Enemas In Lingerie

I am a female who also likes to get enemas while fully dressed in lingerie and silky nylon stockings. I like to be felt up in my nylons and feel my panties get wet as probing fingers feel my pussy and ass. I like slow feels over my lingerie covered body as I tingle all over and my nipples get hard from the excitement. I especially like it when the person feeling me up is an enema nurse dressed in sexy nylons and lingerie like me.

She knows what I like and is sure to brush her silky nylons against mine, as she stands near me, as I lie on my bed. I slowly run my hands up her skirt and feel her nylons , lacy slip and panties as she prepares me for my enema. She slowly lubricates my ass with her finger and KY and I fully enjoy the feel of her finger all the way up my ass as she twists and turns it in me. Then comes the enema nozzle and, of course, it’s a large douche nozzle. She knows I like that best, as it fills me up better. She lets me probe her pussy with my finger as she lets the enema in me.

We both keep our panties on throughout the whole enema session. We just work around them with our fingers and enema nozzle. Both our panties are extremely wet and juicy when the enema is fully in me and she makes me hold it, as we make each other cum in our panties. She makes sure to feel my nipples through my silky bra and I feel hers in return. Our nipples are very hard when we cum.

Of course, we are both wearing garterbelts with our nylons. Pantyhose just doesn’t cut it in these enema sessions. When she finally lets me expel my enema, I get back in bed still fully dressed in my silky undies, but with fresh panties. She has also dressed in fresh panties, and along with her very sexy lingerie and nylons, gets into bed with me. We spend the rest of the night just rubbing our nyloned legs and lingeried bodies together and cumming several times throughout the night.

In the morning, she tells me I have to take another enema and again gives me the most erotic fill up as I cum. After I expel my morning enema, she takes off her panties and tells me to put them on. I then have to wear her wet panties till the afternoon, which keeps me excited during the whole time. She also wears my wet panties, as she does her rounds.

Just before lunch she comes in and announces that I must take one more enema and cum in her panties for her, as she wants to take them home for her husband to wear that night to bed as she gives him an enema while dressed in her panties, nylons and lingerie, just as she did to me. I think about it all night and when she comes in the next day, I want her to tell me all about it and what her husband thought of my pussy juice on his hard cock as he came in those panties while taking an enema from my favorite enema nurse.

I would sure like to hear more stories so I could finger myself as I read them and think about you giving me an enema in my sheer nylons and silky lingerie. If anyone has sexy pictures of nyloned women taking enemas, please send them to me. I like to try to dress like the women in the pictures as I take my enemas.

I hope you liked my story.