A Little Fantasy

By Jon Elson

Hello, my name is Dan, and I’d like to tell you about my experiences with my girlfriend, Pam. I work at a University, and had reason to use some equipment that belonged to another department. I met a female grad student there who was an absolute knockout, and got to talking to her when I was working some evenings. We started going out to dinner, and then she invited me over for dinner to reciprocate. She was an excellent cook, too. We got closer and closer, and the relationship started to get a bit physical. I was spending a fair amount of time over at her apartment. At first, I respected her privacy, but eventually, my curiosity got to be too much, and I had to do what I often do in other people’s bathrooms, and that is snoop! I have been an enema lover since I was a small kid, and so I always have to look for people’s enema equipment. When I peeked inside Pam’s vanity, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Luckily, I had already used the bathroom, or I would have had trouble emptying

my bladder, because I got an instant erection. Pam didn’t have the ordinary little travel syringe, or anything like that. She had a huge plastic bucket, with a whole lot of large diameter plastic hose, and a big ‘N’ tip on the end. This is a clear

plastic tube with a bulbous tip, with several holes in the tip. Next to the bucket was a cardboard box, with Vaseline, boxes of salt and baking soda, some measuring spoons, and a big bottle marked ‘Castile Enema Soap Concentrate’. There was also a bath thermometer, and a big spoon for stirring, I guess. Wow! Either Pam was really into enemas in a big way, or had a medical reason to take them. Maybe both?

Anyway, I quickly got out of there, and pretended nothing had happened. But, I had to find out what Pam did with that stuff, and how often, and why!

Well, our relationship continued to get more intense, with a lot of petting and rolling around on the living room floor. I sort of noticed that there was a pattern developing, that Pam would call it a night early every other night, saying she needed to wash her hair, or had to get up early the next morning, or something like that. I suspected maybe these were the nights she needed to give herself those big enemas. One night, when I went home early, I drove off, and parked about two blocks away, and walked back. I went up the back stairs and counted down the windows to her apartment. The bathroom light was on, but the patterned glass didn’t allow much to be detected. I walked slowly down to the end of the building, and then circled back, and then saw a moving shadow on the window. I hugged the wall just next to the window, and then I could hear the unmistakable

sound of an enema being expelled. It was faint, but loud enough that I could distinctly tell what I was hearing. There was a big gush, then a couple of plops, then a big gas blast, then a lot more gushing. Well, I didn’t want to get arrested as a peeping tom, so I quickly left and walked back to my car, and drove home.

The next night, when I arrived, I could tell that something was a bit different. Pam had already changed from work clothes into ‘something more comfortable’, almost a nightgown, and I could tell she didn’t have her bra on. We started petting, and she asked if we’d be more comfortable on her bed, and so we went in and laid down on the bed. She had never offered this location before. After some more nuzzling, she said that she had gotten on ‘the pill’ a few weeks ago, and was now ‘safe’. She started taking my clothes off, and I helped out a bit. She then pulled off her gown, and we slid under the covers. We had really great sex, and then just lay there for a while, snuggling together and talking. Pam asked if I was really hungry, because

she had something to do, and would prefer to eat later, but she could have just a little snack. I tried to appear fairly disinterested, and said “Oh?” She said she had to take her ‘treatment’, and it was better on an empty stomach, and she usually was pretty hungry after. Well, after an introduction like that, I figured out I was supposed to ask about this ‘treatment’, so I

asked what it was. Pam said ‘Well, I have a bowel condition that I was born with, It’s kind of like an over-large colon, and I have to keep it cleaned out or I get the most awful gas and bloating. So, I have to take a couple of enemas every other day to avoid all that.” I said “Oh, that sounds interesting.” She was rather surprised by that reaction, and she later told me that she had had some really bad reactions to revelations of that sort. So, she handed me a robe, and she put her gown back on, and

we had some crackers and cheese until we were no longer hungry, and then Pam said she had better get started, because it takes a while. She said I could sit in the bedroom and we could talk while she was doing her treatment, but I said I’d had enemas before, and it would be no problem for me, and I’d just as soon stay with her in the bathroom, unless she was embarrassed to do it in front of me. Pam said she wasn’t embarrassed at all about it, and that it would be easier to talk with me in

the room, anyway. We walked through the bedroom, and she threw off the gown, and walked naked into the bathroom. She bent down and opened the vanity, and pulled out the giant bucket, and the box of accessories.

She turned on the tub faucet, and adjusted it to get the right temperature. She turned around to get my reaction, and I was staring at the bucket, which is probably what she expected. Pam said “You probably have never seen an enema outfit like this, this is what they use in hospitals to give Barium enemas, and such. It holds 4 quarts, which is a lot, but it takes that much to give me a thorough cleaning out.” She checked the water temperature with her tongue, adjusted the faucet just a little, and measured some salt into the bucket. She put the bucket in the tub, under the faucet. After a while, she measured out a bit of soap from the Castile soap bottle, and poured it into the bucket. The bucket immediately got a head of suds. She turned the faucet off after the bucket was about three-fourths full, and lifted it up onto the top of the vanity. She then stirred the solution

with the big spoon for a while. Finally, she uncoiled the hose, and held it over the toilet, and opened the clamp for a few seconds, until the air bubbles were purged from the hose. She then held the N-tip up, and smeared a generous amount of vaseline all over the tip. Pam then got down into a sort of kneeling position, and reached around her backside to insert the

tip. She then moved into the knee-chest position, and reached up and opened the clip. She made a soft moaning sound, and then just lay there, breathing a little heavily.

I asked her whether it was uncomfortable, as the water seemed to be flowing fairly fast. She said it wasn’t uncomfortable

at all, but it was very warm and felt kind of relaxing at first. After a minute or so, her belly began to rumble, as the water and gas mixed and was churned around inside her. I asked about that, and she said “Yes, the first one is always the most difficult, the gas makes it get uncomfortable near the end. You’ll notice I’m only taking three quarts for this first one. After I get some

of the hard stuff out, then the gas comes out, and it is much easier to take another one.” At this point, the bucket made a big sucking sound, and she reached up and closed the clip. She then slowly rolled over onto her right side, and her belly made a very loud rumbling of gas and water. After a minute like that, she rolled over onto her back, and started to massage her

swollen belly. I was almost beside myself at this point, and got down on the floor next to her, and gently rubbed her tummy, too. It was quite firm, and the shape of the colon was easily felt through her abdomen. Pam took my hand, and showed me where the different areas of the colon were, and when she put my hand over her cecum, telling me that this is the largest part of the colon, I could feel that hers was very large. It felt like she had a salami inside her.

After a few minutes on her back, she rolled over onto her left side, again with a great amount of rumbling from inside her. Then, she said she would have to let it out in just a minute or two, but it was supposed to be good for the colon to work on the

pressure for a bit, and hold it as long as you could. After another minute, she quickly got up and onto the toilet, and let out a tremendous blast of water, followed by some solid material, and then a big gas blast. She looked at me, and said “I hope I’m not embarrassing you, you don’t have to stay in here if you don’t want to.” I assured her that I wasn’t embarrassed, and that when I was a kid, my mom gave all of us kids enemas on Saturday night, and we all had them together in the bathroom

at the same time.” Pam was amazed at that, and I think also very interested in the idea. She mostly concentrated on expelling all that was inside her, and the noise and smell was unbelievable, even to an old-time enema lover! She made the most astonishing gas blasts all through the expulsion. Finally, she was done, and rubbed her belly to be sure she got it all out. There were still a few little sounds of gas inside as she rubbed, but she had gotten almost all the water out, and that apparently

was good enough for the first one. She reached behind and wiped herself off, and then flushed the toilet. She started the tub faucet again, and then put more salt into the bucket, and put it under the faucet. This time she filled it all the way up and added the soap after putting the bucket up on the vanity. She stirred the soap in, and then cleared the air from the hose.

She repeated the rest of the procedure, and got back into the knee chest position and opened the clip. This time her moaning was a little more pronounced, and I got down on the floor next to her and started to rub her belly as it swelled. I could really feel the swelling in her left side first, then rubbed the splenic flexure to ease the water from her descending colon into her transverse. Pam said “Ohhh, it feels like you know what you’re doing, that really helps relieve the pressure. Thanks.” I kept

up the massage as the water continued to fill her, finally rubbing over on the right side to help the water into her cecum. I noticed at this point that there was something liquid sliding down her legs, and realized it was vaginal lubrication, as her anus was showing no signs of leaking. When the bucket made the sucking sound, she rolled over onto her right side, and this time there was only a slight gurgle inside, as she had, indeed, gotten rid of most of that gas that was filling her colon. She clamped the tube, and reached around her bottom and pulled the tip out. She said she liked to hold the second enema for about 10 minutes, and it was more comfortable to lie on the bed. As we walked to the bed, my erection was impossible to hide, and Pam saw the bulge in the bathrobe. After we lay on the bed, she opened the robe and took it off me, and pulled me close

to her. I just lay next to her, but then she started moving around, and it was obvious she wanted to have sex (which I was sort of expecting, what with the lubrication I saw). So, I very gently got on top of her, and eased into her vagina. She was hot as could be, and started rocking her hips wildly.

I was plenty hot, but she was hotter, with the heat and pressure of that huge enema inside her, and came almost immediately. I came a few seconds later, and gently laid on her, being careful to not put pressure on her belly. After a minute, she asked if we could roll over, and so we did, without uncoupling. She laid there on top of me for a few minutes, and then was ready to move to the bathroom again. As soon as her bottom hit the toilet seat, she began a huge gushing evacuation. There was just a little

bit of solid matter, and an almost continuous gushing of water for about ten minutes. Finally, it tapered off to intermittent dribbles, and she said she was about done.

The third enema was about the same, except that she didn’t mix any soap with the water, just the salt. She put the bucket on the vanity to mix the salt up, and then, to my surprise, hung the bucket from the shower curtain rod. She put it off to one side, near where the rod was attached to the wall, so as not to buckle the curtain rod from the weight of the full bucket.

She cleared the air from the tube, greased the tip and inserted it just like before. When she was in the knee-chest position, she opened the clip, and I could actually hear a slight hissing sound as the water rushed through the hose into her bottom. She filled up a lot quicker in that position, and then rolled onto her back. I got between her legs and started to massage her whole belly,

and she was in seventh heaven. She started to squeeze her large breasts, and then put her hands between her legs and started to gyrate wildly. Her orgasm was explosive, and left her bucking on the floor. After she regained her control, she pulled out the tip and lifted herself onto the toilet. Her expulsion was more relaxed than the previous one, but it still went on for over 10 minutes, with pretty steady gushing the whole time. While she was expelling, she asked me if I though it was weird that she

got off on the sensations of an enema. I told her that I had been the same way, and that I had been getting erections when I had an enema since I was about 8 or so, and had used them for masturbation for some years, starting when I was about 12.

Pam asked me if I wanted an enema, and I told her I’d love one. She also asked me what I thought of anal intercourse, and I

told her it was sort of a fantasy of mine to give a girl an enema and then have anal sex with her. She was just about bouncing on her toes when I told her this! So, she mixed up 3 quarts of mild soapsuds with salt, and gave me the enema with the bucket on the vanity, and my rear in the air. I’d never had an N-tip used on me before, and it was quite an experience.

When it was all in me, she clamped the tube and removed the tip, and she grabbed the vaseline as we moved to the bedroom. I lay on my back and she lubricated my penis, then she turned her backside to me and I lubricated her anus and rectum. When I put my finger inside her, she started to wriggle and squirm. She got on all fours, and told me to climb on her back. I did so, and managed to place the tip of my penis against her anus, and she opened up and let me slide into her. It felt so incredibly slick, warm and tight!

Fantastic! She told me to slow down, make it last, and that she could hold my weight, so use my hands on her breasts. I did so, and made myself take it easy. This was real hard to do, as the enema she gave me was both large and powerful, and it was both stimulating my insides and demanding to get released. Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer and thrust away a few times

until I came. Pam let herself go at the same time, and we collapsed face down on the bed, twitching and shaking with ecstasy. I pretty quickly pulled away from her and dashed for the bathroom, where I barely made it in time. Pam came in and kneeled next to the toilet, rubbing my spasming belly as I attempted to blow all that soapy water out as fast as I could. I asked her “Pam, do you take the soap that strong with your enemas?” “Yes,” she said, “I really need that much stimulation to get it to all come out. I didn’t mean to make it that strong for you, but I guess I just did it by habit. I’m sorry.” I told her it wasn’t too bad,

no worse than my mom did to me on many occasions, but I usually used just a little soap, as too much can make me cramp up.

Wow, what a night!