Visit To An Acupuncturist

About 10 years ago I had a back injury which kept me in bed for approximately 7 weeks. I have recovered to the extent that I can take part in any of the activities I participated in before, however, about six months ago I started to occasionally experience a numb feeling in my toes. When I consulted my physician about this, he told me that the problem was related to my earlier back injury and damage to the nerves which actually supplied sensation to my lower extremities. He said that there was no medical treatment for this, short of an operation to relieve the pressure on the damaged portions of the nerves in my back. He also said that the success rate with this type of thing was so low that he would not recommend the operation unless or until I had reached the stage where I was experiencing pain in my feet, legs, or back. We were about to conclude our discussion of my foot problem when, being medically broad minded, he suggested that a number of his patients had some measure of success using acupuncture to relieve back and leg pain and that an acupuncturist might possibly be able to help with my problem. He gave me the name of an acupuncturist whom he had previous dealings with, saying that I should give her a call.

The acupuncturist was a woman in her late 20’s or perhaps 30, of Chinese descent (but obviously born here as she had no accent). She was very attractive. On my first visit, after reviewing the history of my back injury and the problem with numbness in my toes, she suggested that eight to ten treatments should produce significant positive results.

My first two treatments went pretty much as I had expected – I had to remove all clothing, put on a hospital-type gown which closed at the back, and lie face down on the treatment table. The acupuncturist would then insert 10 to 12 needles into points along my spinal column, buttocks, legs, and ankles, swabbing the sites carefully with rubbing alcohol to disinfect first.

When each needle was inserted, I was amazed to find that there was no pain. As the needle went deeper, the acupuncturist would rotate it slightly, causing a sensation like an electric shock which would radiate out from the site of the needle. Once all of the needles were in place, she would hook 4 electrodes from a small electronic machine to selected needles in various points on my back, buttocks or legs.

When the current was turned on, I could feel the same electric shock sensation as when she had been turning the needles and I could feel the surrounding muscles contract and relax. It was not an unpleasant sensation once you got used to it. She would return to the room several times during the treatment to increase the current or move the electrodes to different needles. With two treatments behind me, I was noticing less numbness in my toes already.

On my third visit, the acupuncturist told me that it was her intention to work on a different set of acupuncture points during this session. She instructed me to go into the washroom and urinate to ensure that my bladder was empty, then return to the treatment room, remove all of my clothing, put the gown on with the opening at the front, and lie on my back on the table. This change from the previous treatment sessions made me somewhat anxious, and the possibility of having my genitals exposed to her caused a tingling sensation in my crotch, the likes of which I had not felt for years. I did as instructed, and when she entered the room, she began by exposing my chest. The lower part of the gown was still covering my genitals. Beginning on my left side, the first needle she inserted was in my chest, next to the sternum at about the same level as my nipple.

As the needle went deeper, she rotated it, and I could feel the familiar sensation of electric shock radiating up to my neck and shoulder, across my chest under my arm, and down to the bottom of my rib cage. The second needle was inserted about 2 inches below my rib cage, opposite my navel. Again the sensation of electric shock as she rotated the needle, this time radiating up under my rib cage and down into my left hip. When this needle had been inserted, she paused and told me that it would be necessary to fold the gown back which would expose my genitals. She then told me that the placement of a couple of the needles would cause me to have an erection, but that I should not be embarrassed about it. She inserted the third needle in my groin, about half an inch from the base of my penis. Rotation of this needle caused semi-erection of my penis and the feeling of an electrical shock going up and down the left side and under side of my penis.

The fourth needle was inserted in my inner thigh, midway between my crotch and my knee. The sensation from this needle moved up my leg into my left testicle and down my leg into my left kneecap. I noticed that in spite of the pain in my kneecap and testicle, my penis was now fully erect, and harder than I had ever experienced it. A fifth needle was placed just below my kneecap. As it was rotated into place I thought my kneecap was going to explode from the electric shock sensation I was feeling. The sixth needle was inserted in my leg on the inside of the calf midway between my knee and my ankle. Yet again the familiar feeling of electric shock traveled up to my knee and down into my foot. A seventh needle was placed in the top of my left foot, positioned between my first and second toes. Strangely, the feeling of electric shock was more intense when she rotated this one, and it seemed to travel in a wave up my leg, into my left testicle and penis, and across to my hip, as well as going up my abdomen into my chest, neck, and left shoulder.

Seven more needles were inserted in the right side of my body in points closely corresponding with the points she had selected on my left side. Insertion of these needles produced similar results. By the time these other seven needles had been inserted, my entire body was tingling, there was a dull ache in both of my testicles, and my penis (even harder than it had been earlier) was involuntarily contracting every few seconds. The acupuncturist told me that there was one more needle to insert. She would then hook up the electrodes to selected points and turn on the current, as before. The final needle was to be inserted in my abdomen, half way between my penis and my navel. Before she rotated it into place, she informed me that, in spite of my having urinated prior to starting the treatment session, my bladder would not be completely empty, and the involuntary contractions of my penis would cause me to expel small quantities of urine with each contraction as she inserted the needle.

She said this was normal and that there was nothing I should be embarrassed about or afraid of. The needle was pushed in quickly and forcefully, and the initial penetration caused me to feel a tremendous sense of pressure on my abdomen, almost as if someone was pushing into my abdomen with the palm of their hand. Once the needle had penetrated several layers of skin, she began rotating it back and forth to position it. With each rotation of the needle I felt as if something was wrapped around my scrotum and was pulling down hard on it. At the same time my penis felt as if a hot needle or rod inserted into the urethra was being turned. Up and down motion of the needle caused mild pain in my testicles and gave me the sensation of having something hot being shoved in and out of my penis.

Every rotation of the needle also caused a very strong involuntary contraction of my penis. As had been predicted, each contraction resulted in me expelling a small quantity of urine which, depending on the strength of the contraction, would dribble down my penis, squirt into the air and splash onto my abdomen, or (with couple of contractions) squirt into the air and splash onto the gloved hand of the acupuncturist. She repeated that my reaction was perfectly normal and healthy. With the final needle in place she soaked up the urine with several paper towels and swabbed my abdomen and groin with alcohol, paying particular attention to the sites where the needles were inserted.

Unfortunately, when applying the alcohol around the needle in the right side of my groin, she did not realize that the cotton swab had soaked up more than was needed, and that some of the excess was now running down onto my scrotum. It very quickly began to cause a burning sensation, however, she immediately applied a towel soaked in cold water and the burning sensation stopped after a minute or so. She then hooked the electrodes up to the needles in my chest and the ones in the calves of my legs. She turned on the current gradually, asking me periodically if I could stand more. Once she had established exactly how much current I could stand, she left the room, telling me to relax for a few minutes.

Relaxation was actually the furthest thing from my mind. I could feel the sensation of the electrical current passing through my body in waves from my chest to my toes, alternating from one side to the other. Periodically the waves I felt on each side would overlap at my groin and abdomen, causing some sort of reaction with the needle in the center of my abdomen, which in turn would cause a spasm in my penis and testicles. As time went on, the sensations seemed to get weaker, however, a couple of times, just when I was beginning to notice the sensations weakening, the acupuncturist came back in and turned up the current. Upon returning to the room for a third time, she repositioned the one set of electrodes from the needles in my chest to the needles in my groin, close to my penis. The second set was repositioned from my toes to the needles in my inner thighs, between my crotch and my knees. The current was once again turned on as strong as I could stand it. This time the shock waves moved much more rapidly from my knees to my genitals and back again. I could feel that my buttocks and low back muscles had tightened up and were remaining that way.

To my surprise (and embarrassment) the acupuncturist did not leave the room this time, but instead began to manipulate the needle in the center of my abdomen. When combined with the stimulation of the other needles and the electrodes, this caused massive spasms in my penis and testicles every few seconds. By this time, my penis felt as if it was going to explode and my testicles were sending alternating messages of pain and pleasure. As the acupuncturist continued to manipulate the needle in my abdomen, she told me that I would quite likely have an orgasm in the next couple of minutes, and that if I felt one coming on, I should just relax and let it happen.

True to her prediction, after a couple of more minutes of stimulation, I felt myself loosing control and began to have an orgasm. The intensity of the orgasm was far beyond anything I had ever felt before. The first ejaculation of semen shot straight up into the air and landed just above my navel. On subsequent contractions I ejaculated relatively large quantities of semen onto her gloved hand and my abdomen. As the orgasm passed, she told me that she would continue the treatment for as long as I could stand it. I was now suddenly aware of the fact that the muscles in my back, buttocks and thighs were tightening up even more than they had previously. Since the orgasm and ejaculation, my penis had stopped its series of involuntary contractions, however, of more immediate concern was the fact that I was starting to notice sharp pains in my testicles and kneecaps. When I told her this, she said that this reaction was normal and that I was to let her know when the pain reached a stage which I could not tolerate. Within two or three more minutes the muscles in my low back, buttocks and thighs were absolutely rigid and the pain shooting into my kneecaps and testicles was getting to be more than I could handle, so I told her I had enough. She turned off the current and carefully extracted each needle, taking care to swab each site with alcohol afterwards.

Next she wiped my abdomen with a paper towel to soak up the semen, and once again swabbed my entire abdomen with alcohol. She then left the room while I dressed. As I was leaving her office, she apologized for the “roughness” of this particular treatment, saying that she hoped I wouldn’t be afraid to continue with the treatments as good progress had been made so far and I would probably only have to endure one or possibly two more sessions like this one while four or five other sessions would be like the first two.

I didn’t have the nerve to tell her that I was looking forward to the “rough” sessions.