Enema Club Doctor

It was a rainy Thursday evening. My boss had been grumpy, and I was grumpy as well. He could be a sweetie at times, but today he just seemed to be on a real tear. Nothing I did was right. I could hardly wait to leave the office.

I went to the hotel bar nearest our office and had a glass of wine. I wasn’t really up to being very social. I just wanted to relax a bit. A rather attractive man sat at one of the tables by the wall and he smiled at me as I scanned the room with my eyes. I gave him a quick return smile, but turned to face the bar, making it rather clear that I really didn’t have any interest in chatting at that time. I slowly finished the glass of wine, grateful that the bartender was all business and that there were just a few other patrons in the place, all seeming to need the quiet atmosphere, as well. I drained my glass, feeling a bit buzzed and somewhat more relaxed. I walked down the street, and passed the club.

I hadn’t really thought about going in tonight, since it wasn’t the weekend, and fewer patrons would be there, but then I realized that a little play might relax me. I hadn’t much else to do, anyhow. Just some laundry, and that could wait. I turned and walked into the club. I saw my friend Bob at the desk. I think he was pretty good at reading expressions.

“What’s the matter, Bess? You look like you’ve had a rough day.”

“Sorry. I’m a bit grumpy and anti-social. I’m not really sure why I came in.”

“Maybe you just need a little TLC. Have you tried one of the medical play rooms yet?”

“No. I usually go straight to the hot tubs unless I already have a date.”

“Here’s a key to one of the rooms. Just go on in, disrobe and put on a gown. Then type into the sign that you are looking for a doctor. (Each room had computerized signs that permitted the occupants to extend invitations or to request privacy. You could pretty much type in anything you’d like. Your message would be posted to the public boards in the main rooms and outside your door, as well.) Someone will be along in a bit. If I see any good candidates, I’ll send them along. Would you like to take a beverage with you?”

I selected a split of merlot and took that with a glass and the key to the assigned room. I had to take the elevator to the room, and was grateful for its emptiness. I still wasn’t certain that I wanted to play, but sex usually does put me in a better mood.

I walked to the room, opened the door and set the wine down next to the exam table. I went to the computer for the sign and typed in “grumpy lady needs some TLC from a kind and quiet doc”. I clicked the box for male preferred and single partner, and then sent the message to the sign board. That finished, I walked into the bathroom, took off my clothing, took a quick shower and put on the gown I found on the top of the table. I sat on the table and slowly poured some of the wine into the glass. I sipped slowly, really enjoying the warmth. I set down the glass, and lay back onto the table, on my side. I closed my eyes and waited and nearly nodded off.

I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” I murmured. I opened my eyes as the doctor who had done my intake exam walked in.

I sat up, a bit surprised. “I wasn’t expecting a REAL doctor!”

“Remember that I told you I also like to play? I was hoping to run into you sometime. I’m glad I was here tonight. Is this your first patient scenario?”

“Well…yes. I mean, some related play has entered into other times, but this is my first real doctor/patient scenario.”

“Okay. I’ll take it easy then. You say that you are feeling grumpy?” He guides my to a lying position on my back. He listens to my chest, palpates my arms and hands a bit. “You feel a bit tense yet. How much wine have you had?”

“Just a glass and a few more sips.”

“Okay, then, I’ll help you relax a bit more.” Wordlessly, he gently grabs and releases all the muscles of my arms, hands, legs, and feet. He guides me to lie on my stomach. He listens to my back, as he asks me to take a few deep breathes and hold them. I realize this is not the customary position, but I feel a bit more relaxed and am rather grateful to be lying down. He rubs my shoulders and back.

“We’ll take your temperature first. This won’t hurt a bit.” He turns me onto my side and draws my knees up towards my chest. I hear him take the thermometer from the case and snap off the lid of the Vaseline bottle. I feel the rustle of his lab coat, so near me but not quite touching. I hear the snap of the latex gloves, and then I feel him gently separate my cheeks with one hand.

“We’ll just lubricate you a bit, first.” Gently, he takes his Vaseline coated finger and very, very smoothly inserts his finger into my rectum. I almost don’t feel it. Now, he applies a bit more pressure and inserts his finger more deeply. I moan just a little.

“Does that hurt?”

“No.” It is yummy, but I am too lazy to say so.

He continues to lubricate me, adding a bit more Vaseline and reaching in more deeply. Oh, this is sooo luscious and relaxing! I wish his finger would just stay inside me. But, he slips his finger out and replaces it with the thermometer. He twists it a bit and pulls gently out, then in again.

“Is that comfortable?”

It is heavenly! “Yes, that feels fine.” Yummmmmmmm! He settles the thermometer in, and cups his hand around my cheeks. I twitch a bit.

“Careful now! “We can’t have this break!”

“Sorry!” It seems like quite a while, and then he withdraws the thermometer. Oh, how I miss that feeling.

“It’s a bit elevated. How are you feeling, generally?”

“Tired and crabby, mostly.”

“We’ll see if we can improve that a bit,” he says, removing his gloves. He turns me onto my back, slides the stirrups out of the table and sets each foot into the cradles. “I need you to slide down until you are at the edge of the table.”

I slide. He slips my gown up and palpates my abdomen. Then he lowers the top of my gown and does a most professional breast examination. For some reason, my pussy is becoming quite hot. I take in a deep breath.

“Am I hurting you?”

“Not at all!” I do love his touch, firm and gentle all at once. He removes his hand and walks to the bottom of the table.

“We’ll need to do a pelvic exam, now. I will insert a speculum and take a look inside. I will lubricate you and the speculum first so that there will be no discomfort.” He puts on gloves, and lubricates the speculum. He places his hand between my legs to separate them further. He applies a bit of lube to his finger and gently rubs it onto the entrance to my vagina and the surrounding area. “Okay. Now I will insert the speculum. Try to relax.” Very gently he pushes the cool instrument into me. I feel him open it wider and move it slightly as he looks inside. It feels almost like the first time I had sex…foreign and oddly delicious.

He slides the speculum out. “Now, I will do a digital exam.” He inserts two fingers from one hand, and presses onto my abdomen with the other. I feel him reaching deeper. Oh, this is glorious! I love his fingers in me! I am beginning to feeling really, really hot!

“Alright. Things seem to be fine there. Now, I will do a rectal exam.”

Oh, goody! He spreads my legs a bit further apart. He stands at the foot of the table and inserts his lubricated finger, sort of pushing it in with his body. I swear I heard him grunt a little. I moan.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh, yes, doctor.” I wonder if he notices that my pussy is beginning to really drip. He pulls his finger out, and then pushes two fingers in. His thumb grazes my clit. I shudder. He begins to stroke my clit with his thumb. Then, he takes his other hand and inserts his thumb into my vagina, thrusting in and out a bit, while he moves the fingers in my rectum as deep as possible. I am twitching and wriggling as I feel a climax forming. He slips the fingers out of my rectum, and rips off the gloves. I feel insert something hard and lubricated into my vagina…a dildo. I am surprised, but very, very pleased! He thrusts and thrusts, building in speed and force in concert with my pants. I cum quickly, shaking very, very hard. He holds the dildo inside me while I cum until my panting and shrieking subside. Then he withdraws it slowly.

“Feeling a bit better?” he asks, with a soft smile.

“Oh, yes!” That was very nice, very simple, very quick. Now I am perking up.

“Have you ever had anal sex?” he asks.

“Not yet, doctor. I have been afraid to try.” I am lying like a rug!

“A healthy woman like you would probably really enjoy it. Would you like me to prepare for such an event tonight?”

“Well, okay.” Oh, please, please, please!!!

“Very well. We will begin by cleaning the area. You’ll need to turn onto your side, please. And then, draw your knees up to your chest.”

I do as I am told. I wonder what method he will use. I hear the sound of a jar being opened.

“First I will insert some suppositories. These usually help you to evacuate.” I feel him insert one, then another. He pushes them in very deeply with his finger. He waits a few minutes; I am guessing he is waiting for a reaction. I feel so exposed with my behind towards him. I think I hear his zipper and the rustle of clothing.

I feel him insert another, pushing in as high as possible. He leans his body into me and I am quite certain I feel his erection beneath the lab coat. This time he holds his finger in. I reach my hand behind me, hoping to grab his erection, but he pushes it away. He withdraws his finger and then inserts what seems to be a slender dildo (I learn later that it is an anal invader) with a good bit of lubrication. He strokes it in and out, as if trying to get the suppositories higher.

“Do you need to use the toilet?”

“Not yet.” My sexual excitement has overridden any other sensations.

“Okay. We’ll try something else.” I hear the tearing of a box top, the ripping of plastic. Now, I feel a hard nozzle pressed into me, a squeeze and then a cool liquid pressed into my behind. Wow. Now, I am getting some really strong sensations. I feel the urge to go. I let my doctor know this, and he helps me from the table, just in time to reach the toilet. I explode so hard that I am shaking! I wash myself off and return to the table, still trembling. I lie back down on the table, and this time the doctor guides me to my belly, with my legs pulled up underneath.

“Please push your shoulders down onto the table.” I do so and my ass is high in the air. I feel very exposed.

“We’ll just need to rinse you out, so that you are thoroughly clean.” I hear the sucking sound of the bulb syringe being filled, and then the thrust of the nozzle deep inside my anus. The whoosh of the water being pressed in. My clit begins to take off again. I reach to touch it, but the doctor tells me to wait. One fill after another, each insertion making me so very hot! When I can’t hold any more, the doctor lets me take another trip to the toilet. I explode and I nearly have an orgasm just from the expulsion. I clean off very carefully, having noted that the expulsion was quite clear. I tell the doctor this as I return to the room.

“Are you relaxed enough for your first (right!) anal sex experience?”

Wondering what might be coming, I tell him that I am almost relaxed, but very nervous. He leads me out of the exam room to one of the private hot tubs. He has disrobed while waiting for me, and we both slide into the tub. I close my eyes and sit on one of the seats. My doctor kisses me and gently strokes my clit and vagina, playing a sweet little game of hide the finger. In my giggling, I hadn’t noticed that we were no longer alone. I feel another hand reach between my legs and I open my eyes. It is Terry, my boss!! Oh, my goodness!

I am breathless, but Terry is laughing. “So this is where you come to relax after a rough day, eh?”

I am speechless, but nod an assent. I hadn’t seen him here before, but then, I hadn’t been in for a few weeks, what with all the extra work and all! Well, he cleans up pretty good when he gets out of a suit, I must say. I smile approvingly. Terry pulls me into a deep kiss as he strokes my clit. I had completely forgotten about the doctor until I feel a strong trust into my behind. He has his penis in there!!!! Terry holds my arms and pulls me forward as the doctor thrusts from behind me, I am shuddering and shrieking with each thrust. I begin to moan and howl at the top of my lungs. He feels o huge! This is such an unbelievable feeling. It is like my soul is being ripped open. Oh, God!!!! Soon, he takes one last, deep thrust and comes with such force that my body shakes along with him.

With the doctor still deep inside me, Terry gently pulls me to a standing position. He opens my vagina with his fingers, and then slides his penis into me, adjusting so that he is as deep as possible. He comes without thrusting as I squeeze his penis with my vagina muscles. We sit all three linked together for a sweet and soft minute, and then finally separate, very gently. The doctor kisses me goodbye and leaves the room. Terry and I sit in the tub, holding hands. I think I’m going to enjoy work a little more from now on!