliciting a low and anguished moan from him as he shuddered with the sexual torment of her fingers.

She fuelled his abject humiliation with softly spoken words, deliberately designed to heighten his awareness of her mastery of him. “Poor Timothy… try and keep still while I just probe a little deeper. I will be as gentle as I can with your little bottom… there that wasn’t so bad was it now?”

She thrilled as he howled in anguish as she jabbed her two fingers mercilessly against the centre of the plump mound of pliant flesh.

“Argghhhhhhh… oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Do try and keep still Timothy… I would hate to have to punish you… now just try and relax, you may feel a firm pressure but it is nothing to worry about. She pushed hard, feeling the knuckles of her hand press firmly against his tightly stretched sphincter. She could hear him groan as once more his body shuddered with anguish.

Gail continued her intimate examination of the young boy. She thrilled as she observed his distress at her intimate and thorough examination inside his bottom. His widely spread buttocks shivered and shook as she prodded and probed incessantly… her fingers squeezing his penis as she observed his reaction to her complete and thorough testing of his senses.

When she felt that he was close to ejaculation, she would still her fingers until she was sure that the temporary crisis had passed. She listened intently to his moans and protestations as she diligently examined every millimetre of his rectum. Only when she was finally satisfied that she knew exactly how to extract the maximum amount of sensation from her probing of his bottom did she turn her head towards Penny.

She looked at the young nurse, noting the look of admiration on her young face as she observed her handling of the young boy. Gail spoke, but her words were addressed to Timothy. Her tone was brisk and forthright, brooking no argument as applied a firm pressure to his prostate. She could feel him shiver with torment as she spoke clearly and concisely.

“Right young man… the nurse is going to extract your semen from you, so be a good boy and let’s have no nonsense. As you ejaculate I will squeeze your testicles… just to make sure that we have extracted the maximum amount of semen from you. I won’t hurt you… but you will feel a firm pressure… so you have been warned.”

She smiled to herself as she heard the boy groan in dismay. Ignoring him completely, she loosed her fingers from around the shaft of his penis and watched a Penny took both of her hands to the turgid and straining flesh.

“Now we want nice big squirts… and I am sure that eventually these little plums of yours will feel so much better.”

She accented her words by deliberately taking hold of his testicles in a firm grip. She moved the swollen testes to and fro within the scrotal sac, hearing him gasp with utter anguish as she manipulated his vulnerable testicles so intimately.

She watched as Penny flattened the palm of her hand and drew the foreskin of his penis down the shaft until the shiny flesh of the corona was completely exposed. Gail timed the first jab of her fingers to the vigorous rotation of the nurse’s flattened palm upon the opening of his penis.

The boy’s response was violent and predictable. Both Geraldene and Patricia leaned over his body, stifling his movement as he tried to rear up off the bed.


His wild groan of agony echoed around the tiled room as Gail and Penny proceeded to stimulate the boy. Their hands busily engaged in the most skilful ministrations to his penis and prostate gland. Patricia looked down between his buttocks to watch Gail’s fingers as they reamed through his sphincter, the gel glistening under the overhead lights as repeatedly her two fingers almost exited the opening before being pushed firmly back until they disappeared from sight.

It was all the young secretaries could do to hold the boy as Penny began to slide his foreskin up and down the shaft of his penis. His breathing sounded jagged and disjointed as Gail timed the push of her fingers to Penny’s tightening of the young boy’s foreskin. Gail stooped a little to watch what Penny was doing. To her delight Penny had left the foreskin stretched tightly down the shaft of the penis and was using her bare fingers to stimulate the ring of the corona.

Timothy cried out, his voice a wail of pure agony in response to the intense sensations that the girls were eliciting from his young body.

“Pleeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee. Noooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh.”

Gail began to press more firmly, her fingertips prodding the plump gland. Each time she pushed she could feel the boy try and rear up. She could see out of the corner of her eye that Patricia was holding a glass test tube in her hand as she leaned over the boy, gripping his waist firmly.

Suddenly his body stiffened! The surface of his flesh turning to goose-bumps as his sinews locked in a violent spasm. Gail could not help the tremor of ecstasy that ran through her body as she watched the boy’s body contract. His body had responded with a total and violent reaction, every sinew was clearly visible as he tried to arch his back; his cry was a plaintive wail of pure agony and torment.


Gail surprised even herself as she nonchalantly jabbed her fingers hard against his prostate and at the same time squeezed the soft sac of his scrotum. It seemed that his body was suspended in a hiatus of rigor mortis before suddenly shuddering in an agonizing display of deep and tormented emotion. She could see that Patricia was now bent low with her hands beneath the boy’s heaving hips, while Geraldene had pressed her breasts against his back, preventing him from rearing up.

“Let me have a nice big squirt from your little penis now Timothy. I want your little testicles to empty for me now… that’s the way… let me have it all now.” Gail was surprised that she was able to keep the excitement she felt out of her voice. She knew that her words would further torment the boy as she prodded his bottom vigorously with both fingers.

His penis erupted with a stream of viscous creamy fluid. His body shuddering as each spurt of semen jetted into the proffered test tube. He gasped and groaned as Penny milked him firmly. His stomach convulsing visibly as Gail aided his tormented ejaculation with firm and unrelenting prods of her finger. She could feel his sphincter squeezing her fingers tightly as it contracted with each eruption of semen from his penis.

“There… what a good boy you are. You see… you can be a good boy if you try. Now let’s have a few more squirts. I am going to squeeze your testicles for you now… don’t be alarmed I won’t hurt you.”

Gail squeezed firmly, the almost callous gesture making the boy shiver uncontrollably. The testes felt soft and yielding as her fingers curled around them, exerting even greater pressure as she squeezed once more. She thrilled as she observed his anguished response. His whole body shuddered violently and he cried out in utter torment as she maintained the forceful pressure. She pushed her fingers further up into his bottom as he writhed and squirmed, his hips juddering in total and complete abandonment.

Gail felt a second thrill course through her body. Involuntarily she pressed her pubis against the edge of the table, unable to stifle the urgency of her own impending orgasm. The sight of the boy in such torment, with her own fingers firmly impaling his bottom was the final stimulus that determined her own intense pleasure. She pressed her hips harder against the edge of the table, her face only inches from his quivering buttocks as she felt the familiar sharp sliver of ecstasy that seemed to emanate from deep between her legs. She felt it knife through her whole body, making her nipples harden and her flesh shiver in a spasm of delicious and extreme emotion.

Penny diligently milked the boy’s penis until the last globule appeared at the tip. She could feel that his penis had stopped pumping and she relaxed her grip. Casually she scored her thumb upwards from the underside of the shaft, making sure that the last vestiges of semen had been extracted. She glanced at Gail, fully aware that the young girl was in the extremis of her own deep and violent orgasm.

Letting go of his penis she moved behind Gail and casually slipped her hand beneath the full skirt of her summer dress. Whether it was instinct or sheer bravado, Penny did not know as she reached upwards for the waistband of Gail’s French panties and pulled them down over her buttocks. Quickly she slipped her hand between the soft cheeks of the girl’s bottom and onward between her legs. Her slender fingers slid easily between the plump soft peach slices of her moist pubic mound. She felt Gail immediately accommodate her fingers as she stroked upwards and over the erect clitoris, scraping her nails against the erect nub of flesh. She could feel the wetness on her fingers as Gail silently completed her orgasm.

Not a word was said as moments later Penny slipped her hands from between Gail’s legs, both girls returning their full attention to the naked young boy. Penny was delighted to see that Patricia had taken hold of his penis and was stretching it downwards towards the lip of the test tube. The boy was shivering violently from the intensity of his reluctant orgasm. His chest heaved as he fought for breath. His mouth was sagging open and his lips trembled with emotion.

His whole body felt drained and his mind tormented with his humiliation. He could not countenance the utter embarrassment he felt at having the girls witness his disgrace as he ejaculated. His mind was in a state of turmoil. He felt guilty and ashamed that his feelings had been so openly displayed; his ejaculation was his final degrading act in front of the young girls.

He could feel his bottom hole being stretched wide as Gail extricated her fingers from inside him. He shuddered and gasped as her knuckles passed through his tightly stretched sphincter. He felt her gently caress his testicles, her fingers scoring the underside of the scrotal sac before her hands left him completely.

He rested his head on the pillow in shame and humiliation. His face was flushed a bright red, a testament to the utter degradation he felt.

Gail was now very much in control of her emotions as she spoke to Timothy. “There, there poor Timothy… it’s all over now… we are going to turn you over and leave you to rest for a little while after we have washed your bottom… and your penis and testicles.”

As the two young secretaries turned him over, Gail was able to see the look of pure and anguished shame upon his face. She caught his eye, seeing him immediately avert his gaze and blush profusely with embarrassment. The young secretaries had laid his arms along the bed above his head so that his body was entirely open for their inspection. Patricia and Geraldene went to the sinks and busied themselves with further preparations as Gail spoke to the shamefaced boy.

“Look at me Timothy.” She commanded as she helped place his legs so that the backs of his knees rested upon the edge of the bed with his shins hanging down.

Grimacing with humiliation, he reluctantly looked at Gail, his face colouring up the moment he caught her eye. “That’s better Timothy, now can you feel a difference in these little plums of yours, they feel so much smaller and lighter than before.”

He watched in horror as she moved around to the side of the bed and nonchalantly cupped his testicles in the palm of her hand, weighing them as if it was a perfectly normal procedure.

“Tell me Timothy do they feel more comfortable now? The nurse has been very thorough in extracting as much of your semen as she could… don’t you feel grateful to her?”

Timothy blushed again as Gail looked at him, her beauty and forthright manner overwhelming him once more. She let go of his testicles, letting the soft orbs rest back between his thighs.

“Er… y’yes miss… I mean er… thank you er… nurse.”

His face revealed his deep shame as he looked at the young nurse. Penny gave him her professional smile before turning away to the table.

Susan moved around from the head of the bed. She looked at the boy’s distraught face as she moved to stand next to Geraldene. Gail spoke to her, watching Timothy’s face intently as she addressed her friend.

Would you feel his testicles for me Susan, I think I am right in saying that they are definitely smaller and feel so much lighter. Tell me what you think.” Gail watched, her sardonic expression fuelling the humiliation and helplessness that the young boy was feeling.

She watched as Susan delicately took hold of his penis between her finger and thumb and lifted it, hearing the boy groan with misery as she scooped up his testicles in her other hand and held them up from between his thighs.

“They are very much lighter aren’t they Gail. I think he should be very, very grateful to the nurse.” She squeezed the tip of his penis, feeling the answering throb from within the plump flesh. She looked at his face, seeing the look of dismay upon his face as she squeezed the shaft once more.

“Really Timothy, can’t little boys control themselves at all. I can feel your penis beginning to stiffen again.” She let go of his penis and flicked it from side to side with her fingers, watching as the flesh became fat and turgid. She looked at Gail and spoke to her so that the boy could hear every word. Little boys have very little control do they… and they try and give the impression that they are mature when really they are still babies!”

Gail was delighted with Susan’s words. She could see that Timothy had turned his head to the side in utter and abject embarrassment.

Patricia and Geraldene had already begun preparing hot soapy wash cloths in a bowl of water as Penny turned towards them. She took one of the cloths and turned back towards Timothy, waiting while she had his full attention.

“I am going to give you a nice table bath while Miss Foster and Miss Drew hold your legs up out of the way so that I can get at your little bottom. Now try not to make a fuss and allow me proper access… will you do that for me sweetie?”

She observed the boy’s acute discomfort as the two secretaries moved to either side of the massage bed. Without preamble they took hold of his legs behind his knees with their wet hands and hoisted his legs in the air. They stretched them upwards and outwards so that his bottom was lifted well above the surface of the table. Penny was delighted in seeing an expression of utter dismay appear on his face as she slapped the soapy washcloth against his buttocks and began to wash him vigorously as if he were a small child.

Timothy grunted and groaned as Penny washed him thoroughly. His face was bathed in a deep red blush as the young nurse changed washcloths several times, casually lifting his penis and testicles as she diligently washed around his pubic area.

He was in a state of pure humiliation as the young girls watched his naked body being intimately bathed and then dried by the young nurse. Gail was delighted with Penny’s performance as she observed the boy’s acute embarrassment. She knew that however embarrassed he felt at the moment it would be nothing compared to what she was to do to him next.

She watched as Penny finished her task, patting his plump penis as the girls released his legs down on to the table once more. She took a plastic container of Talcum Powder from the table and began to shake some of the powder onto the palm of her hand. She stood at his side so that he had an unhindered view of her, waiting patiently until she was certain that she had his full attention.

Her voice was crisp and authoritative as Timothy looked at her in dread. “Now young man, I am going to powder your bottom and your genitals so you won’t get sore. Miss Drew and Miss Foster will lift your legs again, so just relax. She paused as Patricia and Geraldene hoisted his legs back into the air.

She made sure that the boy was watching her before she deliberately and deftly placed her left hand over his penis and brought her right hand up between the cheeks of his bottom. She smoothed the powder over his groin, pushing his penis from side to side as if it was of no consequence. His freshly shaven genitals felt smooth to her touch as she deliberately let her hand push his plump penis this way and that as she powdered him copiously.

She could see that he was near to tears with embarrassment as she reached for her coup de grace. She examined his face intently as she held up one of the nappies that Patricia and Geraldene had made for her. The towelling material had been neatly hemmed after Geraldene had managed to cut three of them out of one large white bath towel. The young secretary had deliberately tapered the triangle, making the diaper as brief as possible.

Timothy looked at Gail in horror as she slipped the degrading baby napkin beneath his raised buttocks, letting the ends trail down over the sides of the massage bed.

“Pleeeaaassseee… er… misss…. er… what’s… er what.”

The boy was blushing profusely as Patricia and Geraldene lowered his legs onto the bed and then casually pulled his legs apart so that his thighs were hanging over the sides.

“I am sorry Timothy, but Hazel has insisted that your genitals are not encumbered with tight clothing… so this seems to be the best solution.”

“but… but… er miss… oh no… please no.”

Gail looked at him sternly. “I know of a little boy that will be wearing a red bottom as well as a nappy if he does not remember his manners. Now Timothy, would you like me to redden your little bottom before I pin up your diaper… or would you rather lay on the bed displaying yourself to all the girls instead of me covering you?”

Timothy was too embarrassed to speak as Gail looked at him sternly. She motioned for Patricia and Geraldene to take his legs once more. Deftly the two girls grasped his legs and raised them, pushing backwards until his knees were placed to either side of his chest. He grunted and then cried out as Gail cradled his penis and testicles in her left hand, holding them up and away from between his legs.

“I warned you young man that I would not hesitate to smack your naughty little bottom in front of everyone. She raised her hand and began smacking his bottom cheeks. She surprised herself with the severity of her slaps as he writhed and moaned in utter embarrassment and torment. Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, her hand delivered a flurry of hard slaps upon his tender bottom cheeks. She could see the flesh reddening as she proceeded to smack his bottom soundly.

“Pleaaase… nooooo… missss… er I’m sorrreeee.” Gail did not stop, but continued, feeling another delicious thrill course through her body as she smacked the young boy’s buttocks. After about thirty sharp slaps she stopped and looked at his tear stained face.

“I will give you one more chance Timothy, are you going to be a good boy or am I going to have to punish you here in front of everyone?”

Timothy looked at her his face in shock. The slaps she had given him had been really quite painful. Did she mean that those slaps were not even part of a punishment? He knew one thing, that he did not want her to continue smacking his bottom!

“Oh please miss, I will be good a promise, I am very sorry.”

“Well I hope you are. But just to make sure I am going to ask Susan to give you ten good hard slaps to your bottom, just to make sure that you remember what I have told you.”

Timothy was about to protest, when he thought better of it. Susan leaned over and nonchalantly raised her hand. She smacked his bottom good and hard, her hand moving rapidly from one bottom cheek to the other as she delivered the ten smacks.

As soon as she had finished, Timothy looked up, his face turning not to Susan, but towards Gail. There were tears of humiliation in his eyes as he spoke to her, his voice tremulous and pleading. “Oh please miss, I am sooo sorry. I promise I will be good.

Gail delighted, not just in his words but in the fact that he had addressed her directly, even though it had been Susan that had been smacking his bared bottom. He spoke in such a subjugated manner that she felt a thrill run through her body. She hid her delight as she spoke to him, her voice soft and low.

“Well, Timothy I will take your word that you will behave, but should you deviate from good behaviour I will be forced to punish you. Now I will powder you once more and then pin up your baby napkin between your little legs.”

She spoke directly to Patricia and Geraldene. “Would lift his legs higher so that I can powder well in-between the cheeks of his little bottom? I know that little children, especially little boys, can become quite sore around their bottom and their little penises.”

She watched his face flood with colour as she nonchalantly lifted his testicles and began to apply powder in-between his buttocks. She held his genitals, casually moving them this way and that, as she smoothed the fine powder all over his pubic area. By the time she had finished she could see that his penis had stiffened, although not erect, it lay fat and plump upon his lower tummy, pointing down to his navel.

She re-arranged the baby napkin on the surface of the massage table and gestured for Patricia and Geraldene to let down his legs and spread them to the sides of the bed. To the boy’s utter humiliation and shame she drew up the nappy, bringing the end up between his legs and drawing the two sides together, until all three corners met at his navel.

She took the large nappy pin that Penny was holding out to her and pinned the three ends together. She stood back and looked at him. She could see how skilfully Geraldene had tapered the diaper. The part that passed between his legs was quite narrow, widening out to accommodate his penis and testicles, before narrowing again towards the pin.

The effect was that his pubic area was bare of covering. Only his penis and testicles would be hidden from view, encased in the fluffy white towelling. She knew that most of the sides of his buttocks would also be bared too when eventually she let him stand up.


The girls were laid out on two of the many ‘sun lounges’ which surrounded the ornate mosaic tiling of the swimming pool. Standing upon the glittering marble which formed the outer perimeter of the pool, stood low wrought iron tables. The tops of the tables were magnificently finished in blue and gold inlays which echoed the pattern of the pool flooring. Large blue and gold sunshades were interspaced between the brightly coloured mattresses of the chairs and lounges.

Both Susan and Gail had changed from their summer dresses into bikinis, allowing the sun’s rays to caress their young bodies as they lay on their backs. Their heads were turned towards each other as they conversed quietly. They had made Timothy lay down upon a large bath-towel which had been placed ready over one of the beds. The lounger had been deliberately positioned on its own near the shallow end of the spectacular kidney shaped pool. The girls had made sure that he would be well out of earshot of their conversation.

Occasionally the girls would look across at him as he laid face down on the blue and gold striped towel. They could both see that his face was still blushing from the accumulated embarrassments that he had suffered during the morning.

Gail and Susan were well aware that he had chosen to lay face down to hide his excruciating embarrassment at the brevity of his covering. Timothy was constantly reminded by the warm gentle breeze that flitted across the pool area, that his buttocks were completely bare and that the baby napkin hardly covered the crease of his bottom. He was also aware that it would have been even more revealing to lay face upwards. He could feel the soft fluffy material rub against his penis every time he shifted his position upon the sun-bed.

It had been an hour since they had left the large bathroom and Timothy had taken his embarrassing walk from the house to the pool area; his hands being held by the girls as they walked at either side of him, leading him captive and ashamed towards the pool. Deliberately they had left him to lie in the sun on his own, so they could talk about the day’s events. Gail was delighted with the progress she was making with the young boy, but she was keen to interspace her domination of him with periods of normality.

They had watched him blush profusely when the young maids had served him sandwiches and orange juice. They had hidden their amusement when he had endeavoured to keep his hips pressed to the surface of the bed as he turned to mumble his thanks to the maid.

The girls talked together, lazily stretched their beautiful bodies as the sun grew hotter. Timothy appeared to be dozing too as Gail continued looking across at him, gesturing at Susan to observe the young boy’s beautiful body. She whispered to her friend,

“We’ll give him another half hour and then I think it will be time for him to have a swim… in his little napkin.” She almost giggled as she thought of the boy’s impending embarrassment.

It was indeed half an hour before Gail got up and stood next to the boy’s bed. She took the opportunity to examine the contours of his body, especially the firm twin hillocks of his buttocks as he laid slumbering, face down upon the sun lounger. She leaned over and placed her hand, not upon his shoulder as one might normally do to awaken someone, but gently upon his upturned bottom causing him to awaken with a jerk and turn his head towards her in alarm.

“Poor baby, you must have been sleeping… did I startle you? If I had known I would have left you to get some rest. This morning must have been traumatic for you. Never mind, now that you are awake I think you ought to have a little swim. Don’t worry, Geraldine is coming down to keep an eye on you in case you get out of your depth.”

Gail had observed the boy’s face turn from its normal colour to a deep shade of red as his feelings of utter embarrassment and humiliation returned to him.

He was once again, acutely aware of the brevity of his covering as Gail took his arm and made him stand up. To Timothy’s horror he realised that his penis had stiffened during his short sleep and was clearly outlined against the fluffy white towelling of his brief covering.

The girls’ carefully-laid plans could hardly have been more perfectly executed; as if on cue, Geraldine walked down the steps towards the pool area. She was wearing a one piece bathing costume, her perfectly formed figure giving her the appearance of an athletic goddess as her lithe legs traversed the stone steps.

Timothy blushed deeply; his short sleep had been his only escape from the embarrassment of the day. Now as he stood nervously aware of the stiffness of his penis as it pushed against the soft material of the diaper, he felt his body shiver from head to foot. Geraldine approached him, her bright smile, which displayed her perfectly white teeth, did little to allay his fears of further embarrassment and humiliation. The beauty of her body immediately put him ill at ease as she came to stand in front of him. Her face was freshly and exquisitely made up. Her beautifully shaped reddened lips pouted as she mimed concern for his nervousness and embarrassment.

“Poor Timothy, did the girls wake you from your little sleep…. never mind, you can have a little swim and I will stay here and keep an eye on you.”

Her voice was patronising and aloof as she touched his burning cheek with the tips of her beautifully manicured fingers. The bright red nails still contrasted against his blushing red cheeks as she moved her fingers almost tenderly over his perfect skin.

The tender but condescending gesture caused Susan to almost giggle at the overt way Geraldine was embarrassing the young boy. She watched with amusement as Geraldine turned him around and gleefully patted his bared buttocks as he stumbled in utter shame towards the steps that led down into the shallow end of the pool.

All three of the girls moved to sit at one of tables, the umbrella above them, effectively shading their bodies from the sun, as they watched the boy begin to swim. It was an ideal vantage point from which to leisurely examine the movements of his young body as his limbs pushed fluently against the water.

“I can see why you are enamoured with our young swimmer.” Geraldine said mischievously as she looked at Gail.

“He has the most perfect of all physiques, not too muscular and with excellent proportions. Now how badly do you want Patricia and I to embarrass him… just a little or an awful lot?” She tilted her exquisite face and laughed as she saw Gail’s impish grin. Gail thought for a moment before she replied.

“It is not just the embarrassment; I want you to make him feel small… as if we think of him more as a child. I know he is quite acquiescent as it is, but I want him to feel that perhaps he is not as old as he thinks he is… if you get my meaning… and exaggerate the gap between our ages”

Geraldine looked at Gail intently, her face becoming serious as she pondered.

“I think I know exactly what you mean… although he will know he is not a child, I think I can certainly bolster your authoritarian approach. To emphasise… that while you are an adult… he is still in his childhood”

Gail smiled in appreciation. “There you are Geraldine… you have it in one!”

Timothy avoided looking up as he turned to swim back to the shallow end; in fact he managed to avoid the acknowledging the avid attention of the girls altogether, as he began to swim lengths of the pool. He was thankful that the diaper had been fastened tightly enough to stay in position while he swam, although he avoided more violent movements as a precaution against it coming loose. He began to enjoy the feel of the water and for a while became absorbed in his swimming.

It must have been over half an hour before Timothy suddenly became aware that Gail was standing in the shallow end of the pool. As he approached her she gestured for him to get out of the pool and then, much to his relief she turned around and went back to the table. He grasped his diaper firmly at either side as he exited the water. To his horror the weight of the sodden material threatened to slide down from his body. He could feel water running down between his legs as he struggled up the steps.

He felt ill at ease and awkward holding the diaper up. He looked across at the girls as he headed towards his sun-bed. Thankfully he managed to grasp the large blue and gold bath-towel and wrap it around himself. Although he was able to dry his body easily, he could feel the copious amounts of water that still drenched his diaper. He tried to avoid looking at the girls but was unable to avert his eyes sufficiently to avoid seeing Gail gesture for him to come over to their table. He noticed that Geraldine had left the pool area and felt relief that she would not be there to further his embarrassment.

The beauty of the two girls, dressed as they were in only the skimpiest of bikinis, troubled him so much that he was only able to blush profusely and look at the floor as he approached them.

Gail’s voice was bright and quite authoritarian as she addressed him. “Now Timothy I want your little body dried properly. We must not have you catching cold with so much treatment still to come. Do you think you can do that yourself… or would you like Susan and I to dry you? Little boys can be so remiss in looking after themselves!” Timothy managed to blush to such an extent that his face turned bright red. Gail felt sure she could almost feel the heat from his cheeks as he bent his head and looked at the floor before mumbling a hasty reply.

“Oh please …er noooo er… missss. I will do it myself… er I am nearly dry.” Gail looked at him, her heart skipping with a beat of delight as he clutched the towel to his body. Reluctantly he had to look up at her, feeling the need to assure her that he was able to dry himself.

His face was a picture of embarrassment as she caught his eye and held her gaze, not allowing him to avert his eyes, even for a second.” Give me your towel and let me look at you… I am certainly not reassured that you are able to dry yourself. Susan, please take the towel from him and I will have a look to see if he has dried himself properly.”

Timothy blushed again, as he looked at Susan’s pretty face. Her expression showed some sympathy for his embarrassment as she held out her dainty hand and took the towel from him.

Desperately he grasped the sides of his diaper and pulled the napkin up into position. He looked at Gail nervously as she steeped forward and brushed her hands over his chest. Her gently fingers immediately playing havoc with his senses as she sensuously slid her fingers down over his tummy to his waist. She grasped the waist of the sodden napkin and pulled his body closer to her.

“Why Timothy, you are a naughty boy. This diaper is soaking wet, it has not dried at all. I have a good mind to smack your bare bottom for telling me such fibs.”

Timothy managed to blush once more as Gail grasped the napkin firmly and turned her body away from him.

“Now come along, I am going to take you into the house and get you dried properly.”

She led the confused and flustered boy firmly by the waist of his diaper, almost pulling him up the steps and towards the house. Instead of taking him back to the main patio doors she led him towards the east wing of the house, where a stout portico shielded a white painted doorway. She altered her grasp upon the waist of his nappy, her finger tips touching the freshly shaven flesh of his pubis as she guided him to the threshold of the sturdy studded door. She turned him towards her as they came to a stop.

“Now Timothy, when you go inside, I want you to ask either Miss Foster or Miss Drew to give you a dry nappy.”

Her words and stern look reduced Timothy to blushing even more deeply, his lips trembling as he looked at the beautiful ‘Head Girl’. He was near to tears of embarrassment as he turned towards the doorway and waited, acutely aware of how near her fingers had been to his penis as she let go of him.

“I am very cross with you Timothy, trying to hide your wet nappy. I want you to promise that you will be a good boy from now on. I have the responsibility of making sure you behave and you know what that could mean, don’t you.”

Timothy blushed once more a Gail looked at him sternly. “Now knock on the door like a good little boy and wait for someone to answer you.” She turned away from him, and strode off back towards the pool area, leaving the boy blushing as he clutched the soaking diaper to his waist.

He held the nappy firmly with one hand and knocked timidly upon the stout door. He shivered with embarrassment as he stood clutching the sodden material to his body and waited for someone to answer the door. The portico which covered the doorway shielded his body from the sun and it was not long before his pale flesh was covered with goose pimples as he stood shivering. He felt cold and clammy, detesting the feel of the water which dripped down the insides of his legs from the soaked diaper.

Patricia and Geraldene were each seated behind their office desks. Each desk was equipped with a neat and expensive computer terminal as well as two telephones. The top surface of both desks was covered with a large leather trimmed blotter pad. Geraldene had a ledger opened and Geraldene was using her computer terminal.

The large room was oak panelled from floor to ceiling. The rich grain of the panelling shone from the light of the windows, which also extended from the floor right up to the stone pelmets which met the ceiling.

Stout oak filing cabinets surrounded the room, the glass doors revealing the rich leather bound files and reference books. The oak boarding of the floor was highly polished, setting off the beautiful Persian rugs that presented the room with an extra air of opulence and luxury. The guided and scrolled secretarial desks used by Patricia and Geraldine were set at right angles to each other facing into the centre of the room. A large mahogany table occupied the centre space which was used by Constance Goodman for meetings with her staff, and on some occasions, suppliers of goods or services for the household.

The table was normally bereft of covering, it’s beautifully figured wood grain surface, regularly polished to a perfect shine.

Today it was covered with a protective pad which had been designed to shield the table when not in use. The underside of the pad was made of felt, which protected the rich surface of the wood, whereas the top was made from a tough vinyl which allowed even heavy objects to be placed on its surface without damage to the wood.

On top of the padded table covering, there had been placed a luxuriously large bath towel. The fluffy white material had been folded in half and spread inwards from the end of the table. A tray had been placed in the centre upon which stood an assortment of containers and jars as well as two neatly folded towels. To the side of the tray had been placed two diapers and on top of these two large safety nappy pins, each four inches long. The nappies and pins had been deliberately positioned in such a way that they would be immediately noticeable even to the most casual observer. On the floor beneath the table was a large bowl of hot water and immersed in the water were two wash cloths.

Patricia and Geraldene were both dressed smartly and similarly. Both wore white sea- island cotton blouses and navy blue skirts. Although their choice of dress had been specifically chosen to give them an air of efficiency and purpose, the tailoring also showed off the beauty of their lithe and athletic bodies. Both girls were exquisitely made-up. Their beauty was stunningly amplified by the careful application of their expensive cosmetics.

At the sound of knocking upon the door which led into their office, Patricia leaned forward, her beautiful breasts pressing against the shiny surface of the desk as she smiled knowingly at Geraldene.

She waited and then called out nonchalantly… “Come”.

She had to repeat her instruction before she heard the handle of the heavy oak outer door begin to turn. She looked at Geraldene and quickly stifled a giggle as she saw her fellow secretary studiously smoothing her hand over the nipple of each of her breasts. Patricia could see that the plump nubs of flesh, naked beneath her cotton shirt, had stiffened and now stood out in sharp relief, enveloped by the sheer cotton of her blouse.

They heard the boy enter the vestibule which was separated from the office by French doors. They could see a vague image of the young boy through the mullioned panes of glass as he turned to close the door behind him.

Both Geraldene and Patricia pretended to concentrate upon their work as Patricia called out to the boy.

“Please come through.”

Clutching his soaking diaper with one hand, Timothy managed to turn the handle of the glass door. Nervously he walked through into the room. He blushed in confusion and embarrassment as saw the two secretaries and the lavish environment of the room.

The contrast between his almost naked state entering the apparent normality of an office environment made him shiver with an acute feeling of utter stupidity. He quickly clutched his napkin with both hands, aware that neither of the two secretaries had yet looked up from their work. He wrestled with the urge to flee as he stood shivering with trepidation, aware that the moment when they would look up and see his nakedness, was still to come.

He stood blushing and fidgeting nervously as slowly both girls raised their heads and looked at him. He felt an involuntary and violent shudder run through his naked body as they looked at him. Their eyes flicking over his naked form, taking in every detail of his shivering form.

“Ah, Timothy… its you is it! Well come over here and stand in front of my desk.” Geraldene said. Her voice was calm and quiet as her eyes continued to look the boy over.

Timothy blushed even more violently as he clutched his nappy and stumbled, rather than walked over to stand in front of the young secretary’s desk.

Suddenly Geraldene gasped. “Look at you, your nappy is soaking wet. You will catch your death of cold. Just look at him Patricia, his nappy is sodden.”

Geraldene looked Timothy in the eye once more, causing him to blush to an even deeper red as she spoke. “Oh dear Timothy have you wet your nappy. I have never seen such a wet nappy. Why didn’t you ask someone if you wanted to go to the bathroom? To wet your nappy like that is unforgivable… what on earth must have you been thinking about to get your self in such a state?”

Timothy could not believe what the young secretary was saying. He stammered and stuttered, finally getting the words to form. “Oh noooo… er miss. I was… er swimming… er misss.”

Patricia smiled at the boy’s distress. “That’s right Geraldene. Didn’t you tell me he has been splashing about in the pool. Mind you… his body is dry and yet his nappy is still soaked so perhaps he has wet himself after all. Little boys never seem to be able to control themselves.”

Ignoring the boy’s look of horror and disbelief at her words she stood up and looked at him keenly.

“Well either way we will have to get you cleaned up… and that little nappy of yours changed. I would hate you to catch cold. Little boys can catch cold so easily. If you would give me a hand Geraldene we can lay him on the towel and see how wet he is. I see that Jessica has brought some fresh nappies and some powder for his little bottom.”

Timothy looked around the room in anguish, not knowing if he was looking for help or a chance to escape. He started to shiver as his eyes caught sight of the nappies and pins and jars of talcum powder which had been placed upon the table. He looked at the two secretaries as they both came around from their desks and approached him like beautiful predatory goddesses. His close proximity to their beauty overwhelmed him. He looked down at the floor in dread as they stood at either side of him. He could not help the flush of blood to his face as Patricia gently placed her hand under his chin and raised his head. She looked into his eyes, her expression, almost a parody of concern and tenderness.

“Poor baby, fancy having to stand shivering in a wet nappy… never mind sweet child, we know how to take care of little boys with wet nappies.”

Timothy’s humiliation knew no bounds as she spoke those humiliating words to him. He wanted to protest, but such was his trauma that he merely gasped. He felt heady as they placed their soft hands around his waist. The aroma of their perfume and the closeness of their bodies made him tremble with humility. Both girls bent forward, their hair brushing over his chest and tummy as they held him around his waist and reached with their other hands around the back of his thighs. Unceremoniously, he felt himself being chair-lifted gently but firmly up on to the table. He shivered in humiliation as they placed him upon his back on top of the fluffy towel.

He blushed and trembled as he suddenly realised his position. He squeezed his eyes shut with embarrassment as he felt his arms being placed flat on the table above his head. To his horror, busy fingers were already undoing his nappy. His eyes flew open in horror as the nappy was swiftly unfastened and the front pulled off and down between his legs, leaving his genitals bared and exposed to their gaze.

“Pleease… oh noooo please….sssss.”

He could not help his cry of anguish as they unceremoniously lifted his legs up into the air and then over his chest as the wet nappy was pulled out from beneath him.

Both Geraldene and Patricia thrilled at the sight of the young boy, his perfect body now naked and exposed, available to their every whim. Geraldene could not resist trailing her fingers upwards over his thigh, caressing his flesh as she spread her hand and deliberately brushed his penis from side to side.

“Poor baby… your body is all clammy… even your little winkle is damp!”

Timothy turned his head to the side in shame as he tried to avoid the embarrassment of seeing the two beautiful girls looking at him.

Patricia was determined that she would not allow him to any respite from their attentions. Gently she took his face in his hands as she heard Geraldene take a wash-cloth from the bowl of water. She looked deep into his eyes and moved her face close to his, her lips pouting in sympathy as she spoke in an even more childlike voice to him.

“Poor Baby… you must have felt very uncomfortable wetting your nappy so… never mind sweet child… we are going to give you a nice table bath with lovely warm water. We know just how to take special care of baby boys.”

She held his head so that he could not avoid her eyes as he blushed profusely at her words. She saw him suddenly flinch as Geraldene slapped the wash cloth down over his penis and testicles and began to wash him.

“There, there… is that better my poor baby… mmmm sweetheart?”

Timothy did not know where to put himself. He felt soft fingers hold his penis as the washcloth was pushed between his legs. In horror he watched as Patricia stood upright and took his legs behind the knees, bending them over his body as he felt the washcloth pushed firmly between the cheeks of his bottom.

Timothy could not help watching in horror as Patricia parted his legs allowing Geraldene to probe his bottom with a soapy finger. He tried to squirm away from her ministrations, but could not avoid her finger as it pressed against the opening of his bottom.

“Oops… there we are.” She remarked triumphantly as she inserted her finger deep into his bottom. She turned her face to Patricia and spoke matter of factly.

“Well at least he has managed not to mess his little nappy with poo poo. I’ll just make sure his little bottom is nice and clean. There… we are… just one more little push now and Patricia can wash your little penis for you.”

Timothy squirmed his hips from left to right as Geraldene rotated her finger deep within his bottom, her thrusts deft and sure, allowing him no escape from the acute and humiliating sensation. Patricia held his legs firmly as Geraldene continued thrusting her finger even more deeply into his bottom. She could see his face grimace with anguish as she rotated the flesh of her forefinger over his prostate gland.

Seeing that his penis had already begun to engorge, Patricia looked keenly at Geraldene and began to lower his legs. Geraldene took the hint and gently extricated her finger from his bottom. She helped Patricia position his legs so that they were laid widely apart, bending his knees so that his genitals were rudely exposed.

Patricia looked at the boy and spoke softly to him.

“There my sweet child… I am just going to wash your little winkle and then we will powder your bottom. Before you know it you will be snugly wrapped in a nice dry nappy… it will feel lovely after that old wet one!”

Timothy could do nothing but helplessly watch her as Patricia bent over and took his tumescent penis between her finger and thumb. Her gentle touch startled him, he felt an involuntary throb run through his loins as she quickly pushed the foreskin back and held out her other hand to Geraldene.

“Please pass me a new wash cloth would you dear.” She curled her fingers around the shaft of his penis and gripped hard, pulling the foreskin down until it was stretched tightly. As if it was of no consequence she slapped the soaking wash cloth down over the head of his penis, watching him jerk his hips in anguish as she drew the coarse material over the very tip.

“There now sweetheart, we are nearly done.”

She felt the throb of his penis beneath her fingers as she deftly washed behind the glans of his penis. She continued running the material over the tip and the sensitive rim of his penis until he was completely erect and his timid flesh was throbbing violently. Nonchalantly she took the entire cloth in her hand and slapped it noisily between his widely parted legs, drawing it upwards over his swollen testicles.

Timothy was in turmoil as Patricia held his penis in a firm grip while they washed him thoroughly. Patricia was aware that she would soon have to release his penis, if he were not to ejaculate right there and then. She reluctantly let go of his pulsing flesh, and together the girls dried him with white fluffy towels, lifting his legs high and wide as they dried his bottom.

“Right now my little man… we are just going to turn you over so we can powder your little bottom.”

Without waiting for a response they quickly rolled him over so that he was laid on his tummy. Again Geraldene took the opportunity to spread his legs widely apart as Patricia took a container of talcum powder and liberally sprinkled his bottom with its contents.

Timothy moaned in embarrassment and confusion as they pried open his bottom cheeks and ran their fingers between the crease. Their hands were soft and gentle; their fingers penetrating every crevice as they sensuously stimulated his sexual feelings.

Timothy moaned, not only in response to their ministrations, but also with the acute and degrading embarrassment of his treatment.

On and on and on, they stroked and smoothed their hands over the cheeks of his bottom and between the deep cleft of his buttocks. Time after time they deliberately scored their fingertips over his sensitive sphincter until he cried out in anguish.

“pleeeaaaaaaaaasseee… er missssssss.” The final word was enunciated like a hiss as they inflamed his senses to a fever pitch. Patricia watched as he tried in vain to turn his head towards her, his neck muscles tensed and constricted as he gasped with the sensation of it all.

“Hush now little one… we know what is best for baby boys… just try and push your bottom up like a good boy so that we can powder in-between your little cheeks.”

They continued for a further few minutes, delighting in the young boy’s utter humiliation and as he squirmed and shivered under their diligent stimulation of his body. They looked at each other, both smiling mischievously as in turn, their fingers probed impudently between the tender cleft of his buttocks.

Patricia stood upright and delightedly smacked both of his cheeks with the flattened palm of her hand, causing him to jerk his body in shame and surprise.

“There we are that should do now let’s get you turned over so we can powder your little Winky.”

As they rolled him over they were surprised at the turmoil and anguish that was written on his face until they saw how violently his penis was throbbing. He shuddered and shivered as they manoeuvred him into position, once more stretching his legs widely apart.

To Timothy’s horror, his penis was standing straight up in the air and his testicles had recoiled until they had become one very large bulge of flesh beneath the shaft of his penis.

Geraldene waited until he was looking at her at her, before she deliberately held the container of talcum powder high in the air and sprinkled it down upon his erect penis and swollen testicles. He shivered as the cool contents enveloped his smoothly shaven genitals.

“Oh look Patricia… his little Winkle is standing straight up in the air. I hope he is not going to wee-wee again. Little boys can make such an awful mess, especially when their Winkles are so stiff.”

Geraldene observed the look of pure and exquisite embarrassment as it washed over his face. His dismay was almost palpable as she lowered her hand in a slow and deliberate motion towards his penis, watching the look of pure horror on his face as she placed the container between his legs and deftly took a firm hold of his throbbing shaft.

Looking him in the eye she began to smooth the powder up and down the length of his penis. She could feel the violence of his pulsing and throbbing flesh as she nonchalantly stimulated him to a fever pitch.

Patricia took the container and generously filled the palm of her hand with the glistening powder. She too looked into his eyes as she began to smooth the talcum powder over his swollen testicles.

The sensations became too much for Timothy, his penis began to throb violently. His mind was in turmoil as he realised that if they did not stop he would ejaculate. He began to move his head from side to side, his mind in turmoil. He could not contemplate the ignominy of ejaculating while the girl’s seemed unaware of his plight.

“Ohhhhhh…. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssse missssss… noooo. Er…. Please miss… er I am goinggggggggg to er… oooohhhhhhhh.”

Patricia and Geraldene both looked at him as if surprised by his gyrations, although they both knew that he was near to ejaculation their outward expression appeared indifferent, as if they were unaware of his plight.

“Now try and keep still… there’s a good boy. What on earth is the matter with you?”

She cocked an enquiring eyebrow at him as she began to squeeze his testicles in time with Geraldine’s fingers. Their hands seemed to be in synchronisation as they rapidly stroked over his erect penis and squeezed his testicles.

The boy’s head was thrashing from side to side as Patricia slipped the fingers of one hand between the cheeks of his bottom while she squeezed and fondled his testicles with the other. She could feel the contractions of his sphincter as she pressed the tip of her finger hard against the tightly puckered flesh.

“My, my… baby boys do seem to fidget so when they are having their little nappies changed. Now try and be a good boy and keep still while we powder you.”

The calmness of Patricia’s words was in contrast to the deft and practised movement of her hands. She could feel his sphincter contract violently as she pressed hard against the puckered star of flesh. His testicles seemed to be pulling upwards of their own volition, as she observed the strong throbbing of his penis beneath the rapidly moving fingers of Geraldine’s hand.

“Now try and keep still my sweet baby… we’ll soon have you all….”

Her words were curtailed by the anguished cry of the young boy as he suddenly and reluctantly ejaculated high into the air. Long ropes and globules of semen shot upwards as his tummy heaved and his hips shuddered in an anguished and prolonged orgasm.

“Arggggghhhhhhhhhhhh… Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh… misssssssssss.”

Geraldine pumped even faster with her hand, making sure that the semen which had not already shot over her shoulder, landed on the towel between his widely spread legs. Neither Patricia nor Geraldene could hide their delight from each other as the young boy’s body constricted until it was locked in a traumatic spasm, his pale torso arching as he was deftly and thoroughly milked of every last drop of his semen.

“Ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I’mmmmmmmmm soooooo sorrrrrrrryyy missssssssss. His lips were trembling and his face was almost purple with humiliation and anguish as both Patricia and Geraldene slowed their hands.

Patricia watched as Geraldene expertly elicited the last globules of semen from his penis, catching the final driblets with the edge of a towel.

“Oh dear Timothy… what on earth have you done. It seems little boys have no control at all. What a naughty thing to do!” Patricia looked across at Geraldene as she spoke. “Little boys are so much worse than little girls. Well never mind… at least you managed to keep stop him messing himself again. I don’t know what we are going to do with him.”

She looked at Timothy, his shameful face and tearstained eyes were certainly that of a very young boy. “Never mind sweetheart… little boys always seem to be having little accidents.”

She watched as he began to cry in shame. She leaned forward and kissed him gently on the cheek. She could feel the heat from his skin as she took his head in her arms and nestled him to her breasts. “There… there my poor baby boy… don’t cry… we’ll make it all better now just lie your little head back and relax.” She laid his head down gently and smoothed his arms down above his head. She could clearly see the intoxicating effect her beauty had upon him as he lay childlike, looking up at her. She could not resist bending her head and gently kissing him on the lips, feeling his rapturous breath upon her cheek.

Gently they smoothed their hands over his body, soothing and claming him as he lay panting with emotion. Geraldene gently applied more talcum powder to his genitals, carefully avoiding the now acutely sensitive tip of his penis. Patricia gently lifted his hips as Geraldene slipped the new diaper under his bottom. She could see the boy blushing as she brought the material up between his widely parted legs and gently lifted his testicles as she tightened the fluffy nappy.

Patricia closed the sides of the diaper and Geraldene fastened the completed napkin with one of the large pins. Patricia stood next to Geraldene who was looking down at the boy. Mischievously she slipped her hand under her friends skirt and felt between her legs, the moistness immediately telling her of Geraldine’s pleasure at the afternoon’s events. She made sure that the boy’s eyes were still closed before she grinned impishly at her friend.

“Just lie quietly now little Timmy… perhaps you are ready for an afternoon nap… little children should always have an afternoon nap.”

Their mission accomplished, they left him to himself and returned to their desks. Patricia picked up the phone and spoke quietly for a few moments before replacing the receiver. She almost laughed out loud as she saw that Geraldene was walking quietly away to the bathroom.

It was perhaps twenty minutes later that the girls aroused Timothy. He had not heard the young nurse enter the room and looked at her sleepily. His composure was soon rudely disrupted when Patricia spoke to the nurse.

“I am afraid that Timothy here has been a naughty little boy and has… er… had a little accident. I am afraid he ejaculated as we were changing his nappy. I know little boys have a job to control any of their bodily functions, but I am afraid he took both Geraldine and I completely by surprise.”

Timothy blushed furiously, his feeling of abject humiliation and shame returning to him in an instance. He wanted to speak… to try and explain, but it seemed the young nurse was having none of it.

“I am sorry you have had to witness such disgusting behaviour Patricia. It must have been distressful for you and Geraldine to have to witness this sort of behaviour when there was no medical reason for him to do such a thing.”

Penny was aware that both Pat and Geraldine were near to giggling. She looked straight at the boy capturing his attention before he could see the smirk upon the girls faces.

Well Timothy my boy. You will still be required to give two samples for the doctor and so unfortunately I shall have to place you upon your hands and knees so that I can get a firm and unhindered pressure to your prostate gland. I will not let you shirk away from giving me two completely full samples, so you can look forward to a firm and vigorous milking.”

She watched Timothy as tears of shame rolled down his blushing red cheeks. His bottom lip trembled as listened to the stern rebuke.

Penny could see his distress and softened her voice. She moved closer and stroked her hand upwards upon the inside of his thigh.

“Now promise me you will be a good little boy and I will let you have a nice big glass of milk and a little nap after I have positioned you on the table in the bathroom. Now let me help you up and then I will let you hold my hand while I take you into the main part of the house. Now just let have a little feel inside your nappy to check you over and then we will be ready to go”

Before the boy could protest, Penny had slipped her hand inside the waistband of his nappy. Without preamble she slid her hand down over his penis and cupped his testicles.

“Ermmm… yes.” Her fingers squeezed his testicles gently. “I think there will be plenty there to give me two good samples. It is a good thing for that Miss Gail is still at the pool otherwise I think she would be warming your little bottom cheeks for your, don’t you?”

Penny felt the boy shudder with shame as she squeezed his testicles once more before taking hold of his penis and examining the plump flesh within her fingers. Slowly she withdrew her hand, but not before she had felt an answering throb from the shaft of his timid member.

“Ah well Timothy, sometimes I forget just how immature little boys really are!”

Timothy was beyond coherent thought, such was his absolute shame, that he was completely incapable of uttering even the briefest of replies. Tears of shame and utter humiliation rolled down his face as the girls gently helped him from the table and he walked shakily towards the door.

Both Geraldine and Patricia watched as Penny bent her head and kissed him gently on his trembling lips and then took his hand in hers as she led him from the room.


It was five o’clock by the time Gail had driven Susan and Timothy back to Susan’s house. Gail had seemed to have taken complete charge of the young boy. Vicki Grant had telephoned to say that she and Hazel were staying in town to have dinner and so would be not back until late. To Gail’s utter delight, she had asked that both she and Susan bath Timothy before putting him to bed. She had also asked that they ring the nurse to tell her that neither Vicki nor Hazel would be available to help with the boy’s semen extraction that evening.

Susan had telephoned the nurse while Gail had prepared Timothy’s tea. Anxious that there would be some periods of normality, Gail had walked Timothy over to his own house and had waited downstairs while he went up to his bedroom to change into his normal clothes. He had reappeared in chinos and a T shirt and was wearing his favourite trainers upon his feet. “Hey, that outfit really suits you,” she had said.

She could immediately see the boost to his ego, although he could not help blushing at the compliment, as she watched him come down the stairs. Gail had smiled at him knowing full well that it would not be long before he was embarrassedly taking them all off again.

She thought back to the second milking session he had been subjected to at her mother’s house. His torment had not been helped by the young nurse’s absolute determination to extract two full samples from the helpless young boy.

Timothy shivered every time he thought back to the afternoon; to his utter shame he had been most thoroughly milked by the young nurse. Penny had placed him in the most embarrassing of positions making him thrust his young bottom high in the air as he knelt upon his elbows, his knees having already been spread wide apart by the two young sectretaries.

The presence of Mrs Hartman, had not only added to his embarrassment, but her beauty and almost regal appearance had made him feel humble and gauche.

He had been forced to give one of the most agonizing ejaculations yet. Patricia and Geraldine had held him captive while the young nurse, true to her word, had expertly elicited nearly a full rest tube of semen from him.

His embarrassment had been compounded by Gail who had held his head and made him look into her eyes while he was being milked. Her words, rather than being comforting, had caused him even more embarrassment. “There’s a brave little soldier… nurse is going to make your little penis spurt soon, so try and do your best. Patricia will squeeze your little testicles to help you fill the jar.”

She had held his head steadily gazing into his eyes as he gasped and groaned. “There, there… it will soon be over… mummy is just going to smack your bottom a little bit as you squirt.”

Indeed Constance Hartman had delighted in giving the young boy six sound slaps; his hips had bucked and writhed as he squirted helplessly and deliriously into the waiting test tube. They had left him lying on the massage table for over an hour, before Gail had come to rouse him.

He had shivered with trepidation when he realised that he had not been spared a second milking. Instead Penny had made him stand with his legs spread widely apart. She had instructed Patricia and Geraldine to hold him with his arms outstretched and then lower him to a squatting position with his knees outstretched while she had inserted a well lubricated finger upwards into his bottom. The deep penetration had been aided by his widely spread cheeks, his sphincter stretched and unable to resist the deft penetration of her finger.

He had almost yelped with sensation as he stood upright, not only to feel that her finger had stayed within him, but incredibly had slid even further up inside his anus. The stiffened digit of her hand had prodded his prostate so effectively, that it caused him to shudder as she reached around and nonchalantly lifted his flaccid penis away from his body.

Cleverly Penny had made sure that the only adult left to help with her ministrations would be Constance Hartman. Constance did well to hide her delight as Penny asked innocently whether she would mind manipulating the boy’s penis.

“I will be able to do a far better job if I only had to massage his prostate gland while you… er milk him. Would that be alright Mrs Hartman?”

Constance had moved to the boy’s side and had taken a firm hold of his penis with one hand while cupping his testicles with the other, her deft handling demonstrating an obvious familiarity with the male genitalia.

“Oh thank you Mrs Hartman… he won’t take but a moment to ejaculate in this position,” she had said helpfully as she saw Susan pick up the new test tube and clutch it to her breasts.

Susan was aware that they had all looked at her. Defensively she had said; “I’ll collect all his squirts shall I Mrs Hartman? Do I just hold this to the end of his little penis when I think he is ready to spurt?”

Gail had nearly laughed out loud as she heard Susan’s words, instead she moved behind her and gently squeezed her bottom. If Timothy had not been looking Susan would have turned around and grinned at her friend.

Gail moved past Susan and stood in front of the young boy. She had looked him straight in the eye and whispered to him.

“Now be a good boy… and give nurse some nice strong squirts when the time comes. I will be watching you… so do your best for me will you?” Gail felt a thrill of satisfaction when she saw the boy blush an even deeper red at her words.

She rested her delicate hand against his heaving chest as she kissed him on the cheek. Constance had felt the boy’s penis throb in her hand. She felt sure that it was in direst response to Gail’s kiss.

Although they had all been referring to his “little” penis, Constance Hartman was well aware that the male organ she held in her hand was unusually well developed for such a young boy.


Now as Susan and Gail sat in the kitchen of Vicki Grant’s picturesque cottage they talked avidly about the events of the last few days. Gail had made sure that the kitchen door was closed and that Timothy, who was laid upon the settee in the sitting room, was well absorbed in watching the television set. They had waited until the boy had settled down to watch his programs before changing their clothes. Both girls had giggled and laughed at the transformation as they had stood in front of Susan’s mirror and admired themselves.

Gail looked at Susan. “You realise that he has already changed his attitude to you, don’t you? If you think about it… he was used to addressing you as Susan… and now if you have noticed… he calls you either miss… or miss Susan.”

She leaned forward, her beautiful and breasts pressing sensuously against the sheer silk of her blouse. Neither girl was wearing a bra; instead they had carefully chosen outfits from Gail’s wardrobe and tried them on in Gail’s lavish bedroom. Their outfits combined a formal look with more than a hint of sexiness. The outlandishly expensive material of their navy skirts and white silk shirts had seemed to cling and then swing free of their young bodies in such a mesmerising way, that even Constance Harman had commented on their appearance. Rather than wear the clothes for their journey back to Susan’s house, Gail had carefully packed the clothes in a suitcase so that they could surprise the young boy. She also carried in her bag several other items that her mother had said ‘may come in handy’.

“That is what I mean about moulding his psyche,” she continued. “Eventually when Hazel leaves… we… and I do mean we, will be able to continue with a more authoritarian attitude over him.

His mother would never be able to cope with all the problems of a teenaged boy if he were a wild youth and mixing with the wrong sort. So I think she will just be thankful that we are his friends… and grateful that his ‘out of school’ time is taken up with people that she knows and trusts. I would just love to be in Hazel’s position… I mean,” Gail rolled her eyes, “did you just see how she spanked him… wow!”

She leaned forward as Susan beckoned to whisper to her. “Well you said we are going to spank him tonight… and I for one just can’t wait.”

Gail laughed. “Calm down my pretty one… patience is a virtue.”

Gail giggled again and put her finger to her lips as she heard the doorbell ring. “Shhh…” she motioned to Susan as she called out. “Oh Timothy see who that is at the front door would you sweetie.”

Both girls knew exactly who would be waiting outside, but hesitated for a moment before quietly opening the kitchen door and peeping along the corridor. They watched as the young boy answered the door. Gail would have loved to have been able to see his face as he stepped back in astonishment at the sight of the two young nurses. While Timothy’s back was turned, both Susan and Gail quickly made their way to the sitting room and seated themselves primly upon the settee.

Gail felt a thrill run through her beautiful body as Timothy entered the room, his face already blushing profusely. His look of astonishment at the sight of Susan and Hazel in their white shirts and navy skirts brought a look of astonishment and terror to his face. Gail ignored him and looked up at Penny.

“Do take a seat both of you and er… Timothy… would you go the bathroom please and take off all of your clothes. I want you stripped completely naked. Now don’t dawdle, the nurses are very busy. Just strip off as quickly as you can and wait for the nurses to come through.”

She pretended to ignore the look of pure terror on his face as she looked at the two young nurses. “It’s Tina isn’t it… if you remember, I saw you at the school medical examinations? Now, would you both have time for a cup of tea before you give little Timmy his enema?” She looked back at the horror struck boy. “Come along Timothy… don’t just stand there off you go, I want you stripped bare and ready for your treatment.”

She watched as his face blushed as red as beetroot. Reluctantly he turned away and stumbled rather than walked towards the bathroom. She made sure that her voice was raised enough for him to hear as she spoke to Penny. “I thought Susan and I might observe you as you give him his enema. I need to be sure that he behaves himself and sometimes a smacked bottom seems the only way with young Timmy.”

Timothy was so humiliated that he could hardly see the door handle through his tears of shame as he stumbled into the bathroom.

His emotional state was such that tears ran down his cheeks as he looked around the large tiled room. He saw that towels had already been laid out across the table and also that several new jars of lubricant and gels had been set up on a low table next to the cast iron bath. He shivered at the thought of his impending treatment as he caught sight of the toilet, surely Susan and Gail would not be there to watch him as he evacuated into the bowl. He shivered in dread as he began to undo the belt of his trousers.

Somehow, the sight of Susan and Gail had distressed and embarrassed him thoroughly. Their style of dress had lent them an extra air of formality and authority which seemed to diminish his sense of self esteem, although if he were to admit it, he had very little self esteem left. He blushed again at the thought of the two girls witnessing his humiliating treatment. He could not have explained his confusion when he saw them sitting primly on the settee. Their appearance had immediately brought home to him the absolute and total embarrassment of his position.

The expression on his face as he had first caught sight of them, had instantly confirmed to the girls, that the style, appearance and the fine quality of the clothes that they were wearing, was the perfect choice with which to impose their authority.

The sensual smoothness of the material of their white shirts and navy blue skirts had the effect of making them seem older and at the same time confirming their superiority in a stunningly visual way. Gail and Susan both knew that their presence during his humiliating ordeal would be heightened by the formality of their dress… providing a complete and shameful contrast to his nakedness.

Timothy fumbled with the buckle of his trousers, his trembling fingers hardly able to cope with the simple task of undressing. He had taken off his shoes and socks and had pulled his T shirt over his head and laid it on the seat of one of the bathroom chairs.

In shame he took off his trousers, standing naked apart from his underpants as he laid his trousers over the back of the chair. He shivered in shame as he hooked his fingers in to the waistband of his underpants. In utter humiliation he felt his turgid penis spring free from the confines of the material as he lowered the garment to his ankles.

He stepped out of his underpants and through tearful eyes, stuffed them underneath his T-shirt.

Out of sheer desperation at the embarrassment of his position he clasped his hands to his naked groin. The shame at being made to wait naked in the large bathroom, knowing that four pretty females would be coming through to view his nakedness, was so strong that he felt near to fainting.

He stood cowering as, to his utter dismay, he heard the door handle turn. He looked up to see that only Susan had entered the room. He quickly looked down, clasping his hands firmly to his genitals as he pressed his knees together. His whole face and much of his chest was covered in a deep flush of redness as Susan nonchalantly looked him over from head to toe.

“My, my… you are in a state.” She said as she approached the blushing boy. Hold your head up and let me see your face.” Timothy shivered and groaned inwardly as she held out her hand and lifted his chin until he was looking into her eyes.

“Oh dear, I suppose you feel embarrassed at being naked, is that what it is Timothy?”

Timothy blushed even more as she held his chin so that he could not avoid her enquiring look. His shame was paramount as she looked at him sympathetically. Her pretty face, serene and beautifully made up, seemed in utter contrast to his own blushing and perspiring countenance.

He shivered in shame as she let go of his chin and walked to the table. She smoothed her hands over the fluffy towels which had been laid on the table and turned and looked at him as he stood crouched and cowering. He stared at her in utter anguish as she announced her intentions.

“The nurses want you arranged upon the table, so I thought that I would get you positioned while they have their cup of tea. Now you are not going to give me any difficulty are you… my little Timothy.”

He blushed profusely as she looked him in the eye and crooked her finger, beckoning him to approach the table.

His bottom lip began to quiver as he reluctantly approached her. He flinched with anguish as she laid her hand upon his shoulder. His reluctant gesture seemed to stiffen her resolve. Quickly she grasped him around the waist and with a vigour that surprised him; she smacked him several times upon his bottom cheeks. His surprise and humiliation showed in his face as she stood him up straight and looked him in the eye.

“Now Timothy, you are obviously not going to behave yourself without having to be disciplined. I want you to put your hands upon your head and stand with your back to the table. I won’t ask you again, instead I will take one of your tennis shoes and bend you over and give your bare bottom a sound spanking.”

Timothy could not believe his ears. His mind could not come to terms with the fact that, less than a week ago, Susan had been the girl next door in every sense of the expression. She had joked with him and praised his expertise in helping her mother out with some of the small maintenance jobs in the cottage. Although he had always been in awe of her beauty… and the fact that she was older than himself, he had never the less felt that she was a friend.

Now he was standing naked before her and being instructed to uncover his penis and testicles to her gaze, at the threat of being soundly spanked with his own training shoe.

He shivered in shame; his whole body shuddering as he slowly took his hands from his groin, his eyes involuntarily looking down in shame as his plump penis sprang forward.

Susan also felt a shiver run through her body, but there the similarity ended. She felt a delicious tingle between her legs as she gloated in triumph at the naked boy, watching him as he hesitantly placed his hands upon the top of his head.

She did not try and disguise the fact that she was looking straight at his penis and testicles as she stepped backwards. Instead she instructed him firmly. “Now Timothy, stand with your legs apart and straighten your back. I intend that you will obey me without question. I know it may be embarrassing for a child to have to stand with his legs apart and show his little willy, but I promise you that I will be forced to smack you very hard if you dare to disobey me again.”

Timothy blushed mightily; he could feel the heat from his cheeks and neck as he reluctantly looked at her. She stepped forward and grasped his penis in her delicate hand, holding him firmly as she looked into his eyes.

“Now spread those legs and place your back against the edge of the table.” She could not help another thrill running through her body as she gently tapped his penis before letting him go. She stood back and watched as he struggled with his desire to cover his genitals. Hesitantly he stood as he had been instructed, acutely aware of his shaven pubic area and genitals as he spread his legs and arched his back against the edge of the table.

Susan felt dominant and confident as she realised that the boy was following her orders without further question.

“Now I want you to tell me that you will promise to obey me without any further nonsense. Now look at me and tell me!”

Timothy was shivering from head to foot, his shame and humiliation paramount as he stood bared and shamed in front of the pretty young girl. Susan looked cool and calm as he stammered his reply.

“I’m sorry er… er… miss er.. Susan… er I promise to be good.” Tears rolled down his cheeks as Susan gently placed her delicate fingers against his burning cheek.

“There, there never mind… be a good little boy and follow my instructions.” Her voice was soft and gentle, causing him to feel even more embarrassed as he stood naked before her.

She spoke softly and gently, as a mother would to a young baby. “Now sweetheart, I want you to sit up on the middle of the table and lay back. Do you think you could do that for me, mmm… sweetie?

Timothy’s complete humiliation and confusion seemed to culminate in a mist before his eyes. He somehow found the strength to push himself up on to the table. He felt utterly stupid and gauche as he shuffled his bottom into the middle and then laid back. His humiliation was cruelly sensitising every nerve ending in his body as he performed the shameful act of laying back and rudely exposing himself so openly.

His chest heaved with emotion as he saw Susan looking down at his bare body. He flinched as her slender fingers came to rest upon the inside of his thigh. Slowly and reluctantly, he obeyed her instruction. “Open those legs nice and wide… spread your knees until they are over the sides of the table. The nurses want a full and unhindered access to your little bottom… there we are… that’s the way.”

Susan was inwardly gloating; a full and invigorating sense of triumph pervaded her body as she moved to the side of the table and placed her hand gently upon his heaving chest. She looked over his naked body, seeing that his plump penis now hung gown between his widely stretched legs. His swollen testicles seemed to move up and down of their own volition as his chest heaved with shame and humiliation.

She saw that even through his embarrassment he could not help looking at her. Deliberately she moved her hand from his chest and made absolutely sure his eyes were following the movement of her hand, before delicately taking hold of the tip of his penis between her finger and thumb.

She could clearly see his body quake in embarrassment and acute sensation as she lifted the plump flesh, until she held it completely upright from his body.

“Argghhh….” He moaned as she felt the flesh suddenly throb between her fingers.

“Now keep still. I just want to slip your foreskin back and expose your penis fully to make sure that it is completely free and that you are not sore.” Susan had chosen her words carefully to ensure that Timothy would be further embarrassed.

Timothy could not help his emotions. He could feel his penis begin to throb as the flesh engorged. His humiliation knew no bounds as he watched and felt the fingers of her other hand wrap themselves around the shaft of his throbbing member.

Susan drew in a deep breath as she felt another thrill course through her body. She held her breath as she prepared to savour the moment. Delicately she stretched his penis upwards and with the fingers of her other hand, slipped the foreskin slowly down the shaft. She could feel a series of quick throbs pulse beneath her fingers as the boys hips jerked with violent sensation. She held the foreskin back, stretching the skin tightly as she felt his penis begin to throb and pulse constantly, burgeoning into a hard shaft of flesh.

His body could not resist the acuteness of the sexual stimulation and his hips jerked in response to her clever manipulation of his flesh.

Her voice was cool and calm, concealing the excitement she felt as subjected the boy to extreme stimulation. “Try and keep still Timothy, I want to look beneath your foreskin. We can’t have you being sore behind here, can we?” She teased her finger around the rim of his erect penis as if to illustrate her point, her fingers no longer necessary to hold the flesh upright.

A droplet of clear liquid emerged from the tip of his penis as she slid the foreskin upwards and over the rim of the glans.

“Oh dear Timothy, little boys seem to have no control. Look at you, your penis has become erect and there is already a drop of liquid coming out of it. I will have to get a tissue and wipe it for you.” Susan was secretly delighted as the boy turned his head away in shame.

She took her hands from him and walked to the low table by the bath. She saw that next to the tissues was a box of latex gloves which had been propped against a large jar of lubricant. On impulse she took a pair of the gloves and sensuously slid them on her hands. Next she took the large jar of lubricant and a several pieces of tissue and walked back to the table.

She placed the jar between his legs and took a tissue. Deftly she took hold of his penis, hearing him groan as she expertly skinned his foreskin back to reveal the large bulbous head.

“Argghhhh…ooooOOOHHH.” He groaned as she nonchalantly wiped the drop of glistening liquid from the end of his penis. She delighted in the writhing of his hips as she casually wiped around the glans of his penis. She held him firmly making sure that the soft tissue made good contact with the sensitive parts of his penis.

“Now come along shuffle down the table, I want your legs hanging over the end and your bottom right on the edge.” She watched him blush and noted the look of anguish on his face as she took the jar of lubricant from between his legs and unscrewed the top. She waited patiently as he struggled to do her bidding. When he had his bottom far enough towards the edge of the table she put down the container of lubricant and placed her hands on his thigh.

“Right young man… lets have these legs hanging over the side so that your bottom is nice and accessible.” She saw his immediate blush as she pulled his thigh towards her until his calf was hanging over the edge of the table. She walked around to the other side and pulled his other thigh even further apart until the crook of his knee was over the edge of the table and his lower leg was hanging down.

“Now stretch your arms out along the bed behind you head… come along push them out and stretch your fingers… there that’s the way.” She watched delightedly as he innocently obeyed her, his young perfectly proportioned body was stretched out before her, his penis and testicles bared and his bottom open and available for her pleasure.

The result of her positioning of the boy had left him with his legs spread so widely apart that his sphincter was completely revealed. She moved to the bottom edge of the table between his legs and deftly slipped her cupped hand underneath his plump testicles. “Arggghhh… ssssssss”

He hissed in embarrassment as she gently lifted the delicate orbs and peered between his bottom cheeks. She could see that his penis was still pulsing as it stood pointing straight up towards the ceiling. She loved the feeling of holding his testicles in her hand. It seemed to her that she held his entire essence. She scored her finger nails over the tight skin of his scrotum, marvelling at the way the skin recoiled as she stimulated it.

She turned her attention to his buttocks, admiring the firm and beautifully contoured flesh. She could not have explained why she had an urgent impulsive desire to thrust her hand hard between his cheeks as if she was impaling him. Susan had already learned a lot about herself, her increasing confidence in handling the boy had already pleased her and she intended to be very much a part of the boy’s immediate future.

“Yes I think you accessible enough; I am just going to lubricate your bottom so that you are nice and greasy for the nurse to slip the nozzle up into your bottom.” Her words were again designed to increase his embarrassment.

She reached forward to retrieve the jar of lubricant and waited with the jar held overtly in her hands until at last, her hesitation caused him to look up at her.

He blushed as she deliberately dipped two fingers into the jar and drew them out very slowly, allowing globules of the viscous and glistening lubricant to drip back into the jar. She placed the jar on to the table by his waist and looked him in the eye.

“Now I want no fidgeting… do you hear me?” Timothy looked at her in horror as she deliberately lifted his testicles, her delicate fingers cupping his scrotum delicately and sensuously.

“Now relax your bottom and allow me proper access.” Her words were immediately accompanied by the firm pressure of her lubricated fingers against his sphincter as she pushed them rudely between his bottom cheeks.

“Ooooohhhh… er.. er… misssss.” His embarrassment was paramount as she began to rotate her fingers around the sensitive outer flesh of his sphincter. Slowly and inexorably he felt his sphincter being penetrated, until suddenly her forefinger entered into his bottom.

“Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh.” He cried, as she deftly pushed her finger up into him. She could feel her whole body vibrate with the thrill and sensation of impaling his bottom with her finger. She pushed deeper, immediately feeling the swollen mound of flesh of his prostate against her fingertip.

“Now keep still, while I just rotate my finger.” Her words were almost lost in his groans of protestation.

“Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Hooo… hooo” His head shook from side to side as he moaned and groaned in his tormented state.

She could not believe the anguish she produced in him at each firm touch of her finger against his prostate. Cruelly she added to his torment as she spoke softly and gently.

“Open wide, there’s a good boy.” Her words merely fuelled his utter humiliation as she swirled her finger around, deep inside his bottom. Susan could not believe the absolute thrill she felt each time she elicited another groan from the boy. She realized that she was delighting as much in the boys sensual torment as in the feel of his beautiful body. She felt the opening of his bottom relax as he tried to draw his bottom away from her busy fingers. Instinctively she pressed her middle finger against the pulsating muscle of his sphincter, feeling it slip inside easily beside her forefinger as she increased the pressure.

“Arghhhhhhhhhhh… oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… please missssss.”

His cry of torment was accompanied by a small spurt of clear liquid from the end of his penis. She immediately slowed her fingers, suddenly fearful that he might lose all control.

“There we are Timothy, that wasn’t so bad, was it now?” Her words were spoken calmly. “Now just keep still while I slip my fingers out of your little bottom. Really Timothy I never realized how much fuss little boys make over such simple things.” Her demeaning words caused him to hang his head to the side as she slipped her fingers out of his bottom with a satisfying sucking noise.

Casually she wiped her gloved finger on a tissue and moved to stand by his waist, looking down at his bright red face. “Now keep still, while I clean you once more. I can see that you are obviously not concerned about the rude state of your penis. I just hope that we never catch you playing with yourself. Just think how embarrassing it would be to have to be spanked for playing with your penis.”

Timothy blushed immediately, his upper body suddenly erupting in an abundance of bright red flesh. He squeezed his eyes shut in utter embarrassment as Susan chided him. Susan smiled to herself as she took hold of his penis in a satisfyingly firm grip and slid his foreskin down the shaft of his penis in one deft and practiced movement.

She could feel his flesh shudder in utter degradation as she nonchalantly wiped the sensitive flesh without thought to his humiliation.

She stood back and waited for him to open his eyes before speaking to him. “Now Timothy, I want you to really stretch those arms out behind you and keep exactly in the position I have put you. I hope for your sake that your penis subsides before the nurses see you… I am sure that they would be shocked by your rude behaviour.”

She looked down at his naked body, his legs splayed widely apart showing off his plump testicles. His penis still standing straight up from his smoothly shaven flesh. “I warn you that if you have moved from this position I will take you over my knee and spank your bare little bottom cheeks.”

Timothy felt butterflies in his stomach as he looked up at the beautiful girl. She looked cool and self assured as she admonished him. He could not believe how open and exposed he felt as he watched her lay her delicate hand upon his tummy. He shuddered in embarrassment as she causally examined his naked body.

He had never had his legs stretched so widely apart before and the position humiliated him beyond belief. He watched in horror as she nonchalantly smoothed her hand over his tummy and smoothly shaven pubis, until her fingertips were touching the shaft of his erect penis. He groaned as she suddenly raised her hand and tapped the bulbous tip, making the plump and throbbing flesh sway backwards and forwards.

He felt utterly drained of any self respect, his utter embarrassment paramount as she looked him in the eye. Her expression was almost mocking as she made sure that he was paying complete attention to her.

“Well Timothy, are you going to obey me… and stay exactly in this position?”

His answer delighted Susan so much, that she found it hard to contain her feeling of utter triumph.

“Oh… yes miss. I promise I will always obey you … er I didn’t mean any harm… erm I’m just so embarrassed er… miss Susan.”

She tapped his erect penis once more and then instinctively bent low over his outstretched body. Stretching out her arm she took a firm hold on his penis and lowered her head to his and suddenly kissed him full on the lips. She could feel his heart pounding as she pushed her tongue into his mouth and at the same time slid his foreskin up and down the shaft of his penis in a rapid motion.

As she pulled her mouth away from his, she could feel his breath upon her cheek. She looked into his eyes, seeing the look of rapture and supplication in his young eyes.

Susan felt she was walking on air; such was her triumph as she turned to him once more. She could not help herself as she suddenly decided to further embarrass the boy.

“The nurses will be in shortly to slip a nozzle up into your bottom and when they have finished they will take you through to the examination room to have your little penis milked… so be a good boy and just wait quietly.”

He groaned in anguish as he watched her walk to the door, his humiliation distressingly complete when he saw that his erect penis was throbbing and pulsing violently as it pointed straight up towards his head.

Susan gave the boy one last look as she held the door open. She could see that his penis was bouncing up and down the head touching his tummy then pulsating upwards in an involuntary cycle. She smiled to herself as she imagined what Gail’s expression would be when she got a chance to tell her exactly how she had handled their young charge.

It did not seem many moments later that Timothy heard the handle turn and the bathroom door open. He groaned in dismay as he saw the two nurses enter the room. They were quickly followed by Susan and Gail. He could not help turning his head in shame as the nurses put down the bags they were carrying and began unpacking the contents on to the small table by the bath.

It was Gail who approached him; bending over his head she looked into his eyes and gently laid her hand flat on his tummy. To Timothy’s utmost embarrassment, he felt his penis begin to throb violently, the shaft bobbing upwards away from his tummy and then bouncing back with a slap. He looked at Gail almost pleadingly as if she might extricate him from his embarrassing position. Her expression was soft and caring as she leaned her face close to his and gently kissed him on his parted lips.

The gesture caused Timothy to look up at her beautiful face in awe as she whispered softly to him. “Poor baby… never mind it will all be over soon.” She casually slid her hand down over his tummy, her fingers brushing against the head of his penis as she slipped her delicate fingers between his widely spread legs. He gasped in shock as she gently encased his scrotum and lifted his testicles free of his body.

“There… sweetheart, it won’t be long before we empty your little plums for you, so just lay back and keep your hands stretched out, like a brave little soldier.”

Timothy blushed so violently that Gail could feel the heat from his cheeks as she looked into his eyes. She noticed that his pupils had almost defocused with the utter embarrassment of his humiliating position. She felt a thrill run through her as she straightened up, leaning over his hips so that she could examine his testicles in detail. She could not resist letting her hand roam over his flesh as she lifted the soft orbs upwards.

He has the most perfect body of any boy I have ever seen, thought Gail as she stroked one hand over his tummy, her fingers brushing against his throbbing erection, as she held his scrotum up from between his legs.

It was not many minutes before Gail and Susan were able to step back and watch as the nurses deftly took charge of the young boy. A lubricated gloved hand was quickly thrust between his bottom cheeks as Tina used her other hand to lift his testicles out of the way. The boy’s gasps and groans let the girl’s know that his bottom had been penetrated almost immediately. Susan and Gail watched as Tina’s hand thrust hard up in-between his bottom cheeks as he was deftly impaled. Gail leaned forward to see that Tina was already probing deep inside his bottom with two fingers.

“Argggggggggggg…ooooooooooohhhhh.” Timothy could not contain himself as he felt the fingers abruptly withdraw from his bottom cheeks and be immediately replaced by a hard bulbous object. His hips rose up from the table in anguish, as his sphincter was skilfully penetrated by the enema nozzle.

Tina’s voice was quite causal and measured as she turned her head to Gail and Susan. “I am using a large sized nozzle; it is an excellent device for making the water swirl up inside him… and it will also keep his sphincter stretched so that I can use two fingers to penetrate him while Penny is milking his penis.”

Timothy was cocooned in a mist of humiliating anguish as he listened to the nurse casually explain her methods to Susan and Gail.

For Gail and Susan, the absolute thrill of the boy’s torment was a pleasure to be savoured. Whether his young body was writhing with pain or pleasure made no difference to the thrill they felt. To be able to control his emotions… to watch his pale torso arch in anguished emotion, was such a fulfilling sight that neither girl intended to ever deny themselves this new-found pleasure.

Tina attached the large clear plastic bag of liquid to the flange of the stainless steel nozzle; nonchalantly she continued probing his bottom, watching the device move easily in and out of his sphincter as Penny placed her fingers around the enema bag. “He has obviously only recently been to the lavatory, his bottom seems clean, but penny is going to give him two bags full anyway.” She turned to Timothy and spoke sharply. “Have you just been to the toilet Timothy?”

Timothy could hardly answer such was his distress. Tina had not lessened her vigorous probing of his bottom, instead she seemed to punctuate her words with even firmer thrusts of the large bulbous nozzle.

“Oooohhhh… errr ooooohh yesssss…misssssss.”

His words ended with a hiss of anguish as Penny suddenly squeezed the bag, sending a fierce gush of water deep into his colon.

“There… that is obviously having an effect, I’ll just attach the second bag and fill you up and then you can evacuate into the toilet bowl.” Penny smiled at the stricken boy as she closed off the large nozzle and detached the empty bag. The boy was left with the nozzle sticking out of his bottom like a large dildo. Gail and Susan smiled as they saw how his hips squirmed as Tina deliberately pushed and pulled the nozzle to demonstrate to the girls how firmly it was being held by the muscles of his sphincter. Penny casually attached an even larger bag of fluid to the stainless steel flange and began to squeeze the bag with a steady pressure.

Gail could see the anguish on the young boys face as Tina casually took hold of his penis as well as his testicles and squeezed them firmly.

For Timothy, the sensation of having his penis touched never lessened. He could feel every nuance of the incredible touch of her cool fingers as she wrapped them around the sensitive skin below the glans. The causal way that she teased the foreskin down the shaft, baring him completely, caused him untold embarrassment and sexual trauma. He could feel the fingers of her other hand deliberately envelop his scrotum and her grip tighten as she held him firmly. It humiliated him beyond belief that she could so casually control his every emotion, her cool expression appearing almost callous as she looked at his face.

“Just a few more squeezes of the enema bag and we will let you go to the toilet… there.. how’s that?” Penny need not have asked the question as she saw the boy writhe around with the sensation of the water filling his tummy.

Timothy was in turmoil. The water seemed to have filled him completely. He could feel a firm and urgent pressure to expel as the nurses held him for a few minutes before putting their hands under his bottom and almost lifting him from the table. He felt the nozzle stretch his sphincter wide as it was deftly removed. A wad of dressing was quickly thrust between the cheeks of his bottom as the nurses helped him to a sitting position and then off the bed and on to the floor, helping him to walk almost bowlegged towards the lavatory bowl.

He was blushing furiously as he looked at Gail and Susan who were standing in the middle of the room watching his every move. Their expressions gave no clue as to the thrill they were feeling at seeing him being so thoroughly and expertly humiliated at the hands of the young nurses. They stood relaxed, their expressions cool and appraising. The prim and elegantly cut skirts and blouses added to their authoritarian stature and distanced them in rank from the blushing and humiliated young boy.

Timothy felt utterly awkward and foolish. He had no defence against the unending onslaught of degrading humiliation. One of the nurses held his arms to steady him, while the other firmly held the wad of dressing between the cheeks of his bottom. He was acutely aware of his erection as his penis bobbed to and from between his legs as he walked between the two young nurses. He could not help looking up as he passed Gail and Susan, to see whether they had noticed his erection swaying to and fro between his legs. His cheeks caught fire in a stomach wrenching wave of embarrassment, as he saw their raised eyebrows at his shameful plight. Their pretty faces seemed to have an amused and yet disdainful look, as if his erection was to be the expected behaviour from such a naughty child.

The next twenty minutes seemed to engulf Timothy into a mire of such deep embarrassment and humiliation that he trembled and shook through the entire proceedings. His body was cocooned in a seemingly endless aura of shameful blushing. After he had embarrassingly voided the contents of his tummy into the toilet bowl, he was made to bend and touch his toes. A large syringe was deftly inserted between the cheeks of his bottom and then pushed further up until it slipped through his sphincter. The ensuing gush of water made him stand upright, as if an electric shock had been applied to his bottom.

Again the nurses had sat him on the toilet and waited while he shamefully voided. His feeling of utter humiliation accumulated with each procedure, until he felt totally drained of any self respect. Such was his shame that he trembled and shook as they stood him in the large bath and bathed him. His embarrassment and shock was apparent to everyone, as his foreskin was deftly pulled back and his throbbing penis exposed fully.

Shivering with shame, he was laid back upon the table while the nurses dried and powdered him, his legs being held high up in the air as extra talcum was applied deftly and summarily between the quivering cheeks of his bottom.

When the nurses were entirely satisfied with his preparation, he was led briskly into the examination room and perfunctorily laid on the examination couch. He had moaned and groaned as both Tina and Penny hoisted his legs in to the stirrups so that his knees were bent backwards towards his chest. A folded towel was placed under the small of his back, further elevating his bottom from the surface of the examination table.

“There that should make you nice and accessible when I come and pop my fingers up into your little bottom.” Tina had said embarrassingly, as she deliberately patted his bottom, emphasising the absolute rude and open exposure of his young naked body.

The girls had left him in this position and exited the room, leaving him to ponder his fate in a blinding fever of anguish and shame.


“The Chablis is from my mother’s cellar… I hope you like it,” Gail said as she finished handing the glasses to Susan and the two nurses.”

“I had noticed that everything that you have seems to be of the best,” Tina said, her tone completely without malice or envy, as she took her glass. “I think our young boy in the next room would certainly fit in with the quality of your er… possessions quite nicely.”

Gail had to smile, realising that perhaps Tina had already guessed some of her intentions. Gail leaned back and sipped from her glass as Tina continued.

“When I saw him at the school medicals, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He really is perfection isn’t he… I have seen a lot of naked young boys… and fancied rather a lot of them, but I have never seen any boy that comes close to the physical perfection of Timothy.” Tina was not the least embarrassed as Penny and Susan had looked at her quizzically as she had mentioned fancying some of the boys at their medicals.

“Look I would never admit it at work, but I often deliberately embarrass a boy. I have made lots of them ejaculate when I have bathed them or shaved them. If I am working on my own I like to massage their prostates, some of them don’t even know what’s happening until suddenly they are spurting all over the place.” She smiled at Gail. “I know one thing, I envy you having Timothy to play with… he’s delicious.” The girls could not help grinning as Tina sat back and made a funny face.

Gail looked serious for a moment and then spoke. “I need to ask you something… er both Susan and I… er well, perhaps more…er… me actually, would like you to make him ejaculate only once. I would like him to have something left for when we put him to bed… If you don’t mind?”

Tina laughed and patted Gail’s knee. “Think nothing of it, however you would be surprised how many more times, that young man in there is capable of ejaculating. His output is more than most mature men can manage. There is nothing physically wrong with him as such…. and eventually, when he becomes sexually active, he will just be someone who has a high sexual drive… lucky, lucky lady I say.”

The Girl’s giggled in unison as Tina pulled another funny face and slipped her hand down on to her lap… “God I feel… erm… well you know.” She raised her eyes to heaven as all the girls erupted into peels of laughter.

Timothy’s embarrassment knew no bounds as the girls walked into the examination room. His rude and widely spread position afforded him not one vestige of dignity. He almost jumped off the bed as Gail leaned over him and placed her hands on each of his nipples, her beautiful face coming close to his as she whispered to him.

“There sweet boy, lay back and relax… nurse is going to milk your little penis… so try and be a brave little boy and not make a fuss. Now promise me you will be good and I will give you a little kiss while nurse pops her fingers into your bottom. Now relax the muscles in your bottom for me, so that she can slip right up inside you.”

Susan, who was standing at the head of the bed, leaned forward. Her soft breasts pressed against his forearms as she placed her hands upon his shoulders, effectively pinning him to the bed.

Gail leaned forward too; she could feel the heat of his body as she pressed her soft breasts against his trembling flesh. Her fingers gently toyed with his nipples as she pressed her lips to his and forced her tongue into his mouth. She kissed him deeply as she raised one hand to signal to Tina.

She could not resist the thrill that ran through her body as she felt the boy try to rear up as she realised that Tina had slipped her greased fingers up between the cheeks of his bottom. The young nurse’s fingers urgently searched for the tightened muscles of his sensitive sphincter. Tina hesitated… savouring the moment before deftly pushing upwards, slipping her slender finger right up through his quivering orifice.

Gail could feel the boy’s entire body shiver with emotion as she thrust her tongue deep into his mouth. Her action stifled any cry of protest that the young boy might utter. She could feel his anguish as Penny deftly slipped the skin of his foreskin down to the very base of the shaft of his penis. Her fingers curled tightly around his timid flesh, before she started milking his throbbing member. Her strokes were fast and urgent as Tina located the plump mound of his prostate gland. Gail knew that she would soon have to let the boy take a breath. His young body trembled with emotion as his chest heaved upwards and his back arched in absolute torment.

She drew back her head and watched as his mouth opened wide and he inhaled deeply. His eyes were wide open, defocused in anguished sensation as the nurses quickly stimulated him to an almost unbearable frenzy of emotion.

He looked at Gail, his eyes betraying every nuance of his utter humiliation as he gazed at her beautiful countenance. Her perfect beauty and cool appraisal of his distress, added to his feeling of degradation. Her small, perfectly formed mouth and beautiful large eyes betrayed nothing of the absolute thrill she felt as the boy groaned in utter torment. His young torso was heaving with emotion as he fought to control his senses.

“Poor baby, never mind it will all be over soon… try and be a brave little boy, I am sure the nurse is being as gentle as she can.” Gail looked around to see that, rather than being gentle, Penny was milking him with her right hand, his penis engulfed in a rapid and vigorous motion. The fingers of her other hand were wrapped around his scrotum, lifting and squeezing his testicles as Tina expertly slipped a second finger straight up into his bottom. Tina was already holding the test tube as she winked at Gail in a conspiring gesture, as if to tell her that the boy was already at the very edge of ejaculating.

“Arrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” The boy moaned in absolute distress as Gail moved her face closer to his.

“There, the nurse is just going to make you ejaculate, try and do your best for me… I want a nice full test tube for the doctor. Now keep looking at me so that I can make sure you are doing your best… there… that’s the way…let me have a nice big squirt… there that’s the way.”

Gail’s softly spoken words seemed to spur the boy on. His penis erupted with a violent ejaculation. Large globules of semen shot into the jar as Tina casually held it against the tip of his penis. Gail could see that she was jabbing rapidly between the widely spread cheeks of his bottom as he moaned and groaned his way through a deep and wracking orgasm. His chest was thrust upwards and his back was arching off the surface of the bed. He gulped and gasped for breath as the young nurses held him in the throes of agony and ecstasy.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… misssssssssssssssssssssss.” To Gail’s absolute delight, it was to her that he looked at as his penis erupted with eruption after eruption of thick semen into the waiting rest tube.

She looked back quickly, watching in fascination as his penis continued to erupt in an endless and violent expression of thick, milky white globules of semen.

She turned back to him and lowered her head to his. Her kiss was one of delicious emotion, as she thrust her tongue deep into his throat, robbing him of his breath at the very point he needed it most.

Her lips held him in the absolute throws of utter abandonment. Her instinctive knowledge of his dilemma thrilled her more than she could have possibly expected.

Clinically and deftly the girls manipulated his body, agonisingly plundering his tender emotions to such an extent that he felt he would explode with the overwhelming sensation of it all.

Gail suddenly released his lips, watching his young body heave and shudder as he drew precious air into his lungs. Her beautiful face seemed to mesmerise him as blackness surrounded his peripheral vision and for a moment he lost all control.

The girls caressed him, smoothing their delicate fingers over his body as he struggled to regain control of his senses. He gasped as Tina’s fingers were gently slipped from in-between his bottom cheeks and his testicles were squeezed firmly. He shuddered as Penny nonchalantly coaxed the last vestiges of semen from his rigid and throbbing member. He could feel the cool touch of her fingers as she slipped his foreskin upwards over the sensitive glans of his penis. She could feel every anguished tremor of his body as she casually went about her business.


Timothy was lying on the couch watching the television. He was dressed in his chinos and Tee shirt. Although the programme was one of his favourites, he found it hard to concentrate on anything other than his latest humiliation. Thankfully he had been spared a second milking, but even that had been little comfort as the nurses had casually held his testicles up from between his thighs and asked both Susan and Gail to come and feel the size of them.

“Well as long as his little penis does not become stiff again, I suppose one semen extraction will be enough for this evening.” Gail’s words had shamed him in to turning his head to the side and closing his eyes as she had causally squeezed his scrotum.

Gail had told him to lie quietly until he felt rested, then he could get dressed and they would take him back to his mother’s cottage. Tina had brought him his clothes. She had laid them on his tummy as she released his legs from the stirrups. To Timothy’s horror, she had taken hold of his penis and pulled the foreskin back, revealing the soft tissue beneath.

“I bet this little fellow doesn’t stay soft for very long.” She had squeezed the timid flesh before letting him go and kissing him gently on the cheek. Her amusement at his embarrassed expression made him blush profusely. She stood back and looked him straight in the eye.

“See you next time Sweetie” She had chuckled as she left him in his haze of humiliation and confusion.

Later, Gail and Susan had walked him over to his mother’s cottage and told him to sit quietly and watch the television. The girls left him and made their way to the dining room. Although Timothy’s mother did not entertain guests very often since the death of her husband, the dining room had always been kept in ready for an occasion, should it arise.

The dark mahogany dining room table was surrounded by eight chairs; the formal positioning of the table was accented by the slightly darker furniture of the dressers and china cabinets which surrounded the walls. The two tall bookcases which stood at each of the opposing walls provided a quite formal ambience to the dining room.

Gail and Susan laughed at each other as they arranged the dining chairs. They placed two of the chairs in an open area of the room and positioned the others so that four of the chairs were behind the table with one at each end. This arrangement left one side of the table free and facilitated the classic formal interview situation. Although in this case the interviewee would have to stand. The crowning touch was the placing of a large Victorian footstool on the floor, directly in front of the table.

The Girls stood back and admired their work. Mischievously, Susan stood on the stool and placed her hands upon her head, imitating their proposed positioning of Timothy. She placed her feet well apart on the broad wooden platform, realising that the stool would elevate the boy admirably for their purpose.

Gail could not help laughing as she moved behind Susan and slipped her delicate fingers under her skirt. Susan shivered as Gail slid her hand up between her thighs and clasped her hand over the gossamer material that covered her prominent pubic mound.

“Naughty Susan, I think I have just time to scratch that naughty itch of yours.” Susan shivered again as she felt Gail’s gentle fingertips tease their way beneath the material and slide between the pliant puffy lips of her labia. Without warning Susan felt the scissor motion of Gail’s fingers as they clasped the nub of her clitoris. Gail ignored the girl’s moans as she quickly worked her fingers over Susan’s sex. She could feel Susan’s body shiver, a fine tremor running through her loins as she quickly worked her fingers knowingly between the girl’s legs.

Gail knew that Susan’s climax was imminent. She would have admitted that, had it been the other way round, that it would have only taken a few minutes before she herself would have succumbed to the same kind of stimulus. Gail suddenly quickened the pace of her fingers, holding the girl tightly as she expertly stimulated her sex. Almost cruelly she scored her fingernails over the hardened nub of the girl’s clitoris, until Susan gasped and bit her lip to stop herself from crying out.

Gail did not lesson the pace of her fingers until she felt Susan’s body almost collapse as she climaxed. Her knees felt week as Gail held her around the waist and benevolently slowed the pace of her fingers, suddenly caressing rather than fuelling her sexual desire.

“Oh my God… oh Gail you are good… don’t think that the compliment will not be returned. Oh my… can you imagine what Timothy must feel with all the stimulation we give him, no wonder the poor boy faints.”

Gail looked at Susan. “You know Susan we are very lucky girls… I can’t wait to get my hands on him again. I think afterwards I will certainly be accepting your offer.”

Both Gail and Susan were in fits of giggles as Susan lowered her hands and cheekily caressed Gail’s breast through the silky material of her blouse. “Come on let’s go and get ready, I need to… er you know… er and I think the occasion calls for fresh makeup, don’t you think?” Susan bright eyes and earnest expression made Gail laugh once more as she looked at her friend.

“Oh just one minute…” Gail said, “What do you think of this, it’s nice and soft, but with a nice satisfying slap.” Gail fumbled around in the bag she had brought and found the suede slipper. She held it up and slapped it against the palm of her hand; the slap was loud and staccato. Susan looked at it, noting the thinness of the sole and the velvety softness of the leather.

“That is ideal, I would imagine if you gave enough strokes it would smart, but not be at all severe. Gail that is perfect… slip it onto the seat of the chair and then you can show it to him at the appropriate time.”

It was thirty minutes later that Timothy looked up, his face suddenly turning pale as he looked and sensed that something was wrong. Their immaculate formal dress and the severe expressions on their faces suddenly put him ill at ease. He felt a shiver run through his body as Gail addressed him.

“Well Timothy, because of your behaviour today we both need to have a word with you. Turn the television off and then go and brush your hair and clean your teeth, I would like you to make yourself a little more presentable. Then we both want to see you in the dining room, don’t keep us waiting so… get to it.”

Gail held up her hand before the boy could ask questions… or perhaps protest.

“Off you go and we will see you in the dining room in five minutes.”

Before the boy could utter a word, Gail and Susan had turned away and walked off towards the dining room. Timothy sat foolishly for a minute and then reluctantly got up and switched off the television set. He felt a gnawing dread in his stomach as he went upstairs.

Hurriedly he brushed his teeth, feeling a growing fear as he caught sight of himself in the mirror. He realised that his face was flushed and could clearly see that his lips were trembling. He brushed his hair… and at the last minute took a new Tee shirt from the pile in the bathroom’s airing cupboard. He changed and examined himself in the mirror before pushing his bare feet back into his training shoes. He turned quickly and opening the bathroom door, he exited the room. He realised that he was trembling quite profoundly as he descended the stairs towards the dining room.

Although Timothy had always had the full use of the house, he could not remember ever having used the dining room. It was usually unheated and did not have the casual comfort of the rest of the cottage. Like all young teenagers, Timothy preferred the comfort of lounging on a settee or sofa rather than sitting formally. He tried to think why they would want to see him in his mother’s dining room rather than the more comfortable areas of the house.

As he walked towards the closed door oak door, he could feel his stomach churning with unease. He felt as if he had been summoned to the headmistresses study rather than to his own dining room. He stumbled rather than walked the last few paces. He stood at the door and wondered what to do next. He bent forward and undid the laces of his training shoes and took them off, leaving his feet bare. Subconsciously he had remembered that his mother had always asked him to remove his shoes before entering the dining room. The carpet had been laid some years ago and was an expensive item that his mother kept in pristine condition.

He stood up straight and raised a trembling hand to the door. Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the solid oak wood; the gesture of knocking on his own dining room door seemed somehow incongruous - and yet he felt deep down that it was the right thing to do.

Susan and Gail were seated in the two centre chairs behind the mahogany table. Their formal apparel and beautiful grooming gave them an air of authority and an appearance of maturity over and above their years. They sat upright in a carefully studied pose… their beauty and grace was such that even the most confident of male youths would have found their appearance to be humbling.

Gail and Susan both turned to each other, grinning triumphantly, as they heard the timid knock upon the door. Earlier Gail had turned on the chandelier which hung from the middle of the ceiling. The bright lights of the ornately tiered arms illuminated the room very brightly, in contrast to the pretty wall lights that were normally used to light the room for dining.

Gail waited for a moment, savouring the suspense, before whispering to Susan to call him into the room. Susan was surprised at how calm and authoritative her voice was as she called out clearly. “Please come.”

The Girls quickly composed themselves, their expressions calm and serious as they watched the handle turn in the oak door. To their delight Timothy was trembling as he almost shuffled rather than walked into the room. The expressions on Gail’s and Susan’s faces were cool and nonchalantly appraising as Timothy stood in the doorway.

“Please close the door behind you, will you Timothy and then come and stand in front of the table where we can see you properly.”

The boy’s nervousness was overtly apparent as he closed the door and turned back towards them. He blushed immediately as both of the girls watched him approach the table. Their delight was not apparent to their timid and apprehensive quarry.

“Come closer to the table and stand up straight, shoulders back and hands at your sides… come along don’t dawdle, we have some very serious words to say to you.”

Gail’s opening address caused the boy to blush a deep shade of red as he struggled with his emotions. Eventually he managed to step forward and stand straight with his hands pressed to either side of his thighs. He managed to look at the girls, but not without blushing furiously as they both eyed him calmly.

Their appearance intimidated him to such an extent that he felt a tremor run through him. The beauty of both girls was amplified by their immaculate grooming and make- up… and yet their appearance was foreboding. He could not help noticing the fullness of their breasts as they leaned forward against the table-top, or the sharp outline of their nipples against the silky crisp-white cotton of their tailored shirts. The juxtaposition between their stunning beauty and the forbidding formality of the setting, had the young boy at sixes and sevens.

He felt utterly foolish and humbled as he stood trembling before them, feeling like an errant schoolboy awaiting a severe admonishment. The girl’s absolute authority was now unquestionable in his mind. He stood a few feet from the table and dropped his head, his embarrassment so acute that he was no longer able to look at them.

Gail raised her head and spoke clearly, her beautifully cultured voice, articulate and concise.

“You will see a footstool in front of you, please step up on to it and stand straight with your hands at your sides. When you have done so, please raise your head so that we can see your face. Come along now, we need to have a very serious talk young man.”

Her words caused another immediate and furious blush to suffuse the young boy’s cheeks. He felt unable to compose even the simplest of replies… or any protestation. Humbly he shuffled forward and with trembling embarrassment stepped up on to the low wooden footstool. He felt his thighs press against the edge of the table as he stood up straight and timidly raised his head.

It was Susan whom opened the proceedings. Looking him straight in the eye, she spoke softly and quietly. Her words were deliberately intended to instil upon the young boy, a further layer of humiliating guilt.

“Timothy, you have behaved abominably today. With all the goodwill in the world I cannot countenance such behaviour from you. You have disobeyed instructions and protested at every opportunity.” Susan watched his face turn from bright red to an almost purple hue as her words were absorbed. His lips began to tremble and a tear formed in the corner of his eye as she continued.

“In fact you have been a very silly little boy… and you have demonstrated your immaturity to everyone that has tried to help you. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Such was the boy’s utter shame that he could hardly articulate his words. The seriousness of the almost courtroom-style setting, allied to his humbling admonishment, made him feel utterly foolish and belittled.

He drew in his breath and spoke, his voice cracked and trembling.

“Oh please miss… I am so sorry.” A tear rolled down his burning cheek as stammered. “I promise miss… I will be good…” He started to cry as his voice trailed off into complete silence.

Gail leaned forward. She could have reached out and touched him across the table if she had wanted. Instead she rebuked him sharply.

“Pull yourself together Timothy and look at me.” The boy looked startled, suddenly stiffening his body and standing up straighter as Gail continued.

I know you have made some improvement, but that does not mean that you should not be rebuked for your earlier behaviour. Now face forward and keep your head up and tell us both what you intend to do to rectify your behaviour.

Timothy took a deep breath; the sharp rebuke had suddenly stifled his emotion. He looked at the two beautiful girls; his humiliation so utterly engulfed him that he felt foolish beyond belief.

“I… er… I will do everything you say… er from now on miss. I promise… er truly I will.”

“Well Timothy, I will take your word if you mean what you say. We have been lenient with you in not referring today’s behaviour to your cousin Hazel, but I warn you that this is the last time that I will ever allow such a thing. Now promise me again.”

Timothy exhaled his breath slowly… he felt relief that somehow Gail had seemed to let him off the hook.

“I promise miss that I will… er obey without question!”

Gail squeezed Susan’s knee under the table as she looked at Timothy. Her face softened and she spoke gently.

“Alright Timothy… I will take your word. Now cheer up a little. I have finished scolding you. It is unfortunate that you have to have medical treatment, but there it is. So you must obey everyone from now on. I am not going to lecture you any further.” Gail looked at her watch.

“It is getting late… so Susan and I will get you ready for bed and you can have a good night’s sleep.” She watched Timothy intently, seeing the relief on his face before she delivered her ‘coup de grace’. Her voice was bright and pleasant, as if her pronouncement was nothing more than a mere formality.

“Now we will just get you punishment over with as quickly as we can. Please bare your bottom for spanking.”

Both Susan and Gail watched with delight as the boy’s face fell. His look of astonishment and surprise was exquisite. He blushed again, this time his colour was so vivid that Gail thought he might have a fit.

“But… er but…”

Gail’s voice was firm and sharp. “I thought we agreed that there would be no ‘buts’. You will do as you are told or your punishment will be prolonged and made much more severe. Now do as I have told you and bare your bottom for a sound spanking.”

Timothy looked in horror at the two girls. His embarrassment and humiliation was so acute that he felt faint. Slowly and with trembling fingers his hands moved to his belt. He looked up at the two girls as if to ensure that he had heard correctly. Their faces betrayed not one iota of compassion or hope for him as he timidly loosened the buckle.

The girls watched avidly, hiding their excitement as they watched him unzip his chinos and pull them down to his thighs. Gail’s delight was almost palpable as she watched him hesitate and then reach behind him under his T shirt and slide the waistband of his boxer shorts down to the lower part of his buttocks. He remained completely covered in front by both the front of his boxers and by the length of his T shirt.

Gail waited, biding her time, until at last the boy looked up at her. She made sure that she had his full attention, before turning to Susan. “There is a slipper on the chair beside you Susan. Would you be so kind as to start his punishment?”

Timothy watched in horror as Susan lifted the slipper from the seat of the chair and brought the implement out into full view. He looked stunned as she got up and walked around the table to stand behind him. His attention was suddenly drawn back to Gail as she spoke to him. Her voice was sharp and businesslike as she held his gaze. “Hands on your head… come along no dawdling now!”

Slowly and with utter dread Timothy placed his hands upon the top of his head. His body shook involuntarily as Susan placed the slipper upon the table in front of him and then placed her hands on his waist. Without preamble she reached under his shirt and slipped her hands into the waistband of his shorts, her delicate fingers causing the boy to shiver as she touched his skin.

Casually she slid the garment down, pushing his chinos with it until both his trousers and shorts were around his ankles. Without a word, she lifted each foot and divested him of both his chinos and boxer shorts. Standing upright again, she watched him shiver uncontrollably as she stood to his side and placed the flat of her hand upon his bottom. She hesitated for a moment before gently pressing her other hand to the front of his thigh and slowly began sliding her palms upwards against his bare flesh. To his horror Timothy felt her hand brush right over his penis and testicles as she raised the front of his shirt. She continued the progress of both hands until she slipped the shirt up over his head. She raised it further until she could pass it over his arms.

She stood on tiptoe pulled the shirt upwards in a quick jerking motion, causing his hands to leave his head for a moment as she stripped him completely.

Gail watched with delight, once more admiring his perfectly proportioned body. His nakedness thrilled her, his penis and testicles just inches above the surface of the table were clearly reflected in the lustre of the wood. She examined him in minute detail, noticing that his plump testicles had been drawn up by the tightening of his scrotum as it reacted to the exposure of cool air.

Gail noticed that he had shut his eyes in order to block out the embarrassment of being stripped naked. His feelings were not to be spared as Gail had no intention of letting him evade any part of their carefully planned chastisement.

“Now Timothy, open your eyes and look at me. I want you to take your punishment with good grace.” She waited until she had the boy’s full attention. His face was a picture of anguish and humiliation as he reluctantly met her gaze. He could feel the cool air on his genitals and felt utterly humiliated that he had been bared for Gail to inspect as she saw fit.

“Now… Susan is going to start your punishment. I want you to remain with your hands upon your head and stand up straight. She is going to give your bottom a thorough slippering… I want you to remain standing and looking at me while she is punishing your bottom. Silly little boys that cannot behave themselves deserve to be soundly spanked. Now stand up straight and take your punishment.”

Although his eyes were firmly fixed upon Gail, Timothy saw Susan take the slipper and move to his side.

He could not help clenching his buttocks as Susan stroked the slipper over the perfect hillocks of flesh. He shivered in anguish as she placed the palm of her hand on his thigh, just below his testicles. He could feel the back of her hand brush his scrotum as the first stroke landed against his tightly clenched buttocks.

“Slap… slappp… slapppp.” Susan began slippering him steadily and methodically, each stroke of the slipper, perfectly aimed and delivered upon the very centre of his bottom.

The indignity of standing naked and being soundly spanked by a young girl only a few years older than himself, made Timothy feel absolutely foolish.

The staccato slap of the slipper against his buttocks echoed throughout the room. For Gail, the sound added to the wonderful spectacle of the boy’s punishment. She could see him flinch each time the slipper landed against his buttocks. She held his gaze, sometimes deliberately letting him see her eyes glance down at his genitals. She was deliberately letting him know that she was watching, as his penis and testicles shuddered and jiggled with the involuntary movement of his hips.

Susan continued her firm application of the slipper upon his bottom. The flesh was already reddening; the centre section of his buttocks becoming inflamed as she diligently beat the boy. She could feel his testicles brushing against the back of her hand as she continued her steady tattoo upon his young buttocks. She had never known such delight as she enthusiastically performed her task upon his timid flesh.

“Slapp, slapppp, slappp.” His torment was applied methodically and diligently. Gail could see that he was beginning to feel the sting of the slipper far more acutely as the leather sole continually beat upon the same area of his bottom cheeks.

“Ohhh…. Pleeeease miss ser.. please.”

He cried out as Susan suddenly increased the force of her strokes. The weight of the sole made her task easier, each stroke producing a loud crack as she held his thigh firmly, thus increasing the intensity of her strokes.

“Oh pleeeease…miss… er it er is hurting miss.”

Timothy did not know to whom he was addressing his plea; his buttocks seemed to have become acutely sensitive as his slippering continued. His bottom felt as if it were burning.

He began to wriggle his hips, his penis swaying wildly from side to side as he tried to evade his punishment. He had received a good fifty strokes before Gail looked up at him and raised her hand to Susan. The spanking stopped as Gail looked him in the eye.

“I will not have you try and evade punishment in such a bombastic manner. You are here to be punished and as yet you have done nothing but behave like a silly little boy who is trying to avoid having his bottom spanked correctly. There is only one course of action open to me. You will have to be taken over the knee like the silly little boy that you are.”

Gail did not wait for a reply from the blushing youth. She got up from her seat and moved around the table to one of the two chairs which had been placed in the centre of the room. She sat down and spoke to Susan.

“Please bring him over here would you Susan.”

Involuntarily Timothy turned his head to look over his shoulder. He blushed as he saw that Gail was seated on one of the chairs. He felt Susan’s cool fingers suddenly encase his penis and turn him around by pulling on the sensitive flesh.

“Come along Timothy, Gail would like you over her knees. I am afraid that if you won’t take your punishment like a brave little boy, then you will have to be treated like a small child and have your bottom soundly spanked while bent over Miss Goodman’s knee.”

She let go of his penis and slapped his bottom. “Come along, if you don’t do as you are told, I will have no alternative than to fetch the strap to you.”

Timothy could not believe his ears… the very thought that Susan would actually use the strap on him! He could feel his eyes fill with tears of shame as she led him to the chair where Gail was seated. As soon as he was within reach, Gail reached around his waist and made him bend over. He was aware of a sudden flash of her beautiful thighs as she brushed her skirt upwards out of the way and at the same time reached underneath him. Her slender fingers closed around his penis and testicles as she positioned them so that his genitals would slide down between her legs.

Timothy felt the weight of his body fall over her lap. He supported his weight on his hands as his upper-body was dispensed with. Ignominiously his head hung down towards the floor as he felt her hand slide around his waist and hold him tightly. He could feel the firm flesh of her thighs, press tightly against his penis and testicles as she prepared him for punishment.

His ears were ringing with shame as she spoke to him. The utter embarrassment of his position made her words even more shaming.

“Fancy having to be taken over my lap and having to have your bottom spanked. Don’t you feel utterly ashamed of yourself? It seems Timothy that you did not heed any of my words… and so you will have to learn the hard way!”

Timothy was utterly shamed as Gail placed the palm of her hand upon his reddened buttocks. Leisurely she stroked over the firm flesh letting her fingers trail between the deep crease of his bottom and then down between his legs. “Now relax your bottom I want unhindered access.” She let her hand continue to trail downwards, her fingertips brushing sensuously over the sensitive skin of his bulging scrotum. “Come along now relax your muscles or I will have Susan hold you open.”

Susan looked at the naked boy. She could see that his face was red to the extreme as Gail continued to tease his flesh.

Gail felt his buttocks begin to relax, twitching occasionally as her fingers prompted an involuntary response from him. “Now keep them relaxed while I spank you soundly. I am going to treat you like the naughty child you are and spank your bare bottom with my hand. Afterwards I am going to give you a good slippering. Are you going to behave… or am I going to have to add several strokes of the strap?”

Timothy was in turmoil as he felt her hand stroke over his bottom. He could feel his penis throb as her thighs held his penis and testicles captive.

Her words shamed him into complete submission as he stammered. “Oh please miss, I am sorry I really promise to be good.” His shame was completed when Susan knelt down and sat back on her heels, taking his head in her hands and supporting it on her thighs.

Her voice was soft and low, but her words shamed him beyond belief.

“Now be a good boy and take your punishment. Fancy having to be taken over the head girl’s lap and have your bare bottom spanked like a child. Don’t you feel absolutely ashamed of yourself?” He felt Susan’s soft hands stroke against both cheeks of his face as she held his head down.

Her words had underlined his absolute shame and anguish.

Gail spoke to him once more. “Now keep still while you are being given your punishment!” He felt her remove her hand from his buttocks and almost immediately the sharp sting over the very centre of the crease as she began his spanking.

Gail was almost delirious with excitement as she watched the cheeks of his young bottom shudder and quiver as she brought her hand down. She could clearly see the imprint of her palm upon his flesh as she raised her arm and proceeded to deliver slap after slap on to the quivering flesh. Even though she knew that her spanks were hurting him, she could feel that his penis was throbbing quite dramatically. She realized that the burgeoning flesh was quickly thickening into a full erection. She squeezed her thighs together to confirm that indeed, not only was the young boy erect, but that his penis was throbbing uncontrollably. To distance herself from the intimate contact she admonished him as she continued spanking him soundly.

“Smackkk… smackkkk… smackkk.”

“What a naughty little boy you have been. Don’t you feel any shame all… having your bare bottom spanked. What would the girls at school think if they could see you now?” Susan felt his head shake in a miserable manifestation of shame and dismay at her friend’s words. He gasped and moaned in response to both his verbal humiliation - and to the utter torment of the continuous and thorough spanking his bottom was receiving.

He looked through his tears at the bared flesh of Susan’s thighs as she gently stroked her hands over the burning cheeks of his face. He could not have articulated how utterly humiliated and ashamed he felt. The very thought that he was being spanked like a child with his head hanging down and his bottom raised in the air… and all at the hands of the two prettiest girls in his school!

“Oh peease stop miss… er I’m sooo sorry. Please miss nooo more”

Timothy’s voice was trembling, his bottom feeling as if it was on fire. He was shamefully aware of the throbbing of his penis as Gail’s firm hand continued to spank his bare buttocks.

Susan continued to stroke his face, her soft hands brushing away his tears as she held his head gently. She lifted her hand and stroked the palm over his shoulders. “There, there… you have to be punished… little boys have to have their bottoms spanked when they are naughty… try and be a brave boy.”

Susan’s words, although ostensibly comforting, were really designed to humiliate the boy even further. Neither girl could have articulated why they felt such a thrill in punishing and humiliating the boy, but the sexual excitement they both felt was very real.

Gail felt a sudden thrill run through her body as she continued the methodical spanking of Timothy’s bottom. The sensation was so overwhelming that she squeezed her legs together in a paroxysm of delight. She felt an answering but involuntary throb from the boy, as the smooth flesh of her thighs stimulated his smoothly shaven penis and testicles.

“Smack… smack… smack… smack.”

Although the palm of her hand was stinging from the constant smacking of his bottom cheeks, she did not feel the pain unduly. She realised that the flesh of her hand was far more resilient than the virgin flesh of his young bottom. She sensed that the boy was coming to the end of his tether as he tried to raise his head. He arched his back and lifted one hand from the floor to try and reach behind him to assuage the onslaught to his bottom.

“Smack… smack… smack… smack.”

Tears were rolling down his cheeks and his voice was cracked as he tried to articulate his words. “Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease missss. Please er… nooo more…arggghhh… ooooOOOOHHH… please…”

He had begun to moan and plead constantly, as his buttocks were flattened against the palm of her hand at each point of impact. Gail delighted in changing the pattern of her spanking by bringing the palm of her hand smartly up against the underside of his bottom. The already reddened flesh seemed to quake as each sharp slap contacted with his quivering buttocks.

“Smack… smack… smack… smack.”

“What a naughty boy you are, I hope you are learning your lesson well. Are you going to promise that you will obey me without question… or would you like me to continue smacking your bare bottom? Smack… smack… smack… smack. I would have thought that you would feel ashamed of being spanked… look at you… crying and wriggling like a little child.”

“oooooHHHHooo… arggghhhhh… please, please… oh please miss noooo more, I can’t stand it misss… oooooohhhhhh.”

Susan could feel the wetness of his tears as she brushed his cheeks, gently goading him with softly spoken words. “Be a good boy and raise your bottom for your punishment… so that Gail can spank you properly, you mustn’t be a naughty boy and try and evade your punishment… it is for your own good.”

She was delighted as the boy shuddered in absolute shame at her words. She watched as time after time Gail’s hand landed on his quivering buttocks. The sharp staccato sound seemed to add to the thrill she felt as the boy was soundly and thoroughly spanked.

“Smack… smack… smack… smack.”

Timothy could not believe the pain and torment he felt, his anguish was such that he felt delirious with shame and humiliation.

“Arghhhhh… I promise miss… I really promise. Pleeease misss nooooooooo more.”

Gail knew that it was time to stop. Instead of smacking him, she thrust her hand in- between the cheeks of his bottom, just below the juncture of his buttock and thigh. Quickly she insinuated her fingers between her own thigh and the boy’s testicles, until she could grasp the swollen orbs within her hand. She could feel the stiff and swollen shaft of the perineum area as she enveloped his scrotum. She held him firmly as she spoke.

“Now young man… I hope that has taught you a lesson. What a silly little boy you have been… are you going to promise us that you will obey our instructions from now on… or are you going to have to be spanked again?”

“Oh please miss… I promise, I will never disobey you again.”

“Well I am going to imprint that notion in your head. I am going to give you a further six sound strokes with the slipper. Before you try and plead with me, I must warn you that if you protest I will double the number of strokes.” Timothy moaned and shivered in dread as he felt Susan reach up and offer the slipper to Gail. At the same time he felt Gail squeeze his testicles before withdrawing her hand from between the cheeks of his bottom.

“Susan dear… would you reach underneath him for me… and persuade him to raise his bottom into a proper position for punishment?” Gail’s voice was quite matter of fact and yet Susan had to stifle an urge to snicker as she realised what Gail meant her to do. She reached between her friends knees, cheekily caressing the inside of her thighs as she quickly located the boy’s erect penis. Timothy nearly jumped out of his skin as Susan pushed the foreskin up, revealing the sensitive rim of the glans underneath. Immediately, Timothy raised his bottom in protest, jerking his hips as the girl’s fingers impudently pinched the tip of his penis.

Slappppp…slapppppp… slappppp… slapppp… slapppp… slapppppppp!”

“Arggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh…. Argggggggggghhhhhhh… oooohhhhhhhhh. The boy’s response was immediate. He cried out in utter torment as Gail delivered the six strokes in rapid succession. The flesh quivering and shuddering as an enveloping wave of excruciating pain seared through his buttocks.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Arggggggghhhhhhh,” he wailed as the fire in his flesh seemed to build into an ever increasing burden of torment and misery.

Gail’s voice was calm and scathing, belying the absolute thrill she felt as she looked at the boy’s beautiful naked body, writhing and shivering upon her knees.

“Pull yourself together young man, you have only yourself to blame for your punishment.” Her words shamed him as he struggled with the pain in his buttocks. He felt her hand casually delve between the cheeks of his bottom and her fingers wrap around his testicles. At the same time he felt his foreskin being pushed further up the shaft and then pumped up and down in a rapid motion. He felt his penis throb vigorously in response. Susan felt the throb and immediately withdrew her hand. She looked up at Gail and grinned as the boy shuddered in torment.

“Let’s get you off my knee and standing on your own two feet… shall we?” Gail spoke to the boy as if her had been merely sitting on her knee, rather than having had his bare bottom soundly spanked with both hand and slipper.

Susan quickly let go of the boy’s head and stood up. She took him by the shoulders, grinning at Gail as she saw that her hand was holding him firmly by the testicles.

Both girls manoeuvred the boy until he was standing upright. Gail smiled to herself as she saw him quickly clasp both hands to his genitals and cover his erection, his face flushing to an incredibly deep shade of red as he did so.

Gail quickly brushed her skirt back over her thighs and sat primly, her pretty knees placed modestly together. Susan stood behind the boy and looked over his shoulder at Gail.

Timothy shuddered as he looked at Gail’s pretty face. Her expression was serious as she looked up at him. The tears were still running down his cheeks and his bottom was on fire. He would have loved to rub the smarting flesh, but such was his shame that he dare not uncover himself.

Suddenly Susan smacked him hard on the cheeks of his bottom. “Smackkkk… now get those hands on your head this instance. My word!! You know that you are not allowed to play with your genitals. Now get those hands on top of your head. Smack… smackkk… smackkkkk.”

Her words were punctuated with a serious of sharp slaps to the very centre of his sore buttocks. She could clearly see his body shudder as he reluctantly uncovered himself and raised his hands to his head. He could not help looking down as his erection sprang forward, causing him to blush profusely as Gail looked directly at his penis and testicles.

“Now what is this…?” She raised her hand and tapped the rigid flesh of his penis, watching it sway to and fro as it stood out from his body.

“Have you seen this Susan?” Gail asked, as she pointed to the boy’s genitalia. “His penis is erect! I would have thought that the nurses had milked him sufficiently for one day. Would you slip you hands between his legs and feel his testicles for me, they look as if they are swollen again.”

Susan was pleased that the boy could not see her face as she grinned at Gail, almost causing her to lose her serious expression. Susan leaned against him and placed her hand sensuously around his waist and held the palm flat against the lower part of his tummy. Deliberately she brushed her cheek against his ear as she whispered to him. “Open your legs nice and wide and push your little bare bottom back towards me. I am going to slip my fingers between your legs and feel your testicles. I promise I will be very gentle with your little plums.”

Gail nearly burst out laughing as she caught the words that Susan had whispered in his ear. She could see that the boy was trembling with emotion as he shuffled his legs apart.

To Gail’s delight she noted that the boy did not have to be told to spread them wider. He adopted a stance that had his legs spread over a metre apart. Perhaps he has learned his lesson she thought, as she watched him close his eyes in shame and steel his body for the next indignity.

Susan bent her knees, causing her hand to slip down his tummy until her little finger was resting against the shaft of his penis. Her intimate handling of the boy did not stop there, as she placed her other hand on his burning buttocks.

“My, my… your little bottom is burning hot. No wonder you were crying like a baby. Now push your bottom back so that I can slip my hand between your legs.” She gently probed in-between the cheeks of his bottom, before sliding her hand down and through his legs. Deliberately she let her fingers caress his flesh, stimulating his senses with delicate probing and soft touches. She nonchalantly scraped her finger nails over the underside of his penis before cupping his scrotum in the palm of her hand.

She closed her fingers over the sensitive scrotal sac and grasped the soft orbs firmly in her hand.

The boy shuddered as he felt the firm encasement of his testicles. He expelled air in an anguished breath as she moved the testicles to and fro within his scrotum.

“Poor baby, they are really swollen again aren’t they.” She squeezed the sac gently, before letting him go. She stood upright her hand trailing over his buttocks to feel the heat of the flesh.

Timothy felt utterly ridiculous as he stood with his legs apart, blushing with the indignity of having had his testicles held firmly and inspected as if he were a prize animal.

Timothy was in utter turmoil. He could never have contemplated such gross embarrassment and humiliation. Never in his young life had he felt so utterly degraded and humiliated.

The beauty of both Susan and Gail unnerved him so much that each time he looked at either of them he felt an ache in his tummy. The absolute shame of the girls seeing him naked, allied with the utter torment of being spanked by Susan and then taken over Gail’s knee was overwhelming.

The very girls that he would like to have impressed as an equal had shamed him beyond belief. Even just the ‘thought’ of being held naked over Gail’s knee while he was being spanked like a child, was too embarrassing to contemplate. He tried to shut every humiliating scenario out of his mind… how could he ever hold his head up again?

Now he had to stand in the most humiliating of positions while the girls discussed him as if his feelings were of no consequence.

Susan moved around him to stand beside Gail. Both girls looked immaculate and demure in their skirts and blouses. Gail’s face showed no sign of her physical effort in punishing the boy’s bottom so severely.

Susan spoke; her tone was light and casual, as if whatever embarrassing treatment they would enact upon the boy was of little importance to them.

“I am afraid that they will have to be emptied, don’t you think Gail?”

Gail looked up at Susan and answered… her voice serious and matter of fact. “Yes of course, but first I think he can do his corner-time and reflect upon his naughty behaviour. Little boys should always be made to stand with their little bottoms bare and reddened while they think about their silly behaviour”

She raised her head to the boy. “Look at me Timothy.” She waited until the boy shamefully met her gaze, shivering uncontrollably as he looked into her eyes. His face betrayed every nuance of his total and utter shame and embarrassment as she appraised him coolly. Her beautifully modulated voice caused him further anguish as she spoke.

“You can remain in the same posture as you are now. We will leave you to reflect upon your punishment. If I catch you touching your penis I will be forced to bend you over and use the strap upon your bottom. It is unfortunate that I let the nurses go without milking you for a second time. It seems that Susan and I will have to attend to you ourselves.” She noted the look of pure horror on the boy’s face as she continued.

“We are going to go and get changed into something more suitable and then we will come back attend to the obvious swelling of your testicles. To remind you of what you must do, I am going to ask Susan to give you six strokes of the slipper.” She watched the startled expression upon his face as she stood upright and stepped forward, immediately feeling his erect penis press against her body as she took his face in her hands. His face was only inches from hers as she spoke softly and gently to him.

“This is for your own good… I want you to thank me after each stroke of the slipper. Will you do that for me Timothy?” Gail could see that his mind was in turmoil… whether to plead and protest… or to acquiesce to further pain and humiliation. The closeness of her beauty seemed to mesmerise him and suddenly… as if letting every vestige of self respect leave him, he looked into her eyes with an overwhelming manifestation of love and supplication. So open and submissive to her will… so devoid of any guile… she felt the rapture of his sweet breath against her cheek and a thrill of victory course through her body like a forest fire.

She was aware that Susan was now standing behind him with the slipper in her hand. Without taking her eyes off the boy’s face, she moved her hips, feeling her dress brush against the very tip of his penis. She saw his eyes flinch as his senses were further aroused. She moved again firmly brushing her skirt against the sensitive opening of his erect penis. She could feel him shudder with sensation as she whispered to him. “Be a brave boy and take your punishment. I want you to arch your back and push your bottom out. Do you think you can do that for me Timothy?”

She could see that the boy’s mind was in turmoil at being asked to help in his own chastisement. Gail held his face firmly as she looked him in the eye. “Do try and be a brave little boy.” She took her hands away from his cheeks and cupped the fingers of one hand under his chin, keeping his head turned upwards to look in her eyes. With the other hand she quickly grasped his penis and pushed the foreskin back as she spoke quickly and quietly.

I am afraid Susan that I have to ask you to use all your strength with the slipper. Would you please give Timothy the first stroke… I want it placed exactly on the centre of his buttocks.”

Gail looked deep into his eyes as she pinched his foreskin between finger and thumb. The soft skin folded over the tip of his penis causing him to jerk his hips backwards just as the slipper landed firmly on the centre of his buttocks.

“SsssssssssssSSSSSS.” Timothy hissed with pain as Gail looked into his face.