Urological Exam

By Brian

It started at a track meet on Saturday afternoon. I didn’t feel very well and it would get worse. By Sunday morning, my right testicle was aching. By early afternoon the pain had spread to my groin. Later that evening I was having a discharge and tremendous burning when I urinated. On Monday the pain had radiated up my lower right back. I went to school, but by ten o’clock I was so sick and I had a temperature of 101. The school called my mom and I finally had to tell her where my pain was.

She got me in at my local doctor. After some blood tests and a urine sample, I finally got to the exam room at 5:00. I thought initially that I was going to get off easy. The doctor had me unzip my jeans and pull up my shirt. After he felt around my abdomen and lower back, he reached under the table and pulled out a gown. He told me that he needed for me to undress completely and to put on the gown. Doctors had been doing sports physicals on me for seven years, so I wasn’t terribly embarrassed.

I laid on the exam table and he pulled up my gown. He examined my penis and then got to my right testicle. I nearly jumped off the table. He asked me to stand up and he did the exam again with the same results. He then asked if I had had a rectal exam before. I said no and he said he needed to check my prostate. He had me bend over the table and he spread my cheeks. I felt his gloved hand lubricating me with KY jelly. Then he pushed in and I felt the pressure of the exam. I squirmed a little, but overall it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. He repeated the procedure with me on my left side. He then told me to get dressed and called my mom in.

“Brian has a massive infection in his urinary tract,” he said. “I’m going to send him to an adolescent urologist who specializes in these cases.”

We received a set of instructions from the urologist. I was too miserable to argue with them. The first thing I had to do was to catch my first urine of the morning. At 9:00 I was to sit in a cool tub of water to help control my temp. It was the ten o’clock activity that scared the hell out of me. I hadn’t had an enema since I was eight years old. Now I had to have one in case I needed an IVP later in the afternoon. I knew how my mother gave an enema…completely nude. It was bad enough at eight, but at seventeen, I could only imagine.

I could hear her in the bathroom mixing the concoction. She told me to strip and put on my robe. I walked into the bathroom and saw the bag filled to three quarts with plenty of soap. She was coating the colon tube with Vaseline. She told me to disrobe and get on my hands and knees with my butt up. She wiped my anal region with a Tuck pad and then coated my anus with the goo. She told me to bear down as she pushed the tube in. I felt it go deep into me and then I heard the fatal click. The water rushed into me. I knew it was futile to resist. I took the whole bag and held it for five minutes. I expelled the enema and then took a shower to get ready for my appointment.

We checked in at the clinic at around 1:15. I was sent to the lab for blood and urine tests. At 2:00, I was called back for a preliminary exam. A nurse took my oral temp and my blood pressure and then took me to the doctor’s private office. He came in about 5 minutes later. He asked me a lot of about the pain, the discharge, how long I had been in puberty and did I masturbate. When I said that I did masturbate, he asked if I knew what a retrograde ejaculation was. He explained what one was and said he saw a lot of young me who suffered infections as a result of them. Again I thought I was going to get off easy…wrong.

He picked up his phone and told his nurse to schedule me for an IVP, a sonogram of my prostate and a sterile urine collection. He also told her to schedule me for a “Cysto” at 4:45.

He took me into his private exam room off his office. He told me to take off all of my clothes and lay on the table on my back. I didn’t see any screen or gown, so I put my clothes on a chair and then lay naked on my back on the table. He felt my abdomen and my lower back and started to examine my penis. He examined my testicles until I thought I was going to scream. He then donned a latex glove, rolled me on my side, and pushed his index finger deeply into my rectum. His exam was different than the one yesterday. He kept pressing on my prostate until some discharge came out. He then had me roll over on my back, scoot down the table, and put my heels in the stirrups. He covered me with a drape and said he would see me at 4:45.

I lay in that position for a few minutes before a nurse came in carrying a small plastic package. She didn’t remove the drape and a few moments later I would be thankful for that. She told she was going to do a sterile urine collection and that I should try to relax. She cleaned and deadened the tip of my penis and then with no warning started to push a Foley catheter in. Despite the lubrication, the burning and pain was unbelievable. My eyes teared up and in a few seconds I felt the urine coming out of me. A few minutes later, I was told to get dressed and head to the x-ray department.

They had explained to my mother what was going on. She asked me how I was doing and I said okay. I headed downstairs and went to x-ray. I was taken to a dressing area, given a gown and a robe and told to remove everything. I was thankful that I didn’t need another enema before my IVP. My intestinal tract was clear from the three quarter from earlier in the day. The IVP went pretty well and I was sent for my sonogram.

The sonogram technician had me remove my robe and lie on the table on my left side. She donned the exam glove and probed my rectum. Then she told me that I would feel something cold at my anus. She gently pushed the cold probe into my rectum. It felt huge and it seemed like it was in forever. In a few minutes, it was over and I was going back upstairs.

I sat in the waiting room awaiting my next exam. At about 4:30, my name was called. I was taken back to a special exam room. I was given a gown and told to take off everything. I did so and put the gown on and was told to lie on the table on my back. The doctor came in. He put my feet in the stirrups and moved me to the end of the table. He took my gown and pulled it up to my waist. He took my penis and put something cold on it. He then took a syringe and put some Lidocaine into my urethra to deaden it. He then clipped on the tip of my penis and the explained what he was going to do. I was terrified! Before I could think about it, he grabbed my penis and started to push the cystoscope into me. I couldn’t really feel it, but it just felt weird. It was all over in less than a minute.

He ended up giving me two injections in the hip and prescribing 10 days of antibiotics. I had to return in ten days for another rectal and another “cysto” exam.