Wife’s Pregnancy Exam

To this day I will never forget the first of many gynecology exams I have witnessed with either a girlfriend or my former or new wife. So I will start off with my new wife. We had been High School sweethearts and broke up and went our separate ways for over thirteen years. Both of us married and I divorced ten of those thirteen. I had gotten Melana’s virginity at the age of seventeen so I when we did break up I was very heart broken. It was one of those deals where parents did not approve of, deals you know and through out the years we would bump into one another now and then and the flame always seemed to still be between us.

Then one early summer morning I was awaken by someone at the door. Much to my surprise it was Melana, of all people saying that she desperately needed to talk to someone. Inviting her in we exchanged pleasantries and so forth. She then went on to tell me why she came. She wanted to escape from her abusive husband and did not know how. As we talked I could see that the old spark was still between us. Needless to say that after her coming to my house every morning as soon as her husband left for work we devised a plan to get her out of her mess. I moved her in with me. She was a totally new woman being relieved of the pressure of her ex.

About the third day she was there we ended up in bed. It was inevitable and was the best sex I had had in a while. She went on to tell me that she and her ex had not fucked in over a two year period and the only thing that kept her there was her fear of him. Finally she had enough and left. Needless to say we fucked three to five times a day for over a month. This woman could not get enough. Then came the time for her monthly and it did not come around. Finally she said, I, need a pregnancy test. After buying one from the store it proved positive.

Now what to do ? She could not go to her regular Dr. for fear of her husband finding out. So we made an appointment at a local Dr. in my area. Doing another piss test proved she was knocked up and he sent her to a gynecologist in a nearby city.

Explaining to me that she was very nervous about a strange man examining her due to the many years of abuse from her now ex she asked if I would mind going in to the exam with her. I told her, no I didn’t mind but wanted to make sure that was really what she wanted. After a big hug and kiss, a resounding yes came from her lips and we were set to go. The Dr. had set the exam for the end of the day so he could take time to give her a battery of tests and if he needed more he could do them without being rushed, as all tests were done in the privacy of his office rather than having to do some there and some at the hospital.

At the new gyno office I could tell Melana was very nervous and all, so after all the necessary paper work I held her hand. Finally the last of the women had come and gone except for her and finally we were called and led down the hall to her fate. A cute petite nurse did all the vitals, drew her blood and took a urine sample. With all that out of the way she handed Melana a cotton gown and told her to undress completely. The Dr. was ready to exam her.

As the nurse left the room she stripped, put the gown on and sat back on the table. Just as she sat down the Dr. entered the room and introduced himself. he explained the tests he would be doing on her today. As the usual he started with the ears, eyes, nose and throat. Then he went on to her back as he listened to her breath.

Now came the breast exam.

He seemed to do a more thorough job of examining the breast than I had encountered in past exams I have been privy to. He then moved on to her right breast with the same skill of exam and as he finished it he had her sit up straight with her left arm in the air so he could examine the left breast again . Then back to the right breast with the same skill. Now he had Melana step off of the table and stand with both arms to her side as he went behind her and examined both of her breasts again. Then moving to the front of her, he stood and looked at her breasts. Then he took one in each hand as if weighing them for measure.

After writing in her charts he told her to return to the table and sit up. As she did this he did all the palpitations on her back. Then he asked her to lie down so the same could be done to her front side. With that done he informed her it was time for her pelvic and rectal exam. She would have to scoot to the end of the table and put her feet and legs in the stirrups.

As she did so, the nurse came to the table and strapped her legs and ankles down making her helpless. I had never seen a woman strapped down on the table before and was somewhat leery of his procedure but also felt a strong raging in my pants. I could see that she was getting scared at this point and asked the Dr. what the purpose was for the straps. His reply was that he did it to all women that came to his office and that way in some point in time during the exam if the straps were needed they would already be on and in place.

As the nurse set the tray of tools next to him he put on his latex gloves and the nurse then put a glob of KY on his left hand fingers and he proceeded inward up her love canal, pressing and probing her insides till it brought tears to her eyes. Then he held out his right hand and the nurse globbed it up with KY. With three fingers up her cunt he then entered her asshole by way of a finger of his right hand. With no mercy he fingered both holes, making her squirm in pain and tears as I watched, getting harder by the moment. Never before had I witnessed an exam quite like this but I kind of liked it now I knew what the straps were used for .

I was beginning to wonder if this Dr. was getting his kinks out of Melana as she lay there helplessly on that table so exposed for all those in there to see. As he finished the digital exam he put on new gloves and started her pap smear. This Dr. was very rough on women an I think loved to submit them to pain as he did his routine exams but, also at the same time was putting on a very erotic show for those who were the witnesses. As he did the pap he told the nurse to prepare a three quart bag with Castile soap and mineral oil.

At the time I knew what lie ahead for her but she did not. The Dr. finishing with the pap took his gloves off and scooted the tray of instruments off to the side then wheeled in a very strange looking apparatus none of which I have ever seen before. He placed it below her bottom end. The nurse then placed a big red bag with a long hose on it high on an IV pole and wheeled it over to the side of the table. My wife had never had an enema before and was thinking she was about to receive a large douche when the Dr. told her she had some compaction in her bowels and was going to get a good cleansing before he could finish her exam. The Dr. then told me I could aid her by rubbing her stomach when she started cramping or I could also leave the room until this part was over if I was offended by the odor.

I opted to help with her exam. By this time my dick was very noticeable in my pants and I did not care who in the room saw it. I watched as the nurse greased the tube in preparation to insert it in Melana’s lovely exposed ass. She inserted the hose and unclasped it as the Dr. was cleaning himself up and writing in the charts again.

So far so good. Sshe was doing good at taking her first enema until the cramps came. As advised I massaged her belly until they went away and the nurse started the flow again.. This continued for several moments until she had three quarts of solution inside her bowels. The nurse then removed the hose and greased what I would call a butt plug and stuck it up her ass and told her she would have to hold it in for fifteen minutes.

The nurse then washed her hands and set a timer for fifteen minutes. She then left the room.

The minutes slowly went by and Melana had to go really bad but couldn’t just yet. As we sat and waited we could hear the Dr. and nurse laughing in another room. Finally with tears running down her face the timer went off and Dr. and nurse re entered the room. I had some Kleenex and was wiping her tears as the Dr. sat down between her legs and removed the plug. He told her to go ahead and release herself in to the bed pan bucket below her. She did and it lasted for probably fifteen minutes or more. When finished, the nurse cleaned her bottom up and then proceeded to due another embarrassing thing to Melana. She produced a bowl of warm water and clothes and washed all of her pubic hair then lathered her up to shave all her pubic hair off. By now Melana was getting upset and asked what they had to do this for. Melana had now been in the exam room for almost a hour and a half and most of it had been strapped down to the table with her legs high and wide.

The nurse told her that her urine test had some kind of results and that the Dr. would be inserting a scope up her vagina to look in her bladder for abnormalities and also a recall exam of the same kind would follow also and that she had to be bare of all pubic hair as not to cause any infection. Melana was furious at this point and started to cry profusely and wanted to get up and leave. I went back to the table and held her tightly to comfort her.

I was beginning to wonder what else the good Dr. could do to her. The nurse then started shaving her pussy and asshole bare of all hair.

After doing this she wiped a soothing cream all over my lovely little lady’s bottom. Seeing another woman shave and fondle my Melana’s private area so delicately reminded me of lesbian sex and I came in my pants like never before. I hoped the cum from my cock did not soak through my jeans.

Melana was still crying and uncertain of all this, asked if since she was going to be in there for a good while longer if she could at least get up and go to the bathroom to smoke a cigarette. The Dr. was not to fond of the idea but when I said that we were the ones paying for this exam I felt she could take a small break and smoke. That seemed to change their minds and the nurse left and came back with an ash tray for her to use.

The nurse gave her the ash tray and we both had a cigarette in the exam room. While we were smoking the nurse then prepared a large Betadine douche to give to Melana. As she was smoking, the nurse moved between her legs and started the douche running into a clean pan like the one used for her enema. With douche and cigarette done Melana was now ready for the rest of her exam. The Dr. then came back between her legs again, this time with a whole new looking set of installments.

After gloving and lubing the speculum he inserted it in her pussy again, stretching it wider than one could imagine. I was watching on as he picked up a long silver tube a half inch in diameter and lubed it up.

Standing back watching him and the nurse work on Melana again was causing me to get hard for the second time. As she lay there helpless and wide open the Dr. inserted the tool in her and started to put it up her tiny little pee hole. Melana screamed in agonizing pain as the Dr. tried to insert this large tool into a hole the size of a garden pea.

Seeing this was going to be painful and difficult for Melana the Dr. got up ungloved and prepared a large barreled syringe of Demerol and gave it to her in the ass while she lay strapped to the table. Within five minutes she was pretty much out of it and he proceeded to do as he needed with her body. He was in her with the tool for a half an hour or so before he took it out. While the Dr. had the tool up her puss she was in and out of it and he bumped her clit more than once and each time he did so she would let out a small audible mewing sound. Actually I think the Dr. kept doing it on purpose to see her reaction and to turn himself. I know him and the nurse got more than one glimpse of my hard on and I think the Dr.had one too.

With the vaginal exam finally completed he withdrew the tool from her pussy, wiped her clean and proceeded to give her the rest of her rectal exam. He inserted a long silver looking thing I would say looked like a Black ‘n Decker snake light, only it was about the same diameter as the other tool used in her pussy. About half way through the exam the Demerol was starting to wear off and she came to, complaining of severe pain in her ass. This time the nurse prepared and gave her a shot of the same .

About forty five minutes later the exam was done and over and I pretty much dressed her and we left the office.

One week later we returned for the results. The test had came back and everything was OK and she was to see the Dr. once a month until her eighth month of pregnancy and then she was to see him once a week until the baby was born. Seeing the baby come out of that little hole all of us men know as a pussy is a whole different story.