Trip Physical

Andrew was sitting in the reception area in the local clinic. He was going on a trip to one of the tropical countries and he wanted to get his pre-trip physical out of the way. After a few minutes, the receptionist asked him to follow her and led him to the exam room. The room had white-tiled walls and painted ceiling. To his left was examination table with stir-ups and doctor’s table to the right. The nurse popped her head in the door and asked him to put on the examination gown that was laid out on the exam table, and told him that the doctor will be with him shortly.

He picked up the gown and stared at it with a bit of uncertainty. It was open in the back and had little ties. After a minute of contemplation he reluctantly put it on, on top of his underwear, and set down back on the chair. He heard a knock and the doctor came into the room. She was a fairly good looking woman in her 40s, with rounded figure, but in a good shape. Her hair was pulled in the tight bun on the back and it gave her face a rather severe expression. She smiled curtly and asked him what brought him here today. As Andrew explained about the trip, she took careful notes and nodded her head. She looked through her file cabinet and pulled out a form.

“This is a standard form that has to be filled out for pre-trip medical,” the doctor told him. “Let’s see what we need to do.” She looked through the form quickly, while looking at the information that she wrote down. “Well let’s start the exam,” she said, “Please lie down on the exam table”

He did as he was instructed, as the doctor picked up the stethoscope and pulled up the blood-pressure measuring cuff. After checking his breathing and heart, temperature and reflexes, she told him to turn on his stomach. He had a bad feeling about that but did it anyway. His fears were realized as the doctor lifted his gown. “We need to do a rectal exam, I need you to take off the underpants,” she said matter-of-factly.

He blushed bright scarlet as he felt her tugging his briefs down. He felt a little cool as his bare ass was exposed. She asked him to get on his left side and pulled his leg up a bit. He felt the hot flash of embarrassment spreading through him as the doctor lifted his butt cheek and exposed his opening. She put some lubricant on her finger and started probing his rear entrance.

After a few seconds he felt it break through his straining anus. The doctor probed in there for a moment and pulled the finger out. “I can’t tell anything right now, we need to clean you out a bit” she said to him. She pulled the glove off, and called the nurse. “Nurse is going to give you a cleansing enema now, and I will be back after she is done, so we can continue your exam.” With these words the doctor left the room.

Andrew was not happy. He had enemas before and it was not an experience he was looking forward to. Just at that moment, the nurse appeared at the door. She was holding a clear brimming enema bag. She went through the cabinets and found a thick white tube with round nozzle which she quickly connected to the bag . He was watching her actions with growing unease. She came up to him and uncovered his ass again. He was ready for the worst but felt only slightest pressure as the well-lubricated round nozzle penetrated him. He squirmed as the liquid started filling him. It was a strange sensation of fullness and discomfort. The nurse was twirling the nozzle while trying to adjust the flow. Suddenly he felt a wave of pleasure that came from inside of him. The water had reached his prostate and he could barely contain his excitement as flow continued. In a few seconds he felt completely full inside and his erection was rock hard. He begged the nurse to let him go to the bathroom, but she made him lie there for the next 10 minutes.

When he was finally allowed to empty himself, he ran into the small bathroom and came explosively from both ends. When he dared to come back into the exam room, he saw that the enema equipment was cleared out. The doctor came back in and made him bend over the table as she slowly inserted a rectal probe in his hole. Despite the previous ministrations, he still felt discomfort as he was painfully dilated with the large metal instrument. After a few minutes the probe was withdrawn and replaced with a finger again. His cock swelled as the doctor was checking his prostate. He felt a bit of loss as the finger was taken out. All he could think of is to get into the nearest washroom and jerk off. The doctor pulled off her gloves and started writing in her notes. Andrew reached for his clothes, but the doctor stopped him. “We are not finished yet, there are still a few things we have to do.” She said curtly, while continuing to write her notes on the form. She finally stopped and told him to wait while she called the nurse and told her a few words that he did not hear.

The nurse promptly disappeared and the doctor turned to him. “Well, Andrew, you are a very healthy young man and I was able to fill out most of the form. The only thing that is still left is the required vaccinations. Since I do not have you records we are going to have to a general booster vaccination as well the all the others…”

At this moment the nurse came into the room with a large tray, that was covered with gauze. She set it on the table and uncovered it. What he saw made him gasp in fear and anticipation. The tray contained several enormous syringes with huge needles, a bottle of iodine, alcohol swabs and several bottles with colored oil-like liquids.

As the nurse started filling the syringes, the doctor continued: “As I was saying, you are going to be given several intramuscular injections. You are going to feel some discomfort, but the injections are necessary if you want to go on that trip. You don’t want to get sick there or bring anything home. So please, try to relax as much as you can, we are almost done.” Andrew could hardly hear what she was saying. He was mesmerized by the huge syringe, that the nurse was filling up slowly with purple liquid.

As he watched her anxiously, he remembered the last time he was given a shot in his butt. He remembered like it was yesterday, even though it happened ten years ago when he was in High School. They just started Grade 11, and he and his best friend Steve went for a week to Mexico with Steve’s older sister Clarissa and her boyfriend. When they came back, Clarissa told them that her boyfriend was not feeling well. Neither Andrew, nor Steve gave it any further thought until one sunny day during their classes they were called to nurse’s office. The nurse told them that their family doctor called the school and told them that Clarissa’s boyfriend had Hepatitis, and that they had to get a shot.

Usually, Andrew was terrified of needles to a point that he had to be held down when he was given a shot, but this time he decided to face the inevitable and bravely lay down on the exam table and pulled down his pants, exposing his naked buttocks to the nurse. She quickly wiped his left butt cheek with alcohol swab and picked up the syringe. When he saw how big the needle was, he started to panic and twist around , but it was too late. He felt the sting of the needle in his buttock, followed by burning and pressure of medication being deposited deep in his ass. He screamed and cried but the nurse continued the injection. Finally the needle was withdrawn and nurse wiped the site of injection. It hurt awfully as he pulled up his pants.

Now he noticed Steve standing at the door, with horrified expression on his face. It was now his turn. As the nurse started filling up another syringe, Steve started crying and tried for the door. The nurse was ready for this as the door appeared to be locked. She put down the syringe and forced Steve on the table. She held him down and pulled at his pants. As soon as his buttocks were uncovered, she wiped his cheek with alcohol and quickly inserted the needle, before he had the chance to resist her. Steve was bawling, but the sight of his friend’s naked buttocks, with the huge needle inserted deeply and all this liquid slowly being emptied deep in the waiting ass below, suddenly made Andrew hard as a rock. The residual pain of his own shot that still lingered in his buttock was the additional stimulant.

As the nurse withdrew the needle from Steve’s ass, Andrew came in his pants. The sensation was incredible. Andrew came back to reality when he felt the nurse wiping his right buttock with alcohol. She was holding a huge syringe full of thick purple stuff. “Just relax, and everything will be OK,” said the nurse, as she inserted the needle. He was not prepared for the intensity of the pain. This was much more painful than the one he had on that fateful day in high school. It felt like his ass was on fire, but the nurse was relentless and shot went on and on until he could not resist screaming. It was exhausting, but no sooner than the first needle was taken out, he felt the sting of the injection in the other buttock. It was just as painful.

After this shot was finished, he was given time to relax, as the nurse and the doctor prepared four more gigantic syringes. His ass was on fire. His buttocks were dabbed with alcohol again, and this time he was given shots in both sides simultaneously. It was pure torture, he could feel the doctor and nurse both emptying medication into his agonized ass. The last two shots came one after the other, and he almost passed out from pain, not only in his buttocks but in his groin as well as he was rock hard. When the nurse took out the last needle, he could no longer resist and came all over the table. The doctor told him to get dressed as if she did not notice and left the office to let him regain his dignity.

She came back in a few minutes, when he had a chance to dress finally and cleaned up the table with the sheet. “Well, we are done for today,” the doctor said as she wrote things down in the form.

“So you are going to give me the form?” Andrew asked hopefully.

“Unfortunately, no. You had all the shots done, however you are going to have to come back to get the second shots in the series. Three more shots next time, and three more in a three weeks after that. I know it is unpleasant, but you need it. And don’t even think of not coming: once the first shots were given you must get the other shots in the series. So we will see you in three weeks, yes?”

Andrew had no words at this moment. His ass throbbed from all the manipulations that were done to him today and he still had to come back for more. This trip had better be worth it!