Water Sporting With A Nurse


I remember the last time an RN touched me. I had gone to the proctologist for a colonoscopy (routine after 35, though still very unpleasant), and the RN had told me to take off all of my clothes and put on a hospital gown, the kind that opens in the back. She left the room, returning in about five minutes. She told me to lie down on the examining table on my left side, which I did, embarrassed that the gown fell open, thoroughly exposing me to her. She was a redhead, petite, with a serious but sexy face, small breasts, and a gorgeous behind, a rounded oval, like a pair of soft boiled eggs pressed together. I do not think she wore panties, because there was no line, just the full curves with the darker line formed by her crack. She also had a large mound of Venus, which protruded forward slightly through her white uniform.

She crossed the room behind me, and I knew she was looking at me. She opened a drawer and I heard her putting on a rubber examining glove. She passed in front of me, opened another drawer and took out a tube of KY jelly. She put a large blob on her gloved index finger (she made sure I could see her doing that), then passed behind me. She spread my cheeks with her other hand, then dabbed the cold jelly onto my anus, spreading it around and pushing her finger in just a bit. I pushed myself back onto her finger, and it went in a bit further. “Naughty, naughty!” she laughed, pulled her finger out (quite slowly), then pulled off the glove and left the room, saying the doctor would be in shortly. By the time he did come in my erection had subsided, but I still fantasize over that sexy RN. …

The Story

I met Missy through an adult BBS, like this one. Missy called my office one day, later on in the Spring, and said she’d be in my neck of the woods in a few days, staying at the Lawyersareasses Inn in Alexandria. I asked if she wanted to meet, and she said yes, she did, and that I should bring my own “toys”. She said she would bring hers. I told her not to bathe for a day before, and not to wear any undergarments, just a skirt and blouse. Missy agreed with a laugh, saying that the sense of smell was very important to her, too.

I packed an extra briefcase with the equipment I wanted her to have available to use on me, including a 10 foot length of black rubber tubing, some clamps to shut off the water flow at various places, a large capacity pumpkin water bag (about 3 quarts), a regular size red rubber 2 quart water bottle with a stopper that had a protruding, ribbed nipple to fit inside the enema tubing, various nozzles, two air pumps, a double inflatable nozzle enema catheter, 4 regular Fleet enemas, 4 bowel stimulant Fleet enemas, liquid Ivory soap, two butt plugs (one that was inflatable using an air pump and that also had a built in vibrator), and an Angstrom pump with a slightly bulbed enema nozzle tip, plus the usual surgical examining gloves, condoms. KY, etc.

I waited for her call, and my expectations filled my mind. Anticipation is a large part of the fun, don’t you agree? When she finally called she gave me the room number, and I said I’d be there around noon. “Can you take the afternoon off?” she asked, and I said of course.

I showed up in front of room 403 exactly at noon, knocked, and the door opened. Sue motioned me in, shut the door and locked it. Then, without a word, she put her left hand behind my neck and pulled me down to kiss her parted lips. She shoved her tongue all the way in, and as I sucked on it she undid my fly and fumbled my cock and balls out. My cock was not erect, just tumescent and heavy in her hand, though it began to grow in thickness and length. When she pulled away she shifted her grip to my balls, and, gazing into my eyes, squeezed. “Hi. Hurt?” she asked, as I grunted with the pain. She looked at my cock, now grown still larger, and said she liked thick ones.

“My turn,” I said, and motioned her over to the right hand of the two single beds. “Sit right on the edge and lie back,” I said, and then knelt down, spreading her knees apart. “Pull your knees up to your shoulders,” I said, and she did, exposing herself as fully as it is possible to do. There was a glistening between the folds of her labia, which were quite large and protruded about an inch, maybe more, and her pubic hair was fine, almost silky. I brushed my nose through the hair, inhaling her lovely musk. I put my thumbs on either side of her stretched ass cheeks and spread them still wider apart, gazing into her exposed anus and breathing its darker, earthier scent. It was wrinkled tight shut, a pale pink color, and only with the greatest difficulty did I keep from plunging my face into her sex to explore her taste as well as her scent. I pulled her legs down. Missy sat up, wondering what I thought. I said, “Beautiful, perfectly beautiful.”

Missy smiled and said, “Shall I start with you? Or do you want to start?” I told her to go ahead. “Take all of your clothes off, and lie down on your left side, knees drawn up,” she said. While I was doing so she went through the briefcase of my toys which she had taken into the bathroom. She returned shortly and I felt something small and cold slide into my rectum. “Just checking your temp. I want to be sure you can stand what I have in mind,” she said, and returned to the bathroom. I listened carefully, trying to figure out what she was doing. I heard her fill the red rubber bag and screw in the stopper, attach the tubing and clamp it off when the air all ran out. Then I heard her filling the sink, then the unmistakable sounds of the Angstrom pump. Missy pumped for quite a while. …

She returned, wiggled the thermometer around inside me, tickling my prostate, then pulled it out and returned to the bathroom without a sound. I heard the thermometer as she set it on the sink, then heard an examining glove being pulled on. I could even hear the air escaping from around her fingers. She returned and put a blob of KY on her gloved finger. She spread my cheeks and dabbed it onto my anus. Then, swiftly, she pushed her index finger all the way in and wiggled it around, giving me an expert, albeit brief, prostate massage. Then she lubricated the double inflatable nozzle and began to force it into my rectum, first one of the deflated balloons, then the other. My sphincter pulled them each the last inch or so of the way in, but to my surprise Missy kept slowly forcing the tubing up into my colon. When the two air tubes on either side of the inflatable nozzle water tubing would let it go no further, she attached the two inflators. She pumped the one that inflated the second balloon first, and as it was quite far up inside me I had only the sensation of a growing need to evacuate. Then she pumped up the first balloon, and the need to go got a lot stronger. I tried to hold it back, but the tubing was pushed back out until the rearward balloon was stopped by my sphincter. Missy suddenly began to pump both at once, and I gasped at the incredible sensation of being full, really full, painfully full. When she released the air from the rearward balloon it passed right out, and I had the feeling of having just had a huge movement. Missy released the air in the first balloon, and all sensation disappeared, except for a comfortable calm sense of release.

“How did that feel?” she asked.

“Wonderful,” I said.

“Good. You won’t like what’s coming quite so much,” and with that she suddenly began to pump up the balloon that was still inside. She gave six full, hard squeezes to the air pump, and I groaned with pain. She stopped, then suddenly gave another full fast pump.

“No more, I can’t take any more, you’ll rupture me,” I begged.

“OK,” she said, and then pumped up the outside balloon. That had the effect of forcing the inside balloon back, hard, against my sphincter. “Not much going to get out of there now,” she observed, and returned to the bathroom.

She brought back two regular Fleets and two stimulant Fleets, and put them where I could see them on the bedside table. She pumped one of the stimulant enemas, then a regular enema, then another stimulant, then a regular Fleet up inside me, then clamped off the tubing. Within a matter of one or two minutes the cramps began, and I had an overpowering urge to go. “Now you may lie on your back,” she said, and pulling up a chair and sitting down, she gathered my cock and balls into her hands and began to fondle me.

“Stop thrashing around,” she commanded, but the cramps and contractions were too strong. Even when I stopped struggling to hold the liquid in it kept surging down my colon and pressing against the inflatable nozzle “plug”, and I couldn’t stop writhing. Missy got up, took two Velcro tipped cords and secured my legs to the bed’s legs, pulling them apart, then with another pair of cords secured my hands underneath so that my arms were pulled straight out to the sides of the bed. She sat back down again, and this time kissed me tenderly while massaging my stomach, “to ease the cramps,” she said. But the massage only made things worse.

Missy bent forward and stroked my cock, which began to grow again. She moved her head down, and her hair brushed my contracting stomach. Then I felt her warm wonderful suction as she sucked my still growing cock into her mouth. She held it there for a while, then slid it between her cheek and teeth, then back to her throat and in and out. She squeezed my balls hard enough to take my mind off the contractions, and I began to feel the beginnings of an orgasm. Missy suddenly stopped, got up and went into the bathroom.

I heard water running, first into the sink, then into what sounded like a bucket. Then I heard the Ivory soap dispenser squirting and the sound of the water and soap being mixed up. She returned and I could see that she had nearly filled one of the plastic wastebaskets full of warm soapy water.

“Those 4 Fleets didn’t amount to more than a pint and a half. Now you’re going to find out what a large volume enema feels like. I think this is about 3 quarts. Think you can take it?” I begged her not to try, but Missy just laughed.

[She sat back down and lowered the end of the Angstrom pump into the soapy water, pumped the bulb gently, just enough to get the air out, then inserted the black bulbtipped nozzle into the inflatable nozzle tubing, pushing it in all the way. It was a tight fit. She released the clamp and began to pump the warm soapy water inside of me, against the contractions. On and on she pumped, and my bowels grew more and more distended. I panted for breath.

She paused. “No more, please, Missy. I can’t take any more, I’ll burst,” I begged.

“OH, yes you can. And you will,” she answered, giving a few fast strong pumps into my inflatable nozzle. “You have about a quart to go,” she said.

Missy stood up and began to take off her clothes. She had her back to me, and as her blouse fell to the floor I caught a glimpse of two firm globes, not large, but with upturned nipples, large as grapes and erect. They were a rose color, and I thought probably darker than usual. Her skirt fell to the floor and Missy’s full ass, slightly hanging with its own weight, but not enough to even cause a crease, appeared in front of my face. She looked back down over her shoulder, smiling at me, then bent slowly forward to pick up her clothing. Her cheeks spread further apart, and I could see that what had been a mere glistening of moisture had become a very swollen and wet sex. Her clit peeped from between the folds, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. She straightened up and turned around, saying, “So you didn’t want me to bathe? Well you’re going to bathe me with your tongue. You’ll start with my ass hole.”

“No, I won’t,” I said.

“Want to bet?” she said, and gave three fast and furious pumps into my aching tummy. Then she got onto the bed and straddled my head, facing my feet. She slowly spread her knees far apart, then bent forward and lowered her bottom, stretched taught, toward my mouth. There was no escape, and again I breathed in her darker musk. I saw her sphincter begin to relax, and her anus brushed my lips. “Lick it,” she ordered, and I tentatively touched Missy’s wrinkled pink hole, now slightly parted, with my tongue. The taste was slightly salt, slightly bitter, not at all unpleasant, and I pushed my tongue hard into her rectum. She relaxed her sphincter still more, and maybe a half inch of my tongue went in. “Lick it hard,” she ordered, and I did, until quite suddenly she slid her bottom backwards, and I found my mouth enfolded in her wet and glistening lips. On more familiar ground now I licked up and down the outer lips, then between the outer and inner lips, carefully avoiding her clitoris.

She tried to force her clit into the path of my tongue, and finally I let her succeed. I gently circled it, flicked it with the tip of my tongue, pushed my tongue as far into her vagina as it would go, then back out and all around again. The salt taste and slight urine scent gave way to pure sexual excretion tastes, and I swallowed them as fast as they came into my mouth.

Missy leaned further forward, held my balls in one hand and reached the other around and under so that she could tug on the inflatable nozzle tube. The sensation was wonderful. I felt her wonderful warm wet mouth suck most of my penis into her mouth, and again she said she liked thick ones. She caressed and sucked, licking the length of my cock, then sucking the swollen purple glans, then sucking most of it back into her mouth, then around between cheek and teeth, and I felt my orgasm building. Missy felt it, too, for she stopped the delicious torment and pinched the glans hard with her lips until the beginning throbs subsided. I heard her suck in the first drops of pre-orgasmic fluid and savor the taste, then swallow it. She resumed sucking and her hair brushed back and forth over my thighs as she slid her mouth up and down. Twice more she pinched off my orgasm and I begged for release. Her own orgasm was building, and suddenly I felt the hard quick contractions, almost like hiccups in her loins. Her juices flowed, and my own orgasm built up and built up, until feeling as though it was beginning from behind my knees she brought me over the top and my semen squirted down her throat in long powerful spurts. The sensations were so intense the whole room spun and I sucked her vagina as dry as I could, moaning with pleasure.

Finally she let my cock fall out of her mouth with a slight sucking sound, and still swallowing, said in a thick voice, “Now what will you do to make me let you release your enema?” I groaned, and she pumped another squirt into my bowel. “Anything,” I gasped.

Missy said she wanted me to get up and go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet, straddling the tank and facing the wall. “Then I’ll let it out, but I want to watch,” she said. After releasing the restraints and clamping off the inflatable nozzle tube she pulled the Angstrom pump out and held the two air bulbs behind me as I hobbled into the bathroom. I did as she had instructed, and she released one of the air valves. The air hissed out, and I realized she had let the air out of the outer balloon. That was enough to release part of the seal, and I felt fluid dribble out in small spurts as each contraction sent the liquid surging down into my rectum and against the remaining balloon. Missy watched and giggled, and I blushed to the roots of my hair. Then she began to let the air out of the other balloon, slowly, until at last a powerful contraction forced it out in a powerful and long gush. The liquid kept gushing, with pauses in between contractions, and she watched for what seemed a long time. I kept flushing the toilet, and finally most of it was out. She handed me a hot wet wash cloth and told me to clean up, then get in the bathtub on my elbows and knees.

I looked at her with astonishment, and she laughed and said it was important to get all of the stimulant out, “Otherwise you might have an accident.” I looked around and saw the red enema bag hanging right up against the ceiling, suspended from a shower hook attached to the vent. The long black hose had only about two feet on the floor, and I realized that the bag was at least 8 feet up. What was worse, it was at least twice its normal size, and when I asked about that Missy explained that she had pumped it up, using the Angstrom pump, while taking my temperature. I had forgotten about that pumping noise, and it was obvious that what was once a two quart was now at least a 3 or 4 quart bag, and under great pressure from the elastic red rubber.

She left the bathroom, turning on the fan and shutting the door. “I’ll be right back,” she said and I admired the sway and wiggle of her gorgeous bum.

She returned in a few minutes, carrying what looked like a black plastic tube, about 30 inches long, and with a fat bulb on the end with water holes in front and on four sides. The tube looked quite thick, and Missy reached for the end of the black rubber tubing. Into this she inserted a slightly oversize nozzle, then shoved that nozzle into the other end of the 30 inch tube. “”Ever see an enema nozzle this long?” she asked, and I gulped that I hadn’t and what was it used for? She said it was for giving “high colonic enemas” to bad boys, and began to smear KY onto the bulbed tip. I could see that, though firm, the black enema nozzle was really quite flexible. “Think it’ll all fit in?” she asked, and again I begged her not to try. “Into the tub,” she ordered, and again I obeyed.

She knelt down and slowly forced the bulbed tip past my sphincter, then slid it quite quickly past the first curve of my colon by pushing the tubing down thereby pressing the tip up towards my backbone. She fed the tube on up until it came to a stop at the top of my colon, and she said that now the fun begins. “You must hold this enema in yourself, there is no inflatable nozzle plug to help you. I don’t want to get splashed,” she said, and then released the clamp. Instantly the powerful surge of water from the distended red bag, and the air that was in the tube cleared the blockage and Missy again started, and kept on, shoving the black nozzle up my colon, across the top and back down the other side.

“There, it’s all in,” she said, standing up. “Hold it as long as you can, then just let it flush you out. It will really make you feel a lot better.” I was beginning to feel enormously full, and the effort to hold it in became too great. Missy laughed as the first gush emptied out alongside the tubing and ran down the drain, fortunately at my feet.

“Clean yourself up, then you can play with me. You’ve been such a good boy I’ll let you do anything you want with me.” “Really?” I asked, and she said yes, only I had to stop if she asked me to.

She was right, and the water that flushed out of by rectum gradually ran free and clear, first of soap and then completely clear. When the last of the flush had passed through I began to pull the tube out, and it just kept coming and coming until at last the fat little bulb popped out. I felt completely drained, also a bit cold, and so I took a long, hot shower, cleaning up the equipment and the bathroom when I was finished.

I walked back into the bedroom, and Missy was lying on her stomach, propped up on her elbows. Her nipples were again erect, and even darker it seemed to me. Her legs were spread quite far apart, and it seemed to me, by the way they were rumpled, that she must have been grinding her pussy into the sheets. She smiled at my growing salute to her beauty, then spread her cheeks with her left hand. Lying flat, Missy wet her right index finger and began to push it into her rectum. She pulled it out to wet it again, and this time pushed it all the way in. When she pulled it out she sniffed it, then sucked it, and smiling said “You really did quite a good job.”

“That’s not the hole I want,” I said. “Roll over. Now masturbate yourself.” Missy did so until I could resist no longer and, climbing between her beautiful thighs, buried my face in her damp. I licked carefully up and down the folds, in and out of her vagina, down to her anus, back to her clit, all the while feeling my own excitement building and building. I wet and slid my right middle finger into her anus, not very far at first, then my right index finger into her vagina, gradually insinuating each deeper and deeper. I concentrated more and more on her clit, and when I could feel her getting near the top, freed my fingers and slowly began to shove my thick cock into her wet and slippery sex. She winced a bit at its thickness, but then shoved herself down onto it, and I felt enfolded by warm, wet, clinging, gripping, delicious vagina. I reached between her legs and gently massaged her clitoris as my cock slid slowly in and out, and she began to breath harder, and very fast began to have her orgasmic contractions. I quickly accelerated my own in and out thrusts, pushing against the back of her vagina on the in stroke, nearly pulling free on the out stroke, and my own orgasm followed hard and fast, again coming from deep down inside and spurting the whole length of my cock. We kissed, long and deeply. “That’s the best I’ve ever had,” I said, and I meant it.

Missy contracted her vaginal muscles in response and smiled sleepily.