Treatment by Katie

I had been feeling rather sluggish for several weeks and finally decided that what I really needed was a good cleaning out. Though I regularly give myself enemas at home, they are never as satisfying as the ones I get from my enema nurse, Katie. For those of you who don’t know her, Katie used to operate an absolutely great enema clinic in the Los Angeles area. She is now semi-retired but still services a few of her old clients at her home. So, I called Katie and made an appointment for the next day. I would be getting two enemas plus a catheterisation. Just the thought of what would be happening the next day kept my dick in a semi-hard condition for the rest of the day.

As I lay in bed that night, before going to sleep, I played with my erection, stroking the length of my cock and rubbing the engorged head with a moistened finger. I refrained from allowing myself to come, however, saving it for the next day. I had a hard time sleeping that night as I dreamed of the upcoming session from the “enema nurse.”

The next morning, I got up and took my shower as usual with some additional care. Some years back, I had a severe skin rash around my balls and had to shave the area to help get it cleared up. I enjoyed the feeling of the smooth skin and the increased sensitivity of my sack so much that I have continued to keep the area shaved. There have been times that I have also shaved the entire pubic area but the hair above my prick is so stiff that it is very hard to keep the stubble down. Most of the time, I just keep that area clipped close, again for the increased sensitivity.

That morning, I performed my regular shave of the balls to remove the light growth that was there. Then I took a shallow enema using the shower massage. I turned it to the pulsating setting and held the jet up tightly against my anus. By relaxing my sphincter muscle, I filled my lower colon with the pulsing water. I could feel it vigorously massaging my prostrate as the water entered. After I had taken about a pint of liquid, I let the water out. I repeated this a couple of times until the expulsion was fairly clear. After rinsing off well, I got out of the shower and dried off. I then took a small dab of mentholatum on my finger and applied it around my ass hole and worked it well up inside. This left a warm, lightly stinging sensation to my ass for several hours. I also applied a generous amount of lotion to my freshly shaved sack and rubbed it in thoroughly. I also applied some lotion to my very rigid cock, paying special attention to the knob but again, not allowing myself to come. I got dressed, omitting any underwear. I knew that would help stimulate me during the day at work as my cock and balls rubbed against my pants.

The anticipation grew through the day. There were several times during the day when I would not have been able to get up from my desk without being embarrassed by the rather large lump in my trousers. The only time that I think anyone noticed was when a female co-worker stopped by my desk to ask a question. I was having one of my “hard” times and the outline of my erection was obvious under my pants. She kept glancing in the direction of my crotch, trying not to get caught staring. She got a little flushed, however, and her nipples got hard and pointy against her thin blouse.

Finally, the work day was over. I got in my car and drove up to Katie’s. After a short greeting and “Howdy-do’s,” we went into her enema room. As I was undressing, she asked if I wanted to watch a video during my session. I told her “Yes.” I requested the Tyler Labs “Eve’s Fantasy” which she got out and started playing. She then asked what equipment I wanted for my enemas. I had decided on a colon tube for my first one and what I call the “black terror” for my second one. This latter nozzle is like a hollow dildo with a handle on one end. Where the handle starts is a large flat ring about 3” in diameter to keep it from going in too far. Then in front of that is a smaller ring, about 1/2” larger than the rest of the nozzle. As the water is going in, she can grasp the handle and move it in and out to stimulate the sphincter muscle.

I had reclined on the enema table while Katie got the enema ready. I was watching the video, seeing Eve shaving around her ass. I had had a hard-on since getting undressed but this pumped it up even harder. My dick actually hurt it was so hard. Of course I had to comfort it by gently massaging it. Again, I had to restrain myself to keep from coming.

Finally, Katie returned with my first enema. She told me to roll on my left side and draw up my knees. She put a generous glob of lubricant on her finger and inserted it in my ass. She pumped her finger in and out, lubing my anus inside and out while she massaged my prostrate. After a few minutes of this pleasure, she pulled her finger out and started to insert the colon tube. I could feel the water filling me as the tube snaked its way up through my gut. The pressure was building as I got fuller and fuller with the warm water. She had to stop several times to let cramps ease off.

Finally, I had taken about 2 1/2 quarts and had to stop. She removed the tube and I rolled onto my back. She massaged my stomach to help move the water around as she stroked my erection and smooth balls. I was in heaven. This went on for maybe 10 minutes when I had to get rid of the water. I hurried to the bathroom as she stopped the video. After I had finished voiding, I went back and lay on the table watching the last of Eve’s fantasy.

Now it was time for the second enema and the catheter. I had asked that the catheter be inserted before the second enema. Katie came in with a surgical tray with the equipment laid out on it. My heart was beating quite fast as she prepared me for the procedure. And of course, my dick still had a raging hard-on. She first put on clean gloves and then sterilized the head of my dick with an alcohol swap. She squeezed a large portion of sterile K-Y jelly on the head of my dick and started to insert the Foley catheter. I had asked for a size 20 this time. I have taken a 22 but it was a little uncomfortable, so I stay with the 20.

As the tube went up the inside of my urethra, it gave a somewhat stinging sensation that is very erotic. This feeling increased tremendously as it finally went through the prostrate just before it entered the bladder. She then expanded the balloon on the end of the catheter to hold it in my bladder. As she was inflating the balloon, the catheter was gently moving in and out of my dick increasing the already intense stimulation to me. This completed this part and now I was ready for the enema. Again I rolled on my side as she lubed my ass inside and out. Since the “black terror” was much larger than the colon tube, she gently relaxed my sphincter muscles by inserting one, then two and then three fingers in my ass.

This of course felt great just by itself. I was also playing with the catheter, gently moving it a fraction of an inch in and out. She inserted the enema nozzle and stared the water flowing. I rolled onto my back and as the warmth filled my gut, I was going into sensory overload. Katie was moving the “black terror” in and out, I was moving the catheter in and out, and finally she grabbed my dick with an oily grasp and started to masturbate me. It didn’t take many strokes of her firm hand before I started coming. And coming. And coming.

After the very intense orgasm and a few minutes of calming down, Katie deflated the catheter balloon and removed the catheter. She had stopped the water soon after I had come, so she then removed the nozzle. At that point, I was so weak, I couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom. I just lay there for about 10 minutes basking in the afterglow of the overwhelming orgasm.

Finally, I was able to get up and go release the enema. I cleaned myself up and got dressed. I was so relaxed, it was a major effort to drive home. Needless to say, I slept a very deep and relaxing sleep that evening.