A Letter Received From A College Co-Ed

After reading your letters, I find myself wishing you would appear at my door, a doctor making a surprise “checkup”.

House calls (or dorm calls) are easy enough, you tell me, and patients are more comfortable when they feel at home. This makes sense to me. I let you in. You carry a black bag, which I guess contains your tools. I will soon discover that I’m right, but the tools I imagine you have are not what you brought.

You put the bag on my desk and sit down in my only chair. I sit on the bed, indian-style, wondering what kind of checkup I will be getting. You watch me intently until I begin to squirm, and then you speak. “In a general checkup like this, I usually begin by taking a temperature and depending on that, the routine varies from patient to patient.”

I nod OK and wait for you to remove your thermometer. I notice that you take two thermometers from your bag. You take one and read it, shake it down, and then I open my mouth as you approach me - taking the thermometer in my mouth. As I sit there, I watch you get your supplies from the bag and lay them out on the desk, then you do a little paperwork and, before long, you’re taking the thermometer from my mouth. “Hmmm, that’s interesting”, you say and you shake down the thermometer and put it back in its case. I’m surprised when you get the other thermometer and I notice that it has a bulbous end rather than a long one as I’m used to. You tell me to stand up and take my panties off. I’m shy to do it in front of you, but you’re the

doctor… I feel myself blush as I slide my panties down to my ankles before stepping out of them. I’m wearing a long skirt, so I don’t show very much in taking them off.

You get up from the chair and tell me to lie on the bed on my stomach. I’m thinking this is a bit odd until you approach the bed and tell me, “Get up on your knees so I can slide this skirt up.” I do it, feeling odd with you behind me. You lean over and pull my skirt up slowly, until my legs and ass are entirely exposed to your gaze. You leave the skirt bunched at my hips and step away from me briefly.

When you come back, I feel your gloved finger coated in a slick lubricant rubbing between my asscheeks. I tense, never having been touched there, but after a moment, I relax. Then with your other hand, you slowly insert the thermometer inside me, moving it in and out as you go, watching my muscles spasm from the new feeling.

I am breathing faster and feel the blood rushing to my face, partially from this position, and partially from the sensation of your hand on my back holding me still and the thermometer inside my rectum. I’m glad you can’t see my face; I’m sure my eyes are glazed and obvious.

I find myself keenly aware of my exposed position: my butt up in the air and a thermometer protruding from my rectum. And, I feel your presence in the room and can only wonder what you think of me in this position. It’s only a few moments before I feel your hand on my asscheeks, rubbing them and spreading them apart, and then I feel you adjusting the thermometer. It

actually feels good as you move it in and out and twirl it between your fingers. You’re also using a hand to lightly stroke my asscheeks and the inside of my thighs. I feel a warmth in my loins and I wonder if you can see my wetness. I feel you sliding the thermometer from my rectum and I can even feel the coolness of the air between my asscheeks as it is removed. I know you’re standing behind me looking at it when you say, “Hmmmmm, slightly elevated, we’ll have to check on that.”

You pull my skirt down and off, leaving me naked from the waist down. I begin to lower myself on the bed but you tell me to stay in position, and I hear you putting on the exam gloves. I cannot disobey and find myself growing aroused by your presence, your commands. Your touch feels different when your gloved hand spreads my asscheeks and I am still a bit surprised as I feel your lubricated finger…entering my rectum. This is a totally new sensation and you stop inserting your finger until the involuntary spasm is over and then you continue sliding it inside. As you move your finger around, I can’t help but squeeze my rectal muscles on it. That same warmth is again spreading in my loins, and then I feel your hand on my belly,

stroking, lightly pushing, as you move your finger in and out of my rectum…and then you slowly remove your finger. I hear you removing the exam gloves and then I feel a light smack on my left assasscheek. “Just a little impaction - let’s continue here, and then we’ll straighten that out”, you say, and then you tell me to turn over on my back.

I begin to turn over until I remember that, in this position, you will now see me naked, that is, exposing my “privates” - but, somehow at this point, it doesn’t matter and I roll over. Now I can look at you standing above me at the side of the bed. You lean over me and put your hands on either side of my neck, feeling for something, and then you feel under my arms. You take a light and shine it in my eyes and nose, and you ask me to open my mouth so you can look inside. For some reason, I like to watch the stethoscope hanging from around your neck. Now, you have me sit up and remove my shirt, but I still don’t feel too exposed since I’m wearing a bra. You have the gentlest touch as you place the stethoscope against my chest and across my back. “OK - how about slipping off your bra?”, you ask, and I’m a bit surprised, so you have to ask again before I comply.

Now, I AM naked! No doubt about it, as I sit before you on the bed. You take a breast in each hand and I feel your fingers lightly squeezing them, “for symmetry” you say. Then, you take the nipple of each breast between your fingers and it hardens. “Not to worry”, you say, “it happens all the time” and you finish by asking me to lie back as you repeat the process. I wonder where this examination is headed and I suspect that it is DOWN - yeah, down to my privates which are getting really hot.

You listen to my stomach with your stethoscope and you press your fingers into my belly. I feel a slight sensation and my stomach growls. “See?”, you say, “that’s the problem that we’re going to chase away.” I wonder what you mean. Now what? But it’s not too long and your fingers are getting closer - in my pubic hair and pressing on my pubic bone, then to the side of

each thigh. “Let’s do a quick pelvic”, you say as I see you putting on yet another pair of exam gloves. Things are happening quickly and I can only wonder how you do this without becoming aroused. I’ve gotten aroused just lying here while you examined me. “Spread your legs and raise your knees - keep your feet flat on the bed”, you tell me, and I do as I’m told. I

realize that it’s over; yes, I can’t hide it anymore - IF I’m wet down there, you’ll know. How can I not be wet?

You pull the chair up to the foot of the bed and tell me to slide down a little bit so that my feet are on the edge. Then, you spread my knees further apart and I can feel your fingers on either side of my lips, moving them from side to side, and spreading them apart. “Like I said before, don’t feel badly if this examination has an arousing effect - after all, you have been touched in all of the erogenous zones”, you tell me. Does that mean that you’ve noticed my wetness? “You seem to be sufficiently lubricated, but I’m going to use some KY just in case”, you say. You’ve noticed. I’m wet. I feel your finger against the opening to my vagina. You move it around a little bit to spread the lubricant and then your finger slides inside. With your other hand, I feel you spreading my lips and then pressing above my pubic bone as you insert your finger its full length.

“Everything seems to be in place”, you say, as you move your finger from side to side and in and out, and your hand works across my belly back down to my lips — “ooohhh, uhhhh”, I respond, as your fingertip touches that very sensitive spot at the top and my muscles squeeze on your finger. “That’s the clitoris and the Glans of Bartholin - it’s what drives the female sexual response and provides the natural lubrication - Everything is working just fine”, you say…and then you remove your finger. “I don’t have a speculum with me, so I can’t do a Pap Smear - just stop by the Health Center and we’ll take care of that”, you tell me, as you discard the exam gloves. I am flushed and remain in position on the bed.

I hear you fumbling in your bag, sounds as if you’re opening something, and I look over to see that you’re holding a little bottle with a nozzle on it. As you approach the bed, you tell me, “This is called a Fleet enema, just about 8 ounces of a solution that will take care of that impaction.” You are so cool, so professional. Even before I have time to question what’s going on, you’re back between my legs and spreading my asscheeks. I feel the nozzle - bigger than the thermometer and smaller than your finger - against my rectum. “Okay - no big deal here - I just slide the nozzle in, squeeze the bottle, and the solution goes inside”, you say, as you do just what you described. What a strange sensation as I feel the cool solution entering my bowels.

As you squeeze the bottle, you rub my belly. “This helps ease any cramping - that impaction has made a home here and it’s gonna get kind of mad”, and you chuckle a little as you rub my belly. Yeah, a little cramping, but not bad - and, somehow, I feel things loosening up inside. Your rubbing of my belly has expanded to the top of my pubic hair as you slide the nozzle from my rectum. “Sometimes rubbing the belly and then around the area eases the cramping and distracts you, too”, you tell me. “Go ahead and try it”, you say, as you place my hand on my belly. I rub my hand just like you did and then let it wander lower. Oh, that does feel good. I keep rubbing as you go into the bathroom - I hear the water running so I guess you’re cleaning up. “Try to hold it as long as you can, then come in here”, you holler out from the bathroom. I’m enjoying the stroking and wondering whether to let my hand go a little lower or maybe to rub my breasts. Just then, you come out of the bathroom and I’m feeling the need to use it. I stand up and walk quickly to the bathroom. Once seated on the toilet, it feels sooo good to expel that enema AND all the bad stuff that’s been inside of me. “Go ahead and rub some more”, I hear you tell me from the room. Again, I do as you tell me and it feels so good. I let my hand wander down into my pubic hair and it feels great, but, somehow, I keep myself from continuing. There will be time for that. Just then, you tap on the door. You push it open and hand me a clipboard with a pen. “While you’re sitting there, how about filling out this form and sealing it inside the envelope?”, you ask me. Interesting. Here’s a man who’s just seen me completely naked and probed every one of my orifices - not to mention giving me an enema - and he just sticks his hand in the doorway. Like, what’s he going to see that he hasn’t seen before? “Oh, and when you’re finished in there, I just want to do one more temperature check and rectal exam to make sure we got you cleaned out”, I hear you say as you’re walking away. I looked at the form:


Name -

Age -

Home City/State -

Height -

Weight -

Measurements or bra size, pants size, dress size -

Do you masturbate -

If “yes” How often -

Have you ever inserted anything into your vagina? -

Have you ever inserted anything into your rectum? -

Have you had sexual intercourse? -

If “yes”, when was your first and most recent experience? -

Do you shave or trim your pubic hair?

What color is it?