True Enema Story

Well, just browsing through the newsgroups, and this particular one dealing with enemas caught my eye. It made me remember about the time my wife was given an enema in front of me.

Now, I’ve never consider enemas to be erotic, the same goes for her, so it came as a big surprise when I was aroused by the sight of her nice ass being stuffed with that nozzle. Later, she confided in me that although somewhat unpleasant, she was also turned on by the fact that I was watching her in that humiliating position.

This is how it happened. My wife was on her last term of a pregnancy, and overdue by about a week. Her doctor decided to induce labor, and asked her to check into maternity. I followed her into the labor room where she would be prepped. After changing into her hospital gown, a nurse came in, took her blood pressure, etc., and told her she would give her an enema.

The enema consisted of a plastic see-through canister, filled with about a quart of some clear liquid. The nurse hung this container from a hook above the bed. A latex hose extended from the canister to a nozzle which was larger and wider than most I’ve seen before. It was also wider in front, and came to a tapered, narrower end.

Although this was our second child, and an enema was expected, I was somewhat surprised by the large amount of liquid, and the size of the nozzle. I asked the nurse if it wasn’t too much. She replied that it was her personal preference to administer large enemas in order to thoroughly clean the bowels.

She then asked my wife to get on a knee-chest position on the bed. This also seemed unusual since the last one had been administered while on her side. The nurse noticed my expression and immediately said that she preferred this position since it allowed the liquid to penetrate deeper. I wasn’t about to argue with her on that.

So there we were, me sitting on a chair at the foot of the bed, my wife with her ass up high. The hospital gown had slid up to reveal her nice, firm ass and pussy. I had a front-row seat to the spectacle. When the nurse started lubricating the nozzle, to my surprise, I got an instant hard on.

The nurse then inserted the nozzle up my wife’s ass, all the way to the hilt. She pulled it out, in order to lubricate it some more, then shoved it back in. I couldn’t believe it, I could tell she was enjoying it. I expected my wife to complain, but she just held her ass-up! As a matter of fact, I could have sworn that my wife raised her ass just a bit more when the nozzle started going in for the second time!

She then left the nozzle buried in her ass and reached for the release valve. She told us that she would turn the valve to a slow flow, that it would take longer, but it would be more conformable. The valve was turned, and my wife started to receive the cool liquid. Since the canister was see-through, I could watch the liquid level slowly going down.

Meantime, the door to the room had been left slightly open, and nurses and other people kept going by. Anyone could have a perfect look and my wife’s ass with a nozzle sticking out of it. There was a hospital attendant (who happened to be a man) that came into the room in order to get my wife’s chart, and ask the nurse something. It seemed to me that he took his time, his eyes riveted to that nozzle. I bet if given the chance he would have loved to shove it in and out a few times… I know I was just aching to do so.

After the male nurse left, our regular nurse turned back to her task, but apparently the process was going somewhat too slowly for her. Suddenly, she said that she would be back right away and left the room. Here was my chance! I stood up and asked my wife how she was feeling. She said she was OK, that it wasn’t that bad, but that soon she would have to go to the bathroom. I looked at the liquid level and it wasn’t even half empty yet. I then reached for the nozzle and slowly pulled it out. Some of the liquid started squirting out of her ass, so I shoved it back in. Since my wife didn’t complain I did it again, only this time a little faster and rougher. I must have fucked my wife’s ass with that nozzle for quite a while. I also slapped her ass a few times.

The nurse finally came back and caught me with that nozzle in hand. She didn’t say anything, but the liquid dripping off my wife’s pussy, her reddened cheeks, and the bulge in my pants were probably a dead give-away as to what had been going on.

After a while, the container was empty, and the nurse pulled the nozzle out. She told my wife to hold it as long as she could. She then picked her equipment and left the room. The moment she closed the door after her, my wife made a straight line for the bathroom.

Afterward, I told my wife how much this had turned me on. She said she had been so horny that she had an orgasm while I was administering the enema. We decided we would try it again.