Wife Goes to Medical Office

By Deirdre

I’ve known for years that my husband has doctor’s office sex fantasies. For a long time, he has been suggesting that we play one out, but I always refused. But finally, once after we went out for a great dinner, I had had plenty of wine and was feeling really good and I thought, “Why not?” I told him I was up for it, expecting to see some of that infantile male excitement, but surprisingly enough, he was pretty cool. The only thing different I noticed was that we were not driving toward home as expected.

We ended up parking at a medical office building and the next thing I new he was leading me to the back door. It was dark inside. Amazingly enough, the back door was propped open and he led me in, carefully making sure the door remained propped. It was spooky being inside a dark building and you can believe that I was nervous about being in there! He led me up a dark stairwell, up several flights of stairs soon making me wonder why we didn’t take the elevator. Finally we emerged in a hall which was also dark but had a bit of illumination from streetlights through windows at the ends of the hall. He led me to a door and told me to go in. I immediately realized that he wasn’t coming in with me! Well, he was very reassuring, saying not to worry, just go along with things and he was going in through another door. I was quite amazed by whatever this plan was that he had! But the wine or something must have softened me up for outrageousness because I finally agreed. I watched him walk down the hall and enter another door. I wanted to see where he was headed in case I had to go find him. I wasn’t even sure if the door in front of me was unlocked!

Well I entered the door and thought I was in a dream for a second! It was illuminated, with people waiting and a receptionist just as if it were the middle of the day! I stood there dumb for a few seconds, then watched a nurse come in and lead one of the two women in the waiting room away. Initially no one paid attention to me, but then the receptionist looked up at me and said “Come on in Mrs. Sanders.” My jaw dropped at her mention of my name, but I drifted in as if in a dream. The receptionist gave me a form to fill out– exactly the kind of information form you get the first time you go to a doctor’s office! I sat down with it and the pen and clipboard she gave me. I surreptitiously glanced up at the other occupant–a woman sitting opposite me who was reading a magazine. I was alternating between incredulity and simply following along with the whole thing. The woman glanced up at me once when I was watching her and she exhibited a look of amused condescension. I went back to filling out my form, no longer suffering from that tendency to stop and wonder every minute. The only thing out of the ordinary was that there I was dressed for the best restaurant in town while the rest of them were dressed like a normal day at the doctor’s office.

When I completed the form I gave it back to the receptionist and sat down. I had a moment to wonder at my husband’s connection to all this, but in just a minute a nurse told me to come with her. She took me to a small dressing room, gave me a hospital gown and told me to change into it. This was so real that it was creepy! Well, I continued to go along with it, changing into the gown and hanging my dress on a hook in the room. After a few minutes, she came back and led me back along the hall past the receptionist and the waiting room to an examination room. Along the way we passed another nurse escorting another woman dressed in a hospital gown in the other direction. But the strange thing I noticed was that this other woman had some sort of restraint holding her wrists together in front of her! You can bet I was surprised, but I played it cool.

When we got into the examination room, the nurse weighed me and took my blood pressure and then asked me to take off the gown! It was all so real I didn’t hesitate. Then she started examining my breasts, readily handling them, but soon I noticed she was purposely brushing my nipples in such a way as to get them hard! I had a momentary panic realizing I was standing there, naked, with a strange woman dressed as a nurse who was playing with my nipples, but almost immediately another nurse entered the room the first nurse stopped, looking a little bit guilty.

The second nurse, who apparently was in charge told her to stay, told me to put my gown on again, then slipped a restraint around my wrists! It used Velcro but certainly held them fast! Then she escorted me back out into the hall past the reception area and the waiting room again. But she stopped and talked to the receptionist, leaving me standing there in front of the receptionist and the waiting room! That woman in the waiting room was still there, reading her magazine. She glanced up at me once, and her look of amusement made me want to melt into the floor! I just did my best to stand there as if nothing were out of the ordinary. Finally the nurse took me on, to the end of the hall where we entered another examining room. She took off the restraints and told me to take off the gown, then put the restraints back on me with my wrists behind me! Then she put a blindfold over my eyes and had me lean over the side of the examination table! I felt her start to touch my ass! I immediately stood up, but she was strong or knew what she was doing because she quickly forced me back down into the same position. She told me not to worry. Then I realized she was pushing lubricant into my ass, soon using her finger to push it right in! Then she said the doctor would be in to see me soon and I think she left, but I also had the feeling she pretended to leave and actually stayed.

Anyhow, in just a minute, I was aware of someone coming in the room, then I felt hands on my body. They were skilled hands and soon I was like jelly. Then I felt a cock pushing at my asshole! Every time I began to say anything I was shushed but no one talked to me. Soon the cock was inside my asshole and I was so hot I couldn’t believe it! And I’d never had it in my ass before either! Well the hands didn’t stop and soon I was coming like I’d never come before! I think being somewhat upright made it more draining–I’d always done it lying down. Soon I could feel my husband reaching orgasm too–I say “my husband”, but I really couldn’t tell if it was! But somehow I was beyond caring, or at least I blocked out the thought that it could be someone else!

Well, after the “doctor” left, the nurse cleaned me up, undid my blindfold an wrist restraints, had me put on the gown and again put the restraints on with my hands in front of me. She escorted me back down the hall–this time I was embarrassed because I was sure I looked completely debauched. We went past the reception area and waiting room again back to the examination room that I was in earlier. When we went in, the nurse turned on the lights. I was surprised to see the earlier nurse was in the room in the dark! She was nude and facing the wall! The nurse that brought me told the other nurse to get dressed. Then she took off my hand restraints and left. The nurse took me back (again past the reception area and waiting room–I was afraid to look to see if that woman was still there) to the dressing room and told me I could get dressed. I dressed and went back to the waiting area. The other woman was gone. The receptionist continued filling out a paper and gave it to me and told me to give it to my husband. I glanced at it and couldn’t make a word of it. I did happen to notice the woman who had been in the waiting room being escorted down the hall by one of the nurses. She was nude! Her wrists were restrained behind her too. She never looked my way. Somehow I felt smug.

Well, finally I left, and there was my husband in the hall, looking happy as a clam! I didn’t say anything about it at first and he never let me start any conversation about the experience–just took me home and we had sex like nothing I remember! Well I was in shock for the next few days, constantly thinking about it, and it was frustrating not to be able to talk to my husband about it, though if truth be told, I was embarrassed to bring it up myself. Well, a couple of nights later, he drove me there again and I had almost exactly the same experience–this time there were two other women in the waiting room when I came in, but I never saw that woman who was in there the first time.

Otherwise it was similar though different nurses took me and they each gave me a “breast exam”. We went again and soon we were going quite often. The nurses started giving me other kinds of “exams” that involved massaging me, often with me laying on one of the examination tables, sometimes face up and sometimes face down. They would also stick things in my cunt or my asshole. One nurse had me lay on my back, had me open my mouth, then ran her fingertip gently around my lips. For some reason, that got me much hotter than I would ever have guessed! Also, pretty soon the nurses always escorted me nude with my hands restrained behind me, and sometimes blindfolded! Often they seemed to stop at the receptionist’s desk and chat and often I had to stand there while women in the waiting room stole glances at me. It was really nerve-wracking when I was blindfolded but could “feel” those looks!

Well, we never went more than three days without driving down there, but eventually my husband had to go off on business for a week. I always get lonely without my husband, but this time I also was soon thinking about a trip to the doctor’s office. By midweek I was going crazy, and finally Thursday night, I went down there myself! The receptionist looked a little surprised, reinforcing the idea that somehow my husband signaled ahead about our visits, or maybe he had told them he was going to be gone for a week.

Anyhow, soon a nurse was taking me to an office where I hadn’t been before. The nurse asked me about my husband and I told her that he was away on a trip. She told me to get undressed and I complied. Then, she used restraints to tie my hands to the furniture, apart, so I was kneeling in the middle of the room. Then she lifted her dress and made me eat her! She left, leaving me there, but soon another nurse came in and made me eat her too! After a while, I realized that they were all coming in over and over and making me lick their cunts every time! They also had a leather belt and started whipping me sometimes when they came into the room! They also eventually blindfolded me. I just knelt there for what seemed like hours, doing what they wanted, when they wanted. I was getting tired, but I wasn’t in a position such that I could sleep. Finally I seemed to be half out of it, dozing while upright on my knees when I heard a voice say “What is going on here!”

The blindfold was taken off of me. There was a nurse in front of me who I didn’t recognize, and I could see by the window that it was morning! A receptionist, also different, ran in after the nurse’s shout. There I stood, shaking off my drowsiness in front of these two women who looked at me as if I were from Mars. “My god, have you been raped?” gasped the nurse. “No…” I said in a little squeak. “You’ve been playing some kind of sick game with someone” said the nurse, obviously disgusted and I must have blushed something dreadful. “I’m getting security–you stay and watch her” she finally said to the receptionist.

Soon it was just the receptionist and me and I finally noticed her reaction. She looked shocked, but also curious. “Please let me go” I finally got the presence of mind to beg. “Please, before they get back–I’ll die of embarrassment! I can’t imagine what will happen to me!” She still looked at me with curiosity in her eyes.

“Did they whip you?” she finally asked.

“Uh…yes” I finally blurted. I figured I’d better cooperate with her if I was going to get her to let me go.

“Did you like it?”

“Pleeeeze let me go? Yes, I liked it. Please?”

She thought a little, then said “OK”. She undid the hand restraints and said “Come with me.” I looked around for my clothes, but they were gone! She said “I’ll get something you can put on” so I quickly followed her. She gave me a raincoat. Then she led me down the stairwell and out the same back door that me and my husband would come in. We walked across the parking lot, me trying to look inconspicuous in case that nurse looked out. The receptionist led me into another medical building about a half-block away. I didn’t know what to do–I didn’t have my own car keys and I had no idea if she even had a car. She led me up, and finally into another doctor’s office. There were already patients in the waiting room but she walked up to the receptionist and talked to her quietly, eventually whispering in her ear. They both glanced at me during the conversation and I started getting a very uneasy feeling. Finally, as soon as they were done talking, this other receptionist told me to come with her and escorted me to a small examining room. She told me to take off the raincoat and sit on the table. As soon as I had the raincoat off, she took it and left.

I sat there for a while, and she came back, bringing a nurse in the room - or at first I think it was a nurse, then I realized it was a female doctor. The doctor told me to lie down which I did, then she put her hands on my body in a businesslike way just as if it were an examination, but the things she did with her hands that defy belief! Soon I was writhing and bucking there as she manipulated my nipples and my clitoris! I was nearly out of it, but I did register that a nurse had come in with a shiny metal dildo and they had me lying on my side, lubricating my ass…