You Haven’t Had Your Colonic Yet, Miss

Some years ago, when I was 19 and just laying off the fast food, I consulted a nutritionist to please my boyfriend and clean up my unhealthful lifestyle. Most of this was simply a lecture about diet and exercise and eating more vegetables. “Judy, I am putting you on a cleansing diet and want you to see a colon therapist. You’ve had too many years of poor eating and we need to detoxify your system from the inside.” the nutritionist said.

My ears perked up immediately. I loathed enemas ever since I was about twelve years old and were frequently punished with soap enemas whenever I’d been a bad girl. Although I had never been to a colon therapist, I was pretty sure it involved enemas. “What’s a colon therapist?” I inquired anxiously.

“The therapist will help you get your system cleansed. It involves a special type of enema.” the nutritionist said. And she left it at that. She handed me a referral slip with a phone number and address. “In the meantime, be sure to follow the diet on the sheet of paper and take the herbs as indicated.”

I started the diet following the instructions to the letter. This included taking psyllium seed laxative every four hours and working up to a dosage of three tablespoons at a time with two glasses of water. In addition to this, I had to take herb pills that contained some kind of natural laxative. By the end of the second day, I was spending much of my time pooping. The week went by and finally it came to the day of the appointment. I’ll tell you right now, this was a day I’ll never forget.

I found the address without a problem. It turned out to be a chiropractic office in the nice part of town. I walked into a very pleasant and upscale office and was greeted by friendly receptionist. “Oh, you’re here for your 1:30 appointment? Please fill out these new patient forms”. These were the usual name, consent, and mostly “how you are going to pay for everything” forms.

I sat in the waiting room for what seemed like an eternity, growing more and more apprehensive, and thinking “what am I doing here and what are they planning on doing to me?” I’ve always been scared of doctors and this place was a lot like a doctor’s office. The receptionist appeared at the hall doorway and said, “Judy, please come with me.” I followed her down the hall and she guided me into a doctor’s office. “Dr. Johnson will be with you shortly.”

A short time later Dr. Johnson appeared. He was an old fatherly type with white hair and beard, a tweed sport coat with elbow patches, and wire rim glasses. Dr. Johnson said, “I have your referral from your nutritionist and am glad you came to us. I am a Chiropractor and am certified in radiology. The first thing we do with new patients is X- ray your colon and make sure everything is in order - OK, young Lady?”

Fine with me. I were already accustomed of dental and chest X-rays - no problem. Dr. Johnson led me to an examining room and said a nurse would be right in. The room was that familiar doctor’s office type; tiny, with an examining table, counter with lots of jars and gadgets, and a small bathroom to one side. Dr. Johnson said, “Please remove all of your clothes, except your socks, and put on this gown, with the opening towards the back.

He left me alone and I dutifully undressed skirt, blouse and panties and put on the silly gown that leaves you fully exposed in the back. I tucked the back of gown under my bottom and sat on the edge of the exam table and waited. The door opened and a matronely nurse appeared carrying a small tray. Her engraved name tag said “Miss Cricksteen”, like an english teacher I truly hated, and I suddenly felt much worse about this whole thing. “Have you ever had a colonic before, Judy?” Miss Cricksteen asked sternly.

“Well no… “, I said.

“OK, that’s fine. It is Dr. Johnson’s policy to X-ray the colon for new patients like you - so we’ll just get you ready?”. Miss Cricksteen said, “I’m going to prepare you for the exam with an enema. Please lie down on the table on your left side and get comfortable, young Lady. Put your head on the pillow.”

An immediate shock ran through my body when I heard the enema word and I could feel perspiration begin in my armpits. But I did as I was told and felt terribly vulnerable all of a sudden. I was now facing the wall and it was hard to see what Miss Cricksteen was doing. “OK Judy, I want you to bend your knees up toward your chest a little. Now bring your right knee up as close to your chest as possible. That’s a good girl. I’m going to give you a small cleansing enema to empty your lower bowel. It won’t hurt a bit. Just relax.”

Well, it was quite difficult to relax when a merciless nurse was about to give me my first enema since I’ve been a little girl. I could see she had a small tray with a small clear bottle that had a green tip on it. I now know this is a Fleet enema. It seemed familiar, not unlike the bulb syringe my mother used on me when I’d been bad. Miss Cricksteen set the bottle on the end of the table and opened the back of my gown to reveal my bottom which was pretty exposed from the position she had me get in. She pulled the green tip off of the bottle and said “Now just relax, this will only take a moment.” She pushed the nozzle into my anus and began to squeeze the bottle.

I felt a cold sensation traveling up my insides. And in a few moments it was over. Miss Cricksteen promptly closed my gown and said threateningly , “Stay in this position as long as you can, young Lady. You will have a strong urge to move your bowels and then - only then - you may use the toilet. I will be back in a while”. I felt strangely humiliated but slightly aroused at having this unknown woman being so intimate with me. I couldn’t stay in the position very long. There was something powerful in that little enema - not unlike the soapy water my mother used. I wasn’t sure how long I was supposed to stay - fifteen minutes, an hour, … she didn’t say. Anyway, it had only been a few minutes and I was ready to explode. I got down off of the table and onto the toilet and had one of the most amazing bowel movements of my life. Wow! I must have passed five pound of psyllium seed. I washed my hands and came out of the bathroom feeling empty and tired. I laid down on the exam table to rest and wait for the nurse to return.

Miss Cricksteen returned shortly with another tray and asked if the enema had been successful. I sat up and told her it had worked fine, thank you. She said we would continue preparing for the X-ray and that the colon had to be completely clean and that would require a second enema. She now opened a box on her tray, and removed a clear bag with a long length of clear tubing attached. She also removed a small packet of greenish liquid and cut the corner off of it with a pair of scissors. She poured the liquid into the bag and proceeded to fill the bag with water from the tall faucet in the sink. I was watching all of this preparation with anticipation realizing what was going to happen with this apparatus. I had never had an enema from a bag like this, and I was getting nervous. She held the bag high in the air and allowed some of the milky water to flow through the tube and into the sink and then brought it over near the table and hung it on a chrome pole next to the exam table.

Miss Cricksteen said, “Young Lady, now I want you to get up on your knees and then put your head down on the pillow. Fold your arms under you and try to touch your chest to the table.” I did as I was told until my breasts nearly touched the brown leather of the table and watched under my armpit as she donned rubber gloves, took the end of the clear tube and applied KY jelly to the end. My restlessness was growing. She now opened the back of my gown, separated my bottom cheeks with her left hand, and slowly inserted the tube into me. She opened a clamp on the tube and I could feel the warm solution begin to enter me.

Then I felt a cramp. Oh-oh. “Miss Cricksteen, please! I have to go to the bathroom -NOW!”.

She smiled wickedly and with a little snort said, “Take a few deep breaths and relax, Judy. I’ll stop the flow for a moment. You must take this whole bagful. Doctor’s orders. You’ll better take it or we have to repeat the whole procedure, young Lady.” I began to panic a little. My god, I thought. There is absolutely no way that all of that water is going to go inside of me at once.

Miss Cricksteen held the tube firmly with her hand flat on my bottom and her palm and fingers squeezing my quivering cheeks closed. Her warm hand on my bottom felt strange. The cramps subsided and she restarted the flow. Miss Cricksteen now had lie me on my right side. The cramps came and went with her stopping the flow when I complained. She had me roll onto my back. I watched the bag deflate as the last of the water ran in. I stared at the limp bag hanging from the chrome pole. Unbelievably that whole bag was now inside of me. I felt like I was going to burst. Miss Cricksteen pulled the tube out of my bottom and sweetly gave me the same advice, “Try to hold this as long as you can, Judy.” I didn’t know it was possible to inject this much water into a human being.

Some very long minutes later I sat on the toilet with the water coming out of me in wave after wave. Lots more psyllium and junk coming out. Unfortunately I got the same cramps with the water coming out as I did with the water going in. I felt a little nauseous for a while but it passed soon enough. I finally got up to go back into the exam room and had to turn around and go right back to the toilet to expel some more. Too soon, nurse Cricksteen was back. I was embarrassed by the odor I had created, which was substantial, but was glad to see she had brought nothing with her. I was exhausted and ready to go home. I had been too scared and overwhelmed during the experience.

“Come on, Judy, follow me.”, she said. “We’ll take that X-ray now”. Good…I was ready for a break. Nurse Cricksteen led me down the tiled white hallway to a darkened room with a large steel table in the center and an important looking X-ray machine swiveling above it. There were those white lighted film viewers on one wall. Dr. Johnson was waiting and said, “Please remove your earrings and climb up onto the table.” I did and shivered; the table was very cold. Dr. Johnson handed me a small pillow and asked me to lie on my stomach in the middle of the table. While he was adjusting some controls on the X- ray machine, nurse Miss Cricksteen prepared another enema bag. Oh great. This bag was larger than the last and filled with a white solution that looked like milk and had a larger hose that ended in a fairly impressive nozzle. The nozzle was white with a large tapered head on it, I’d guess about three quarters of an inch in diameter. Behind this head were a series of bumps on the shaft.

“What is that for?”, I asked. “I’m certain my colon is clean for the X-ray.” Dr. Johnson said that the colon must be filled with barium solution in order to show up on the X-ray.

“Don’t worry, Judy. it’s a bit uncomfortable but not really painful. Just like the cleansing enema Miss Cricksteen gave you earlier.” Don’t worry… I thought the cleansing enema was going to kill me.

Nurse Cricksteen hung the bag of white barium from a hook above the table on the X-ray camera. She removed a tube of KY jelly and a pair of rubber gloves from a drawer and put them on. She then squirted a generous glob of the KY jelly onto the white nozzle and coated it completely with her finger. She then put another glob on her index finger and came over to me. She said, “I’m going to lubricate you before inserting this nozzle to allow it to go in easier, young Lady.”

She once again opened my gown in the back and spreading my cheeks with her left hand, inserted her lubricated index finger into my bottom quite a ways and moved it in and out. I felt humiliated and helpless though the jelly was cool and soothing. She then said, “Here we go, Judy.” I felt the nozzle press on my anus and as I felt it stretching my hole, it just sort of popped into place. I can handle this, I thought to myself. Miss Cricksteen then started the flow and we went through those same gyrations of side to side, etc. She didn’t hold the tube in place this time. I had some more cramping but it wasn’t as bad as the last time. I just felt really - really full. Dr. Johnson then took a sheet of X-ray film and asked me to raise my stomach as he placed it underneath me. Miss Cricksteen left the room while the exposures were made.

I was feeling pretty silly, lying on a steel table, with some old man putting films under me, a hose sticking out of my butt, and about ready to poop white barium all over the room. About the time I was feeling I couldn’t hold it any longer, Dr. Johnson said the this series was finished and nurse Cricksteen reappeared. Rather than letting me get up and go to the toilet, she took the bag and lowered it to the floor. Instant relief. The bag began refilling with the barium as my colon emptied. But they weren’t through with me yet.

Miss Cricksteen pulled the nozzle out of me with a pop while Dr. Johnson was explaining that he would take some double contrast X-rays. Miss Cricksteen had another piece of equipment in her hands. This contraption was a funny amber tube with a couple of black bulbs dangling from one end - the kind you see on a blood pressure cuff. Connected to it via some black tubing was some sort of black bladder that was covered in what looked like a fish net. I had never seen anything quite like it. Nurse Cricksteen went through the now familiar routine of lubricating the nozzle, lubricating my anus and inserting the nozzle. She said, “This is a retention nozzle, Judy. I am going to inflate it in your rectum. You will feel a little pressure.” Miss Cricksteen then grabbed one of the bulbs and began pumping. She said that a bladder in the nozzle would help hold it in place.

I felt the nozzle beginning to grow in my bottom creating a pressure that felt surprisingly good. Now came the bad part. Double contrast means that old Dr. Johnson pumps the other bulb on the end of this contraption, inflating the bladder like a football, opens the valve which, in turn, deflates the bladder of air into your colon. An air enema. The special surprise is that this creates the most excruciating cramps imaginable. I guessed this is what labor must feel like for a woman. Dr. Johnson took more X-rays and finally ended this torture by opening the valve and letting the air out me like a giant fart. Miss Cricksteen then opened another valve which relieved the pressure in my rectum and pulled out the floppy nozzle. I was allowed to go to the toilet and expelled the remnants of the barium along with several very noisy and embarrassing blasts of air. This little bathroom was in the hall and I was certain everyone else in the building could hear me. I now felt like a mare that had been ridden hard and put away wet. It was now 3:30 and I was very tired. Miss Cricksteen came to fetch me and led me down the hallway. I need to find my clothes and get home I thought to myself. I’ve had plenty of excitement for one day.

But she took me to another room at the far end of the hall. I said, “Where are my clothes.”

Miss Cricksteen smiled and said, “Oh no, you haven’t had your colonic yet, young Lady.” I wasn’t sure at this point I wanted a colonic - whatever that was. I had gotten in way over my head. “Let me introduce you to your therapist.” Miss Cricksteen said.

She introduced me to Dr. Levin, the colon therapist. “So they tell me you’ve never had a colonic before, Judy?”, he asked.

“Well no.”, I sheepishly admitted.

“OK, we’ll take this nice and slow. I’ll explain everything.” I was taken into a small room with high examination table, a large shiny machine against one wall, and a couple of oxygen tanks. The room was spotless and white. The shiny machine had gauges and dials and all sorts of tubing running in and out of it. “What we are going to do is hook you up to a special machine that will cleanse your colon, Judy. Most women find it pleasant and all you have to do is lie back and relax. Come on and hop onto the table and we’ll get started. This will take about an hour. Dr. Johnson said that even after the cleansing enema, the X-ray indicates some problem areas he would like me to work on.”

An hour. I was surprised that I was about to get a one hour enema. Oh well, I’d come this far. There was no turning back. I got up onto the table and Dr. Levin showed me the machine that was positioned next to me. He explained that the machine would heat the water to just the right temperature, control the pressure, bubble in some oxygen and allow the water to flow in and out of me. He showed me a clear tube that was positioned in front of a lighted panel that allows the waste from your colon to be viewed on the way to the drain. He told me that unlike an enema, I wouldn’t have to get up to expel the water. The machine would take care of everything. He then had me put my feet into some stirrups that were attached to the end of the table. These were the same kind my doctor used when I had my checkup.

“OK honey, scoot your bottom down towards me. A little more. One more time. OK.” I felt vulnerable. I was still wearing the silly hospital gown and my whole pubic area was fully exposed with my rear now hanging off the end of the table. Dr. Levin pulled out a pair of latex gloves from a drawer and put them on. He also removed a tube of something and placed it on a table next to here. Out of another drawer he withdrew a huge metal nozzle. I had never seen anything like it. It was made of highly polished metal and looked like a long tube with a big tapered head on it. The head looked to be maybe an inch and a quarter in diameter with a very large hole in it. At the back of this contraption were some fittings for attaching tubes.

As I watched, He withdrew a polished rod from the drawer and inserted it into this huge nozzle. This blocked the large hole in the end of the nozzle and now made it look like a giant bullet. I shuddered at the sight of this thing. He opened the tube on the table and squeezed out a large glob of white lubricating cream. (To this day I don’t know what that stuff was.) He put a thick coating of this stuff all over the nozzle and then wheeled his chair over to the foot of the exam table. “We’re about ready”, he said. “Because you’ve already had enemas today, I’m going to use a large rectal speculum on you this afternoon, Judy. That way we won’t have to worry about it slipping out. First I’m going to give you a quick exam and dilate you a bit to make the insertion easy. Just let your legs fall open.”

He rolled up closer and I was a little embarrassed that he was able to see my shaven crotch and my slit. I had become strangely aroused at some point and although some slight wetness had begun to subside, it was still noticeable. I saw him coating his index finger with the white cream. Dr. Levin lifted the sheet and deftly inserted his index finger directly into my anus, which by now was pretty sore. The cream felt cool and good. He seemed to be examining my anus for a few moments and then started to stretch my rectum fairly forcibly up and down and from side to side with his finger and I felt my wetness return. I prayed he wouldn’t notice it. He removed his finger, applied another gob of lubricant and started stretching me again. I’m not sure if he was now using two fingers or it just felt like it. He then picked up the huge metal nozzle and placed it against my anus and pressed just a little. It felt very cold and foreign.

“OK, you’ll need to help me a little, Honey. Pull your knees up to your chest as far as you can and hold them there with your hands. Now take three very deep breaths and let them out slowly. On the third breath I want you to bear down very hard, just like you’re having a large bowel movement.”, he coaxed. “As you bear down I will begin to insert the speculum. Don’t worry about anything leaking. There is a pad under you.” I followed his instructions, pressed my knees against my breasts and on the third breath, as I began to bear down, he began pressing the nozzle hard against my anus and moving it around in an arc but pushing harder and harder.

“Ohhh!” I must have blurted as the stretching became intense.

“Are you all right, Judy?” he asked but never stopping the pressure on the nozzle.

“It hurts….” I whimpered as the nozzle drove home.

And then a very strange thing happened. The nozzle going in created an intense sensation that I had never before experienced in my life. The pain was more than I had expected for a moment but immediately reduced to a dull stretching pain. The nozzle was now deep in my rectum and pressing firmly against what I supposed was the lower side of my womb. This nozzle going in caused me to have an INTENSE and unusual orgasm. This surprised me only a little since I was quite aroused by then. Nevertheless, I felt myself cumming and couldn’t help but to let out a low moan. My anus and rectum were squeezing spasmodically around this large intruder in my bottom and I couldn’t do a thing to stop it.

“Are you all right, Honey?” Dr. Levin asked again. “That’s the hard part.” he said as he eased my feet back into the stirrups. I looked down and made sure I was covered by my gown. I was sure he didn’t see anything but I couldn’t believe he couldn’t feel my anal contractions on the nozzle. He either didn’t notice or was too professional to say anything. The dull pain began to subside and I tried to relax. She manipulated the nozzle for a few moments, which continued pressing on my womb and the inner side of my cunt, but I could not see what he was doing over my gown covering my knees. He then swung a shelf up from under the table which supported the nozzle.

Next he connected a very large and a very small tube to the nozzle, which created some additional sensations. He reached over to the machine and turned a knob and I could feel the warm water beginning to fill me. He said at first the water would just run in and out but that he would be gradually filling me with more and more water and then releasing it. He said I could look at the waste tube, but I probably wouldn’t see too much because I had the cleansing and barium enemas today. Dr. Levin said that this would do a good job of cleaning out the barium that was left in me and that he would work real hard on what Dr. Johnson said were encrusted areas. He suggested to say “Full” if I got a cramp or felt too full, but to try to take as much as I possibly could; the machine wouldn’t allow too much pressure to build up. I was beginning to relax a bit now, and the water felt pretty good sloshing in and out.

He was very gentle and seemed to care that I was comfortable. The pressure would build and build and then Dr. Levin would release it. I only said “Full” a couple of times. After about a half hour of this, Dr. Levin said he would fill me then massage my abdomen to help loosen the problem areas. He filled me very full, closed a valve and began rubbing my stomach in a circular motion through my gown. He was working my abdomen fairly aggressively and I was scared to death he would come across the growing wet spot near my crotch. He continued the massage now working a section of my colon at a time pressing very deeply. Sometimes he brushed my slit through my gown and I’m certain that he felt my swollen lips and my wetness but nothing was said. The colonic continued for another ten minutes or so. He had begun shutting the water on and off very fast which created some kind of a vibrating sensation which felt pretty good. He said this would help dislodge matter deep in my colon.

Finally Dr. Levin said “All done. You are clean as a whistle, young Lady. You’ll probably be tired for a while and have to urinate a lot. Hold still while I remove the speculum.” He began pulling on the nozzle slowly which once again created a brief wave of dull pain as the large part slid through my anus. He opened a wet-dry towelette and wiped most the cream off of my sore bottom like a baby and said, “You’ve been a great patient, Judy. You can get your clothes on now and we’ll see you for a follow-up colonic in a few days.”

I dressed, and was led to Dr. Johnson’s office. Of course he said that my colon was in sad shape and I would need to follow up with regular colonics. I said a frosty goodbye to Miss Cricksteen in the hall, and paid my bill. I went home, sat on the toilet again, had a couple of cocktails, and went to bed exhausted.

I had never enjoyed anal stimulation but this had been a most intense and arousing introduction to high volume enemas and colonics. I went back two more times, but it wasn’t quite the same as the first time. Strangely, the memory of the day is very much more sexual than the day itself - probably because I was so overwhelmed and frightened. I’ve never had a professional colonic since but my new boyfriend is curious about giving me an occasional enema with massage, and I think I’ve talked him into some future role-playing in which he will be wearing a doctor’s uniform and giving me a thourough “exam”.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.