Y2K for Enema Lovers

Chapter I.

The clouds had begun moving in and it was only another hour of so before night fall. I could tell this was going to be a big snow storm and I knew I had to make my nightly patrol before it hit full force. If there were intruders, I knew it was not smart to patrol the woods before dark, as they would have the advantage of seeing my movement, giving away my position. I threw some provisions in my pack, grabbed a rifle from the gun rack and got Pepper ready to go with me.

As soon as it was completely dark, Pepper and I took off. She had been with me for about three years now and where you found one of us, you knew the other was always close by. That dog had a nose that could sniff out a rabbit a mile away. She also had an uncanny ability to let me know if there was any danger nearby or, if another human were any where around. I trusted her instincts as well as I trusted my own, and she had proven herself trustworthy on many occasions.

It was near the end of February and the electrical grid had been down for about 8 weeks now. I knew the cities had to be in really bad shape since martial law had been declared at the beginning of December, 1999. The way I had it figured, the UN troops would concentrate first on the major population centers, and then slowly work their way to the smaller towns, eventually getting to us folks who had seen this Y2K situation coming and had prepared for the worst. My belief was that some people, the ones I called “the sheep,” would stay in the cities, thinking that the government was their only hope. Others would probably try to seek refuge in the country after things got bad. I also believed there would be another group of people, those who had not prepared but did not want to sign on with Big Brother and his system, who would try and escape the cities if they could.

As Pepper and I continued through the woods that evening, the snow had already begun to fall. The trees were still shed of their leaves and with the quiet of the snowy winter’s night, it would be easy to hear anyone who had sought refuge near my little cabin, especially if they were stupid enough to have a campfire burning. Suddenly, Pepper took off like a bolt of lightening. She had picked up on some scent and she was following it. Winding my way down through the wooded hillside, I followed Pepper to her destination. She stopped dead at the bottom of the hill and stuck her tail straight up in the air, signaling me that she had found her target. She remained silent until I could make it to her side. Once there, she ran a few feet further to a fallen tree and began to sniff around it. I knew she had found something.

I chambered a round into my AR-15 and slowly crept up to the log where Pepper stood. As I raised the rifle to my shoulder and peered over the fallen tree. I saw the shape of a human body tucked tightly against it, obviously for shelter from the storm. With the figure in my sights, I signaled for Pepper to move in. She went up to the body and began sniffing around. Whoever this person was, they were not moving. I wondered if they might be dead. When I was comfortable that I had the upper hand, I walked up to this person and kicked their feet a couple of times, trying to arouse them from their sleep. No response at all. I used the muzzle of my rifle to pull the blanket away from their face and discovered that this person was a woman. Her eyes were closed, there was no movement in her chest to indicate that she was breathing. Her face was pale and was beginning to turn blue. I reached down and grabbed one of her wrists, trying to wake her. She did not move, let alone fight back. There was no sign of life at all.

I looked up and scanned the area, searching for anyone else who might have been with her. The snow was beginning to fall more heavily now and I knew I needed to get back to the cabin before the storm grew worse. I tossed the woman over my shoulder and we headed home. As Pepper lead the way, I looked back and made sure that the snow was covering our tracks behind us. About an hour latter I saw the cabin ahead of us and knew I would get some answers soon enough. There had been no movement whatsoever out of this woman on the trip back home and I began to wonder if I had been packing a dead person all this way, only to have to bury her later when the ground thawed.

Once inside the cabin, I laid down my rifle and pack then tossed my little bundle of frozen pussy on the bed. After lighting a couple of lamps and covering the kitchen table with a blanket, I carried the woman into the kitchen, laying her down on the table for a closer look. I could not feel a pulse in her wrist nor her neck. I grabbed my medical bag from the back of the bedroom door and found my stethoscope. I tore open the front of her tattered sweatshirt and placed the stethoscope over her left breast, hoping to hear a heartbeat. As I listened, my own pulse began to race at the sight of her naked breasts. It had been a long time since I had been with a woman and my hormones started to come to life again. My mind snapped back to reality as I suddenly realized that there was the faintest of heart sounds present in this otherwise lifeless carcass. I figured I had better act fast. I knew I was going to have to raise her body temperature if she were going to make it.

I grabbed a cast iron kettle and filled it with water. After placing the kettle atop the wood stove, I removed what few clothes the woman had on and rolled her over on her stomach. I needed to know what her body temperature was in order to know how warm to make the water. I would have to raise her temperature as slowly as possible to prevent her from going into shock. Looking through my medical bag I found the thermometer. Dipping the thermometer in some bacon grease from the tin can on the back of the stove, I lubricated the tip and slipped it into the woman’s behind. Given that she was not conscious, I knew that I would not have to hold it in place. Just to ensure that it did not slip out, I inserted it as deeply as possible, leaving only about an inch of it sticking out of her rectum. As the thermometer was recording her temperature, I did a more thorough assessment of her physical condition.

I quickly scanned her naked body from head to toe making mental notes of any cuts & scrapes, bruises, broken bones and so forth. I rolled her from side to side and noted how skinny she was. I wondered when she had last eaten. She was so emaciated that I could easily count her ribs, and her hip bones had no padding on them at all. It was also apparent to me that she was dehydrated and had not been washed in days, if not weeks. I kept wondering how long she had been hiding in the woods and just where she had come from.

After my physical assessment, I turned her back onto her stomach and spread her ass cheeks again to retrieve the thermometer. I slipped it out of her rectum, held it up to the kerosene lamp and said out loud..”Shit!! 82 degrees.” “Dammit” I thought to myself, “this ain’t good.” I grabbed some cloths from the pantry and dipped them in the water I was heating. I placed them under each of her arms, close to the axillary arteries to begin warming her up. I covered her with a couple of blankets and then stepped into the bathroom to grab some more equipment. When I returned, I checked the water to see how warm it was. Eighty five degrees, just right. I removed the kettle from the stove and began to assemble the equipment I had retrieved from the bathroom.

I pulled a long, 36 fr. colon tube from the box and attached a “y” connector to it. I attached another piece of tubing to one side of the “y” and placed the other end of it into a small bucket. To the other side of the “y,” I attached a piece of tubing which was connected to a 2 quart enema bag. I hung the old red, gum rubber bag from a hook in the kitchen ceiling and filled it with exactly 2 quarts of warm water. If I had been back in a hospital, I would have tried to warm her up using other methods. But given that we were so far from any hospital, even if medical services had been restored in the cities, I was having to make do with what was available. I had been trained in field medicine and survival skills when I was with the Marine Corps and I knew I could handle a situation like this, so long as she was not too far gone. My idea was get her body temperature up by infusing warm water into her colon, thus warming her from the inside out. But, I had to do this very slowly. If her temperature goes up too fast, she would go into shock and I didn’t need that headache to deal with on top of everything else. I was going to give her several enemas, each a little warmer than the one before, hoping I could bring her out of the hypothermic state she was in.

I positioned the blankets so that one was covering her legs, stopping at the bottom of her ass cheeks and I placed the other blanket over her upper torso, letting it come down to the lower part of her back. This left only her bare behind exposed to me and was perfect for keeping her warm while I gave her the enemas. I positioned myself over her, spreading her legs as wide as possible so that her anus was showing between her cheeks. Dipping my middle finger into the bacon grease, I began to lubricate her ass hole. The colon tube was rather large and with her being unconscious, I would not be able to have her assist me in inserting it. I met no resistance from her as my finger slipped past her tight anal sphincter and found it’s way into her lower bowel. This let me know that she was really out of it. As small as she was, and as large as my fingers are, any woman who was awake would have surly let out a gasp at the invasion.

I moved my finger in and out of her ass, making sure that I had her well lubricated. I felt a slight stirring in my britches and realized that my cock was beginning to get hard. It was not everyday that I had the chance to finger fuck a woman’s back door in such a manner and, well, I am a guy. What can I say, it was beginning to turn me on. But I put my mind back to the task at hand and after a couple of minutes of this in and out motion, I slipped my finger out of her ass. I reached for the colon tube and lubricated it as well. Holding her cheeks apart with one hand, I began to guide the long, thick tube into her anus. It slipped smoothly past her little anal ring and once I had it about six inches inside of her, I removed the clamp, a large pair of hemostats, from the hose leading to her ass. I then placed the clamp on the hose leading to the bucket down on the floor. This would allow the water to flow into her colon without being able to run out.

As the warm water began to fill and inflate her bowel, I started to advance the tube further and further into her behind. When I had positioned it about eighteen inches inside of her, I took a roll of tape from my medical bag and tore off a strip long enough to tape the tube to her ass cheek. This would allow me to keep both hands free for tending to the treatment. After about thirty minutes, I removed the clamp from the tubing running to the bucket and allowed the water flow back out of her. While she drained, I exchanged the wash cloths under her armpits with fresh ones and added another layer of blankets to her body. After all the water had drained out of her backside, I slipped the thermometer into her bottom, letting it rest against the colon tube. Once in place, I decided to tape the thermometer to the colon tube so that I could keep a constant watch on her temperature. After it had been in place for a few minutes, I saw that her temp had come up just a couple of degrees. “Perfect,” I thought to myself, “this is going to work just fine.” I placed the kettle of water back on the stove to heat it just a little more for the next enema.

Throughout the night I continued to flush her behind with warm water, carefully measuring every ounce which went in and every ounce which came out. I kept a running total and soon discovered that she was retaining some of the enema water in her body. This told me that I was not only raising her body temperature, I was also treating her dehydration, something I had hoped would happen. I also noticed how clean the water was as it flowed from her colon. This could only mean one thing, she had not had any food in days. There was nothing inside of her to wash out. In the time between refilling the enema bag and moving the clamp from hose to hose, I kept exchanging the warm cloths under the woman’s armpits, and kept the wool blankets wrapped around her body.

Around daybreak, I noticed that her legs began to move and she had begun to shiver somewhat. I was also beginning to hear a few small sounds escaping from her lips. I moved to the opposite end of the table and tried to wake her. I washed her face with a warm cloth and very slowly she began to open her eyes. I looked at her and reassured her that she was going to be all right. I told her to try and remain still and that she was safe. The woman shivered a little more and closed her eyes again. I refilled the enema bag one more time and after infusing two quarts of water, letting her retain it for 30 minutes and then letting it drain back out, I saw that her body temperature had come up to nearly a normal level. I slipped the colon tube from her behind but let the thermometer stay in place for a few more minutes. After placing the enema equipment in the kitchen sink for cleaning, I returned to her side and read the thermometer. I slipped the long glass rod from her bottom and happily noted that her temperature was now 97.4 degrees. I knew this was close enough to normal that she would be able to continue to raise it the rest of the way on her own, as long as I could get some food into her. I was quite certain that her strength was minimal at this point.

I went into the bedroom and pulled down the covers on the bed. Returning to the kitchen, I picked up my patient and carried her into the bedroom. I placed her on the bed and as I did, she opened her eyes once again. Looking at me, and in a tiny, weak voice she asked “where am I?” I smiled and told her not to worry about that right now, she was in good hands. I then asked her who she was. She muttered in a very small voice “my name is Linda.” As she closed her eyes and fell back to sleep, I took off my boots and crawled into bed with her, in order to share my body heat and help keep her warm. As tired as I was, I thought ahead and knew that if this woman was going to make it, I still had a lot of work ahead of me. She was obviously very under nourished and needed some sustenance soon. But right now both of us needed sleep. I pulled up the covers and moved her body close to mine. My eyes shut and I dozed off to sleep.

Chapter 2

Only a couple of hours had passed when I awoke to the sound of Pepper barking outside. I jumped out of bed and peered from the living room window only to see that Pepper had cornered a rabbit and was moving in for the kill. “Damned dog,” I thought to myself. “Doesn’t she know I’m trying to sleep?” Scratching my crotch and shaking the cobwebs from my head, I figured I had better get the day started. Life does not stop just because there has been an emergency to deal with.

I stumbled into the kitchen and threw some wood on the fire, trying to warm the cabin up again. I placed the coffee pot on the stove and went back to the bedroom to check on Linda while I waited for it to heat up. She was still curled up in a little ball, sleeping soundly. By the light of day I could see just how poorly she looked. She needed a bath, she needed food, hell, there was little she didn’t need from my vantage point. I sat on the side of the bed and brushed the hair from her face. She opened her eyes and looked up at me. I asked how she felt. She tried to speak but no words came out of her mouth. Tucking the blanket around her chin, I returned to the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee.

The snow was still falling pretty hard so there was not too much I could do outside today. The wood rack was full, plenty of water in the house and enough food to get me by for several more months without having to rob my cache. I needed to get Linda healthy enough to find out where she had come from and where she was going. I also wanted to know what it was like in the populated areas and how entrenched the UN troops were at this time. If she were going to be around here for any length of time, she had to be strong enough to take care of herself and help me protect the place. But for that to happen, she needed to eat.

I knew I needed to get some food into her so I began to search through the pantry for something nutritious, but light. I found a can of chicken broth and figured that would be a good start. I opened the can and poured it into a pot, then placed it on the stove. After it had heated, I poured it into a bowl, grabbed a spoon and returned to the bedroom to try and feed her.

Placing the bowl of soup on the night stand, I woke Linda once again. “Linda,” I said, “I need you to try and sit up a little for me so I can get some food into your stomach.” Linda stirred a little but was too weak to prop herself up. I put my arm under her shoulders and raised her off the bed enough to place a couple of pillows behind her head and neck. I got her positioned enough to try and sip some of the broth from a spoon. A little at a time, she was able to take in some of the broth. After about 4 or 5 spoonfuls I saw her wince with pain and grab her stomach. “Just as I thought” I said to her, “your stomach is not ready for any food yet. I will have to think of something else.”

I thought for a few minutes and remembered that I had some IV fluids stashed away, but wanted to keep them for other emergencies, like if I got injured and needed to replace lost blood. Since the economy had crashed after the first of the year, no one really knew how long it would be until we would be able to buy supplies again. I was not about to use up what I had on hand if I could come up with another way. My thoughts turned to the idea of feeding her through her colon. This was a common practice in hospitals for patients who could not tolerate anything by mouth. In fact, there were certain drugs which were administered per rectum as the colon wall would absorb them and allow them to pass through to the blood stream.

I went to the bathroom and took out the enema bag once again. Linda was awake when I returned to the bedroom and she saw me hang the bag on the bed post above her head. Forcing herself to speak, Linda said..”what do you plan to do with that?” Standing above her as I filled the bag with the contents of the soup bowl, I told her “well, if you ever plan on regaining your strength, I have to get some food into you. Right now you’re not even strong enough to sit up by yourself, and you don’t seem to tolerate anything by mouth. So, I am going to give you a chicken broth enema.” I could see the fear on her face as my words sunk in. I could tell she wanted to protest but given her weakened state, she knew she had to submit to the feeding.

Rolling her onto her side, I propped her against the pillows and positioned one knee against her chest while allowing the other leg to remain straight. I kept her covered with the blanket, save her little bottom which was now exposed to my view. “How fucking embarrassing” she muttered in not much more than a whisper, as she felt my hand part her ass cheeks. “You had better get used to this “ I told her, “because until you can keep food on your stomach, this is how you are going to be fed.” “Great” she responded, “and I bet you are just loving this, aren’t you?” Although I would not admit it to her, I did enjoy what I was doing. After all, she was a woman, and what guy would not love the chance to have a woman under his control like this? “You just lay still and relax,” I told her, “this will be over before you know it.”

Linda let out a small gasp this time as my greased finger slipped into her backside. Though she protested at the invasion of privacy, I continued to lubricate her little bottom until I felt she was ready to have the enema tube inserted. I could tell she had some fire in her soul and when in good health, she was probably a handful to deal with. But right now she was at my mercy and she knew it. After a couple of minutes, I pulled my finger out of her bottom and let the rubber tube slip inside. This time, I would have to hold the tube in place myself, as she was awake and given her protests, she would likely have fought against it, allowing the tube to slip out.

“OK, here we go” I said as I unclasped the tubing and let the chicken broth fill her little behind. She squirmed some at first but soon settled in and just let it flow into her. I figured to let the solution run slowly into her, giving it about ten minutes for the bag to completely empty into her bowels. During this time I rested my hand on her ass cheek, holding the tube firmly in place. “How long had you been wandering around in the woods?” I asked as Linda enjoyed her breakfast. “You were damned near dead when I carried you home last night.” Watching her brow furrow I could see she was trying to remember. Given her expression, it was obvious she was having a difficult time with the memory. “I’m not really sure, to be honest” she replied, “I remember leaving the west coast about the middle of January when the rioting got really out of control.” Her words were laced with pain and I knew she must have gone through a lot.

“How did you get this far east?” I asked as I reached up and felt the enema bag with my free hand. Stumbling over her words she told me that she had stowed away on a military truck which was heading east. She made it as far as a military base in Texas where she took up with a group of survivalists. “Things are pretty rough in Texas” she continued, “It’s bad enough to be out there without provisions or weapons, but it is even worse when you’re a woman.” I could only imagine what she was referring to. I could see this conversation was pretty uncomfortable for her so I just let it go. I would wait till she had more strength before I continued with my questions.

“Okay, we’re all finished now” I said as I clamped the hose trailing from her ass. I told her that the bag was empty but she would have to allow the broth to stay in her colon for a while in order for her intestines to absorb the nutrients. “Great” she responded, “and I bet you are just going to sit there and stare at my pussy the whole time, right?” “Listen Bitch” I snapped at her and slapped her on the ass, “you’re welcome to go back out to the woods where I found you. I would think you would be grateful to be inside, warm and being nursed back to health.” “Well, I don’t know why you are trying to get me well again” she responded, “there’s nothing out there to go back to.” I slipped the long tube from her rectum and covered her up. “I’ll be back in a few minutes” I told her as I gathered the enema bag and soup bowl and walked out to the kitchen.

I knew what she was talking about. After the computer network shut down on New Year’s Eve, the entire infrastructure had collapsed and the cities had become like war zones. The government was trying to re-establish control with the help of the UN Troops. These Troops were as bad as the gangs which had begun roving the countryside, looking for food and supplies. The only electrical power available was that which was supplied by the government’s diesel generators. Anyone who had purchased a generator before Y2K was now shit out of luck, as the government had seized control of the all the fuel. The only food available these days comes from the government as well. To feed the survivors, the government had set up detention camps where they kept the citizens, and rationed out what they were allowed to have. I knew at some point the Troops would make their way out to places like where I live and when that time came, well, I didn’t want to think about that right now.

“OK, time’s up” I said as I came back into the bedroom. “Roll you over and let me put you on this bed pan so you can expel your enema.” “And I suppose you are going to watch me do that too?” Linda hissed. “Only if you want me to” I replied. “But to be honest, I would much rather get myself some breakfast since you have already had yours.” And with that, I left Linda alone to take care of her business and went out to the kitchen to find something to eat.

The feeding enemas continued 4 times a day over the next week until Linda was able to hold her food down the proper way. During this time we got to know each other a little better. She still bitched from time to time when I exposed her ass and stuck my finger inside of her in preparation for the enema, but I just took that as a signal that she was getting stronger. I had given her a bed bath each day and she was beginning to look human again. To be honest, she was a very beautiful woman and I took great pleasure in tending to her needs.

And then the day came when I was going to try and get her out of the bed. Although she was still weak, she did put a lot of effort into trying to walk around a little. I could sense that she had a lot of will power and was a very independent woman. Her first steps were tiny, but after a couple of days she was making it around the cabin all by herself. I even saw a smile cross her lips when she came out into the kitchen one morning to join me in a cup of coffee.

Now that she was moving around on her own, it was time to give her a proper bath. Until now, I had been washing her the best I could. Early one morning I drug the old copper bath tub in from the deck and began to heat the water for her bath. I called her to come out into the kitchen and will never forget the look on her face when she saw the antique tub sitting in the middle of the floor. “Okay young lady, strip.” I grinned to myself as I ordered Linda into the tub. I had anticipated that she would protest and had taken on a matter-of-fact tone in my voice. “If you think I am going to…” she started, but quickly became silent when I looked her in the eyes and repeated my command….”strip!”

Reluctantly, she removed the T-shirt I had given her to wear and stepped into the tub. It only took a minute for her to sink into the warmth of the water and relax. As I began to gently wash her, she closed her eyes and just enjoyed the experience. “You know” she said, breaking the silence “this feels really good.” “Well, it’s about time you get cleaned up and start participating around here” I told her. “You may not be able to haul firewood yet, but you can certainly do a little cooking and cleaning.” She rolled her eyes at me then closed them again, loosing herself in the warmth of the water and the feel of my hands on her body.

I also lost myself in bathing her. I would dip the washcloth in the water and let it drip warm water over her shoulders, watching it arouse her nipples as it moved down her body. Steam rose from the tub as I knelt down beside her. I washed every inch of her young body, taking special care to tease her pussy as I washed between her legs. I let my finger slide inside of her just a little and teased her clit as I withdrew it. She opened her eyes and looked at me but did not utter a single word. What I really wanted to do was to slide my cock inside of her, but given her condition, I figured she would not last very long. As long as it had been since I had been with a woman, I might have killed her with a proper fucking. As we say here in the country, I was loaded for bear.

I finished her bath by washing her hair. I had her stand up in the tub to rinse the shampoo from her long brown hair and then began to towel her dry. She stepped out of the tub and her breasts brushed against my chest. I felt my cock twitch inside my deer skin britches and wanted to take her right there on the kitchen floor. Or better yet, bend her over the hand hewn logs of the kitchen table and take her from behind, driving my cock into her until I exploded. But like I said, I wanted her to be at her best before I tried to get some of her young pussy. Backing away and reaching over to a hook on the wall, I handed her a robe. “Here, put this on” I said, I don’t want you getting sick. I’ll be back after a while” And with that, I turned and grabbed my pack and rifle, put my coat & hat on then headed for the front door.

Chapter 3

It had been three days since I had left Linda standing naked in the kitchen after giving her a bath. Pepper and I were now on our way back home after a successful hunt. Now, with enough fresh meat to last us a while, I would be able to spend some time around the cabin and with my new found friend. I wondered to myself as we trudged homeward if three days had been too long to have left Linda by herself. Would she know how to take care of herself in this strange new world we all found ourselves in? Could she manage the fire and keep the cabin warm? Would she figure out how to cook on the wood stove and keep the coal oil lamps burning? I had a gut feeling she could.

I spotted the cabin ahead and stepped up my pace. Night fall had arrived and I could see a light coming from the kitchen window. I signaled Pepper to stay quiet as we neared the cabin. After tossing the meat in the smoke house and the skins in the wood shed, I headed for the rear door. When I got close enough to look through the kitchen window, I froze in my tracks. There in the kitchen, seated in the old copper tub was Linda, soaking in the warm water. I watched her bathe her lovely body for a moment before I noticed something else. Hanging from a hook above the old tub, was my enema bag with the hose trailing downward towards the floor and it looped back around the top of the bag. I move closer for a better view.

Standing out in the cold weather I watched as Linda slowly and sensually teased her young body with the water she poured from the pitcher. I saw her breathe deeply as the steam rose up from the tub, taking in its warmth. I stood fixated as she poured pitcher after pitcher of hot water over her shoulders, watching it run down over her beautiful breasts and firm stomach. It was quite obvious that she was enjoying herself and that this was not just a bath, it was an erotic experience for her.

Suddenly she stood up, and dipping the pitcher into the water again, she filled it and poured it’s contents over her head. She repeated this action several times, tossing her head backwards, allowing her wet hair to flow down the length of her back. With her legs partly spread, the water followed the curve of her ass, finding its way between her cheeks and tickling her rosebud before dripping back into the tub. With her back to me, it appeared as though she were urinating… how incredibly beautiful, I thought. Once again she filled the pitcher, but this time raised it to the mouth of the enema bag which hung just above her head. I could not believe what I was witnessing. As she filled the bag to over flowing, I watched it begin to bulge to life, rivulets of water droplets running down it’s sides and dripping into the tub below. I could not believe my eyes. I felt my cock grow harder and harder as I peered through the window at this show Linda was putting on.

Removing the hose from the top of the bag where it rested, Linda held the nozzle in one hand and released the clamp with the other, expelling the air from the red rubber tubing. Bending over at the hips and dropping her lower back as far as she could, Linda braced herself against the back of the old bathtub and guided the nozzle towards her ass. Watching her stick her ass out even further and spreading her legs a little more, the nozzle disappeared inside of her bottom, causing me to nearly explode in my britches. I leaned closer to the window as I watched her reach up and release the clamp once more. As the water began to flow into her lovely ass, she grasped the nozzle with her hand and slowly began to fuck herself with the long, slender enema tube.

I was completely beside myself. I wanted to rush in and take over the administration of her lavage, but I also wanted to stand there forever and watch this incredible demonstration. Her hips began to move against the rhythm of her hand, pushing her ass up and backwards against the enema tube. I could see she was becoming lost in her ecstasy and I tried to imagine how wet her pussy must be. Suddenly, she lay her shoulders against the high back of the tub while her other hand moved down between her legs. I watched as she rubbed her finger in a circular motion around clit as she continued to fuck her ass with the nozzle. The bag was nearly empty and her hands began to move even faster.

Just as the enema bag completely collapsed, Linda pulled the nozzle from her ass, allowing it to drop into the tub. I watched her change positions as she squatted down in the tub and began to work her fingers in and out of her swollen pussy lips. With one hand massaging her clit and the other fucking her pussy, I watched as the contents of her bowels began to pour out into the tub. She tossed her head from front to back as the water gushed from her ass, and her hands brought her to what seemed to be an explosive climax. She was obviously lost in her orgasm so I took advantage of the moment and stepped inside.

Linda never heard me enter the cabin and I remained quiet as she rode wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. Just as she began to calm down and slumped back into the warm water, I spoke….”Am I interrupting anything?” I asked with a smart-assed grin on my face. Well, I never knew a person could turn that red. “What in the hell are you doing??” she screamed as she tried to cover her nakedness. “Well, I happen to live here” I reminded her and with that, I stepped closer to the tub.

“Have you ever heard of knocking” she yelled, obviously quite embarrassed at what I had seen. “I don’t have to knock on the door of my own house” I smiled back at her. “Did it feel good?”

Linda tried to get up and step from the tub to cover herself with the towel which lay over the back of the chair. “Not so fast, young lady, I want to see you do that again” I said to her as I handed her the pitcher filled with water. “No fucking way, you bastard!! How dare you demand that of me??” she yelled once more as I watched her sink into the water. “Either you do it, or I will do it. Now, what’s it going to be?” I asked in a very calm, sure voice.

Her eyes cut through me like a hot knife through butter. I could see the steam rising up off of her naked body as she peered at me and bit hard on her lower lip. I sensed the slightest hint of desire in her eyes as she lay in the tub, trying to look mean. “Well, is it going to be me or you?” I said with a smile on my face. After a long pause, she took the pitcher of water from my hand. “Fuck you” she barked as she stood to refill the enema bag.

I stepped back and propped myself against the kitchen sink as I watched her pour the water into the bag, her backside now facing me again. What a lovely ass she had. Firm, tight, and glistening from the hot bath water. Linda tried to act as though she was ignoring me as she purged the air from the hose and positioned herself against the back of the tub once more. “No” I said,” turn back around. I want to watch everything.” Peering at me with a mixture of hatred and passion, she turned her back to me and stuck her ass out, allowing a perfect view of her asshole. I saw one hand slip down between her legs and present the enema tube at her well shaped ass. The other hand reached behind her to spread her ass cheeks wide for my viewing pleasure.

“Now, slip it in” I coaxed her as she moved the nozzle into place. With no resistance whatsoever, the nozzle found it’s way into her bottom. Buried to the hilt, she held it in place as her other hand released the clamp. “Now move it in and out, the way you did before” I commanded her. Linda began to slowly fuck herself again with the nozzle as the water filled her behind. Quietly I began to slip out of my clothes. As the bag emptied into her, I timed myself so I would be completely undressed as the enema ended.

Just as the bag collapsed, Linda turned as I stepped into the tub with her. I grasped the nozzle and pulled it from her behind and let it fall into the tub. Reaching my arm around her hips, I pulled her ass tightly against my hardened cock. “Oh please, shove it into me” Linda moaned with desire as I positioned the head of my cock against her ass hole. I felt her push her ass backwards against me as the tip of my cock slipped past her anal opening. Harder and harder she pressed against me, forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her lovely bottom. Buried fully inside of her now, I placed my hands on her hips and began to ride her from behind. Bucking wildly, she slammed her ass against my hips, driving my cock deeper into her ass with every thrust. I felt my balls slapping against her pussy. Linda then moved her hands to her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples as I fucked her from behind, sighs of passion escaping from her lips.

I turned her around to face the back of the tub and told her to brace herself against it. As she held on to the back of the tub with one hand, I felt the other reach between her legs and grasp my balls. Her nails dug into my scrotum, pulling me into her even more. My hips slapped her ass cheeks as she squeezed my balls, bringing my climax closer. Kneading and pulling my balls harder, Linda coaxed me to orgasm. “Cum for me…shoot your sperm into my ass” she cried as I neared the edge. Just as I began to go over and release my semen into her, I felt her sphincter muscles relax around my cock and the hot enema water flow out of her behind, bathing my cock and balls with a feeling that was indescribable.

With each jet of semen I shot into her ass, Linda released more of the water onto my cock. Still squeezing my balls, milking every drop from me she could, Linda washed my balls with the water she had warmed with her own body. My body convulsed as I felt her stand and press her back against my chest. I held her close to me as she began to climax again, her wet body shivering with each wave of her orgasm. I cupped both her breasts with my hands and rolled her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers, pinching and pulling them to enhance her orgasm. Her anal muscles began to contract around my cock, milking the last drops of cum from me. Finally, we both collapsed in the tub, holding each other tight and trying to catch our breath.

When we had finally calmed down enough to speak again, we looked into each others eyes and smiled. Melting into the hot water, we held each other for the longest time, resting and relaxing in the after glow of raw, primal sex. Finally, Linda broke the silence, panting the words “that was incredible.” I just looked at her and smiled, knowing that this was just the beginning.