To Russia With Love

“Steven! - Steven ! my little munchkin come here to Nanna. Goodness how you have grown. Each year you get taller and look at those big shoulders and those muscles. Steven you are a young man now not the little boy I have been tutoring for the past four years. You are sixteen right Yah ??”

Nanna carried on hugging me and kissing my cheek just like she used to do when I was smaller. She had called me munchkin since I first came to Russia. A sort of endearing loving pet name.

My father was the Russian Ambassador ‘s assistant stationed in Leningrad. I had not seen him since last summer when I came to stay for my holidays. I have been doing this every year since my parents split up. Mother didn’t want to come here anyway and reluctantly allowed me to see my father twice a year Summer holidays for a month and Easter break. I was tired of being shuffled around between my mother and father each trying to influence me to stay with one or the other. I loved them both, but I sometimes wondered why. They were both so busy every time I was with them I might just as well have been in school or in another world. I was an only child and went to a private boarding school in Vermont. Visiting with my parents was supposed to be the highlight of my vacation time. It wasn’t. We had been playing this game of tug-of-war for over four years now, and I was about to turn sixteen. I would be getting my drivers license when I got home.

I liked Russia and had made a few friends and that was another thing. I was taught Russian by Nanna my tutor who came to the consulate house for an hour a day three times a week. My Russian was becoming understandable and I was becoming quite fluent in the language, enough so that I could converse with my friends .They would joke with me about the beautiful tutor I had since I first started taking lessons. Nanna was now twenty three years old and very beautiful although I really never saw her that way. She was just my teacher. We had an elderly cook and housekeeper in the consulate building, but it was Nanna who seemed to be more in charge of me, at least when I was twelve and thirteen. My friends were always teasing me that there was no way I could be taking lessons from such a beauty and not be turned on by her. I was sixteen and what did I know about such things ? A boy’s school is hardly the place to learn about the opposite sex. The closest thing we ever got to sex was in our biology classes, jerking off in the showers or in bed after lights out.

Nanna was delighted to have been asked to continue my studies and I was surprised to see how much she had developed . Our relationship was strictly formal, at least it was until one day I was taking a shower when Nanna accidentally, or by design, walked in on me. She appeared surprised as I was, as I tried to cover up although this was not the first time she had caught me naked.

“My but our little Steven is a big man now. You are so big a boy munchkin.” she laughed but like always Nanna just stood there and apologized for not having knocked before she entered. I was in a complete state of shock and for the first time I was feeling a strange stirring in my groin. I was wishing she would leave or at least turn around. My nakedness nor my erection did not seem to be bothering her in the least. She handed me my towel and left. I may have been surprised the first time Nanna came into my shower room, but it began to be a routine. She entered my bathroom several times and just stood there and handed me my towel. I was no longer feeling upset, just a little uneasy. Nanna was not embarrassed in the least, so I figured why should I be ?

Nanna’s teaching time grew from one hour into two hours then three. She would have lunch with me on the huge balcony. Father was never home for lunch. One day she advised that she thought I was looking a little pale and asked if I was feeling all right. I was fighting a cold, but otherwise felt fine. She suggested it wouldn’t hurt to check my temperature just to make sure. She felt my forehead then left to find a thermometer. She returned shortly with a thermometer but advised that it was a rectal type and that she was unable to locate an oral one. She had used that one on me years ago. I told her it didn’t matter and that I felt I would be okay although I was feeling chilled.

I was wearing my usual T shirt and shorts, and thought that if the weather was cooling, then Nanna would be feeling it as well. I couldn’t see it was bothering her any. I felt I was too big to be having my temperature taken this way and I told her so . She advised that she had always taken my temperature this way and what was I getting so upset about ? She assumed her teacher mode and instructed me to lay on my stomach on the lounge. I said there was no way she was going to take my temperature rectally.

I learned one thing that day, and that was never to underestimate the strength of Russian girls. She took hold of my arm and before I knew what was going on, I was laying flat on the lounge as per her instructions, with my arm tucked well up my back towards my neck. I wanted to scream it hurt so. She instructed me to raise up as she pulled my shorts down and deftly inserted the pre-lubricated rectal thermometer into my butt.

“There now Stephen. What is all of a sudden such a big deal huh?” She released my arm and I made the decision to let her take my temperature as if I had any choice in the matter. It wasn’t as though she had never seen me bare-assed before. It turned out I was running a temperature and Nanna said she was going to fix a hot lemon drink laced with some Russian Natural remedy. She virtually ordered me to bed and advised she would return with the hot drink. She wouldn’t be long.

I decided what the heck. I felt rotten anyway and a hot drink wouldn’t hurt and might possibly help. I sure didn’t want to spend my holidays in bed or even in hospital. Everyone went to hospitals here for everything. The state paid for it all.

Nanna gave me my hot lemonade and advised I might be a bit drowsy but that she would be close at hand if I needed anything. The drink was quite hot and it really was making me drowsy. Nanna thought a little sleep might be in order but first she was going to give me a back rub. She ordered me onto my stomach and she began rubbing my back and shoulders. It felt great and most relaxing. She sure had strong hands. Whatever she was using was quite warm and very oily and she was rubbing it well into my pours. She was working lower and lower down my back. She reached to my brief’s waistband and slowly pulled them down rubbing and massaging as she went. I was not complaining in the least as .it was very sensuous and I was developing an enormous erection as I lay there . Nanna continued massaging my butt and butt crack. I had never felt anything so soothing. I just lay quietly almost asleep. I didn’t even mind when her fingers played and massaged my anus. I was certain she knew what she was doing and besides I certainly wasn’t about to complain.

I was almost asleep when Nanna stopped and I felt her fingers spreading me and sticking her finger into my anus. Then I felt something different going in then a hot feeling as I was being filled with fluids. She told me to just lay still as she was cleaning me out with an enema, and I would be made well if I followed her instructions. So I did as she advised. She explained to me about why she was doing it, although I don’t think I heard half to what she was telling me. Something about my being poisoned and toxic and I would soon be clean. I was to hold the fluid inside as long as I could.

Eventually she removed the tubing and pointed me towards the washroom. I staggered to the can and dumped. It felt fantastic and already, as drowsy as I was, was feeling considerably better.

Back to bed and Nanna sitting on the bed beside me. I felt around for my under shorts, but they were not in the bed. I presumed Nanna must have them. I wasn’t worried about them in any case. My erection had subsided and I lay on my back with my arms under my head. She advised that I was looking better already. She was firm when she told me I was to stay in bed, at least for the rest of the day. She also told me she was going to massage my front-side. More warm oil and my arms and chest were greased. Then my stomach then my genitals. Nanna had no hesitation as she commenced bringing me to a full erection again then commencing to masturbate me. I knew I should have objected or something but I was overwhelmed by what she was doing and I felt so great, I blew an enormous load into a hand towel Nanna provided. She was smiling as I heaved and grimaced as I unloaded. It was a good thing there was no one else on our floor or they would have heard my whimpering and moaning throughout the building. My explosive climaxes nearly made me epileptic.

“My what a big boy our little Steven has turned out to be. Munchkin. Nanna is going to assure your father that you need tutoring for a while longer. I will teach you many things munchkin,” Nanna said as she leaned over exposing her two gorgeous lungs right into my face, and kissed me on the forehead. She departed leaving me to fall in a beautiful deep sleep.

The nest morning I felt fine. I had no symptoms of the flu or a cold. I felt marvelous. Nanna was due to arrive at ten o’clock so you can imagine how surprised I was when she entered my room bringing me a glass of orange juice and her rectal thermometer. I simply rolled over and allowed her to insert the little glass tube. Why should I fight that after what I had experienced ?

“I talked to your father last night before I left and told him what I had done to arrest your illness and advised him that I would be willing to stay on to help you with Russian history. He agreed and increased my time with you. Now munchkin wasn’t that an understanding father?” she said as she sat on the edge on my bed.

I told her I wanted to shower and get dressed. It was a beautiful day out and I wanted to bike along the river. “Okay munchkin - but first you are getting an enema to clean up the remainder of the poisons in your body okay ?” she said departing for the bathroom. It only took me a half second to ponder the matter and got up and followed her into the bathroom.

She had everything set up ,which proved to me she had this planned before she even came into my room. I mentioned before that Nanna was a very experienced teacher and she was about to prove how really good she was. She ordered me to stand in front of her. I was now fully aroused and erect. She never seemed to take any notice of my arousal. She turned me sideways to her, she placed her hand on my stomach then, while standing there I felt the nozzle being forced between my bum cheeks. Upwards it went and directly into my waiting anus. How could she know that the nozzle would go right to the target ? She was good. Then came the hot soapy water. She advised that the soapy water would need to be flushed out well, then followed with a clear cool enema to remove the residue still in my colon. I was getting to learn the medical terms as Nanna explained.

We finished my cleansing and returned to my bedroom. “Now munchkin Steven comes the diploma course. I want to prepare you for what every young boy should know. How to engage in intercourse. There is right and wrong ways. Nanna show her little Steven the right way.”


Nanna was stripped naked and was rubbing me all over. It never, at any time ,occurred to me to ask her to stop. I was just going along. Swept up in the sensuous moment. I was so turned on and throbbing I didn’t care what came next. Nanna bent over me and kissed me on the cheek like she had done for years, then slowly perched herself over my erected penis. I was now engaging in the most fantastic moment of my life. I bucked, she bucked. We rode that bed all over the room. We rolled over and I found myself on top of Nanna and pounding the dickens out of my dork. Nanna and I arrived at the same moment. I had heard about it. I had dreamed about it, and now Wow!

Throughout the summer, Nanna made sure I was ready for Post graduate studies, to say nothing of having the cleanest insides of anyone in Leningrad, or anywhere else for that matter. I was no longer a virgin. I had arrived. What stories I would have to tell when I got back to the Vermont. No one would believe me anyway. But I knew. There was no place in the house we did not have intercourse. The swimming pool, the walk-in freezer. in my shower was best of all. I would have a hose in one end and my hose stuck elsewhere.

My father was so pleased with Nanna’s performance (Teaching Russian History) that he gave her a bonus. I would loved to have told him that I had already given her a bone-us. My departure was very touching for both of us, as it always was, only this time I wanted to stay the Winter with Dad. Perhaps next year, as this year’s tuition at my boarding school was already paid for.

“I love my little munchkin Steven. Come back soon and we will continue our program of studies.” I was sure there was no text book that would contain all I had learned that summer. I am sure Nanna could have been the author of such a text.

Christmas vacation along with every other opportunity, saw me spending quality time with my father, well actually I didn’t see much of Dad but I was never lonesome as Nanna was always there to educate her “little munchkin.”