Claire's Story

She turned up thirty five minutes early and waited outside the locked entrance in the biting wind. The wind had blown in from the Grampians and Claire hadn’t got used to it yet. Her legs, clad in black stockings under a short blue dress, felt raw as each new gust bit into them.

After three years of training and nine thousand pounds of debt, she had finally qualified as a nurse. With so much money owed out she was forced to take the best paid job she could find - which required her to move up to Scotland.

Actually the job seemed too good to be true. She had no job experience yet they were offering her seventeen thousand a year - plus bonuses. Claire wondered how she would earn the bonuses; demanding patients, violence?

Either way she jumped at the chance when she was offered the job. She already had a county court judgement out against her and the bank sent her payment demands almost daily - each demand costing her fifteen pounds.

She turned with a start as the key unlocked the door. Holding the key was a young, blonde haired woman, perhaps five years older than Claire’s Nineteen.

“Hi, my name’s Debbie, you must be Claire?”

“Yes, hello.”, replied Claire glad to be out of the cold. Seeing Claire shivering, Debbie ushered her inside.

“Come on, lets get you warmed up. These bloody outfits wouldn’t keep a wee mouse warm!”

Debbie’s lilting accent put Claire at rest. She could see that Debbie had the same uniform on too.

“Yes, the dress is a bit short!”, she ventured. “Aye,I think the bosses get off on seeing us bend over to pick up their paperclips!”

They both laughed. Debbie seemed genuinely warm to Claire. But there was something else; an honesty and sensuality about her also. A training college crush briefly appeared in Claire’s mind but she blotted it out almost as soon it came.

The mug was hot to the touch. The cup contained almost as much whisky as it did tea, but Claire seemed oblivious to it as Debbie went through her duties.

“First we clean the labs, then we organise Mr. Drayton’s and Mr. Sullivan’s files, then down to the patient work. But first you will need a medical for insurance purposes. I can do that as I have the required skills.”

“A medical?”, Claire asked with a gasp.

“Come on now, its just a formality - everyone passes it.”

“Oh, okay then.”, Claire replied.

She wasn’t gasping in surprise because she knew there would be some form of medical. Claire had taken a liking to Debbie and the gasp was in anticipation.

Glacier white tiles covered the examination room, which was almost bare except for an examinating table in the centre, a large mirror directly opposite the table and a screen hiding a chair.

“Just pop behind the screen and put your clothes on the chair.” said Debbie, the tone of her voice becoming firmer, almost as if it was an order.

Claire slipped her shoes off and the floor was cold - even through her stockings. The dress slipped easily off after the three buttons at the front were undone. Claire stepped out from behind the screen wearing only her bra, stockings and panties.

Debbie smiled and said, “Everything please, I need to check for dermatological problems.”

Claire shyly stepped behind the screen again. She slipped off her bra and her eyes confirmed what she felt - her nipples were engorged with purple, and rock hard. She rolled down the hold ups and slipped out of the panties.

“Do you have any gowns?” Claire asked.

“You won’t be needing a gown - you’ve nothing I haven’t seen before,” she joked.

Claire stepped gingerly from behind the screen, one arm covering her breasts and one her crotch. The arm didn’t do a good job of hiding her chest as Claire had squashed it tight against them and this served only to make them appear bigger than their already impressive size.

“Just pop your wee self onto the table here - on your front please.” Even though Debbie said please, Claire didn’t feel like questioning her.

The table was excrutiatingly cold against her bare stomach but again, the gasp was one of anticipation.

“Any known skin problems or allergies?”

Debbie examined Claire from her toes up towards the top of her legs.

“Open your legs please - any piles or worms?”

“I don’t know,” replied Claire sheepishly but doing as she was told.

“I’ll just give you a quick check.”

Claire heard the snap of latex gloves against wrists and realised what was about to happen.

“This shouldn’t hurt…”

Debbie’s gloved index finger probed the flesh around the edge of Claire’s bottom. Claire had never felt like this before and squirmed with excitement.

“No swelling on the outside, just checking for worms….”

Debbie inserted her finger at least two inches inside Claire and wiggled. This time Claire could not stifle her moans.

Did Debbie hear?

“Turn onto your back please.”

Claire quickly flipped over, her breasts rising with each short breath. Without saying a word Debbie removed the glove and guided her hands over the contours of Claire’s chest. First she held the base of her breasts - one in each hand - and then squeezed gently, lifting her fingers towards Claire’s nipples.

Debbie’s touch was electric, Claire’s back arched off the table and she squealed in ecstasy. This had stopped being a routine examination some time ago.

“Ssshhh….”, Debbie uttered and immediately Claire forced her moist lips together, stifling another moan.

Debbie moved her hands in intricate circular patterns around each breast, coming close to, but not quite touching Claire’s nipples. When her peaks were caressed she almost jumped off the table each time.

“Keep still or I will have to force you to keep still!”, Debbie barked.

But Claire was in the throes of pleasure and writhed on the table like a snake. Debbie stepped away from the table and opened the briefcase she had carried into the room.She pulled out what looked like four hoops made out of leather with buckles on the end and grabbed one of Claire’s wrists. Debbie quickly attached one of the hoops to the wrist and tightened it securely. She secured the hoop to the rail at the corner of the bed above Debbie’s head, stretching her arm out fully. This procedure was repeated for Claire’s other wrist leaving her arms spread wide above her head. Claire started to panic, having never been restrained before, and kicked her legs wildly.

Without saying a word Debbie pounced on Claire’s right leg and strapped it to one corner of the bed. Grabbing Claire’s only free limb, Debbie roughly pulled her legs apart and fixed it to the opposite corner. Claire lay spreadeagled on the bed helpless and, realising the futility of her actions, stopped struggling.

Claire was now frightened and she begged Debbie to let her go. In response Debbie said in a soothing voice, “Hey now pretty lass don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you so be quiet now…please”

“But please!”, begged Claire, “I’m scared.”

Debbie sighed when Claire ignored her request for silence and she stepped away from the table and again dipped into her case.

She pulled out another strap and placed it over Claire’s mouth, securing it firmly at the back of her head.

Claire said something else but the gag muffled her words completely. She struggled valiantly one more time before slumping back on the table. Debbie retrieved a black silk scarf from the case and brushed it slowly over Claire’s body. Claire became aroused again. Seeing this Debbie tied the scarf around Claire’s head, covering her eyes.

Claire muffled some more words and turned her head furiously trying to see from behind the silk. It was useless, she was completely helpless.

Again Debbie’s hands found Claire’s body but this time without the gloves. Claire couldn’t see where Debbie was going to touch ner next and Debbie used this power to tease her - flitting from one area to the next.

Claire felt the brush of hand against her pubic hair, quickly followed by a finger rhythmically stroking the side of her clitoris.

The captive Claire rose inches off the table in ecstasy and breathed heavily through the gag, soaking it with spittle.

Debbie’s hand movements gradually became faster, each subtle increase in speed being matched by Claire’s exertion against the restraints. Claire started to shudder in increasingly strong waves and Debbie brought her to the brink of orgasm. The two inch wide straps securing Claire to the examinating table were being severely tested by her and Claire signalled her incoming climax by making a screaming noise that seemed to come from her nose.

Not wishing her to come just yet, Debbie stopped stroking Claire. Claire was still for a moment, then realising that she was being denied, she angrily pulled against the straps. The shaking was so violent that the table was lifted off the floor momentarily, landing with a metallic clang that reverberated off the tiles.

“Hey now, hey now! Stop that at once young lady.” ordered Debbie. Claire didn’t know why but she did as she was told. The room fell silent. Claire then heard Debbie’s voice whisper in her ear, “I’ve got something for you that will fill you up ‘without ruining your appetite’ “

Claire guessed what this would be. Debbie looked in the mirror and smiled at herself, then stepped out of the door. Claire remained still, listening out for Debbie’s return.

After what seemed like an eternity Claire heard the sound of footsteps in the room again. She felt Debbie climb onto the table astride her and felt her kiss her cheek. Claire heard the sound of clothing being lifted and felt the weight of Debbie lying on top of her. Claire was surprised by Debbie’s weight.

The dildo was warm as it entered Claire. Judging by Debbie’s movements it was a strap on device. The gag was removed from Claire’s mouth leaving only the blindfold. Claire sucked in the cool air through her mouth and begged, “Faster Debbie, please faster.”

The request had the desired effect, she was being fucked faster and harder. Claire started to shudder, nearing orgasm again.

“Please take the blindfold away, I want to see your face when I come”, Claire gasped.

The dildo again moved faster and harder and the voice replied: “Okay pet, I’ll take it off for you.”

The voice didn’t belong to Debbie.

The blindfold was removed and Claire saw the face of a handsome red haired man where Debbie’s should have been. The man was grunting as he fucked her even faster.

Claire screamed only to have her cries muffled by a warm hand. “No wonder the dildo felt warm,” thought Claire. She wasn’t being shafted by a piece of plastic, but a throbbing Scottish cock! “And”, Claire thought, surprising herself, “that cock belonged to a rather handsome Scotsman.”

The hand removed itself from Claire’s mouth and the man was relieved that she didn’t scream. He did, however, keep fucking her. “Who…who are you?” she asked.

“I”, he grunted, “am your new boss, Dr McPherson.”, He continued thrusting.

His cock was huge and with each thrust it banged against her cervix causing Claire to be pushed back onto the sweat covered table. She moaned with pleasure and suddenly he got off her. He stood next to the table in front of the helpless Claire. He was wearing a white lab coat and had a stethescope around his neck.

Claire’s eyes moved down to where his cock should be but she only saw the prominent bulge through the lab coat. Seeing where her gaze was fixed he asked, “Would you like to see some more?” Claire nodded furiously.

He ripped the coat apart and let it fall to the floor. His cock was enormous and vertical. It was dripping and glistening from Claire’s juices and she instinctively licked her lips.

“I think we can undo the restraints now”, he said, and freed Claire from her bonds.

Claire flexed her wrists but she saw that the leather had not marked her wrists despite her fierce struggle. She started to sit up but he gently pushed her flat on her back.

He stood behind her head and climbed onto the table. The huge penis hung over her mouth and she stared at his balls which hung loosely, covered with a thin layer of ginger hair. He lowered himself onto her and she instinctively started licking his testicles. His hairy balls felt strange against her tongue and she was eager to take his pulsating prick inside her mouth. He adjusted his position and guided his cock into her mouth. She closed her lips tightly around it as it slid in. She was surprised at how much of him she could take inside her. He lifted himself out a little and her tongue brushed his purple head. She began licking quickly around the rim of his cock and she was delighted when she heard him moan with pleasure.

As if in response he leaned forward and prised her legs apart. He then carefully seperated the folds of her vagina, exposing the bud of her clit which was also hard and purple. As she licked he began moving his lips against her clit slowly. The sensation was overwhelming and her pleasure encouraged her to suck on his cock even harder.

He opened his lips and carefully and methodically started licking her mound at the sides. Her pleasure was so intense that she grabbed hold of his tight arse and dug her nails in hard as she continued to suck him off. Mcpherson then moved his attention from her clitoris to her vagina, forcing his tongue up the passage.

She screamed with delight and her fingernails started to draw blood on the cheeks of his bottom. His pain made him lick her out with an even greater intensity and she responded by sliding her mouth up and down his cock. Her shuddering started again and within seconds she let herself go totally. When she came the feeling spread from her crotch, up through her torso and up into her head making her dizzy.

Soon after she stopped shaking and basked in the warm glow that enveloped her whole body from tip to toe. She tensed and untensed her muscles several times to make the effect last longer before lying exhausted on the table. Dr McPherson climbed off her and calmly put her lab coat back on.

“You passed the medical with flying colours. Welcome aboard!”

He offered his hand out to her. Claire took it and shook it limply.

Freshly showered and dressed, Claire stepped out of the door into the cold celtic air.

“See you tomorrow then Claire, bright and early?” asked Debbie.

“9 am on the dot!” replied Claire with an eager voice.

The Winter sky had already darkened even though it was only 4pm, but Claire was oblivious to the night. This was the beginning of a whole new career.