Dr. Mike

I have been going to the same OB-GYN now for about two years. Dr. Mike is a fairly young doctor in his mid 40’s, very well built, and generally a very handsome man. I guess I should begin with how this all started.

I was new in town, job transfer, and I hadn’t found a doctor yet. I had a bad yeast infection and was asking some of the girls around work if they could recommend a good Doctor. Lisa, one of the girls I have become very good friends with, told me I should try her doctor. “But” she said “I must warn you he does things differently than most.” I must admit she got my curiosity up so I asked her to explain. She told me that Dr. Mike was not only concerned with his patient’s physical health but also with their inner-self. I told her I didn’t understand. She said he makes you feel good in ways you would of never though possible. I told her I still didn’t understand. She then said “Janet I don’t mean to be so blunt, But when was the last time you had a really good orgasm”. I was shocked and I didn’t really know what to say. After composing myself I told her it had been awhile but that I wasn’t sure I needed a doctor for that. Lisa told me that I wouldn’t be sorry and that she would go with me if I wanted. She also promised me that Dr. mike was very gentle and understanding and he wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want him to. So I told her, “Okay make me an appointment but you have to go with me”.

The next day she told me that we had an appointment after work. I was anxious all day but it got worse when we arrived at the doctor’s office. Everything looked normal enough. The waiting room had several other normal looking women waiting to be seen by the doctor. The exam room looked like any other. Then there was Dr. Mike, very polite, very nice looking. He asked the normal questions and performed a normal internal as well as external exam. When he had finished he ask me how much discomfort I was having. I told him quite a bit. He said, “Well if you up for it we have a treatment we can give you to relieve some of that discomfort”. Sure, great, why not, all slipped out of my mouth before I knew it. “Great, Carol will be in to get you started”, he said. I looked at Lisa and asked her what I had just gotten myself in to. She reassured me not to worry that everything would be fine.

Carol entered with an enema bag and hose. I guess because of the panicked expression on my face, she felt she should try to calm me down before we proceeded. She told me to relax and that she wasn’t going to give me an enema, this was medication for my yeast infection. She then went on to explain that I shouldn’t be afraid of enemas, as they can be very soothing and pleasurable. “Yea, right” I replied. “No really, if done properly than can be very stimulating” said Lisa. Carol hung the bag and

Dr. Mike returned. He inserted a funny looking hose with two pumps attached to it into my vaginal hole and then began to pump them up. He told me that there would be some gentle pressure but just relax this was to keep the medication from leaking out. He then opened the clamp and the warm medication poured into me. It felt weird but good. Doctor Mike told me I had to hold the solution for 20 minutes in order for it to work properly. As I waited he inserted his finger back into my rectum which was already well lubricated from my earlier exam. He told me to relax he was just massaging my womb to help the medication work better. It actually felt kind of good and then it got better. He began to massage my clit with his other hand. I couldn’t believe it. Wave after wave of hard orgasms. When it was all over I was so embarrass. Dr. Mike told me how well I did and he was proud of me. After resting a while I got dressed and worked my war to the desk. Carol told me the doctor wanted to see me as soon as my next menstrual cycled ended. Lisa drove me home.

The next day at work Lisa and I did a lot of talking and I told her I now understood what she meant about Dr. Mike making you feel good in ways you would never think possible. She asked me if I was going to keep my next appointment and I told her definitely.

My Next Appointment

I arrived for my next appointment and Carol showed me to an exam room. I dressed in the gown and had a seat on the end of the table. Dr. Mike came in and asked how I was feeling and if the treatment I had received the last time I was in helped any. I told him yes and that I thought the yeast infection was completely cleared up. “Well let’s have a look shall we.” He replied. Then he asked if I was having any bloating or full feelings. I was just coming off my period so I said, “Yes, some”. He felt of my abdomen and inserted a finger into my rectum again. Then he asked about my bowel habits. I told him they were pretty regular. He then asked when I had my last internal cleaning. “What” I shouted. “Relax Janet, your body needs to be flushed of the nasty toxins that can get lodged in your intestines”. “It won’t hurt and you will probably actually enjoy it”. Said Dr. Mike. “Yea, right” I replied.

Carol came in with the enema bag again only this time I new I was getting an enema. “Relax dear, we will be very gentle”. Carol said as she hung the bag. She put on a pair of gloves and lubricated my hole. I remembered how good that felt the last time and hoped the rest of the treatment wouldn’t be any worse. She inserted the nozzle and released the clamp. I closed my

eyes, I didn’t want to look. Then this warm sensation began to flood my body. Oh my, it actually felt good. Dr. Mike came back in and asked how I was doing. He began to gently rub my belly with one hand and my mound with the other. It was wonderful.

A Little Air Time

Well two years later here I am still seeing the same doctor and loving it. It was time for my monthly appointment so I called his office to see what time I should come in. I made an appointment for that afternoon. I arrived and as usual the office was busy. The receptionist signed me in and soon Carol was taking me to a room. I got undressed and was seated on the table when Dr. Mike entered the room. By now we were on a first name bases and I didn’t bother with a gown anymore. Dr. Mike ask if I was doing all right and if I was in for my regular monthly cleansing. I told him yes but that I needed some thing more. The routine cleanings just weren’t intense enough anymore. Maybe I’m weird but I enjoyed the cramping and the full feeling. But it just wasn’t as intense as it was when we first started. Dr. Mike said he understood and that he had just the thing for me, but he

warned me I needed to be sure because this treatment would be intense. I told him let’s go for it.

Carol came in and began to set up the room. Five 3 quart enema bags were hung. The first was filled with the cleaning solution they normally used. Two and three were rinse bags. Four and five were filled with air. Carol began my cleaning. She lubricated my hole and then inserted the nozzle. I took about half of the bag and then the cramps came on. They would come on gentle but then al of a sudden they would get intense and you would have to empty. I wanted that feeling to last longer. I wanted it higher in me. I finished that first bag and Carol let me hold it a while. Then came the rinse. I can hold three quarts quite well when I empty of everything else. I was given time to empty myself and rest before the final treatment.

Dr. Mike entered the room. He put on a pair of gloves and asked if I was ready for the final part of my treatment. I just smiled. He began to ream my hole and teas my clit. Then he inserted the nozzle. He opened the clamp and I could feel a little cool air rush in. He said, “Okay try to relax this goes in quick”. With that he put a little pressure on the bag and I felt a quick burst of air jump inside of me. Then another and another. The cramps were instantaneous and it felt higher than ever before. He attached the last bag and gave me one more blast of air. I thought I was going to pop, I screamed that I couldn’t hold it. He removed the nozzle and a small amount of air blew out, but the cramps wouldn’t stop. I had to get off the table so the doctor helped me down. It didn’t help they were still so intense. I keep passing air but it just didn’t seem to help. When you have

water in you and you get cramps all you have to do is release some of that water and the cramps subside. With this air nothing seems to help. I rolled on the floor, I stood up, I sat down, I arched my back, and nothing seemed to work. Finally after what seemed an eternity the cramps became more tolerable, but they did not go away. Slowly as I continued to pass air the pain subsided. It was so intense, so wonderful. Dr. Mike came back to check on me and asked if that treatment was more to my liking and I replied with when is my next appointment.