Water, Water Everywhere

By [email protected]

Chapter 1

A warm breeze blew in from the sea as Peter walked along the cobbled harbor causeway. The threadbare soles of his white yacht shoes did little to cushion the rough surface.

He had walked over twenty miles since leaving the small pension where, for a few francs he had stayed the night. He reached into the pocket of his white trousers, which were already grubby and dusty from his journey, finding the piece of newspaper, which carried the advertisement.

“Wanted Cabin boy” fit and able. Motor Vessel ‘Sobsel’ requires young person for a variety of duties at sea. Cruising June to January, applicants must be smart, energetic and be prepared to take on a variety of sea-going duties.

Apply Bo’sun, MV ‘Sobsel’ SW Harbor, Antibes.

Peter looked at the advertisement and returned it to his trouser pocket, He noticed that the larger vessels were moored further down the causeway, around the curve of the harbor, their mooring ropes pointing towards the smart café’s and restaurants that were the habitué of the very rich. He put his hand to his forehead in a salute, shielding his eyes from the bright sunlight, which reflected from the blue waters of the harbor.

He could see several large yachts and beyond them a series of smart motor vessels. All of the motor vessels appeared to be of the ocean going type, sleek and expensive with a plethora of radar and communication devices bristling from the top of their bridges and wheelhouses. Peter walked on, not really knowing which type of vessel to look for. He strode quickly, but it was another ten minutes before he was able to read the names on the sides of the large motor vessels.

“Sobsel”, the name was etched in chromium plate on the side of the largest ship in the harbor. His heart sank as he realized that his prospects of gaining employment aboard such a vessel would be slim. He looked down at his dusty and disheveled white shirt and trousers, unconsciously excusing his own appearance for the effort he had made in walking twenty miles.

The gangplank of the ship was finished in fine hardwood, it’s many coats of lacquer glistening in the bright sunlight. Peter shrugged his shoulders and walked towards the two gendarmes, who were leaning against the gangplank rails, they both looked bored and irritated by the heat of the day. As he approached they made a half hearted attempt to stand to attention, moving slowly they stood together barring his way to the ship.

The taller of the two looked him up and down and grunted incoherently, lifting his chin in a questioning gesture. Peter, without thinking, addressed them in English. “I have come to see the Bo’sun of this ship, er… about the job of cabin boy.”

Peter hoped that their English was good enough for them to understand him.

“Wait!” was the only reply he received. Peter watched as the man walked slowly up the gangplank on to ship. Peter eyed the other policeman who was now standing in the center of the gangplank, eyeing him warily. Peter shrugged and stood back feigning disinterest. Unknown to either of them was that their every movement was being observed from the ship.

“I think we might have found our cabin boy”. The dainty hand of the captain placed the binoculars down on to the highly polished surface of her desk. She looked across the wheelhouse to the bosun. “Miranda, why don’t you take a look?”

Miranda laughed at her friend. “The trouble with you my pretty little captain is that you are too impatient. You’ve interviewed over twenty prospective cabin boys already and you must admit none have come up to standard. Mind you, this one does look scrummy.” Miranda raised her own glasses and looked in more detail at the boy who was aimlessly pacing around the paved area at the end of the gangplank. “I think you could be right, certainly the physique looks good. Are you going to put him through the interview process, then we could get a better look at him through the closed circuit cameras.”

The captain lifted up the phone and talked quickly for several minutes. When she had finished she sat back in her chair and opened the collar of her uniform. Miranda watched avidly as the captain undid the rest of the buttons of her white tunic. She ran her hand over her perfectly formed breasts, teasing the nipples between her delicate fingers. Abruptly she stood up and walked to the far end of the wheelhouse, carelessly throwing her uniformed jacket on to the desk. She reached up to one of the cupboards, which was set into the wall. Her tanned lithe torso moved gracefully as she moved. Reaching up she slid open the door and took out a long leather strap. She ran her hand down the full length of the heavy leather, grasping the solid hide handle. She wrapped her delicate fingers around it, the bright red nails of her delicate fingers stark contrast against the rugged dark brown leather.

Miranda looked slightly apprehensive as the beautiful young woman turned towards her. Miranda looked at the captain’s magnificent breasts, marveling at their size and firmness. Miranda had seen her friend naked many times and had had the pleasure of being seduced by her. But she was still in awe of her magnificent figure.

“You need not worry this time Miranda, I have a small disciplinary measure to take care of, but it is not for you this time so relax. Will you call the duty officers and tell them to bring Gillian to me. I think she should be in the galley preparing tea.”

It was only a few moments after Miranda had picked up the telephone that a tall girl entered the wheelhouse. She was dressed, as were all the crew, in a white tunic top with a short matching white skirt. Her tanned legs were bare, the white deck shoes she was wearing made no sound as she entered the room. “We have brought rating Gillian Saunders Ma’am. She is waiting outside with duty officer Williams. Shall we bring her in?” The duty officer showed no surprise at seeing her captain naked from the waist up.

“Yes you know the routine. Strip her in here and then bring her through to my office.” The captain walked through the door at the end of the room and entered her private office. The room was magnificently furnished with a large ornate desk and several leather chairs. Pictures of various schooners were hung on the walls, along with antique ship’s clocks. Glass cabinets held various historical brass sextants and navigational items. One cabinet held an assortment of telescopes that had been lovingly preserved.

In the center of the room was a low bench, the top covered in matching leather to the chairs. The captain watched as the naked girl was brought into the room. The pretty duty officers held her firmly by each arm as they sat her on the end of the bench. Quickly they grasped her legs and bent them up and over her chest, raising her bottom off the end of the bench. They both knelt at each side of the girl holding her legs firmly.

The captain moved forward and stood over the pretty young girl. She noted that the she had started to tremble, her pretty face flushed and blushing as the duty officers spread her legs wide apart. The plump flesh of her bottom was stretched tight, revealing the neat pink rosebud of her anus.

“Gillian you have been a naughty girl and you know I have to punish you.” The captain leaned forward and stroked her fingers gently down the inside of the girl’s thigh. “Be a good girl and take your punishment.” The captain slid her hand over the soft plump flesh of the girl’s shaven pubis and parted the lips with her delicate fingers. “Miranda would you come here?” Miranda, who had been observing the procedure from the open door way, walked through and knelt down facing the girl’s upraised bottom. She took the small tube of gel she was carrying and opening the top, smeared the lubricant over her fingers.

As the captain took her hand away from the girl’s pubis, Miranda immediately placed one hand between the girl’s bottom cheeks and the other over her smooth pubic mound. Expertly she parted the labia and slipped a finger into the moist orifice of the trembling girl’s most private part.

“You have been a silly girl haven’t you Gillian.” Miranda spoke gently and lovingly as she moving her finger quickly in and out of the blushing girl’s vagina. “It won’t be long now and it will soon be over.” She cooed as deftly she slipped as second finger into the trembling girl.

With her other hand she gently stroked between the cheeks of her bottom, locating the tight opening of her anus. “Lets just pop a finger in here and open you up a bit.” She murmured as she probed the opening.

“There we are, that’s a good girl. She felt the girl’s body spasm as she pushed her lubricated finger straight up into the tight orifice. Miranda manipulated her fingers expertly inside the girl, occasionally running a fingernail over the erect clitoris. She worked diligently for several minutes until she felt the tell tale signs of acute arousal.

The captain looked down at the trembling body of the girl. Her face was suffused in a red blush. Her lips were parted and she began to breathe heavily as Miranda quickened the pace of her fingers. “Three strokes, I think.” Miranda took her cue and once more speeded up the tempo of her fingers buried deep in the girl’s vagina, at the same time she pushed hard with her other hand impaling the girl with the length of her forefinger. The captain stood back and raised the heavy leather strap above her right shoulder.

Miranda sensed that the girl was close to orgasm, the flesh of her vagina was contracting and expanding involuntarily against her fingers. Quickly she pulled her hands away, feeling the tight flesh of her sphincter shudder as she withdrew her finger. Miranda moved quickly aside as the captain brought the heavy leather strap down hard against the timid flesh of the trembling girl.

Whap. The strap bit into the tender flesh, seemingly wrapping itself around the tightly stretched buttocks. The girl screamed, arching her shoulders back and thrusting her young breasts upwards. Almost immediately the captain raised the strap again and brought it down hard. The heavy leather singing through the air towards it’s target.

Whap. The second stroke smacked into the center of her upturned buttocks, the thick leather imprinting its form on her captive flesh. The girl tossed her head, her breath exhaling in a violent hiss as the shock of painful lash coursed through her body.

“Arrgggghhhhh…nooo ..ooo” The girl screamed, unable to control her pain. “Pleeeessse, argggghhh,, noo more.” Her body was trembling from head to toe as she pleaded with her tormentors. The captain quickly raised the strap again and brought it down against the sensitive juncture between the girl’s thighs and buttocks.

It’s broad imprint was accompanied by a loud slap as the leather once more found it’s target. The girl bucked as if she had been electrocuted, her lips drawn back in a grimace as she fought the pain. “Arrrggghhh…. Arrrrrggggghhh” She cried, her limbs trembled and quivered as she tossed her head to left and right.

It had been no more than ten seconds between the first and last stroke as Miranda quickly took up her position between the girl’s widely parted legs. Quickly she probed the trembling flesh of her vagina and pushed her finger rudely up inside the girl. “There, there, it’s all over now, try and relax there’s a good girl.” Her soothing words contrasted against the quickening fingers of her hand. Miranda slipped her other hand between the girl’s parted buttocks and gently but firmly, pushed her forefinger back up into the girl’s bottom.

“There you are you are going to cum soon.” The captain put down her strap as she spoke and kneeled down beside the distraught girl’s head. She leaned forward and kissed her, thrusting her tongue deep into her mouth. Casually, the younger of the two duty officers, grasped one of the girl’s nipples between her finger and thumb and squeezed hard. Gillian could not control herself, she felt her body tense as wave after wave of sexual sensation coursed through her body. She managed to draw air into her lungs just before she felt her captain’s lips once more close over her mouth. Skillfully the girls brought their captive to new heights of sensation as they caressed and speared her body.

Veronica smiled to herself. It was always the same thought she had as she pursued her pleasures. Being captain of the “Sobsel” was a true fulfillment, a job that provided her with limitless pleasure and satisfaction. To have one’s whims and desires catered for so completely was a privilege that few would enjoy in their lives. She bent once more over the distraught body of the young girl and whispered to her. “There my pretty young thing, we are just going to make you cum once more before we let you up.”

Her softly spoken words seemed to inflame the girl to new passion. She could not help screaming as she felt Miranda push a second finger deep inside her vagina. The second duty officer smoothed her carefully manicured nails down over the girl’s heaving tummy and cruelly pinched the exposed clitoris. “Arrrrgggghhh… arggggh.” Gillian screamed as she reached her second orgasm. “Arrgggh..oooooohhhh pleeeeease” Miranda smiled to herself as she felt the walls of the vagina contract violently against her fingers.

“There we are, you are a good girl. Now lets have a nice big cum this time.” She spoke softly as she deliberately thrust her finger hard up into the young girl’s bottom, curling her it upwards as she furiously moved the fingers of her other hand in a deep circular motion inside the timid girl’s vagina.

Gillian’s body tensed in one violent spasm, her legs and torso locked rigid as she reached her second orgasm. Suddenly she started to quiver from head to foot and screamed uncontrollably “arrrggggghhhhh… argggggghhhh…ooooohhhhhh.” She thrashed her head from side to side as paroxysms of emotion overtook her body.

They watched intently as Gillian’s body trembled and shook, before her emotions subsided. Her lungs gasped for breath as small tremors ran through her body. Her full breasts heaved upwards as she fought to take in air. Miranda gently reduced the motion of her fingers until there was no movement. Gently she withdrew her finger from the girl’s tender bottom and pressed her hand firmly against the crease between her buttocks.

“There you relax and we’ll get you comfortable, there’s a good girl.” The captain spoke gently and tenderly, ending the sentence by kissing the distraught girl lovingly on the lips. The duty officers, their faces flushed with excitement, carefully let the girl’s legs down so that her feet were able to touch the floor at either side of the bench. Miranda withdrew her fingers from between the girl’s legs and bottom and stood up. She looked at the captain and smiled.

“Not a bad little interlude before morning coffee, wouldn’t you say ?” The captain looked at Miranda. They had been friends for a three years now and yet Veronica was often forced to laugh at Miranda’s impudence and “off the cuff” humor.

“I hope our cabin boy was not able to hear anything of this in his little interview room.”

Veronica laughed once more. “Don’t worry dear Miranda, I’m sure he is being kept quite busy filling out our questionnaire.”

The captain turned to Gillian who was being helped up to a sitting position by the two duty officers. The girl winced as her weight was transferred to her tender buttocks. “The girl’s will take you down to the medical office, ask them to put some antiseptic cream on that sore bottom of yours.”

Gillian looked at her captain, her flushed, blushing cheeks and trembling lips a testament to her ordeal. “I.. I’mm.” Tears fell down her cheeks before she could complete her sentence. The captain bent forward and gently lifted the distraught girl under the arms until she was standing upright. Veronica gently put her arms around her and kissed her on tenderly on the lips. Their naked breasts touched together, their nipples pushing softly into each other’s flesh.

“You’ll be alright in a few moments, I’ll get one of the girls to make you some tea. Then you can go to the medical office by my private stairway so you won’t have to get dressed until they’ve seen to your bottom.”

Veronica ran her fingers gently over the girl’s naked breasts as she spoke softly to her.

“The girls will carry your clothes. I want you to tell the doctor that I would like her to prepare to give someone a full medical examination in about an hour’s time. She can call me if she needs any details, but if you tell her I am interviewing a cabin boy I am sure she will understand. Gillian nodded her head. She looked at her captain, her eyes could not conceal the look of love and supplication she felt. “Yes Ma’am I will tell her.”

The captain looked across at the young boy seated before her and then back to the resume she held in her hands. Peter had been taken to a small reception area and had been asked to fill in a questionnaire. The questionnaire was detailed and if answered thoroughly, quite revealing. The reception room had been made deliberately drab, belying the opulence of the rest of the ship. It was ideal for meeting petty port officials or customs officers.

Peter had been sat at the small desk for nearly two hours when the pretty young duty officer had come to collect him. She had noticed he was still writing and had gently pulled the sheaf of forms from under his pen. “That will have to do, if the captain needs anymore information I am sure it will be asked for.” She had deliberately not referred to the captain as “She” leaving any look of surprise for the captain to deal with.

Peter shuffled uncomfortably in his chair. He felt gauche and out of place against the luxurious setting of the captain’s office. He looked down at his clothes and his deck shoes, feeling ill at ease and in contrast to the captains crisp white uniform. He looked at the young woman sat behind the desk. She was astoundingly beautiful, her emerald green eyes were quite the most beautiful he had ever seen. Her mouth was small and her lips were shaped with a small dimple at either side of the mouth. Her beauty and the surroundings of her office did little to bolster his confidence. She leaned forward and began to question him, her tunic unable to conceal the full-unfettered breasts beneath.

She had quickly read the answers within the questionnaire and noted the salient points. No parents – saving to go to university next year. Hoping to find employment and new friends on the beautiful southern coast of France.

She questioned him for about half an hour, although she had made up her mind in the first five minutes of the interview, she wanted to watch for clues or tell tale signs of bravado or aggressiveness.

“Well Peter, there are one or two things you need to know and agree to. This ship is well disciplined and tardiness, lateness and laziness are not tolerated. On board ship, you will obey the officers, whatever you asked to do, without hesitation. Do you understand that?”

“Err..er Yes Miss.” Peter replied hesitantly.

Veronica had been careful to avoid the boy knowing that the entire crew, apart from himself, was female. She had referred to the crew as officers or ratings.

“Good, you need not worry about clothes, we have uniforms and a seamstress on board. Likewise toiletries and personal effects can be bought from the ships store. I assume you have little or no money, is that correct?”

Peter blushed but nodded his head. “I only have a few francs, Miss.”

“You will address me as Ma’am or Captain Soames”

“Yes Ma’am” Peter replied. Veronica was pleased to note that the boy did not try to be familiar or adopt a humorous persona, had he done so she would have terminated the interview forthwith and let him go on his way.

“Right I am prepared to offer you employment, providing that you are medically fit of course. Have you had a medical examination recently?”

“Er.. no Ma’am, not since I was at school.”

“Have you had any, sexually transmitted diseases.?”

Veronica was delighted to see the boy instantly blush a deep red as she asked the question.

“Oh no Ma’am” He protested.

“Well you must have had sexual relationships, are you homosexual?”

Peter’s face flushed an even brighter red.

“Oh no Ma’am.. I mean I haven’t had er.. er sex with anyone.. er and I’m er..not homosexual.”

Veronica delighted in the youth’s embarrassment.

“Alright Peter, I will see if I can get the ships doctor to see you now, if you are pronounced fit and well, then I might see you later to welcome you officially onboard. That is of course if you would like to take the job.”

“Oh Yes please Miss..er I mean Ma’am.”

Veronica smiled and pushed a pile of forms forward across her desk to the young boy.

“You will have to sign these, I can leave you to read through them if you like or I can tell you their content.”

“Yes please Ma’am.. I mean if you would tell me.”

Veronica smiled and explained that they were merely his affirmation that he would abide by the rules and disciplines of the ship.

She watched as the boy signed the last sheet of the pile of forms. She pressed a bell and waited until the pretty duty officer entered. Claire I would like you to take Peter Jones to the ships Medical Office, Peter has applied for the job of ship’s cabin boy and will, all being well, joining us.

Peter followed the pretty young officer along the walkways and stairways to the lower decks. He would have liked to ask her questions, but she walked quickly in front of him, easily negotiating the stairways and corridors with a deft familiarity. Peter watched her pretty bottom and legs as she walked on in front of him

She stopped at the entrance to a long corridor and turned to him. “We are on Deck ‘C’ if you ever loose your way” She smiled and approached a door along the corridor, which had a brass plaque set into it. The plaque read “Medical Officer”.

The young girl immediately knocked on the door and without waiting for a reply opened it. She turned and beckoned him to follow. Peter found himself in a spacious reception area. There was a large desk with word processor and telephone switchboard.

Behind the desk sat a slender and pretty young girl. She was not in uniform, but wore a blue and white striped short sleeved blouse. Her hair was tied back into a neat bun. Her lightly tanned face bore no traces of makeup apart from a little eye shadow, which accented her dark brown eyes beneath the thin wire frames of her glasses. Her tanned arms were slender and her hands neat and delicate. Peter, once more feeling ill at ease, looked down at his own disheveled appearance.

Peter looked round at the room as the girl’s exchanged pleasantries. There were several modern leather seated chairs arranged against the wall, on the opposite wall was a modern chromium plated weighing scale which stood next to a height chart on the wall. Next to the chart was a small curtained screen on castors. The screen was about four feet high. Behind the screen was a small desk with bottles and jars on top of it and behind the desk a small stainless steel sink.

“I’ll leave you here and come and collect you when you are finished.” The young duty officer smiled at him and left the room.

“Can I help you?” The young girl looked up at Peter from her desk, her lips drawn back in a professional smile revealing sparkling white teeth.

“Er.. yes Miss.. er… the captain has sent me for a medical.” Peter stammered his reply.

“What name is it please?” She asked without looking up. Instead tapping the keys of her computer and peering into the screen.

“PeterJones, Miss.”

The young girl tapped several keys and then slowly looked up at the boy. She paused before delivering the lines she had been relishing.

“Ah yes, you are next in to see the doctor. Would you strip please, you can put your clothes on the chair behind you.”

Peter could not believe his ears, nor could not help the blood rushing to his cheeks as she said the words.

“Er… what Miss?”

The girl looked at him directly, her face betraying none of the excitement she felt. “Take off your clothes and put them on the chair behind you.” Before Peter could reply or protest she turned back to her computer and began to type.

Peter was left standing in the middle of the room feeling foolish. He wanted to protest, but could think of nothing to say. To have to take his clothes off in front of the young girl filled him with embarrassment. She could only a year or so older than himself, he thought.

Resignedly he bent down to take off his shoes and socks. He carefully placed his socks inside his shoes and pushed them beneath the leather chair. Looking towards the girl for confirmation he began to unbutton his shirt. The girl did not look up although she was well aware of his reaction to her command. She continued typing, her peripheral vision keeping her informed of the boy’s progress.

Peter took his shirt off, his face was burning red as he laid the garment on the chair behind him. He looked across at the girl once more for some confirmation that he was to take off his trousers. The girl continued with her work, leaving him no alternative but to continue undressing. He unbuttoned his trousers and with acute embarrassment took them off. He placed them over the chair and stood up in his brief underpants. He looked across at the young girl feeling utterly foolish at being made to strip in front of her. The cool moving air from the air conditioning teased the tiny hairs on his skin, accenting his nakedness.

Nikki continued to type, although she was well aware that the boy was now down to his underpants.

“Er.. I’m ready Miss.” Peter stammered.

Nikki looked up and gave the boy a professional smile. “Come over here Peter and stand by the side of my desk.” Shame faced he moved toward the desk as she took a series of printed forms from her drawer and placed them in a clipboard.

“Now let’s see.” She looked down and perused the forms as Peter stood at her desk. He felt awkward and embarrassed, acutely aware of the brevity of his worn underpants.

Without getting up she wheeled her chair to the side of the desk so that her knees were only inches away from the boy’s shins. Peter could not help look down at the young girl. Her slender legs were bared to mid thigh, her short navy-blue skirt revealing the smoothness of her lightly tanned legs.

Her dainty feet wore flat soles, which were held by delicate thongs, criss-crossing her shapely ankles and ending in a small bow at mid calf.

Nikki was well aware of the effect she was having on the blushing youth, his face betraying the utter shame and embarrassment he felt.

“ Right… height and weight… we can do in a moment. Have you any distinguishing marks or abnormalities.?” She looked up into the boy’s face, watching him blush profusely as she asked the question.

“Er.. n’no Miss.” Nikki paused before delivering her ‘coup de grace’. She deliberately looked up into the boy’s face making sure that his eyes met hers.

“No marks… good, now just slip your underpants off for me and place the palms of your hands on top of your head.”

Peter felt his cheeks burning as he looked at her with an expression of pure anguish on his face.

The girl did not repeat the command but looked down and began reading the forms she had in front of her. Peter did not know what to do; he waited hoping that he could catch her eye, in case he had misheard her command. Eventually, in total silence Peter pushed his underpants down his legs to his ankles and stepped out of them. Straightening up he could not bring himself to look at the girl as he raised his arms and placed his hands upon his head.

“Now let’s have a look at you.” Her words caused Peter even greater embarrassment as she looked up, her eyes coolly appraising him. He watched dejectedly as she examined him from head to toe.

Nikki was delighted with his appearance. His body was slim but very well proportioned. His hairless chest dipped to a slim firm waist, narrow hips and long legs. He had very little body hair, even for a young boy. She turned her attention to his genitals, noting his penis which, although flaccid was a good size as were his testicles. She presumed that he had been circumcised, the tip of the glans visible through the soft folds of the foreskin, was pointing downwards below his scrotum. She looked up to his face, which was flushed a deep red. She noted that his body was covered with goose bumps, a testimony to his nervousness, she thought, rather than the temperature of the room.

“Stand with your feet apart.” Peter looked at her in horror as he shuffled his feet to a wider stance. He watched, almost in shock as she took a pencil from the desk and placed it beneath his penis, he felt the cold painted wood being pressed against his flesh. He was trembling involuntarily as she used the pencil to lift his penis away from his scrotum.

She peered between his legs and then let his penis drop back between his thighs. At that one small contact Peter felt his penis begin to engorge. His stomach churned at the very thought that his penis might erect in front of her.

“Turn around with your back towards me and bend over and touch your toes will you.”

Humiliated beyond belief Peter did as he was told. Slowly turning away from her, he took his hands from his head and bent forward.

“All the way over and touch your toes.”

Peter felt his whole body begin to shiver as he bent over, acutely aware of the view she would have of him. He could not help the gasp that escaped from his lips as her cool hands parted the cheeks of his bottom. She held his buttocks open for several seconds stretching the flesh tightly to expose the puckered star of the sphincter.

“You may get up now.” She said sweetly, taking her hands away from his bottom. “Go over there and stand on the scales.” Peter quickly bent down to retrieve his underpants.

“No, you can leave those off for now.” Her voice was firm as she commanded the trembling youth.

“Put them on the chair over there with your other things,”

She stood up and taking her clipboard proceeded to the weighing scales. Peter followed fighting the tingling sensation within his groin. Her touch and cool demeanor had initiated the first stirrings of sexual arousal within him.

Nikki was delighted with her progress, no longer conscious of the button beneath her desk, which would, if pressed, summon the duty officers from across the corridor.

She put her clipboard down on the desk and bade the boy stand on the scales, marveling at his acquiescence.

“Stand up straight, there’s a good boy.”

Her voice became softer as she stood close to the naked youth. She placed the palm of one hand flat against his tummy, her little finger just touching his pubic hair. She rested the other hand on the small of his back and with a slight pressure, urged him to stand further forward on the platform.

Peter felt his penis tingle with desire once more as her soft cool hand touched him. He felt his face burn with humiliation as she casually let her hand slide from the small of his back and down over his buttocks.

“Let’s see that’s eleven stones and seven pounds.” She let go of him and picked up her clipboard and wrote quickly.

“Right, stand up against the chart with your shoulders pressed against the wall and your feet flat on the floor.”

She watched as the boy almost blinded with embarrassment moved clumsily to stand beside the chart. She noticed that his penis was already slightly distended, the circumcised foreskin gradually creeping back, showing more of the bell shaped head. She looked at his blushing face and trembling lips.

“Are you feeling alright ? You look a little flushed.”

Peter could hardly bring himself to look at the girl. As their eyes met Nikki noted the look of pure anguish in the boy’s expression. Delighted, she placed her clipboard on the floor and stood up close to him, her young breasts pressed firmly against his chest as she adjusted the gauge to sit on top of his head.

“There… that’s… exactly six feet tall. Is that what you are Peter… six feet tall?” There was just a touch of merriment in her voice as she spoke to the trembling youth. Peter almost groaned as he tried to form a reply.

“Er… y..yes Miss..s..er six feet.” Peter missed the double entendre of her question, in fact he felt like fainting, such was his humiliation and embarrassment. His stomach churned with dread and foreboding as she picked up the clipboard and placed it on the desk.

Leaning over she filled in more details and then reached in to one of the drawers for a small tape measure. “Step forward and stand in front of me, legs apart and hands on your head.” Her sweet innocent face and almost childlike figure, belying her firm command.

Peter stood forward and placed his hand on his head. He shivered with pure anguish as he felt her place her hand on the inside of his thigh.

“Spread a little wider there’s a good boy.” He stood in an aura of abject humiliation as he felt her hands pass the tape measure around his chest and then waist.

He shivered as she smoothed her hands over his bottom, her delicate touch caressing his flesh. She passed the tape measure around his buttocks and held the ends against the pubic hair just above his penis. She felt the boy shudder as she deliberately brushed her knuckles against the tip of his member. Ignoring his plight, she placed the tape around his thigh and measured the circumference, before putting it down and once more filling in the details on her clipboard.

Peter could not help looking at her as she kneeled down in front of his widely spread legs. Without preamble she took the tip of the tape measure and pressed the end between the juncture of his thighs. The back of her hand softly touching and lifting his scrotum as she pressed upwards, holding the other end of the measure lightly against his ankle.

Peter, shamefaced and completely humiliated felt his penis begin to engorge. He could not help himself. Nikki kept the tape between his legs and moved the end to his other ankle, her face only inches from his penis as she altered her position. She watched his penis gradually distend, thrilling as the foreskin rolled back almost imperceptibly to reveal even more of the glans. She pressed the tape more firmly between his thighs her hand deliberately moving against his testicles.

Peter moaned involuntarily as the humiliation continued. He looked to the ceiling, trying to avoid looking down at all costs. Nikki took her hands away from him, deliberately brushing her soft fingers against his penis as she stood up and faced him. Her body was merely inches from him as she spoke softly.

“You seem hot and you are shivering Peter, I think you may be coming down with something and that would never do if you really want this job… look at me Peter, you do really want this job don’t you?”

She watched as he lowered his head, his eyes bore all the anguish that he felt as he looked into her eyes.

“I’mm… er alright Miss… I’mm just um .. er.. a little nervous.”

Nikki was delighted in the boy’s discomfort and complete acquiescence - and her own performance in handling him. She decided that she would prolong his torment at hands just a little longer before she handed him over to her compatriots.

“I think you might have a temperature. I am going to have to make sure you are not ill. There are a variety of influenza bugs going around on the ‘Cote’ this year.”

Peter groaned as she put her pretty hand on his hip and beckoned him to the small desk. Deftly she placed her left hand on his tummy and stroked her other hand up to small of his back. She looked down at his engorged penis, which moved from side to side as he walked, although not yet fully erect. She skillfully maneuvered him until he was facing the desk. Pressing firmly on his back and tummy she bent him forward.

Lay your chest down on the desk there’s a good boy.” She had him bent over before he could protest.

“There’s a good boy, chest flat against the desk now… that’s it rest your head on your hands.” Peter had obeyed almost without thinking. His humiliation and total embarrassment had acted on his body like a heavy drug.

“W..what are… are you going to do Miss ?” Peter managed to stammer. His face was bright crimson as he felt her put her hands on his buttocks.

“I’m just going to take your temperature you silly boy, now stay still and spread your legs apart… come along now.”

Peter felt his face burning as she slid her hands down over his buttocks and pressed the inside of his thighs until he was positioned to her liking.

She walked round the desk and placing a soft hand on his burning cheek, looked into his eyes.

“Just you stay still, we’re nearly finished now.”

She ruffled the hair of his head, delighted that he had laid his head to the side facing her. She stooped to open one of the draws, her whole body tingled with anticipation as she reached inside.

She took a large rectal thermometer out of the draw and deliberately placed it in on the desk in front of his face. She noted his agonized expression as she slowly and deliberately pulled on a pair of rubber gloves. Intentionally she let the rubber snap against her wrist, making sure that her hands were within his full view.

Next, almost ritualistically she took a tube of lubricant and smeared it on her right forefinger. Watching his expression of horror, she formed the thumb and forefinger of her left hand into an ‘O’ and sensuously slipped the lubricated finger though it.

She looked into his face as she picked up the large glass tube. Slowly, almost hypnotically she smeared more lubricant around the bulbous end of the glass, smiling sweetly at him as she worked the lubricant over the large protuberance.

“Just relax and everything will be fine, little boys sometimes tense their bottoms – but I am sure you are going to be a good boy aren’t you?”

Her words, combined with his vulnerable position had managed to reduce him in stature to that of a whimpering child. He uttered a groan as way of an answer, but in fact he was almost delirious with acute embarrassment.

Nikki was relaxed and enjoying every minute of her dominance over the boy, His compliance and embarrassment almost total, as she left the thermometer on the desk in front of his face and moved behind him. Standing back, she admired the firm hairless buttocks and strong legs of the naked youth. Because of the limited height of the desk, his back was slightly dipped into the shape of a smooth concave curvature; small beads of perspiration were evident on his clearly defined spinal column. Even with his legs widely spread, the smooth flesh of his bottom was raised higher than his head.

Nikki thrilled as the flesh of his buttocks shuddered and contracted violently at the first touch of her hand. Sliding the fingers of her left hand between the crease of his bottom, she pulled the cheeks apart. Slowly and with deliberate intent she placed her right hand underneath his buttocks. Before he could protest she had slipped her hand upward between the cheeks, further parting the buttocks. Inexorably the tips of her fingers wriggled between the pliant mounds of flesh and located the sensitive opening of the sphincter.

She felt the boy tense his entire body as she gently probed the opening.

“Just stay still and relax… I am going to be very gentle with your little bottom.” Peter shuddered as he felt the tip of her finger probe the opening of his sphincter. He had never experienced anything like the sensation he felt as her finger slipped through the tiny orifice of his sphincter and up into his anus.

She felt his involuntary reflex to straighten up as she probed his bottom. She placed her free hand on the small of his back and spoke softly to him.

“There we are now, just relax, you’ll soon get used to it.” Her voice and the hand on his back seemed to quiet him. She increased the pressure of her hand on his back as she pushed her finger firmly up into his virgin bottom.

“OOOoooohhhhh.” Peter moaned as he felt the intense pressure of her slender finger intrude even further in to his bottom. Nikki quickly located the prostate gland and without hesitation proceeded to massage it with the very tip of her finger.

“Arrrggghhhh..ooohhhh.” Peter let out a low moan as her finger moved over the sensitive gland. In a series of tiny movements she jiggled the tip of her finger against the pliant flesh of the prostate, knowing that it would be impossible for the boy to stop his penis from erecting. She pushed harder, applying a firmer pressure and increasing the rapid movements of her finger.

Deftly she continued the stimulation for several minutes before abruptly pulling her finger from within his anus.

“Arrggghhh…arrrggghhh.” Peter could not help gasping as his sphincter was stretched over the knuckle of her slender finger for a second time.

Nikki laid her hand gently on his buttocks and stroked the soft flesh before moving around the desk until she was facing him. She noticed a tear roll down his crimson cheek and on to his hand.

“You’re doing fine Peter, just relax a little more while I pop this into your bottom.”

Her words rekindled his acute embarrassment as he lay helpless before her. Deliberately she re-coated her fingers with lubricant and picked up the thermometer. Moving around him, she parted his buttocks with her left hand and introduced the large glass bowl of thermometer to the sphincter. Holding it firmly she teased the orifice by pushing firmly with the glass tube. She watched as the sphincter began to dilate around the bulbous mercury filled sphere. With a firm push she watched the glass bulb disappear inside him.

“oooooooohhhhhhhhhh.” Peter could not contain himself as he felt his bottom being stretched wide to accommodate the device. Nikki smiled to herself as she pushed the glass thermometer up into his anus, the length of glass such that the bowl had penetrated deep inside him.

“Now just relax… you’re not feeling any discomfort are you. Do your genitals feel alright?”

Peter could not believe what was happening to him as he felt her delicate hands slide over his buttocks and between his legs. He shuddered as he felt her cup his testicles in her hand and pull them backwards. His whole body began to tense rigidly as he felt her other hand slip between his parted legs and take a firm hold of his penis. To his horror he realized that he was fully erect. Nikki smiled to herself as she stooped between his legs to view his erection. She pulled the foreskin of his penis back along the shaft, revealing the whole of the sensitive glans.

“Well you seem alright there, I’ll leave you for five minutes, so don’t move from that position - do you understand me.”

Peter could not have moved had he wanted to. He was near to fainting as her hands left his body. His chest was heaving and he gasped for air as he heard her exit the door to the surgery.

He lay there unable to comprehend the turn of events that had led him to his position. For all he knew he might have fainted as he felt her hand touch his bottom. He had not heard her re-enter the room.

“Right.. any pain here?” She asked as she slipped her hand quickly between his legs and fondled his testicles.

Peter almost choked with embarrassment as she slipped her other hand over the head of his penis. “What about here… do you feel any sensation ?” Nikki had to stifle her amusement as she felt the rigid staff throb between her fingers.

“Er er…nooo Miss.” Peter could hardly reply as once more she pulled the foreskin back firmly, stretching the skin to its fullest extent.

Without preamble Nikki took her hands from his genitals and quickly took hold of the thermometer. With a practiced motion she pulled the thermometer out of his bottom, watching with delight as the sphincter stretched and then closed behind the glass bulb as it was pulled free.

Peter gasped at the acute sensation, feeling his penis throb as his sphincter stretched. He was unaware of the expert way his body and emotions had been deliberately manipulated, unaware that the girl was well practiced in the humiliation and dominance of patients.

The girl glanced at the temperature gauge, knowing already that any elevation in temperature would be a result entirely of her own doing.

Nikki discarded the rubber gloves and stood back admiring the boy’s naked form.

“There now, stand up straight and we have finished, come along - you are not going to lay across my desk all day are you?”

Peter groaned as he lifted his body from the desk. He felt an ache in his back, suddenly realizing that he must have been bent over for at least ten minutes. As the young girl moved around to face him, Peter immediately tried to cover his erection with his hands. He placed both palms over his genitals, pulling his erect penis up against his stomach and holding his forearms close together to cover himself.

Nikki pretended not to notice but lifted a large and a smaller jar from the far end of the desk. Holding one in each hand she moved towards him. “Take these and go behind the screen. I want you to fill the small jar with urine and you can expel what ever is left into the other.”

Peter looked shocked as she proffered the jars to him.

“But..but Miss.”

“What on earth’s’ the matter, come along there’s a good boy.”

Peter blushed furiously as he slowly uncovered himself. He could not help looking down as he took his hands away, horrified as the watched the young girl look at his penis spring outwards. He tried to take the jars from her quickly so that he could turn away and walk behind the screen, but Nikki held his wrist just as he had taken the jars from her.

“What is this… how on earth are going to give a urine sample like that you naughty boy.” Peter was mortified as she stopped him from turning away and pointed to his penis. To his horror, his penis was standing upwards at an angle of forty-five degrees. In vain he tried to hide his erection by squirming his legs and trying somehow to turn his hips away from her.

“Give me the jars Peter, you are a naughty boy.”

Peter could not control himself, his body racked in tremors of embarrassment as she delicately took the jars from his fingers.

“Come along I’ll have the nurses deal with you.” She spoke sternly to the boy as she deliberately took hold of his erect penis before he could cover himself.

“Hands on your head now… quickly do as I say.” She had raised her voice only slightly, but was delighted to see the embarrassed youth obey immediately.

She placed her other hand beneath his scrotum and cupped his testicles. “Fortunately for you young man I am going to let the nurses deal with you. Now come along with me and don’t you dare move those hands.”

Taking her hand away from his scrotum, she led him by his penis towards the door leading to the surgery.

“Please Miss, wait a moment, I’m so sorry… I..I..” Peter could not complete his sentence. His embarrassment was so acute he felt near to fainting.

Chapter 2

Marie watched Sarah’s naked body as the beautiful girl reached for the hanger, which held her nursing uniform. Marie knew that even this simple starched white cotton dress would not be able to conceal the sexual aura that emanated from Sarah’s lush body.

Marie could not help herself as she reached forward and placing her hand between the lush thighs of her friend. She thrilled as she squeezed the smoothly shaven pubis, her fingers reveling in the plump flesh of the girl’s prominent pubic mound.

Sarah remembered that, as a young girl at the age of eleven, feeling awkward and embarrassed by her body. She smiled as she thought of her ugly duckling child hood, little knowing then, the transformation that would take place. She had been horrified by her rate of growth, already six inches taller than the tallest boy in her school, she had avoided dances or parties or any social gathering where she would have to meet or socialize with the opposite sex.

By the time Sarah was fifteen her young body had filled out to become the envy of every girl in the school and the desire of every boy. Not only was Sarah tall and shapely, her face was stunningly beautiful. Her classic bone structure, beautiful almond eyes and lush lips had been the envy of every girl in school.

At nursing college she had been the object of every boys fantasy and desire.

“I know I’m wet, so… I bet are you my little nymph.” Sarah smiled as she spoke to Marie. “I am rather looking forward to this and I know you are, so let me get dressed before I crumple into a heap.

Marie smiled. She knew better than to think that she could reduce Sarah to a crumpled heap. Sarah was very much in charge of her life, self-assured and dominant in her role as head nurse she took her work and her pleasures seriously. She intended to enjoy the

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