Doublecrossed By My Wife

My wife bugged me for months to get a physical since my last one was about six years prior. Finally she called her doctor and made an appointment without telling me. Her doctor(female), was in practice with her husband who was also an M.D. My wife told me of the appointment she had made and that I would be seeing the husband. So as not to cause an argument, I decided to keep the appointment.

When I arrived at the office I announced myself to the receptionist, filled in some forms and waited for my turn. Soon a nurse entered the waiting room and called my name. I followed her to an exam room and she closed the door. She read my chart and reiterated that I had not had a physical in quite some time. I apologized but she was unfazed. She asked me to go into a small dressing room, remove all clothing and jewelry and to put on an exam gown.

When I emerged, she proceeded to weigh me and asked me to have a seat at the foot of the exam table. My blood pressure, temperature and pulse were then taken. When finished the nurse said the doctor would be in shortly and she left the room. A few minutes later the door opened and I relized my wife had lied to me.

In walked her doctor not the husband. She introduced herself as Dr. Mary ___. I excused myself and told her that I thought that I was suppose to be seen by her husband. She said that my wife and requested that I be seen by her. I mumbled something about a mistake but resolved myself to the fact that it was to late to cancel the appointment now.

The doctor was an older woman in her late fifties. She had a medium build with auburn colored hair, blue eyes and fair skin. She was dressed in a white blouse, navy skirt and heels, with flesh colored hose, and of course a white lab coat. After asking me some questions she listened to my lungs then asked me to untie the gown so she could listen to my heart. She jotted her findings on my chart and asked me to stand up. Since the gown was now around my waist, I held it as I stood up. She non-chalantly reached out and took it from me, placing it on a chair. I now stood there completely naked as she took a position in front of me.

I was asked to spread my legs and she proceeded to examine my testicles. I had made mention when I filled out my forms that I had a cyst on one of my testicles that was found by my previous doctor. She therefore took extra long and palpated each testicle carefully.

Even though I was fully embarrassed I could feel my penis beginning to swell. I tried to ignore it hoping I wouldn’t get an erection but it was no use. Here I was with the doctors hands on my balls and my cock standing at full attention pointing right at her. She looked at me and said there was nothing to be embarrassed about and proceeded to tell me to turn around and bend over the table.

The rectal exam followed and my cock was the hardest its been in my whole life. I was told to lay on my back and the doctor finished up with an examination of ears, nose and throat. She then felt around my stomach, all the while my cock was still rock hard. She finally took the base of my cock in her right hand and carefully examined it with her left. She said she was sorry I was embarrassed but it actually was easier to exam the penis when it is fully erect. I thought I was going to lose it right there.

Thankfully she announced that everything was normal and I could get dressed. When I got home my wife was still at work. I rushed to the bathroom, ripped my pants off and started to masturbate. Within seconds I was shooting the biggest load of my life into the sink.

Afterwards I relaxed on the couch and found my experience to be somewhat erotic and can’t wait till my next physical. In fact I have made it a point to see only female doctors(dentist, chiropractor etc.).

I get a rush just being around a female doctor. The good news is its only a few months before my next physical and I can’t wait!