Valerie At The Sherema Clinic

Valerie was waiting at the other end of the long hall in the white stucco building, not far from downtown Los Angeles. It had been 6 years since I had been given an enema in L.A. Sherema was long gone, and I hadn’t been aware of the L. A. Express on my earlier trips. The ad had read, “GENTLE ENEMAS, Exotic, Erotic Enemas in a fully equipped, very relaxed, private setting by an experienced fantasy nurse with a wild collection of naughty toys. (213) 739-1749.” So I called, it was a Saturday, and I would be off the convention floor by noon. I could pick up a rental car, have my enema, and then make my trip to Perris to visit the Orange Empire Railroad Museum on Sunday for their fall open house.

Saturday had dawned a miserable, rainy day, and I can’t think of any place that can be as miserable as Los Angeles in the rain. I made my call from a pay phone at the Convention Center, and was told I could come in at one o’clock. I was to call from a pay phone near the “clinic” and I would be given directions from there.

My heart pounded as I made that call, and the girl who answered told me I was within a block of the building, and how to get “buzzed” in. I parked my car nearby, followed her instructions.

When the door opened, I started down the hall. I saw her step out of the door at the far end. I didn’t know her name yet, but I could see she was wearing a nurses uniform, and that she had long brown hair, and was of medium height. As I got close I could see that she was a pretty woman, and that the top of the uniform revealed a little more cleavage than you would see in any hospital. I immediately found her attractive, and as I introduced myself she lead me inside. She told me her name was Valerie.

When I had called Valerie to make the appointment she had asked me a few questions to be sure I really understood what an enema was, and I had assured her I did. Now we discussed some of the formalities, and then I was shown to the treatment room.

When I got to the room I was pleasantly surprised to find an assortment of bags, including large volume Sherema bags, the traditional fountain and combination syringes, and even an old enamel enema can. I undressed and Valerie returned to discuss the services I would like. I told her I would like an enema with a colon tube, and that I would like to give her an enema. She told me that she did take enemas, and that she did have colon tubes, and what the fee and tip would be.

I was in heaven, as it had been a while since I had given an enema, and because this was a much better facility than I expected. It was far better than the House of Dominance from back in the 70’s, Belle de Jour in New York , and as good or better than Sherema. The only thing missing was the Dierker Colonic machine that I had seen at Sherema. And while I enjoy a colonic from a straight clinic, an enema is much better.

Valerie placed a towel on the leather covered treatment table, gave me a pillow, and had me relax while she filled the Sherema bag, which can hold over a gallon! I was ready when Valerie returned, the bag was bulging, and she had attached a long colon tube that looked to be about a 36fr. She hung the bag, put on rubber gloves and greased the colon tube to it’s full length with Vaseline.

I mentioned that I liked deep insertions, but I really didn’t expect she could get the entire tube inside me, and that if she did, most of it would be coiled in my rectum. Next she had me lie on my left side, she took a large glob of Vaseline and placed it on my anus. Then, very slowly and gently she inserted her finger. I knew my rectum was pretty full, as I will always try to hold back for a day or so before I am given an enema. Valerie commented on my fullness, and told he she would be taking care of that directly. She worked around the mass to get a good feeling of the condition of my rectum, and then did a long, slow massage to be sure I was lubricated well. This was a heavenly feeling in itself. After a the long massage she slowly withdrew her finger, it had felt so good she could have left it in for a much longer time.

I was very ready for the enema, and I realized Valerie know what she was doing, and that this was probably going to be very good. I still didn’t expect her to get the entire tube inside me, and I knew I couldn’t take the full contents of the bag.

Valerie had me turn from my left side on to my back and get comfortable. Then I felt the tip of the colon tube in my anus, and a very gentle insertion. When about 5 or 6 inches were inside me Valerie opened the clamp and the water started to flow. As the water flowed I could feel Valerie inserting the tube further, following the liquid as it opened my rectum and colon. As the pressure increased she would stop the insertion, and as the water started to flow higher, Valerie would follow it with the tube. I felt the tube move into my sigmoid flexure, and then make the corner into my transverse colon. I was amazed, as I had only accomplished this a few times myself, with difficulty and discomfort. Although I knew where the tube was, there was no discomfort at all, just a feeling of fullness. Most of the time I had been keeping my eyes closed to enjoy the feeling, occasionally I would open my eyes, and Valerie’s gaze would shift up to mine, I would smile, and she would smile back, but with a warm, knowing grin.

Valerie then shifted a large mirror around, so she could show me the progress she was making with the tube… I could not believe my eyes, the entire tube was inside me, all 40 inches. With the tube that high I could feel a the pressure of filling, but had no real urge to go. I also realized I had taken better than half the bag. At this point Valerie stopped the flow and started massaging my stomach, she would work around my belly and get very close to my pubic area. Each time she did she would open the clamp and let a little more water flow in, and each time I would become more erect.

Valerie stopped the flow and reached behind her for some baby oil which she liberally applied to my belly, and then to my now very erect cock. As she massaged more she moved to the base of my penis, and then on to the shaft. As she started to stroke the shaft I realized the water had been flowing for some time. I looked at the bag and saw it was nearly empty! I knew that a Sherema bag can hold over 4 quarts, and that when Valerie had hung up the bag it was nearly full. If I heard a gurgle as the last of the water drained from the bag I would be holding a gallon!

As Valerie stroked my penis she moved more and more up the shaft, and I started to respond the her stokes by moving my hips to meet them. I knew I was about to exploded, and just as I started to come I heard the gurgling sound that told me the bag was empty. Valerie closed the clamp with her free hand and I shot come into the air and all over my belly. I bucked and came, and then relaxed, while Valerie continue to massage both my penis and my belly.

She probably continued the massage for 5 to 10 minutes, and to my surprise I had no real urgency to go. Finally, as I relaxed, I knew it was time to expel, but I knew I could probably hold it longer, if I had to. I told Valerie I was ready, and that I enjoyed expelling us much as taking, so the pleasure was going to continue for me. As I got up Valerie realized the bathroom door was closed, and that the other girl working that day was inside. Valerie said that had never happened before, and told her co-worker that I needed to go. She said she was nearly finished and that she would come out shortly. Valerie told me she had a bedpan if I needed it, but I said, “No, I can hold it.” I noticed that Valerie seem to be enjoying looking at my stomach distention, and that the other girl was not really hurrying to get out of the bathroom. I’m not sure, but I think they may have conspired to make me hold then enema another five minutes.

Once on the toilet Valerie provided me some old Sherema magazines to read, and to my surprised stayed and talked to me while I expelled most of the enema. I liked that, and found it made the experience even more erotic. As full of feces and water as I was it made expelling feel even better than usual.

Valerie then left me to finish, while she took the Sherema bag from the room, and prepared the enema I was going to give to her. Once I had finished and cleaned up I returned to the “enema room” to find Valerie’s bag full and hanging from the hook mine had hung from earlier. To my pleasant surprise I found that instead of the usual small enema nozzle, Valerie had attached a colon tube to the end of the hose for her enema. When I asked about this, she told he she liked deeply inserted colon tubes, as well, and thought I might be able to work the tube deeply into her. I knew then Valerie was a true anal erotic.

Valerie took off the nurses uniform, and her panties, but left on her brassiere and garter belt. She gave me rubber gloves to wear, placed a towel on the treatment table, and then lay on her left side. Valerie has a beautiful rounded behind, and as she knew I had quite a bit of enema experience, she let me do the lubrication. First I prepared the tube, lubricating the entire length with Vaseline, then I prepared to lubricate Valerie.

As she was already on her left side, I spread her cheeks to reveal her anus, also bending down to make a visual exam as well. I could see that she had given birth, probably to more than one child, because of the episiotomy scars. I also watched my finger disappear into her anus, and as I slowly pushed in, I could feel her push back to meet me. While not nearly as full as I had been, there was still a fair amount of feces in her rectum, so I knew she hadn’t been given an enema for a day or two. When I asked she said it had been about a week. I spent quite a while exploring her rectum, which she seemed to enjoy. She told me she liked to have all of the tube inserted, so I took that as my cue to start the enema.

Doing as she had done, but leaving her on left her side, I inserted the tube and started the flow simultaneously. I pushed the tube higher, as I felt the water flow quite easily, proceeding somewhat cautiously. Valerie told me I could insert the tube even faster, and since it was slipping a little, she reached around and helped me get it all inside. I was surprised at how quickly she drained her bag, a little over two quarts. I took the opportunity to insert my finger back into her anus beside the tube, before I removed it, as I wanted to see if I had gotten it high into her colon, or if at had just curled up in her rectum.

I could feel that I had been a success, as I could feel the tube running straight up, high into her colon. Then I slowly removed the tube, which Valerie seemed to enjoy as well.

Valerie stood up, and then turned so I could see the distention of her belly. She said she liked to hold it for a few minutes, and walk around a bit, which she did before going to the toilet. I asked if I could stay with her while she expelled. She said she was a little uncomfortable with it, and might ask me to leave the room. She let me stay with her for the entire expulsion. I didn’t actually get to watch it come out, but I did talk with her for the entire time, and got a look at the contents of the toilet before she flushed. While she wasn’t as full as I had been, the enema had been a great success.

Valerie then cleaned up, and we exchanges pleasantries. We talked about where she had lived, and I found out she had some friends not far from me on the East Coast. I told her I would pay her plane fare if she wanted to come East and visit her fiends, and me! I gave her a business card, but never thought she would call.

I thought about how nice that day was for a long time, I still think about it. So, when I got to go back to Los Angeles for a convention the following August, of course I went to see Valerie.