Enema Demonstration

Paul was exhausted and content. The lady had done a marvelous job. Her tiny ad in the personal column had offered colonic enemas for good health, and Paul was afraid that she would he straight all the way. He had made up his mind that he would go to her anyway, and if nothing else, he would at least get a good cleaning out. On the phone, he explained that he was interested in what is known as the forced enema, but she had no idea of what he was talking about. He did ask her if she might object to the fact that he was also very docile. She did not understand the meaning of the word, and when he explained that he was a very obedient type of individual, she said that would he fine. He was not sure he wanted to bother, since she did not seem to be with it in any respect. But the appointment was for one, and it was now twelve thirty.

It was a run down street. Her shop was a converted candy store with the windows painted over. There were two or three teenagers sitting on the front step. Paul got past them okay, and rang the bell. A Spanish woman in her late forties answered the door, and ushered him in. The front of the store was used as a living room. She parted a curtain to a long hallway, and led him past what were probably the bedrooms. In one room, he saw a young girl of about eighteen laying on the bed in her slip reading a magazine of some sort. He was led into the adjoining room, and there was not even a curtain to cover the entranceway. On the wall, he saw different types of enema bags, but nothing new unique. There was a long narrow table in the center of the room, and it was covered with a fairly clean sheet.

She took the £15.00 from him, which was a very reasonable price, and told him to get undressed and that she would return in a few minutes. The windows leading to the alleyway and back yard, was not covered. He heard the door open out front, which rang a hanging bell similar to the one he had heard when she opened the for him. Standing there half undressed, he heard some persons coming down the way and greeting the girl in the next room. Thank God they are all girls voices, he thought to himself. He wished the doorway had at least a sheet or something to e him a little privacy.

Embarrassed Nakedness

Removing his shorts, he found his nakedness to be more embarrassing than usual in situations like this. He felt the presence of the woman in the past to be somewhat unnerving, but at least it was just her. Here, he had a room full of girls only five feet away, and no privacy of any kind. Completely nude, he sat on the end of the table and lit a cigarette. He could hear the voices of the girls almost as if they were in the same room. They were talking in broken English.

The Spanish lady returned, but stopped for a moment to say hello to the girls visiting her teenage daughter. They laughed a bit, and finally she came into his room. Her gaze told him that she thought he had a presentable body, which he did. ‘Now, you said on the phone that you are, how you say, obedient? If that is true, why are you sitting on my table, instead of standing in the corner?’

Paul was dumbfounded. She did understand after all, only too well. He mumbled an apology he jumped to the floor, put his cigarette out, and went to the far corner of the room d stood there facing the wall. He did no see her pick up all his clothes and leave the room with them. He did her order that he stay put until she returned. He could tell for sure, but he felt that the girls were peeking in the doorway at him. He not turn to find out.

The woman returned and told him to go to the bathroom, and to wash and dry his private parts. At the doorway he turned to her for directions. She pointed up the toward the way he came in. He felt very embarrassed walking down the hall past the open doorway where the girls were all together. He was sure they saw him, but he hurried along looking for the bathroom. It had no door, but thankfully a heavy curtain. Finally, he decided it best to go back, and he saw the women. He felt very humiliated as she told them to go back to the parlor. She told Paul to lay on the table face down, and he did so very quickly. He was then told to draw his knees up under his chest, forming a sort of ball, and setting his taut buttocks up and out for easy access. He could not see the doorway, as he was facing the wall. She took an enema bag, and proceeded to ml it with hot soapy water. Once filled, she hooked it to the overhead wire. She began to fill a second and a third, and hang them.

The long entry tip was unique in that it had two suction cups on either side that pressed tightly to the cheeks of the buttocks to hold the nozzle in place. She inserted it into his anus, and he felt the suction cups sticking securely to his behind. The nozzle was independent of the three enema bags, and each could be attached with pincer type release valves on each of the three hoses. She attached the first, and released the flow. Paul felt the old familiar warmth filling his insides. As the automatic process took place, she came to the head of the table, and he looked up. ‘How does that feel? Have you ever had three quarts before? No? Well, today, you will learn how to find room for three quarts.’

After the second one was in place, he heard her talking to her daughter, and it was obvious from the sound of their voices, that the girl was either in the room, or at least in the doorway. She was asking her mother if she and her girl friends could watch. At first, the answer was an emphatic No! But Paul didn’t know what to do. Should he jump up, dress and leave, or what? Before he could make a decision, they came running into the room, and the woman told them they could watch, but to stay out of the way. There must have been four or five of them, and two of them came into his sight as they walked around the table trying to see everything.

Paul’s Stomach Becomes Extended

The second bag was now empty, and Paul could feel his stomach extended so far out that it was actually pushing his legs away from his gut. ‘Now comes the good part, quart 3.’ The release was opened and the flow, though slower, was started again. The girls were all trying to get the best view of what was happening. The daughter had explained that it was almost impossible to get three quarts into anyone. As the flow came to a halt, the woman went to him, and reached under and spread his knees some, giving his stomach room to expand.

The process continued slowly, again it stopped, and she told him to kneel up on all fours. He did, and the hot water continued to enter his bloated body. His penis and balls were hanging there on display for all to see. The next time it stopped, she took hold of him on each side and bean to shake him back and forth gently. This moved the liquid about making room for more. She spread his thighs further apart, and her hands touched his hanging parts, causing the beginning of an erection. The girls began to laugh, and the lady took hold of his penis and stimulated it to amuse them. Soon it was hard and firm. She now had three quarts in him, and withdrew the nozzle, quickly placing a plug into his anus. He was told to stand up, and actually wobble off the table. His belly looked like a woman m her ninth month.

His penis was hard, pointing up against his swollen belly. The girls all stared. As he was directed to the bathroom, they followed to see the finale. He was told to sit on the toilet, but to leave the plug in. His stomach was aching for relief. Everyone gathered around as the women told him to start jerking himself off’. He hesitated at first, but her voice was very direct the second time, and he began to masturbate. He had to jerk out away from himself, because his huge stomach was like a balloon blocking up and down motion. As he beat away with his hands the girls gathered closer to see what the end result would be.

As he began to tremble, she told him to reach under his rear and to grab, but not pull the plug. All this time, his hand was to keep moving. As he neared a climax, she told him to pull the plug, and the outpour of hot water began to flood the toilet bowl just as the ejaculation came. The sperm shot forth like a cannon and the girls had to move quickly out of the way. It kept coming as his bowels emptied out. He was exhausted.

At the front door, she asked him if he would be back, he handed her an extra five and told her he would be back for sure. She told him that his next visit would be including discipline. He definitely wanted to return again as soon as possible.

Meeting with Barbara

Three days later, he met Barbara through an advert in Enema International. He arrived at her home to find a luscious young girl no older than twenty five at the most. She was so excited to find that he was both docile and an enema freak all in one, that she began to undo his shirt as they went down the cellar stairs. She was ready for anything, and the variety was mind blowing. He stripped down, and she hoped he would allow her to secure him to the table. This was all new to him, but she was so beautiful and so excited, that he did not want to dampen her spirits in any way. He did ask her if he could do cunnilingus on her when she was finished with him, and she smiled in a yes sort of way.

He was told to lay on his back, and she tied his wrist to the table surface. She had to push the thick rubber pillow under his hips, because his stomach was down to the table top. Finally, it was in place, and his lower pelvic area was up in the air. She told him to draw his knees up, and ropes were tied to his ankles and to the table surface. Now she took a board with ropes on each end, about forty inches long, and placed it between his knees, tying the ropes to his bent knees. This spread his thrust knees very wide apart, and he felt pain at the juncture of his groin. He was now totally helpless. ‘Tell me about some of your best enemas,’ she asked, while staring down into his eyes. She was so beautiful, he could not stand it.

He told her about the Spanish woman and all the young women watching as masturbated, and he could see her eyes light up. She took hold of his penis as he talked, and began to pull it fiercely as he went into detail for her. Her hand was hurting him, but he was so happy to have this happening, he was not going to dare y a word. Finally he could not hold back, and the hot sperm poured all over his belly. She left it there and wiped off her hand. He could not see what she was doing, but could hear her.

Barbara Uses a Garden Hose

Finally, she was rubbing an ice cold lubricant onto his obscenely exposed anus. The first touch of the nozzle was not painful, but as it forced the tiny opening get bigger, he called out to her. ‘Boy, that hurts. Is it a regular enema nozzle?’ She kept up from what she was doing, and smiled at him. ‘It’s a garden hose nozzle. I trying to go easy so I don’t hurt you.’ The next push was painful, and he cried to her to please stop. ‘Please don’t get angry Paul, but I really want to do this. a little more, and we’ll be all set’. The walls of his tender anus were being forced and half of the hose nozzle was in place. He saw her go to the wall spigot, and it on. The first rush of water was no harder then the usual enema. Obviously she not going to flood him all at once. Now she came back to the head of the table, looked down into his eyes. ‘Tell me all about some of your very best enemas. Don’t leave out any details, okay?’

As he talked, her eyes darted from his face to his stomach which was not yet g any signs of filling up. He cut his descriptive story telling off long enough to ask her how much water she intended to put into him. She did not answer, but told him to get back to his story about the Spanish woman. He did, and for a few minutes he was able to amuse her with his experiences

But now the stomach was severely bloated, and he felt sick In the pit of his gut. Perhaps she had intended to give him three quarts like the other woman had, but how was she able to measure. Now his muscles were automatically fighting back from the inward flow, but the steady pressure was too strong for him to stop it. The sides of his stomach were now squeezing past his drawn up thighs, and he appeared to’ be all individual lumps, watery, motion like lumps. He called out to her to please shut off the spigot, but she was hypnotized by the sight of his multi-extended bladder. Now he began to cry, and his skin near the rib cage began to lift gently but surely. Finally, she got up and turned off the spigot. As she pulled the nozzle free, the water shot out cannon like all over the floor. ‘That is the equivalent of six quarts of water Paul.’

Her smile now captivated her complete control and domination over him.