Water And Whacks

By [email protected]

Carl and Missy both knew they were in for it. Their quarterly grades were both down and the teacher’s comments indicated that they had failed to turn in all of their assignments. When they the walked into the house, their mother was waiting to see their report cards. As she read over the dismal news a frown crossed her face. “I think we need to have a session with the both of you before bed tonight,” said their mother as she walked out of the room. Missy and Carl both knew what that meant.

The two teenagers sat silently through dinner that night. At least their father was out of town on a business trip so they wouldn’t have to deal with his anger. But they both knew that their mother was still a force to be dealt with. As they finished their dinner they were informed to meet their mother at 8 p.m. for a good session of water and whacks. Missy began to sob quietly when she heard that and Carl just looked down at his empty plate.

By 8 p.m. both errant youths were standing outside of their mother’s bedroom dressed only in a bathrobe. They were both clearly nervous as they heard their mothers footsteps come up stairs. “Get in here, the both of you!” said their mother in a very stern voice as she held open the bedroom door. Carl and Missy slowly entered the room in shock, as they had never been punished in front of each other before.

For ten very long minutes, their mother read the two culprits the riot act. In fact, by the time she was done, the children had tears in the corners of their eyes. But now came the real punishment. Their mother moved a chair out to the middle of the room and picked up a hairbrush from the dresser before she sat down. “Come here Carl,” she said patting her lap.

Carl moved into position over her lap. When his mother pulled his robe up over his naked bottom his face went beet red as he new his sister was watching intently. Carl held his legs tightly together so as not to expose himself to his sister. Then his mother rubbed the back of the hairbrush over his backside before she raised it up in the air and brought it down with a loud smack in the middle of his cheeks. “Unghhhhh,” he groaned trying to be brave as the sting of the brush registered. Missy gasped when she saw the red mark that was centered on his bottom knowing full well that more were coming.

Over the next five minutes, the brush came down again and again on Carl’s naked bottom. After the first 20 or so swats, tears filled his eyes as he begged his mother to stop. By 30 swats, his legs were kicking wildly in the air as his sore backside overpowered the desire to protect his modesty. When his mother finally stopped, his backside was a very deep red from the top to bottom and side to side. Carl sat on his knees at his mother’s side crying and rubbing his fiery bottom as she dismissed him and called for Missy.

As Missy laid over her mothers lap, she pleaded not to be spanked on the bare as it would be to embarrassing for her to have her developing womanhood exposed to her brother. But her mother told her that her brother was too busy dealing with his own sore bottom to care what happened to her. Missy’s robe was turned up over her bottom and like her brother, she was spanked with the hairbrush. Missy didn’t take the spanking as well as her brother and several times her mother had to hold Missy’s hand away from her bottom in a vain attempt to avoid the spanks. This only extended Missy’s spanking and like her

brother her legs kicked wildly leaving nothing to the imagination.

As her mother pushed Missy off her lap, the poor girl curled herself on the floor and sobbed out loud as she rubbed her deep red bottom in an attempt to put out the fire of the spanking.

But the worse was yet to come. Carl’s face turned white as he watched his mother cover the bed with a protective plastic sheet. His pleas went unanswered as his mother then went into the bathroom and prepared the second part of their punishment. When their mother came out of the bathroom she was carrying two metal enema cans that were filled to brim with hot soapsuds. Poor Missy just buried her head in her hands and cried.

“Come here you two, get those robes off and get on the bed in the proper position,” said their mother in a very stern voice. Missy began to plead that she couldn’t let her brother see her naked. But when her mother picked up the hairbrush again, Missy slowly let the robe fall from her shoulders and with a face as red as her bottom, she crawled onto the bed.

Their mother left both culprits in the knee chest position for a while as she went back into the bathroom to get a rubber glove and jar of Vaseline. This left both youths time to inspect each other as they trembled in fear. A snap filled the room as their mother put on the latex glove and they began to sob as they heard the jar opened. Missy was first to feel the greasy finger

against her anus and she cried out as her mother pushed her finger deep inside her backside twisting it from side to side.

After changing gloves, she repeated the procedure on Carl who groaned as he felt the intrusion and feared that his sister would notice his twitching manhood as his mother pushed against his prostate. The enema cans were placed on the bookshelf over the bed and Missy and Carl began to cry out loud as they watched their mother approach them with the tubes. Missy let out a

little squeal as the douche nozzle was slid into her backside. Carl just let out a little grunt as the second douche nozzle was inserted deep into his backside.

“Now don’t you dare spill a drop!” said their mother as she started the flow from both cans. In seconds the hot soapy water was building up pressure in Carl and Missy’s backside. Missy began crying that she was going to explode but that only earned her two hard swats of her mother’s hand on her backside. Carl’s butt was dancing in the air as the water flowed deep into his backside. When the cans were half-empty, their mother turned the flow off for a few minutes. Missy and Carl both groaned as waves of cramps swept through their stomachs. Then with a loud click the flow was started again and both youths pleaded on deaf ears for relief.

Finally, the cans gurgled dry and their mother removed the tubes from their upturned bottoms. “Now stand against the wall until I tell you,” said their mother. Carl slowly got up and rubbing his bulging stomach moved into position against the wall. “Face me!” called his mother as he slowly turned around. Missy was still on the bed with her head buried in her hand when her

mother grabbed her by the ear and led her over to the wall next to Carl. Poor Missy tried to cover herself with her hands, but the need to soothe her bulging stomach meant that she was as exposed as her brother.

Both youths watched as their mother set the kitchen timer to 15 minutes and then disappeared into the bathroom to clean up the enema sets. The first ten minutes were hard on the two and they spent much of the time dancing from leg to leg, bending over and frantically squeezing their bottoms together as they fought to hold the solution against the powerful cramps that racked their


After one particularly powerful round of cramps Missy cried out, “Shit Mother I have to go NOW!” As soon as she said it, she regretted it. Her mother immediately escorted Missy into the bathroom and picked up the gooey bar of Ivory soap from the counter and moved it towards Missy’s mouth. When Missy refused to open her mouth at first, her mother slapped her right breast hard and when the poor girl cried out the bar of soap found a home. Tears ran down her cheeks as struggled to still hold her water while she coughed and gagged with the bar of soap in her mouth. After a few minutes her mother removed the

bar of soap from between her lips, but did not let her rinse her mouth out before she was lead back to the wall next to her brother. Carl noticed the red had print on her sister’s breast, but he was more concerned with struggling to contain the raging contents of his bowels.

When the timer rang, Missy and Carl were handed their robes and dismissed. Neither child put on their garments as they ran for the bathrooms. Missy made the upstairs bathroom first and slammed the door in Carl’s face. This left Carl running for the first floor powder room off the kitchen. For the next half hour sobs and groans rolled from behind the closed doors as their mother knew that each child would do better on the next report card.

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