I had to admit I was a bit nervous. Lying here naked on this towel in the bathroom. I felt so openly vulnerable. I wondered how Margret was able to talk me into this. Margret and I had been talking about trying new things, but when she brought up the topic of enemas I was floored. Very embarrassed but deeply curious I asked Margret to tell me about them. When

she found out I had never had one she chided me for being a ‘virgin’. But she said there was no adequate way to describe them and that the only way for me to know was to try one.

I lay there watching her as she prepared things. She certainly seemed to know what she was doing. First she showed me the clear plastic bag that she was going to use to fill me. It had a very long clear hose running out of the bottom of it. To this she attached a big rubbery contraption. Margret said it was called a Barred nozzle. As she pumped the black squeeze bulbs, the two fluted rubber balls blew up fat and round. I guess my eyes grew as big as I watched her do this. Margret tried to

reassure me that it wouldn’t hurt. Next she brought out a large jar of vaseline. Cupping her fingers she scooped out a large

blob and began spreading it across the nozzle. When she was done, she grabbed another handful and told me it was my turn. She first began by lubing all around my asshole, then she told me to bear down and push. As I did so I felt her finger push through into my rectum. Slowly she began to twirl her finger coating my insides with the he vaseline. As I relaxed a little I felt

another and then another finger pop in. When I protested, Margret said she was just trying to be thorough. She kept moving her fingers in and out and around and around. I felt my arousal grow as she did this. As my pussy when from moist to dripping wet, I began to grind my hips. I let out a loud sigh when she pulled her hand free from my ass. Wiping her hands, she picked up the nozzle and bent down again. Same as before she asked me to push down. I felt the nozzle tip press against my ass. As both she and I pushed, I felt my asshole opening up wider and wider as more and more rubber entered me. Just when I reached the point where I was sure I couldn’t stretch open anymore the nozzle sudden jumped into my ass from Margret’s hand with my asshole hungrily closing in around it. “I’m now going to pump it up.” she announced. As she

squeezed I felt the rubber ball grow plump and firm in my ass. Margret kept pumping until the ball had grown to the size on a softball, or so it felt.

“There we go.” she said, giving my a little slap on the butt as she stood up. I watched her as she ran the water and filled a

pitcher. As she transferred the liquid to the bag, she told me, “I made to water nice and warm. It might feel a little hot, but it

will cool off.” I braced myself for the moment she would open the clamp. But she just abruptly stepped out of the bathroom, leaving me to stare at the gently swaying bag. When she returned she was carrying a bottle of champagne and some glasses.

“What’s that for?” I asked. “Well, this is your very first enema isn’t it? Firsts are a special occasion. I want to start you

off right. What’s a christening without champagne?” I could only shrug my shoulders in agreement.

As Margret handed me my glass and began filling her own I noticed a third glass on the counter. “What’s the other glass for?” I asked. “For the third person in our trio of course.” I could only look puzzled as she filled it. “Here’s to you and all enema

virgins everywhere!” After clinking my glass she clinked hers to the third. As I drank my glass down, Margret finished hers in a large gulp and then unceremoniously dumped the third glass into the bag. “Hey, what are you doing?!!” I shouted. “Just relax and enjoy it, my dear.” She clicked open the clamp a notch and a slow flow of liquid started down the hose. As the air in the hose was pushed out by the water, I could feel it blowing into my butt. A moment later the water came squirting out of the

nozzle. When it hit the pocket of air inside me it made a very loud gurgling sound. I shifted uneasily. “Relax! It’s a party” said

Margret and she refilled the glasses. Another toast. Another glass of wine into the bag. I was beginning to feel some real

pressure in my lower gut now. Margret could see this and kept talking to keep me distracted. She began to tell me the stories about her bawdy past and experience with enemas, stopping only to refill the glasses and make another toast. By my fourth glass I was glowing. Margret kept up with me and so did our little friend. My belly wasn’t hurting so much now, but it was starting to feel mighty full. By now the water remaining in the bag was taking on a definite pinkish hue, (matching my flushed cheeks) but was hardly dropping at all. Margret bent down. With a groan from me, she rolled me to my left side. As she did, I felt the pressure on my stomach momentarily relieved. Then I felt the water squirting in me again, with renewed rigor. I kept glancing between the bag and my belly. As I watched the water level drop I saw my belly growing rounder and rounder. My face felt hot and my head was swimming.

After she poured the last of the champagne into our glasses, we once again clinked glasses and drank our toast. She said “Looks like we could use another bottle….and another bag.” I looked up and focused my eyes on the almost empty bag and

watched her tip that last glass into it.

When she left to fetch another bottle, I slumped back onto the floor. I was feeling mighty full from the waist down. No pain,

just a bloated fullness. When Margret reappeared, she was not only carrying another bottle of champagne but a large

stainless steel pitcher as well. It was this pitcher that she used to re-fill the bag. As she popped the cork off the second

bottle she again re-started the flow into my ass. As she filled my glass again, I groaned “I don’t know how much more I can take”. “What? The champagne or the water?”. “Both, I think.” as I looked down at my protruding stomach. Margret just

laughed as she tipped my glass with her finger, causing me to swallow my drink in a gulp. Taking my glass from me, she pushed me onto my back. I gasped as I felt the entire mass of water inside me shifting over. As I lay on my back, I watched my stomach flatten and spread to my sides. As the water settled down, my stomach no longer protruded out, but stretched to my sides. With deft hands, Margret began gently massaging my belly, working the warm water deeper up inside me. While she did this, she began telling me this fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. Only in this version, the wolf had an enema bag and gave Red Riding Hood a big belly. Through this Margret kept both the enema and the champagne flowing into me. From her voice I could tell Margret was also getting pretty tipsy. The time seemed to stretch

to infinity as I lay there looking up at the bathroom ceiling. It was only when Margret stopped rubbing that I looked back at her. Her back was to me but I could see she was fussing with the enema bag again. In my hazy condition, it took a few moments for me to realize she was re-filling the bag once more. “Oh…no more” I pleaded in a deliriously drunken whisper.

“Oh…yes!!!” whispered Margret back. As she turned back to me I saw she had produced a strap-on dildo and was fastening it tightly to herself. “What are you going to do with that?” I said stupidly.”What do you think?” she responded as she rubbed the thick, long rubber shaft, invitingly. I felt her plunge into me at the same time I heard the click of the clamp. She pumped me in long slow strokes and the enema ran into me. With each stroke my inflated belly quivered in response. As I felt myself swelling to bursting, her stroking increased in speed. Soon she was hammering me like a pile-driver. By now, my rock-hard gut was jerking back and forth with every stroke. She kept at me long and hard until the very last of the water had drained in me. As she clicked the clamp shut, she finished with one strong plunge into me and remained inside. Using both hands she stroked my belly in upward strokes. I was so full I could only breathe in pants.

After some long minutes of massaging me, she reached down to the dildo. All of a sudden I felt a buzz in my pussy. The dildo was a vibrator. I could felt the shock waves rippling through me as the water inside me pulsed in harmony. Slowly, Margret cranked the speed of the vibrator up until my entire belly was quaking like a huge mound of Jell-O. At a once an explosion burst through me as I came. Spasm after spasm rocked me, all the while Margret remained poised above me, dildo shoved in to the hilt. When I finally stopped shaking through sheer exhaustion, Margret withdrew and helped me to the toilet. Surprisingly, I had not lost of a drop of water through all this. As the inflatable nozzle deflated and the water started trickling out, I sunk back against the toilet covered in sweat. I must have sat for what seemed like hours, letting all that water out. As Margret lifted me from the toilet I must have passed out because when I woke up, it was morning.