Big Sister Support

Jackie was so excited that her big sister was finally coming home. Tori spent the summer working up at school and was coming home today. Jackie was nine and had plenty of friends to play with but none of them compared to her big sis. This was their first year apart and it was very hard on both of them.

It was late August and Jackie’s mom had accidentally scheduled her back-to-school physical on the same day Tori was scheduled to come home. Jackie waited by the front door anxiously, hoping that Tori would arrive before Mom said it was time to go. To Jackie’s disappointment, however, Mom had come downstairs with her coat on, announcing that they had to leave. As they headed to the car, Jackie was thrilled to see her Dad pull into the driveway with her sister in the front seat.

“Tori!” Jackie shouted as she ran to give her big sis a hug.

“Hey, shorty,” Tori joked as she lifted Tori into the air. “Where you goin?”

“Stupid doctor’s office.”

“Well maybe I’ll just have to come to keep you company.”

“Hooray!” Jackie yelled.

“Are you sure you’re up to it after a long trip?” their mom asked.

“Well I’m a little tired but it’ll be worth it spending time with Jackie.” The three of them hopped in the car and traveled to the pediatrician’s office. Jackie talked Tori’s ear off the whole time there. In fact, she was talking when they arrived, when they signed in, when the nurse called them into the office and when she hopped up on the examination table. She finally had to quiet down so the nurse could ask her some questions. She asked Jackie her age and if everything was feeling all right. She said she’d be right back to take her vitals and instructed Jackie to get undressed.

She took off her shoes and socks and lifted her dress over her head and took it off. As promised, the nurse came back into the room with a tray full of instruments. She took Jackie’s blood pressure, pulse, checked out her ears and throat, and checked her reflexes. “Ok, now lets just check your temperature,” the nurse said. She then went over to the tray and lifted up the tympanic thermometer and brought it over to Jackie. “Jackie, you’re going to be able to watch your temperature register on this screen as its being taken.”

“Coooool,” she said.

“I know,” said the nurse, humoring her. “Now I need you to lay down on your tummy because this end needs to go in your tushie.” She held up the thermometer end to show Jackie.

“Oh, no, no please, no,” she pleaded to the nurse. The nurse hoped she would be more cooperative. Jackie looked at Tori and her mom as she started crying.

“You have to do what the nurse says,” her mom told her.

“Jackie, it won’t hurt. I promise. If you want I’ll hold your hand,” Tori said. Jackie liked that idea so she nodded her head. Tori walked over to Jackie’s side.

“Ok big girl, on your tummy.” Jackie obeyed her sister and rolled over. Tori grabbed her sister’s hand and stroked her hair with her other hand. Meanwhile, the nurse had pulled Jackie’s underpants down to her ankles. She placed the tympanic screen next to Jackie’s head.

“Here you go Jackie, watch the screen and see your temp come up on it.” Jackie stared at the screen as she felt the nurse’s fingers slide between her buttocks. The nurse inserted the thermometer and held it in place with her flat hand on Jackie’s bum. Tori was right, though, it didn’t hurt. It was even kind of amusing watching the numbers go up like that. When it reached the number 98.9, the thermometer was removed. After that, the rest of the check-up was a breeze. The doctor came in, did his thing, and was ready to go when he looked at Tori.

“You looked flushed, my dear. Are you feeling all right.”

“Yes doctor, I just had a long trip.”

“Well still, I’d like at least for my nurse to check you out. As for Jackie, she’s doing great. There’s just a couple of small things. I’ll write out a couple of prescriptions and be right back. In the meantime I’ll send Nurse Doris back in.” Tori looked at her Mom and rolled her eyes. Her mom just shrugged her shoulders and told Tori to bare with them. The nurse re-entered the room.

“I need you to remove your clothes real quick Tori. Doc wants me to give you a quick check.” Tori took off her blouse and jeans and hopped up on the table. “The first thing he said to do was check your temperature so please lye down. Tori saw her bringing over the same instrument that was used to check Jackie’s temp and she started to protest when she heard her little

sister’s voice.

“Don’t worry Tori, it doesn’t hurt.” She felt that she now had to set a good example for her baby sister so she rolled over onto her stomach and allowed the nurse to remove her panties. The thermometer was slid into her bottom and Tori watched just as Jackie did, the numbers rise. Tori’s temperature went all the way up to 101. The nurse removed the thermometer and had Tori

sit up. She checked out the rest of her and left the room, allowing Tori to get dressed.

A few minutes later the doctor came in and spoke quietly with Mom as Tori held Jackie on her lap. The three of them left the office and headed home. After a quick stop in the drug store, in which Mom ran in while the two sisters stayed in the car, they were home.

“I need to give you girls some medicine so wait for me in the family room.” Tori carried Jackie into the house on her shoulders and headed to the family room. Mom came in shortly after. “The doctor said that Tori had a little fever and Jackie’s tummy was a little blocked up. He said both could be cured with what’s called an enema. Its just a little medicine that gets squirted into your bottom.” Tori was angry but didn’t protest because she didn’t want Jackie to protest either if that’s what was best for her. “I’ll

have to take your temperatures, too, first. Jackie, Tori is going to have hers taken by mouth because she’s older but the doctor said it would be best if I took yours in your behind like at the doctor’s office.”

Jackie started crying a little and said something like “I can’t wait till I’m older.” Mom picked up Jackie and laid her across her lap. She pulled a thermometer out of the bag along with a jar of petroleum jelly. After dabbing a little onto the thermometer she lifted up Jackie’s dress, pulled her panties off, and inserted the thermometer. She let it rest for three minutes and took it out. “Good girl, no fever,” she said. She pulled another thermometer out of the bag and approached Tori. Tori looked at her little

sister who was weeping.

“Mom, can you do mine like Jackie’s?”

“Why?” her Mom said.

“So she’s not the only one.” Her mom agreed. She sat back down on the couch and patted her knee. Tori pulled her jeans down along with her panties and laid across her mom’s knee. She felt weird in this position. It made her think back to an incident about ten years ago when her mom gave her a spanking for being fresh. She felt as the thermometer was pushed into her. She felt like a baby but knew that she was doing it for her sister. Three minutes were soon over.

“Now this next part will be real quick. I’ll give Tori her enema first so Jackie can see it doesn’t hurt. She pulled a disposable enema out of the bag. She raised up Tori’s leg and inserted the nozzle into Tori’s rectum. Her mom squeezed out all the liquid and told Tori to go to the bathroom. She ran into the bathroom and relieved herself. When she returned, Jackie was just finishing up getting her enema. She wasn’t crying and in fact smiled at Tori when she came back into the room. When it was time for Jackie to use the bathroom, Tori’s Mom thanked her for being so helpful.