Colonic in the Colonies

I travel to America a few times a year on business, sometimes to Houston. A few weeks ago I had to travel such that I spent a weekend in Houston. I planned some visits I could make to pass the time and assumed the weather would be warm and sunny. It wasn’t, it was cold with some rain. I remembered the medical bias in Houston, many hospitals and clinics. Would there be a Colonic clinic, I had heard they had them in the US. I looked in the yellow pages, there were about ten to choose from. I drove round to three that were nearby. One was in a bad part of town, one other looked a bit seedy but the third looked OK. Back at my hotel I was nervous about even phoning up but eventually plucked up courage. I could have an appointment later that day did I want to take it, said the voice. I was certain I did.

I passed the afternoon with a few drinks and cleaned up ready to go. I had a picture in my mind of what would happen though I had never had a Colonic. I saw myself getting completely un-dressed and putting on some sort of gown. I saw my erection sticking up under the gown and thought this was going to be embarrassing. I imagined lying on my side as a woman opened up my arse with a speculum and inserted a large bore pipe. What would hold it in I wondered, I guessed she would. I would be rolled onto my back so the water could flow in as she massaged my colon. My erection would stick up and cause a problem. Would she massage that too?

Well that’s what I thought. A few minutes after I had arrived the man said ‘come on then lets hook you Up’. Sounded good to me. As he showed me into a small room I expected to meet the woman. Not so. He started to explain about the colon and my eyes wandered around the room. No table, no big flexible pipes, but a machine on the floor that looked a bit like a motor bike. He explained that he would put grease on the end of a small pipe and when this pipe had been attached to the machine I had to insert it in my rectum. I was to undress below the waist, mount the machine, impale myself, lie back with my legs astride and spread by the width of the machine. He went and left me to it. I undressed eagerly anticipating a water filled arse. I mounted the machine as instructed and observed that I would be sitting over a small well into which I would shit. The small phallic pipe protruded over the well, eager to enter me. I was equally eager to be penetrated. Greased up I lay back a little having propped the tube against my hole. I slid forward ever so gently and delighted in the feeling of smooth painless penetration. My penis was as hard as rock. A lay back completely, having covered my parts with a paper sheet provided. I wriggled to a comfortable spot, now almost prostate and penetrated. I was so comfy, so excited.

But the best was to come when I looked forward and realized what I had just done. I lay there in a most vulnerable state but in complete comfort. On the wall in front of me was a maze of pipe work, valves and tanks AND I HAD JUST PLUMBED THE LOT DIRECTLY INTO MY ARSE. It was almost like a religious sacrifice. I had just laid myself ready to be scarified to the six foot tall God Colonic. Shortly He was to take me by spurting gallons of his come through his thin penis into my colon; and I wanted it so bad.

Shortly the man returned and after a bit more explanation he filled the two tanks each of which he said took two gallons with warm water. The tanks were a good five feet above me, he opened the tap. I tensed a little as a bullet of cold water entered me, then the water ran warm and I could no longer directly feel the flow. I just filled. In the best way the pressure grew and he said I should take just as much as I could hold. It was coming fast as you might expect with a five foot head and pipes that you would use on your heating system! Suddenly, and quite out of my control, I was releasing. Through a mirror I could see a transparent pipe on the waste and I watched my shit go down the drain, so did my assistant. Funny business somebody else filling you with water then studying the shit they washed out of you. But I enjoyed it all. Would you believe there were four more four gallon fills. Twenty gallons of warm Houston water went through my colon that after noon. Nothing else happened.

After I felt great and went straight out far a terrific Houston meal. Now I know about ‘gravity flow method’ colonics and I recommend them to all enthusiasts. Any experiences to report. P.S. - all this is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. John