What Are Big Sisters For

By Anonymous

I’d like to thank Rubber Ducky for encouraging me to write this story. It’s a true story about my sister and I exploring our sexuality when we were young. Totality innocent. They remain fond memories. Something, both my sister and I continue to reflect upon and unfortunately with some concern on her part. I’ve jazzed it up a bit but the core of the story remains true.

My big sister turned me on to my first orgasm. It was in our neighbors’ pool. They were precious times and something we’ll never relive. It’s history, but the memories remain…….

We grew up in an upper class neighborhood in Seattle. Our family was fortunate to live next to the Andrews. They that had an outdoor swim pool. It was a big pool with two diving boards and separate Jacuzzi. My sister and I had free access to the pool and even taught ourselves how to swim. I still remember showing dad how I could swim. He’d clap his hands and shower me with encouragement. Made me feel so proud. Love him for it!!

My fondest memories were during the summer when I was in second grade. I was seven and my older sister was twelve. We both loved to sneak out at night and go skinny dipping in our neighbors pool. It was risky business. The lights in the pool had to be out. It had to be late with everyone in bed. Fully clothed , we’d slip out of our bedroom window and quietly walk across the patio, through the fence and to the neighbors pool. Mr. Andrew (neighbor) always kept the water warm, almost hot! Without much delay, my sister would whisper to me to take off my clothes. With our clothes in a heap, we’d slip into the tepid water. How warm and exhilarating it felt!

The first few times I noticed something peculiar about my big sister that intrigue me. She’d immediately swim over to one of the nozzles in the pool. I didn’t think much of it and soon discovered that the water was warmest in front of a nozzle and also very forceful. It felt good as long as I didn’t get too close. Looking across the pool and with her back to me, I noticed

my sister would spread her legs and swung her feet up over the railing edge of the pool. It was a funny position with her feet sticking out of the water and her heels of her feet hooked on the side of the pool. I’d watch her for several minutes and she seemed to be quite motionless. With much curiosity, I’d swim over to her and to see how she was doing. At first glance she’d always ignore me and seemed preoccupied. Her snatch was right in front of her favorite nozzle about 2 feet below the surface of the water.I asked her if it hurt being that close to the nozzle? She’d remark :

“It feels great! Be quiet and go get dressed!”

I’d continue to watch her and occasional she’d glance over at me with a funny smile. I’ve touched myself before and new that part of my body felt good but never had those same feelings with Mr. Andrews’ nozzles. Not the way my sister did. The water pressure was too strong. It would always force my bottom away from the nozzle even when I hung on to the edge of the pool!! After my sister was done, we’d dry off quickly and get dressed. We proceeded back to our bedroom with no one wiser!

I remember one night, specifically. It’s so fresh in my memory it’s like it happened yesterday. My sister again woke me around midnight and asked if I’d like to go skinny dipping again. I couldn’t refuse. It was fun watching my sister do that funny act with the nozzle. Little did I know I was in for a big surprise!!! I went to put my bathing suit on and she stopped me and


“Don’t bother. We don’t have much time. Your underwear will be OK!!”

I had nothing on but my cotton underpants!! I followed her through the window and it felt strange walking across the patio to our neighbors pool in just my panties, My sister assured me everything would be OK. She took my hand which gave me reassurance. She seemed to be giving me much more attention than usual. She’d never previously held my hand like that.

Nevertheless, I found it very comforting. She was my big sister and always looked up to her for guidance and direction. What are big sisters for!!

When we got to the pool she told me to remove my cottons and did so. I liked watching her unsnapping her brand new training bra and rolling her underpants down to her ankles and giving them a kick. Sometimes she’d kick them so high they’d land in the pool!! She slid into the pool and instead of heading for her favorite nozzle she began swimming right for me!!!! I loved her attention!! We played tag a few times and then asked me if I’d really like to feel something special?.

“Sure, why not!!” I responded.

We proceeded to swim over to one of the nozzles in the deep end and she told me that I must be quiet and not to fuss. I had no idea what she had in mind. I trusted her and had no trepidation about what she was about to do.

She told me to face the nozzle and hang onto the edge of the pool. The stream of water was powerful and kept trying to push me away. Just then I felt my sister’s hand on my waist holding me stationary against the force of the water. She seemed to now exactly how far from the nozzle to hold me because it wasn’t uncomfortable. She held me there for a few moments and ask:

“How does it feel??”

I said, “ OK. The warm rushing water feels good”

My sister then said: “Just relax”, then proceeded to slide her hands down to my bottom and inner thighs and gently spread my legs apart. She’d never touched me like that before and was overcome with a very strange feeling. I could feel her small breasts against my back and It felt good to be nestled in her arms like that. She told me to raise my feet up above the water and hook my heels up on the pool railing. It soon dawned on me that this was what she liked to do. It was an awkward position like doing the splits and I noticed my sister was beginning to position me closer to the nozzle and at a specific angle. The rushing water being forced across my snatch and tummy began to feel really good. Much different than when I’d rub myself. It was similar but would come in waves and each new wave was stronger than before. I told my sister I’d never felt this way!! She just smiled and told me that I was about to experience something wonderful called an orgasm. I had no idea what an orgasm was. The waves were really becoming intense and I became anxious and couldn’t help but squirm in her arms. After about a minute, I told her I’d had enough but she reassured me everything was fine and I should relax and enjoy the wonderful feeling. My whole tummy and especially my snatch had the most marvelous sensation. It felt so good!!!

I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.!! She moved me a little closer to the jet and again told me to be quiet and relax.

Then, she put one hand over my mouth to help muffle my moans of orgasmic excitement and began to gently rock me from

side to side as to spray the jet of water horizontally across my clitoris. She was always careful not to raise me too high as to inject water into my vagina and rectum. I was in ecstasy and couldn’t believe how good it felt!! My entire vulva was on fire!! No more waves but just one, big, constant one!! I remember looking back and seeing her expression on her face. Her eyes wide open, with a startled facial expression and big smile, saying:

“How did it feel. Did you like it!!”

She took a few strokes back and held open her arms. I’d had enough and instantly kicked off from the side of the pool into her waiting arms.

We both hugged each other tightly and I began to cry and laugh at the same time!! We talked intimately about her first experience and it was neat an assuring to talk with her about how wonderful it felt. She carried me out of the pool with me wrapped around her neck. I didn’t want to let go!! She gently put me down and helped me dry myself off. She even helped me with my underpants. She’d never done that before!! We went back to our room and talked more about what I had experienced. Neither of us got much sleep that night.


It’s been about 16 years since I experienced my first orgasm with my sister. I’m currently single, just graduated with a Doctorate in Radiation Oncology. My sister is happily married with a wonderful guy. They have two children. I received a call from her about 6 months ago that she wanted to talk. About what I had no idea!! We met at the Red Robin for lunch. She expressed some concerns that blew me away!! She felt tremendously guilty about what she had done to me in Mr. Andrews pool. I guess with all the current child abuse concerns her anxiety was quite warranted. The funny thing is, I never thought it to be a problem!! It never was!! I visit her family a couple times a month and she still occasionally expresses remorse. I’ve told her I’ve forgotten it but it doesn’t seem to help!! She still feels guilty!! Don’t know what else to do!

I love my sister very much and always looked up to her. Still do. I want to announce publicly that no harm was done. She can quit the guilt trip and I forgive her!! Time to get on with your life!! I can only say, ironically:

“What are big sisters for!!!” Love you Sis!!!!