Valarie’s Story

Since it looks like this group is in some desperate need of enema related posts, I thought I would tell about an experience with a former boyfriend. Hope my story telling isn’t too awkward.

D. and I had been playing around with many aspects of Bondage and Discipline and Dominance and submission. I was always Top and liked they way he responded to my command. He also had tried enemas and told me that he liked them a lot. His experience had always been with the 2qt. bag using the vaginal nozzle ( since it was longer he preferred it to the rectal nozzle that comes with the drugstore kits. I looked at this as a very, very good sign ) Since my experience was personal and professional ( Dominate Enema Nurse ) I considered myself well practiced and was looking forward to advancing his training.

One night D came to my apartment to pick me up to go out. He thought we would be doing a movie and dinner. This wasn’t what I had in mind. When he came in the door, I was standing in back of it wearing a very sexy one piece red vinyl bodysuit with black stockings and garters and red 5 inch heels ( I wanted to make a visual statement ) I closed the door behind him and stood in front of it, when he saw how I was dressed, he dropped to his knees and began kissing my legs. I grabbed his hair and pulled him to his feet.

I told him to take his pants off, he did. then I pulled his shirt up where it covered his face and held his arms in place over his head. I ran my fingernails over his chest and nipples and told him we would not be going out until he was cleaned out. I took a long piece of soft rawhide and tied up his cock and balls, making them a pretty package. He was then led by the cock ( arms up, and blindfolded by his own shirt ) to my bedroom.

I pushed him face down on the bed. I had him get up on his knees with his ass up in the air and his face down in the bed. I gave his butt cheeks several hard slaps to warm his rear-end up. When his but was a deep blushing pink, I squirted baby oil all over it, especially down the crack of his ass, so much that it dripped down his cock and balls. I took a great deal of time rubbing the oil into his butt cheeks and balls. Sometimes running my fingernails up the backs of his thighs. He was indeed hot all over now .

Carefully I put a rubber glove on and dipped two fingers into a jar of Vaseline. I smeared it all up and down the crack of his butt and all around his hole. I held my finger right outside of his asshole and told him to back up slowly on it if he wanted it. Needless to say, he did, taking finger in deeply. Then I smacked his ass with my free hand and told him to go forward with his ass…then back I told him to pump my finger in and out nice and slow. Everytime he would take my finger in I would slap his bottom. By the time I decided to try two fingers, he was open enough to take it in easily. I knew the man had potential. All this time he couldn’t see, so he had no idea that within arms ( and asses ) reach was a big red enema bag, full to the top, hanging from a hook on the wall.

He was very busy pumping my fingers in and out, so it came as a shock when he went to back up on my fingers and instead backed onto a greased up 7 inch dildo nozzle. His surprise was not unpleasant. I could tell by his groan that he loved it. His pumping became faster and harder. I don’t think he realized until he heard the click of the clamp and felt the first rush of the water that it was a enema nozzle he had been working in and out of his behind. At this point I was holding the nozzle with one hand and pumping his still baby oiled cock with my other hand. I told him if he didn’t cum before we finished the bag, I would fill it up again and he would take an enema until he did cum. As with all my commands, he obeyed, cumming just before the bag had emptied. Of course he had to finish the enema ( I hate to waste water ) and stay up on his knees until I had untied his cock and balls, before I took out the dildo nozzle.

After very carefully extracting his new favorite nozzle I made him stand up and show me his distention. And he was quite bloated, all the pumping I think. He was really squirming before I allowed him to go to the bathroom and expel. I don’t think D ever missed dinner and the movie that night, I know I didn’t.

Hope my recount of that evening was of interest to my enema buddies, and more importantly, that more of you will take the time to write down your experiences so there is something besides unrelated Spam in this most special newsgroup. Take care and enemas.