A Collection of Dave Russell Stories

16th Century Enema

Lady Anne and Lady Jane and Sir Mike and Sir John are the main characters. This takes place in an old English castle complete with moats and knights and wretched peasants.

Lady Anne and Sir Mike were lying in bed and Sir Mike is telling her how much he loves her. “Your eyes are as blue as the ocean, Your bottom is like two beautiful white mounds Your long blonde hair is really delicate. The only thing more beautiful than you is a succulent roast pig.”

She threw him on his ass on the floor. He was an avid eater. The day before Sir Mike had insulted Sir John and they had to fight a duel the next morning at dawn, They did not really want to hurt one another so they held a friendly dueling match.

They drew swords. They were on the castle steps John and Mike were fencing fiercely. Up and down the steps they fought. Mike finally landed John in a corner and gave him a slight cut so he would not call him a wuss again.

They both hugged. Anne and Jane were laughing hysterically. They both grabbed the women and gave them a hard spanking. Anne said, “Guys, we must leave you to your silly games. We have an Apothecary meeting in half an hour.

They walked over to the castle infirmary and stopped at the midwifes office. She told them to undress and lay down on the two beds.

The doctor came in and said, “I see you ladies need an enema.”

They both said yes. He gave them a thorough examination and rubbed them with goose grease on their noble anuses. They both were in the knee-chest position and the doctor produced a giant enema piston syringe.

Jane went first. Dr. Merlin filled the syringe with two quarts of warm oil. They used virgin olive oil in those days. He stood behind Jane and pushed in the piston syringe. She moaned and had in orgasm at the same time. She held the warm oil in her for ten minutes and used a chamber pot to release the enema. He gave her a cloth to wipe herself off.

Anne got into position and Jane parted her buttocks and the Doctor inserted the nozzle. It looked more like a veterinary syringe. The warm oil felt good to her, it wasn’t too hot. She took it bravely. She wanted to get dressed it was cold in the castle east. They both felt a lot better.

They got dressed right away They were going to a concert that night Herb Alpert and the Medieval Brass They had a big hit with ‘Knight’s Bridge Taxi’.

The enema for home and castle use didn’t come in till much later when a Frenchman invented a portable home enema syringe. You usually had to go to an apothecary and have a stranger give you an enema.

I wonder if anyone ever had an enema fetish back then. What do you think ?

by Dave Russell

Scrooge and his Miserly Enema

It is the day after Ebeneezer Scrooge got turned around at Christmas. He ate so much of the Christmas turkey that around 8 o’clock Christmas night he began to moan fiercely.

Mrs. Crachit asked him what was the matter. “Bah Humbug !” he moaned.

“He’s gone and went back to his old ways.” The lady thought. Mrs. Crachit bopped him on his fanny and said, “You’ll be needing an enema right away Sir.” She went into the medicine cabinet and filled a two quart syringe with soapy water.

He said, “But I don’t want an enema.”

“Nonsense,” she said and made him get undressed.

He lay nude on her bed, “Bah Humbug,” he said.

Mrs. Crachit looked at him nude and said, “Oh my, put that horrid thing away quickly now. Have ye never had an enema before Sir ?”

Scrooge said no and Mrs. Crachit said, “No wonder you hates Christmas. This will make you your jolly old self again, if that is even possible.” She had the standard pewter clyster pump and she stood behind Scrooge.

She had him bend over the bed and she put some horrid green soap on the nozzle and shoved it in his rear end. He let out with another, “Bah humbug !” and started to complain as the water went in.

She slowly pressed the water up into Scrooges Rectum. It had gotten bound up from all the sweetmeats and puddings the night before. Mrs. Crachet finally got the water into Scrooge’s rectum.

She said, “Tiny Tim takes these better than you do.”

She made Scrooge hold the enema for l5 minutes and only then let him use the bedpan. The facility was too far away from the house to make a run for it at this late hour. It was very noisy for the next few minutes.

Mrs. Crachet left the old man to expel his enema in private She came back and emptied the bed pan and cleaned the old gentleman up.

Scrooge hugged her and thanked her for the enema and wrote a check for a thousand guineas, made out to Mrs. Crachet, his faithful servant.

This was his first full Christmas in years.

My apologies to Mr. Charles Dickens. I hope I don’t get the Dickens for this.

Dave Russell the Phantom Rider of Internet

A Dickens of an Enema

It is London England around the time of Oliver Twist and Charles Dickens. My wife and I manage a home for l7 year old boys. We feed and clothe them sparingly and bathe them from time to time.

About the only thing we can give them is a good enema. They stay with us till they are eighteen. They work from sun up to sundown doing drudgery and labor. Mister Dickens is trying to change things but I doubt if he will.

The boys can’t be tied up too long or we won’t get any money out of them. They are told when to eat, sleep and when to have a bm. Some of them have accidents.

Every Friday night Sister Ann comes over from the hospital equipped with an enormous shoulder enema syringe We give ten enemas at a time. There are twenty boys who live here. On Sunday afternoons they are spanked as needed, which is often.

The boys line up outside the bathroom completely nude. Nurse Ann calls each of the boys in one at a time. I fill the syringe and hand it to her.

Each boy is placed over the bathtub and she stands and pumps the massive amount of fluid into the boys’ bowels. It is hard for them to take three quarts. She has given the boys many enemas.

By the time they are finished with the massive enemas they are reduced to little boys again. If they do not take it like a man they are spanked then made to take the enema over again.. It is a long drawn out process.

Each of the boys love Miss Ann though. She is the only one who shows them any love at all.

After they are clothed and bathed she gives each one a hug and a piece of candy for them. Then for the record she makes me strip and bend over the tub. I do it to show them you are never too old for an enema.

They are put to bed and on Saturday so they can rest up for punishment on Sunday. Then it is back to their hard work life.

Oh by the by, Nursie was complaining to me the whole time she was giving enemas to the boys. I said after my enema I should return the favor She laughed and undressed completely and was a good little nurse and only had to be spanked once during the whole enema.

When I slapped her on the bum she giggled and said, “Ohhhh, kind Sir, do it again.”

It was the first time I ever used a piston enema syringe. I can’t wait till they invent enema bags though, if truth be told.

Dave Russell the Phantom Rider of Internet

Lisa’s Lavement

I was sitting in a restaurant all alone watching my next door neighbor. She motioned me to come over. I had known her all her life. “Hi sir, how are you tonight ?

“I’m fine Lisa how are you ?”

“Sir, I don’t feel well.”

I was going to drink a Sprite and go home. “Do you mind if I have a coke with you ?” I asked.

She said no, “I would enjoy your company.”

We talked about the home run race and President Clinton. and before we knew it the place was going to close so we headed down the street to my apartment. I said, “Lisa, we have to do something about your tummy ache.”

She said, “I could use an enema if you’d help me.”

I was taken aback about it but I reassured her an enema would be the best thing. I said, “It won’t be bad Lisa.”

She said, “My Mom gave me one when I was seventeen.”

She took a shower and dried herself off and lay down on my bed. I chose a three quart Beth Tyler bag and filled it to the brim. Lisa turned over on her side and I inserted the nozzle.

After each quart I messaged her tummy for five minutes and continued the flow. She took the whole three quarts and asked if she could use the bedpan. I said it was far too soon and placed a piece of toilet paper over her anus and held it in her for l5 minutes.

She called me every name under the sun. Finally she was perched on the bedpan. I had to empty the bedpan three times.

I asked, “When was the last time you went to the bathroom ?”

She said, “Four days ago.”

“How would you like to come here for a weekly enema ?”

She agreed. So every Friday night we exchange enemas.

Dave Russell

Our Miss Brooks

The year is l949 and Harriet Conklin and Miss Brooks are talking alone in the class room of dear old Madison High.

“Gee Miss Brooks, I don’t feel well.”

Connie says, “What’s the matter dear ?”

“I have not had a b. m. in three days.”

“Cant you talk to your Mother about this ?”

“She can’t handle enemas and laxatives. Could you help me Miss Brooks ?”

“I will have to wait till lunchtime.”

Harriet said that will be fine. It was a long morning for Harriet. Mr. Conklin had given permission for the enema to take place at noon in the nurses office. Harriet kept passing gas in the class room and all the kids were laughing.

Finally Connie left Walter Denton in charge of the home room, and Connie escorted Harriet into the Nurses office.

“Connie, the nurse is off today. You will have to administer the enema to Harriet.”

Connie said, “Gee, aren’t I the lucky one ?”

Harriet said, “Don’t worry, You can spank me if I misbehave.”

The office consisted of two beds and a toilet right between them. Harriet slowly undressed and was completely naked. Connie locked the door so they would have some privacy. She stood Harriet over the bed and greased her anus real well. She moaned heavily.

Connie chose a two quart metal irrigator with a long hose and adult nozzle. Harriet outgrew the infant nozzle years ago She put some Halo shampoo in the can(inside joke) and Harriet was put over her lap and Connie inserted the nozzle and turned the water on.

Harriet started to cry and Connie gave her a light spank. The can was half empty and Harriet thought she was going to throw up, but she didn’t. The enema was finished. Harriet was left over Connie’s lap for l5 minutes.

When she was put on the toilet the young girl exploded. Connie stayed with her the whole time. She was on the john for half an hour. Connie cleaned her up and told her to go into the shower room and handed her a towel washcloth and robe and deodorant.

She took her shower and she never felt better. Before she left she gave Connie a much needed hug.

That night after school Miss Davis had to give Connie an enema because she did not feel well.

Before she went to bed she had to give herself a douche. She was one heck of a well cleaned out schoolteacher.

Dave Russell The Phantom Rider of Internet

Reform School Enema

My name is Dawn and I have been sentenced to one month in the Russell Correctional Facility. I was caught shoplifting. It was a stupid thing to do, I know.

I am seventeen. I do not like it here. We are in Florida and we are put on a chain gang in the hot sun for l2 hours. The we are confined to our cells for the other twelve hours. We are told when to eat sleep and defecate. If we are bad we are given a spanking.

This is done on Friday nights in the Warden’s Office. Every Saturday night we are forcibly given an enema whether we need one or not.

The first night I was there I talked back to one of the guards. I have an appointment with the warden for my first spanking at the facility. I approached Mr. Russell’s office with trepidation and fear.

I haven’t been spanked since I was twelve. I faced Mr. Russell. “You know the rules. Pull down your panties and climb over my lap.”

“But, but….” I stammered.

“Do as I say young lady.” He uses a ping pong paddle and he knows how to use it. He gave me thirty full blows of the paddle. I was crying like a baby.

“Young lady You may go back to your cell.” He noted the spanking in his book. “I don’t want to see you in here again . Do you catch my drift young lady ?”

I sniffed and nodded my head.

“Saturday night is a busy night around here,” he said ominously.

There are fifty young ladies who face an enema every livelong Saturday night. Some of us women have to be held down, others take it without a hitch. There are fifty women lined up outside the bathroom waiting their turn.

The girls are given enemas two at a time. The whole process lasts about three hours.. The bathroom contains two tables a closet with all kinds of douche and enema equipment. We are required to douche once a day.

The enemas start at seven p.m. and usually the last one is given at ten p. m. Lights out at eleven.

Donna and I are first in line tonight. We are made to disrobe and lay down on the two enema tables. We are given enemas with an enema can and six inch colon tube. The tube goes in twelve inches into the colon. We are both given two quarts and we have to hold it for l5 minutes

Sometimes they use a twelve inch colon tube. We are over on our sides and the nurse starts both enemas at the same time. We are both moaning and groaning. Never have I felt such pain in all my life.

If you say one word about it hurting you are back over Mr. Russell’s lap. You have to take the whole enema too. The can was empty and we were breathing heavily and wanting to go to the potty real bad. But the nurse inserted a butt plug and made us hold the enema for l5 minutes.

I was never in such agony in all my life. But I dared not say a word.

Donna was used to the enema. Her mother used to give them to her every week. I had gotten a few from my Dad and Mom but they never hurt like this. The nurse finally removed the butt plug and we both let loose like a volcano erupting. The nurse stood over us the whole time. It was very embarrassing.

We finished the enema and were given a shower and went back to our cell and watched TV till the lights went out at midnight.

I only have 28 more days here and I cant wait to get my ass out of here. The sun beats down on us in the day and it’s very cold and lonely in the cell at night. The only thing you have to look forward to is an occasional spanking or enema.

Dave Russell The Phantom Rider of Internet

Mandy’s Prison Ordeal

Hi. My name is Mandy Jones. I’m here at The Ohio Correctional institute for women. I am seventeen years old and I got caught stealing a car. It was wrong but I will have to spend a year in this hell hole.

Everything is done at certain and fixed times. You go to the bathroom at a certain time. You are strip searched almost every night. And we may be old but we still are strapped.

I have a janitorial job and I’m responsible for cleaning the rest rooms. One day I went in the bathroom and Ginny got mad at me and drew a knife on me. Now we face a strapping in the Warden’s punishment room.

The room is very large, You are given a fleet enema before the strapping. The strapping isn’t that bad but it does hurt. Then you spend two more weeks in solitary lock up to recover from the strapping. No TV, no clock.

The Nurse is present at all punishments. I was laying on my bed Saturday morning and the Nurse prepped me and the guards handcuffed Ginny and I and led us down to our doom. We walked very slowly almost as if it was to our execution. They gave us each a hospital gown with the back open.

We are placed in the center of the gym and handcuffed to the exercise horse. Our both hands are tied down. We are sentenced to twenty five swats with the strap. Ginny went first Whap Whap Whap She almost passed out after twenty. She was sobbing violently but she managed to make it through the strapping.

The nurse applied some cold creme to her swollen bottom and I didn’t see her for two weeks.

When it was my turn, I was led up to the horse and bent over and handcuffed. The officer raised the strap : “Ow, ow whap whap whap ooooooh whap…”

I was exhausted by the twentieth swat The nurse applied some cold creme to by bottom and hugged me and sent me back to my cell.

For two weeks I lay there pondering my future. The time passed slowly. I thought I would go nuts from the loneliness. The loneliness was worse than the spanking. No one to talk to. My food was passed through the slot on the door.

The two weeks in there was an eternity. After I got out Ginny and I became fast friends for life. We look back on the year we spent there fondly. We never got in trouble again.

Dave Russell The Phantom Rider of Internet

School Spanking Machine

This is the story of what happened during half time of the basketball game between Chris Farley High and John Belushi High.

Between seasons, we placed two boys on the cheerleading squad. Which brings the total to six kids. It was rather warm and humid in the gym and it was snowing outside. The cheerleaders were inside the locker room drinking beer. That is a very big no-no according to school policy.

Matt and Bob passed around a beer to each of the kids. “You’re right, Matt didn’t learn anything from Mr. Spankee the first time.”

Just then who comes in the locker room but the girls gym coach, Mrs. Finch. “Kids, just what do you think you are doing? This is one of the worst things you have ever done. You will have a meeting with Mr. Spankee and his mate after school tomorrow. You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

The kids were leaving the gym dreading their fate. “I told you we would get caught but nooo, you would not listen. Now thanks to Fabio here we won’t be able to sit down for a zillion ears.”

“Listen, Miss Jennifer loves Hewit, you wannabe. This was your own choice. So shut up…. OK ?”

Much to their dismay it was a very long day. At three p.m. They were ushered into the assembly after all six of them were prepped with a fleet enema.

Matt protested. “I didn’t have to do this before.”

The nurse said, “It is for your own good. We don’t want any accidents.”

The two boys were prepped in another room away from their female partners in crime. The six were led two by two to face punishment but that isn’t the proper term.

The two girls went first. They had put the machine on medium and set the counter for fifty. They were strapped into position. They were checked after each block of ten swats. They had a two minute rest between each series of ten swats. The first two were gushing a mass of tears. They were led down to the nurses office for a soothing ointment.

The next two went through the same ordeal. They swore after the first round. They were given an extra five. They kept their mouths shut during the next four rounds. They were led down to the nurse’s office.

Matt and Bob were next. They shook hands with the Principal and then strapped in place.

They set the counter for fifty. Wham, wham, The clinched their teeth and bit their lips in pain but they did not cry . Don’t forget that no student would be hit at the same time. One paddle would fall then the other would raise. After forty whacks on the seat they were like little kids getting a spanking from their mother once again.

After the spanking took place all six kids were suspended for three days. And they had to go to AAA meetings once a month.

But in the end all six kids graduated with honors and once in a while they book themselves on their own for an attitude adjustment meeting after work with Mr. Spankee. He knows all the students quite well.

Since they installed the machine, spankings are way down At Chris Farley High.

Dave Russell The Phantom Rider of Internet

College Sorority House Mother

My name is Mrs. Johnson and I have the task of taking care of 20 Freshman college girls. All are 2l years of age. I run this house pretty strict. If any of the girls come in late they get five swats with the paddle. The parents give me permission slips to do it.

One night June and Elly went out to a night owl party. I told them to be home by l am, but they came waltzing in the door at two thirty in the morning. They were a little tipsy. They started throwing up in the wastebasket.

“What do you have to say for yourselves ?” I said with my hands on my hips.

“You’re not our mother,” they chortled.

“Maybe not. But just the same, go up to the bathroom and prepare yourselves for an enema. Then after the enema in the morning you will get ten swats instead of five. Any squawking during the enema will earn another five swats, fifteen in all.” I made sure they understood I meant business.

They were completely nude sitting on the chairs in the hall. It was show time.

I said, “June, come in here.”

“Yes Ma’am,” she said. She is rather small for 21 so I sat down and put her over my lap. The 2 quart enema bag was ready to go. June said, “I am ready I guess.”

“You better be, because it’s coming anyway,” I retorted.

So I started the flow. Her stomach looked like she was pregnant and she started to get full. But she did not complain.

“I will reduce your spanking to five swats.” I relented.

She leapt off my lap and exploded into the toilet. She was pretty calm.

I then called Elly in and greased her anus real well. June helped and she held the bag high. Elly took it quite well. She had better results than June. She was more compacted. I kept the paddle behind the enema bag. I said, “Girls, do you want your spanking now or later ?”

They both said : “Now.”

“Elly you spank June and June you spank Elly.” That was poetic justice.

Well, Elly Put June over her lap and whap whap whap whap whap She was bawling. June was calmed down in a few minutes so June sat down and spanked the hell out of Elly. She gave her seven just to get even.

Remember our motto : a happy sorority is a cleaned out sorority.

Dave Russell The Phantom Rider of Internet