An Enema From Grandma

When I was a 18 year old senior in high school, I got the shock of my life when my grandmother announced to me that she was going to give me an enema after I became ill while visiting her during, spring break 30 years ago.

It all started after I had been out with some friends a few days earlier and ate a lot pizza and other junk food, and later ended up with a stomach ache and a case of constipation and ask grandma did she have any laxatives as I had not been able to use the bathroom for a couple of days and feeling pretty sluggish. Grandma being a no nonsense type old fashion person then felt of my forehead to see if I had temperature and then told me that she had some milk of magnesia but it would take a while to work; and suggested that I let her give me an enema instead.

I was quick to object to the suggested treatment and told her there was no way that I was going to let her do that to me at my age now, as she had given me enemas when I was a kid, but now I was 18 years old and wasn’t about to expose myself in this manner. Grandma didn’t argue with me and reached up in the medicine cabinet and took down the laxative and had me to take two table spoons full and told me that I should be feeling better by morning and went back to doing her household chores.

Needless to say the next morning when the urge hit I went into the bathroom and had a seat on the throne, thought I was going to fill the commode, but all I could do was pass a few hard balls of shit and a lot of gas. But I still felt full, and tried to no avail to have a b.m. so after about 20 minutes I came out of the bathroom and plopped down on the couch feeling like crap.

Grandma came in later and asked did the laxative work.

I told her that I didn’t do very much and wasn’t feeling good. At this point grandma gave me a stern look and told me that she didn’t care how old I was that I was getting an enema and that she didn’t won’t to hear any more back talk.

I knew then that it would be useless to resist and excepted my soon to be humiliating treatment. I was told to strip from the waist down and to come into the bathroom with her. Taking my time; I slowly removed my shoes and socks and then pulled my Levi’s and undershorts off leaving my t- shirt on and wrapped a towel around my waist and went into the bathroom and saw grandma hanging her open top fountain syringe filled to capacity with the warm water and soapsuds solution she had mixed up over the old fashioned clawfoot bathtub and told me to take off the towel and recline on my back in the tub and bend my knees back letting my feet rest on either side of the tub.

After I shamefully took the position in the tub, exposing my cock, balls, and puckered asshole to her, she leaned over the tub and inserted the lubricated black nozzle up my ass and opened the metal clip on the red hose. A short time after she started giving me the enema I lost control and begin squirting a stream of water and turds of shit all over the towel that was under my buttocks followed by a loud fart of gas. She then reinserted the nozzle and opened the clip on the hose filling my ass with more soapy water causing another explosion, as the soapsuds enema moving my bowels.

When the bag was empty she wiped the nozzle off and pushed it down inside the bag and then wiped my ass with a wet wash cloth and told me to raise my buttocks up so she could remove the towel and rinsed it off in the toilet. By now I was feeling a 100% better & apologized to grandma for talking back to her / and because I got an erection during the enema.

She told not to worry about it as the same thing happened to my dad as she was his mom while she was giving him an enema when he was a kid. After I took a shower, I put on clean undershorts and slipped my Levi’s back on and went back to my room and laid across the bed and soon fell asleep felling like a new man.