Visit to the Doctor

My name is Jenny. I’m a 18 year old schoolgirl, and I want to tell you about my visit to the doctor yesterday. I had to have my first pap smear and I was a bit frightened, to tell you the truth. My mother had told me how it would hurt a bit, but that it was necessary to make sure I didn’t have cancer. I didn’t want to go, but she finally made me.

The doctor was very nice. He understood I was embarrassed and he sent my mother out of the room, so there were only the two of us in the surgery. That was a nice thought, wasn’t it? It was bad enough to take all of my clothes off in front of the doctor, let alone having my mother looking on as well.

The doctor picked up a camera and said he needed to take some pictures of me taking off my clothes for the medical record. As I stripped, he clicked away, watching me closely. I didn’t know they kept such detailed records of patients. I was impressed how thorough the doctor was.

When I was totally naked, he asked me to turn around for him so he could examine me.

“Very nice!” he said, and I blushed. “You are very pretty, Jenny.” That was a nice thing for him to say, wasn’t it? He took a very close look at every part of me, touching me in the way doctors do : examining my little breasts carefully, tapping on my back, all that stuff. Then came the part I’d been dreading.

“Now Jenny, hop up on the table here, and we’ll get a look at your vagina.”

He opened my cunt up, (yes, I learned to use that word when I was twelve, when Graham Burns and I played doctors and nurses in the bushes at the back of his place. I know it’s a naughty word, but I rather like it. Anyway it’s a habit to call my vagina that name now, and I hope you don’t mind ) and peered closely into it.

“Turn over onto your tummy now Jenny,” he said, “I’ll have to take some measurements right up at the top of your vagina.” I turned over, and he moved me back so my legs were dangling down to the floor, and my bottom was up in the air. I heard the camera click a couple of times, and again I thought it was really good I was entrusted to such a thorough doctor.

Then I heard a zipper. When I asked what he was doing, he told me he was getting out a special piece of equipment - a special pap smear thermometer. It was specially flesh textured and warm, so it wasn’t so uncomfortable for the patient. He pushed it into me and it felt rather nice, actually. It was much fatter than I thought it was going to be, about 2 - 3 inches thick. My mother told me that a pap smear might hurt a bit, but it was necessary, but I didn’t find it hurt at all. I think if I hadn’t been a naughty girl and played with things up my cunt it might have hurt though. ( I had been putting candles, and coke bottles up my cunt since that time with Graham when I was twelve.)

The doctor did say he was having some trouble getting it in the exact right position for measuring my temperature, because he kept pushing it in and pulling it out again over and over. It must have been hard work for the poor dear, because he was breathing quite hard near the end. But he pushed faster and faster and finally he grunted in pleasure, I guess because he found the right place and he took my temperature and stood quietly while he waited for the thermometer to measure me.

Finally, he pulled it out, and I felt rather sad, because I liked the thermometer in there. I heard him putting it back in its case and the zip going up again, and he told me to turn over so he could continue the examination. This has puzzled me for a while now - why do girls have to take off ALL their clothes when the doctor’s only going to examine their genitals? I asked and he said that in his surgery, all girls under 22 years old have to take off all their clothes as part of procedure, even if they’re only getting their ingrown toenails looked at.

I said “I bet it’s more than their toenails you’re looking at!”

He laughed and said, “Oh no Jenny, I’m a doctor, we see girls all the time. We don’t worry about things like that. Now sit back and pull your legs wide apart for me, so I can look into your vagina. I want to measure how many fingers you can fit in there. Then I’m going to take some photos of you. Don’t be alarmed, these are purely for your medical records. I need to record how your body looks at the moment so we can measure the changes as time goes by, particularly how your genitals change and how the capacity to stretch changes as you grow.”

He pushed his fingers up me and it felt nice too. He was squishing around in the juices up there, I didn’t know I had all that stuff up there. I wondered if the thermometer had put some in there, but he felt me for a long time, saying things like, “Nice! Nice. What a tight one!” I don’t know why my mother and grandmother told me getting a pap smear was awful - I was rather having fun! But then I am a bit naughty, and like doing things with my cunt when no one can see me. It was totally different when this nice doctor was touching me, and I wanted to tell him I liked it, but he was a doctor and didn’t do naughty things with girls. He would have been angry with me.

Then he gave me a variety of things to hold in my cunt while he took pictures to measure how my vagina could stretch. Some of them were like the pictures of penises I’d seen in books at school, and some were really rather big - much bigger than my coke bottle, but it was fun pulling my cunt open and pushing the things up. He asked me to pose in various ways, so he could see how the capacity changed as I changed my posture. I rather liked it when he held the thing upright on the table and asked me to squat over it, pull myself open and sit down onto it, to see how far I could get it in. He took about a dozen pictures of that, even asking me to smile for the camera and hold onto my nipples, although I don’t know what difference that would make. Perhaps it was because the nipples were sticking out like they do when I play with my cunt and he didn’t want that in the pictures.

Finally, he told me he was very happy with me, that I made a model patient. He even kissed me a bit on the lips. I though doctors weren’t allowed to do that to patients, but I thought he was a nice man and didn’t really mind.

Lastly, he looked at his records, and said he was sorry, but the temperature reading hadn’t worked properly, and would I mind if he took it again. I said of course not. I rolled over on to my stomach again and let my legs fall to the floor. He fumbled around with my bottom, pulling the cheeks apart.

Then I heard him getting out the thermometer and it slipped into my pussy again. Oh it felt nice, but I didn’t let the doctor know I was liking it, that would be naughty, and he was such a nice man I wouldn’t want him to be telling my mother I was naughty. He’s such a good doctor, yet he had such trouble getting the thermometer into the right place. It took him four or five minutes of pushing and pulling to get the thermometer in just the right place. It must worry him quite a bit, because he was so relieved to get it right he moaned and said, “wonderful! oh yes!” as the thermometer measured my temperature.

He pulled it out of me and put it away. I felt very wet around my vagina now, and I figured I must have been more excited than I thought, and hoped he didn’t notice and tell my mother I was a naughty girl.

He noticed. DAMN! But he’s such a nice man, he wiped my genitals gently with a towel and said, ‘We mustn’t tell your mother everything about this examination, must we? You know that the things that happen between a doctor and his patients must never be discussed with others, even parents.” I was so relieved, he wasn’t going to tell her I’d enjoyed the examination. I told him I’d never tell her anything about it, and I hoped he wouldn’t either. He smiled and agreed.

While I put my clothes back on, he said “Now, Jenny, I’ll want to see you again in a week to check my measurements. Is that OK?” We made a time then as I was leaving he said, “Jenny, I might want to measure your temperature in your bottom next time, so you might want to practice putting things in there to get used to it, so it doesn’t hurt you.”

Do you think I should start sticking my cock bottle up my bum now ?