Tommy’s Exam

Sixteen-year-old Tommy Mitchell thought he would die from embarrassment as he listened to his father speak to Dr. Wilson.

“Doctor,” Ted Mitchell was saying, “I brought my son in to see you because I’m really worried about his physical development. He’s sixteen already, and I don’t think he’s maturing normally. He’s got almost no body hair, and his penis and testicles seem small for a boy his age. I’d like you to make sure that he doesn’t have any kind of hormone deficiency.”

“Well Mr. Mitchell, as you know, there’s a wide range of normal development for teenage boys. Tommy may just be one of the ‘late bloomers’. But you did the right thing by bringing him in, because if he does have a glandular problem, he’s still at the age where it’s correctable by hormone therapy.”

For the first time, the doctor spoke directly to Tommy. “OK young man, please get undressed so I can have a look at you.”

Tommy hesitated for a moment, and then slowly began unbuttoning his shirt. When he finally pulled it off, Frank Wilson noted with some interest that the nipples on the teenage boy’s smooth, hairless chest were erect.

“Hurry up and take your pants off son,” his father said. “Dr. Wilson is a very busy man.”

As Tommy fumbled with the button on his Levi’s, he wished that he could just melt into the floor. In just a moment he would have to unzip his fly. He knew that once he did, the empty-looking pouch of his underpants would confirm the fact that his penis was pathetically small. Finally, his pants off, Tommy stood in front of his Dad and Dr. Wilson; his eyes downcast, too embarrassed to look directly at either man.

Frank Wilson was glad that he had chosen to wear a jockstrap that day. The sight of the blushing, black-haired teenager standing in front of him wearing only clean white cotton jockey shorts and socks was really starting to turn him on. And what a sight Tommy was! A clean-cut, well-scrubbed, innocent-looking all-American boy. Frank Wilson’s practiced eye judged him to be about 5’8” tall, weighing 130 lbs. He did indeed seem to have an unusually hairless body. His arms, legs, and chest were completely devoid of hair. His handsome, almost pretty, face was totally smooth, without even the beginnings of a young-teen peach fuzz moustache.

“You’re right Mr. Mitchell, Tommy does seem to be below average in hair growth. But let’s have a more careful look before we start to worry. Tommy, clasp your hands in back of your head.”

Trembling with embarrassment, the youth obeyed the doctor’s order. He knew, from his nightly self-inspections in front of a mirror, that he had at most a half dozen black strands in each armpit; so unlike the thick tufts of fur that most of his friends seemed to sport.

Dr. Wilson walked over to Tommy and rubbed his fingers in the teenager’s warm sweaty armpit. He gently tugged on the sparse hairs, stretching them to their full length between his thumb and forefinger.

“Take a look at this Mr. Mitchell,” the doctor said. “This is a very promising sign. It’s unusual for armpit hair to grow like this in a boy with a severe hormone problem.”

Tommy felt his face turning beet-red. He couldn’t believe his father and a doctor were both bent forward, carefully examining his armpit hair.

“OK Tommy, you can put your arms down.” Almost immediately, the doctor started rubbing his finger around one of Tommy’s nipples. Turning to the boy’s father, he said, “Another place we look for the start of hair growth is around the nipples. By gently rubbing like this, we can feel for the microscopic hairs that are the precursors of visible growth. I don’t feel anything here, but then again, some males just never develop any chest hair at all. We also examine the area around and below the navel.” With that, Dr. Wilson started rubbing his fingertips over the boy’s flat, teenage belly. Frank Wilson was really getting into this now. He enjoyed the feeling of the young flesh squirming beneath his fingertips as he stroked the smooth skin with an almost tickling motion.

“I can feel some slight hair growth here, Mr. Mitchell. Another good sign. Now let’s have a look at your son’s pubic area.”

Without any further warning, Dr. Wilson tugged at the leg holes of the boy’s white jockey shorts. He quickly pulled the underpants down the teenager’s slim hips until the waistband of the shorts was at mid-thigh.

“Now I can see why you were so concerned about your son, Mr. Mitchell.”

Tommy was mortified. There he was, his most private parts completely exposed, not just to a doctor, but to his own father as well.

Dr. Wilson reached up and started running his fingers through the small puff of pubic fuzz that Tommy had over his delicate little penis. To the boy’s father, it looked like a casual, almost absent-minded motion; the touch of a trained doctor. For Frank Wilson though, it took all of his will power to keep the delicious tingling he felt in his groin from causing his hands to shake uncontrollably. You see, this was his biggest turn-on. He had become a physician for the noblest of reasons. But the first time during his internship that he had examined a teenage boy, a tremendous jolt of pleasure shot from his cock to his brain. He knew he was hooked. For Frank Wilson, the ultimate high was examining in minute detail the sexual development of teenage boys. And if his examination embarrassed the boy, the turn-on was even greater.

Now Tommy had a serious problem. The feel of Dr. Wilson’s fingers rubbing above his penis was causing it to become erect. He tried everything he could to stop it, but soon his organ was fully erect, stretched out to its maximum 4 inches and pointing up to his chin.

Frank Wilson could barely suppress his excitement. This was going to be even more exciting than he hoped for. He removed his fingers from the boy’s pubic hair and gently grasped the slender little penis. He could feel it twitching in his hand.

“Your son’s organ IS rather small for a boy his age, Mr. Mitchell,” the doctor said, “but his erectile response seems to be quite normal. In fact, if anything, he’s a little quick on the trigger.” With that, Dr. Wilson let go of Tommy’s cock and transferred his hand to Tommy’s balls. They were pulled up tightly in the boy’s hairless pink scrotum, making their already small size seem even smaller. The doctor gently rolled and massaged each testicle. All this time, Tommy’s cock remained fully erect, bouncing and twitching, seemingly with a life of its own.

Dr. Wilson released Tommy’s balls. “OK young man, you can get dressed now.” Then, turning to the boy’s father, he said, “His testicles seem normally formed. Of course, we’ll have to do a blood workup and a few other tests just to confirm that everything is functioning normally. I’d like to schedule him for the tests on this Thursday. Please see my receptionist on your way out and ask her for an appointment.”

Tommy was very relieved that the exam was over. He wasted no time in pulling up his underpants.

“Dr. Wilson,” Ted Mitchell said, “we were planning to go on vacation next week. Could we reschedule for a later date.?”

“I’ll tell you what: the tests won’t take that long. I can squeeze them in right now if that would be more convenient.”

“We’d appreciate it,” the boy’s father said.

“OK Tommy, I’m going to need some blood from you. Sit down in that chair while I draw the blood.”

Tommy sat down and the doctor drew a small vial of blood from his arm, then placed a band-aid on the small puncture wound.

“There, that didn’t take too long Tommy.” As he spoke, Frank Wilson opened up a cabinet and withdrew a single latex glove, a foil packet, and a small screw-top jar. “All that’s left is a prostate massage and a semen sample. Take your underpants back off and hop up on the examination table.”

As soon as Tommy saw the glove in the doctor’s hand he once again felt lightheaded with embarrassment. His legs were like jelly. Somehow, he managed to obey the order and sat on the exam table, his closed legs shielding his rapidly deflating cock.

Frank Wilson was thinking quickly as he put on the glove and lubricated a finger. He knew that he really should perform a normal prostate exam, with the kid lying on his side, but his sexual arousal got the best of him. It was seldom that he got to examine a teen that he found so sexy. And he was strangely excited by the fact that the boy’s father stayed in the room for the entire exam (instead of excusing himself and waiting outside) and seemed very interested in watching as his son was intimately examined. Frank Wilson knew he was taking a big chance, but still…

“Tommy, I’m going to perform the prostate exam now. I want you to get up on your knees and elbows and just relax.”

Haltingly, Tommy got into the position. With the exception of his white-socked feet, he was totally naked. His face was down and his smooth, small buttocks were up in the air. His knees were tightly pressed together.

“That’s fine Tommy. Just put your knees about 18” apart.”

Tommy obeyed the command. Then he buried his red face in his hands.

Frank Wilson felt feverish with excitement as he walked up to the sixteen-year-old boy’s exposed behind. It had to be one of the sexiest things he had ever seen. Tommy’s firm white ass cheeks were spread, totally exposing his completely hairless crack. His perfect pink pucker was clearly visible and immaculately clean. Below it, his small boyish testicles dangled in his smooth scrotum. Frank could just glimpse the head of Tommy’s undersized member, for now, flaccid.

“This won’t hurt at all if you relax.” With that, the doctor used his left hand to gently spread the boy’s buttocks a little more, and pressed his gloved fingertip lightly against the virgin teen anus. “Just press back as if you were going to the bathroom, Tommy.”

Frank Wilson could feel the boy’s hole slowly open up. Gradually, accompanied by an in-and-out motion, the doctor was able to slide almost all of his finger into the young man and feel the familiar lump of his prostate. Once again, he marveled at just how tight and warm a teen’s rectum was.

The doctor quickly glanced over at Mr. Mitchell. He was amused to see that the man was wide- eyed as he intently watched Frank penetrate his son’s ass hole.

Now Dr. Wilson began his massage of the boy’s prostate in earnest. In less than a minute, Tommy’s legs began to quiver. The doctor picked up the specimen jar with his left hand and reached under and around Tommy’s waist. He pried the teenager’s rigid penis away from its position against the boy’s slight covering of pubic hair, and inserted the glans into the wide- mouthed jar. He held it that way and continued the massage.

Tommy let out a grunt and Frank Wilson felt the boy’s ass clamp down tightly against his finger. His young penis jerked repeatedly, and the doctor could feel the jets of semen hitting the walls of the jar. Tommy went limp. If it hadn’t been for Dr. Wilson’s arm, the boy would have collapsed onto the table. The prostate massage had caused him to have the most intense orgasm of his life. The doctor eased his arm and the specimen jar out from under Tommy and gently let the boy down.

Dr. Wilson held the semen sample up to the light, tilting the jar to gauge the sample’s amount and viscosity. He was surprised by the large amount of the ejaculate. Then he noticed that Ted Mitchell was also looking at the jar of his own son’s semen.

“Everything looks fine Mr. Mitchell. Of course, we won’t know for sure until the results come back from the lab. All right, Tommy. That’s it. That wasn’t so bad. You can get dressed now.”

Emotionally and physically, Tommy felt totally drained. He dragged himself off of the examination table and stood beside it. He appeared almost oblivious to his surroundings. His face and upper chest were flushed. His penis was still almost fully hard, its head red and glistening wet with the remnants of his ejaculation. Both his father and Dr. Wilson were staring at him, but he didn’t seem to notice. After a few seconds, Mr. Mitchell handed Tommy his clothes and he began to dress as both men watched.

As the teen’s white jockey shorts became covered by his Levi’s, Frank Wilson tore his eyes away and began to fill out some paperwork. “We should have the results after you get back from vacation. Call me. If any treatment is necessary, we’ll discuss it then.” Frank had to suppress a chuckle as he added, “Don’t worry, whatever it is, I’m sure I can handle it.”